Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Weekend Edition

                                   Sunday is Kiss and Make-up Day!
What's Your Favorite Kiss in a Book or Movie?

We Have Winners

 Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  Please remember we don't contact winners -so please contact us at seekers at seekerville dot net

 Monday Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye was your hostess with her post, "Opening the Story Lid to Engage Your Reader." Winner of a set of September releases by Glynna, Ruth Logan Herne and Debby Giusti is Jackie Layton. 

Sandra Leesmith shared "Show Don't Tell Part 2" on Tuesday. Piper Huguley is the winner of a package of Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry coffee and the book of her choice of Sandra's novels or children's books.

Debby Giusti blogged about the inspiration behind her upcoming Love Inspired Suspense, The Soldier's Sister on Wednesday.She shared about the US Army's Wounded Warrior Program and the advocates who help our injured military heroes and heroines. Winner of three new Seeker releases: The Soldier's Sister, by Debby Giusti; Falling for the Lawman, by Ruth Logan Herne; and A Canyon Springs Courtship, by Glynna Kaye  is Courtney Faith.

Thursday Seekerville welcomee back freelance editor Barbara Scott  She  shared with her post "Five Ways to Discover Your Unique Voice." Winner of James Scott Bell's, Self-Publish ATTACK! is Vince Mooney.

 Ann H. Gabhart was our guest in Seekerville on Friday! Her post was "Letting Life Happen in Fiction."  Winners of Ann's latest release from Revell, Small Town Girl are Amy C and Christina L.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Jambo! On Monday, hop aboard the Seekerville tram and head out on safari! Myra Johnson, just back from a real-life photo safari through Ethiopia and Kenya, will be your guide as we trek through the wilds of Africa in search of big game. As we explore each animal's unique characteristics, be on the lookout for traits you may want to emulate as a writer . . . or possibly avoid!

Tuesday: Love Inspired Historical author Sherri Shackelford brings us, "Authors and Athletes Have More in Common Than You Might Think." Sherri has a very special giveaway too! A $10 amazon gift card and a pre-order of her February 2014 release, The Marshal's Ready-Made Family- two items to one commenter.

Wednesday: Join us today as we honor Joan Marlow Golan, recently retired Executive Editor of Love Inspired Books (formerly Steeple Hill), a division of Harlequin Enterprises. Joan's leadership provided the impetus for the steadily expanding inspirational romance line at Harlequin, and that growth provided publishing opportunities for scores of new authors. We'd love to have you stop by and wish her well on her retirement!

Thursday: Indie and Superromance author Rogenna Brewer is our guest today with her post "How to Pickup Your Writing Pace Whether You're a Tortoise or a Hare." Don't miss the fun!

Friday: The September Contest Update is here and the prize vault is open. Stop by to meet the September Contest Diva!

Seeker Sightings

Tina Radcliffe aka Tina Russo, has lots of fun coming up this week.

First, her latest Woman's World short story, One Saturday Morning is now on newsstands.

Tina's first indie release, The Rosetti Curse, a romantic comedy of Italian proportions, will release at the end of this week on Amazon for Kindle. 

She's guest blogging at Virginia Carmichaels blog,The Things That
Last on Thursday, August 29th. 

And if you're hungry, Tina will be cooking up Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada Casserole in the Yankee Belle Cafe on Friday, August 30th! !

Finally, Tina is THRILLED to announce the sale of her fourth book, and the 2nd book in the Paradise series, Stranded in Paradise to Harlequin Love Inspired. No further details yet!

St. Ansgar Writer's Retreat

Back Row L-R Sherrie Hansen, Erica Vetsch, Gail Kittleson, Mary Connealy
Front Row L-R Lyn Cote, Rose Zediker, Roxanne Runstad

The WW Ladies Book Club at Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book are reading A Bride for All Seasons!

Please join Sandra Leesmith on Wednesday, August 28th as she guest blogs about researching your novel on Roses of Prose. 


