Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tiny "Bytes" from ACFW 2013!

(L to R standing) Mary Connealy, Myra Johnson,
Missy Tippens, Janet Dean and Debby Giusti.
(L to R seated) Pam Hillman and Julie Lessman.
Debby Giusti here!

I frequently use to shorten long, unruly URLs and thought that same concept would work for condensing the ACFW into a series of information “bytes” to provide an overview of the conference through my POV. 

I know Ruthy and Tina posted pictures in the weekend edition, but bear with me as I add some of the shots I took to the blog's virtual scrapbook. Hopefully, the pics will provide a glimpse into what made ACFW 2013 so special.
Looking down from the second floor registration area, I spied
Mary Connealy and Erica Vetch chatting in the lobby!
Seeing old friends and making new ones is always the best part of any writing conference. For me, spending time with Seekers and Seeker Villagers was the highlight of this year's ACFW.
Casy Herringshaw and Julie Lessman meet near
registration on Thursday. Squeal!!!!
Janet Dean arranged a lovely dinner, in a private dining room, for the Seekers on Thursday night at nearby Izzy and David's Restaurant. The evening was delightful in every way. We talked about books and publishing and our families and our gratitude for the blog and for our wonderful Villager family. God has blessed all of us by bringing you into our lives. Thank you for opening your hearts to us and for making Seekerville a place to call home.
Thanks, Janet, for a lovely evening.
Friday morning, we headed to Connor Prairie, an interactive history park, in Fishers, Indiana. I especially enjoyed Prairietown that took us back to 1836.

Chatting with the schoolmarm was fun! Notice Pike's Pyramid on her chalk board, an amazing way to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots and more. Her school runs from Dec 1 to Feb 28 with a yearly tuition of $2.31 per child that she receives as wages.

The schoolmarm rarely smiled. 
The country store was fun to explore.
Straw hats and writing slates.
What do you want to buy?

I'll take two yards of calico fabric.
These industrious young people were making apple pies baked in cast iron pots on a bed of hot coals. A metal cover was topped with more hot coals so the pastry could come out golden brown and mouth-watering good. (I'm sure their pies aren't nearly as good as Patti Jo's peach delights!)
Pie, anyone?
The doctor's house was quite grand in comparison to the other homes in town. 
The doctor's spinster sister welcomes the Seekers to her brother's
Notice the footstools under the horsehair settee. Ladies placed their feet on the stools to keep them off the drafty floor in winter.
See the footstool peeking out from under the settee?
The gilded mirror was draped with net in the summer months to keep the fly spatters from staining the ornate frame.
The net protects the gilded frame in summer.
The doctor's wife showed us the sleeve puffs she stuffed under her dress. Filled with down, they provided warmth in the colder months.
Two mustard colored sleeve puffs.
The doctor's apothecary is stocked with herbs, such as penny royal for female ailments and mint to soothe the stomach.
I'll skip the leeches!
The doctor and his wife sleep on two ticks. In summer, the cooler straw tick is placed on top of the warmer, down tick. In winter, the order is reversed. When the ticks are aired, the ropes holding the bedding are tighten so they can "sleep tight." 
Sleep tight!
The town  potter makes serviceable clay pots and mugs and bowls that are sold throughout the surrounding area.

A spot on one of the beds at the local hotel cost 12 1/2 cents. We opted to return to the Hyatt instead.

