Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Edition

We hope you're keeping cool this weekend!

We Have Winners

  Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 6-8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line.

"What's in your bag?" You've been to a trade show, a conference, on vacation, a craft fair, or even to a family reunion, and your tote bag is overflowing with goodies.Monday,  Pam Hillman shared practical tips on how to collect, organize, identify, and utilize your goodies while at the event and what to do with them when you arrive (exhausted) back home.Winner of a tote of their own is Jeanne T.

"The Exciting Process of Developing a Book Cover " was Tuesday's pos with, Sandra Leesmith and Book Designer,  Lena Goldfinch, who shared how book covers are formed in today's digital age. We have winners!  Chill N (Nancy C) wins an ebook copy of one of Lena Goldfinch's books and Cindy Regnier wins her choice of one of Sandra's books.

Wednesday Ruth Logan Herne talked about the "Recapping the First Semi-Annual Virtual Writers' Retreat" Check out the comments on the 8-day virtual fun with why it's important to make time for your writing... whatever time of life you might be in. The winner of Ruthy surprise box of Seeker books is Cindy W..

Thursday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe talked about the beginning of your manuscript with her post, "Gotcha! Hooking the Reader." Winner of a first chapter critique is Kav. Winner of A Bride for All Seasons is Elaine Manders.

Friday we shared the July Contest Update and the Prize Vault. Winner of Myra Johnson's A Horseman's Hope is Sherida. Winner of a five page critique is Amber Perry. 

Monday:What's in your bag? You've been to a trade show, a conference, on vacation, a craft fair, or even to a family reunion, and your tote bag is overflowing with goodies. Pam Hillman shares practical tips on how to collect, organize, identify, and utilize your goodies while at the event and what to do with them when you arrive (exhausted) back home. Stop by and throw a few tips in the comment bag for a chance to win a tote of your own.

Tuesday: "The Exciting Process of Developing a Book Cover. " Today, Sandra Leesmith and Book Designer,  Lena Goldfinch will share how book covers are formed in today's digital age.

Wednesday:Ruth Logan Herne and the retreat gang roll in on Wednesday to talk about their "Virtual Writers' Retreat", Stop by as we wrap up the 8-day virtual fun with why it's important to make time for your writing... whatever time of life you might be in. Ruthy's giving away free advice (as if we could stop her!!!) and books, so stop by, grab a cuppa and leave a comment to be entered.

Thursday: "In the Beginning." Today Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe talks about the beginning of your manuscript. First sentence. First paragraph. First Page. If you're brave you could win a critique.

Friday: The July Contest Update and the Prize Vault is OPEN!! Stop by to meet the July Contest Diva. - See more at:
Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:  Love Inspired and Summerside Press author Ruth Logan Herne explores the long line of similarities between diets and writing in "Treat Your Writing Like Your Diet: Discover the Secret Triggers that Work For You!"  Sadly Ruthy will not be giving away chocolate with this post because the irony is too rich, but she's happily giving several promise notes for her upcoming Kirkwood Lake release Falling For the Lawman! Agree or disagree, leave a comment on Monday and Ruthy will toss your name into the cat dish!

Tuesday:Today we welcome back Thomas Nelson author Sarah Ladd with her post, "You just sold your book! (NOW WHAT?)" Do stop by and chat and you might win a copy of her debut release, The Heiress of Winterwood.

Wednesday:Life can't get any better than creative thinking while on a retreat with Jake at the Green Mountain Dude Ranch...or can it? Join Love Inspired author Audra Harders on Wednesday and share tips and treats on retreats you don't have to leave home for.  

Thursday:Seekerville is Closed for the Fourth of July Holiday

Friday: Seekerville continues to bring you more insider information on e book pubbing. and creating book covers. Today, Hallee Bridgeman bring us Book Cover Design Principles. One commenter will receive the Jewel Anthology, which is a collection of all four Jewel Series books in e-book format.  Another commenter will receive A Melody for James, Book 1 of the Song of Suspense Series, her most recent release, in paperback.

Seeker Sightings

Seekerville is thrilled to share that Myra Johnson is a Carol Award finalist with her Heartsong Presents release, A Horseman’s Hope.
Congratulations, Myra!! 

Janet Dean is featured in the July/August issue of Family Fiction Magazine. You can read the entire magazine here and the article here.


