Thursday, September 5, 2013

ON THE VERGE with Leslie Ann Sartor


It seems like I've always been "on the verge" in my writing career.

On the verge of signing with an agent.

On the verge of signing a contract.

On the verge of having a script sold and produced.

On the verge of … almost anything that has to do with writing.

And frankly, I was sick to death of being on the verge and never being past / over / beyond "it."

One day, my husband brought into my office a Wall Street Journal article about Indie authors, and I realized that Indie Publishing was becoming more legitimate, in fact for some, even a preferred way of publishing one's book. The WSJ was printing articles weekly about Indie authors and the dollars / prestige they were earning.

Ah, ha! I was on the verge of creating my career as an author with a new route.

And I can tell you it's been a fun, yet somewhat stressful route, as it is me doing all that is necessary to create and promote my books.

Granted, I have an amazing editor, and I'd never publish a book without her. I have a great cover artist and dear friends who inspire me, baby me, scold me into being better and share this voyage with me.

But it's all me on the page, the story ideas, the characters, the plot. Choosing which editing points I'll keep, and which book cover I think tells the story best.

So, I've published the first one, then a second and soon a third.

Was I finally beyond "it?"

No. I realized a few months go I was still on the verge…of a breakout novel, a new story, higher sales, more reviews and who knows what next. And I wasn't all that happy. I still felt way too anxious.

Then I saw a quote from Walt Disney, a hero of mine. A dreamer who went bankrupt twice, and who was at those low points, teetering on the verge of genius.

So now, instead of thinking I'm on the verge, I Keep Moving Forward, and I feel much better, much happier, less anxious. Maybe it's semantics, but it works for me.

I have many more stories to write, including a new cozy mystery series I'm working on, because I'm curious to open that door and finding the path on which these new projects will lead me.

So my fellow writers, and all of you who dream of doing something new, different, scary, Keep Moving Forward, opening new doors and being curious, then following the new path before you.
* * *

For the Adventurer and the Romantic in all of us. Travel to the Yucatan and be a part of the adventure Tori and Reid are about to undertake. I hope you enjoy it.


STONE OF HEAVEN Book One of the Carswell Adventure Series

The Recluse …
Tori Carswell treasures her solitude and simple life. Her identical twin, Abby
Carswell, is the polar opposite, seeking increasingly risky adventures. Now Abby has put herself in mortal danger, captive of an ancient Mayan cult. Her only hope? Woefully under-prepared Tori.

And the Treasure Hunter … Reid Hunter, good-natured and currently broke, aims to beat his ex-partner Abby to the fabled blue jade known as the Stone of Heaven. But when reclusive, aero-phobic Tori overcomes her fear of flying and tracks her sister to a well guarded tomb deep in the Yucatan rainforest, he realizes Abby is in serious trouble.

Can Opposites Accomplish the Impossible? Abby no longer trusts Reid. Can Tori risk doing so now, and join forces with him to save her sister? Or will Reid put riches before life and love?


Leslie Ann Sartor (aka L.A. Sartor) began telling stories around the age of 4 when her mother, at Leslie’s insistence, wrote them down and Leslie illustrated them. As an adult Leslie writes suspense and action adventure novels with a dash of romance, and screenplays—she's had a contracted adaptation! She lives in Colorado with her attorney husband, loves to travel and thinks life is an adventure and we should embrace the journey. 

She has a blog: My Story, My Way ~ an Indie Adventure.
She is also one of the Five Scribes.
Check out her website,

Titles published: Dare to Believe (2012) Stone of Heaven (May 2013) Be Mine This Christmas Night (Holiday 2013)

Audra here! Leslie has generously donated an e-copy of her latest book, Stone of Heaven. Leave a comment to be in the drawing. There will also be a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Winners will be announced in the Weekend Edition!


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Thank you and all the Seekers for having me here today. I love being on Seekerville. You guys rock with comments, insights, fun and show your love of what you do.

I'll be in and out all day here.

Thanks again,
Leslie Ann aka L.A. :)

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

*waving to another self publisher*

A cozy mystery series sounds really fun! And I love the quote. I've recently realized that I had this odd idea that finishing books would be easier after a few.

It doesn't get easier. It's still really hard work. I hope my books are getting better, each time around, but it's not any easier to write them.