Missy Tippens, Mary Connealy, Tina Radcliffe, Debby Giusti, Janet Dean, Audra Harders and Myra Johnson
It's not too late to register for the 2013 ACFW Conference, September 13-15 in Indianapolis. If you're going be sure to look out for the Seekers!

Random News and Information

 At Harlequin, Tina James has been promoted to executive editor, Love Inspired. (Publishers Lunch)

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 Let’s Get Visible. Cracking The Amazon Algorithms With David Gaughran (The Passive Voice)

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Boxed Set Madness (Beyond Her Book)

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The Business Rusch: The Stages of An Indie Writer (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

Overstock says it will permanently match Amazon’s print book prices  (Gigaom)

2013 Keynote Luncheon Speech at RWA 2013 Atlanta, by author Cathy Maxwell (RWA)

This week Cindi Myers Market New's Blog shares about the Spotlight on Avon from RWA 2013.Tip: Follow the editors on Twitter. They sometimes issue calls for submissions via Twitter.

 Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette (Smashing Magazine)

How to type symbols, accents, special characters, and weird punctuation (How to

That's it! Have a great Weekend!


  1. Great week in Seekerville! Congratulations, winners!

    One of my favorite movie kisses is the one at the end of North and South.

  2. Great WE, Tina and great week for you, too! Love the book cover and I'm ready to download it!

    Loved the T-shirt. I've actually had people say that they are afraid to talk or write to me for fear I'm correcting their grammar, to which I laugh out loud. I'm the LAST person to do that! I'm from the mountains. We have our own language most of the time and it ain't proper a lot of the time.

    Congrats to the winners (YAY PIPER) and Blessings to all for a wonderful and productive weekend!

  3. That t-shirt link was sent to me by another Seeker. I'd tell you who but you'll be paranoid talking to her at ACFW. Yes. She will be at ACFW.

  4. Clari! Oh. My. Gosh. I have never seen North and South.

    Okay, going straight to Netflix.

    Thank you!! Owe you one.

  5. Another Vote for North and South's kiss, though the "look back at me scene" I think gets me more.

    It's more romantic looks than kisses that make me happy. Because if so, P&P 95 Firth version just tanks with the awkward kiss, but him looking at her while she turns pages at the piano? Or in the 05 version when Macfadyen's looking at her and trying to talk in the gazebo in the rain? That's better than the kisses. They should rate romantic actors by the look in their eyes.

    And I'm an English teacher and writer and I do not silently correct your grammar, I have far more interesting things to do in my head. :) I do find it funny though when people apologize to me as if I'm the grammar police when I don't care. Well, unless it's so atrocious I have no idea what you're saying.

  6. Okay, so maybe I do correct your grammar, in my head now that I think about it. But it's not done maliciously. :)

  7. LOL, Melissa. Just don't do it in the labor and delivery suite.

  8. Oh, the Made of Honor kiss. That's a good contemporary one. Set-up is the bride collects money for her new life by men paying to kiss her, wonder if that's a true Scottish thing or just made up.

  9. My favorite is still Anne and Gilbert on the bridge.

  10. Tina, I forgot to mention, did you see that the winner for Monday is still "XX" in the post?

  11. You all have so many exciting things happening!! Congrats Tina and Sandra on your books!!

  12. Well --GAH!!!!! Women's World is dated differently up here. Last week I checked and the date was Aug 19 so I put it back. This week I snatched it up with great delight but when I got home saw the date was August 25 and no Tina story to be found! Now I'm wondering if it was in the August 19th issue? GAH!!!!! How am I supposed to be a proper Seeker Stalker? Humph -- so not fair.

  13. Happy Saturday, Seekerville! Another GREAT Weekend Edition, Tina! And congrats on another Love Inspired set in "Paradise"! I really enjoyed your Woman's World short story--SO sweet and romantic! :)

  14. Kav -- the Woman's World with Dr. Oz on the cover--and Tina's story inside--is dated (at least here in the USA) September 2.

