Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Weekend Edition Birthday Week 1

Seekerville celebrates our 6th Birthday and we invite you to join the celebration October 1-31. We blog daily during our birthday month, so stop by every day. We have daily presents, and weekly presents, and a final big birthday extravaganza giveaway. All to give back to our Villagers; to say thank you. (Nothing is required except your presence and a comment.* Every time you comment* your name goes in the drawing jar/hat/cat dish, as applicable. This is not the time to lurk.) 

This year we're celebrating setting sail from the island with guest posts from many of the Villagers who left Unpublished Island since Seekerville's very first post on 10/8/2007.

Additionally, we're getting very close to a big mile-marker in Seekerville. But that's a secret. When you see the fireworks go off, you'll know we hit it and we've got some special giveaways planned to celebrate.

We Have Winners

 Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  Please remember we don't contact winners -so please contact us at seekers at seekerville dot net

Sunday's Weekend Edition winner of a print copy of Mary Connealy's Fired Up! is Edwina.

Monday the experts from Jones House Creative were our special guest, with their post "3 Tips for Developing a Social Strategy."  Jones House Creative is working with Bethany House and sponsoring the Fall into Love Ultimate Giveaway contest you see on the right side of Seekerville. Be sure to enter before the deadline! Winner of a $20 Amazon Gift card is Terri Weldon.

In "Sharing Family Traditions and Haunts with your Characters," Sandra Leesmith revealed some of the family secrets she uses in her upcoming release Love's Refuge. Tuesday's winner of Debby Giusti's The Soldier's Sister and a copy of her choice of one of Sandra's Leesmith's books is Carol Garvin. 

On Wednesday, Seeker Glynna Kaye  joined us to chat about “Piecing Together a Story Puzzle.”  The winner of a 3-book set of September releases by Debby Giusti (The Soldier’s Sister ), Ruth Logan Herne (Falling for the Lawman), and Glynna Kaye (A Canyon Springs Courtship) is…Mary Curry.

Seeker Tina Radcliffe brought you, "Falling in Love in One Thousand Words or Less:The Art of the Romantic Short Story" on Thursday. Winners of a short story critique (7 pages max) are Mary Hicks, Cara Marsi, and Pat Marinelli.  The mug winner is Patti Jo.

Friday was the October Contest Update. Nancy Connally is our October Contest Diva. Winner of a surprise package of books is Cindy Regnier. Winner of a short story critique (max 7 pages) is DebH and the winner of a First Impressions submission is Sybil Bates McCormack.

Seekerville 6th Birthday- Grand Prize. Winner announced Saturday, November 2.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome Love Inspired Historical author, Karen Kirst to blog with us. Her post is "Epilogues: Love in Action." Karen is also giving away a copy of her November release, "The Husband Hunt, which received 4 1/2 stars by RT Book Reviews!

Tuesday: Love Inspired Historical author Jessica Nelson starts our birthday party with her post, "Count Your Blessings...Not Your Royalties." And she's bringing a lovely $25 Barnes & Noble gift card for one lucky commenter

Wednesday:  Love Inspired author Mia Ross joins us today to talk about the Top Three Things she's learned since leaving the Island! Mia will be giving away 3 copies of "Rocky Coast Romance" Book 1 of her "Holiday Harbor" series!

Thursday: Join Danica Favorite as she shares what she's learned since she floated off the island and into the loving hands of Love Inspired Historical!! And don't miss out on a chance to win a vial of Colorado silver!

Friday:  Winnie Griggs returns to talk about "How To Craft Your Quick Elevator Pitch." Winnie will give away two copies of her October release A Family for Christmas.

Saturday: Join Sandra Leesmith today as she share her recent debut experience of putting your book on Audio CX in her post entitled: "The World of Audio CX."  In honor of our birthday celebration she will give a winner an audio copy of Love's Miracles.

WEEK 1 Prize -$100 gift certificate/cash card for a housekeeper so you can write, OR whatever you want to use it for.
The exact details of the Week 1 Giveaway: 
$100 gift certificate for a house keeper. You find her, we will send you a $100 gift card to pay her to come and work, $100 worth. Depending on where you are, how much housekeepers charge in your area, and how bad the mess is, this could clean you whole house or it could shovel a path from the front door to the kitchen sink. We don't want to know which. In the meantime, you keep writing. And you tell your husband (or wife) "Honey, it was a prize, I couldn't turn it down, could I?"(And if you want to keep the $100 gift card and use it to buy coffee and donuts, nobody's gonna call a cop). 

Seeker Sightings

Tina Russo Radcliffe is guest blogging in the Yankee Belle Cafe on Friday, October 4th. Don't miss one of her deadline delicacies. 

