Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Weekend Edition Birthday Week 5

 Let Them Eat Cake!

 This is our last week of 6th birthday celebrations, but there are still plenty of prizes, surprises and cake to go around. So be sure to grab yours. The weekly prize winner and the Ipad mini winner will be announced Saturday, November 2nd. This is definitely the time to come out of lurkdom. Every comment is a chance to be in our drawings as we celebrate with 31 days of fun and prizes. Do check our party link here to be sure you've claimed your prize this month.

Week 4 Winner is Elaine Manders 

We Have Winners

  Contact us at our email address if you are a winner. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, per our legal page, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  Please remember we don't contact winners -so please contact us at seekers at seekerville dot net

 Seeker and  Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean shared what’s she’s learned since leaving the island on Monday with her post “What I’ve Learned Writing for Love Inspired.” Winner of one of her books—eBook or print— winner’s choice is Melanie (Christian Bookshelf Reviews). Winner of a phone chat and first chapter critique is  Kym McNabey.

Tuesday,   Publishers Weekly Contributing Editor Barbara Vey guest blogged on Seekerville. Barbara shred details the of her "Speech at Oxford...England!" In honor of Barbara, Debby Giusti offered an open ticket to Barbara's Reader Appreciation Luncheon, April 26, 2014 in Milwaukee, WI, to one lucky winner.The winner of the open ticket to Barbara’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon is Julie Hilton Steele! The winner of Barbara’s book drawing is Kim from Baltimore. The winner of the journal, calendar/planner and copy of The Soldier's Sister is Dina.

Wednesday: Today Seekerville is delighted to welcome back our good friend, Keli Gwyn with her post, "5 Reasons Book Reviewers Rock." Winner of a digital copy of A Bride Opens Shop! is Iola Goulton and the winner of a print copy is Katrina E.

Need help fleshing out characters? Building your plot? On Thursday, Myra Johnson shared, "What I learned about brainstorming after leaving the island." The winner of The Writer's Brainstorming Kit, by Pam McCutcheon and Michael Waite is Ann Stewart.

Debut, Love Inspired Historical author, Christina Rich was our special guest on Friday with her post, "First Lines, Great Beginnings." Winners of 5 page critiques are Meghan Carver and DebH. THIS JUST IN! Christina has generously upped her winners to five: The other three winners are Vince, Victoria and Terri. Send your pages to the Seeker address and we will forward them. Thanks, Christina!

How do we know when we've become successful writers? What yardstick should we use--bestseller lists? Royalty statements? Literary awards? Saturday we were joined by award-winning author Lynn Austin who shared some of her thoughts with her post, "Chasing Success." Winner of Lynn's latest book, Return to Me, is Jeanne T.


 Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Pam Hillman is our hostess today. She's going to share less that leads to more. Pam says, "It's a hard lesson, but I'm learning that sometimes less really is more. Prize is a $10 gift card to Raising Cane's -- a restaurant that specializes in fried chicken tenders. They sell chicken tenders, nothing else. They know what they do well and leave the rest to everybody else."  *Subtitution will be made if the winner doesn't have a Raising Cane in their area.

Tuesday:  Virginia Carmichael Munoz is our guest today and she's talking about the hybrid author phenomenon. Come prepared to learn, and she's giving away her November 2013 Love Inspired release (two copies) Season of Hope.

Wednesday: Today we welcome back suspense author Jordyn Redwood with a thoughtful, provocative and thoroughly challenging post called "Dangerous Curves Ahead." Come prepared to talk! Jordyn is giving away a set of her Bloodlines Trilogy from Kregel Publications: Proof, Poison and Peril to one lucky visitor.

Thursday:Love Inspired author Eva Maria Hamilton returns with "A Trip Back to the Past." Don't miss this etymological journey! She's also giving away a copy of Highland Hearts!

Friday: The November Contest Update is here. We have some great, giveaways and you'll get to meet the November Contest Diva.

Seeker Sightings

DO share you own news and sightings in the comments during the Weekend Edition. And we welcome you to share your news (releases, contest finals and wins, book sales or free days, etc.)  on our Facebook Page

 Debby Giusti will blog on The Craftie Ladies of Love Inspired Blogspot on Tuesday, Oct 29, and on Love Inspired Authors Blogspot, Thursday, Oct 31! Stop by to say hello!

Debby Giusti will be at the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon, in Birmingham, AL, on SAT, Nov 2. She'll host a table, give away an author basket packed with goodies and sign copies of her lastest release, The Soldier's Sister. For information and reservations:

Do you hear what I here? A Light in the Window is now in PAPERBACK -- just in time for Christmas!!  Marcy and Patrick's prequel  has a solid 5-star rating on Amazon and has won three awards -- 1st place in the Inspirational Novel category of the International Digital Awards contest, the Inspirational Category of the 2013 Readers' Crown Award, and the Inspirational Category of the Book Buyer's Best Award. Click here for paperback and here for e-book on AMAZON or e-book on B&N!!

