Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Weekend Edition

This is our last three day Weekend on Unpublished Island until next spring! The Smoothie Bar is open. Enjoy yourself! What are you doing for the holiday weekend?

We Have Winners

 Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  Please remember we don't contact winners -so please contact us at seekers at seekerville dot net

Jambo! On Monday, we hopped aboard the Seekerville tram and head out on safari! Myra Johnson, just back from a real-life photo safari through Ethiopia and Kenya, wasour guide as we trek through the wilds of Africa in search of big game with her post Hakuna-matata: It's the Seekerville Safari! Winner of a bag of roasted coffee beans from Kenya is Ellen Parker.

Tuesday Love Inspired Historical author Sherri Shackelford brought us, "Authors and Athletes Have More in Common Than You Might Think." Winner of a $10 amazon gift card and a pre-order of her February 2014 release, The Marshal's Ready-Made Family- (two items to one commenter) is Tanya Agler.

Indie and Superromance author Rogenna Brewer was our guest on Thursday with her post "How to Pickup Your Writing Pace Whether You're a Tortoise or a Hare." Don't miss the fun! Winners 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love by Rachel Aaron are Sherri Shackleford and Jeanne T.

The September Contest Update went up on Friday.  The two winners of a critique to prepare for the ACFW First Impressions Contest are Elaine and Pat Jeanne. Winner of a copy of Debby Giusti's September, Love Inspired Suspense, The Soldier's Sister (Kindle or Paperback) is Heidi.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Seekerville is closed for the Labor Day Holiday.

Tuesday: Love Inspired and indie author, Tina Radcliffe is your hostess. She's holding the annual meeting of Whiners Anonymous with her post on "Rejection and Despair:Just Another Day in Writer Paradise." She'll be giving away a pair of big girl or big boy drawers, as applicable. Don't miss it.

Wednesday: 2013 RITA® Award Nominee and Grand Central Publishing author, Jennifer Delamere talks about the keys of storytelling in her post "Crossing Australia." Jennifer is bringing a giveaway of her latest release to share with two lucky commenters.

Thursday: Today we welcome back Leslie Ann Sartor. Leslie will discuss the writing life "On The Verge." Come join the fun and check out the giveaway!

Friday: Mary Connealy will spend Friday telling you all how to use Windows Movie Maker to make a book trailer. Her instructions will be given in a way best understood under heavy sedation. Please bring ether, perhaps in the form of an IV drip. Also a pillow and a registered anesthetist where legally required. And, to make you forget your ordeal, she will be giving away the first ever in the known universe signed copy of FIRED UP--Book #2 of the Trouble in Texas Series. It is a PRE-RELEASE GIVEAWAY BECAUSE SHE GOT HER AUTHOR'S COPIES AND NO ONE CAN STOP HER!!!!

Seeker Sightings

Julie Lessman Sightings:

 August 30 - September 12:WHOO-HOO ... one of Julie Lessman's VERY creative reader friends put together celebrity collages for each of Julie's books, choosing who she thought the characters would look like. This two week's featured books are A Love Surrendered (August 30 - September 5) and A Light in the Window (September 6 - 13),so check out which celebrities she chose at Kissed Books Blog!

August 31st: It's Open Mic night at Southern Writers Magazine, and Julie Lessman is up, so be sure to check it out here and then head on over to the Take Five section of the magazine's website to hear Julie read her favorite romantic scene from her latest book, Love at Any Cost. And just for fun, if you can find the two word mess-ups Julie made while reading the excerpt, let her know through the "Contact Julie" tab of her website, and she'll toss your name in the hat for your choice of any of her books. Good luck and be sure to check out all the cool tabs at Southern Writers Magazine's website!


Tina Russo Radcliffe's first indie release, The Rosetti Curse, a romantic comedy of Italian proportions... released this week on Amazon for Kindle. 

Be sure to check out our Village Webpage for the September Calendar of Events!

Random News and Information

Register here.

Introduction to OneNote for Authors (Jami Davenport)

LifeWay Christian Stores Buys Berean (PW)

Sourcebooks Aquires Simple Truths (PW)

Facebook Promotion Guidelines Update: What You Need To Know (The Hangar)

 Xulon to Offer Free Publishing for Faith Titles (PW)

The Ultimate Book Launch Guide: 33 Ideas Any Author Can Use (Jared Dees via GalleyCat)

SYTYCW. 2013 Harlequin Mills and Boon Writing Contest Overview.

 Book Marketing: The Long Term Launch (The Creative Penn)

 Cindi Myers Market News's Blog continues the spotlights from the Romance Writers of America convention in Atlanta with a summary of the Spotlight on Pocket and Gallery Books.

We leave you with the Beach Boys- Summer's Gone.


