Thursday, August 8, 2013

If Nora Can Do It, So Can We!!!

Hello, Gorgeous!!!!

Welcome to NYC, Financial District, downtown, Wall Street, the maze...
This is about as far away from my typical "Main Street" stories as you can get.

Or is it???

Change it up. Shake it up. Mix it up.


Allow me to mention this part again:


And then come back and we'll talk about why a small-town gal like me likes to play in big city venues from time to time!!!


All those adages mean one thing: Most humans  dislike change and grow stale in their thinking so mixing it up... embracing change... helps our mental and emotional development as people and authors.



Way back in the day when I studied Nora's way of doing things....

I discovered two things:

1. That you can tell a story and re-tell a story, the trick is to tell it differently each time. (Think of how many versions of Cinderella "rich prince falls in love with poor girl/nanny/serving girl/school marm/tutor, etc.)

And then there's this:

2.  Big cities are just small towns on 'roids.

(As a big Yankee fan I must desist dwelling on the word "steroids"... SIGH....)

So if you're a small-town girl like me who's thought of telling a big city story:

Just do it!

The components are the same... Hero, heroine, family, possible dog or cat, neighbors, friends, conflict, conflict, conflict.  Only instead of a small town (which I love!!!!!) you can tuck the book into a Boston neighborhood. A Big Apple borough. A Philadelphia section like Mount Airy or Germantown... Did you know that Philadelphia police were required to live within the city limits until two years ago? And they lobbied to be able to move to the 'burbs if they wanted to... and then got their wish after more than 60 years of required city living. And guess what? Only 3% have moved. The same thing happened when teachers were allowed to move out of the city proper...

Only in that trend, the younger teachers overwhelmingly settled within city neighborhoods that make you feel like you've walked into a fifties movie... neighborhood shops, butchers, florists, groceries, pharmacies, tailors, bakeries.... A setting ripe for story-building!

Most of us don't "see" cities as they once were, thriving groups of neighborhoods watching out for each other, working together, building a "climate".

But even if those types of neighborhoods have declined in the last thirty years, they're not GONE... And revitalizing them can be as simple as you at your keyboard!

Some folks say the words "the city" as if city = BAD!!!! DON'T GO THERE!!!!!  But think of rebuilding a city like Detroit... Baltimore... Cleveland. Or the smaller cities (ripe for neighborhood rebuilding) like Rochester, Albany, Allentown, etc.

Oh, my friends... how much you miss if you don't play in the city from time to time!!! I love going to the big cities, feeling the flavor of the community, eyeing the diversity (NYC and Philly are great for this! I love Cleveland... Detroit... St. Louis!!! And I think every city in the U. S. should go to Omaha, Nebraska and study what it is that they do so right and do it so well!). I people watch as they mill around, listening...


Okay, eavesdropping. But I haven't been arrested YET, so that's good!!!!

Seeing this:

Became the basis for a very special secondary character in "Red Kettle Christmas", (Book One of Love Finds You in the City at Christmas, October 1, 2013)  my upcoming Christmas novella with Summerside Press.

The Jewish bagel maker, Arnie Mencher, began as an incidental character in the book's opening, but his presence... and the sensibility of a Jewish bagel maker in post World War II Manhattan... shaped the book's motivation because Arnie came to a new land one generation before family and friends were systematically killed by a wretched regime.

So his story became reflective of the story and character arcs for the hero and heroine... his moral premise... and the changing times... helped shape theirs.

I understand the concept of branding. But I also comprehend the lapse in creative flow if you do too much repetitive action! So when the chance to write a New York City/Manhattan historical came up, I was delighted to be asked!!!!

Available October 1, 2013 at stores everywhere, and

Again with the New York City!!!!  SWEET!!!!!

And just this week I was asked to be part of the Love Inspired 2014 Continuity "Big Sky Centennial"... So now I get to write a WESTERN!!!!!


"Say Yes to the Brand"... but don't be afraid to challenge yourself or think outside the visual perimeters. (Note how cleverly I disguised saying "think outside the box"... You're welcome.)

Okay, here's your task for today as I'm traveling from upper NY to NYC....

 Tell me how you've busted loose. What have you done to not only make your dream come true, but to polish the star that carries you toward success... How have you "broken out" and did it help?

Coffee's on!!!! And I'm looking forward to chattin' with youse long distance as long as my phone behaves, LOL!

I've got Nuts 4 Nuts here for you... and breakfast sandwiches from the cart on lower Broadway... and juice from the Juice Bar. Jump in... AFTER YOU GO DOWNLOAD "TRY, TRY AGAIN", OF COURSE!

And feel free to re-tweet me if you can... post the freebie on Facebook... let the world know that for the next five days, this delightful Ruthy story will be theirs, free for the asking! And yes, please leave a review on Amazon if you have time. I hope you love this book like I do, but I'm tough.... And looking forward to your honest thoughts!!!

(She quakes at the thought of pretending to be tough but NO ONE IN SEEKERVILLE SEES THIS!!!)

Author Bio: Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne lives in a farmhouse in upstate New York where every time she fixes one thing, two others break... She bosses everyone around except Tina Radcliffe because she's too smart to do THAT.

She's married to a very patient man who is watching two of their grandsons as she types this, she's got six, no SEVEN children (she stole one from her sister when she wasn't looking... Oops!!!!), two dogs, several cats, chickens and no small amount of farm vermin running amok!!!! She loves God, romance, her family, coffee and chocolate and puppies!!!! Visit her here in Seekerville or catch up with her antics HERE!!!!



    Color me happy!


    I'll be sharing this good news!