P.S. Have you ever thought of doing a free run with your thrillers? Someone told me that thrillers do better than any other genre on the short free offering because EVERYBODY reads them.

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Leslie!!! So nice to see you, kid! I've just jumped into the independent publishing pool of water, too, and I'm having the time of my life.

First, it's fun to chat with folks who've never seen my work before... OH my stars, it's a leap of faith, they'll either love you or hate you, but it's an amazing learning experience from beginning to end!!!!

And I'm just releasing my second indie novel so it will join the first and my absolutely lovely Love Inspired books.... How blessed are we to have these options now???

Thank you so much for being here, for chatting about your choice, your timing. I'm delighted to talk with you, and I'm laughing (just a little) at VIRGINIA because her good example empowered me to wade into the waters. Now I owe her and love her and we can all have fun together.


Jessica Nelson said...

I hear you about being "on the verge". What a great quote!! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your indie publishing!

Tina Radcliffe said...

Leslie!! Good ti see you! Congratulations on your success!

Jackie said...

Keep moving forward...I like it.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us LA!

Donna said...

Leslie, thank you for reminding us that sometimes a change of perspective is what is needed! Congratulations on your self publishing success!

kaybee said...

Well, this is interesting. But still scary.
Kathy Bailey

Debra E. Marvin said...

Leslie, I peeked at what's going on at Five Scribes and saw a recent post you had with TONS of info for screenwriters -- so I thought I'd come back and advertise for you.

Screenwriting is a whole nuther animal and I think it also helps novelists find stronger ways to SHOW NOT TELL. Thanks for coming by to encourage!

Naomi Rawlings said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Leslie. There seem to be a lot of people out there enjoying the self publishing experience. :-)

Bridgett Henson said...

Leslie, I loved hearing your story. I have to constantly remind myself to keep moving forward.

When I do look back, I try to focus on my accomplishments and ignore the failures, which are many.

Janet Dean said...

Welcome to Seekerville, Leslie Ann! Writers are blessed to have options. Thanks for sharing your journey and the advice to move forward.

I brought cinnamon rolls this morning. The coffee pot is humming. The aromas in Seekerville are tantalizing!


Audra Harders said...

Mornin' Leslie! You were here bright and early : )

Enjoy the chit chat and wisdom of Seekerville today. Our villagers are BEST and very well informed. We can all relate to being on the verge...

At Leslie's request, I have a platter of LOW CAL sticky buns. No easy feat to prepare, LOL!

Coffee is hot and steaming, much like the days here in Colorado lately -- except of course for the steaming part -- our humidity levels of 30-40% are hardly steamy, but they're still higher than I'm used to!!!

Audra Harders said...

Virginia, you are a indie success story all on your own. Seems like every time I dial up Amazon, THEY'RE telling me you have a new release.

WooHoo!! Way to go, girlfriend!!!!

Audra Harders said...

Ruthy, your single titles NEEDED to be published. I love those stories, so of course, the rest of the world will love them, too : )

Love Inspired was right, Try, Try Again, doesn't really fit their line, but it's a lovely story and offers another glimpse of the many facets of Ruth Logan Herne!

Audra Harders said...

Deb Marvin:

Screenwriting does make you write tight and keep the momentum flowing. I envy people that can switch between screenwriting and novel writing. This ol' brain would just get tangled up along the way, LOL!!!

Cindy Regnier said...

Thanks for the encouragement Leslie. And congratulations on your success. Indy is definitely the route to take sometimes.

Jeanne T said...

Leslie, your exuberance jumps through your words and right into my heart. I love reading what you've learned. And I love the saying, "Keep moving forward." It always makes me think of "Meet the Robinsons."

Mary Hicks said...

Good morning, Leslie! I like the way you think! Forward always!!! Thanks for a great post!

BRIDGET, good idea when our glance does turn back, only see the accomplishments and know there are more to come.

Even though I've never met any of you 'girls' I feel the sisterhood. Smiling, smiling, smiling...

Connie Queen said...

I keep hear more and more about indie publishing. One of these days maybe...

It is all in the way you look it at. It's amazing when you start believe the road to publication is paved on rejections and that writing is hard work. Then you don't think somehow you're being mistreated instead normal.

Love the post. Thanks.

Sherri Shackelford said...