Four to a bed? Really? Notice the chamber pot.
Back at the hotel, we always had time to pause for pictures...especially when we saw Seeker Villagers.
The Seekers with Jeanne T!
Friday night was the genre dinner when everyone was invited to dress in costume.
Two Regency beauties! Deb Marvin (L) created both costumes.
Susie Dietz's (R) dress is made from a green, silk sari.
Don't the ladies look lovely and ready for a night on the ton!
Civil War belle, Lyndee Henderson, models the outfit she
stitched. Her skirt contains 13 yards of fabric pleated by hand.
Saturday, I attended James Scott Bell's all-day session, "From Good to Unforgettable." He started off by asking us to write a letter to our novel explaining why we love the story. Our next assignment was to have the novel write a letter back to us. Bell said we need to love our project or we're not ready to write the story. He went on to say, "A good story is the record of how a character fights with death," which can be physical, professional or psychological.  He invited us to visit him at and mentioned the online, interactive program he's created, Knockout Novel that helps with plotting. Check it out at
Jim Bell and the Seekers!
I was thrilled Sunday to have coffee with best-selling author Frank Peretti. Frank's a great guy who enjoys life and makes everyone he meets feel at ease. His debut novel, This Present Darkness, published in 1986, opened the doors to Christian fiction. The ACFW honored him this year with a Lifetime Achievement Award. 
Debby with best selling author Frank Peretti.
Screenwriter and founder of "MovieGuide," Ted  Baehr  presented a two-hour workshop, "How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul)." Money talks, and Ted said Hollywood is seeing great success with family-friendly films, yet more needs to be done. An engaging speaker, Ted encouraged all of us to create uplifting stories and screenplays that could reverse the present moral decline in our country. I came away enthused and encouraged that he and "MovieGuide" are a positive force for good within the film industry.
Ted talks to the ACFW writers.
Sunday afternoon, I also attended "Marketing Plans Made Easy," presented by Agent Amanda Luedeke. Check out her blog posts on marketing each Thursday at
Guess which one is Tosca Lee.
The last workshop of the day was "Making Unsympathetic Characters Sympathetic," presented by Tosca Lee, who has penned a number of books with Ted Dekker. The topic of her workshop was appropriate since she's currently writing novels with unsympathetic characters, such as the devil and Eve. Her latest Biblical fiction release is Iscariot. Yes, Judas Iscariot. She had us look at moments of pain and betrayal in our own lives to use as a springboard into our character's internal conflict.
(R to L) Carol Moncado, Debby, Sue Mason and
Jen Cvelbar from Ohio State! Go Bucks!
Sunday night was the gala banquet and awards ceremony. Everyone looked beautiful in their evening attire. The Genesis and Carol winners were announced amid cheers and tears of gratitude. Congratulations to all the winners...and finalists! We're so proud of all of you.  
(L to R) Anita Mae Draper, Deb Marvin and
Susie Dietz. You look lovely, ladies!

Patti Jo Moore (L) and Mary Connealy
at the Awards Ceremony.

Carol finalist Myra Johnson (L) sits next to Agent of the Year,
Natasha Kern.

The Glory singers perform. The third singer from
the left, dressed in yellow, is our own Helen Gray!

Susie Dietz and Nancy Kimball on the
big screen! 

Congratulations to Susie Dietz on winning the Genesis!
Monday everyone packed their suitcases and headed home. I flew back to Atlanta tired but happy and brimming with ideas for my next story. Leave a comment about ACFW, your writing life or life in general to be entered in a drawing for a copy of my latest Love Inspired Suspense that features the US Army's Wounded Warrior Program, THE SOLDIER'S SISTER.

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti

By Debby Giusti

Someone wants Stephanie Upton dead. A warning to leave town is just
the beginning. Fearing for her life, Stephanie turns to Special Agent
Brody Goodman for help and protection. But can she trust him when
he’s convinced her own brother is a prime suspect? Torn between her
devotion to two men—an estranged brother whose trust she yearns to
regain and an agent she may be falling for—Stephanie doesn’t know
who or what to believe. As feelings between her and Brody escalate,
she’ll have to choose sides to stay alive.

Available now at Amazon.


  1. Oops! Fell asleep on the couch. Headed to bed now.

    Conference was great. Loved seeing so many Seekers and Villagers.

    The coffee's brewing.

    Night, night.


  2. Great pics, Debby! It looks like everyone had a great time, even on the field trip! Conferences are such fun. I won a drawing to get $100.00 off of my fee for St. Louis so I am prayerful I can use it to come.


  3. The coffee hits the spot this morning, Helen! Thanks!

    Don't think I ever mentioned how much I enjoyed your singing. The Glory choir was spectacular and added to the evening's festivities.

    So good seeing you at ACFW. Loved your AUTHOR ribbon. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I saw you once but you were talking to someone and I needed to get somewhere, an appointment maybe.
    I did get to meet Jeanne, Mary, and Julie.
    I learned so much and wasn't quite as nervous this year.
    I've already got you book on the TOP of my TBR pile.
    Have a great day!