    Enjoy NYC. I've never made it there--that place scares this mid-west country girl a little bit--although I have been to Niagara Falls twice. Kansas City and St. Louis aren't quite so intimidating.

  2. A free book is a bonus any time, but a free Ruthy book is super-duper-stupendous!

    This Ozark hillbilly has also never been to NYC. All that traffic would be the death of me.

    Since the coffee's already provided, here's some chocolate milk to go with it.


  3. A FREE Ruthy book??? Well, Amazon hasn't caught on yet because it's showing a crazy price of $3.62 or something along those lines. Reminds me of trying to get Virginia Carmichael's "Leaving Liberty" when it was free; Amazon took a day to catch up.

    NYC has no appeal for me, even with the Yankees. Or if I could teleport from place to place with no traffic involved, that might be okay. Just not a city person. Heck, I don't even like being in downtown Rochester! (How many people on here will understand that reference?!? Maybe Debra Marvin besides you and me?)

    Blessings, Ruthy! And to patient Dave, too. :)

  4. Niagara Falls twice. Okay, I have to break this to you, Clari. There is zero comparison.

    I have been to Munich, Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Belgium and nothing prepares you for NYC.

    It is exhilaratingly scary.

  5. Loved this book! You guys won't be sorry!!

    And I'm sure FREE will happen. Amazon is weird. And when it happens, you will get it and then you will hold it on your kindle for a few weeks until you actually get around to reading it, so... take deep breaths.

    I'm as excited as you are and I already read it.

    I'll tweet tomorrow Miss Ruthy, with hashtags #free, #freekindle, #ebook, #romance, etc. if anyone wants to join me.

    Can't wait to see this gorgeous book climb the charts!!

  6. Given that I live in NYC (and have for most of my life), I guess going country would be breaking out for me. Maybe I need to head to Alaska. ;)

  7. I live in Houston, the 4th biggest city in the U.S. I have no concept of small-town so I get it through the books set there. =)

    I went ahead and just bought Try, Try Again and as soon as I get my pajamas on I'm going to dive in. Love a Ruthy book because I know I'm going to learn something about life and love.

  8. Clari, you would love New York City. It's big... but so amazing that the bigness seems right!

    Niagara Falls is close to me!!!! I love the Falls... so amazing. And you're right on KC and St. Lou... that little bit smaller.

    But NYC is a Must-See!!! Kind of like Try, Try Again is a must read!!! :)

  9. Helen!!! Chocolate milk, yum...

    Wait, we need cake or cookies to go with that and luckily I just baked last night!!!! Toffee/chocolate chip cookies, for all!!!

    Book release party!!!!!





    Helen, I hope you love this book. It's an older couple and I love the way God uses life to show them the way back to who they were twenty-five years before...

    Oh, that God!!!!

  10. Mel, Baby!!!! It's free now... and you've got FIVE DAYS, but go do it now so youse don't forget...

    I'll wait.

    (Hums and putters around the kitchen while waiting for countless millions to download Try, Try Again)...


    Try it today. I tested all the links in the middle of a BIG STORM, just for you.

    And downtown Rochester is a ghost town. Literally. I wish they'd thought to do what Philadelphia did, turn their downtown market into a MALL with overhead skyways and inter-connected buildings. I would go downtown to shop because I love the mix of people, shops, diversity... but now it's a ghost town, literally. Everything empty and sad.

    Someday I will do a string of city revitalization books. I love neighborhoods....

    But I'm also loving my Kirkwood Lake series, that town, the Chautauqua Lake location... Oh my stars, I'd love to have a summer place there. Chill-lax... Set a spell. Write.

    But I'm grateful I've got a kitchen table, LOL!!!!

  11. TINA!!!! Our trip to NYC was so stinkin' fun and we only ALMOST got killed ONCE!!!!

    Pretty good odds, and we lived to tell about it!

    Oh, and one missed subway stop. That we didn't miss but we almost did and I may or may not have watched Tina fade into NYC obscurity, blurred by 12,000,000 subway riders, minimum.



    My timing is (as always) suspect since I'm traveling tomorrow and Sunday, the first and last day of the promotion... but time and family don't give us a blank five-day stretch... and I wanted to have folks relax and read a fun... and beautiful... story of love everlasting...

    Second chances..

    New beginnings.

    Bless you for your kind words!!!

  13. Mary Curry, I love that you live in NYC!!!!

    And I love visiting there. Oh my stars, I could live there... really, truly, I could.

    But then I'd miss the deer and the antelope and the grandbabies...

    but NYC gets into your blood.

    It's... New York.

  14. Nancy Kimball!!!!!

    Oh, dear girl, you tell me what you think after you read it.

    I treasure your opinion and your friendship.

    Thank you for buying it if Amazon hadn't clicked the FREE button yet!!!!!

  15. Great advice about keeping ourselves--and our writing--fresh. Have a good trip!

  16. I love your posts! They are so uplifting! I left to go get Try, Try Again. Can't wait to go read it. A Christmas story and a Western coming up? Cannot wait!!
    I have always been very, very shy. Not speak to anybody shy. I went back to school in 2003 after being out for about 15 years. When I started at a four year college in 2009, I had been out of high school for 20 years! Talk about scary. But I did it! I graduated this past May and had a ball reading and writing papers for my degree. I couldn't believe they let me do that. lol. About three years ago, I found my calling, editing. I love it! (you can check out my website here:!). I also realized I love doing book reviews. I like getting a book before everyone else and writing about it. And then just last week...I realized I wanted to write a Christian romance. I have read so many and have so many ideas of my own running around in my head, I decided to just up and do it. Who knows where that will end up, but even if only I read them, it is still a lot of fun. I have enough ideas for about 5 books now! lol. So, that's how I have broken out! Thanks Ruthie for this wonderful post! I love Seekerville!