Mary Connealy  is doing one of Lena Nelson Dooley's classic quirky interviews on A Christian Writer's World, with a giveaway!                                      

Check out Mary Connealy being kind of funny....even for her. Find out all about how to win a Kindle Fire HD and the farthest she's ever been from home and how that involves a machine gun and a trailer park. Click Here.

And Swept Away, Book #1 in the Trouble in Texas Series will be a Kindle Daily Deal on Tuesday, October 1st. For one day only Swept Away will be on sale for $2.99. Buy it on Tuesday HERE.

Check out the Philosophy of Romance post on "Romance Realism," featuring Ruth Logan Herne, Mary Connealy and Myra Johnson.

Debby Giusti sends her thanks to all who phoned in book orders for The Soldier's Sister at her signing last Tuesday. The response was fantastic and proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Program.

Debby Giusti visits Publishers Weekly Contributing Editor Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book blog on Monday, September 30th, to share highlights of the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. (Rescheduled from last week.) Stop by to say hello to Debby and Seekerville friend Barbara Vey. Barbara always appreciates our support! 
To learn more about Barbara Vey's 2014 Reader Appreciation Luncheon with Keynote Speaker Debbie Macomber, go to : More than 300 people have already made their reservations!

Debby Giusti will attend the Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight and Magnolias Conference, Oct 4 to Oct 6, and will take part in the Pitch Mentoring Workshop on Friday, Oct 4, at 2 PM. She'll sign The Soldier's Sister  on Saturday, Oct 5, from 4:30 to 6 PM. The signing is open to the public and will be held at the Atlanta Hilton Northeast, 5993 Peachtree Industrial BLVD, Norcross, GA 30092. 

Join Debby at the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon held in Birmingham, AL, on Nov 2. For information and reservations check here.

Random News & Information

Will you be taking a chance on Downton Abbey Season 4? 

Is Pinterest Right for You? (AuthorMedia)

For Authors, Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook Offers Plenty Of Upside (TechCrunch)

Kindle Automatic Book Update & Annotation Back Up  (The Digital Media Mom)


It’s the Book Editing, Stupid. Why You Need a Good Book Editor (Book Editing Associates)

Bezos: Books Will Live On, So Will DRMed E-Books (

Annie Stone has been promoted to editor for Harlequin Teen(Publishers Lunch)

Manuscript Wish Lists Hashtag Returns (GalleyCat)

Goodreads To ‘Delete Content Focused on Author Behavior’ (GalleyCat)


The Truth About Author Websites (DBW)

The Secret to Writing Faster by Karen Dionne (BackSpace)


How To Design and Crowd Test your Kindle Cover (electronic bindery)

That's it! Happy Birthday to us and have a Wonderful Week!

*(Questions about our giveaways? See our legal page above. Please see our spamming rules as well. )


  1. Happy Weekend!

    There's plenty of coffee.

    Congratulations to all winners!

    Now gotta go back and read some more of those links.


  2. Housekeeper! I want a housekeeper! Or rather a babysitter/housekeeper . . . .a teenage babysitter/housekeeper, that ought to buy me two or three Saturdays, yes???

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. I had this whole big HAPPY BIRTHDAY thing planned then read the little disclaimer and started biting my nails.

    How many comments in a row is spamming?

    And all sorts of other "AH!" questions running through my head.

    Because I would never, ever want to be deleted!!!!

    Hopefully, I just don't have to worry about it. I promise no random irrelevant links to things of questionable nature or attempts to lure people in to my MLM program. Honest.

    I do have a Mary Connealy review going up on my blog this week though ;).



    Can't wait to see what the month holds!!!

    [I could use that housekeeper [though I only paid out 11$ to my kids tonight ;)] and the iPad mini- just sayin'... :D]

  4. This looks a wonderful party in the making.

  5. Carol got me all scared with the spamming thing since this is one blog on the internet where I'll comment more than once, perhaps lots. But we're not spam, you love us....right?

    Anyway, what I DID notice on that page is your legal information is from the FUTURE. I know that as a stay at home mom, I rarely know what day it is, but I'm pretty sure today is prior to 10/25/2013 . . . right? Please tell me I'm right, otherwise I missed my own book launch. ;)

  6. This is called spam.

    Enter me.

    New comment.

    Enter me.

    New comment.

    Enter me.

    etc. etc.

  7. Listen Melissa, I make errors on purpose to keep you and Vince on your toes. I find that it's good to stimulate you over intellectual, quick witted dry humor folks on occasion...well often actually since I am the error queen.


  8. It'd sure be nice to win the housekeeping service! Or would it be donuts...I'm not telling!

    Blessings and happy birthday and thanks for the enter on the contest!



