Thursday, July 25, 2013

Harnessing the Power of You

Today I'm in the laboratory where I've been studying productivity in writers. Please put on your gloves and goggles because this experiment is all about YOU.

What happens when your day is out of control? You're unable to meet your primary writing goals? For any number of reasons you aren't on top of your game. Creativity just left the room and won't be back until tomorrow. The time bandits stole your writing time. Change of plans just wrecked havoc on your sacred writing time?


You can still be productive. It's just time to change your approach.
It's time to maximize the functionality and productivity of your left brain.

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All you have to do is flip the switch to move from creative to task oriented. Use the left brain skills to blow your productivity out of the water.

These should be tasks that are related to:

  • Writing (not creative writing)
  • Language
  • Scientific skills
  • Mathematics
  • Lists
  • Logic

 For any working writer there is always a long list of ancillary tasks that need to be done and have been put off for a nebulous "another time." 

Keep a list of these tasks and plow through them on your left brain days. Let me repeat that.

KEEP AN EMERGENCY LEFT BRAIN LIST OF TASKS. Don't wait until you find yourself floundering and feeling like a loser for not meeting your own expectations.

An imaginary list example:

  • Enroll in Scrivener class that starts September 9 on The Edited Life.
  • Create submission spread sheet in Excel
  • Write blog posts for next month
  • Create Instagram and Pinterest accounts and figure them out
  • Learn how to maximize my LinkedIN account
  • Join Indie Romance Ink Group on Yahoo and read archives
  • Create spreadsheet to identify all partial and full manuscripts
  • Financial breakdown of how I can attend RWA or ACFW conference
  • Complete judging sheets for contest
  • Create an Author Central Account
  • Become a member of Author EMS
  • Check out Grammarly subscription
  • Evaluate upcoming contests  
  • Create a newsletter
  • Create a mailing list
  • Update website 
  • Download a sample of Goal, Motivation & Conflict,for Kindle
  • Create GMC spreadsheets for WIP
  • Fill out character worksheets
  • Add RITA books to Amazon Wish List
  • Perform Due Diligence on agents
  • Finish critiques for CP
  • Stalk editor on internet and find out what themes she loves and hates
  • Figure out Dropbox
  • Get Mozy 
  • Download latest version of Fences

Get it??

Every time you think of a left brain task add it to the list instead of writing a sticky note. When those left brain days come you'll be shocked at how much you accomplish. And it feels good too!

Don't waste valuable right brain time on your left brain list. Remember you can always move to the left brain once your right brain is tapped out for the day.

Methods to maximize left brain productivity:

1. Multi-tasking is a myth. Focus on ONE task at a time.

2. Create an 'Eat That Frog' mentality. Do the most unpleasant task first and get it over with.

3. Exploit your peak performance time each day to get the most done.

4.  After each task is completed acknowledge your  success.

Time to fess up. What is the one onerous task on your LEFT BRAIN list you've been avoiding?? By verbalizing it you're one step closer to making it happen.

Today I'm giving away a ten-page critique to one writer. BUT YOU HAVE TO SAY YOU'RE UP FOR IT. 

Tina Radcliffe is a mild mannered hermit who writes Inspirational romance for Harlequin Love Inspired as Tina Radcliffe and romantic comedy as Tina Russo. You can find her at 

Her latest release from Love Inspired is Mending the Doctor's Heart. Her first Indie release, The Rosetti Curse, will be available late August 2013.

And keep your eye on the newsstands. Her latest short romantic fiction for Woman's World will be available in the August 22 issue.


  1. Wow! What a list. And I thought I was a list maker-checker-offer.

    Being a left brainer doesn't feel so "odd" now.

    One task at a time, huh? I thought I had tunnel vision, but maybe that's not so bad either.

    Now to tackle the bothersome task at the top of my list.

    But before I do, I must get the coffee pot brewing for Seekerville.


  2. LOL. That was an imaginary list. Only 3/4 of it were from my actual list.

    My list is actually much longer. SIGH.

  3. Great post! I am up this late for a couple of reasons. One is because I am creating a list of all of my completed MSes and where they might be submitted to next. Trying to keep track of them has been a pain. So I do feel better tonight having completed the task of lining up two proposals plus I got an idea tonight for a second story to go in a third proposal--one that has had me flummoxed for a while so I feel REALLY good about this one because I wasn't sure what needed to come next and I've already fallen in love with the heroine and want to find her an awesome hero. Thanks, Tina!