If you're going to the RWA Conference in Atlanta be sure to check out the Harlequin Booksigning where 2013 RITA finalist Missy Tippens will be signing (Friday, July 19th  9:45 to 11:15). 

Congratulations Julie Lessman. A Light in the Window won 1st Place in the Inspirational  Category of the International Digital Awards Contest. BTW, right now it's available at half price on Amazon.

Congratulations to Mary Connealy, The Sweetest Gift, won Second Place in the Inspirational Short category of the International Digital Awards contest. The Sweetest Gift is part of the At Home For Christmas Anthology.

Cynthia Lovely, a fellow ACFW Member attended Mary Connealy's speech in Clifton Park, NY. Check out the post on Cynthia's blog.

Random News & Information

The July Calendar is up. Check out what's coming up in Seekerville.

Congratulations to the 2013 Christy Award winners!

Congratulations to the 2013Carol Award Finalists!

Publisher margins today may be enviable, but it will be a big challenge to keep them that way (The Shatzkin Files)

Fans of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice gather at Chatsworth House (The Telegraph)

Virginia Kantra's Guide to Perfect Pitch (Virginia Kantra)

 Vine use on Twitter up almost 100% in last two months, says survey (paidContent)

 There are exactly zero defensible reasons for authors to link to Amazon (The Passive Voice)

Hachette Book Group Acquires the Hyperion Adult Imprint (PW)

Literary Agents Share Manuscript Wish Lists (GalleyCat)

4 Things Star Trek Can Teach Us About Writing (WD)

 Tips For Writing and Selling Articles to Magazines, Websites, and More (Writer Unboxed)

And we end this week with a special Congratulatory Shout-Out to Danica Favorite aka 'Dream' on the Love Inspired eHarlequin Boards who sold to Love Inspired Historical.

 You can read all about her first sale at her eHarlequin Boards First Sale Party



  1. I can't be first... Hmm...

    Congrats to all the winners! I can't be sad about not winning anything because I've won before, and my most recent prize arrived via UPS today--Mary Connealy's SWEPT AWAY! It's been teasing me all night while I've been revising for the Cat5 contest.

    And congrats to everyone else, too! :)

    "Love Inspired and Summerside Press author Ruth Logan Herne explores the long line of similarities between diets and writing in "Treat Your Writing Like Your Diet: Discover the Secret Triggers that Work For You!" -- This scares me. Literally. If I treat my writing like my diet, I am doomed. Hoping and praying to get my health back in order starting on Monday; otherwise, I will end up on diabetes meds (already on an antidepressant and thyroid meds). So I for one am glad that Ruthy will not be dishing out chocolate. A book? Yes!

    Before I get too punchy, I am off to bed. Just sent my revised 10 pages to our daughter to look over when she has spare time tomorrow/today, so maybe I will get some sleep for a change.

    Night, all! And thanks for the wonderful WE, Tina! Blessings...


    Coffee coming up bright and early. I'm fixing. Ruthy will serve since she gets up WAY earlier than I do.

    Another great WE.

    Gotta go ready some more links now.


  3. CONGRATULATIONS Danica!!! What exciting news! :)

    Congratulations to the other winners this week too. And, thank you for the tote! I'm certain I'll be able to put it to good use. :)

    I'm beat, but looking forward to checking out more tomorrow.

    Thanks Tina, and all of you Seekers who hold your hands out to those of us walking a few steps behind you. Your pull upward is so encouraging!

  4. Melanie, I was thinking the same thing. I'm doomed :) or maybe not.

    Danica!!!!!!!!! Still Snoopy dancin' in Kansas.

  5. What a nice thing to say, Jeanne T.
    Thank you.

  6. WOWZERS!!! So much great news
    Congrats to the winners.
    BIG congrats to Danica!!!

    LOL I overwrite.
    It fits my diet.

  7. Congratulations to all the winners! And wheeeee that includes me! :-) Thank you!!!!!!!! (she says while shaking in her boots!)

    Wow -- what a delightfully packed WE. Thanks for sharing my lazy Saturday morning. Love that Family Fiction Magazine.

  8. Good morning!
    I gave a speech yesterday and am declaring it a success! (of course my definition of success is: No one was killed!)