  15. Great WE TINA. Thanks for all the info too. We really appreciate all the articles you provide for us. Great going on finding the one on the passive voice. Best to have our information CORRECT-smile

    I think one of my favorite kiss scenes and romance movies for that matter are Officer and a Gentleman. I know. I date myself, but I can watch that movie over and over. Oh wait--I have. LOL

  16. Great WE, Tina. Congrats to all the winners this week.

    And congrats on selling the second Paradise book to LI!! FINALLY!!

    AND, I'm heading to an actual brick and mortar bookstore today -- B&N in Loveland because Longmont no longer has any chain bookstores -- and will pick up WW. If it's not there, I'll stop by the grocery store, or Walgreens, or Walmart, or ANYWHERE I can get my hands on it!!!!

    Oh, and at the same time, I"ll be loading up my Amazon account with funds so I can buy The Rosetti Curse when it hits the cyber waves...

  17. I know I'm behind on my cyber buying. Who else has an eBook out??

  18. KAV, I did the same thing! I couldn't believe I'd missed the issue with Tina's story... I went back flipping pages like crazy, but IT WASN'T THERE!

    Heading out to try again this morning!!! :-)

    I've sent WW three romances—haven't sold—yet!:-)

  19. Tina! WOW! This is your week, girlfriend. Mega congrats! A new book on Kindle, WW romance short story and a new sale to LI! Woot! You rock! Thrilled for your success.

  20. You're welcome, Tina! Glad I could fling a craving on you. ;-)

    Melissa, the "look back at me" scene is deliciously heartbreaking. I agree. They should rate actors by the look in their eyes!

  21. Congrats to all the Seekerville winners!

    Lots of great links to explore.
    Thanks, Tina!

  22. Wonderful Weekend Edition, Tina, and wonderful week ahead for you! Mega congrats on the second sale in the Paradise series!! Heading to the store today for WW and will be buying Rosetti Curse for my Kindle. Love romantic comedies!

    Congrats to our winners! Looks like a great week ahead. I'm especially excited to have Joan Golan with us on Wednesday!

    Oodles of fabulous links to check out.

    Happy weekend, Seekerville!


  23. DARN IT, TINA!!! Misleading post title. I was hoping you were going to teach me how to put on make up

  24. I admit this isn't writing related.

  25. Another enjoyable WE, Tina. Congrats to Sandra and all winners from last week and to Tina for second sale to Love Inspired and WW. So it's the Sept. 2nd issue of WW that has Tina's story. Been looking out for it. Thanks for the many links. North and South is one of my all time fav film for many reasons including that kiss. I'm celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary this weekend. Wonderful weekend everyone.

  26. Alas, there are those among us who can do naught else but correct faulty grammar--in our heads or otherwise!

    However, as Melissa so sweetly pointed out, never maliciously. My only goal is your edification, along with the protection of the English language.

  27. Congrats to all the winners!

    Congrats to Tina as well! So much good news coming from your corner!!

    Happy Anniversary Pat!

    Busy few weeks, looking after my mother who seems to have a fractured back, then had further gastro complications. Prayers for all involved (and for me for patience!!) appreciated.

    Have a good weekend.


  28. I should qualify that - a compression fracture which doesn't even show up on x-rays. Just from moving an urn of flowers.

  29. Okay, I can hardly type this because I'm laughing so hard from Mary Connealy's comment about the make-up!! ;)

    Congrats to all the winners, and a BIG, BIG CONGRATS to TINA!!!! WOOHOO!!! I am thrilled for you, and hope you take extra vitamins for the busy, exciting week ahead of you!

    Quick question for Tina: Will a certain Café and Bakery be featured in this Paradise book? Just curious...*wink* ~ The last I heard, that place was still open for business and serving up some awesome treats! :) Just sayin....

