Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fayette Woman Magazine Photo Shoot!

Fayette Woman publisher Joyce Beverly (L)
and Debby pose for a photo.
Debby Giusti here!

Ever wonder what happens at a photo shoot?

I had the chance to find out firsthand when Joyce Beverly, the publisher of Fayette Woman Magazine, emailed, asking to feature me on the cover of their November issue.

When opportunity knocks, say yes! 

I accepted her kind offer and then slipped into pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming mode. In Fayette County, Georgia, where I live, Fayette Woman Magazine is big—really big.

Established almost twelve years ago, Joyce has worked hard to build Fayette Woman into a slick publication filled with interesting and informative articles about and for women. Over 8,000 copies--distributed free of charge each month--are available at salons, gifts shops, grocery stores, medical offices, gyms, spas, libraries and bookstores. In fact, anywhere people congregate, Fayette Woman can be found.

Push on enough doors and one will open.

I believe in pushing on doors, but Joyce’s offer came out of the blue and was a total surprise. I’m still amazed and deeply touched by her invitation to be in the magazine.

It’s not only what you do but who you know. 

I know God was involved. Of course, he worked through Maggie Worth, a talented writer and fellow member of Georgia Romance Writers, who first suggested my name. Joyce gave the go ahead, and Maggie was assigned the story.

A few days later, Maggie and I met at Starbucks over coffee. I talked about my life and my journey to publication while Maggie took notes and asked questions. Within an hour, she had the basis for her article. As requested, I submitted the names of a few folks who could provide additional information, and Maggie contacted two of them to round out the story. (Thanks, Darlene Buchholz and Tina Radcliffe, for saying such sweet things and making me sound better than I am.)

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

While Maggie was working on the article, the Art Director, Heather Ward, scheduled a photo shoot at my house. Photographer Marie Thomas arrived toting her camera, special lighting and lots of equipment that filled my foyer and made me realize I was dealing with a real pro.

Photographer Marie Thomas gets ready for the photo shoot!

Experts work miracles! 

I was told to style my hair but leave my makeup to Bridget Crider, another expert who worked magic that day. Using an assortment of brushes and a pallet of colors, she skillfully transformed a frumpy writer who spends long hours alone with her computer into a …well, a cover lady.

Makeup artist Bridget Crider does her magic!

Choose carefully. 

Although I had selected a few outfits to wear during the shoot, my choices weren't the warm autumn tones appropriate for the November issue. Heading back to my closet, I pulled out darker hues and watched as Marie mixed and matched to come up with the perfect combinations.

I quickly changed into a cowl neck top and draped cardigan before we moved outside onto the deck. Marie wanted to take advantage of the natural light and capture the beauty of the changing leaves. With a true artist’s eye, she placed a pot of mums on the railing behind me to add fall color and patiently coached me on how to fold my arms and angle my chin.

Then she started to snap photos while I smiled. Click. Click. Click.

Smile. Click. Click. Click.

Click here to read the article online. Be patient. The site takes time to download. The story Maggie wrote runs from page 10 -17. Check out the Seeker picture on page 13, and then come back to Seekerville! 

Once Marie was satisfied she had the perfect cover shot, we moved indoors for a change of outfits and more pictures.

Marie checks her camera.

Always prepare more than you need. 

Not all the poses were used, but having an excess is always prudent, and I’m sure Marie wanted lots of photos from which to choose. I enjoyed watching her. One glance through the lens of her camera and she knew whether the shot would work. She also knew where I should stand and how I should tilt my head.

Marie kept asking if I was okay. Evidently, some folks get tired of changing outfits and posing for the camera, however I loved every minute. Who knows, maybe I’ll include it in a book someday.

A working author. 

If you glanced through the digital article, you may have noticed the picture where I’m working at my computer…complete with make-up and earrings. Are you smiling? Don’t all authors dress up for work?

For the last set of photos, I donned jeans and a royal blue vest. We loaded Marie’s equipment into her car and headed to the nearby docks for some casual shots. The weather was perfect and even the ducks wanted to get in the photos.

The entire shoot took three hours, but everyone was happy at the end, and Marie was confident she had enough pictures for the layout. After lots of hugs, I waved goodbye to Joyce and Marie and Bridget and returned home with wonderful memories of a very special day.

L to R: Marie Thomas, Bridget Crider, Joyce Beverly.
Thanks, ladies, for making me feel so special!
In early November, Fayette Woman editor, Kristin Girard, appeared at my door bearing gifts--copies of Fayette Woman Magazine and a huge tote-bag filled with goodies. Kristin snapped a picture as I took my first peak at the article and art work. You can probably tell how I felt from the look on my face…honored, humbled and so very grateful.

This month is a time of thanksgiving, and the November issue had a special section about finding gratitude in everyday moments. I am so very thankful to have had this wonderful opportunity and to have gotten to know the outstanding women who create Fayette Woman Magazine.

Joyce, Kristin, Heather, Marie and Bridget, thank you for making November a very special month!