  1. No family coming for the holiday this year, so it'll be quiet on the hillside, just Hubby, Me, and Derek. They plan to go hunting in the a.m.--so guess who will probably sleep in. We'll BBQ in the afternoon--and make ice cream.

    But there's coffee a-plenty for the weekend crowd in Seekerville.


  2. Let's hear it for three day weekends...YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

    I'm actually enjoying a FIVE day weekend. I took Thursday to gear up on the home laptop and reacquaint myself with fiction writing. Then spent Friday actually implementing the process, LOL!

    Today, Sunday and Monday will see more of the same. Maybe I'll feel like an author again by the time I have to go to work on Tuesday.

    Ah well, it's all good, right??

    BTW, it really is a great WE, Tina : ) I love, love, love the tips from the Creative Penn. Always my favorite : )

  3. Helen, what are we having for BBQ? The catch of the day?

    Ummm, I like pink center and charred outer. I'll bring bowtie salad.

  4. Audra, they're squirrel hunting.

    Bring your salad, and we'll eat ourselves silly.

    I'll make a chocolate pie for dessert.

  5. Holiday Weekend? Sigh. None for the Jagears. Hubby works overtime again, but I do believe he gets monday off and he tries to avoid the 7 days a week that his crew normally does because well, he wants to see us sometimes, crazy man. So should get a 2 day weekend out of it. Yay!

    Me though? I'm racing a baby for a particular deadline I want done before heading to the hospital, so I'm working.

    And Mary Connealy, you made me laugh with your intro for your blog post--and that is NOT nice when you're having a rather stiff Braxton Hicks contraction. Ouch. You were so funny it hurt, literally.

    Glad to see the "what the new facebook promotion guidelines" mean with that article. I'd seen them when the came out, but the little blue boxes was what I needed to continue on with my marketing life. Carry on!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! And, thank you for the book. I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

    I'm beat, but I wrote over 3551 words today. I'm a happy-tired girl tonight. This is another great WE, Thanks, Tina! The weekend's busy, but I'm hoping to get back her and click on some of the links.

    And TINA, A BIG congrats on your official first indie release! I look forward to reading it.

  7. My Dad turns 90 in September so we are having a party Saturday to celebrate. He is amazing and doesn't seem 90 at all. My siblings and cousins will be there and whatever of our kids we can round up. Should be fun! Then who ever is still here on Sunday will go to church together. I have to be careful not to sit beside my sister we still find things to get the giggles about.

  8. Wow, Mary Cline! Tell your dad, Happy Birthday!!! My family has longevity too.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend Seekerville!!

  9. Jeanne! That's Mary Connealy and Ruthy Logan Herne pace. Way to go.

  10. I can't believe I am asking..but what do you do with a squirrel when you catch it, Helen? Put an apron on him and let him clean the house??

  11. In laws coming in to town to see the new great-grandbaby and my DD's new great boyfriend.

    Can't wait til Tuesday...if I come out of my writer's cave.

    Holiday relaxation for everyone.

    Peace, Julie

  12. We're making a road to Omaha today to look at vehicles. Hubby needs a new one before the snow flies.

    Tomorrow we'll have a picnic with friends and I'm hoping to spend labor at home.

    In between all of this I'll be writing, writing, writing trying to get a rough draft of my WIP complete.

  13. Great WE tips! It'll take the rest of the day to read through them.

    Congratulations, Tina, on your first indie release, How exciting!

    Tina, you lived in Oklahoma and don't know what to do with a squirrel when you've caught him? :-) Hmm, I'm not telling!!

  14. Labor Day weekend is special for our family with two birthdays to celebrate! Looking forward to gathering Sunday and Monday.

    Thanks for the nifty Weekend Edition, Tina! Congrats to our winners!

    I'm laughing at Tina's image of a squirrel donned in an apron. Tastes like chicken, Tina. I think more squirrels die from the wheels of a car than from hunters, but I do love the little frolicking critters.

    Happy Weekend, Seekerville!


  15. Ken feeds the squirrels that inhabit our yard. They go to the woods to hunt. Then we have fried squirrel, biscuits and gravy.

    I TOLD you I'm a country girl. :)

  16. After a very exhausting week of getting my daughter settled for college, I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Hopefully some easy meals on the grill and little laundry LOL. Looks like a great week coming up here next week - looking forward to it! Everyone have a great holiday weekend!

  17. After giving it some thought, I feel I need to say that yes, I will be having THE FIRST EVER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE GIVEAWAY OF FIRED UP
    But what are the chances, really of any giveaways in the UNKNOWN universe. So I'm just going to go ahead and say it. THE FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER!
    Somehow that almost seems like it's LESS THAN the first announcement.

