Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Weekend Edition

The Dog Days of Summer are Upon Us.

Keep Writing and Reading!

We Have Winners

 Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 6-8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  Please remember we don't contact winners -so please contact us at seekers at seekerville dot net

 "Writers Write." We've all heard it said. But do you really believe it? Do you live by that rule?  Love Inspired author Missy Tippens shared pitfalls and tips on Monday. Missy chose two winners for a chat! Chris Lorenzen and Sally Bayless, please contact us at Seekers at seekerville dot net with your phone number and suggested dates and times for Missy to call.

Wednesday bestselling author Lynette Eason joined us with her insightful post entitled "Edge of Your Seat Style Writing." Lynette artfully proved her point by sharing how SHE goes from idea to novel, claiming if she can do it, ANYONE can! Winner of her release, When a Secret Kills is Rose Ross Zediker.

Seekerville was thrilled to welcome 2013 Rita finalist, Rachel Hauck to Seekerville on Thursday with her post, "Being a Voice Not an Echo."  Winner of Rachel's latest release from Zondervan, Once Upon A Prince is Marilyn Puett.

Friday we welcomed back Villager and Contest Diva, Nancy Kimball. Nancy is sharing, "Staying the Course In Life and Writing." The winner of a $25 Amazon or B & N gift card is Tina Pinson.

 Next Week In Seekerville

 Monday:Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye is your hostess today. Stand by, because Glynna, Ruth Logan Herne and Debby Giusti will be giving away a set of their September releases to one lucky commenter today!

Tuesday:Sandra Leesmith will give us more examples of the art of showing instead of telling in her post "Show Don't Tell Part 2."  A drawing will be held from commenters who share today. The winner will receive a pound of Godiva Chocolate Raspberry coffee and a copy of Love's Miracles.  Sandra will also include a copy of her latest children's book if requested. Cody the Coyote is a story about a coyote who wanted to be a dog.

Wednesday:Debby Giusti will be blogging with news about her upcoming Love Inspired Suspense, The Soldier's Sister. Learn how Debby researched her story about the US Army's Wounded Warrior Program and the advocates who help our injured military heroes and heroines. Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for three new Seeker releases: The Soldier's Sister, by Debby Giusti; Falling for the Lawman, by Ruth Logan Herne; and A Canyon Springs Courtship, by Glynna Kaye.

Thursday: Seekerville welcomes back freelance editor Barbara Scott today. She's sharing with her post "Five Ways to Discover Your Unique Voice." Don't miss it-AND we have a unique giveaway!

Friday: What a treat to welcome Ann H. Gabhart to Seekerville today! Her post is "Letting Life Happen in Fiction."  Don't miss this opportunity to chat with Ann and two commenters will receive a copy of Ann's latest release from Revell, Small Town Girl.

Seeker Sightings

Seeker Ruth Logan Herne traveled to New York City last weekend. She met up with Villager Mary Curry and the staff at Harlequin Love Inspired!

Rachel Burkot, Emily Rodmell, Ruth Logan Herne, Melissa Endlich, Tina James and Emily Brown

Mary Curry and Ruth Logan Herne

Seeker Tina Radcliffe is delighted to share that she's sold her 9th romantic short story to Woman's World. Look for "Friends of the Heart" on sale September 29th. Her last sale, "Saturday Morning Sweetheart" has an on-sale date of August 22!

New Release!Now Available as an ebook only-Winter Wedding Bells Mary Connealy's novella from A Bride for All Seasons. Available as a single book on Kindle for $2.99 also in Nook version for $2.99, or where ever fine ebooks are sold.

 Through August 18: Join Julie Lessman and twenty other authors on Soul Inspirationz blog for a book givaway extravaganza!! Just click on the "Featured Author Interview" link below each of the author's pic to enter their particular contest. 

 At Julie's Interview Link you can win your choice of Julie's books including her January 2014 release of Dare to Love Again or a spiral-bound printed copy of A Light in the Window, so GOOD LUCK!!


Random News and Information

EEK!! AUSTENLAND opened on the 16th! 

Why (and How) Creative People Need to Say “No” (The Blog of Tim Ferriss)

 The Seduction of Libraries (PW)

 At Harlequin's Mira, Tara Parsons has been promoted to editorial director. (Publishers Lunch)

 Executive Editor for Harlequin Love Inspired, Joan Marlow Golan is retiring on Friday. She joined the company in 1997 as a senior editor with Silhouette Romance. (Publishers Lunch)

 Marketing: Finding and Selling to Non-Book Book Audiences (DBW)

Spotlight on Grand Central Publishing (Cindi Myers Market News's Blog)

 7 starter principles for digital book marketing learned from Peter McCarthy (The Shatzkin Files)

 The One Thing Successful People Don't Do (And 9 Famous Examples) (Forbes)

  Lessons I’ve Learned About Creating, Consuming, and Criticism (Storyline)

 Techie Tips | Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Changes (LitFuse Publicity)

Scrivener for Mac & Scrivener for Windows Class Begins September 9 with Gwen Hernandez (The Edited Life)

Let's Talk Money (The Indie Voice) 

And we leave you with...