A writer’s takeaway…

If you’re like me, you gain inspiration from each new experience in life. Check out today’s blog headers to find some of the truths I took away from the photo shoot.

When opportunity knocks, say yes! 
Be open to special events and invitations that turn into blessings.

Push on enough doors and one will open.
Don’t get caught in a rut. Step out in faith, turn a corner or cross a new threshold. You might be pleasantly surprise at what awaits you.

It’s not only what you do but who you know. 
Networking is important. Get to know your writing peers as well as industry professionals, and be willing to help others on the road to publication.

A picture is worth a thousand words. 
 Envision where you want to be in five years, then work to achieve your goal.

Choose carefully. 
You’re very special. Don’t sell yourself short.

Experts work miracles!
Never think you’re too good--or too old--to learn something new, and seek help when needed.

Clothes make the woman.
When in professional situations, put your best foot forward, and dress for success.

Always prepare more than you need.
Don’t skimp in your writing or in your personal life. Be generous with yourself and with others.

A working author writes. 
Taking a story from conception to finished manuscript is work. Keep writing, day after day after day. 

Are you open to new opportunities?
What have you learned on the road to publication?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
What are you most grateful for as you look back over your writing journey?

Share a comment to be included in a drawing for my Christmas novella, “Yule Die,” featured in CHRISTMAS PERIL, which also includes Margaret Daley’s story, “Merry Mayhem.” A 2014 Planner is included in the giveaway.

Yesterday, I delivered Gigi’s Cupcakes to Joyce and her staff as a small thank you and token of my appreciation. I bought extras for us to enjoy today.

Lemon Dream Supreme, Peanut Butter Cup, Scarlett’s Red Velvet, White Midnight Magic, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, White Midnight Magic, Wedding Cake and more. Take your pick!

The coffee’s hot.

Now let’s talk about giving thanks and the writing journey.

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti

By Debby Giusti 


Someone wants Stephanie Upton dead. A warning to leave town is just the beginning. Fearing for her life, Stephanie turns to Special Agent Brody Goodman for help and protection. But can she trust him when he’s convinced her own brother is a prime suspect? Torn between her devotion to two men—an estranged brother whose trust she yearns to regain and an agent she may be falling for—Stephanie doesn’t know who or what to believe. As feelings between her and Brody escalate, she’ll have to choose sides to stay alive.

Available now at Amazon.


  1. You look fabulous! And I loved getting a peek into your special day! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'll have to come back tomorrow and click through to the article.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. :-)

  2. What a wonderful post, Debby! And I love the article in the Fayette Woman Magazine! Looks like a great mag! Now, can you tell me why I haven't had a chance to review all your books?

  3. Thanks for the insight the article looks great will read when I can handle it better.
    Great opportunity and I hope it gets you more readers.
    You said talk thankful I am thankful I got to meet you, Missy, Patti-Jo and Patty in May.

    (I'm also thankful my dr listens and when I told her I know why I have been wanting mum. which is when you are little and sick your mum is there to support you and make it better and will say It will be alright. I said I just needed her to tell me that. Well my dr said before I left "It will be alright" made me feel so much better. I know we will get the pain under control if I didn't have that hope I dont know how I would go on.)

  4. Hi, Debbie. I, too, live in Greater Atlanta and was thrilled to read your post. I'll have to pop over and read the article in Fayette Woman after I post. I'd love to be entered into the contest. Blessings!

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  6. What a wonderful post Debby. The article and pictures in the Fayette Woman Magazine was great as well.

    In answer to your questions:
    Yes, I am always open to new opportunities even if it requires change.
    On the road to publication? I learn so much about craft from all of you here in Seekerville.
    In five years I hope to have several manuscripts completed, entered into contests and if it is the Lord's will, receive "the call".
    I am most grateful for the discipline I am learning just going through the process of writing daily.

    I would love to be entered into your contest and might I say those cupcakes look wonderful. Wish I lived closer I would have my hubby pick me up some for my birthday tomorrow. :)

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Oh my gosh. Fascinating and of course Debby, you are so lovely! We know it's an inside/outside beauty too.
    What fun. I'm going to go to the article next but wanted to say hi and take a peek at those cupcakes up close.
    Your story is going to be so enjoyed by the magazine's readers and I expect God will use this situation (That He set up!)

    Okay back to my editing...

  8. Pass me a cupcake. They look delicious. And you look beautiful on the cover. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

    Happy Wednesday, Seekerville!

  9. Debbie, I saw copies of the magazine floating around the GRW meeting last Saturday. I was very excited for you! Congratulations!

    Please don't include me in the drawing as I already have Christmas Peril.

  10. You had me at cupcake!!!!!

    Debby, what a fun and uplifting experience this was. First, the professionalism of the people involved, clearly women who know their stuff, and I love that it was an all-women crew! Perfect!!!!

    This is a great look at your strong example of quiet leadership. I love that you're not afraid to push for doors to open... but I love even more that folks rarely know the door was pushed!!! Your grace precedes you.

    Thank you for sharing this! Love it!!!

    And I want, no maybe NEED to open a cupcake bakery. I'd have so much fun!