    Congrats, winners! :)

  10. Tough call, isn't it Voni! I mean you can deal with a dirty house, but donuts..that's a lot of donut money.

  11. Oh, I see, it's to keep me on my toes? Well, I shall never let anything slip by uncommented upon again! Can't let you think I missed the typos, and problems with parallelism, and grammatical hiccups, your inadvertent metatheses.....

    And so now, I've become your worst nightmare. Muhahahaha

  12. No, there are worse nightmares than you. You'll have to try harder. Did you notice Blogger shadowed some images? It's been acting weird lately.

  13. Put 'em up, put 'em up! Which typo will I point out first? I'll point them out with one typing paw tied behind my back. I'll type them up standing on one foot. I'll point them out with my eyes closed... Why, I'll...

    :( Oooof!

    Tina swat the wicked grammarian on the nose only to discover a cowardly lion.

    I wouldn't have bit ya, wouldn't have pointed out everything, not at all. I haven't the courage.

    All right, must take the newborn off to bed and stop quoting The Wizard of Oz....Night.

  14. LOL. Goodnight, Dorothy, I mean, Melissa.

  15. Happy birthday to Seekerville.

    Since I discovered you a couple of years ago, I don't think I've missed stopping in many day. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me.

    Thanks for all you do.

    (If I had a housekeeper, my husband might think he walked into the wrong house. LOL! What an awesome prize.)

  16. Good morning!!!

    I haven't had enough coffee yet to fully appreciate the Melissa/Tina comedy duo, but

    Melissa, have you ever thought of adding children's books to your To Do List?
    That really reminded me of Dr. Seuss!

    Congrats to all the winners and thank you to the Seekers for my prize. I've had my eye on that one all month so what a joy!

    I just finished reading the article on writing faster and I'm intrigued. When I first started writing, I did it all longhand because I was writing on the playground or at dance class. I was much more productive then. I may have to explore that option again.

    Thanks for a wonderful WE, Tina.

  17. Ooops - hope I'm not breaking any spamming rules *winks at Tina*

    I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Seekerville.

    You are such wonderful ladies and I think that is obviously expressed in how you're choosing to party this year - by celebrating the success of others! So truly Seekervillian.

    Kudos to you all. And lots of squishy birthday hugs.

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEEKERVILLE! I can't believe another year has rolled by again and I'm uber anxious to find out what your mysterious mile marker is. I love visiting Seekerville every day. God bless you all!!!!

  19. Tina! Thank you! I'm so excited. I nearly spilled my coffee when I saw that I'd won the 7 page critique.
    Smiling, smiling, smiling... ( hum to the tune of 'roll'um, roll'um, roll'ummm, muuule teammm... Anybody else remember that? I was itty-bitty when I heard it on the first TV invented. )

    Congratulations to the other winners! :-)

    The line-up of information looks good. I can't wait to spend time on the cover design site.

    Just how DO you do it every weekend, Tina?:-)

  20. A month of birthday CELEBRATIONS-FUN! Congratulations to all winners and thanks to Tina for the WE. Wishing all a happy weekend of writing!

  21. Forgot to wish SEEKERVILLE a great big, happy, many more to come, birthday!!!

    And a smack to grow on! :-)

  22. Happy almost birthday, Seekers!!! Can't wait. :-)

  23. Congratulations to all the winners and Happy Birthday Seekerville! October looks to be a wonderful month to enjoy with everyone here!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  24. Happy birthday!! Y'all make October my favorite month.

  25. Happy Birthday to us!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!

    Isn't a gift certificate for housecleaning the ultimate prize? Ha, my house wouldn't know what to do if someone wiped away all the would probably fall apart, LOL!

    Lots of good stuff happening this week, kids. Don't miss a day of it!!

  26. Melissa how is that beautiful baby of yours doing? Have I missed pics??

    And you sound way too chipper for just having added another chick to your roost. Good for you!!

  27. Yippy Skippy!! I LOVE birthday parties, and a month-long party in Seekerville will be FUN!

    CONGRATS to all the winners!
    I am super excited to win that MUG!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! My coffee (or Helen's coffee!) will taste even better in a mug I won from Seekerville. :)

    Speaking of birthday parties, I'm celebrating two of my kiddos' birthdays today (late Sept., early Oct. b'days), so I'd better finish wrapping presents!

    Hugs, Patti Jo


    I LOVE OCTOBER anyway, but THIS makes it all the sweeter!!


    Tina said: "Listen Melissa, I make errors on purpose to keep you and Vince on your toes. I find that it's good to stimulate you over intellectual, quick witted dry humor folks on occasion...well often actually since I am the error queen."

    LOL ... somebody needs to keep Vince and Melissa on their toes!!! ;) And NOBODY does it better than you, Sarge!!



