Thursday, November 14, 2013

FORGET THE KNITTING!!! Let's Tie Up the Loose Threads of Your Writing!!!

Pre-blog News Flash! I'm bell-ringing Friday night (11/15/13) at the food court entrance of The Mall at Greece Ridge Center in Greece, New York (north side of building, facing Ridge Road West) from 5:00 until 8:30.... If you're in upstate and want to come by and ring bells... or chat.... or drop some money in the Salvation Army pot, well... I would love to see you!!!! 

And now back to our regularly scheduled program!!!

Youse have heard every analogy out there about writing, most likely. Writing is a sandwich, a beginning (the bottom of the roll) the middle (the meat and condiments and cheese!!!!) and the end (the top roll).

This is Dave, eating a grilled Cajun chicken sandwich on a grilled garlic hard roll.
How stinkin' cute is he????  :)
We've equated it to tilling the field, mountain climbing, garden planting, house-building, and my personal favorite, my blog on Rodeo Stew (gotta love some cowboys!!!!) thrown in....  For a lot of us, me included, an instruction book don't do it, no how, no way (I'm talking like Rusty Zidek, a very cool we-all-love-him character from our Big Sky Centennial series scheduled for next summer!!!!) I ain't good 'bout settin' down and readin' no dang book citin' what a body oughta do naturally. But an analogy works for me!!!! However, and that's a danged-as-a-dust-bunny 'neath Mama's broom "however".....

Once you've written the book? Toasted "The End" in literary style?  (Not F. Scott Fitzgerald style, please. Oy.) Now the hunt begins.

You've all seen it, up close and personal. Being readers and writers, you're all discerning...

A loose thread.

A pulled stitch.

A loop of yarn, tugged out of line.

We make these fabric fixes easily in real life, grabbing a needle or a crochet hook, tugging things back into place. Or we leave them as is, declare our clothing "shabby chic" and move on with life, a little frayed but fun!

How beautiful is this????  I love the look of the pattern and colors set off by the flower border!
See, here's the thing. That doesn't work in writing. That sense of "but what happened to????" at the end of a book, when a thread is left untied, unfinished, unstrung, undone.  Such a little thing, I know, especially when the hero and heroine are joyously celebrating their HAPPILY EVEREST AFTER OF ALL EVER AFTERS!!!!! and you're wiping tears of joy from the corner of your eye, rejoicing with them.



Go back.

Dave had two grandmas, both wonderful women. One grandma was zealous about do it once, do it right or fix it. She'd rip out row upon row of stitching to go back and pick up a dropped stitch.

The other was more laid back. If she placed a pink square where a purple one should be and locked it in, she left it. A hard worker, she was more interested in completing the job than the beauty of the chore.

Both were strong, accomplished, hard-working women who raised big families. But there is something wonderful and marvelous about picking up the lost stitch. Fixing the broken seam. Tying up the loose ends of a story.

Gratuitous fun Ruthy-and-baby pic while coloring flags on Veterans Day... Note that Beth knows not to take a side picture showing my huge, rabbit-like OVERBITE!!!!  Good job, Beth!  :)
I use my daughter to scan my stories because authors tend to miss little things. And in edits and re-writes, we change things and that's the danger zone.

When you make those tiny changes, sometimes they affect other story points... and that effect can leave a loose end. And when a story has gone through multiple rewrites, it's so easy to have a slightly different version locked in your memory bank.

Diligence to detail. Sounds BORING!!!!

Pfft and piffle!!

One of the most fun and best developed characters of the modern era in my humble opinion.
What fun to play this part!!!
Half of what we do is boring, get a grip! The art of the story-telling is in the tiniest of details. You've heard the saying, "The beauty of writing isn't in what we leave in, but what we choose to take out".... and I just dumped NINE PAGES from the beginning of a book because despite what my 8th grade teacher said, I didn't need a nine-page set-up....


I put myself to sleep.