    I'm opting for a carrot cake cupcake. My salute to November!

  11. The fact that I spelled your name "Debbie" instead of "Debby" proves that I have not had my morning coffee yet. :-)


    Ok, I got more than that from the post, really.

    And I've never heard of the magazine but that cover is beautiful!! They did a wonderful job! And how sweet of you to deliver a thank you. That is just lovely.

  13. Oh, Jenny. Praying for your complete healing and perfect peace!

  14. Morning, Seekerville!

    I'm grabbing a cup of coffee and waving to Clari! Thanks for being the first to leave a comment. Be sure to stop by later today to see where the discussion takes us.

    Hopefully you know I'm so very grateful for Seekerville and all the wonderful Villagers!!!

  15. Hi Marianne...

    Do we need to talk? Over coffee?

    I'm smiling! How 'bout a cupcake?

  16. Hi Jenny,

    Meeting you last May was a very special moment in my life, one that I treasure!!!

    We're praying for your medical condition to improve. My own mother died when I was in my thirties, and I still long for her gentle touch and sweet smile when I'm sick. Sending hugs and love to you and wonderful memories of your mum.

  17. Hi Debby,

    You look so beautiful. And what a gorgeous house.

    I lived in Athens, Georgia for ten wonderful years, and you and your home look like the epitome of true Georgia elegance. I was supposed to be driving down for the UK vs UGA game this weekend, but we were invited to an unplanned wedding at the last minute and had to give up our tickets. So I'm especially missing Georgia this weekend. So thanks so much for sharing about your photo shoot and sharing your home with me. I needed that.

    (Go Dawgs!)

  18. Sybil! We're neighbors. So glad you stopped by Seekerville. Do you ever get to the Southside?

  19. Debby,

    I, like Walt, saw the copies of the magazine at the meeting on Saturday and heard Maggie'sreport of interviewing you, which was a great pleasure for her. I'm sure the crew was quite surprised when you turned your camera on them--they might not have known what a photographer you are!!! No wonder you were studying her so hard!!

    I echo other folks here. It's a lovely cover and a well-deserved article on you! You are a star in so many ways!!

  20. Cindy, Happy Birthday a day early!!!

    Take two cupcakes and save one for tomorrow. :)

    "The Call" in five years! A great goal. Write it down and keep the note handy so you can assess your progress.

    I did that a number of years ago. I heard Debbie Macomber speak and that was her suggestion and the takeaway for all of us that day.

    My road to publication took longer than the five years, but I had my sights set and knew what I wanted. Eventually, my dream came true. Yours will too!

    You also wrote, "I am most grateful for the discipline I am learning just going through the process of writing daily."

    Which ties in with my writing is hard work comment.

    Writing does take discipline, but the personal satisfaction when you complete a manuscript is huge! Keep working. Keep writing. You will succeed.

  21. Debby, you make a beautiful 'cover girl' and you have a lovely home... thanks for sharing with us, it was fun!:-)

    I like your book covers... :-)

  22. Hi Deb,
    I'm grabbing your cup and giving you a refill! You're a hard working writer and up early. Good for you!!!

    Knowing God, I'm sure additional doors will open because of the article. I've already made so many new friends, and everyone has been so gracious. Of course, Fayette Woman Magazine is well loved. If you check out the digital copy, you'll see why. We're so lucky to have Joyce Beverly and her amazing staff in our area.

    Joyce also hosted a huge writing event in October that will grow bigger and bigger through the years. I'll probably feature Books Down South in a blog post next year so you'll hear Joyce's name mentioned again. :)

  23. Hi Annie,

    Need more coffee to go with the cupcake? I'm pouring my second cup.

    Do you have 5-year goals to share?

  24. Hi Walt,

    Wish I could have attended the GRW meeting. I gave a talk that evening and needed the morning to prepare.

    Did you get another cup of coffee?

    Hope you're feeling better and no one else in your family got sick.

  25. Ruthy's Cupcake Cottage in Upstate! Your shop would be an instant success.

    Gigi's is offering a selection of special Thanksgiving pie, pecan, pumpkin, etc. I'm tempted to order a dozen for my family.

    I do push on doors and am smiling at your comment. Yes, often it's a subtle push.

    As we know, God works in mysterious ways. I try to remain open to what he wants for my life. So I consider each door an opportunity.

    Ruthy, you're pushing on some amazing doors these days...

    Want to share?

  26. Hi Virginia,

    What about your goals, cupcake? You're pushing on lots of door and God is taking you to some very exciting places.

    I'd love to hear your "moments of gratitude" concerning the writing life.

  27. Hey, Jackie, a Bulldog fan!!!

    Yes, GO DAWGS!!!

    And you gave up tickets? Oh my goodness. The bride and groom must be special friends.

    Athens is an interesting town with such a mix of the old established families, the university, the music industry. Have you thought of setting a story there?


    Something to consider as you choose a cupcake. :)

  28. I loved the post and all the pictures, Debby! You look fabulous and so glamorous. Your house looked great, too. Wonderful article.