  17. I should have waited but I went from the weekend link and bought the book.

    I have been to Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. Loved the Maid of the Mist ride.

  18. Oops...I rushed over to download Try, Try Again and started reading and nearly forgot to come back and comment. :-)

    And Harlequin assures me my books have been shipped so this is going to be a double hitter Ruthy month. Yay!!!!!

    I live in a city and I've come to think of my neighbourhood has a kind of small town. Friendly neighbours, kids playing hockey on the street, a variety of shops within walking distance. And we have a vibrant artist colony too. They do home tours in the fall and the number of artists we have in the area is incredible! It's a fun place to live until I find my way to an honest to goodness small town.

    And Congrats on being part of a Western series. Woohooo!!! After the retreat I knew it wouldn't be long before we were reading Ruthy with a twang.

    Safe traveling, Ruthy -- and I hope you aren't texting while you are driving!!!!!!

  19. Since I grew up in a small town (250), I do enjoy reading stories set in the city!

    Is the book available in NOOK too?

  20. Sally, I firmly believe God builds and shapes us every step of the way...

    So your shyness... the gumption to return to school and get a degree!!!!... the love for editing... and the yearning to write...

    I see them as God's process, the Holy Spirit within us, moving us along. And we can go along... or try to SPEED THINGS UP!!!... or take a detour, but somehow the heart hears the will of God, and responds.

    Each step you took was a marvelous building block toward story building, love, life and laughter!!! You've experienced a whole kit-and-kaboodle to get where you are. Now you can tell the stories you've seen along the way.


    I can't wait to see my first Sally Shupe story!!!!!

  21. Mia!!!

    Keeping ourselves fresh is so important, isn't it??? Brighten that perspective! I think we continue to stretch and grow as we tackle things.

    And it keeps our minds sharper...

    (Says Ruthy as she doodles aimlessly, watching for pictures in the clouds...)


  22. Jenny!!!!

    I hope you love it! Thank you so much for buying it last weekend!!!!

  23. KAV!!!! I'm so glad you got it! Now I'm dying to see what you think...

    But I won't text and drive, promise.

    I'm not driving the first leg. Dave will, and I'll work. Usually when we approach the city, he hands over the wheel because the "We're always in the wrong lane for the turn" stuff drives him crazy.


    I just shoulder the car in or go around the block.

    And I have my GARMIN and my CELL PHONE with navigation so I can find my way almost anywhere!!!

    If I can figure out how to turn them on. ;)

  24. Rose, no Nook!!! I went KDP Select because I'm testing the waters for what works and what doesn't vs. expense.

    So it will be available on Nook in the future, but I wanted to test things with the Kindle Select first. I am a work in progress!!! A guinea pig!!! A test bunny!!! ;)

  25. There was a time I was writing long historical westerns, short contemporary romances (Like Buffalo Gal for Heartsong Presents) and I through in that spooky demon possessed serial killer book Ten Plagues.
    I loved doing that. I loved jumping from contemporary to historical, suspense to comedy, long to short to long.
    I felt like it kept me sharp. Switching genres made me stronger when I came back to my true brand.
    I'm not sure it affected the books so much as it affected me.
    I miss that.

    1. Mary. That's it. It refreshes my brain and makes me view things a little differently. I love my sweet smalltown and farm settings! But II lovewas city scapes too-

  26. And Ruthy's right ( always!)
    Omaha is a great city.
    Very hard work is always being done to keep the inner city vital and pretty and appealing.
    They've got a downtown area called The Old Market that is so charming I just love hanging around down there.

    1. I love The Old Market! You know NYC did a similar thing. But bigger... to Omaha when the boroughs talked about it branching off and being independent of Manhattan. I'm so glad that didn't happen, that they stayed connected just like Omaha did as it sprawled...I love the flavor of each different borough melding with Manhattan.

  27. Hi Ruthy,

    It is free today and I got it and I tweeted that it's free today. BTW thanks for the free book. Can't wait to start it.

    It's been so long since I've been to NYC it'd almost be a historical novel.

    I live in a small town, 2 stoplights, and I'd love big cities. Lexington, KY is the biggest city I've used for a setting. I like watching House Hunters and imagine how fun it'd be to live in a big city. So I may take you up on your idea.

    Thanks for sharing today!

    1. Jackie, folks all over are loving on those real estate shows! Isn't that interesting?

      LOL about the historical novel/NYC! I remember when folks stayed away from NYC in droves, but thank heavens for the amazing changes 30 years has brought. I love going down to NY and I'm about 40the minutes into the drive.. with COFFEE!!... and can't wait to stow the car and see my boys and the gals at Love Inspired!

  28. SALLY Really? Ruthy's posts are UPLIFTING???

    Not the word I would have gone with but....okay.

    1. Hahahaha!

      BRAT. How's that for a word?????

  29. Congratulations on Try, Try Again, Ruthy! Lovely cover!! Know the story will be awesome!!

    I'm looking forward to the release of your Christmas story, Red Kettle Christmas!

    I write small town Americana, but agree branching out is fun. I have dabbled in New York City in the 1870s with an Irish immigrant and Aristocrat's story. Talk about conflict. :-) The Bride Wore Spurs is set on a Texas ranch, which is a small town of sorts. Writers create the closeness small towns are known for wherever we set our stories.