So now it starts in the action, a solid beginning and then I can put bits and pieces of the poignant opening back in.... but only as needed!!!  See? I'm educable!!!

Gratuitous acknowledgement of Thanksgiving, I love, love, love Thanksgiving!
Umm, my table does not look like this, btw!!!
Be your own best critic.... and your own first editor. And then hand it off to fresh eyes, because as good as editors are, they work hard on multiple projects so taking the time to have a "beta" reader type scan or a critique partner scour for those missing links or loose threads.... The tighter the story with all loose ends wrapped up.... the better the end-product for the reader.

Hey, this isn't gratuitous at all.... Here's the link to the beautiful book trailer for "Running on Empty", my second independent release, a beautifully crafted story that is truly a good example of "tying" those loose threads.  Click here to see beautiful book trailer, thank you Beth and Kevin for your help!!!

And if you haven't read this lovely story yet, well... you should. (Yes! Another link, just to make your life easier.... You're welcome.  :)  Link to Running on Empty on Amazon

Hey, coffee's on and I'm giving away a very nice, useful $25 Amazon gift card to some lucky commenter today so stop on in, grab a cuppa or a Coke and we'll chat!

November, a month of remembrance... All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Veterans Day.
May God continue to bless us with wisdom from times past and courage for times future.
And a huge thank you to those who've served and our serving our great land. God bless you!
Ruthy is an award-winning hybrid author with nearly twenty books published to date... she loves chocolate, God and family and burrows in on weekends to create heartfelt stories of happily-ever-afters... with few loose ends! You can visit her at her website or hang out with her on facebook where she shamelessly exploits little kids, babies and small animals to sell sweet books! And she's over in the cafe today, talking about stuffed peppers. The coffee's fresh... and the advice is FREE!!!


I love this story, I love that Romantic Times called it a 4-Star "compelling" read. Just imagine a house filled with Christmas and three five-year-olds!!!!  There's an "Hallelujah" chorus... and maybe a headache, LOL!... waiting to happen. And the gorgeous sheriff's deputy model?  My son Luke... and the little boy? My grandson David. The fact that Luke and Dave resemble each other made these cover models a no-brainer! ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Ding Dong.

    No, Ruthy, I didn't call you a ding dong. That's the "coffee" bell. Means it's brewing.

    Nope, we're not perfect. We need fresh eyes to go over our work. Thanks for confirming that.

  2. Hey, Ruthy, look at me commenting. And wby am I here, now? Because I just now stopped in to comment on JULIE'S BLOG! I AM SO LATE TO HERS!!!!!!!!!!

    Two Holiday blogs in a row.


  3. Ruthy...another book. So exciting. I'd offer to be a beta reader, but I get so involved in your books that I can't see the dinner table I. Front of me unless it's meal time at Ruthy's. Would love to have my name in the cat dish for the book. Thanks for the coffee, Hlen. I'll stop in later for some. Right now? I. Off to bed

  4. Hi Ruth:

    No time to comment but your link to buy your book

    BUY IT HERE NOW!!!!!

    takes me to my Blogger Dashboard. Something strange here. It may take anyone to their blogger website if they have just been to it. You might check it out. Try it and see where it takes you.


  5. Hi all, I bought 4 books up here in Adelaide and 3 were seeker or friends of seekers. (Glynna's, Virginia's and yours Ruthy they are finally here and had to get Charlotte Carters last book). I am up here for till Sunday which explains my quietness. I came to see cricket but cant last the day cos there is construction happening and the noise drives me made. (I am still having headaches)
    Like the analogy used today. Oh and please enter me.

  6. Oh, I love that the cover model is your son and the little boy is your grandson!!!

    SO SWEET!!

    Twenty books. Shoot, I'm never gonna catch up...

  7. P.S. I hit the 'buy it now' and it took me to MY dashboard for blogger.

    Neat trick, Ruthy!

    But it may not sell any books.

  8. I love the cover of your new book Ruthy! I tried the "buy it now" and it took me to my blog's dashboard too. Wow! you're even more talented then we already knew! (Big smile here).