  29. Happy Birthday, Seekerville! I love stopping in here. ALMOST every day. I learn much, and the people I'm getting to know? That's priceless. I'm so glad I found you. :)

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    I'm all over the house keeper prize. That sounds amazing. Maybe then the THICK layer of dust would disappear. At least for a couple hours. ;)

    This was a great WE, Tina. I didn't have time to read everything, but did anyone else read the article on author websites? I'd love to hear your take on them. :)

  30. Happy Birthday! I love this blog, you gals rock.

    I'm super excited to win the Amazon gift card. Congrats to all the other winners!

  31. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Seekerville!!

    Jeanne T., I'm off to read the author website link. I've got to revamp mine, so have been looking at cool designers and even cooler sites.

  32. Happy Birthday. I sadly have a cold and a ton of homework but I'll be bringing some cake. But not my cold. That's all mine. Lol

  33. Six years already??? My, how time flies when we're having fun!

    Kudos to Tina for spearheading another great birthday celebration! You are amazing, girlfriend!

    Sad I'm not eligible for the $100 housekeeper prize, though. :( Unfortunately, housecleaning is what Saturdays are for around my house. We are on a rotation system--divided the house into three relatively even work sections and do that area every third week. Mostly. Sometimes we blow it off and go a month or more! Who's gonna notice?

  34. What perfect timing. A great birthday month to get me all jazzed up for NaNoWriMO!

    Blessings on the year ahead!

    Peace, Julie

  35. Hi Seekerville! SIX years--amazing! I can remember wondering when we started what could we possibly find to talk about 7 days a week??!! But with the help of all the Seeker Villagers, this community is kept hopping, isn't it?! :)

    Another GREAT weekend edition, Tina!

  36. I'm soooooo excited I get to guest blog during Seekerville's Birthday Month!!! Can't wait! It's always SO FUN! :-)

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville! My favorite blog, favorite authors, favorite writer friends!!!!!!!!!! Love


    Six stinkin' years! I'm so psyched, SIX STINKIN' YEARS!!!!!

    Happy dancing in upstate because how many women do you know that can stay working together for that long and no one dies?????

    Clearly, we have definitive rules about who touches whose tiara... and we always bring enough food.

    That one's clutch!!! Must go read comments, I'm so delighted to be part of all this!!!!

    (grabs balloons and party noise makers and makes a true pest of herself, running around room annoying others!!!!)

  38. I'm laughing at the spamming thing!!!! I think if Melissa wins we can PRETEND she spammed because why would a busy mother of three with a newborn need household help while writing books????


    Voni! Shoot I could use a housekeeper too, sweet thing, but truth to tell they'd barely make the shoveled path... So the donuts would win my vote, LOL!!!


    Oy, I cannot be trusted.

    Shame on me. But actually, I do that to keep YOU on YOUR TOES, kind of like you do to Vince and Melissa because if you're too perfect then expectations rise!!! People demand higher and greater levels of perfection!!!!

    This way if I go in and mess up your pristine posts, folks realize you're human and the expectations factor decreases exponentially.

    And that was my goal all along.


    You're welcome, honey. Here. Have a donut. Zarpentines melt-in-your-mouth fried cakes.

    To die for.

  40. Myra cleans her house????? WEEKLY????




    'Sall I'm sayin'.

  41. Enter me please.

    Oh? Should I say more?

    I found seekerville when Mart posted on the ACFW loop about offering a Kindle (I think it was). I've met some incredible peeps around here. Like Mellie. And the Seekers themselves. And so many others I can't name them all.

  42. Um. That would be Mary. Stupid autocorrect.

  43. Yes, Carol and I met here. That makes it extra special. :-) I can't remember when I started coming to Seekerville. Probably at the very beginning, since Mary told me about it and said to come and read the posts because they would be helpful for me, and of course, I always obey Mary. :-) She is a GREAT mentor, even though she loves being self-deprecating and that is why she always brings up the fact that she almost lost me, her first mentee, to that fainting episode in '05. But that was clearly not her fault, but it's funny when she tells it in her self-deprecating way. How could she resist such a funny story? :-)

    Who needs a housekeeper more than me? I am awful, okay? I hate cleaning, and I have a very messy husband and two very messy children. Me, I am not messy. This is why I hate to clean, which is also why I am not messy. The two things naturally go together, don't you think?

  44. Elizabeth, here's a mug of hot tea with lemon and honey, dear. Feel better. XXXX

  45. Mysterious mile marker?



    That's it.


  46. That is not a clue.

    That is a DEAD GIVEAWAY.

    Not that we're giving away a dead person, well, most of us wouldn't do that but Connealy would, I mean she kind of specializes in that very thing.