I have to echo the thoughts of many of the others...I think it's wonderful that there are so many different choices for people.

Julie Lessman said...


You said, "No. I realized a few months go I was still on the verge…of a breakout novel, a new story, higher sales, more reviews and who knows what next."

Had to laugh at that one because as writers we are, unfortunately, ALWAYS going to be "on the verge," whether it be on the verge of the next big thing or like me, just on the verge of a meltdown ... ;)

I've decided that on the verge is no longer where I want to be, so I'm stepping back from the verge ledge and trying to enjoy where I am for the moment. SO much more relaxing that way!!


Chill N said...

Leslie, congrats on your self-publishing -- and even more congrats on the contracted screenplay. Wow! If there is anything more difficult than getting a book published, it has to be selling a screenplay :-)

Interesting point about the difference between being "on the verge" and "moving forward" and what each implies. Thanks!

Nancy C

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Wow you guys always amaze me, your exuberance is catching!

Virginia, I had the same thought, each book would become easier. NOT. But I do see that my editor is making a difference as I writer, I realize now when something isn't right.

Thanks for the thought of FREE, I've noodled with it and think I will do a short run of free. I'll keep you posted :)


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Ruth, I'm so excited you've jumped into Indie. AND that you're having the time of your life.

It is a leap of faith. I had my first face to face book club...Yikes. My blog about it is here if you want to read about the experience.

Options abound and I'm so glad to be writing and publishing right now.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Jessica, Tina and Jackie,
Thanks for stopping by. It is a cool quote and hangs on my wall.

Last night I realized I had a time gap in my WIP and wasn't sure it was going to work. A second of panic, then looked at the quote and Forward I'm moving this morning.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Donna and Kaybee,
Thanks for the congrats, Donna! A different perspective it is. Much more positive.

Kaybee, I remember vividly when I pushed that button "PUBLISH" for the first time. I was shaking, but after that, not so's an adventure :) As my blog says.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Myra Johnson said...

Thanks for joining us today, Leslie! I think most of us here can identify with the feeling of being "on the verge." Great advice to just keep moving forward.

And, as Janet said, writers are really in a good place right now with so many options for getting our stories in the hands of readers. The important thing is to be wise about our choices and always strive to give our readers the very best we can offer.

Cecelia said...

I can't seem to glean another book contract. I'll be looking into indie-publishing very soon....thanks for the timely advice and wisdom!

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Thanks for the plug! I realized I wasn't putting as much screenwriting info on Five Scribes as I was on my own blog!

In fact I've lined up a few indie film makers for the Indie Blog.

I love writing screenplays, but the switch b/t novels and screenplays takes a bit of doing.

Thanks again :)

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Naomi and Bridgette,
The indie route is fun, not always easy, but definitely satisfying.

More so now that I've stopping feeling on the "verge" which was more a dizzying experience than a positive one :)


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Ah Janet, Cinnamon rolls, keep one warm for me, and I'll have one with my second cup of coffee.

COFFEE, my beverage of choice.

It's good to be here, I always love being with the Seekers!


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Ohhh, Audra, you did it. Lo Cal and delicious!

Wow, hot is right, it's almost too hot for coffee..well, it's really never too hot for coffee...there is always iced coffee. But the humidity here is a killer.

Thanks again for having me here once again. You all rock.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

We all need to encourage each other, no one can do this alone, and as writers we often spend hours of solitary confinement.

I think of dealing with the time line of publishing traditionally now and I shiver. You all who go this route deserve a million stars shining down on you.

I have my own deadlines, and I stick to them, but they're mine.

Make sense?


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Good call, the line and song was in "Meet The Robinsons."

Truly, Walt is my hero, and I shed tons of tears when he died decades ago. But his dream lives on. I can only hope my books do the same. One of the perks of Indie publishing...the internet and that ability :)

Hugs to you

Vince said...

Hi LA:

When you wrote ‘on the verge’ I could ‘see’ you on the edge of a cliff…perhaps ‘on the precipice’ might be more illustrative. (It’s more like showing.)

I think that as long as an author is growing as a writer and learning her craft, then each new book undertaken should be harder to write. As an author adds to her skill set, more difficult challenges should be undertaken. I shutter when I writer says that it is now easy to write the next book because I know that author is just rewriting her past books (old wine in new bottles).