  4. I'm glad so many of the Seekerville posts can actually be used by me, and I'm NOT a writer. Thanks for coffee, Helen. Always a great way to start the day

  5. Way to go Carrie!!! This is how it's done.

  6. You're so WRITE, or RIGHT, Marianne.

  7. My brain hurts.

    I just finished unpacking the last box from conference. I have books to be mailed and books to be shelved. I put all my new pens in a little bucket and the sticky notes on my desk. There's still miscellany in a box. I'll get to it -- sometime.

    What am I putting off? Entering the last month's bank info into Quicken and reconciling my accounts.

    I'm up for it!


  8. Wow all those lists of things gave me a headache!
    I have been putting off sending some emails and its not that I dont want to I just dont get to it. Must do it know.
    Oh Im going to be doing the newsletter and managing the mailing list for an author friend. (figure if I can manage hers maybe I can add it to my resume and pick up more work).
    yesterday was a left brain day, I orgainzed about 5 different interviews for a blog and contacted a few other people for the said blog.

    of topic bp is back up high seems even the lower dose of the med is also causing an issue. (typical of me to have one of the serious side effects).

  9. Jenny, you can become a virtual assistant!!

  10. I am not a math person. You should get chocolate for that, Marilyn. Hey, did you go to the Buroughs Party??

  11. Hey, did you go to the Buroughs Party??

    Yes I did.


  12. I was trying to post from my phone.I am going to have to buy smaller fingers.


    So was it wall to wall peeps?

    Did you meet Mr. Keeslar?

    Heard anything on the contest??

  13. Wall to wall peeps, yes.

    I met Mr. Keeslar plus Jill Limber and Michelle Klayman, the CEO.

    The contest results were announced at the party. I didn't win the grand prize but I did have the most popular vote. Votes got you thru the first rounds but the overall winner was picked from the four finalists by the editors.

    However, my novella WILL be published because I was a finalist. No details yet. And because my fab friends cast so many votes (I heard I won that part by a landslide), I get to submit a full manuscript for consideration too.

    Not a bad deal at all.


  14. I think today might have been a left brained day.

    I used it to clean my basement. Somehow that's not as fun as pinterest

  15. AHHHHHH!!!! This is seriously wonderful. I cannot believe you didn't screen and shout it in the Village. Or did I miss it???

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well deserved.

  16. Basement.


    Yeah, I'd have to agree with you, Connealy.

  17. Well apologies!! I've been in my cave since triple header last weekend knowing I had another triple header of blogs this weekend. Thanks fir sharing again!!!!!

  18. So I finished my editing task, so I did the bills/budget stuff that's piling up on me b/c of this post--way to guilt me into getting around to that! Hubby used to complain that I worked on bills/budget every day, now that I write, maybe twice a month....not necessarily a good thing, and I like math.

    Had to clean this morning instead of any writing, the electricity was out for 12 hours. :( But hey, my bookshelves look nicer now, I could still use, oh, 536 more hours to clean and organize before I have a house that I'd let anybody take photos of for public consumption. :)

    Throw me in for a crit, I can always use an extra pair of eyes on the beginning set up.

  19. Tina's my name. Guilt trip's my game.

  20. Ok feel good sent alliance email (check) sent emails to contacts about children's books (check).
    vacuumed hall, lounge and back area and It feels good.
    feel like I accomplished something. Still waiting for a phone call which may not happen today so think I will go and bring up a load of wood from the garage so I dont run out.

  21. Loved this post! I'm a list maker. I'll put things on the list that I've already done so I can mark it off and make it look like I've accomplished something. It helps get the ball rolling! lol. Some changes may be headed my way, so this blog came at a great time! Thanks!

  22. Tina,

    This list is amazing! It is hard to imagine how there is more--you are amazing. Thanks for doing those blogs last week as well. Seekerville benefits with your tech wizardry, something that was discussed repeatedly at the conference.

    And I'm always in for a crit by Tina. :)

  23. Great, great, great list ideas!

    I love that you called multi-tasking a myth! I've been reading many articles about multi-tasking that say our brains just aren't wired to work that way!