    Shoot 'em up, bang-bang, knock 'em down dead stuff. So she might be giving away dead things...

    Oh dear.

    I lost my train of thought.

    Oh, that's right.

    Tina's hints are VERY SPECIFIC.

    Key word: Very.

  47. SQUEAL!!!!

    It's almost Birthday Party time...and I love parties!

    Cake and ice cream...clowns...prizes...balloons...Captain Jack...Grammar Queen...peach treats by Patti Jo...Java by Helen...daily prizes and weekly giveaways...HUGE MEGA GRAND PRIZE!!!!

    WOWZER!!! Can't wait for October to begin...

  48. On a calmer note, I GOT MY COPY OF WOMAN'S WORLD TODAY WITH TINA'S SHORT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. MILLION is a good number.

    I'm excited!!!

  50. A housekeeper? That is a writer's dream. Since meeting Debby at ACFW, I've been lurking. But no more!

  51. Yay!! I love those six candles! Happy Birthday, Seekerville!! What great prizes! Wow!!!

    Fun, informative Weekend Edition, Tina! Congratulations winners! Looks like a fabulous week ahead!

    When is Downton Abby back??
    Anyone know?


  52. Ooo, so much great stuff to read this weekend! I'll have to come back when I can browse through and digest everything. Meantime, happy birthday to Seekerville!!

    Right now I'm off to a fall kick-off BBQ for our writing group and spouses. :)

  53. I love the exuberance here every day, but especially today! So many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm looking forward to this month!!!!!!!

    PAM, I'll be curious your take on the article. I didn't see so many tips as to how to do a good author website as to the debate of IF authors should.

    So curious to know what you pubbed authors think. :)

    I have two glorious hours to work on my story. So I'm off!

    Oh, and the smell of the turkey roasting in my oven is making me HUNGRY. Yes, I'm ready for fall. :)

  54. Happy Birthday Seekerville!!!!!!

    I haven't been a visitor or an islander or whatever I am for long. I had a blog of my own and realized I didn't have a clue so I'd better search out some blogs that did and Seekerville was the best. Oh, and because Piper mentioned It, and I pay attention to anything Piper says.

    Congratulations winners! I don't need a critique right now. Already got mine. Tina's critiques are the best. She knows how to recommend improvements without crushing you. That's hard to do as are a lot of things all you Seekers do.

    But I'm in for all the other prizes, even a housekeeper, although I'm the type of woman who'd want to clean up my house before letting a housekeeper see it.

  55. EXACTLY, ELAINE. I would clean for the housekeeper.


    We are delighted you are now a Villager, BTW and I think the 'do what ever Piper says," rule is really a universe thing.

  56. Welcome out of Lurkdom to Seekerville, Stephanie. Good to have you aboard.

  57. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kicking my heels.

    I also would like to know what the published authors have to say about their author web sites. How truly valuable are they, etc.?

  58. Hmm.

    Million dollar giveaway to the millionth comment? I want to win that one.

    I can't pick one best part about Seekerville. Mellie was the first one that popped in my head but I also met Andrea Strong and Helen Gray here.

  59. Waving to Stephanie!

    Stephanie and I met at ACFW and she's not only adorable and sweet, sweet, sweet, but she also introduced me to FRANK PERETTI!!!



    He invited us to join him at his table in Starbucks so we sat with Frank and drank coffee and talked about writing and books and the world situation...did I mention Frank Peretti!!!!

    Then we took pictures with Frank! Be still my heart!

    So glad you came out of lurkdom, Stephanie, so I could gush...and also mention Frank Perettti!

    Thanks again for the introduction! :)


  60. SEEKERVILLE BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK OUT WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Wow, whoever put that 'donuts' option in with the Housekeeper prize should be ashamed of herself. (that would be ME!). Because let's face it. A housekeeper would be super cool, but donuts, baby, that is temptation to the highest power. And while you are eating them, the whole mess in your house sort of gets blurry.

    Then later, when the sugar haze clears and you can see your house again, you'll be riddled with regret, plus just a little bit FATTER.

    It's all a spiral downward.

    And of course, it's all RUTHY'S fault.

  62. Melissa, if you can find someone to work for you for three days for $100 and no one calls Child Protective Services and turns you in on child labor law violations, then good job!
    When we say 'nobody's gonna call a cop,' I suppose, technically, there are limits to that disclaimer and well, let's hope you don't find them.

  63. Yes, Carol and Melissa and whoever....if you do want to spam Seekerville, please do it with a little style.
    We are amazingly gullible, but there are limits.

  64. Here's my advice for a $100 Housekeeper gift card.

    Hire movers.
    Get them to your house.
    Point $100 worth. Give them your 'new address' of the local city DUMP.

    it's gotta help.

