Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Seekerville is closed today to celebrate
our Labor Day Holiday!

Enjoy a day of rest,
then join us back here tomorrow!



  1. And if you just happen to have nothing to do on your day off, I have a deal for you!

    Free Kindle Novella

    Self-promote much, Melissa? :)

  2. Melissa, I'm opening my Kindle to get it!!!

    Thank you!!!! :)

    And happy Labor Day to all of youse... Now I must go back and check weekend edition because I've been staining windows in the new room and may or may not have lost VALUABLE BRAIN CELLS in the process.

    Adequate ventilation my eye!

  3. A happy surprise this morning! Thank you, Melissa. :-)

    Yesterday was a family reunion starting right after church... busy all day!! It rained in the night, won't have to water plants today... This will be a quiet, cool day to snug in and read your book.

    Thanks again, Melissa for the gift!

    Everyone have a wonderful holiday! :-)

  4. Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone has enjoyed a long weekend.

    Melissa, THANK YOU! I'm glad you told us!! Will head there right now...

  5. Got it, Melissa.

    Happy Labor Day to my favorite blog.

  6. Happy labor day, all!

    It's finally a cooler day here after a week of triple-digit temps. Which is good because we have a lot of work ahead of us today. The grapes are ready, the corn is ready, and there are a few other garden veggies to be picked and tended to.

    Oh, and my sister's getting married in 12 days, so we have wedding preparations running out our ears. It's definitely LABOR day at our house. :-)

  7. Man, that red, white, and blue flag gets me every time!!!

    Love the beauty of it!

    God bless America!

  8. And then it hit me. That cool was coming from OUTSIDE. A week of one hundred degree temperatures was at an end! HALLELUJAH!
    It may not last all day, but for right now, it is NICE outside.

    I HAVE WINDOWS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy Labor Day!

    Melissa...anything happening with baby on Labor Day?

    I downloaded Google Chrome so I could get to Seekerville. My old computer and Google didn't like me this morning.

    Enjoy the day!

  10. Nope, no signs of baby. Would have been "fun" to be in labor on Labor Day, but not thinking it's going to happen.

  11. Got it Melissa. Thank you!

    Happy Labor Day to one and all!

    Cindy W.

  12. ATTENTION GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS!!! Melissa Jagears, here on Seekerville, has now for the first time ever, used the word LABOR and FUN in the same sentence.

    I believe we get a listing for that.

  13. Rats, I heard back from the Guinnes people. Those quotation marks you used Melissa. " " Apparently they put us out of the running.

    Well, it was always a long shot. Even though it was right here in print, they wouldn't believe it actually happened. :(

  14. Okay, Mary, you and most of the world probably think me insane, but I actually look forward to labor. Something about the pain just makes the whole thing more "fun" of course I don't take any meds, that'd ruin the fun....

    Yeah, I know, the girls at the 16 year old slumber party when I said "I'm actually looking forward to the pain" gave me the craziest looks.

    But it's like I'm She-Ra, I like She-Ra PRINCESS OF POWER!!!!

  15. I should clarify though, that the third time is losing a bit of it's anticipatory charm....

  16. Melissa, I hear you and totally say YEEEE HAAAAW to you!

    I didn't use meds, either... and I was determined those babies wouldn't hear anybody howlin' or yellin' their first trip onto the planet!

    Let me just say, I made up for that LATER, BOSSING THEM AROUND!

    And the onset of pain means we finally get to meet this little person.


    Praying for you, but I think Junior is waiting for you to meet your deadline. He's already blown his!

    Hey, do we have names picked out? If you told me I forgot.


  17. Thank you, She-Ra ... uh, Melissa ... for the download :-) Wishing you and baby good health.

    Nancy C

  18. Labor Day means summer is over! I'm probably the only one happy about it. It's just been so HOT!! I whine a lot when it's HOT!!

    Now, if we could just enjoy a pleasant, delightful fall, I'd really appreciate it.

    Praying for that baby's debut any time now, Melissa!!

    Enjoy the holiday everyone!!!

  19. Got the novella!

    And I did the epidural with the first one. Ick. Ugh. I don't even remember it. Maybe that's a good thing?

    Ever after, I've tried to get IV drugs. I couldn't work where those are available. I'd be fired. It's like you have the secret to the universe.

    The last two (of six) I just hung out in the Jacuzzi, eyes closed, shhhh-ing anyone who spoke to me.


    I try not to head into the hospital until I'm about 8 hours into the labor. That gives me 3 hours to endure the checking and poking and hospital buzz.

  20. P.S. My first book club for Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits was headed by two labor and delivery nurses from our local hospital.

    Yay, me. At least I was clothed, this time.

    And one told me, "I remember you. You're the one read between contractions."

    I remembered what I was reading (she assisted with #4), too! The Lightning Thief series by Rick Riordan.