  24. TINA, this is good advice. I've heard of writers who do the creative stuff in the morning or when they are fresh and do the business stuff when they're written-out for the day. This is a good means that when we're burned out or stuck on a scene, chapter or plot point, we're still doing something for our writing. The business side is so important. MOI? I should be filing stuff, researching agents and researching in general. I just finished the fourth draft of "Town," but I can't let myself rest. I have the feeling that if I let up for a day, I'll lose it forever. At this stage of the game...I try to do something on my writing every day, whether it's actual writing or business. I don't want to lose momentum.
    Kathy Bailey

  25. I love this! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Tina, thanks for the practical suggestion of turning those unproductive writing days into opportunities to accomplish left brain tasks! Wow, I love this post and your impressive left brain list! You are organized, thus always prepared to make the most of your time. I'm taking notes.

    For me, onerous tasks always involve technical stuff that make me feel stupid. LOL


  27. A load of wood = fireplace=winter??????

  28. hahaha, I used to do that Sally. That somehow frightens me. LOL. We are both list cheaters.

  29. Wait.I still do that. Got up this morning. CHECK.

  30. Piper, you sweet and delusional thing you. My tech wizardry is a myth. I married my tech wizardry. I am a simple writer.

  31. Yeah, I want to speak to the person who started this whole multi task theory, Rose. Laying in bed thinking about all the stuff you have to do IS NOT multi tasking. It's insomnia.

  32. We have more writer tasks than writing if we let ourselves get buried in in, Kathy. Good morning btw.

    So yes, writing first whenever possible. But you know how it is. You're all set to write and then you forget this is the day all ten of your daughter's friends are doing a sleepover. FINE!! Move to left brain tasks.

  33. Good morning, SHERRI. Always a treat to see your smiling face.

  34. Me too , Janet.

    Scrivener and Drop Box. Top of my list.

  35. Can't wait for your August releases.

    The Rosetti Curse! Love the title. It's on my Must Read list.

    August 22 for WW! YES!

    Love the right/left breakdown. So if I write with my left hand, I'll be more creative? Just kidding.

    I need to start a new proposal, but I'm stalled. Still tired from RWA. Still catching up on housework, laundry and other left brain chores. I'm making notes but haven't started writing yet...

    My bad!

  36. Joining Rose with my thanks about your multi-tasking being a myth comment. I have to finish one major project before moving on to another. I always thought that was part of my tortoise mentality. Evidently I'm okay. Thanks for the validation, Tina!

  37. Piper, you're right about Tina's technological ability in spite of what she says. :)

  38. Just arrived back at the motorhome with hubby and the pup. Big long left brain list. LOL

    I notice some of the items on your list are on mine too.

    Congrats on the Indie. I'm with Debby. The title sounds great.

  39. Are you a lefty, Janet. National Left Handers day is coming up August 13.

    You should join the Left Handers Club.

  40. The task I'm avoiding is to create a website. People keep telling me to go ahead and do it, but I don't have an agent or contract. It seems like a time waster right now. But....

    Spread sheet? That word just makes me shudder. But I do have a notebook where I record who I've contacted and the date I contacted them.

    Tina, I also have written down the contests I've entered in this notebook. Because of you it's fuller than I would have imagined on Jan. 1.

    I'm definitely up for a 10 page crit if you want to add my name to the hat.


  41. Way to go, Jackie. Okay, and must fess up. Prize mailing is on my list for the week. Way behind.

  42. Jackie, think about a web page this way... You submit to agent. They want to know you are living in this century and are invested enough in your career to have mastered social media, the internet etc. But they can't find you. So why should they invest in you if you don't invest in you.

    However a blow them out of the water trumps the above and with your first six figure advance you can hire someone to do your webpage.

  43. Should read. Blow them out of the water MANUSCRIPT. Need more java.

  44. Can I say OVERWHELMING?

    Okay, what is Indie publishing? I've heard it several times lately. Is it a publisher...I know, I should just google it.


    At its most basic, indie means there is no separate publisher involved. Many indies may have setup their own micro-press, so their books still have a publisher name that is not the author’s name but the publisher is not one of the author services companies. The indie author most likely owns their own ISBNs. The indie pays the bills and is paid by the distributors e.g. Amazon/Smashwords directly. The only middleman is the distributor

  46. How you know it's going to be a good day:


    It's raining in Arizona.

  47. Thanks, Tina.

    I need to do more research on that later. Should probably put that on a list...