    I met Cynthia Lovely, who was just a doll (I know, I should say she was lovely, which she was, but I am trying to not lapse into a cliché she's probably heard a thousand times!)

    And now, in honor of the weekend edition and Tina of course, I think I'll go eat a popsicle. :)


    And congratulations to all of the daily winners.


  11. Hooray for new contracts!
    Congratulations Danica!
    and all the weekly winners.

    And I agree with MELANIE PIKE.
    I'm worried about any link between my writing and my dieting.

    Happy Weekend!


  12. Hmm, those popcyles look frosty cold and yummy. Great Weekend Edition, Tina! Always fun to see your graphics and check out the links! Thank you for all you do!

    Congrats to the week's winners!

    Huge congratulations to Julie and Mary on their contest wins!

    Mary, would've loved to heard your speech!

    Danica's sale makes my day! She does so much for the Love Inspired authors!

    Off to attend our grandson's All Star baseball game. Have a great weekend everyone!


  13. I know Janet. Those popsicles remind me of the homemade ones my mom used to give us on Tupperware forms. They were made with a jello base. So good. Great job with so much good info. Tina! Eat a popsicle, you deserve it!

    Congrats to all the winners, but especially to Danica! I lurk at the HQ boards, but her call story was especially satisfying. HQ is on a buying streak as of late, good news for aspiring authors!


  14. Congratulations to the winners this week. I couldn't believe I won a book, Bride for All Seasons, on the top of my TBR list. Made my weekend.

    So many awards. Congrats to Myra Johnson, Janet Dean, Missy Tippens, Julie Lessman, Mary Connealy, the Carol Award Finalists.

    And (taking a deep breath) congrats to Danica Favorite for her sale.

    Thanks, Tina, for a stellar job last week, WE goodies, and fantastic schedule next week.

  15. We actually dole out the chores around here, Elaine. Then I have the fortune to put all the info together.

    So, very much a group gig. LOL

  16. What a fun week of celebrations!!! Congratulations to Danica!

    Tina, I hope your A/C is in good working order! Aren't you somewhere in the middle of that heat wave out west?

  17. Thanks, TINA, for the cooling WE and all the information! Next week again looks great.

    Congratulations to DANICA, MYRA, JANET, MISSY, JULIE, MARY and all the weekly winners....including me. I'm thrilled to win MYRA's Carol Award finalist book. THANK YOU!

    Jeanne T, I'm looking forward to doing some contest gold mining soon. Thanks for your encouragement and advice!

    Happy writing to everyone this week!

  18. 120 here yesterday. Currently at 8:42 am 95. Not leaving the house for anything.

  19. Wow! So many congratulations! So happy for all the award winners, finalists and especially Danica for her first sale!! Last week, Helen, this week, Danica. So exciting!

    Tina, I'm sweating just thinking about 120 degrees. Yikes.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  20. I love seeing these wonderful contest results and DANICA!!!! HOW TOTALLY AND WONDERFULLY EXCITING!!!!! Hooooooray for you!!!!

    I popped over to the link about Amazon equating Despicable and Indies equating Angelic brick and mortars...

    Here's the reality in upstate NY: Not one Independent bookstore, Christian or secular, will carry my Love Inspired books. I've talked to all of them, I've visited, I've given them numbers that have moved into hundreds of thousands sold...

    and they won't carry them.

    A sweet candy store in Allegany County carries my books and tourists and locals buy them there.

    But here in upstate?

    Nope. Walmart and the grocery stores that carry Love Inspired (and that's most of them here) get them in, which is delightful, but once they've sold out... and for a local author that happens quickly... Amazon and CBD online are my go-to places.

    I wonder if that writer has any clue about the reality of today's bookstore?

    So yes, I link to Amazon... and CBD... And to Barnes and Noble but I don't feel a bit bad anymore about Amazon because folks can actually get my stuff there.

    Sadly, they can't buy it anywhere in upstate/Western New York.

  21. Wow, thanks Seekerville and Tina for the great shout out!

    And thanks for all of the congratulations!!

    Helen, Jeanne T, Christina, Pepper, Rose, Tina, Debra, Janet, Piper, Elaine, Myra, Sherida, Sue, Ruthy... thanks for being a part of my celebration!!