  29. Hi Piper,

    I hope Maggie stops by today. She's amazing! So talented! So determined! So creative! She'll go far, for sure. Just like you!!!

    Did you get a cupcake?

    I told the FW gals that I planned to write an article about the photo shoot. Need to email them today and invite them to stop by Seekerville!

  30. Hi Mary!

    I just got the cover for my next book, which will be out in March, THE AGENT'S SECRET PAST, but I'm not allowed to reveal it yet. Won't be long...

    Did you get a cupcake?

  31. Cara,

    Marie worked her magic that day...on me and on the house! She's a true artist!

  32. You look beautiful on the cover! David and I loved the article. You are a special lady and we love your family. Hope your Thanksgiving is great!

  33. I'm going for the Scarlett's Red Velvet! Yum!

    You've put up some very thoughtful questions, Debby, (no surprises there), so hmm...

    Yes, I think remaining open in any way, let alone to new opportunities is a very important part of being a writer.

    I've learned that revision is an important part of the process in continuing to grow and improve.

    Hard to answer this question, but I see myself being published in some way in five years!

    I am most grateful for the people who are encouragers, like yourself Debby, who continuously show me that I am not alone or weird in what I want to do. Thank you Debby and thank you to Seekerville as well!

  34. Debby, you are a delight! Thank you for sharing your story, and your heart, with us. And the cupcakes were yummy! We look forward to following your continued success.

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  37. Hi Cathy, so good seeing you on Seekerville! Congrats on the new grandbaby...such wonderful news!

  38. Wow, Debby!!! How fabulous is that!?! You look so glamorous, dahling! The glamorous life of a famous author! (wink-wink) Seriously, that looks like a lot of fun! And you look perfectly beautiful in those photos! :-) Very fun post this morning!
    We have a Gigi's Cupcake store here too. Wow, they are amazing. Very "sweet" of you to take them Gigi's! :-)

  39. I'm claiming publication in five years for you, Piper!!! important. When I first started my writing journey, I had no idea that revisions were a part of the production process. Silly me. I had a lot to learn. :)

  40. You look stunning, Debby. Oh, to be queen for a day with a stylist and make-up artist at hand.

    I love your take away message but I am mostly in awe of your windows!

    Peace and thanks for the virtual cupcakes,


  41. Aunt Joyous...I'm smiling just from reading your user name!

    Enjoy the cupcakes. You're spread joy today.


  42. You look stunning, Debby. Oh, to be queen for a day with a stylist and make-up artist at hand.

    I love your take away message but I am mostly in awe of your windows!

    Peace and thanks for the virtual cupcakes,


  43. DEBBY!!! This is just the best. Thanks so much for sharing it all with us. I was just bubbling with excitement.

    I also want a cupcake.


    My last thought was...oooh,nice house DEBSTER.

  44. Oh my, Deb, what an INCREDIBLE experience, my friend!! Every single pic is STUNNING, and it is SOOOO much fun to see you in the limelight -- you do it beautifully!!

    And, yes, I ALWAYS wear earrings when I write ...
    NOT!! Heck, I barely wear shoes!!


  45. Mel,
    I'm laughing about the glamorous writer's life. We all know that's so not true...but we do get special moments--filled with gratitude, for sure--that are totally God and totally wonderful!

  46. Hi Julie!

    If only Marie and Bridget could do their magic on me everyday! :)

    I love light...thus, I love my windows too! All the better to see God's beautiful creation.

  47. Tina, you called me Switzerland. I've never been called that before! :)

    Sending hugs and love!

  48. Heading to Bible Study. Promise to return in a couple hours...

    Will bring more cupcakes!

  49. Debby,talking over coffe and cupcakes? You're my type of gal. Coming to Phoenix this winter? Or, we can do that virtually, as there is no trip to Georgia in my future that I know of, though I'd love to come

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  51. Debby, I loved this. Your photo shoot sounds so fun! Of course, they had great material to work with—a lady who's beautiful inside and outside. ;)

    I am so thankful for the people who have encouraged me and helped me learn on this journey. My mentor and great friend, Beth Vogt, Jill Kemerer who was instrumental in helping me set up my blog, and is also an encourager.

    AND you ladies here at Seekerville have been encouraging and oh, so helpful as i learn craft, brave contests and shared encouraging words. ;)

    PS Please DO put me in the drawing.

  52. OH, wow, Debby!! What a wonderful experience! You look amazing in those shots. And so do the ladies who did the photo shoot. What fun!

    Thanks for sharing cupcakes. I want the red velvet!

    Now, I'm going to go read the article...

  53. BTW, sorry I've been awol lately! Turned in a book Monday night. Whew!

  54. Hi, Debby! I used to work in Jonesboro, have a cousin in McDonough, and occasionally take a hike to Macon when my husband gets a preaching engagement there. So, yeah, I'm in the general area sometimes. :-)

  55. Just read it. What a fantastic article! Kudos to Maggie and the others!

    Love the family photos, Debby.