  65. And Melanie, You're right that the whole 'EMT' AMBULANCE, MELLIE FACE DOWN IN HER OMELET INCIDENT WAS WAS NOT MY FAULT I believe I told the nice police detective that at least a dozen times.

    When they finally took the handcuffs off and let me call a lawyer and wash the ink off my fingertips, well, let's just say it was the end of the ACFW Mentor Program as we all knew it, even though it was NOT MY FAULT!!!!

    And we all know those mug shots add 20 pounds, but I wasn't making much in those days and it was in fact a professional photo so I had little choice but to use it on the back cover of my books for a few years. Give me a break!



    One million cups of Helen's coffee??

    One million words/pages/books written?

    One million people shot by Mary?

    One million rejection letters?



  67. One more thing. Could it be a million page hits?

  68. So, Debby, who exactly did you have coffee with? That wasn't clear.

  69. (Mary gets very excited when she talks about her role in the Mentor Debacle. Let's drop the subject.)

  70. It very well could Elaine. But you still have to wait til the balloons drop and the confetti falls from the air before I actually admit anything.


  71. I think they are a pain in the buns, Helen. Social media should be plenty. I got rid of my personal blog.

  72. Happy Birthday Seekerville.

    Its funny I was thinking on my walk this morning if/when I have surgery for my wrist I won't be able to do much with that arm for a couple of weeks. Then I got to thinking how am I going to do dishes, I may need to find someone willing to help me out. (the way the wrist was even at its worse I still could use both hands a little if I have surgery I wont be able to use it for 2 weeks at least.) Then I figured I could just use paper plates! Really hoping it happens before the end of Oct. Will know Oct 14th.

  73. Jenny, sweetie, I think anytime you say you're really 'hoping' for surgery, you might be on the wrong track!!!!!
    Especially if it's just to win a prize!
    Yes, paper plates definitely.

  74. Oh my!!!! It's a good thing I DID come back to continue reading. What a surprise and delight to discover I'm one of the week's winners! Whoo Hoo!!!! This place is just THE BEST hangout! So much news and encouragement here and always lots of happy kibitzing... what a great bunch!

    I'm just home from a fall kick-off BBQ with my writing group. Despite a rainstorm, it was great. Met a few new people, and ate way too much food. Among the dessert things there were chocolate brownies, and chocolate cookies, and chocolate cake, and.... Mmmm!! We writers sure do love our chocolate! :)

    So, Happy Birthday again to Seekerville. I hope there's lots of chocolate among your birthday presents. You all deserve it. Thanks again for the prizes. I'm off now to e-mail and stake my claim.

  75. Carol Garvin, a BBQ and no invite for moi?????

    WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, WOMAN????? i'D HAVE HAD A BALL WITH THOSE BROWNIES.... COOKIES..... CAKE.... OH MY STARS. Was this a meatless barbecue, honey or did youse skip straight to dessert???? Because there is not a thing wrong with that!!! :)

    Connealy, of course it's my fault, it is always my fault, that is clear from sea to shining sea....(Ruthy makes "blah, blah, blah" signs with her fingers behind Mary's back)

    And I????

    I, Ruth Logan Herne will take the responsibility of WHATEVER I'VE MANAGED TO DO THIS TIME!!!!! to ruin Christmas and life on the planet as we know it.

    While eating chocolate, of course!!!!

  76. Helen, what a question. An RWA survey last year said that author's personal websites were the most visited place to find out more about an author....

    Everything else is a far distant second.

    So I'd say yes to the website, but keep it simple. Readers don't need music... it clogs up some computers and won't let your page load.... They don't need dancing leprechauns..... If they're Italian they might actually find dancing weird green-frocked men somewhat frightening.... so simple, to the point, and nice.

    Mind you I don't DO THIS, but I'm sure it's what you're s'posed to do.

  77. Yes, Ruthy, there were hamburgers, both beef and vegetarian versions and I swear I ate one before heading for the dessert table. We would have loved you to come, but I figured the trek from NY to BC would be more than you would undertake, even to snaffle a plate of chocolate goodies!

  78. I finally had time to go back and read the article about author websites. I fall on the side of doing what best connects you to your readers (or, in my case, my potential readers and my blog buddies). For me, that has meant maintaining a simple but always up-to-date website, plus interacting a lot on Facebook and a little on Twitter. (The latter, honestly...? I don't see any advantages that FB can't offer.) When I'm looking for author information about new releases, other books, launches and signings, etc., I visit the author's website or blog.

  79. DEBBY, I have one word for you: JEALOUS. You sat with Frank Peretti?! Wow, what a blessing. :)

    ELAINE—I was thinking the same thing as you in the "million category."