  48. HA. That's right, Connie. Add it to the list.

  49. Tina, thank you! Thank you, thank you and thank you again!
    Not only have you hit the nail on the head, you've driven it clear through the board! I so needed this post, and right now, too!! :-D

    Oh, and just one more thank you... :-)

  50. Mary Hicks!!! One list coming up!! over easy.

  51. Wow, were you spying on me yesterday? I had one of those days that was so thrown off by boys, emotions, and events that I never did get to my story. Sigh. But I did a little research last night when my brain calmed down so I can get back to writing today.

    I loved your post, Tina, and I love having "permission" to do left-brain stuff on those "off" days. I love your list too. I think I'm going to "borrow" some of your items, and figure out what I need to add to my own.

    For me, two things you had that are on mine (but are daunting to me) are to buy and figure out Scrivener and to join Pinterest. I promised myself I wouldn't do that second one until I finish my fast draft.

    Please, PLEASE put me in the drawing for the critique. :)

  52. For the record, Dropbox is easy, and I use it often, even with owning a Mac now. DO IT, Tina!


    You are DA WOMAN.

    In awe, as usual.

    Thank you for this. Yes May and I'd love a critique from you any time.

    I find myself reverting to business mode more often than I should, instead of doing the harder work of creating something new.

    Remedying that today. Heading for THE END today. No. Matter. What. :)

    Congratulations on your success and wawzah - an indie coming out. I'm loving this! Can't wait!

    May sends her very bestest sniffs and greetings to you and all in Seekerville! Thankfully she keeps me going. This blog tour is hard work! ;)

    /waving to all/

  54. Good morning, Tina! What a list....I don't even know about some of the items on your list! I do agree with others--multi-tasking is a myth!

    Jackie, I've found my website (a gift from one of my sons and my author DIL)has helped me get involved with the writing community. It's been fun to learn how to do "stuff" with it and to get over my fear of having other people read what I write.

    Tina, the best information in your post.....YOU HAVE AN INDIE debuting in August!!! Intriguing title! Plus I'm checking for the August 22 WW....and I know what WW means now. :) Thanks for your help and information!

  55. Yeah, okay the Dropbox part of that IMAGINARY LIST is all mine.

    Must do before I go out of town in a few weeks.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Jeanne.

  56. I like the title, 'The Rosetti Curse' hmm, a mystery?

    Watching for the Aug. 22 WW!

    Put me in for the crit—please. :-)

    I've got to go spend the day in my studio—an oil commission past due! Thank goodness my client is patient and willing to wait on me.

  57. Well, KC, I hadn't thought about left braining my day and avoiding right braining.


  58. See how far you've come, Sherida. The rest of the world thinks WW is Weight Watchers. We writers know it means 800 bucks for 800 words.

  59. Mary Hicks, I have been to visit your web page many times. A writer and a artist.

    You are a very right brained gal.

  60. This is perfect for me. I realize I came back from RWA pretty stoked and more balanced than usual. I have already created a schedule of tasks, times to write and research.

    The stroke they recently discovered I had was on the right side of my brain. So it was interesting to check what was affected against what was not. I HAVE to write down lists now because it is hard to keep them in my head. I also must have very specific boundaries over the amount of time I work. So your post helps in that area as well.

    I really appreciate the Scrivener class heads up. And Dropbox has saved me a lot of emotional energy!

    Put me in!

    Peace, Julie

  61. Well, Julie, praying for complete recovery. What can you do to prevent this from happening again.

    And you've got a lot going as a very REQUESTED writer.

  62. I knew this was a Tina post as soon as I started reading! You make me tired just reading your lists!

    I love dropbox but one thing I'm terrible at is remembering to save things there. I try to do it often with my wip, but other things I forget and then it's hard to go back and figure out which docs need to be backed up. Any brilliant suggestions?

    Throw my name in the hat. I'm brave enough for a critique from Tina. I survived a Ruthy one!!


  63. Oooo! Tina is plunging into the Indie writer waters!!! :-) Very exciting!

    My left-brain tasks are marketing stuff, mostly. I just did a Twitter post with my left-brain time. :-) Right now about the only power I have is left-brain power. My right brain has taken a vacation, it seems. Too much bad news in the last few months. Not enough good news. :P What's a writer to do? Wait on the Lord. And do left-brain tasks. Thanks, Tina!!!

  64. Love it! For the record, I am a lefty. My life changed in college when I discovered there was such a thing as a right-bound spiral notebook.