  18. Yay, I won a critique. I'd told myself that if I won, I'd enter the First Impressions, so I guess that answers that. I should stop talking to myself.

    Congratulations to the other winners.

    BTY, even down here surrounded by rednecks, I would never eat a squirrel. They're skinny (down here anyway)little rodents. I refuse to eat a rodent.

    Thanks for all the great websites, Tina. They always have good information. Saves me search time too.

    Time? I have to prepare for a critique. Time to get busy.

  19. Ha, that's what you call synchronicity, Elaine!!

  20. Definitley anti-climactic, Conneally.

  21. I just can't eat squirrel either. At this point in life I can barely eat snything besides fish and chicken. Preferably Chik-Fil-A chicken.

  22. I was once offered a chance to eat squirrel, Helen and I passed and I'll tell you why.
    It just looked way too much like a SQUIRREL.

    And I'm a country girl, too!

  23. Good grief--eating squirrels??? Is THAT what we've sunk to in Seekerville???

    Except . . . those little buggers are so industrious about finding their way into my bird feeders, even with all the squirrel-proofing paraphernalia I've tried.

    And they eat the new leaves off my hibiscus plants every spring.

    And they completely devoured a jade plant I had on the deck last year. Now I have to keep my jade inside the screen porch. Who knew North Carolina squirrels ate potted plants??? They sure never did in Oklahoma!

  24. Excited to see I won one of those great critiques from Seekers. Congratulations to the other winners from last week. Since Monday I've been confined to either bed or a chair after taking a fall away from home. Spent most of the afternoon in the ER getting stitches and other care. Those stitches have to wait until Tues. to come out because of the long holiday weekend. But thank God no broken bones and no trauma to the head. So hearing of my win was yet another bit of cheering up I've received this week.
    I wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend whatever your plans may be. Be safe all.

  25. Since we're talking about squirrels. I've been at war with them and their destructive behavior for a long time. I heard today on the garden show if you place plastic snakes in the garden they'll not bother your veggies. So after Halloween when everything spooky like plastic snakes will be discounted I plan to stock up on them to use after next spring's planting. That was a tip given during the program. Hope this will be useful to Myra and someone else. And just maybe doing this will keep the groundhog away, too.

  26. Plastic snakes. May have to invest in a few. Thanks for the tip!

  27. Helen, I'll join you in a squirrel fry. They're great in gravy over biscuits or potatoes. And rabbit. I marinate them in mesquite overnight and then slow cook.

    Aren't we just the gourmets???

  28. Pat Jeanne, so sorry about your fall. Hope you're feeling better today!

    Tina, love the WE! Heading back to check out some of the links.

    Congrats Heidi! Submit your snail mail addy so I can send you a copy of THE SOLDIER'S SISTER.

    Just finished checking the Author Alterations for The Agent's Secret Past that releases in 2014. Ready to get back to work on the next story...

    Won't be long until ACFW! Can't wait to see Seekers and Villagers there!

  29. Audra, I think we are viewed as the bumpkins--or worse.

  30. Oh, Pat Jeanne!!! Praying for a swift recovery!

  31. Not bumpkins at all, Helen. You and Audra are purveyors of exotic meals.

  32. Nope, Mary Hicks, nary a squirrel was eaten in Oklahoma. I lived in Tulsa. Catfish yes. I love catfish.

  33. Great WE as always, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to the winners!

    LOVE the Beach Boys (thanks for sharing that song link with us). Ahhh....brings back memories--I used to see them live in concert when they'd come to Atlanta (YIKES! just realized that makes me sound *old*). Of course I was a mere toddler at those concerts *wink*.
    Happy Labor Day weekend! Hugs, Patti Jo

  34. p.s. Ladies...PLEASE!! I just made the mistake of reading the "squirrel-related" comments...sniff...I LOVE squirrels (yep, just like Cheryl Wyatt, LOL) and not only feed the ones who visit my deck, but I've actually named them.
    Plus those silly squirrels are so entertaining for my cats, who watch them out the windows! ;)

  35. Happy Birthday to Dad, Mary Curry! Tell him the Seekers are sending Birthday hugs! Enjoy every minute of his party!

    Melissa, prayers for baby and mama, for safe birth and healthy baby! Keep us posted, and be sure to send pictures of the sweet little one!

  36. We have NOT sunk to eating squirrels for heaven's sakes. We've sunk to TALKING about eating squirrels. Completely different.
    And if it helps you get through, just remember, a squirrel is just a rat with wings.

  37. Oh, oops, Patty Jo, please ignore the rats with wings portion of my previous comment. In fact, ignore me completely. (that works well for my husband and honestly, everyone else who knows me, so why not you???)

  38. Before I go read the links... can I just say Tuesday sounds like my day!

    And then Mary's movie- maker instructions... I think that's how Michael Jackson died. Maybe someone was trying to teach him how to make book trailers??