    1. Janet, I love that Irish immigrant story! And yes, our words bring life to those settings and how much fun that is!

  30. Sally, congrats on finishing your degree! Have fun writing that Christian romance! I remember the excitement of starting on that journey.


  31. I've visited NYC twice and loved it! Everything is super sized and fast paced. Exciting but I wouldn't want to live there.


  32. I write about historical Washington DC for the very reasons you mention. It IS a city of little communities. Right on!

    I paid for Ruthy's book and it was well worth the price of admission. But FREE? Spread the word.

    More importantly, review, review, review and help one of the best writer helpers in the business!

    That is all.

    Peace, Julie

    1. Julie! Thank you, Sweet Thing! You know the best thing about this biz??? The beautiful friends you make all around the country and the world! Julie, that review was such a blessing! Now I think all o' youse should see if you can BEAT the accolades in Julie's review, LOL!!!

    2. And thinking of D.C. and Baltimore and all those little neighboring towns... The are the perfect setting for just about any story! Ripe with hustory... intrigue...danger...politics! Great settings, Julie!

  33. Just a country girl who prefers to stay country. I got Try Try Again and can't wait to read it. Thanks Ruthie

    1. Oh my stars, you're so welcome! Cindy, I hope you love it! Thanks for grabbing it, making me look WILDLY POPULAR!!!

  34. You are one busy lady!

    I've never lived in the city and can't picture it. I grew up in a town of 215. The last census dropped it to a little over a hundred. But I'm only 60 miles north of Dallas so everything is moving this way.

    I've never wrote a contemporary but the couple of wip are set in a area like this. Small town about an hour from big city. It's the best of both worlds.

    I need to make a sign to put above my desk that reads, "Keep up with Ruthy." Just as good as Gitter Done.

    1. Hahahahaha! Connie, I love that sign, LOL! Pepper Basham has one that reminds her to pull up her big girl panties and move on!! Whatever it takes to keep that forward thrust going, LEGALLY!!! ;) i love how you've located your towns close to allows for series work and story development. Smart girl!girlfriend?

  35. If you miss the Amazon "free" day, and pay the regular $3.62 price you will NOT be sorry! I read "Try, Try Again" in its manuscript form and loved it! Can't wait to read the final version! And what a WONDERFUL heartwarming cover, Ruthy!


    1. Glynna, thank you! Your praise just made me grin thinking back to those days!

      I will hug Joan and Melissa and Giselle and anyone else who doesn't turn tail and run when they see me coming!

      I do love that cover. Thanks to the Killion Group for their beautiful work!

  36. Good morning, Ruthy. Loved your post!! And thanks for the sweet gift!
    I clicked on "Click Here" as soon as it came up on my screen and went right over to Amazon and got it!!

    Feels like Christmas... I'm reading your 'gift' this afternoon as a reward for working in the yard all day yesterday!!

    I like the glamour of the city too. Where I live, we refer to OK City as 'The City' but NOT in a bad way! We love it!

    Here's hoping you sell a truck-load of books! :-D

    1. Mary Hicks, thank you! I'm so glad you got it!!

      OK City...I went to Tulsa with Mary and Tina, but I haven't been to OK City yet! I'm glad you love going there.. i love my small town life, but i love big city flavor now and again!

  37. Well good morning,
    It is always nice to be on when Ruthy is at the helm.
    Ah, the question of setting. I have gone both ways. Obviously I couldn't set an Oregon Trail story in the city -- the setting is too integral, and I almost think of it as another character. I could have Caroline put her trust in the man who betrayed her and place them in another situation, but it would change it drastically. I don't even think they would be the same people.
    On the other hand, I did go urban in "Lost and Found," an unpubbed that takes place in a New York Hell's Kitchen settlement house right after World War I. That, too, could have been set somewhere else, but it would lose a lot. Usually my settings are part of who my characters are. I have visited New York but never lived there, especially in 1919, so I had to do extensive research, but really I couldn't have set it anywhere else. Fortunately some things about cities are constants -- the crowds and noise -- so I could take "crowd and noise" images from Boston and rework them, and use my research for the specifics. I DO know Boston, having lived there as a young adult in the Age of Aquarius and continuing to visit since. Most people in northern New England don't consider themselves tourists when they go to Boston -- it is THEIR city. I've never set a book there, except for an early piece of juvenilia based on my experiences living there in the Summer of Love, but I am going to do a Revolutionary War story as soon as I finish with the Oregon Trail. Time to get off the Trail! I also go to Lexington and Concord at least once a year, so the groundwork is laid. (Do go there if you're ever in Massachusetts, it's a stunning experience.) Urban settings are great when they fit the story line, and it always goes back to who your characters are and what reality are they living out. Ruthy, I have rambled today, but if it wasn't me it would be someone else.
    Gotta go, Colin Firth's coming over to practice The Speech and I need to get a full body wax and learn how to make English tea. Catch you later.
    Kathy Bailey

    1. My regards to Colin!! And Kathy we are your go to place for ramblin'!!!

      I concur with your brilliance! The urban setting has to fit the story... and feel as organic as a farm in Kirkwood Lake!!!

      Please note intentional shameless plug!

  38. Everyone! If you haven't downloaded your copy of Try, Try Again, go do it now!

    And Ruthy, as much as I enjoy you enjoying NYC, I'll have to say "no, thank you very much."

    I've lived in the 'burbs of several cities - worked, shopped, drove and took kids to museums and zoos.

    But God has brought me to the Black Hills, and I'm stayin' here as long as He wants me to. Along toward this part of the summer I start longing for fall...when the tourists leave and we get our Hills back.