    Jeanne T, Dropbox is fantastic. I love it and it comes in SOOOO handy when I'm sharing a home desktop, office desktop, and laptop (when I have connectivity all 3 places).
    I have Scrivner but now I just hate it because it makes me feel stupid. I know I could take the class or have my writing partner tutor me but now I just don't want to. That little black and silver icon mock me from the desktop and because I don't have it on all 3 computers is the real reason I tell myself stick with Word.

    The left-brain task I'm putting off... actually making the list.
    But I need to. The pace of my life is about to ramp up yet again.

    I would arm-wrestle Melissa and Jackie for the critique but I don't have anything to send new to send right now. So best wishes! A crit from a Seeker is always an awesome prize.

  65. Thanks, Tina. I wanted to do a blog post on two of your books. Would you be okay with that?

    I haven't done the photography stills on the covers yet, but have been playing around with composition... ?

  66. And now—my left hand is grasping my right wrist and leading my body to the studio...

  67. Our Geek handled Drop Box for me. The fastest I've ever crossed an item off my To Do list. I recommend it. :-)

    Eager to read The Rossiti Curse in August! What's the best day to download?


  68. ROSETTI. Let's not butcher the Italian names, Janet dear.

  69. Tina
    you're one of those really super organized people to whom i cannot relate. it's a world i try to understand, but just not getting it.

    i'm left handed. apparently uber right brained. sure, i can make lists - but then i lose them (both post-it types and computer types *sigh*) i pine for some of your exuberence and skill of organization. your energy leaps from the screen and encourages me to attempt things i otherwise might not try.

    i must venture into this left-brain hemisphere thingy sooner or later... but i must admit, i do so with some trepidation. it's outside my comfort zone and my fear of failure rears its ugly head (back, foul beastie - back!)

    i'm up for a shot at a critique. (as my right brain starts crying: "auuuuuuugggghhhhhhh...")

    i think i can, i think i can...

  70. Mary, led by the hand, Hicks. I'm not sure what you mean by do a post. But it's best to just do it and apologize later. That's my motto.

  71. oh, and i love the title of your idie coming out. sounds like it's right in my wheelhouse of interest.

  72. Great, now there is a potential for Scrivener to mock me? Why isn't it on all your computers? Should I ask about this when I take the class.

    I got it half price. Seems a shame not to at least TRY.

  73. Ah, Deb H, you are kind and delusional. I am what is known as an unorganized organized.

    My house is tidy. My office is a freaking nightmare. And yet...I know where everything is. I have legal pad, paper calendars and chalk boards and dry erase boards everywhere. I am like a mad scientist...with a plan.

  74. Okay Tina, I'll add your comment to the side of my list on why I need a website.

    I'll add that to my August goal list.

  75. Morning, Melly. Yes. Sometimes we have to just stick to the left brain and pat ourselves on the back for a left brain job well done.

  76. LOL, Jackie. It was a pleasure to twist your arm.

  77. tina
    all mad scientists have a plan... to rule the world.

    i think your plan is succeeding.

  78. Tina, I don't know about others but it mocks me. Every time I see it it says "This is what REAL writers use."
    And I say "Shut up," and open my word docs LOL

  79. I have the same problem when I work on my laptop, Susan. Then I go to my PC and forget which is the most recent msc copy. To alleviate the problem, I have gotten in the habit of emailing myself a copy of the manuscript when I finish. I put the date in the subject line.

    Okay, so how did you know I wrote this post.

  80. LOL. That's probably an accurate response, Nancy. I feel the same way when I can't figure something out in PaintShop Pro. Of course the real Pro's READ THE DIRECTIONS. I don't.

  81. Hi Tina! Very list-provoking post. :-)

    I've found that if I get my focus off of why I don't want to write, sometimes my creativity will rebound. That's kind of along the thought that if you focus on your problem, then it's all you'll see.

    I get being drained, and face the dilemma often during the school year. I'll definitely try your list solution next time I'm facing that.

    Add me in for your fabulous ten-page read. I'm always open to another's POV on my work.

  82. A left brain task that I've been avoiding?

    Uh...if I understand the left/right brain process, I'm TOO left-brained, and don't avoid those tasks. It's the right-brained creative things on my list that I avoid.

    That is SO backwards. Why do I avoid doing things I LOVE???