One thing writers should keep in mind is that there a dozens of reasons why a particular editor will not buy a perfectly publishable book. There are even a few reasons why dozens of editors will not buy a given book. But none of those reasons stand in the way of an indie book being successful.

An indie book is like a plebiscite. It goes right to the people and its judgment is the most valid of all. Even indie authors who fail have helped blaze a trail into the great ‘unexplored continent’ that is indie market. You can’t learn what readers really want unless you offer it to them. And while an author’s particular work might not fit into any publisher’s line, it could very well create a line of its own on its own.

All daring indie publishers who maintain high editorial standards are helping all the others. In this I salue them.



P.S. I have both your books and really look forward to the next one.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Mary and Connie,
Writing is hard, the reward is when readers tell they love your book. AND when you as the writer feel satisfaction at the right word, the right cadence, reaching the end of a paragraph or page and feeling that you've done the story and yourself justice.

Hugs to you both.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Sherrie,
Yes, isn't it great that there is now a plethora of choices.

Indie publishing isn't for everyone, and some who dip their toes in Indie waters, don't wade in deeper.

But it's a choice and that is so valuable.

Leslie Ann

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hey Bridgett and Sherri

SO sorry about adding the "e" to your names.



Leslie Ann aka LA said...

So good to be here.

I'm so happy you enjoyed the blog.

Stepping back and enjoying is a huge part of why I needed a different perspective.

Maybe it is just words on paper...but Disney's words made me see something differently, and isn't that what we writers want to do as well. How wonderful if one reader sees something different b/c of something we wrote?

Kudos to you for stepping back. Now, want to tell us how you accomplished that?


Heidi said...

I love the quote by Walt Disney! thanks for sharing! Please enter me in the giveaway :)

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Chill N,
Thanks. Now if they would only produce the screenplay.

Did you know that hundreds of screenplays are contracted and/or bought and never make it to the screen. Some writers actually make a good living that way.

Ha, not me...yet...I Keep Moving Forward, though. (Lifetime has two scripts...keep fingers crossed,)


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

What you said is absolutely true. Just because we self publish, or maybe because we self publish, our work has to shine, be the best it can be.

That's not to say each book of mine hopefully won't be better in some way than the last, we all strive for that :)

But a word of caution to those who want to Indie pub. Please, find an editor, a group of beta readers and be honest with yourself when you read through your work.

You know that old saying...first impressions...


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

There is a plethora of good information out there,

And to all of you, I'm more than willing to answer questions and give links etc.

Maybe I'll do a post on that, a Q&A on my blog. What do you think?


Amy C said...

Congratulations, Leslie! Great post.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

How great to see you!

Yes, I didn't realize that each book would be a bit harder, the more I learn, the more I incorporate, and I realize I also write slower now. Maybe that will change...

And yes, there are a gazillion reasons editors won't buy a publishable book.

Readers benefit from the choices out there as well.

My biggest hurdle is finding ways to let readers know I'm there, and offering them a great couple of hours for the price of a tall Latte :)

Thank you for buying my books and for the Salute!


Mary Connealy said...

YAY! I've got such ideas for the new Indy publishing styles. I really want to do it someday. As long as I'm keeping busy I doubt I'll do it because why overload myself when things are great, right?
But I want to write short, super short stories of all my characters when they were young, not kids, just young men. How my Trouble in Texas heroes met in Andersonville.
Act out the first time Belle Tanner really had to dig deep and find out what she was made of.
Just take a ride with a lot of my characters and reveal how they were, their backstory. I've seen this done and think it's really fun.
Lee Child has been doing this with Jack Reacher.
Of course Reacher is one guy, so Lee Child can do him at age 13, Reacher at age 16, Reacher when he quit the Army, Reacher when... on and on and I buy every one of them for $2.99 and never regret it.
So I'm not sure how it'd work for different characters every time.
But I've got story ideas I'd love to write.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

There are a lot of ideas out there, may I suggest a couple more :)

(You know I'm going to, right?)

Use either your blog or a Pinterest page to do these backstories. Give readers a glimpse and I bet they'd flock to buy your books.

Also, we at Scriptscene RWA are working to put together a class on how to create mini films for chapters of our books

How fun would that be? I can't wait.

Good to see you!!


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks! It was a revealing post to write. Found out interesting things about myself.