  22. I composed a note and it got eaten by cyberspace! So, to quote a lyric, here I go again...

    Yay, Danica! Like Piper, I find your sale to be especially exciting as I know it's been a faithful journey. Congrats!

    Ruthy, what'd I miss???????????? Summerside Press author, too? I'm blaming it on the double pinkeye that's been harassing me and making reading and writing an off limits prospect for the time being. Do get me up to speed, please! (Pinkeye does have its pluses - pink is my fav color, at least!)

    Thanks to Tina for a great WE and of course, outstanding contesting post. All of Seekerville ROCKS!

  23. I'm laughing at the thought of inspiring FEAR IN AUTHORS!!!!


    Clearly that was an excellent analogy linking diets to writing... Excellent enough that youse'll all STAY AWAY on Monday, LOL!

    No fear. I promise.

    But working with so many wonderful authors... aspiring/pubbed/self-pubbed... has shown me the individuality of each of us...

    and without that, there's way too much wheel spinnin' goin' on!

    Hey, we've got Helen's coffee and I've brought some fresh made cookies because we're in cool/rainy/Scottish mode here and Tina, well... 120 degrees is not anything I'd care to be in... Tina and I have decided that she stays inside in the AZ summer... and I stay inside (kind of) in the NY winter...

    But I still marvel at anything over 86 degrees... because I'm kind of witchy when it's hot out.

    (looks down forlornly, admitting grave weakness to friends, then trudges away...)


    I went to the Harlequin boards and read about your journey. If there's anyone who can relate, it's me!

    Found some interesting parallels in your path. One is that, after writing contemporaries for years, my first sale was for my historical series.

    I got my YES on the 7th, and the contract on the 19th. So we grabbed our golden ring within days of one another.

    Hope to see you in Indy.


  25. Check out the Seeker covers and you will see her Summerside press cover, Lyndee.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  26. Thanks, Tina. You know everything! Would hug you, but... you know the sentiment is there. ;)

  27. What a goofus! I didn't scroll down far enough and missed Danica's news. Congratulations, Danica! I'll be reading you soon!!!!:-)

    Just came back from the bookstore and guess what I'm just about to crack open? A Bride for All Seasons! Woohooooo!!!!!!I'm veggin' the rest of the day. :-)

  28. I have a few minutes. I forgot to mention two things. One those popsicles look mouth watering yummy!!!!

    Two, MARY looks beautiful in that color in the picture you shared. :)

    SHERIDA, you're welcome! Hope you mine pure gold!

  29. Lyndee, I haven't said too much because it's months off yet, but I got to write a novella with ANNA SCHMIDT!!!!

    She wrote the contemporary Christmas story, I wrote the historical!!!

    Can you believe that one???? It was so much fun and I taught myself to make bagels because there's a Jewish bagel maker (just so wise and kind!) and it's set just after WWII in Manhattan... and we know how much I love NYC. :)

    DANICA SWUNG BY!!! I loved reading her story, and I've been around long enough that I knew a lot of it, but it's so nice to see her on board! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

    I'm having my writing day. And loving it. My wrist is sore and my fingers are twitchy but I got to start an opening for a new book and I'm TOTALLY PSYCHED.

    Rye Gallagher and Nikki Peters... these two have no idea what's about to HIT THEM....

    And once again I took a local scandal and thought "what if????" and put that kid ahead 20 years...

    Because history haunts way too many of us.

  30. Lyndee, come back to upstate NY, darling. There's no pinkeye here.

    (I'm lying, but if it gets you up here, then that's okay.)

  31. Congratulations to Missy and Myra on your nominations, Julie and Mary on your wins, and Janet for looking good on the cover.

    And another congrats going out to Danica. I can't wait for her debut novel.

    And congrats to all of this week's winners.

    This coming week looks good. My mouth's watering just thinking about it. :D

  32. Ahhh, Missy, I just realized you're going to have one of those cool RITA flags at the book signing. :) :) :)

    Carol Congrats to Myra. That was some tough competition. Go Myra!!!

    And Danica!!!!! Congratulations to you. I'm so excited for you.

  33. Ruthy, I hear you on the stores that won't carry them. One of our local independent bookstores looked my friend in the face and said, "We don't carry THOSE kind of books." I wish she'd said, what kind, the kind that sell????
    Suffice to say, I wasn't sad when they went out of business.