    I went over and viewed your video for Running on Empty. Beautifully done!

    Please toss my name in the drawing for your giveaway!

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  9. Oops, don't know how that link messed up... I tested it when I put it in... I changed it and tested it, but I'll keep an eye on it! Thank you Vince and Virginia, you've always got my back and is it a coincidence that you're both amazingly smart and your names begin with the letter "V"?????

    I think not!!!!!!!

  10. Helen, thank you! Bless you for your diligence to a habit in which you do not partake... and yet there you are, in that cuter-than-cute apron, making coffee for the "masses"!!! :)

    You rock.

    Mary, good evening and good morning!


    And you are the queen of tying up loose ends, quickly enough that you can smooooooth them and blend them into upcoming books in your series. I want to be you when I grow up!!!!

  11. Marianne, sleep well!!!!

    I keep looking at how cute that cover is, the hunky sheriff's deputy, the reformed Latino beauty, those beautiful twins (model for the twins was my granddaughter Katie) and little Aiden... I love this story like "THIS MUCH", it's sweet, and quick and peaceful and radiates rising above the challenges of life.

    LOVE IT!!!!

  12. FIRST!!!! Thank you for hitting the Buy It Now button.....Link... whatever, thingamajiggie.....

    And if it's a Harlequin vs. Blogger glitch, Blogger will win. Hands down. But in two weeks it will be available on Amazon and B&N and so I will give you oodles of opportunity to buy this sweet book. :)

    You're welcome.


    Cindy W., thanks for trying! I love youse guys! I'll pass on your kudos for the sweet book trailer to Beth (daughter) and Kevin (friend). I love the score he did for the trailer, poignant and thoughtful.

  13. Wow, Ruthy! 20 books!? Amazing! And I love your cover for Running on Empty. Beautiful :)

    Happy Thursday, Seekerville!

  14. Good morning, Ruthy, you Salvation Army bell ringer, you! A perfect match for your "Red Kettle Christmas!" And I love the trailer on your other recent release!

    Yes, catching those loose threads can be tricky! That's why it's so nice to have a beta reader (or two!) before you send your WIP to your editor/agent. Because we're so close to the story, it's easy to read right over the top of things that require tightening, tugging or snipping! This is especially critical after you've done some revising--cut or moved scenes, etc., as it's easy to have "snipped" something out earlier that affects the "later." Or snipped something out later that makes what happened earlier inessential!

  15. Good morning,

    I've lost track of how many times I've edited this story, but this time somebody who might (I know that's a big might) be interested offered some suggestions. So of course I'm going to try to please this person. And I think it will be better, but my eyes are not fresh.

    I begin to question myself, "has such and such already happened? Has she revealed XYZ yet?"

    It's slow going. I needed to read your post today. Thanks Ruthy!!

  16. Ruthy, did HQ really use your son and grandson as the cover models for your novel? Really??? That is so awesome!

    And here you are. I found you not on facebook writing because you were evidently Seekervilling. (Yes, we should totally make that a word, don't you think??

  17. Good morning! I love your family pictures! Does Dave know his picture is on the blog? If so, I'm sure he feels honored! Love your pic, too.

  18. hi Ruthy
    I love your posts, they're so uplifting even as you give us a "Gibb's slap" on the backside of the head, so to speak, to keep us on track. Of course, I adore the gratuitous cute kids, grandkids and husband pictures too. I love your shameless exploitation of your love for them all. Brings a smile to my face.

    Have your latest books on my Amazon wish list. Car accident late August kinda sorta put the ki-bosh on my book purchase budget (I HAVE been snapping up Seekerville freebies left and right to keep my book fix satisfied though - thank you Seekerville!!!!). I adore all your books, except for the minor detail my husband ends up teasing me because I'm always crying at some point while reading your books. You know how to work/tug at my heart strings (the crying is a good thing, btw).