Romance-ology 101 is now in BOTH e-book and paperback!! Welcome to Romance-ology 101, where a “kiss is NOT just a kiss” nor is a “sigh just a sigh”! Julie Lessman's workbook for writers is now available in both paperback and e-book at AMAZON, so Click Here to Order.

Random News & Information

When it comes to publishing it pays to think outside the box (Bookworm Blues)

12 Years a Writer (Matt Haig)  

Do It Because It’s What You’re Here To Do (JonathanFields)

Using Scrivener to Save the Cat (Romance University)

Simon & Schuster to Launch Science Fiction, Fantasy Imprint (PW)

Scribd, HarperCollins Launch $8.99 Subscription Book Service (FastCompany)

The Horologicon is Coming (Inky Fool via K.C. Frantzen)

Freelance Editor Rates to Guide Your Work (GalleyCat)

First Draft Terror by Suzanne Chazin (Backspace)

4 Science-Based Resources to Build a Drama-Free Writing Routine (Writer Unboxed)

How to Get in the Zone and Stay in It with Tom Evans (The Creative Penn)

Ten Tips for Self Publishing a Multi-Author Anthology (The Passive Voice)


Here’s how much Smashwords authors will get paid through ebook subscription service Oyster (Gigaom)

This is the last week we'll be asking you to consider nominating  Seekerville for the 16th Annual Writer’s Digest 101 Best Website for Writer’s Award. Send an email to with “101 Websites” in the subject line. Our category is Genres/Niches as we are an Inspirational Romance Writing Community. 

That's it!  Have a great day, and pass the cake!


  1. YAY! It's the WE! :) It looks good, Tina. I'll check out the links tomorrow. Just wanted to say congratulations to the winners!

    And I'm so grateful to have won a book from Lynn Austin!! :)

    Since I'm the first (?) or one of the first here, I'll leave some decaf Good Earth tea, some Gevalia chocolate mocha coffee and some of my double chocolate brownies with 20 oz of chocolate and 5 oz of flour.

    Good night all!

  2. And it's moist dreamy CHOCOLATE cake too!

    OH yes, please!!!

    Wonderful week in Seekerville, and another stellar one coming up.

    Congrats to all the winners. Enjoy!

    (And I hope to have my own new book news to share next WE!) For now I'll let you know that May's brother Cass and I had a terrific visit with Graysville Elementary in Dayton, TN Friday morning. We spoke to K-3, then repeated adding a lesson on elevator pitches to 4-5.

    We're planning to focus on more school visits in the coming months. :)

    Happy rest of the weekend, everyone

  3. I was praying for you KC and thinking about you. Knew from your email that you would be BIZY thru today. Will email you early in the week.

    HI MAY!!!

  4. I just bought some Good Earth decaf, Jeanne. LOVE THAT STUFF!!

  5. Great week in Seekerville and a great WE! Congratulations, winners. :-)

    I came home from work Friday to a box full of SWAG! So. Much. Fun! Thank you, Seekerville, and thank you, Mary Connealy!

  6. Mary is so efficient, as the rest of us are kicking butt to get ours mailed. (Show off, Connealy.)

  7. I love the WE. But I always forget to budget the time for all the articles. I always think, "I'll just peek over there at the WE..." And then an hour later, my brain is full and I've favorite a bunch of links and... oh, right, I need to do some writing!

    Excellent, as always!!

  8. I love the WE. But I always forget to budget the time for all the articles. I always think, "I'll just peek over there at the WE..." And then an hour later, my brain is full and I've favorite a bunch of links and... oh, right, I need to do some writing!

    Excellent, as always!!

  9. P.S. The Jonathan Fields article is hilarious!

    P.P.S. Christina Rich critiqued parts of my last historical and had amazing insight. Awesome prize there!

  10. What a fun birthday week. Congratulations to the winners.

  11. Congratulations to all the winners! It's hard to believe the birthday celebration will be coming to a close this next week. It truly has been fun with lots of information shared by all the guests. Seekers you definitely know how to through a great party! Looking forward to next week. I've been wanting an iPad for so long now. My husband tells me we can't afford one right now and he's right, but I told him I can always pray that I win one. Have my fingers crossed but it truly makes it hard to type. :)

    I love the links that you have listed but will have to wait until I arrive home from church to check them out.

    Everyone have a glorious week!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  12. Congrats to all the winners! I can't believe the birthday month is almost over. Time is moving too fast.

    And yay for Christina upping her # of critique giveaways. I've had a critique by Christina before and it was awesome :)

    Happy Sunday, Seekerville!