  56. Jenny, we loved meeting you too! I'm glad your doctor was understanding and comforting. I remember being sick that first time while I was away at college and saying, "I want my mom."

  57. Debby, thanks for the insider look at a photo shoot! I'm awed by all preparations and photos taken to ensure the cover would be perfect. You look stunning and your sweet personality just shines through. I love the photos on the dock too.

    I don't mind getting my picture taken but can't imagine smiling for hours. You're a pro!

    The cupcakes are amazing. I'm wavering between Scarlet's Red Velvet and White Midnight Magic.


  58. Hi Debby!!
    It was so fun to see the 'behind the scenes' pictures! We are so happy that more and more people are getting to see just how special and wonderful you are! We love you and are so proud of you!
    If you are offering Gigi's for Thanksgiving, we may have to find some miraculous way to make it to GA next week! You know how JA loves Red Velvet!

  59. Debby, thanks for sharing this delightful experience with us! You are the picture (no pun intended!) of poise and grace, and so very deserving of the recognition you've received. Thankful and honored to call you my friend!

  60. Hi Debby

    You're the picture of a gracious, southern lady and a good writer too. You do us proud.

    Jenny, still praying for you. This trial won't last.

    All those cupcakes look good. I can't decide.

  61. Good morning, Debby.

    I read your post before I left the house this morning, but the. Realized I had spent so long lingering over it that I was in danger of being late. No time to comment then. :(

    It's a wonderful article - truly reflective of your graciousness.

    Hanging head in shame though because I'm suffering serious window envy. Your entire house is so lovely, but oh those windows. I've been thinking of all that marvelous light all morning and just wanting to curl up on one of those sofas and write.

    I confess, I was so distracted by all the lovely photos that I had to go back to look at the questions.

    I know I am absolutely grateful to/for Seekerville and all the wonderful friends I've met here. You are the greatest gift writing has brought me.

  62. you are a cover girl, debby...and a great inspiration. thanks for sharing your story.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  63. hi Debby
    Wonderful post today. I really enjoyed seeing/reading about the behind the scenes stuff. You look beautiful in all the photos, the pros sure knew how to present you at your best (although I think they didn't have to do much since your natural beauty is right there already).

    The article is wonderful too. You are such a gift to everyone you touch. I know that I've been very encouraged from that one phone call I was blessed to have with you. Whenever I get a tad discouraged, I remember our conversation and it helps cheer me.

    As for your list of takeaways:
    I'm keeping my eyes open for the opportunitites to say yes.
    I think I need to push on more doors... once I find them.
    I "know" the ladies at Seekerville, so that's my start. I'm hoping to expand my WHOs. Of course, knowing Seekers is a HUGE benefit.
    Choosing carefully...I'm very guilty of selling myself short. I need help in that dept.
    I love tapping the grey matter of experts. It's not a good day if I haven't learned something.
    Clothes make the woman? Er, I am very fashion challenged.Tomboy to the core. Another place I need help.
    Working on that prepare more than you need thing. Right now most of my focus is investing in my four year old. Which is fun too.
    Working author writes... eep, I'm needing help there too. Well, discipline mostly.

    A good list for me to look at and assess where I am and where I want to be. Thanks!!!!!!

    would love to be in the draw...

    Thanks for being so you.

  64. oh, and I'm going for a red velvet cupcake even though all of 'em look uber yummy.

  65. Debby I am so proud of you Ga woman, you looked so comfortable and I am so happy for you...
    Thankful that So many authors have chatted with me and let me into their little corner of the world.
    Thankful for family and friends..
    Thankful I am still able to do my chores around the house and get out when I know there are many who are more limited at my age.
    Thank you for being the sweet person you are and Hello again to all my seekerville friends...

    Paula O

  66. Oh you already know *grin* I am SOOOO excited about this, and so very proud of you!!

    Fayette Woman magazine couldn't have chosen a BETTER lady to grace the cover of their magazine, and I'm SO happy to actually have a "real copy" of this magazine (thanks to my friend who lives in Fayette county near you!). You look so beautiful on that cover, and the article was great. And this was such FUN reading the behind-the-scenes look you gave us today - - thank you!!

    Now I'll enjoy a yummy cupcake you brought (the Wedding cake one) and then I'll set out some special Georgia goodies I've baked in YOUR honor today: Peach cobbler, Pecan pie, and Peach muffins (with real butter) - - Please enjoy!

    So happy for you, and blessed by your friendship.
    Hugs and Love, Patti Jo :)

  67. I have roomed with Debby at conferences. Yes, she does wake up this gorgeous and she always has morning coffee ready. But most of all, Deb's writing reflects that inner beauty and how willing she is to use the gifts God gave her for His glory. There is much to be learned from this article and the part about envisioning where I want/need to be in five years is calling my name.

  68. I'm back.

    More cupcakes. Multiple flavors from which to choose! Enjoy!

    Plus, Panera's soups and sandwiches. Chips too.

    Can you tell I'm starving? :)

  69. Marianne, Phoenix in winter sounds wonderful.

    Do you attend the Dessert Rose Conference? I had hoped to go in 2014 but looks like next year won't work.