    Will have to check out your book trailer at home. Work blocks such entertainment *sigh*. Now I'm off to productivity at work with a smile put on my face courtesy of Ruthy and Seekerville.

  19. Hi RUTHY, I so think of you every time I come across a Salvation Army bell ringer and I do what you suggested. I thank them for their service. Never thought to do that before.

    Love your trailer.

  20. ANNIE!!! Good morning to you! And thanks for the kudos on "Running on Empty"... It is an absolute thrill to see how well the indie books are doing. What an unexpected blessing!

    And Glynna, yes, yes, yes! That sums it up perfectly, I read over the top and fill in the blanks mentally.

    So that's where Beth earns every cent I pay her because she'll tag those tiny things and bring them to my attention. And that's a big part of reader satisfaction (Like Vince mentioned the other day, using incorrect time-lines/distances from fictional to actual place)... to get those little details right.

  21. Jackie, I've been i your seat so many times...

    So I use Beth as my reader but I also do a hard-copy final edit to see how many I can catch. Those repetitive feelings.... those tiny gestures, repeated twice is cute and normal, repeated ten times makes the reader long to slap the person.

    Try the hard copy read once you've incorporated all those changes, (but save your original version too. Another editor might prefer that one!)

    Step by step!!!! It's a journey, but a great destination!

  22. Naomi, they've used several of my daycare kids... three grandchildren so far... two friends... I think that's it at the moment.


    If the profile, body type and face fit, I send 'em in. And isn't Luke handsome???? :)

    And David is adorable. Where's the "LOVE" button????

  23. Cara,good morning! I warned Dave but he'd have to have a tutorial to find Seekerville....

    He has learned how to find the bank accounts and

    Baseball and finances, he's golden!

  24. Good morning RUTHY! So good to hear from you.
    AHA, I knew it, the reformed Latina beauty is Piper's sister!
    From the last "Lawman" book! So we get to see Lucia again...and the twins!
    You made some good points here. Writing a novel is a huge job, and the bigger the book, the more things slip through our eyes. We need beta readers, crit partners, whatever. I just read a women's fiction book by a national author who shall remain nameless, and the second female lead's eyes changed from blue to green. Without colored contacts.
    Please put my name in for the drawing, I love Christmas stories!
    Kathy Bailey

  25. Ruthy, I loved this post. And your gratuitous pictures. And your fun, upbeat voice. And.....It's really cool that you're bell ringing this weekend. Wish I lived closer I'd come and say hi!

    Thanks for the encouragement to tie up loose ends. My beta reader read my fast draft (poor her!). She caught a couple loose ends I will need to tie up nicely as I revise. It's so hard to get it all in and in the necessary word counts. Sigh. But it will get there, because it must. :)

    Your Christmas book looks amazing!

    And yes, please put me in the drawing.

  26. OMG, Ruthy, you covered everything in this post except how to wash the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner, LOL! Way to go! Mileage counts in all areas of life, right?

    I love how you tie up your loose ends. You either give the character a HEA, or give them a book of their own. Great, great solution.

    I with you though, about having fresh eyes read through your work. I've looked at it from every angle and changed every sentence at least once, I can no longer tell which version what detail belongs to. Oy. That's what friends are for, right? Read your work and plaster "huh?" when something comes out of left field.

    I loved both your indie books! Oh my, your soul is woven all through both books. Keep them coming, honey. The world wants as much RLH (that would be Ruth Logan Herne) as it can get.

    Your Thanksgiving spread makes me realize I better start making notes for my own dinner.

  27. Ruthy, very timely post for me. I've been tying up loose ends and my list keeps grows longer.
    I've had so many changes during this writing journey, I don't know if I written down the scene twice or read the scene a couple of days ago. One character is deaf and several chapters can by w/out any reference to it. Plus many, many more.

    Great pics. Dave looks like a keeper!