    Because there's nothing - absolutely nothing - like the complete silence of the Badlands in January or the Hills during a fall snow shower. I've never lived anywhere so.... Man, there aren't even words to describe it!

    And if you're writing a western, you've got to come out this way for a research trip, right? Omaha is great...but it really isn't a western town. You need to feel the high plains :)

    1. Jan! I would love to visit yoy, sweet thing!how much fun would that be???

      And I hear ya'! But I have that lure of the city within me... street vendors...people watching...cute cops, LOL!...gorgeous firefighters...oh, and the buildings are nice, too!! ;)

  39. Ruthy, I LOVE your fun, FUN voice. I've already tweeted your post and I hope lots of people downloaded your book like I did!

    I've been to Istanbul, the Philippines, Stuttgart, and most of the states in our great country, but I haven't (hangs her head) been to Niagra Falls yet. I love traveling.

    I haven't broken out in a big way. One change I'm making in writing my current WIP is not planning as much. My story took a big twist yesterday that I wasn't expecting, but I'm really excited to write it!

    I'm proud of you for publishing an indie, Ruthy. Is this the next big Seekers adventure?

    1. Grr.. Jeanne I replied to you ages ago but the Google travel monster must have eaten it!

      I expect you'll see more authors doing indies... because it's possible to do them so well now.

      And I'm so proud of you, braving change! Jeanne!! That's wonderful growth!

  40. How exciting! A free Ruthy book! Got it from a Facebook link this morning and it was free for me too! (Sometimes books that are proclaimed FREE are not for me when I click the link. But most times they are! Something to do with Canada maybe?)

    I've been to NYC once and I think that was enough for me! Glad I did it and it was very interesting.

    I like Toronto much better, but I'm biased! Although I don't like driving in downtown TO either. Too much congestion and one-way streets. Ask my daughter about a birthday trip to the Eaton Centre several years ago and her mother driving the WRONG WAY down a one-way street! That was an adventure! Many people waving their fists and honking at me! LOL.

    Tomorrow is her birthday and she's leaving her teens! Wow. Off to shop for her birthday gift!

    Thanks for YOUR gift, Ruthy!!


  41. This is why Seekerville rocks. Great info and generous authors. I've already downloaded the Try, Try Again. I'm so all over ANYTHING Ruthy.

    My list of Seekerville books to buy keeps getting longer *sigh* Oh to be independently wealthy to purchase books... On a bright note, I use Seeker books and rewards for jobs well done.

    As for trying something different to shake things up and sharpen creativity. I get to do that with my job all the time. I haven't quite pinned down my brand as a writer (jeepers, i haven't even pinned down a complete manuscript...), but I'll keep that "outside the box" advice in mind.

    Love the post Ruthy! You're awesome! (just sayin....)

  42. I got my copy. They tried to give it to me free but I insisted on paying.


  43. Thanks for your newest book, Ruthy!

    I love NYC. My grandfather came from Brooklyn and boy did he have a strong accent! New York is a really exciting city and the lights at Christmas are beautiful.

    I'm glad you have the chance to have different settings in your books. It'll keep writing fresh.

  44. Not just a free novel, but a free novel from our own RUTHY,!! And treats!thanks so much!

  45. WOW! A free book from Ruth Logan Herne! How cool is that???! Very, I'd say. ;-)

    I like visiting the big city, Ruthy, even though I'm from a VERY small town in rural lower Alabama. Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird was me. Only my town was much smaller and I lived in the country. LOL!!!

    Anyway, my Medievals are set in and around a walled town called Hagenheim. But my Regency series, The Brides of London, are set partially in London (of course) which is a very big city. But since I don't do contemporaries (at least not yet) I don't have any "big city" type books, I don't suppose. Even London stories, for my heroes and heroines, revolves around small cliques of people--drawing room dramas. :-)

    I think it is good to depart from your usual type of story, even if it's just in your reading, so I am off to download your book, Ruthy, to my Kindle! Thanks!!!

  46. Downloaded! Can't wait to read it!

    I visited Brooklyn once with my in-laws. (That's where my husband was originally from...and he loves the Yankees, too.) It was a bit intimidating for this small-town, country girl, but was a fabulous experience.

  47. Thank you all for your support! Mary, yes, uplifting. Her posts lift me from where I am now and set me where I want to be lol. With a little kick to get there, but uplifting nonetheless! And Ruthy, when you get to read your first Sally Shupe story, you'll have to pick me up off the floor...The Holy Spirit's been along for the ride from the get-go. It's been fun, especially looking back to what I was doing and now what I am thinking, doing, writing. I would have never guessed it! Thanks Janet!!

  48. Free is always great! I've never been to New York. If I make it will you be my tour guide? Wait, you and Tina nearly got killed, I might have to rethink that. LOL

  49. How neat!

    I grew up in Brooklyn and moved to Texas a few decades ago. I go back for family and the food. Nothing like a New York hot dog or pizza!

    Gotta say, "I love Texas."

    Have a Fantastic Trip!

  50. How neat!

    I grew up in Brooklyn and moved to Texas a few decades ago. I go back for family and the food. Nothing like a New York hot dog or pizza!

    Gotta say, "I love Texas."

    Have a Fantastic Trip!

  51. Congrats Ruthy, You will love Indie publishing.

  52. I did as you ordered... er... suggested and your book is on my Kindle now. I've been to NYC once, as a freshman in college. The interfaith council group went and among other things we were in a bombing in a Greenwich Village disco. Really. We were studying the relationship between religion and the arts and had visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Square and NBC. The disco was just another "artsy" place to go. Who knew a member of a radical group would plant a pipe bomb there the night of our visit??? I'd love to visit again though.