Theresa said...

Hi Leslie, I can identify! Good gosh you have a LOT of energy!! Best of luck moving forward! I know you'll be terrific and have fun while doing it.

Mary Connealy said...

Mini films or chapters? That sounds so interesting. Wow, I'd definitely take that class.

Mary Connealy said...

I've thought about posting the stories free, too. I might do that. I'd never thought about using Pinterest though.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

When the happens, I'll post it on my blog, so you all sign up on Google Friends to follow, so you can get announcements :)

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Kayelle Allen is a guru for marketing and she was suggesting we make Pinterst pages for our books. Apparently readers love to see where we got our inspiration, backstory, etc.

Kayelle is the founder of MFRW, Marketing for Romance Writers, a Yahoo group.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi, nice to see you here. Energy? HA. We all need to keep moving forward, right?

You're an Indie Author now :) Forward is the way.


Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

I just read a whole article on price pulsing. It was very interesting! About how dropping the price for a short time (3-4 days) every month or so can really positively affect sales. There was a lot of spreadsheet math but I tried it and got a nice boost for one book. So, I think I'll set up a schedule for the others.

Apparently there are websites that monitor price cuts and then advertise to their followers. So, they do the advertising for you. Interesting!

So much to learn and we're just... always moving forward. :)

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

Ruthy, that whole bit about having fun together? It would be a lot more fun if you'd get off my charts!!

I would cry if they weren't such beautiful and wonderful books that I want everyone to read them, too.

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

OHHHHHH!!!! Mini-films for chapters???

How totally fun!!!

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

Sorry, I'll stop leaving comments... I just saw Mary's comment about the mini stories.

Rae Carson has done that for her 'Girl of Fire and Thorns' series. It's been very successful. I think she has 10 or so novellas at .99 each and they cover everything from the hero at 14 to prequel to certain scenes. The covers match the traditional covers in style, but she's put most of them out herself, since the publisher doesn't own the characters. Plus, I'm sure it drives sales for all the others. I just got Bitter Kingdom and I'm soooo excited to read it!

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hey Virginia,
I'd like to know a bit more about that pricing idea. It's a bit hard, I think, when you're on multiple sites, but I'll all for trying new things...moving forward.

Do you have links?


CatMom said...

Welcome Leslie, and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

LOVE the Walt Disney quote--oh my, that man is a hero to many people, I'm sure (and even a "mouse" *wink*).

Blessings as you continue your wonderful writing journey.
Patti Jo :)

Missy Tippens said...

Leslie, so glad to have you back with us! I love the idea of changing our thought process just a bit. I think our mindset can make all the difference!

Wishing you lots of success on your new ventures!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Leslie, COFFEE.


The breakfast of champions!!!



Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Catmom,
Thanks for the blessings. Yup, Walt is/was special to many generations.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Ohhh, Virginia, DON'T STOP, I love reading the comments, it's what interaction is all about.

Keep goin'


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Missy,
Thank you, it's so fun to be back.
Audra is wonderful, isn't she?

Mindset is VITAL and sometimes just a shift in perspective can make all the difference.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Right back at you!


Ruth Logan Herne said...

Vince, I agree with your thoughts on this...

We're seeing the edge of a wave, like that fog that descended over a mountain and obscured everything...

Mountain Fog!!!

And then the sun helps us peek through, sort through and find the good, the bad, and we see things a little differently in the end.

That's how I see Independent publishing because we're in the midst of the fog... but I'm seeing bright lights on the horizon.

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Mary Virginia, you're so silly....

There's room for both of us!!!

(Ruthy frantically scrambles to see if she's got more hidden treasure to knock Mary Virginia Carmichael and any of her little friends into the land of independent inspirational obscurity FOREVER!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)


It is fun to do it together. I love seeing whole groups of authors remove the blinders and the limitations because both forms have so much going for them!

It will always be fun to read a newspaper....

But it's as much fun to scan the headlines online, check things out and move on.

It will always be a treasure to relax with a good book, but half my urchins here have Kindles....

More than half, actually, so they're reading Seuss and Rowling and Cartland and Robinson and Tolkien and Dickens on their Kindles.

But they're reading, and for them this is normal...

Not new normal.

Just normal.


They'll be used to what we're just accepting.

And the beat goes on.