  80. JEANNE ... I read the article about author websites (and all the other links, too). I can't speak as a published author YET but as a reader I find author websites invaluable. I especially appreciate lists of their books, divided into series if needed, because I tend to catch on to authors after they've been published for a while. I also like a link to sign up for notices when new books are released. I think of author websites more like a roadsign that is always there to direct me.

    Nancy C

  81. I know! I know! The celebration will be when we hit our one-millionth exclamation mark!!

    Congrats to all you winners! And special congrats to the Seekers! Six years old already? But you look so much younger :-)

    Phew ... My exclamation mark key is smoking ...

    Thanks for the links, TINA. Vince's article about romance realism was superb. I nodded in agreement through the entire thing.

    Majorly looking forward to this week and the month of celebration ahead.

    Nancy C

  82. Happy Seeker Sixth Birthday!


    BTW: Is Seekerville giving ballet lessons to celebrate its birthday? I’ve been reading a lot about keeping people on their toes. I would find that hard to do.

    Tina: thanks for the link to the Romance Realism post on my website. I think this is the start of a new subgenre that is an ideal fit for Indie publishers. I’ve added links to reviews to some of the Seeker books mentioned and already I’m getting hits from people reading the reviews.

    I believe that Sandra has a book or two that fits in this category as well. I also think there could be a website dedicated to just this type of romance. We shall see.

    I read your new Woman’s World romance right after finishing “Love in Bloom” (all 5-star gems of the short format) and this dual experience provided me with dramatic breakthrough insights into what makes Woman’s World tick! After two years of deep analysis, I’ve discovered the secret!

    I’ve learned what all the published pieces have in common that make them winners. I don't think anyone would ever guess what this is! Only a philosopher would 'see' what it is. (Unless you already have.) I just don’t know if, when, where, or how to present this info to the world. Do we even want the world to know?

    Would it be okay if I sent you my post on this revelation to see what you think? You may well be the best judge of what to do. However, if you don't want to know this magic key to success, I will fully understand.


  83. The Amazing Chain of Events That Took Me to Seekerville -- told for the first time!

    1. I was a regular on eHarlequin where Anita Mae keep beating me in writing contests. She suggested I try Cheryl Wyatt’s writing contest. Anita was not going to enter it.
    2. I entered the contest and won! Cheryl then invited me to visit the Seeker website.
    3. I visited Seekerville for the first time and left a comment. (I could never be just a lurker.:))
    4. Mary read my post that first time and asked me to write more about it as a guest blogger on Seekerville. Of course, I accepted. What did I know?
    5. I wrote the post but believed, like a man, that once I had my say, I should keep quite and let everyone else have their say. So I didn’t answer many of the comments people left. I found out later that this was rude on Seekerville. So I was not off to a good start.
    6. I just liked it better at Seekerville than eHarleaquin and I’ve been around here ever since.

    So that’s my true story.
    Now, does anyone else want to confess about their first time Seeker experience? Do you remember it like it was yesterday? I do.

    I think true ‘first time’ stories would be a fun way to celebrate all month long.


  84. Hi Glynna:

    Thanks! Your “A Canyon Springs Courtship” arrived today in the email and it is already on my Kindle -- ready to fire up. (Fire up – somehow that seems familiar, oh well.) Right now “The Rosetti Curse” and “Love by the Letter” are running neck and neck for my attention. I’ll wait a little on “Canyon Springs” to give them a chance to finish their race. : )

    I would email you but I don’t think I have your email. I just didn’t want to wait to say how happy I am to have won that copy! Again and again it’s proven how rewarding Seekerville is to visit…and I mean in more ways than one.


  85. Waving to Jeanne T who evidently appreciates Frank Peretti as much as I do. :)

  86. Debby - I would like to point out that Frank Peretti called me his new best friend.

    After I gave him cookies.


    Vince - my first comment was on a Julie day and I was flummoxed that she responded TO ME and favorably at that. I remember the snippet I posted but I don't remember what the scenario we were supposed to post was. Possibly a hero being, well, hero-y. All testosterone-y and all.

    I've not looked back.



    Only when Ruthy is mean.

    Or is it Mary that's mean?

    It's late. And I still have about 30 pages of this stupid MS to read...

    And I blame Seekerville for that because it was written for 2012 SpeedBo...

  87. Mary I guess it does sound bad its just after 10 months i am ready for the wrist to be healed and know surgery is probably the only way to heal it.

    I really don't want to win the prize it was just funny i was thinking about dishes etc. dishes are the hardest job to do.

  88. Vince, I suggest you use your magic insights to send a story to Woman's World. I need empirical evidence that your magic insights do indeed produce the laboratory results you, the scientist are professing.