    Anyway, my novella and the full-length books I've written are all set in Atlanta. And I took a trip there with my sister after I wrote the first book and we visited all the places I used in the book -- the Virginia Highlands are where my heroine lives, Tiffany & Co where the hero buys her engagement ring, a now-closed diner where they meet for lunch, the Biltmore Hotel ballroom that I used as inspiration for a charity ball scene in the book. And we stayed at the Georgian Terrace Hotel where my couple spent their honeymoon. It was such fun! And of course we were just in Atlanta for the RWA conference. I live a mere 4 hours away, so it's easy to get there -- when I have the time.

    I also lived in Frankfurt, Germany from 1976 to 1980 and I traveled to lots of big cities while I was there -- London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Athens, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels. And I'm headed to Ireland and England next month!!!!! I can hardly wait!

    I think all my confessions story writing helped me write different settings. And I found that what I couldn't get through Google, I could get by emailing people -- total strangers sometimes. People are always happy to tell you about themselves and their jobs and towns.


  53. Hi Ruthy,

    I think it's great that you and Tina are going Indy. Who knows it may overtake traditional before long.

    The Lawman's Second Chance was one of my beach reads this summer. It was so heartwarming I was in tears. I'm downloading Try, Try Again and I really, really want that Christmas novella.

    New York City is a place I love to read about and watch in movies and TV, but don't want to visit, if that makes sense.

  54. We are heading across I86 /RT 17 now, heading toward Binghamton... my daughter Beth told me that there is a CINNABON in Johnson City, just outside Binghamton! Oh... i haven't had a Cinnabon in a Very Long Time... i think "diet" might have to go out the window for the weekend!!

  55. Who is Nora? Did I miss something?

  56. You must have sounded very authentically western after hanging out at the virtual dude ranch in May, Ruthy! Congrats on "breaking loose" in a couple of different genres.

    Try, Try Again has been downloaded and shared.

    You go, girl!

  57. I have my copy downloaded to my Kindle, waiting for me to get some writing down before I dive in. :-)

    Tina, zero comparison? I figured there were as many people and as much traffic in NYC as there is water flowing over the falls. ;-) hee hee hee.

  58. More of small town girl but I need my NYC and Boston fix every few months. :) Thx for the free read!

  59. Hi Ruth:

    Mary has it right: “If you pay for a book, the reading experience is richer.”

    Free books are best when you don’t really expect to read them. From a marketing POV: Free is ‘good’. Paid is ‘better’. And a Ruth book is best.

    “If you think there is a box to think out of, then you are still in the box.”

    It’s not the brand that gives energy to your writing; it’s you who give energy to your brand. The brand is just the nozzle setting on the showerhead of your creativity. (What?)

    Moral Premise: A brand should be about ‘great writing’ and not about city size. : )

    Tag line for Ruth Logan Herne:

    “Where Romance Comes To Life”

    Now about “Try, Try, Again”: if you think this is about NYC, then A-Rod is as innocent as the driven snow.(In NYC.) Small town Princeton is the hero of “Try, Try, Again” – especially the Princeton of the hero and heroine’s past (with its small town streets and shops.) You can take the author out of the small town but can you take the small town out of the author.

    A Bible Quote for “Try, Try, Again”:

    "No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” Luke 11:33

    I love him but I wanted to slap that hero silly. If he’d only let a little of his light shine, he’d have made his life a lot easier.

    I think I’m on to you. The secret of “Try, Try, Again” is keeping the reader’s eyes misted up for the entire book! You made it hard to read even on a Kindle with 24 point type. It was so heartwarming that it came just one 'warm fuzzy' short of being shameless. I almost felt guilty liking it so much. (Of course, this is in my humble, New York born, opinion.)

    I think everyone is going to love “Try, Try, Again” but what do you do next? These new readers you get will be like the doughboys who came back after WWI after having seen Paris.


  60. RUTHY!!! I am SOOO pumped about Try, Try Again, and can't wait to dive in!! My copy is burning a hole in my Kindle, and I can feel a 5-star review burning in my fingers!!

    SO excited for you, and I'm praying it goes straight to the bestseller list, my friend.


  61. Ruthy, I loooove hearing you say this about big cities in novels! I'm doing this in a big way. My WF book (Genesis finalist, cough cough) is set in Chicago, on Michigan Avenue, on the eighteenth floor of a'20s era high-rise building, right across from gorgeous Buckingham Fountain.

    Just like a mega church connects members with a small group of people, writing a big city setting means that you'll pick a small portion to actively use. So even a big million-person city can feel as intimate as a small-town setting because people go where they're known and loved.

    Now if you would just get a job with my dream publisher as an ack editor, so I can pitch my book to you... :)

  62. Ruthy,
    I'd read it if I had a Kindle.
    I still don't know who Nora is. Is this something like Waiting For Godot?
    Would love to read Christmas novella when out-- huge fan of Christmas in the City. Any city.
    Kathy B

  63. Ruthy, I love the idea of widening our setting horizons! I should step out and try something different. I think it would be fun. And a good excuse to travel to do research!! :)

    Yay on the freebie!! I just tweeted and put on FB.

  64. Hi Ruth!

    Your comparison to Nora here makes people to feel lifted, when discouragement could be the rule of the day, so thank you for that.

    I also love your idea about the idea of community existing in other places, which it certainly does! These thoughts are the stuff that plot bunnies are made of, so I appreciate that! Looking forward to diving into your indie publication as well as Piper's story!