    Maybe we can chat online, eh?

  70. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes photos as well. We always enjoy a peek behind the curtain, don't we? Love your take-aways!

  71. Jeanne,
    You're in the drawing!

    Loved that you gave a shout out to your mentor, Beth Vogt, and encourager, Jill Kemerer!,

    We all need to reach out to those walking with us on this journey. Affirmation goes a long way.

    Did you know that Villagers are encouragers? Every positive comment buoys someone else. Whenever we mention a success, someone somewhere realizes success could be theirs as well. That's what makes Seekerville so special. We uplift. We affirm. We prove dreams do come true.

    I'm grateful we're on the journey together.

  72. Missy, so glad you could come and play with us in Seekerville today. Congrats on getting the book turned in. That's a big accomplishment, for sure.

    I brought lots of Red Velvet cupcakes, knowing they'd be a favorite.

    Take two...or three!


  73. Sybil, we're so close. Did you know Patti Jo is in the area as well? Piper isn't far away either. Edwina is nearby. We all need to get together!!!

    Missy and Walt would have to drive a bit farther but they could join us.

    Are you a member of GRW?

  74. Sherri,

    I'm embarrassed, but in a good way. :)


  75. I should mention that makeup does wonders, and Bridget knows how to make anyone look good. :) Add Marie's photography skills and it's a win-win!

  76. Hi Janet,
    That's why I decided to do the blog. So everyone could see the hard work involved by so many to make those photos look good.

    The Art Department, the writer, the publisher...they're all so talented!!!

    And I'm so grateful!

  77. I'll order dozens of Red Velvet cupcakes if you can visit!

    Hugs and love!

  78. Myra, you're making me misty...and that might spoil my makeup. :)

    I feel the same about you, dear one!

  79. Hi Elaine...another Southern Lady!

    You could drive north if we have a Seekerville get-together in Atlanta. Couldn't you?

    I'm planting a seed. We need to see if it sprouts. Maybe in the New Year!

  80. Mary, sorry that I almost made you late for work. :)

    You were probably basking in the light...which you do! I can see it shine through you and touch those you meet. A very special gift!

  81. Hi Karen...

    Do you have time for lunch? Soup and a sandwich? Chips?

    Save room for a cupcake.

    Thanks for your sweet words, Karen.

    Sending hugs and love!

  82. Debby, congratulations and thank you for sharing your glamorous cover girl day with us! You look beautiful!

  83. DebH,
    I loved our phone chat as well! Right now, Sally Shupe and I are trying to far schedules have gotten in the way.

    Deb, you wrote,
    "Choosing carefully...I'm very guilty of selling myself short. I need help in that dept."

    As women, we seem prone to sell ourselves short. Maybe it's our nurturing nature that makes us want to take care of everyone else so that we run out of time to take care of ourselves. Plus, humility makes us question our own abilities.

    A minister once told me that humility means knowing from where our giftedness comes. Stepping out in faith, following a path that leads to our own fulfillment can be in accord with God's Holy Will for our lives.

    Of course, right now you've got a little guy to raise, which cuts down on free time. I didn't write much when my children were little.

    You also mentioned, "I love tapping the grey matter of experts. It's not a good day if I haven't learned something."

    Fantastic, Deb! A good rule for all of us to follow.

  84. Paula, we're grateful that you're part of our Seekerville family.

    Family, friends, good health are so important, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reach out to those who have touched our lives!

    You and all the Seeker Villagers have touched me deeply. Sending love and hugs and best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving.

  85. Patti Jo,
    Thanks for your sweet baked items and for your own sweetness that always brings joy!

    Hope we can get together soon!

  86. Darlene,

    I love rooming together at conferences! Hope you can attend RWA next year. Yes, I'll make the coffee! :)

    I need to make a 5-year plan. I used to be so faithful to my yearly goals...recently I've been too caught up in the moment to look ahead.

    Thanks again for your kind words that Maggie used in the article! You have always been a powerful encourager, for which I'm so very grateful!

  87. Hi Meghan,

    Peeks are always fun! Glad you enjoyed the photo shoot and takeaways!

    Have you tried the cupcakes?

  88. Donna, you're so sweet!

    Love your fall icon pic. The changing leaves are beautiful and such a great backdrop!

  89. Checked out the magazine on my lunch break. The article is a very fun read and a neat peek into your life, Debby. How cool that you lived in Kirksville once upon a time! :-) That's not too very far from where I live. :-)

    The magazine is beautiful, too. I flipped through the entire thing.

  90. Clari,
    You know Kirksville? Oh my gosh!!!

    We loved our three years there. Such wonderful people. Lots of snow too. :)

  91. Just read the magazine article, Debby--lovely! So fun to see some Seeker photos in the mix, too!

  92. Oh Debby.
    You are just breathtaking, makeup/stylist or not.

    Beautiful and how completely appropriate to be on the NOVEMBER issue, full of thankfulness. Can't wait to read the article!