  13. Congratulations, winners!!! But I think we are all winners here, and I don't mean that in an "every kid gets a participation trophy" kind of way...

    (I will desist from offering my snark-infused opinion on that subject)

    We are all winners because we read... or write... or both! I saw a Facebook survey that talked about how few people read today....

    And I pray it's inaccurate because oy vey!!!! Get those books and Kindles back into folks hands and work them brain cells to a frenzy!


    Busy Sunday here. Church, meeting with friends, baby shower, then home late this afternoon. The house is NOT CLEAN, but there were over 5,000 words written in my Big Sky book "His Montana Sweetheart" August, 2014.... And two little orange kittens saved!!!

    So I'm happy dancing and not a bit guilty about celebrating a new baby in the family later today! (maybe the new baby would like a KITTEN????)



  14. Congrats to all the winners and to Seekerville for throwing such a rocking birthday bash. Sigh...can't believe your birthday month is almost over. Rats. That means I don't have an excuse to eat cake for breakfast any more. :-(

    Ruthy -- you are writing a Western???? And you saved kitties???? You are my hero!!!!!

  15. Congratulations to all of this winners!

    I received my swag bag yesterday from Debby-THANK YOU. Everything in it was wonderful.


  16. Congrats to all the winners! October has been a FUN month at Seekerville.....but it is always fun at this blog.!!!!

  17. THANK YOU, Christina!! I'm sooo excited about having a critique from you ... you're just great to give your time for five critiques :)

  18. Fine! So Deb mailed too. I msiled 3 pkgs this week. I am only a partial SLACKER!

  19. Congratulations to the winners! It's been a week full of great blogs. Happy Birthday Seekerville!

  20. Wahoo, one more week to party!!! One more week to eat my fill of cake. :-)

    Congrats to last week's winners! The lineup looks great for this week.

    KC, sounds like you and Cass were a hit! Congrats!

    The sun is shining here! Happy Weekend, all!


  21. FABulous WE Tina! Looking forward to the week ahead - and congrats to all the winners!

  22. Yay, Seekerville, one more week to party.

    I won Week 4's gift card.
    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to all the other winners. Seekers are such generous, fun and loving people.

    Great line-up coming up.

  23. I'm so excited to find Seekerville. I've been surfing the links, reading the posts, and thinking just how much I really want off unpubbed isle! I am so new to social media, but this place offers much of what I'm searching to find. Yay on the celebration.:)
    I have a full LI in from a pitch contest. I look forward to more to come.

  24. Congratulations to all the winners!! It's been fun celebrating Seekerville's birthday!

  25. Kav, yes, a Western by Ruthy!!!! I'm having so much fun. I think a trip to MONTANA is in order, don't you????


    And look here! This is what I found today for "Running on Empty" in the Kindle Store:

    #1 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Literature & Fiction > Romance > Contemporary

    #4 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Religious & Inspirational > Romance

    #4 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Christian > Romance

    Back in the TOP FIVE of all contemporary Christian romances.

    Talk about delighted. I'm stinkin' happy dancing, so glad this book is being well received.

    GRINNING in upstate!!!!

  26. I am mailing this week.

    I am mailing this week.

    I am mailing this week. As soon as the continuity is complete, I'm taking a few hours to get mailings done.

    I promise!!!!

  27. Wow! Awesome! So glad to be a winner. What a blessing.


  28. We're glad you found us too Writing Irish Blog.

    Interesting name. What do your friends call you?

  29. Congratulations winners!!

    Ruthy,Running on Empty in the top five! Congrats!

  30. CONGRATS to all the winners!

    Happy Birthday Seekerville!!! :)

    Hugs, Patti Jo (helping herself to a slice of YUMMY cake) ;)

  31. It's been a crazy, semi-emotinoal day here, and I finally, FINALLY have a chance to come back and read. I got through a couple links. Suzanne Chazin had some interesting thoughts about a first draft. :)

    I missed the KC Frantzen article! I'm going back to read that one.

    Have a great evening, all! I'm off to deal with a "little."

    Looking forward to next week!

  32. Hope your Monday is quiet, Jeanne.


  33. I know. Seriously, Jan.

    I want the frosting. You can have the cake.

  34. Oh my gosh, look at all those links! And every one of them sounds interesting. Time to settle in and read and learn.

    Congrats to all the winners. Super prizes from generous folks. This has been an amazing month, hasn't it?

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had rain -- and that makes our weekend super :-)

    Nancy C

  35. Congrats to all the winners! Another great week lined up on the #1 website!

  36. Tina,
    Call me Erin. Thanks for the welcome. :) I can't figure out how to show a name instead of the wordpress blog. Color me tech savvy, huh?

  37. Whoo hoo! So excited to win the critique.