    Thanks for always doing such a terrific WE, Tina. Happy Weekend Seekerville! Hugs, Patti Jo

  30. Yeah Tina! Congrats on your sale.

  31. Grammar Queen, you should be stalking me, if protecting the English language is your goal... I leave a dirty trail of misuse and abuse. But, but, but not intentionally.:-)

    I was the drawing queen in school. My head was buried in drawing paper during English class.:-)

  32. KAV, it's not the date on the cover. My contracts go by release date. They release on Thursdays down here.


    So you probably don't have it yet. Sept 2, is the date.

    God Bless you for even trying!!!!

  33. Clari Dees!!!! I was up until three am watching all four episodes. BTW they are free on Amazon Prime too.

    Well worth it. Excellent. Thank you.

  34. OOPS! Sorry Connealy. I added a hyphen to my makeup.

  35. Thank you, Terry Weldon and all.

    A sale is a good thing.

  36. Patti, this one doesn't have the cafe and bakery until the end of the book, because the story is in a blizzard. Stranded in Paradise.

  37. OH<MY<GOSH Susan Mason. Take care of yourself. No more heavy moves.

  38. Well, it's my fourth sale to LI and my second Paradise book to them.

    Pat Jeanne! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  39. WAIT, does Susan have a fractured back or Susan's MOTHER have a fractured's all bad of course.

    We I could focus prayers.

    Sorry. Ouch. And flower related injury, too. NOT FAIR. I mean, sure, if you were skiing down one of the black diamond slopes in Vail, then sure, injured, you kinda got that coming.

    But moving flowers? Yeesh! NOT FAIR!

  40. Tina! Oh my goodness! I'm laughing and cringing at the same time. I should have put a warning on that post. It's a great show, but I apologize for the unscheduled four-hour marathon. Oops. ☺

  41. Inman and Nicole Kidman's (sorry, her character name escapes me) first kiss on Cold Mountain.

  42. Ooooh --I feel soooooo much better...though ticked that WW releases a week later than in the states. Duh. We share a border, people, are hard can it be to stock our shelves as well as your own??? So I'll keep my eye peeled for Dr. Oz early next week. Happy days!!!!

    Now, I must extend congrats to Tina on her new sale. Yippeee -- for readers like me! I was so deer-in-a-headlights over missing the WW story that I forgot to say congrats but all is right in my little corner of the world now so I remembered.

    Congratulations, Tina!

    Just did a speedy book shop at my local bookstore and came away with two Amish and a historical. :-)

  43. I still thank you, Clari.

    Richard Armitage is right up there with Colin Firth.

    Good interview with him on youtube about the role as well.

  44. The first thing I see on comments is RICHARD ARMITAGE's name, so I'm guessing the kiss scene from North and South was in the discussion. Saves me mentioning it!

    Will the Seekers be 'lounging' it up again at the conference? Can I come and drown my sorrows in Shirley Temples?

    I am quite excited about Tina's Indie release! woo hoo!

    Congrats all you lucky winners! Now back to work-

  45. Way to go, Tina!!

    And thanks for another great WE.

    Congratulations to winners!

    Now back to revising/expanding a proposal synopsis. Ugh.

  46. Tina, I love the red hearts, a symbol of HEA. But, for some reason they have me craving iced sugar cookies.

    Loved your WW story! I just know those two will get their happy ending!


  47. The Kiss

    I think for people my age there was only one kiss – after that ‘a kiss’ really was just ‘a kiss’. Of course, I’m talking about ‘the kiss’ that can take you from here to eternity.

    I hope this link works. This is still an edgy kiss. When shall there be another?

  48. Happy Anniversary, PAT JEANNE! What a wonderful milestone!

    I've never seen North & South. Made for TV or theater? What year did it come out? I wonder how I missed it?

    Audra--we're down to ONE brick & mortar book store where I live and it doesn't carry Love Inspired--so I now have nowhere to go to do local booksignings anymore. :(

  49. Hi Tina:

    A Quest Successful!

    First I went to Food Pyramid and the Woman’s World was dated 19 August 2013. So next I went to Walgreens and they had the Woman’s World dated 28 August 2013.