  65. Kaybee -- you can get Kindle for PC here. And I think she's referring to Nora Roberts.


  66. Re-posted and tweeted. Hope it brings you lots more downloads, Ruthy. You're already climbing high on the Amazon list. Congrats on all of it and thanks for the post! Have fun in NYC.

  67. Wow Ruthy, I think that was the most subtle request for downloading and promoting a free book that I've ever read . . . Or not. (Though I do seem to recall Mary promoting a couple of her indie books in a similar fashion. ;-))

    And I so had to laugh when you mentioned rebuilding a city like Detroit. I grew up only 3 miles from the city limits (my parents still live there, actually), and I have only one word of advice: RUN!!!!!

    I seriously don't think I could keep a straight face if I were to read a novel about "rebuilding" Detroit.

  68. Hey, RUTHY, I know how shy you are, and since I can't find the information anywhere in your post, is there someplace I can download your new book for free so I can tell my friends it's free? Could you maybe give us a link (or two) so we can download your book for free and then tell all our friends it's free?

    How have I broken out ... hmm. I guess by deciding to go the self-publishing route? Scary and exciting and full-to-here of 'learning experiences.' A whole 'nuther world, but many have gone before me, and they are wonderful to share what they've learned.

    Lots of great spirit and 'you can do it' in this post. Thank you for the thump of motivation.

    Nancy C
    (who wishes there was some place to download Ruthy's book for free and then tell all her friends Ruthy's book is free)

  69. Wow, thanks Ruthy for letting us know...I have downloaded already! And this week, I won one of your books on another lucky me.....hurray!
    Can't wait for your Christmas book.

    Note to Marilyn/Playground Monitor....what books did you write about Atlanta?? Since I live in GA, I love to read all books featuring Atlanta. Here's my E mail.

  70. Ruthy, I know you've been traveling, but have you checked your stats? As of 10 o'clock, you're # 76 on the Amazon top 100 Free!!!! And you're # 40 on Top Free Romance!!!

    I screencapped them in case you miss it.

    I'm sure it's on the way UP.

    I started reading on the subway this morning - just seemed appropriate. :)

  71. BOOK BONANZA this week!

    Got one from Debby Giusti yesterday. Got one from Glynna today. AND downloaded Ruthy's freebie today.

    Thankie, thankie, thankie!!!

    My TBR pile is gro-o-o-o-wing.


  72. Jackie Smith, none of my Atlanta stories are published -- yet. My novella will be coming out from Boroughs Publishing Group sometime. And the first manuscript I set in Atlanta was emailed to them just 24 hours ago for critique and consideration. I sure hope it sees the light of day cause I sure love the characters and their story.

    Thanks for asking!


  73. Yikes! I'm LATE getting on here today (where did this day go??) but had to say I always LOVE Ruthy posts! You are so cute (and energetic *sigh*).

    I've never been to NYC, but maybe one day (if I'm brave enough, LOL). Of course, Atlanta has traffic, noise, and people maybe I could handle it(?).

    I might've already shared this...but since you mention NORA in this post---at RWA a few weeks ago I had a front-row seat for the Nora Chat session (it was GREAT!) and afterwards I went up to her table and actually chatted with her for a few minutes--she was soo nice! My only disappointment was learning she doesn't have any cats (however, she does have dogs!). But that was a fun experience for me (the stay at home cat-lady, LOL). Safe travels and have fun, Ruthy! Hugs, Patti Jo
    p.s. And CONGRATS on your books---WOW!!! :)

  74. Good morning!!!! I was working from my smart phone (which is clearly smarter than ME!!!!) until about 3:00 when it wouldn't let me post anymore. DOH!!!!!

    Kaybee, yes, Nora Roberts was the "Nora" reference because she published even her early stuff in a huge variety of settings, but like Sally said, the "neighborhood" feel comes through even in a big city and Nora was/is amazing at doing that! And I see that someone gave you the link to get "Kindle for PC"!!! YAY!!!! I tried to do that yesterday from the phone:



    I read all my Kindle books on my PC/laptop before my Kindle came last week... and they dropped the price on them 5 DAYS AFTER I GOT MINE!!!

    Dagnabbit! :)

    SUSAN!!! Toronto is gorgeous. Dave and I were there for a Yankees weekend (we lost, btw... ) :)

    and we loved the lakeshore downtown! The Rogers Centre, etc. Just gorgeous!

    But I will tell youI am not a fan of the Gardiner Expressway.... I've never been in traffic that long, that bound up (construction, Friday traffic, congestion, one major road in) and they block the side roads so expressway traffic can't take a turn and follow another road in... that was just odd to me.

    But the rest of the weekend was amazing!!!! I laughed when I saw your driving reference, though. DITTO!!!! Happy birthday dear twenty-year-old daughter!!!

  75. VINCE!!!!! You read it????


    I knew you were crazy busy so I didn't expect that!

    And you liked it!!!!!

    Oh, happy dancing in upstate New York!!!!

    Did you love Sarge? And Grayce?????


    You have made my day!!!! I will be traipsing around NYC today (lower Manhattan, downtown, and yes, I know I'm announcing this so people will know my house is empty but it's really not, about twenty people are staying there this weekend!!!) with a big IDIOT grin on my face knowing you loved Try, Try Again!!!!

  76. Valerie Comer, back at ya'!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!

    I think you're right, hanging out with Jake MacKillian in June was like PREP WORK for Montana, LOL!

    I'm so psyched to be working with these gals... What a hoot it will be! Val Hansen, Arlene James, Brenda Minton, Jenna Mindel, Carolyne Aarsen!!!!

    I'm tucked right behind Val's book and I'm totally all right with riding the tails of her success!