  5. Piper, what did you win to receive the money for ACFW? It is a pricey conference but most meals are included, if that helps you decide.

    Would love to see you in St. Louis. I know you'd enjoy the conference.

  6. JACKIE!!!!

    I kept looking for you and asking folks if they had seen you. Hated not connecting. Next time, you have to SEEK us out so we can hug and pray and take pictures. Okay? Promise?

    I feel terrible that you were there and we didn't meet.

  7. Good morning Debby and Seekerville! Great memories from ACFW in your photos, and I'm especially glad you shared Connor Prairie--I kept hearing wonderful comments about it but didn't get a chance to visit--looks like a real step back in time.

    As tired as I am, I'm so blessed from attending ACFW. Seeing some of my Seeker friends and meeting new ones was a highlight for me. Not to mention the awesome workshops I attended!

    After I have a cup of Helen's coffee, I'll be making some Georgia peach pancakes and also pecan waffles to set out for breakfast. And Helen--the choir did an amazing job---beautiful!

    Thanks again for sharing today, sweet Debby---and I have to add that another highlight of my conference was seeing YOU--you're always so welcoming.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  8. Patti Jo, thanks for providing breakfast! I'd love a waffle.

    I was working late last night loading all the pictures, which takes so-o-o long with my computer, and forgot to order a breakfast buffet!

    Shall we add grits?

    I loved seeing you, Patti Jo!!! So glad we had a little more time together this year. Last year, I didn't get enough CatMom time! :)

  9. It was so wonderful to see you and Missy and Janet! Great pictures. Prairietown looks fun. I'm still here, so I might make my son take me there today, although we're getting ready for the zoo right now. :-)

  10. WOW! Thank you SO MUCH, Debby for sharing the pics and a run-down on ACFW events. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!

  11. Suzie, so good seeing you. I loved hearing about your train ride cross country with Narelle. Did Dottie join you?

    Enjoy the zoo. If you have time, stop by Connor Prairie. We ate their chicken salad sandwiches before heading back to Indy and they were so, so yummy!

  12. The photos were great! Everyone smiled as if they were having the time of their lives—and I bet they were!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Glynna! We MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Wish I could go to Dessert Rose (do I have the right name?) in 2014 so I could see you. I'm afraid the timing won't work. Isn't Tina planning to attend?

  14. Hi Mary!

    I took the pics on my little digital camera. Unfortunately, my BlackBerry's camera is not the best. That's why I couldn't send pics to Tina and Ruthy.

    I know your camera does an amazing job! Plus, you know what you're doing.

  15. I've got Bible Study this morning. Sorry I have to be away from my computer for a bit. I'll catch up as soon as I get home...

  16. OOOOOOHHHH! Love conference recaps. This was spectacular!!!!! It looks like so much fun! And motivational!!!! And inspiring!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    And no need to enter me in the draw 'cause I've read and loved The Soldier's Sister.

  17. Debby, I loved reading this and seeing your pics from Prairie Town. How amazing to see how life was back then!

    I especially loved running into you, Janet and Missy on Friday afternoon!!!I met Julie later that weekend, and I saw Mary but didn't get to say hello to her. It was GREAT to see you all.

    I got to meet (FINALLY!) Patti Jo, Helen and Jackie, which was a treat. And the amazing Carol Moncado shared Gluten Free cookies with me, which were delicious!

    I think Tosca's class was the most impacting for me (of course, with the way my appointments worked out, they took me from part/all of my other workshops).

    This was my second ACFW and I found myself more relaxed during it, for the most part. Even my appointments with agents felt less stressful.

    You ladies here are amazing, encouraging and so soothing to a writer's spirit!

  18. Debby, thanks for sharing the photos and highlights of the ACFW conference! Suzie, I hope you get to visit Prairietown. I enjoyed every minute we spent there and at the reenactment of the 1863 Civil War skirmish that took place on Indiana soil. Who knew? Heard lots of interesting tidbits that I hope to sprinkle into a book.

    Patti Jo, thanks for the peach pancakes and waffles. Yummy!!

    Jackie, I'm disappointed we didn't meet. Enjoyed every minute spent with Seekers and Villagers! Thanks to Carol for the cookies!