  28. Fun way to teach, Ruthy. Loved the pics.

    But I gotta admit that I thought I saw a young Martha Stewart there for a couple seconds until I realized there was a baby in the pic. And where there's a kiddie, there's Ruthy. :D

    I tried your buy it link and it brought me to a google page that asked if I wanted to be redirected to.. www.­eharlequin.­com/­catalogsearch.­html

    I clicked the link and it brought me to an blank page. I refreshed and it was still blank - not even a 404 not found code.

  29. Fun way to teach, Ruthy. Loved the pics.

    But I gotta admit that I thought I saw a young Martha Stewart there for a couple seconds until I realized there was a baby in the pic. And where there's a kiddie, there's Ruthy. :D

    I tried your buy it link and it brought me to a google page that asked if I wanted to be redirected to.. www.­eharlequin.­com/­catalogsearch.­html

    I clicked the link and it brought me to an blank page. I refreshed and it was still blank - not even a 404 not found code.

  30. Hi Ruthy! Great post! You do a wonderful job of showing / not telling... I CLEARLY got the picture!

    Love the cover on your Christmas book. I may not be so good at tying up loose ends myself, but I sure catch them when I'm reading a book—I smile and think 'Missed that one!'.

    Happy Holidays!!!

    And Dave is as cute as cute can get!!!!

  31. Hello, Ruthy!! Love your cover :) And I definitely need a beta reader. I'm too close...I'm also a HORRIBLE proofreader of my own work. Shudder.

  32. Pre-ordering the Lawman's Holiday Wish for my Kindle now! Thanks!

  33. what a great posting...loved every word, ruthy ;)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  34. Pass the creamer, please! I hope it's not decaf. :-)

    Your Christmas books makes me want to pull out the tree! Congrats on another fab release!

    The fear of a loose thread in my wip can wake me up from a dead sleep. Bless my beta readers for their keen eyes!

  35. Hi Ruthy

    I love that quilt. I made one baby quilt and it will be my last. There's more work in quilting than I imagined.

    I'm looking for beta readers to swap manuscripts right now. I've partnered with one writer and that worked out good, but I have two other manuscripts. Since Seekerville found me a critique partner, would you negotiate beta reader swaps? Just asking.

    Gotta get your Christmas book. Love the cover.

  36. The cover of your Christmas book is amazing, Ruth. Makes me sooo anxious for Christmas decorations, music, food, reading.... Please put me in the drawing, and thanks for a great post!

  37. It's really TWENTY BOOKS, RUTHY???!!!

    That is amazing.

    Would you mind listing them?

    Surely you have a handy list, right?



    My "loose" ends have gotten me in trouble several times, so I echo this blog LOUD AND CLEAR!!

    And the video??? Love, Love, LOVE it every single time I watch it!! I encourage everyone to check it out, but BEWARE ... you WILL want to buy it when you do, so bring cash ... or change, I should say since it's a steal of a deal!!

    Hugs and back to deadlines ...

  39. Tying up loose threads! Oh my!

    But that's one reason why I loved the editing process. I don't have a beta reader (can you believe no one in my immediate family has read my books?), but I'm like Dave's grandma - the one who will take out an entire sleeve to fix one dropped stitch.

    I've gotten to be an expert at "un-knitting" :)

    And what's wrong with leaving a bit of thread hanging for a secondary character? Isn't that what your next book is for?

    Oh, I could stay and chat all day, but the puppy is going crazy. He needs his walk to get some of that energy out!

    Put my name in the cat dish, please :)

  40. I can't wait to read your new book! Hope you have fun ringing the bell for Salvation Army! That's awesome that you're doing that :)

  41. Great post, Ruthy. Thanks for sharing with us today. :)

  42. It's lunchtime in Georgia. Hope you're serving that yummy sandwich you made for Dave! I'd love one, pretty please.

    Stuffed peppers for dinner perhaps?

    Hubby is my beta reader. Usually he's the closest person I can snag when I'm down to the wire on a deadline. Plus, he knows about guns and fight scenes, which is a good thing when proofing a suspense manuscript.

    Hanging threads can drive a reader crazy...and an editor!