    Sadly, none of the B&N in the city carry LI anymore. They did up until December 2011, but then stopped. Sad.

  34. Mary, isn't that a shame? I hear ya', loud and clear. And if you're in a big city with no Walmart or large grocery, your chances of getting them are slim... My kids order them online to pass out to their buddies because it's easier than hunting down the slim pickings in the city.

    And you know the irony? Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, Love Inspired Historical and the new Heartsongs lines... If they each only averaged 30K/book in sales...

    7,200,000 in sales/year.

    Seven million... ++++

    What book store chain wouldn't want to be part of that?

    And those are probably low average sales/book.

  35. Anita Mae!!! Tippin' my hat to you for a Happy Independence Day week!!!!

    Still smiling over your happy news!

  36. Yay, Danica. Yay, Helen is still doing coffee. Yay, winners.

    Peace to you all this weekend, Julie

  37. Great Weekend News.

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO DANICA. What a well deserved thrill. Happy dance all weekend. smile

    Congrats to other winners.

    Loved the blog about your speech, MARY. Nice blog Cynthia

  38. Oh fun! When I say "congrats" to all the winners, I'm congratulating myself for winning the Lena Goldfinch ebook. Thank you!

    And one more round of congratulations to the contest winners and finalists. One can never receive too many congratulations ... set aside the extras and pull them out on a down day when you need a boost.

    Good links -- especially the one about the Perfect Pitch and the 4 Things Star Trek Can Teach Us About Writing. Got a kick out of the connections the article made, especially to be like Scotty :-)

    Tina -- Our mantra for summers: This, too, will pass. This, too, will pass :-) ... And boy does that kiwi popsicle look good.

    Nice pic of Mary. And she has the Kincaid brothers and Luke Stone with her. Sigh.

    And because I usually don't get to post until later in the day, I will send early HAPPY CANADA DAY greetings to all the Seekerfriends there.

    Nancy C

  39. Happy Canada Day????

    I don't live far from there?

    Do I get a day off tomorrow????

    Because I'd be okay with that!

  40. Congratulations to Danica on the big first sale!! And also to all our contest winners!

  41. Tina, thanks to you I'm now craving popcicles! Those look amazing.

  42. Piper, we used to make the ones in Tupperware, too! We used to fill them with Koolaid. And Coke. :)

  43. Mary Curry, I KNOW!! I'm so excited about my little flag. Y'all may have to act like you don't know me in public when I start carrying it around everywhere I go. ;) I'll be so embarrassing!

  44. Jeanne T you like that color? I think I kinda look like a large area rug in that shirt!!!! Of course I thought it looked nice when I put it on. What is it about pictures of myself???

  45. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DEGREES? quick, Tina! Put a chicken out on the sidewalk to roast for supper!!!

  46. Well I hadn't thought of that. If I put a roast in a covered pot for 8 hours it's just like slow cooking in the crock pot.

    Good idea.

  47. you'd be using solar energy, that is so madly GREEN of you!!!!!

  48. WOW, got some congrats going on here!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to Missy and Myra on two biggie finals -- RWA for Missy and Carol Award for Myra, then Mary in the International Digital Awards!! And YAY for all the winners this week and a FABULOUS WE, Teenster!!

    I'm ready to crash because Keith and I have been chasing a toddler all day (and all night) for FIVE DAYS AND NIGHTS since my grandbaby has been staying with us while mom and dad are out of town!! I didn't know one could be so happy when one is SO tired!!


  49. YAYAYAY, Danica!! Celebrate the sale, girlfriend. You earned it by the bushels!!!!

  50. Congrats to all the winners. Are any of the prizes being paid out in popsicles?? Yumbola!

    I love the links, Tina. Especially to congratulate the winners of the Christy Awards AND the announcement of the Carol Finalists!!! Give these folks a hand : )

  51. Mary, good goin' on the booksigning : ) I'll bet New York loves you!!

  52. And speech. Mary gave a speech. How could I forget.

  53. Blogger ate my comments! Congrats to Danica!!!

    Mary, loved reading about your speach in NY! Too fun!

    Trying again...

  54. Congrats to all the winners!

    Dieting...can't stand it. Don't talk to me about diets - they never work for me! :-(

    ~Cecelia Dowdy~