  19. Debby,

    In addition to the wonderful live stream broadcast of the gala (why doesn't RWA do this?), Wynn Communications did 2 two-hour podcast "shows" (no video, just audio) on Saturday and Sunday afternoon with interviews of the VIPs of the conference.

    Tyson Wynn said they would have a drawing if people sent in an e-mail with their info in it. You could send only one e-mail and I did it on Saturday. And I won! Awesome!

  20. Thank you for giving us all a glimpse into the conference!

  21. Debby, those are great photos!!! Did you see the photo I got with Frank Peretti peeking his head between mine and Jill Williamson's when we were getting a group shot? It was hilarious! He is such a funny guy. It's on facebook if you scroll down my page.

    Thank you for praying with me and Carol, Debby. You have such a sweet spirit about you. I love you Seekers so much!!! Sigh. The ACFW conference was definitely the highlight of this whole year! :D

    ACFW is a great place to learn, make friends, and feel the love and acceptance of the body of Christ. I brought two first timers with me this year, and it was a reminder to me of just how much my life has changed in so many good ways by being able to attend the conference for so many years. God is good!!! He gets me there year after year.

  22. Just awesome pictures, Debby!!! So many folks that I MISS!!!!

  23. Loved looking at these pictures and I enjoyed meeting so many of you! :)

  24. I love this post, Debby. I can barely remember some of this. I feel like you've kept track of it for me. :)

  25. No conference photos for me. But I'm loving everyone else's. It looks and sounds like soooo much fun.


    I'd love to be entered for the book.

  26. Jeanne T...
    So wonderful to see you! You looked beautiful, as always.

    BTW, Jeanne Takenaka was a Frasier Award Finalist and had her picture on page 2 of the conference program. Yay, Jeanne!

    So proud of your final!

    I agree...Tosca Lee was amazing. Lots of energy! I asked her about Killer Nashville, an August conference that Ted Dekker started some years ago. She said she always attends. Something to think about for folks in my part of the country.

  27. Hi Sherri,
    Were your ears burning? I mentioned the wonderful blog post you did on Seekerville to a number of folks. Must go back and re-read.

  28. Janet, thanks so much for being our Indiana hostess! Loved Indianapolis and Connor Prairie! :)

  29. WOW, PIPER! God's telling you you need to go to ACFW next year.

    Congrats on the win! I didn't know about the podcast. Did you pick up lots of good information?

  30. Hi Rose...
    I thought back to ACFW 2012 and the lovely time I had visiting with you. Missed you in Indy. St Louis, perhaps?

  31. Melanie,
    I'll look for the photo of Frank. Isn't he adorable? So funny. So down to earth. A real jokester too. In my mind, he represents Christian fiction so meeting him was such a thrill. Plus, I sat and had coffee with him at Starbucks. Be still my heart. Of course, it was God's doing, and I keep saying, "Thank you, Jesus!"

  32. Tina, your name was always mentioned whenever Seekers and Seeker Villagers gathered.

    Hope you felt the love. :)

  33. Hi Jessica!

    Wasn't the conference wonderful. The best yet, and to think, I almost didn't go. God kept opening doors that finally made me realize I NEEDED to go. Which I did. I came home enthused and ready to work. Plus, I had new insight into my characters and the direction my current WIP should go. was all good!!!

  34. Hi Mary,
    Love the picture of you and Erica on the first floor. That was at the very beginning. How did the time pass so quickly?

  35. Andrea, you're entered in the drawing. I know there will be a time when you can go to ACFW. I didn't attend any national conferences until just days before my first book sold.

    Up until then, I couldn't justify the expense and being away from my children while they were still young. Once I got close, the expense seemed warranted and my "babies" were older. :)

    These days, I'm trying to live in God's time. As we know, it's always perfect.

  36. What a fun recap, Deb! Love all the pix! So great to spend time with Seekers and Seekervillagers.

  37. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to go to the conference so bad that I literally had a dream about it!
    Well, hopefully next year.

  38. Hey Debby,

    Yes, I got good information, and it did give the feeling of being in on some part of the conference. I was listening at the same time as Mary Curry and it was if we were hanging out together (at least that's what we told ourselves) again. And it was free!


  39. DEBBY!!! Oh, WOW, what a fun memory scrapbook, my friend -- you captured it ALL!!! Makes me SO homesick to see you all again, or maybe I should say, Seeker-sick!!