    And what a lovely gesture to take Gigi's... You know, she's a Nashville girl! ;)

    Congratulations. May is all about hope and OPPORTUNITY. As she says, "A prepared puppy is ready when opportunity is provided."

    Thanks for letting us share in your joy! Your hubby looked SO proud too!

  93. Oh, and yes of course! Please enter may at maythek9spy dot com

  94. KC,
    I didn't know Gigi was from Nashville. Makes me want to buy more cupcakes. Do you know her story?

    BTW, KC, I need to contact you about the Wounded Warrior Weekend. Did you want to mention it today? I'm sure some of the Villagers would like to get involved.

  95. Doing a special cupcake delivery to our own Julie whose comment I must have overlooked! She's barefoot today as she writes! :)

    Clari, Julie's son went to Truman State in Kirksville. Small world!

    Where's Vince?
    His cousin Nancy worked with my hubby in ATL. Small, small world.

  96. Beautiful home; beautiful lady..with such a gracious spirit.
    Thanks for sharing, Debby. I am in NE GA (kinda between Athens/Augusta), but lived most of my years about 30 mi.east of Atlanta.
    Gotta find those cupcakes!
    Don't enter me; read it and loved it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  97. Lol.....found the cupcakes...Athens....I can get there!!! MMMM

  98. Augusta is three hours from me. Pretty country!

    Love Madison! The old homes are so grand.

  99. Oh Debby, what gorgeous pictures!!!! You're the glamour girl of Seekerville...And the article is amazing! Y'all know how to do it up nice in the south. And ooohhhlala those cupcakes!!!! So thankful cyber food doesn't have calories. :-) ask some thought-provoking questions. I wouldn't say I'm the most adventurous person in the world so grabbing at those new opportunities can sometimes be a struggle for me. I need to work on that. In five years I see myself living on a farm for rescued animals while living off my writing. Bwahhhaaahaaahaaa!

    What am I most grateful for as I look back on my writing journey? Seekeville of course!!!!!

    And don't enter me in the draw because I have Christmas Peril. Just loved it!!!!! Nothing like a sinister romance to get me in the holiday spirit!

  100. Hi Kav,
    The problem with new opportunities is that we often question whether they'll turn into something positive. I never want to leave what works and risk it on some wild adventure that won't pan out.

    That's the good thing about prayer. Giving those tough questions to the Lord let's him direct our steps.

    A farm sounds wonderful. What type of rescued animals? Dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, goats...

    All of the above?

    What about wild critters? Will you rescue them as well?

    Living off your writing sounds good too. If only we could all do that! :)

  101. Debby, I loved reading about your photo shoot, loved seeing the pictures, AND reading the article in The Fayette Woman.

    What a wonderful, well-written article. Everyone...from the photographer, the makeup artist, to the author did such a fantastic job.

    I'm smiling from ear-to-ear knowing how much fun you guys had that day!!!

  102. I had to do a video chat live a few weeks ago.
    Here's how I prepared. I got (after a maddening number of failures) the right APP (I've come to hate that word) to download on my computer and looked at myself.


    I put on different clothes, make up, jewelry and sat back down. (fortunately this was early in the day)

    Then I realized the computer was sitting on my lap giving the whole world (yeah, right, like the whole world was watching) a lovely view of my chins (all six of them).

    So I set up the computer on a stack of encyclopedias...which let's face it, since wikipedia was invented, what else are those babies good for, huh?

    Then I could look directly into the computer, even perhaps look a bit UPWARD.

    Then I realized ACK, the lovely background was a kitchen wall with my pretty Americana wall decorations EACH AND EVERY ONE OF WHICH WAS DUSTY AND OUT OF ALIGNMENT.

    So, I spent an hour dusting and nailing and growling. And when that was all done I sat BACK down and realized you could see just a bit of the bedroom beside the now lovely kitchen wall. SWING DOOR SHUT.

    Then I was ready at which point, I couldn't make the computer come back on to the camera which had been RIGHT THERE.

    So panicky phone call to the Lit Fuse ladies.


    That explained everything. I remember now, I'm dealing with the METRO SIDE OF WINDOWS 8. (btw, for the record, I HATE WINDOWS 8 WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS)

    And then I was ready.

    Except for 120 frantically moo-ing cows. My cowboy had picked that day to wean calfs.

    Only laters, when I watched it again, could I be sure the microphone didn't pick that up. I could sure hear it!!!!!!!!

    So similar to Debby's photo shoot. Glad I could share.

  103. Thanks all for the health wishes.
    The cold is improving which helps and I know we will get headaches under control.

    One think I found in America that I really miss is your cup cakes. Even the ones in the supermarket are yummy compared to ours. ours are bland and don't have a fresh taste. I discovered Red velvet and love it. I know we have specialty shops that have them in the city.

  104. Hi Pam!

    I'm still smiling!!!

    Did you get a cupcake?

  105. How great for you Debbie. You have reached the top and your pictures were great. Blessings to you - Theresa Goldman

  106. We learn from every experience, don't we, Mary!

    I gave a talk on SAT and didn't mention that hubby was military. Thought about my omission mid-way through the presentation.