Chill N said...

>> Leslie Ann aka LA said...
Did you know that hundreds of screenplays are contracted and/or bought and never make it to the screen. Some writers actually make a good living that way. <<

Leslie, I had no idea! Even though the writers make a living, it would seem they'd get frustrated with not having their work go public, so to speak. Does the same thing happen in book publishing very often?

Nancy C

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Interesting question, since I'm not in that boat :)

I think at some point, yes, you'd get frustrated. But here is another interesting point. A lot of films get green lit, produced, shot and put in the can, and never released.


Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

This is from May 2013 but I decided it was recent enough to try. And it worked!

No one really knows how Amazon runs their algorithms but I DO know that the ticker and the popularity lists drive sales.

So, I download everything in my genre that has higher ratings than mine because those people (tens of thousands) will get my book in their ticker because we 'both bought' these books. I don't bother with super popular books not in the same genre because the tickers work for genre, mostly. Look at a thriller and look at the ticker. All thrillers. So, I go to the top selling Christian contemporary or historical fiction and buy those books (but not above 3.99 because I'm cheap).

The price pulsing speaks to the popularity lists, on the side, which feeds into the ticker. I've heard a short boost in sales can keep a book on the 'popular' and 'hot items' list for up to three weeks. So, a price cut more than makes up for the residual sales.

Some people spend all their time trying to crack the algorithms, but I just wait for them to do the heavy lifting and then copy, hahahah!

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

You mentioned multiple platforms, LA. What's your best selling patform? I tried multiple platforms but I made much more in borrows ($2 a copy) than I made in being available on all platforms.

But my audio versions will be up on all platforms through audible and then I can see if audio listeners are as amazon-centric as the ebook readers.

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...


Forgot the link:

Cara Lynn James said...

Welcome to Seekerville, Leslie Ann! I haven't tried the self-publishing route, but several Seekers have.

I'm sure you'll do really well with your cozy mysteries. They're one of my favorite kinds of mysteries, along with historicals.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

My best platform is Amazon for both digital and print.

ibooks is next. I do little on Smashwords, and frankly use only a couple of channels for their distribution.

I'd love to say B&N is going great guns, but it's not. I'm on GR, ARe, Kobo, ... let me think, I may have missed a couple.

For my new Christmas book I'm going to try Amazon Select. Maybe the borrows and free days will be a jump start to the new title sales.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Cara Lynn,
I'm really excited to try my cozy series.

I had one before, never published, but I didn't know enough about the real workings of a female charter pilot and always felt like I was missing something.

This will feature a woman who is a jeweler...image remaking old jewelry and the stories behind it...I was a jeweler for years, my mother and I had a store together for 17 years in Boulder CO.

My heroine's mentor was a watch maker and of course, his is the first death :)

Jackie Smith said...

Enjoyed your post, Leslie! I have not read any of your books, but would love to change
Please enter me in the giveaway.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Jackie,
Welcome. I believe your entered in the drawing just by making a comment! Nice.

Glad you enjoyed the post.

Audra Harders said...

Wow, what a day! Bummer about having to work all day, but thanks bunches everyone for keeping Leslie entertained : )

Great conversations. Virginia, you are just a Niagara Falls of information. And you keep pubbing books, too. Way to go, girlfriend!!

Audra Harders said...

Leslie, I love the idea of mini movies for chapters.

Or prequels.

How do you handle the production? Is it cost prohibitive?? How do you go about doing this?

I absolutely love some of the trailers I've seen for books. Including yours for Dare To Believe.

Ha! I have creative nightmares creating Pinterest pages let alone a trailer...or mini movie!!

I'm so glad I have smart, creative friends...

Walt Mussell said...

I'm staring at possibly doing my first self-publishing work. It's got a lot of work before it's ready. However, I love hearing stories about the success people are having in the meantime.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hey Walt,
If you need any help, holler!

Mary Preston said...

Thank you for such an interesting post. Love the Walt Disney quote.

tickmenot said...

Thanks for sharing your journey as a writer! I have heard the most successful people are those who have failed at least once.

Your story sounds really good. Please enter me!!

joye said...

Very interesting article.
When I read a book, I just don't stop to think about the author's journey when writing what is before me. I should though, shouldn't I? It would make me appreciate the story even more. Think I will try that when I red the next one