Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Weekend Edition


 We Have Winners

  Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 6-8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  Please remember we don't contact winners -so please contact us seekers at seekerville dot net

Friday August 2, featured Editor and Publicist Amber Stokes of Seasons of Humility who will share the basics of publicity in the blogpost "Cover Reveals, Blog Tours, & Giveaways -Publicity 101." Winner of a Sandra Leesmith book of choice is Julia Reffner. Winners of a Kindle copy of Amber Stokes, Bleeding Hearts and a Sandra Leesmith book of choice are Heidi Madsen and Melissa Jagears.

Monday Mary Connealy talked about  'Research. Wiki & Google & Me: Hands on Research at the Prospect House and Civil War Museum." The winner of a signed copy of A Bride for All Seasons is Karen Kirst. A second bonus copy winner is Barbara Haropolous for being a first time commentor.

  Valerie Comer joined us Tuesday with a post about jumping into a new genre! She talked about the growth of Farm Lit  with her post, "How Writing a New Genre is Like Jumping Rope." The winner of her new release Raspberries and Vinegar is Barbara Thompson.

 Seeker author Tina Radcliffe was your hostess on Wednesday with her post on "Power Up Your Prose with Powerful Words."  Winner of a ten page critique is the very brave Nancy C.

Thursday  Ruth Logan Herne talked about a small-town writer's love of the big city with her post, "If Nora Can Do It, So Can We!"  She offered her new independent release FREE to anyone who owns a Kindle or a laptop. Hustle over to AMAZON.COM (  ) to download your own free copy her delightfully warm, poignant and humor-enriched marriage reunion story:  Try, Try Again!

Friday Seekerville welcomed Heartsong Presents debut author, Helen Gray with "Just Wishing Won’t Get Us Published." The winner of a Heartsong Presents giveaway is Susan Mason.

Next Week In Seekerville

Seeker Sightings

Through August 18: Join Julie Lessman and twenty other authors on Soul Inspirationz blog for a book givaway extravaganza!! Just click on the "Featured Author Interview" link below each of the author's pic to enter their particular contest. At Julie's Interview Link you can win your choice of Julie's books including her January 2014 release of Dare to Love Again or a spiral-bound printed copy of A Light in the Window, so GOOD LUCK!!


Random News & Inspiration

10 Signs of Jane Austen Addiction (Huffpost) 

2014 the RWA Conference is in San Antonio and Seeker Villager Mary Hicks presents some great preview photos of the River Walk on her blog. Check it out here

 Audience Development for Writers: Your Life-Long Career Investment (Jane Friedman)

 The 5-Step Mission Statement (An Author Essential) (The Creative Penn)

 Everybody is a critic. Even the cream of the crop get unfounded nasty reviews.(Wendy Reis Editing Blog)

5 Reasons to Turn to Traditional Publishers Rather than Self-Publishing (Writer 
Unboxed via The Passive Voice)

Keep Your Eye on the 2013 Harlequin So You Think You Can Write site for posts and news of the September Contest!

Entangled Publishing Joins Macmillan's Public Library E-lending Pilot Program (World News Report)

Did Someone Say It Would Be Easy? (Catherine Caffeinated) 

August is Read a Romance Month at Romance Matters!

Ebook Prices Will Continue to Decline (DBW)

Morgan Doremus has joined Grand Central as marketing manager for Forever and Forever Yours. Previously she was website director and multimedia coordinator for RT Book Reviews Magazine. (Publishers Lunch)

Women Led 58% of Book Spending in 2012 (GalleyCat)

And we leave you with one last look at RWA 2013.

Have a GREAT Reading and Writing Weekend.


  1. Got the coffee pot clean just in time to get it brewing for the weekend. All done!

    Another great week coming up.

    Congratulations to all the winners.


  2. I have always liked the components of S'mores more than the aggragate.
    If you know what I mean.

  3. I love the components and the aggragate of S'mores.

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    Looks like another great week coming up.

  4. Good morning, Seekerville! Another great W.E., Tina! And thanks for starting the coffee, Helen! I'm going for the HOT CHOCOLATE, though, as was 42 degrees here in the mountains this morning. Brrrr.

  5. Who knew it was National S'mores Day? Obviously people in the know in Seekerville. I love you keep me informed. Great WE -- lots of nifty links that led me astray of my browsing timeline. Now I'm late for book shopping! Gotta run.

  6. Tina, Tina, Tina! How DO you find all this good information for us?? :-)

    I especially liked the article on '5 reasons to publish traditional... the comments after the article were more interesting than the article. :-)

    Congratulations to all the weekend winners!

    NancyC, are you hyperventilating yet?:-D

  7. Brrr GLYNNA, I'm glad to hear its cooling off. That means I can come home soon. smile

    Great WE TINA. I'm with MARY HICKS. Love all the informational articles you find for us.

    MARY CONNEALY I'm with you on the components of Samores. They are better by themselves. Although that pie looked interesting.

  8. Wonderful Weekend Edition, Tina! Congrats to our winners! Next week looks terrific!

    Loved reliving the RWA conference and seeing Missy and dh and Mary C looking gorgeous! What a great time we had in Atlanta!

    Fun to preview San Antonio! Beautiful spot for next year's conference.