    Things did not look too good but then I remembered your book signing date in Tulsa. Surely Steve’s would have an advance copy of your work. And yes! Success at last!

    If anyone in Tulsa wants the Radcliffe edition of Woman’s World, go to Steve’s Sundries while they still have some copies.

    I’ve already posted a 5 Star review of your wonderful novelatinissima up on my Facebook page. I couldn’t put it on my Philosophy site because I am doing a “Bleeding Heart” Spotlight Feature (with prizes) this weekend. But next week it’s featureville for “One Saturday Morning”. !


    That was the quintessential Woman’s World story. All who wish to write for Woman’s World should well study the master.

  50. Gosh, Vince. I am blushing. I rarely blush. Faint and pass out. Yes. But blush, no.

    Thank you.

  51. Yes, Glynna. BBC mini series, North and South. 2004. Swoon worthy.

  52. I'm a winner! Yay! Thank you Seekerville and congrats to all of the winners.

    So is Tina with all of her wonderful accomplishments--congrats to you Tina! I thought of you today as I attended an Italian festival and gorged myself on pretty Italian cookies. Awesome!

    The best kiss for me, that has not been mentioned yet it the one in the very first Spiderman between Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dundst when she exposes the bottom part of his mask and kisses him while he is hanging upside down. Whew, what a hot kiss, even though Maguire later complained that water kept going up his nose. Oh well.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  53. For me there will never be a better kiss than Laura Holt and Remington Steele's first kiss, first REAL kiss on Remington Steele. He's been hiding in a sleep disorder clinic. She's a doctor. The case is solved. He's become a raving insomniac.
    Somehow out of all of that they kiss.
    OH SO SWEET!!!



  55. Also remember Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis when she slaps him and says "Get out"
    He doesn't.
    She slaps him again and says "Get out!"
    He doesn't.
    She goes to slap him again and he catches her hand and drags her forward and kisses her.
    OH MY GOSH!!!!

  56. Question of the Day

    Where would you be trying to go if you were stranded in Paradise?

  57. TINA---Congratulations! That must be exciting:)and a veeery good cover, too!

  58. Vince, knowing the human race, we would be trying to go somewhere else. Sheesh!


    Cannot WAIT to read Rosetti Curse!!! Why can't we preorder???

    And my favorite kiss is from the Notebook when Ryan Gosling pushes Rachel McAdams to the wall after coming in from the rain ... HUBBA HUBBA!!

    But then I'm a wall-pusher from WAY back ... ;)


  60. What have you done, Clari. Now I am watching Cranford.

  61. Vince. Do you have to ask.

    New York City.

  62. If I watch enough of these, will I be able to write a historical?

  63. You're welcome, Tina.
    A Richard Armitage / Elizabeth Gaskell marathon is a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing weekend.
    And Congratulations on the new stories. (I've been wanting to read The Rosetti Curse since I first heard about it. :-) Amazon, here I come.

    (Pssst! Have you seen Wives and Daughters, yet?)
    (hee, hee, hee.)

  64. Congratulations on the new sale, Tina!

    And I can't wait to read this new book, The Rosetti Curse. How fun does this sound??

    But as I told Ruthy, I'm really, really not looking forward to fighting for my spot on the Kindle lists. Grrrr. All you awesome romance authors need to just start writing horror or paranormal, 'kay??


    I'll see ya on the blog...



    Oh, man all that shoutin' and carryin' on is gonna make me hoarse for choir this mornin', and we know I'm stretchin' the mettle on that anyhows!

    So excited! Now must check comments and make fun of Connealy.

    It's what I do.

  66. Okay, admittedly I'm not so much on kisses, either, but those looks... Big YES!!! to Colin Firth's glances and heightened looks of appreciation... there's a swoon-friendly experience for you!

    Will Smith in Hitch when he finally gets up out of the street to confront Eva Mendes and declare his love...

    I agree with Gilbert and Anne on the bridge, because we waited for HOW LONG?????? sigh....