  40. Thanks for the tour of Prairietown, Debby. Living history museums--like Sturbridge Village and Williamsburg--are fascinating.

    Your information about the sessions at the conference were good. I'll check out James Scott Bell's website and good to hear the demand for family friendly movies is increasing. Love seeing all the photos of Seekers and Seeker friends. You all look lovely!

    Yay, Piper, for getting a jump start on ACFW 2014!

    I bought The Soldier's Sister--along with many Seekerville books last week!

    Now to have a peaches and pecans. :)

  41. Hi Myra! Great conference. So good seeing you. How's the new pup?

  42. Oh, Amber, I hope it was a good dream. Tell God how much you want to go and see what His time, of course.

    Would love to see you at ACFW next year. Sending hugs and love.

  43. Hi Piper!

    Free is good!

    Hanging out with Mary Curry is even better! :)

  44. Julie, I'm already thinking about ACFW next year in ST Louis! Your stompin' grounds.

  45. Oh, don't get me started on our new puppy! Poppy is the sweetest thing ever! Settled right in and having a great time with her "big brother," Shadow.

    LOL--just what I needed, another distraction from writing! Hopefully in a few days the newness will wear off and we'll all settle into a comfortable routine together.

  46. So glad the new member of the family is making herself at home. I'm sure she's a sweetie!

  47. Hi DEBBY,Thanks for all the wonderful photos. Only some came through for me but I'm crossing the Cascade Mountain range so suspect reception is't great here.

    Love the museum photos.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  48. Sherida, I googled Sturbridge Village, which looks lovely. Of course, Williamsburg has always been a favorite of mine. In fact, that probably tops my list of fav interactive historical sites. I lived in VA for many years and visited Williamsburg often.

    But...Connor Prairie was lovely and the folks in costume were a wealth of information. We chatted for quite awhile with the non-smiling schoolmarm. She stayed in character the entire time. And maybe smiled once! :)

    I'm interested in James Scott Bell's how-to on editing and revisions. He's such a good teacher. Missy recently purchased the Knock Out program and said it helped her with brainstorming so I may give that a try as well.

    Thanks for getting The Soldier's Sister. Hope you enjoy the story!

  49. Great recap, Debby. Thanks for the photos. I brought my camera but never remembered to take it out!

    So glad to meet so many on-line friends! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I love the generous spirit that lives and breathes at that conference.


  50. The schoolmarm accused my grandchildren of being naughty after I asked what disciplinary measures she used. Guess she thought I had a reason for asking. LOL Her answer was, the children would never dream of acting up when their parents had sacrificed so much to send them to school. Plus the school term was short!


  51. Debby, I love Williamsburg too! My dh and I went there on our honeymoon. We couldn't afford to stay in the Williamsburg Inn, but returned on our 25th wedding anniversary and had the royal treatment. :-)


  52. Piper, love that you won money off of next year's conference! Yay!!


  53. Oh, Debby, what a pun: "a night on the ton."

    Fun to see the conference through your camera lens. Thanks especially for the tour of Connor Prairie. Net-draped mirrors. Sleeve puffs. And that school teacher earned how much??

    Sorry your computer took so long to upload the pix but ever so glad you shared them.

    Nancy C

  54. Sue, it was so great to find you! I missed Jackie all together.

    Isn't it fun to see cyber friends in person? We're already connected even though we've never met. Has to be a God thing.

    Keep us posted on your writing! Promise?

  55. Janet,

    Honeymooning in Williamsburg must have been enchanting. Especially for an historical author!

    Did you take pictures you'd like to share? :)

  56. Hi Nancy, glad you enjoyed the pictures. When I loaded them last night, the entire conference replayed before my eyes. A picture is worth a thousand words, for sure!

  57. Hey y'all! Been busy adding more words to my WIP. (Got to about 33,000, shooting for 80,000). I'm hoping that is around the word count for my desired publisher.
    Never been to a conference, but maybe one day. . .St. Louis isn't too far from me. Like the pictures!

    Don't enter me. I have this book already:)

    Courtney --

  58. Courtney, great job on your writing progress. Conferences are a good way to meet editors and well as other writers. Plus the workshops are usually excellent. Think about next year in St. Louis. Would love to see you there.