    Love this site. Love the WE.

  39. Pat, I'm sorry to hear about your fall. Take care and praying for your healing!

  40. What a great WE!! Only I do NOT, I repeat DO NOT want to admit summer is almost over!!! And I wish I could single handedly hold off the cold weather.

    Looking forward to the great posts coming up!

  41. MYRA, The squirrels at my mom's house used to do chin ups to get past the squirrel prevention device on her bird feeder. With their front paws, they would grip the edge of the metal plate under the feeder designed to prevent them from climbing in and pull themselves up and nibble. They looked so funny with their back feet and tails flailing the air. They are so clever.

    And PATTI JO, I agree--very entertaining. smile Can so believe you named them. lol

    And don't listen to MARY. Flying rats indeed.

    Happy Birthday to your dad MARY CLINE, My dad's birthday was today. I asked Jesus to give him a big hug for me. He was a wonderful dad.

  42. The Ultimate Book Launch Guide is a fantastic resource, Tina. Thank you!

    Long story very short (you're welcome) after reading the link about One Note, I checked out the Notebook view in Word. Can't believe it's been there all this time and I didn't realize the potential. Learn, learn, learn :-)

    Nancy C

  43. MYRA!

    Safflower seed for those bird feeders. Trust me, squirrels will not eat it (the safflower seed, they've been known to gnaw at bird feeders). It's more expensive than the regular seed, but when I figured out how much of that seed was going to the squirrels ...

    Safflower seed.


    Nancy C

  44. We'll probably have a cookout tomorrow at my mil's, all the kiddos (those who work away from home as well as those in college) are home for the 3 day weekend, so it will be nice to all be together for a chance.

  45. OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE a squirrel is not a rat with wings. What in the world did I write a thing like that down for.
    I can only imagine how confuse you all must be.

    I would like to take this opportunity to blame that statement on some new meds I'm taking.

    I'm not taking any new meds, but I'd like to blame them anyway. Play along..............

    Anyway, of COURSE a squirrel isn't a rat with wings, good heaven's what madness would that be. Everyone knows that a PIGEON is a rat with wings. a squirrel is a rat with a more social acceptable tail.

    I apologize for the confusion.

    Now that I've cleared up that little misunderstanding, we can go back to talking about writing.

    And fried foods.

  46. And as long as Melissa Jagears is having Braxton Hicks Contractions, I think we should probably refrain from discussing Labor Day plans.

  47. I am so late to this party.... dead brain cells and all.

    Tina, great WE!!!! I went to see the 33 ways of self-promoting, excellent article....

    I went to see the acquisition of Simple Truths by Sourcebooks, and that certainly looks like a publishing marriage made in heaven! Way to go, Sourcebooks!

    And I went to Lifeway to see if they carry Love Inspired books online.



    Silly them, to not tap into those guaranteed sales.

    We don't have Lifeway here. We have a few Parables and they don't carry Love Inspired, either.

    That just makes me sad that a company that sells in the ballpark of 10,000,000 books a year isn't carried by a lot of Christian bookstores.

    BIG RUTHY SIGH.... But I love that sightings of Glynna's book, Carolyne Aarsen's book, Mindy's book (we're bundled together for the "e-version", yippeeee!!!!) and mine are showing up all over the U.S. of A.!!!!

    Happy dancing!!!!

    Now to read comments!

  48. Melissa Jagears!!!! Beth's baby is waiting too... so we might have TWINSIES!!!!!! Suhweet!!!!!

    And Mary Cline!!! I love the giggling in church line. My two youngest boys, Zach and Luke (no similarity to my newest heroes in Kirkwood Lake, Trooper Zach Harrison and Deputy Sheriff Luke Campbell, LOL!) still find things to giggle about in church.

    And they don't care that I can see them from the choir.

    But they're so stinkin' cute that it makes me smile.


    And squirrel... Helen, I've cooked and eaten a lot of stuff that Dave's bagged, but never squirrel!

    We have a doe and two fawns that are living at the edge of our yard. I think she keeps them close because there's good cover and coyotes don't like coming close to the houses.

    Smart deer, right? Her babies are growing big and strong. And I haven't heard a coyote hunt this summer, but that's because we've got corn on our farm, not soybeans. Soybeans give them a whole field to "see" their prey.

    So it's been a quiet summer!

  49. Connealy, I like the first one and I'll tell you why:


    Known universe works perfectly well in string theory!!!!

  50. Mary Connealy--you are so funny!! If you lived close to me, I'd treat you to lunch at least twice a month just for the laughs! ( also because you're a very nice person, of course).
    Hmmmm....let me know if you ever want to move to Georgia--even my squirrels would welcome you, LOL!