    May all our threads weave tightly into each of our stories!

    Love your shout out to our military heroes! God bless the men and women who serve!

  43. PS Thanks for the picture of Dave. He's a good sport. :)

  44. Hi Ruthy! Thanks for the helpful tips on loose ends. My story is full of those and I'm looking forward to getting the whole MS in Scrivener so I can hopefully see the big picture better.

    And I did not know there was a city named Greece in NY. Wow.

  45. Great post Ruthy!

    To you dedicated seekervillagers...have you nominated Seekerville for the best blog for writer's award? You can do that here.

  46. Fun post and great advice, Ruthy! I just finished reading a novel (NOT by a Seeker or Seekervillager, BTW) where I had to reread a few sections that made me go "Huh???" It seemed like the author had made some changes and then didn't back up and fix something earlier in the scene.

    And one thing we do NOT want our readers going is going "Huh???" because we left a thread dangling!

  47. Ruthy, the video is wonderful! The house he built for them is just how I had pictured it!

    I am looking forward to getting your latest book!

  48. I just went "huh" over that comment I just left! Should have been "one thing we don't want our readers DOING..."

  49. Hey Seekerville,

    It is hard to find beta readers and you are lucky Ruthy that you gave birth to you own!! How smart of you! Good luck to you in your bell ringing tomorrow night!

    Myra, when you think about it, what your first said does make sense. You don't want your readers to be going because they go "Huh?" That's when someone could put the book down!


  50. Kathy, oh UGH!!!

    I've done that.

    I've even changed names mid-book. Casey became Clancy and John became Jed and I can totally understand messing up eye color/age/etc.

    That's where Beth's help is super. She pays attention and she was so surprised to read "Falling For the Lawman" and discovered a whole bunch of changes Melissa and I had agreed on... and she said it was like reading a whole new book, LOl! It came out well with both inputs. Smart ladies! And I love, love, love Rainey's story.

    Rainey Cabrera McKinney, an angry teen who had some secrets of her own.

    She was a fun character to work with!!!

  51. Aw, Jeanne! you made me smile!!!! I'm glad you liked the post and I can totally see what you mean. Sandra used to catch me up on things and that was a great eye opener of how to self-edit, where my weaknesses lay/lie/laid.

    (GQ will nail me!)

    Now I can catch most of them, and that saves time because there's no time to actually critique with someone anymore. Not and keep up my word count and production. So I figured if I learned to self-edit that would increase my time use and productivity. And it worked! Although I miss the fun of working with Sandra. :(

  52. Details! Yeah. :/ I'm trying to cut 30K from my book right now, and my fear is that I'll cut some thread loose and not realize it! It's hard to keep track of what's still in the book and what's now only in my head.

    I'm looking forward to reading Running on Empty, Ruth. I love realistic fiction like that. Wish there were more of it out there.

  53. Audra, you always make me feel good about myself!!!! And you forgive me when I'm bossy. Which is most of the time, and every minute I'm awake. God bless you for that!!!

    Yeah, I get lost in the edits/rewrites sometimes and forget things or say things too often. If I can write "straight" and not make many changes, that's a piece of cake. But if I need to do major revisions.... Then I need someone smart and uninvolved to screen my work.

    And hey, where's that book I'm waiting for???? Do I get to read it? Or have I struck the fear into you??????


  54. Connie Queen, ain't it the truth? And I once read a book for a writer that forgot the heroine's ailment for about six chapters....

    That was a head-scratching experience. I had to go back and make sure the opening scene with the injury was the same book... and it was!

    Yeah, attention to detail might not be the most fun part, but honestly? I love the depth difference it makes in the final edition. SWEET!

  55. Anita Mae, Oh That Link!!!! You know what, it will be available everywhere in two weeks and I'm back in the schedule so I'll annoy youse with the link then. How funny/odd is that? I've changed it three times, and it will work initially... but then morphs.

    Beyond weird. I'm thinking that Blogger and Harlequin are at a standoff!