    My list is in my inbox. Subject line is:

    *******STUFF TO DO********

    so it's easy to find in the landslide of emails. It's a mile long. When I complete a task, I hit "forward" and update the list, and it's always pretty close to the top of my inbox.

    Last night before going to bed, I reviewed my list and this morning started preparing a speech that's scheduled for Aug 10th.

    My list is organized by ASAP, ACFW Business, Family, Seekers/CFHS, Writing.

    I rarely get past ASAP.


  83. I agree about the multi-tasking. A myth. Do one thing at a time and give it all your attention.

    Except I do seem to be able to EAT no matter what else I'm doing! Unfortunately.

  84. I believe I am utterly right brained. Left Brain Stuff is rare in my life.
    I remember once right before I had a baby and I was cleaning like mad and I said to my sister (who is like me) "I think that 'nesting instinct' they talk about has kicked in. I'm cleaning my house."

    She said, "You're just trying so hard to convince yourself it's true you're faking it. There is NO instinct strong enough to make you WANT to clean."
    She was right. It was a false positive test for nesting instinct.

    I do once in a while go on a binge of throwing things out.
    My husband and I live alone in a small house. Four children, all grown, the BABY is 24 years old. She's been gone a while.
    So why are all my closets crammed with stuff? Why are all the draws in the three empty bedrooms full?
    So I go on a binge and start throwing things away.
    This alarms the kids (it's rare enough they notice). They say, "You're not throwing away the baby pictures, are you?"
    The brats.
    Once while teasing me about it, my oldest daughter said, rather philosophically, "Well, I guess no one ever gets on TV for throwing too much stuff away."

  85. Thanks, Dianna. I also use naps to cleanse my mental palate as I move from nonfiction to fiction.

  86. Oh, Pam. You worry me.

    I never thought there might be a left brainer who needs a right brain list.


  87. House cleaning does NOT fall under left-brain or right-brain.

    That's a no-brainer!

  88. Tina, I wouldn't need a right-brain list if my left-brain list wasn't so long and URGENT that I could find my right-brain in the chaos.

    I have no clue what I just said.

    I must go clean house...

    or shell peas.


  89. GREAT post, Miss T! Except I'm tired from reading that To-Do list *whew*.
    The biggest, most-dreaded task awaiting me is cleaning out my butler's pantry (NO, I don't have a butler, LOL, because if I did, HE could clean it out). But I'm blessed to have a nice-sized closet off my dining room, which over the years has become a catch-all. If anyone in my family (including extended family) cannot locate an item, they laugh and say it must be in my butler's pantry. Sadly, that closet has gone from bad to worse (I've even cautioned my cats that everything might avalanche one day, so they need to stay out of there).
    Your post has given me an excellent idea for left-brain days: Tackle my butler's pantry a little at a time. (Trust me, there is NO WAY that job could be done in one day).
    Please enter me in your critique drawing, and thank you again for this much-needed post.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  90. Fortunately it's an IMAGINARY to-do list, Patti Jo.

    We could have a field trip to clean out the Butler's Pantry!!!

  91. Correct. Housecleaning is neither left or right because it is MINDLESS.

    Which is why I am a strong advocate for NOT DOING IT.

  92. This week and next I'm in left-brain mode.

    Checking a huge frog off the list.

    Yes, it's the dreaded VBS.

    Somehow, last January, it didn't seem like such a big deal to take on this job...but now it's CUTTING INTO MY WRITING TIME!

    Okay, enough complaining.

    I'll get to the rest of my list in September...after deadlines are over...

    And, yes, I'd love a Tina-critique!

  93. Oh, how I remember the VBS timesuck.

    Into every life a little VBS must fall.

  94. Too funny. That list made my head spin, so that probably puts me more into left brain than right. But . . . I also like organization and to have advanced notice for having people over to dinner and other such social plans. That's right brain, right?

  95. What a great idea, Tina! Thanks for this great post!

    One thing I've been putting off is updating my website. For some reason, I dread doing it this time.

  96. Naomi, I am unable to address your question as I neither answer the door nor let anyone in. I will drive around the block to avoid being at the mail box with my neighbors and I shop for groceries at 6 am.

    I think it's very social of you to even allow anyone in your home.

  97. Check off the list and you can feel good when you put your feet up and eat a fudgecicle.(??sp??)

  98. NANCY—And NOW you know the reason I haven't tried anything Scrivener yet. Those icons are SO convicting! I downloaded Evernote, but I have yet to take the time to really learn it and make it work for me. Sigh.