    Thanks for getting my book!


  59. Hi Debby,

    Thanks for sharing the great pics and info. They do make me sad I couldn't go, but it's lovely of you to share.

    I just ordered the conference CD so I'll try to imagine being there.

    Piper!!!! You won! I didn't know. So cool.

  60. Im late for some reason the hotel blocked seekerville, and most other blogs I use. getting on the bus back home shortly. Love the photos.
    you know you are tired when you read sinister sister instead of spinster sister.
    I will have a good look this afternoon when I get home I am loving seeing and hearing what happened.

    (specialist visit was a bust hes referred me to another specialist so back down in 3 and a half weeks. oh he thinks i have crushed the cartridge between the end of the ulnar and the wrist bones which is about what my dr said all along. ok got to go get food

  61. I love visiting living museums and enjoyed the pics of Prairie Town and seeing all the Seekers and friends' faces at the conference. It's obvious you were all having a wonderful time wherever you happened to be. I'm happy so many from here could attend. Thank you for the recap, Debby.

  62. Love the pictures! I hope I can meet you all at conference next year in St. Louis!

  63. Hi Mary Curry,
    As Mary Connealy mentioned, we kept looking for you and your iPad! :)

    Missed you! And Julie!

  64. Jenny,

    Narelle sent greetings from you! So fun to see her and Dottie at the conference. Wish you could have joined them.

    Miss you!

    Hate to hear of more waiting time for your wrist!

  65. Hi Pat,
    Being with dear friends always makes everything better! The conference was special because of all the wonderful Seekers and Seeker Villagers! Glad you liked the pics and highlights of Connor Prairie and ACFW.

  66. Cara, hoping you can join us in St. Louis. Is that where we roomed together? Such a fun conference. Such a great roomie!

  67. Hi Debby,
    Great photographs and memories. It was a great conference. Thanks for sharing your insights and the terrific photos of the historical village. Hugs to you for your generosity and guidance.

    I so enjoyed stealing time with the Seekers and Seeker friends. Everyone was so encouraging and offering a shoulder or wisdom as needed. Attending the conference was a gift. I hope to attend next year, too. St. Louis is a doable drive for me. Wouldn't it be awesome to have everyone there next year? Start saving your pennies!

  68. Lyndee, so good to spend time with you at ACFW! Wasn't it a special time. Loved every minute.

    Yes, next year in St. Louis! I'm there. God willing. :)

  69. Debby, wonderful review of the conference! So much excitement and fun. I love seeing you, the Seekers and the Villagers all having a great time together.

    The field trip looked like a blast. Loved the schoolmarm. And the pie making. When you mentioned the calico, I thought of Pam : )

    I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves and learned lots. Now I can't wait for my conference MP3s!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  70. Oh I missed getting to go so much! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time. I plan on seeing everyone in St Louis next year.

  71. I loved looking through the photographs thank you. It sounds like such a wonderful time.

  72. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  73. Thanks so much for sharing the pics of the conference. I was a little disappointed not to attend this year. It looks like it was enjoyable. Perhaps I will see you all next year. It would be nice to reconnect with the other Seekers out there.

  74. Teri,
    So glad you'll be at St. Louis. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  75. Edwina, so good seeing you online. I've been praying for you and your family. So sorry about your mother.

  76. Waving to Mary! Thanks for stopping by Seekerville! Always good to see your comments.

    Kathy...hope to see you at ACFW next year. It should be a good conference.

  77. Wonderful post, Debby! I love all the pictures of your trip--how fun. Down sleeve puffy things. I never knew.

    Seeing you and meeting so many others was a real treat to me. I needed a kick in the posterior in regards to my writing and Jim Bell provided that with his workshop. What a wonderful experience!

  78. I'm a day late but so enjoyed the photos! now I need to steal them to put them on my computer. :)

  79. Thanks for all the pics, Debby. I love looking at them during the cold winter months when I'm far from everyone.

    I'm so blessed to have been able to go to this year's conference and I'm already looking forward to next year. :)

  80. Anita Mae, it was wonderful being with you. You are so special to me.

    Hugs and love!

  81. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I love seeing pictures of all your smiling faces.