  56. I am NOT telling Dave you guys think he's cute... it'll go to his head, he'll like start SHOWERING or something and then, oh THEN...

    Expectations go wild! :) He's a keeper, that's for sure. Until he gets up early on his day off and annoys his wife by wondering what the temperature is or what the weather is going to do....




    But he's usually not here, and therefore SILENT!!!! :)

    That's a blessing about working opposite schedules. We actually like seeing each other when we meet up!

    (most of the time.) :)

  57. Ruthy, your posts always lift me up.I recently picked up 'Love Finds You in the city at Christmas' and can't wait to dig in. I've been dangling it in front of my nose as a reward for getting my work done. Finally the edits for my novella are done and turned in. Can't wait to get reading tonight!In whatever form they take, book or blog post, your words truly inspire.Thank you!

  58. Mary Hicks, yeah, we all catch those gaffes and recognize them. And the occasional one is bound to happen but if they're too frequent, then I think the author was hurrying too much.


    I'm clearly not a nice person because if there are too many, I assume someone just flubbed their job. Which means I'm a jerk. But we know that.


  59. Sherri, so glad you stopped by! Oh, honey, we all do that and it gets better I think. I hope. :) And honestly, Melissa Endlich has been a huge help to me, showing me when to curve the story arc and when to let it run free.... That's a huge blessing, to have an editor who sees where I want to go and advises me how to get there... well, that's a huge help!

  60. Tahnee!!!!Well, now you're my favorite. Look at you, bypassing the BAD LINK and going straight to Amazon and pre-ordering! I love you!!!!!


    Karen K., thank you!!!! Short but sweet and I love compliments so you're totally in the drawing and my sweet author's heart. :)

  61. Ruthy, you are so much fun. I LOVED this post!

  62. Hi Ruthy,

    Love seeing your pictures and reading your inspiring words!

    I absolutely recommend both Ruthy's self-pubbed books! They are awesome! Go and treat yourself!!


  63. Oh, those annoying threads. I put the on sticky notes. But there has to be a better way.

    Perhaps we can get Pam Hillman to create a chart!!

  64. Having a bad day the pain is up and I am struggling to handle noise at all. I want to go home. I have 2 and a bit more days here. I could use some prayer that the pain will ease up. I know the noise is making it worse but could really use some prayer,

  65. April!!!! Ain't it the truth???? I will wake up out of a sleep and realize I messed something up or see a plot thread I should strengthen. Writers are living proof that we do think as we sleep. All kinds of things come to me in twilight sleep between 3 and 4 AM....

    The brain is an amazing thing.

  66. Elaine needs a beta reader/first reader!!!!

    Anybody up for the job? You're not editing, you're simply looking for things that bring you out of the story or those nefarious LOOSE THREADS!!!!

    If you'd like to work with Elaine, either contact us at Seekers(at) and we'll patch you through to her!

  67. Must get up and dance, Mandisa's "Good Morning" is playing!!!!!

    Dance Party Ruthy!!!!!

  68. Sweet! I love that song... and "Overcomer????"

    What a great piece of music! Love Mandisa!

  69. I am so excited about your new LI Christmas book....looked for it today at W....too early, Huh?!?! But I will be sure to get it later.
    Please put me in the drawing for the GC.

  70. I'm catching up on mailings tonight... Everything is in envelopes, with addresses.

    Saturday: Mission: Post Office!!!!

    Tomorrow night bell ringing... So fun!!!

    Then Saturday writing day. Do Not Disturb will be hung on my door.

    It won't matter. People just mosey on by, wanting to know about hunting.... farming.... the dog.... more hunting....


    If I didn't have a ginormous picture window overlooking the porch, I could hide. But it's hard to hide with a GIANT WINDOW facing the driveway.


  71. How have I not seen the trailer for Running On Empty??? I have the book, and I have Try, Try Again. Hmm. Maybe I need to check for a trailer of Try, Try Again, too.