  99. Great post, Tina! I especially liked the suggestions to Check out Grammarly subscription & Download the free sample of GMC on the kindle! No need to enter me as I just had a critique. :)

  100. But wait -- what if your left and right brain are full of fluff like Winne the Pooh? Then what?

  101. And congrats on the Indie! Can you tell us about the story??

  102. yes Tina. Winter and it was a cold day again yesterday. We have had a real cold snap with a few really cold (for us) days around 50 with a chill factor. today will be a little better. Its worse when it goes to 32 or below overnight and then takes half the day to warm up. Got enough up for about a week which is good cos the wrist doesn't like doing it to often.

  103. You can't be between brains, Kav. Nice try.

  104. OH. MY. GOSH!!!

    TINA ... this is absolutely SENSATIONAL!! A printer-offer if EVER there was!!

    You are amazing, which is probably why you are the revered Queen of Seekerville, the bottom-line gal who runs this blog like a crack drill sergeant runs his unit.

    I've been putting off Pinterest and cleaning my office. It's going on my list right now ...


  105. Fifty sounds like heaven to me. Although I scare myself because today it is 97 and it's WONDERFUL.

  106. Good post:) I'm still working on a first draft....but if I happened to win, that would be good experience for me...I think lol

  107. Tina, in that picture of the brain, it looks a little like that person holding the pen is getting ready to stab it right into the brain.

    I might be writing a story, but tell me, is this perhaps a crime scene photo???

  108. Okay, I'm one of those people who has trouble with left and right. I'm told it's because I was naturally left-handed but forced to write right-handed (I went to school with dinosaurs, what can I say). Apparently there's a whole "left hander forced to use right hand" syndrome, and I have all the symptoms. Hence, I am totally utterly hopelessly confused about left and right brain-ness. Even the nice picture is confusing. Is that hand holding the pen ready to stab the brain??

    But that's not the point of my post anyhow. Ahem. You're doing INDIE! How soon can I pre-order? Tell me it will be available in iBooks. Pretty please. This is so exciting it deserves another exclamation mark!

    Nancy C

  109. Suffering succotash ... my comment just posted and there's one above it from MARY C and she thinks it looks like the hand holding the pen is ready to stab into the brain, too. Mary, be very afraid that we think alike. V-e-r-y afraid.

    Nancy C

  110. I'm not sure that I've ever even opened Pinterest. It just seems too much.

    Yes, I'm always up for critique.

  111. LOL. You sound a little bit frightened. We never bite.

  112. 50 may sound heavenly but to us its not. its winter! actually its a cold day. today will be more like 60 and it wasn't a cold start to the day. around 44 over night.
    I live in a stone house (limestone) thick wall which is great for insulation but when it cools down it gets quite cold. It takes quite a while to warm up in summer which saves A/C but in winter the house does get chilly and it also gets damp so it needs the fire going at least part of the day.

    About to start the church newsletter.

  113. No, that's just me after a long day, trying not to poke myself in the eye with a sharp object, Connealy.

  114. Well Walt, I see a Pinterest future for you. You could create a board for each of your books and one for your football team.

  115. I definitely needed this today. Dropbox has been on my list for a few weeks. I have yet to get to it.

    I've been trying to think of a way to create a list of all my manuscripts, complete and incomplete, but thinking about it is about all I do. I'm not the best with excel. I'm also not the very best organizer. I need to take a class on that, or maybe not. :)

    I'd love a 10 page critique.

  116. LOL, Christina. Do I sense ambivalence??

  117. Jeanne T, it's OKAY. =) We're in good company.

  118. Christina, Dropbox is wonderful. And it is really easy. Small learning curve. I mean if I can do it... =)

  119. Definitely more left brained than right, and I can see how my kids fall out too. Interesting.

    OMG! OMG! OMG! -- You're publishing The Rosetti Curse, Tina?! You KNOW how I loved the beginning of that manuscript--although I'd bet it's changed a whole lot since I read it as a novice contest judge--and I always hoped it would be published. Good for you! Doing a "Happy Reader" dance...

  120. Patricia, can I just say publicly that I love you. After ALL these years and you remembered.

    It has been thru a developmental editor. Is now with two Beta readers and will then go for a final read to a copy editor.

    So yeah, it's changed.

    Thank you so much.