  89. Vince, you've been a guest 7 times since 2008. My goodness. Who knew?

    You must be doing something right.

  90. Hi Tina:

    I’ll try to get the empirical evidence but the problem is that while I know just what needs to be done, I probably don’t have the talent to do it. It takes skills other than knowing how to write. It’s like knowing which skating routines and music will win the judges over but without having the high level skills necessary to get that far in the competition. Yet, with the inside knowledge, maybe even I can develop the requisite talent in time. Yes, I like it. Bring on those windmills!

  91. I like the idea of having the first time stories as well--except I can't recall mine....that's one time not to listen to me--c.p. Elaine and Tina! I love it here in Seekerville and everyone has been so kind to me during my recent rough times. Thank you!

    Congrats Tina on your new release and Woman's World story. I always love a critique, but I will remind Seekerville that you were the one who did the critique of the synopsis for my GH story. Thanks for the help!


  92. Happy Birthday to all you lovely ladies from Seekerville! All of you are such an inspiration!

    I need a housekeeper. I have a new puppy. Need I say more??

    Blessings to all!

  93. Edwina, you can spend the $100 on a puppy crate!!! :)

    Oh my stars, raising Jeter is a hoot... and he's been a really good puppy except for the day when I set down my bag of church clothes on the porch....

    And then forgot and let him run loose. There was a Ruthy skirt and Ruthy stuff scattered around the yard with a smattering of teeth marks... and my white summer sandals, but then I got an even cuter pair on sale at Sears so I should probably give the dog a treat...

    Wait, he had one, it was my SHOE.

    Oy. Oy. Oy.

  94. I pimped my first post in Seekerville. I had family and friends stop by and say things because in sales you learn to "Fake it until you Make it"...

    And they swung by and said nice things....

    And now if they stop by, they're just one of MILLIONS (well, whatever!) so they blend, but yes: I pimped my blog.

    But I didn't PAY them so it was perfectly legal. I think.

  95. Hi, Vince! Glad "A Canyon Springs Courtship" arrived! Hope you enjoy this most recent visit to that little Arizona mountain town. There will be another in April 2014 and one after that in the Autumn of 2014. Haven't heard yet if there are to be more Canyon Springs stories or if I'll be "packing up and moving elsewhere" after 8 of them set there.

  96. What a great weekend edition! Thanks, Tina!

    I've missed all of you. I was out of town visiting my parents with no internet and pretty much no cell phone service (thus no internet by phone either).

    Glad to be back!!

  97. Melissa, we're just glad to see your smiling face back on here. So nothing you do will be considered spam! :) (I was so glad to hear y'all were home from the hospital!)

  98. Happy Birthday to Seekers! Good to see Melissa's smiling face. Congratulations to all those winners from last week. Must go back and check out the links and the contests. Thank you, Tina.

  99. Carol, being Frank Peretti's BFF is impressive. :)

    You know you have a brand...cookies. Feature them in each of your stories. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, could include recipes, then have cookies on your website, your business cards, your book covers.

    Just something to think about...

  100. Jenny your new photo! Lovely you! Where was it taken? In the US, perhaps? Some place historical for sure.

  101. Wishing Vince and Tina would share the magic secret of how to write a selling story for Woman's World.

    Just finished Tina's latest and love it, of course!

    Had to check out who Vince was reading in his current screen shot...

    I'm smiling in Georgia! :)

  102. Waving to my Georgia buds...Piper, Edwina and Missy! Elaine, Patti Jo and Walt too!

    Piper, didn't you start leaving comments a few months prior to M&M last year?

    Edwina, sending dogie treats to your new pup!

  103. Where is Grammar Queen with her ruler!!!???

  104. This looks great! Can't wait to start commenting on things going on this week!

  105. Yes Debby, Carrie took it in Williamburg at the apothecary I think its the oh boy another photo stance but I really like it. I tried to make it closer up but didn't work.

  106. Ah, Williamsburg! Such a delightful spot! Glad you could visit, Jenny!

    No worries. The photo is lovely!

  107. I have never been to Williamsburg. I must go there. I would love it. I would put on an old-world costume and pretend they were paying me to talk funny and demonstrate things and embarrass my children no end.

    But I'd have FUN, so totally worth it!!!

  108. Happy Birthday, Seekerville! Thanks to a post on the ACFW loop by Mary C., this is my first visit to Seekerville. I never expected to find such a fun bunch of writers! So it won't be my last visit here.
    Oh, and I would love a housekeeper! Especially since we are getting ready to put out house on the market. Thanks.

  109. I'm here. I'm here. Dreaming of a housekeeper & finishing my Christmas novella by the end of this week. Thanks for the inspiration.