    Realized folks usually read my bio when they introduce me, which includes the military background. This time the guy just said a few words with little set up...

    From now on, I'll always include the military connection at the beginning, whether my bio is read or not.

    So much to learn...
    Where's the tutorial?

    That's where Seekerville helps! That's why we share info and experiences! Right?

  107. Red Velvet cupcakes are a favorite here, too, Jenny!

    BTW, did you know yesterday was the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? I know you enjoyed touring the battlefield and adjoining area.

  108. Hi Theresa,

    So wonderful seeing you in Seekerville! Miss you at GRW. Are you still writing?

  109. No didn't realise that but I did know this year was the 150 anniversary. Seems it was a very sort address after someone else making a long address and it was cold.

  110. Only 272 words, but Lincoln was cheered, and the other speaker wrote him a note, saying he wished he could have said as much in his long address as Lincoln did in his short speech.

  111. Wonderful article, Debby, and terrific post! Yes, I always wear earrings when I write, J/K. In fact,today I'm wearing a T-shirt with a hole in the pocket, sweats and a sweater with too much dog fur on it. YIKES. I guess I better get with the professional writer's dress code!

    Kidding aside, you look stunning in all of the photos and your dear grandchildren are so sweet. You are a special woman and you mean a lot to me. Thank you for all your encouragement.

  112. What a terrific article and pics, Debby. You have an incredible memory to pull out and savor from time to time! Thanks for sharing.

    I need to work on pushing on doors. Actually, I need to learn to recognize those doors before they hit me in the behind!

    Please put me in the drawing :)))

  113. Lyndee, you're dressed like a professional writer! Thank goodness folks can't see us through our webcams. Oh my! :)

    Thanks for your sweet words about my grandchildren! You know how to get to this grandmother's heart! :)

    Love you!

  114. Debby, that is a wonderful cover pic ... but the one of you with the blue sweater is gorgeous, too. What a clever comparison of the photo shoot experience and writing.

    Heading to the magazine to read the article now.

    Super-sized Congratulations!!

    Nancy C

  115. Hi Pat,
    You're in the drawing.

    You're right about the importance of recognizing the doors we need to push open. I'm sure I've passed up wonderful opportunities. Now, I'm trying to take advantage of everything that comes my way. We never know where God wants to take us...I don't want to be the weak link. :)

  116. Super-sized! Love it, Nancy! Thanks for the shout out!


  117. Debby, thank you for the inside look at the photo shoot. You look lovely and so does your home I enjoyed the article and am excited for you. I feel sure God will use this piece to bless those who read it. Don't put me in the drawing. The Soldier's Sister is still in my TBR stack.

  118. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for your kind words. Glad you have a copy of TSS!

  119. Hey I can order your Christmas book with the gift voucher I won last week.
    funny how my brain works or doesn't.

    yesterday had to ask a friend how much flour to butter for a mornay. I then decided to eat a slice of cheese to remember oh cheese goes in the mornay. The meds I am on make me forget things. and yes its a side effect of them as I raise them the more drowsy I get and more forgetful.

  120. Hi Debby!

    Congrats on a beautiful front page spread! You look gorgeous!

    And I'm totally jealous of your lovely home! What windows!

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse with us!


  121. Jenny, I hope you can get off the meds soon and start feeling better!


  122. Hi Sue!

    Did you get cupcakes? Lots are left. Enjoy!!!

    Thanks for your sweet comments!

  123. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing with us.

  124. Hi Terri! Glad you stopped by. Care for a cupcake?

  125. Debby, what a beautiful, beautiful magazine layout! You look amazing...beautiful...absolutely glowing!! We all know how lovely and gracious you are, now the rest of the world will find out.

    They couldn't have chosen a better story or role-model. I loved the article and I hope their readership enjoys meeting the real Debby Giusti!!

    Are there any cupcakes left? They look to die for!

  126. This is so cool! And oh my goodness, Gigi's is my favorite place ever. That's the next hybrid store we need... Mix a cupcake shop with a bookstore and I think the universe would explode with sweet, wordy goodness. lol

  127. You look like you were having such a wonderful time. Loving the cover.

  128. Debby, What an awesome honor! Being on the cover of Fayette Woman locally is the equivalent of being on the cover of People Magazine nationally. Beautiful cover, and a well deserved honor!


  129. STILL laughing from Mary's comments - can just picture the process she went through, getting ready for her video chat!

    Congrats on the photo shoot, & magazine article, Debby!

  130. Waving to Audra and Natalie and Mary. Yes, there are more cupcakes. Enjoy and thanks for your kind comments!

  131. Edwina, you're making me smile, comparing Fayette Woman to People Magazine! :)

    Sending hugs for your gracious words and lots of love!

  132. Hi, Debby. Sorry I'm responding to your last post to me so late. I'm not a member of RWA ... yet. It's definitely on my "to do" list. I so appreciate being the winner of the giveaway. Blessings to you lovely ladies! Happy Thanksgiving!