Here’s Amazon’s list of the funniest fake customer reviews (PaidContent)

That's it! Have a great Weekend!


  1. Read Amazon's list of funniest customer reviews....HILARIOUS.

  2. THANKS, Miss T! Another fabulous WE!

    CONGRATS to all the winners, and a
    SUPER CONGRATS to Tina for another sale to Woman's World!! YAY TINA!!

    Enjoyed all the cute doggie photos/captions (but please don't tell my kitties!).

    Happy Weekend! Patti Jo :)

    p.s. CUTE photos of Ruthy and Mary Curry!!

  3. Guess I'm not very creative. I have trouble with the word NO.

    Congratulations, Tina, on another sale!!!

    And congrats to all winners.

    Have a cuppa fresh brewed coffee.


  4. That last link is a terrible terrible thing, be careful clicking it -- unless you want to procrastinate writing,--it'll eat up every minute! :)

    I only allowed myself the snippets on the list and refused to go read any of them, though I've read the 3 moon wolf shirt and bic for women, and banana slicer before, but I shall go back to work now....

  5. I won! I've emailed my info.

    Congrats to the other winners and to Tina for her sales. I've submitted to Woman's World but never sold.

    Gotta get to bed because I have to get up at the crack o' dawn and drive 2 hours to a workshop. But it's in the same town as my grandgirls so that's just okay by me. I'm going bearing gifts since it's a grandmother's prerogative to spoil the young'uns and then leave. LOL! And my son is grilling his awesome ribs for dinner tomorrow. Yum!

    Happy weekend!

  6. I know, Patti Jo. I had to hide the dog photos from my cats.

  7. LOL, Melissa. I know. It's a total time suck. But sure lifts your spirits. Hilarious.

  8. Another sale Miss Radcliffe... awesome. You go girl. And thanks, Nancy and Seekerville, for the gift. I'm excited to win the card.

    Miss Pinson

  9. Sigh -- I love waking up to Seekerville WE!!! Congrats Tina on another sale! I'm keeping an eagle eye out up here for Women's World. The Austenland website is very clever.

    Simba and I enjoyed those dog days graphics! No cats here to offend...except for Oreo but he thinks he's a dog anyway.

  10. Dog Days. That reminds me of hot and humid summer days in the Midwest. Not a breath of air stirring, so thankful for the deep shade and cool grassy yards where we'd sit in circled lawn chairs sipping icy lemonade. Earlier in the morning, when it was somewhat cooler, sweet corn and tomatoes had been brought around in a horse-drawn wagon from a nearby Amish community. Butterfly wings catching the sunlight. Lightning bugs in the evening. Dragonflies droning. Bird song. Locusts chiming in. SIGH. Quite a contrast to where I sit at the moment...wrapped up in a blanket to keep off the morning mountain chill as I write!

    Thank you again, TINA, for the great weekend edition. Love the pups!! As many stories as you're selling to Woman's World, I think they should just put you on their permanent, work-from-home staff! Congrats! I'll be looking for both issues!

  11. Great WE. Congrats on the sale to WW, Tina! You'll soon be in the double digits!


    It was 113 yesterday in Phoenix. I am DYING!!!!

  13. I am right there with you, Tina.

    Although, I believe we only hit 110 or 111. You should come see me it's so much cooler here than where you are.


  14. I knew someone, sooner or later, would do an Austenland resort. I didn't expect it to be in America, however. I will have to go to my other computer to watch the trailer. Still trying to figure out what this is all about and how they are going to work this. And since I'm not single enough to entertain the thought of going to the resort, I'll just be excited to watch the movie. :-)

  15. Congrats to the winners and to Tina for her sale! :)

  16. Tina, you really are burning up those Woman's World stories! Way to go!!!

    And I think I misunderstood the Austenland site. It's just a movie. Not an actual Jane Austen resort. Still, I predict someone will open one some day. And I really liked the book, Austenland, and highly recommend it if you like Jane Austen at all.

  17. TINA - some mornings over the past two weeks it's dropped down to 42 and the heat kicked on. Had to adjust the thermostat! You definitely need to make a trip to the High Country. Come up this fall and take the sky ride to the top of the San Francisco Peaks while the aspen are a brilliant quaking yellow (bring a jacket & gloves, maybe something to cover your head--it's about 12K and can get kinda nippy).

  18. YAY! Tina, you rock! Can't wait to get a copy of WW and read your story. I bought last week's issue and read it cover to cover.

    And a second story sold! Whoo-hoo!!!

    Congrats to you and to all the Seekerville winners!

  19. No Dog Days of Summer in Georgia. It's rainy and cool...long sleeves and/or sweater cool.

    What happened to August?

  20. Just registered for the Georgia Romance Writers' Moonlight and Magnolias Conference, to be held in Atlanta, OCT 4 and 5.

    Hope some of the Villagers will be attending.

    Check it out:

  21. I just can't get into your Dog Days theme. As Ruthy and other WNY villagers will attest, we've been putting on sweaters and socks to face the mornings. Fifties at night makes for great sleeping weather, though!