    Heaven bless beta readers! After enough cut and paste and rewrite, and even with a timeline, I can lose track of all kinds of who/what/when/where/why/how. A 'huh?' from a beta reader is a wonderful gift that can keep readers from having the same reaction.

    I don't know how you did it, Ruthy, but you made a post about tying up loose ends a lot of fun :-)

    Nancy C

  72. Meghan, you're in! And yes, aren't those covers totally inviting??? Love 'em!!! Thanks for being here today, kiddo!

  73. Mary, it might be. Or 18... or 16...

    I think it's actually 18 but I counted the indie book I'm working on and next years three that are done...

    Is that dreadful that I lose count?

  74. Julie, LOL! I've been privy to a few of your convos about loose ends, LOL! We all do it and it's such a crazy thing...

    And JAN!!!! Yes, you're right the intentional loose thread (like Rainey coming back home at the end of "Falling for the Lawman") is to psyche the reader into hoping for another story. And that's a great thing, I always loved it when an author left me reason to LONG for the next book!!!

    And Jan, you're a solid self-editor. I read your stuff before it was published, clear, clean, concise and tight. That's huge. So then those last reads are really a sweep up.... and copy editors will catch most anything else!

  75. Heidi, if you were here, you could join me!!!!

    That would be so much fun!!!!

    Anna Weaver Good to see you! You're welcome!!!

  76. Debby Giusti!!!! I bet Tony's a great reader. Dave knows HOW to read, but there are few witnesses to the actual act-in-progress...

    So I thank heaven for Beth. Mandy reads everything but in her words, "I don't want to think, I want to relax and lose myself in the book and pretend it's real.... "

    So she's a cheerleader reader and Beth's the grab-her-editor-hat sharp eagle-eye.

    The sandwich looks good, right???? God bless Dave.

  77. Susan, Greece is this big, sprawling suburb between me and Rochester. I think it's like the sixth biggest metro area... But I might be lying or making that up. :)

    Scrivener.... May God bless you, my blessed child! (laughing)

    But if it helps, then go for it!!!

  78. Amber, I love seeing you here! Yay! And I tried the link and got nowhere but clearly I'm link-challenged today so pay me no mind.

    Myra!!! I wonder if we're fair judges any more because I find myself being picky over things I probably wouldn't have noticed before. Does that make me a jerk???

    It is not required to answer that question.

  79. I LOVE a Ruthy post---they always make me smile.

    And even though I'm late stopping by (just like yesterday*sigh*) I enjoyed your post and photos (the one of you holding that baby is PRECIOUS!).

    Cannot wait to read your holiday book (since I won it on here a while back--YIPPEE!) and look forward to reading many more Ruthy books.

    Since it's later Thursday night (at least on the east coast) please enjoy the hot cocoa I just fixed--with gingerbread cookies on the side.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  80. Ruthy, your posts are great! I wish I lived in New York so I could come visit you while you do your bell ringing! We'd have fun! What a great way to begin the holiday season! Thanks for being a good example!

  81. Love how I knew who had written the post before I saw the author (or the picture). I'm rewriting, so I understand how confusing getting little details right can be.

    Enter me for the gift card, please:)

  82. Another holiday book. I must have it! (I'l start on it as soon as I finish Virgnia's.)

    Ruthy, your column spoke to me today, Someone in Seekerville convinced me that I should work on re-writing one of my Japan WIPs to re-submit for the Golden Heart. I feel like I'm going back through it and fixing loose threads (but I'm also moving tiles to where they better belong).

  83. Downloaded Running on Empty and read it in one sitting because I couldn’t lay it aside. The story of your heroine’s struggles on her road to triumph is told with realism, restraint, and compassion. Somewhere, someone-- maybe many someones-- will read this book and gain hope where none existed. My hat’s off to you and to all authors who handle such serious matters with finesse.

  84. I'd be the one pulling apart the quilt because of a tiny flaw & then putting it back together any which way because I just wanted it done.