    But one of my favorite romance scenes is when Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams dance in "Enchanted"... that sweet dance scene is one of the most romantic scenes ever... it's absolutely (Don't do it, Ruth, don't do it!!!!!)

    I must.

    Enchanting!!!!!!! :)

  67. Mary Hicks, I'm so proud of you sending those in!!! Do not give up!!!! Really, truly!

    And Susan Anne Mason oh man. Sending hugs your way with my true sympathy. This aging thing is nothing to toy with, is it? God bless you!

    Melissa!!! Praying for you and that beautiful baby. Ours is due in five days... So you and I will rock babies in tandem, just half-a-country apart!!! It's all good!

  68. You can't pre-order indie books on Amazon because what if they take people's money and an author never delivers the book?

    Looks bad for everyone.

  69. I concur with Vince.

    To put a delightful story into a narrow word count is true talent and proficiency.

    And her flower at Vince's house is PRETTIER THAN MINE....

    Life is not always fair, I say! :)

  70. TINA, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SALE!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how I missed it. I stopped at the paragraph about food. I probably went to the refrigerator.

  71. Yes. Clari. After Crandford is Wives and Daughters followed by Return to Cranford. I have it all PLOTTED out.

    Thank you!!!!

  72. No competition, Virginia. The Rosetti Curse isn't an inspy. It's a sweet romantic comedy.

  73. Tina, I tried to post this yesterday, but google blocked me!

    CONGRATS on the LS sale! Take me back to Paradise! Yay! What an amazing week for you! Much deserved payment for your hard work. Hugs, dear lady!

  74. Congratulations, Tina! Great news. :)

    And congrats to all the other winners.

    You're doing a great job with the blog, Seekers. I really appreciate the news and information you ladies put together for your readers. Thank you.

  75. WOOO HOOO, TINA!!!!

    I'm late to the party because I was traveling all day yesterday. But I'm home now. And so thrilled for all of you good news!

  76. Best kiss ever...

    in the movie Hope Floats.

    :) :)

  77. I finally watched North and South after y'all recommended here on the blog a year or so ago.

    LOVED it!!

  78. Happy anniverseary, Pat! Hope you've had a great weekend!

    Prayers for your mom, Sue!

  79. Mary, you come on down here and I'll give you a complete makeover and teach you how to do your makeup. Remember, I'm a former Mary Kay consultant! Plus, I just love makeup. Poor hubby has to deal with my stockpile. :)

  80. But MISSY, if I never learn then I can pretend that if I DID learn then everything would be okay.

    But if I learn and I still look like...... ME ........ then I am without excuses.

    I think I'll stay here, in Never, Never Land. (or is it OZ?) and just make believe instead of Make-Up
    Thanks though.

  81. I can never heard that movie title, Hope Floats without flashing to a bar of Ivory soap. I hope that's what they're going for.

  82. Hey, thanks, Anita. How many days til your release????

  83. Mary,

    There is something to be said for staying the way that you are. When I was made up for the awards ceremony, ds did not even know who I was...he was seriously freaked out!

    I felt bad since he didn't know me all "girly" and I resolved to do it more often. However, then I realized I could just stay my regular self. So that's what I wil do. :)

  84. Mary, I say let Missy have at you! I'd pay to see it.


    I don't do much make-up either. If I remember to moisturize, I figure I'm in the driver's seat.

    Mascara???? Just serves to remind me of when I had thick, young, curvy lashes.


  85. I just bought The Rosetti Curse! Congrats, Tina, on all your good news!

  86. But still looking for the right WW issue. :(

  87. Sherida, I have found it here!!!!

    And there are several issues living in my dining room to surprise Seeker Buddies!!!!

    Send me your addy and you can be the first random (Ha!!!) recipient!


    Some night this week Beth and I are doing a mailing party! :)

  88. Thank you SO much, Ruthy! If I can't find it again tomorrow, I'll take you up on your offer! We're a little slower here than the rest of the country.

  89. It sounds like Tuesday is going to be a really exciting day :)