    Waving to you in Canada!

  77. Clari Dees, LOL!!!

    I'm listening to quiet right now. A rarity here. But I'm up on the 5th floor and the hotel is quiet, and doesn't look like a hotel the way we know them.

    Very New York.

    The hustle and bustle extended into late last night. We were cruising the financial district on foot... I will go visit the Trinity Church cemetery today or tomorrow morning because it's close by and the graves date from the 1700's ... can you imagine what those folks saw??? Experienced? So many young mothers and babies lost.

    We are blessed to live in an age of antiseptics and antibiotics, right????

    Niagara Falls... GORGEOUS!

  78. Missy, thank you!!!!!

    If we can keep doing that throughout the weekend, I'd be so grateful...

    Let's make a loud noise among the people with our cute little texting/tweeting fingers!!!!

    Hugs to you, and yes, changing things up a little is good for us.

    (Mind you when change is forced on me, I WHINE AND FUSS, and then man-up and deal with it.

    But the initial whining is NOT PRETTY.)

  79. Piper, I love plot bunnies!!!

    Sometimes just talking about things, or mentioning them stirs the cobwebs of my brain and gets the ball rolling.

    Like Nora, we begin at the beginning, and just keep having fun!

  80. Katy Lee, you're welcome! I hope you love it... if you don't, blame Mary Connealy.

    Rule of thumb in Seekerville: everything is Mary's fault.

    Or Julie's.

    But she gets emotional so we MOSTLY blame Mary.


  81. Lyndee, thank you!!!!

    Mary sent me an e-mail that it was climbing, oh my gosh, you guys make me humble, proud and happy!!!!

    I love youse.


    And I hope you love the book, Lyndee!!!!

  82. Naomi!!!!

    Detroit's fallen on tough times, for sure.

    That's why I mentioned the smaller cities, too. Because recapturing the large ones that have been "donut-holed" is a daunting task.

    I love that K-Love is starting a mission in Detroit.

    I love that the Tigers are trying so hard to be successful.

    I love the diversity.

    But the loss of decades of employment and infrastructure and unskilled management (did I say that nicely enough????) has taken a huge toll, hasn't it????

    Okay, no Detroit for you! ;)

    And I'm so glad you like the subtleties embedded within my post.


  83. Nancy, LOL!!!!

    Hey, I wanted to make sure you didn't have to scroll UPWARDS to go click on the link if you casually slipped by it the first time.

    I'm covering the bases, very NY YANKEE FRIENDLY, LOL!!!!


    Go, Jeter!!!!!

    And I never even tried to get to Yankee Belle Cafe yesterday for my potato patties post and they were so good, but my phone will only let me do so much... so I abandoned the COOKS!!!!!

    Dagnabbit! You just go on off and download that sweet book and see if you like it....:)



    Happy dancing!!!!!!!

  85. Helen, you're welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

    And you're here tomorrow!!! (well today, actually because I'm doing this on Friday morning!!!!)

    I'm so happy for you!!! And just delighted that we might go to a Harlequin Party TOGETHER!!!!!

    Bring your dancing shoes, sistah!!!!

  86. Patti Jo, I remember you posting about talking with Nora...

    And she is delightful. She's so stinkin' normal. And I've never seen her brush anyone off.

    I love that in big name authors. That their egos don't fill the spots where their hearts used to be.

    Let's make a communal vow that we won't let that happen in Seekerville... that no matter what the publishing future holds for us... and some of you younger authors have amazing careers ahead of you, I can just feel it!!!!

    That we won't be jerks. Or stand-offish. Or "hiders"...

    Okay, off my soapbox!!!! ;)

  87. Ruthy, I hope Try try is a huge success! It is the perfect example of why going indie can be a career plus allowing a writer to go outside branding, experiment with something new, and appeal to new readers. Plus publish stories that traditional publishers might not consider. It is the best time ever to be a writer. Have a blast in the big Apple. It is my favorite city though other faces are Portland OR and Athens Greece. Contests on doing this book.

  88. Ruthy, I hope Try try is a huge success! It is the perfect example of why going indie can be a career plus allowing a writer to go outside branding, experiment with something new, and appeal to new readers. Plus publish stories that traditional publishers might not consider. It is the best time ever to be a writer. Have a blast in the big Apple. It is my favorite city though other faces are Portland OR and Athens Greece. Contests on doing this book.

  89. I hate autofill.. faces was faves. And that was congrats. LOL.

  90. Say, Ruthy, did you not get my msg about serious film interest from an Oscar winning producer for Christmas in the City?? Yes indeed! We were pondering how to film the holiday parade without mentioning Macy's. Your fans will love this story.

  91. Hi Ruth:

    “Did I like Sarge and Gracye?” You might as well as if I liked Clarence in “It’s a Wonderful Life” or Susan Walker in “Miracle on 34th Street”? I kept seeing Gracye as Natalie Wood. I’d have to be Vulcan, without emotions, to not like them.

    And yes, I’m over stressed and over worked at the moment but I read just a page of "Try, Try, Again" to relax before going to bed and I couldn’t stop reading. You passed every other book I’m now in the process of reading on my Kindle. I did try and try again to put the book down but I couldn't do it.

    Loved the book but then I do like older heroes and heroines. Of course, now I'm more behind than ever.

    BTW: If you can stay in NYC until Saturday, I do believe the Yanks are paying Detroit in an afternoon game. I’d love to go.

    After all this, I still think I am going to like “Red Kettle Christmas” the best. I was there on location when this story happens. I think only TINA has written a book that meets that criterion.


    P.S. I wore my Yankee hat just for you today.