    My apologies for being MIA - yes, it's all about writing (and some sewing) and busting butt (I WISH) to be ready for ACFW.

    I do peek in when I can and I'll be catching up on some great posts soon.
    Congrats to this week's winners!

    I miss you all.

  22. PS. that Austenland release date?

    I say HAH!

    I still have to wait a month. ugh

  23. Thanks for the great WE, Tina! What cute puppy photos! Of course, if that doggie thinks his pile is out of control at 2 books, he'd have a nervous breakdown over my piles! :)

    Congrats on another sale to WW!!!! Woo hooo!!

  24. It's going to be in the eighties this week in Western New York, Debra!!

  25. Waving to Deb Marvin!

    Looking forward to seeing you at ACFW!!! I still remember meeting you (in person) there a few years back. Will love being able to catch up with all your news.

  26. I will see you at M&M Debby!

    Another great WE Tina, and congrats to you on your sale! That's awesome!


  27. Typed out a comment, then lost service. Finger now hovering over the post button waiting for the right moment ...

  28. ACFW... Just over 3 weeks. Whoot!

  29. Yay, Piper! M&M!

    Julie? Will you be there?

    Patti Jo, you would love the conference. Not too large but packed with great workshops.

    BTW, Deb Dixon will be presenting her GMC workshop!

    Plus Deborah Smith, BelleBooks, BelleBridges editor, is the keynote!

  30. Tina

    You made my day. Every time I look at the expression on that Sharpei's face, I burst out laughing. Congrats on your new sale.

    Congratulations to the winners.

    Deby, put me down for a maybe for M&M. I'm only 90 miles away, but every time I make plans, I come down with something.

  31. July through September is conference non stop heaven or hell. Depends on your point of view.

  32. TEEEEEENA!!!! Super mega congrats on your newest sale!!!!!

    Happy dancing in upstate!!!!!

    And speaking of dogs, right now I'm missing a lovely dinner date with Mia Ross, Misty Simon and Madelyn Hill because my poodle is having some post-surgical issues.... Yes, I have a heart, it seems!!!!

    So I'm home, watching Libby for signs of duress and she ate supper, so that's a good sign!!!!

    Poor dogs.

  33. 113 in Phoenix....

    I was feeling for you, but if I get too sympathetic, you yell at me.

    So I'm just cringing from up here. Quietly.

    Stupid triple digits, though.

    M&M.... I keep promising myself I'll go there one year, just because so many of my fave writers are in Georgia! Debby Giusti, Missy Tippens, Karen White, Deb Smith... and they just keep growing MORE WONDERFUL AUTHORS.

    I think it's the peaches.

  34. Elaine,

    Hope you can make the M&M Conference! YAY!!! The deadline for reservations is the last day of August (or maybe it's Sept 1). Don't let the deadline pass you by.

    You'll enjoy M&M! I'll love seeing you there.


  35. LOL at Ruthy!

    Peaches! How funny!

    Maybe we've been eating too much of Patti Jo's cobbler!

  36. M & M and the New Jersey conferences are ones on my hit list.

  37. I'd love to go to the New Jersey conference one of these years. It usually falls right after M&M.

  38. Sorry about your sick pup, Ruthy!

  39. "I think we’re in danger of thinking that constantly evaluating and rating things is an innocuous practice. And I don’t think it is. I think that mindset is corrosive and dangerous over time."
    From the article on Creating, Consuming, and Criticism

    I... that was... just what I was TRYING to say about four hours ago to a friend and my version was mangled and confused and made not a lot of sense.

    But here it is, all nicely thought out for me.

    I love Seekerville weekend edition.

    That is all.

  40. Well, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

    Glad we could help.

    And I agree, eventually evaluation morphs to simple criticism (anyone who's been in a critique group can usually attest to that) so it's good to guard against.

    Debby, looking for a causative linkable faction, peaches seemed safe and likely.

    First, they are delicious.

    Second, they're uniquely delicious in Georgia.

    Third, Miss Georgia is always beautiful.

    Take it for what it's worth.


  41. Tina, mine too. M&M first. Maybe next year?

    I'm not planning to do ACFW, so M&M would be a great reward.

    What say you?

  42. Congrats to last week's winners here and to Tina. Wonderful news, a second sale to WW. Enjoyed the WE.

  43. Oh, Tina! I love the little Pommy! That cheered me so today.

    Congrats on the WW story. I have been watching all month, so I'm glad to know which issue I need to buy. Can't wait to read it. And thanks for another great WE.

    Hugs all. Looking forward to ACFW. Preparing my Civil War dress.

  44. You're wearing a Civil War dress to the conference? Hmmmm???

  45. Apparently it's still the weekend in Seekerville so I get to duck in and say hi!

    Wish I had a conference to look forward to, but right now it's all about back-to-school prep instead.

    Wishing you all a good week - healthy families and pups - and lots of love.

    And Tina, congrats on another sale. I need to find a copy of WW.

  46. I am so with the black lab puppy. My TBR pile is way out of control.