    I love S'mores. I have a thing about getting the marshmallows just right. I'm always editing. LOL


  9. Great WE, Miss T! CONGRATS to all the winners, and looking forward to another wonderful week in Seekerville!

    And SMORE's Day?? Wow, I had no idea! And in case anyone missed it...Aug. 8 was INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY! (for those of us who love kitties *smile*).
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  10. p.s. Chuckling at Janet's comment about "editing her S'Mores" to get the marshmallows just right---cute! :) Hugs, PJ

  11. Interesting WE post, Tina, as always. Congrats to the winners.

    S'mores are not my favorites, the only ingredient I like is chocolate and I really prefer dark chocolate. But I've made my share with the cub scouts when we went camping. The boys had a tendency to let their marshmallows catch fire so there was a good bit of added charcoal in their s'mores.

  12. I've had poor luck getting the chocolate to melt. I think if that chocolate would just melt it would all be fine. Somehow it's a solid chunk of chocolate (which...c'mon...I love, but MELTED is the goal isn't it?) So that chunk feels like I'm eating it RAW. It's like S'more sushi or something.

  13. Maybe it's supposed to be NOT melted. What am I? The S'More police?
    All I know is, I'm dieting and S'Mores are not on ANY DIET IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE....which....of course doesn't not take away from the loveliness of the Weekend Edition, Teenster

  14. I just have ONE thing to say...

    You're KILLING me with the s'mores.


  15. Going back to the original post to ogle (gobble?) the S'mores, since Mary doesn't like them anyway...

  16. That S'more pie, though, that might be on my diet.
    I'll go check and be a sugar coma no doubt

  17. Oh all this talk of chocolate is cruel.

    No S'mores here but I am making do with my own version - a 3 Musketeers bar and pretzels. It's sort of comparable - the chocolate covers a marshmallowy inside and I like pretzels better than graham crackers. :)

    Plus I go to spend lovely hours this morning having coffee with Ruthy and Dave. Win all around for me. :)

    Congrats to all the winners and, as usual, thank you Tina for a stellar* weekend edition.

    *stellar as used in Ruthy's Try, Try Again which is free for Kindle this weekend.

  18. So, did you all know that today is not only National S'Mores Day, it is National Lazy Day?

  19. Missed all the posts the past two weeks. Trying to go through some now. Spending all my time rewriting, editing and then doing it again. But ya'll know how it goes. Enjoyed the WE, Tina. Thank you. And congrats to all the winners from last week. I see Walt is a finalist in the Maggie. Congrats, Walt.

  20. Oh my stars -- What to comment on first? S'mores or winning the TINA critique? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Hopefully, after Tina's critique I won't feel toasted like those marshmallows :-)

    Lots of interesting info and opinions in the WE links, especially the audience development. I would never have thought of a mission statement, but what a great tool for staying focused ... or for understanding why you're adapting your focus.

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Oh, and RUTHY -- I found a link so I can download your free book and then tell all my friends they can download your free book. Imagine that!

    A packed-full-of-info WE, Tina. Gracias (I'm preparing for San Antonio).

    Nancy C

    Nancy C

  21. MARY H - Hyperventilating? Me? Uh ... you bet :-)

    And I'd just caught my breath when I broke out laughing at MARY C's comment about S'more sushi.

    I've burned up so many calories that I'm weak. No thinner, you understand ... just weak.

    Nancy C

  22. Nancy. Nancy. Nancy.

    Toasted marshmallow, indeed!!

  23. Happy Weekend!

    I agree with Mary. The chocolate should be melted in the s'more. And me and my sister have figured out how to do it.

    It takes a little finesse, but you hold the marshmallow over the heat until it's just starting to turn golden brown, then you carefully grasp the outside of the toasted marshmallow and pull. 9 times out of 10, the outside of the marshmallow pulls away from the center, leaving it on the stick to toast later. Now you have a hole in the marshmallow to stuff the piece of chocolate in. Pinch the opening closed and stick it between the graham crackers.

    If you do this quickly enough, the marshmallow is hot enough to melt the chocolate into liquid goodness. Yum!

    I was never a big fan of s'mores until we figured out how to do it this way. And now, every time we have them, I'm kept busy making them for everybody else. :-)

  24. We now have an expert! Thank you, Clari for volunteering for our next camping expedition.

  25. Car. Ate comment twice. WAS BRILLIANT. If only I could prove it!

  26. Not a s'mores fan. LOVE CHOCOLATECOATED grahams, though. #weird!

  27. 12,500 downloads of Try, Try Again as of 6 AM


  28. NANCY C. Thank you for finding it!

    Just read the 5article reasons for seeking traditional publishing...great thoughts...and the critics article...DITTO!

  29. Wow, S'mores at an OLYMPIC LEVEL. Who'd've thunk it? Clearly this is the missing component, Clari. But you shouldn't have put it in a Seekerville comment. You should keep it secret and sell it on the internet. This is what the world has been waiting for. Parlay it into great wealth.

  30. :-)
    A Seekerville camp out. Now that would be fun!

    I was thinking last night as I typed my rather convoluted explanation, that I should have a camera the next time we have a bonfire and then post the how-to video to Youtube. I could be a instant sensation. Ha,ha. (not.)

    1. Clari, I bet there's a Google Earth camera with you on file!


      Scanning now! I'm so impressed that Mary parlayed that comment into the opp to use "parlay" in a sentence!

  31. Tina, thanks for another great WE! I'm so excited about that pie recipe! I can't wait to make it!! Will put it up in the Cafe soon.

    Now, off to go finish up my post for tomorrow... :)

  32. Mary Curry, I'm jealous that you and Ruthy got to spend time together yesterday!

  33. When we make s'mores, we set the graham cracker with the chocolate on it on a warm rock near the fire. This gives it a little time to soften while the marshmallow is being toasted. Works for us. :)