Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

We're busy doing a pie tasting between writing pages
 to finish up our NaNo and other projects. 
Care to weigh in on your favorite pie?

We Have Winners

  If you are a winner please read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  Please remember we don't contact winners -so please contact us at seekers at seekerville dot net

Winner of Mary Connealy's Alaska Brides Collection is Courtney Phillips.

Monday Love Inspired Historical author and Seeker Janet Dean as she shared pictures of family quilts and the women who made them in her post, "Quilts and Quills." Cheryl Baranski is the winner of a ten dollar gift card to Amazon and copies of Wanted: A Family and “Last Minute Bride,” from Brides of the West. 

On Tuesday our special guest was Harlequin Special Edition and indie author, Helen Lacey, visiting us from Down Under. Helen  shared, All the World's a Stage and will be chatted about promotion, branding, your unique platform and writing.  Winner of their choice of an ecopy of The Cattleman's Proposal "a fabulous outback romance," or a signed copy of her August, Harlequin Special Edition Date With Destiny is Mary Hicks.

Did you know Debby Giusti is the Cover Lady for the November issue of Fayette Woman Magazine? Wednesday Debby shared about her make-up session and photo shoot with a fun insider peek at what happens when a magazine comes to call. Get a preview of the magazine hereWinner of “Yule Die,” featured in Christmas Peril, which also includes Margaret Daley’s story, “Merry Mayhem” ( 2014 Planner is included in the giveaway) is Sybil Bates McCormack.

Thursday, Villager Mary Curry, a three time Golden Heart finalist and an ACFW Genesis winner returns with her post "Story: Your Brain on Drugs." The winner of Wired for Story is Catherine Ensley. Oops forgot! Marianne Barkman won a Seeker BOC.

On Friday, our guest was Jamie Carie, with her post "The Prayer Bracelet." Winner of A Highlander for Christmas is Jackie Smith.
Check out Missy Tippens' Pecan Pie Recipe here.
Next Week in Seekerville

Monday:Tyndale author Pam Hillman is your hostess with Seeker Scrabble. Scrabble means to "scratch frantically". Oh.My.Stars!!! Isn't that the truth???? We'll have a bit of fun and talk about how we scratch and scrabble to create great stories.

Tuesday:Sandra Leesmith will provide helpful hints for "Traveling for Research." Sandra will also share some of her photos of her recent trip to Spain. She will give the winner a copy of their choice of one of her books or if you're planning a trip she is offering a copy of the Rick Steve's travel book of your choice.

Wednesday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe brings you "The Everyday Author's Guide to Establishing a Book Marketing Plan," with a giveaway! 

Thursday: Closed to give thanks and eat pie.

Friday: The December (YES! DECEMBER!) Contest Update and our December Contest Diva/Divo. The prize vault is open.

Caramel Apple Pie
Seeker Sightings

 DO share you own news and sightings in the comments during the Weekend Edition. We also welcome you to share your news (releases, cover reveals, contest finals and wins, book sales or free days, etc.)  on our Facebook Page at any time. 
 DO share you own news and sightings in the comments during the Weekend Edition. We welcome you to share your news (releases, contest finals and wins, book sales or free days, etc.)  on our Facebook Page at any time. - See more at:

Four of Mary Connealy's Older Books are part of a special sale of all Heartsong Presents Books. 99 cents each for the Truly Yours Kindle Editions.

For Mary this includes:
Buffalo Gal
Clueless Cowboy
The Bossy Bridegroom
Golden Days

Golden Days is the book contained in the recently released Alaska Brides Collection, just so you don't get an unhappy surprise if you bought that.

Mary Connealy be at the Council Bluffs, Iowa Authors Fair on November 24, from 1 to 3:30 PM at the Council Bluffs Library (400 Willow Avenue, Council Bluffs, IA 51503). Seekerville author friends Lorna Seilstad and Jewell Tweedt will also be featured in this event.

Only four days left to join the blog tour for Sandra Leesmith's Love's Refuge. She's been getting top reviews and there are plenty of giveaways including a rafflecopter prize of a kindle loaded with her ebooks. Love's Refuge is specially priced at $.99 during the blog tour.

Christmas Romance & Gift Card Contest!! HO-HO-HO!! Join Jamie Carie, Colleen Coble and Julie Lessman for a Christmas Romance & $100 Gift-Card Giveaway!! This is your chance to stack up on great Christmas books for the holidays on us, so be sure to come on by!! Contest ends November 26. Here's the link:

Julie Lessman's Christmas Video Contest!! Want to have a character named after you in Julie Lessman’s next book, a signed copy of that book, and a $50 gift card? Or maybe your choice of any of Julie’s books, including her new paperback release of A Light in the Window OR her January 1st release of Dare to Love Again? Well now you can, AND get to ogle some rogues in the process, choosing your favorite from Julie’s brand-new video for A Light in the Window. And then, of course, she’s also celebrating the Christmas SALE of her 99-cent ebook for A Light in the Window as well, so head on over and give it a shot — you’ll be glad you did! Here’s the link:

Check out Missy Tippens' Pumpkin Pie here.

Random News & Information 

 Twitter: Are You Taking the Lazy Way Out? (Writer Unboxed)

 What Would Jane Austen Do? Random House on Pinterest

 8 cover design secrets publishers use to manipulate readers into buying books (Creative Indie)

 E-Readers, Tablets and Bears, Oh My (Steve Laube Blog)

Reminder! The Semi-annual Virtual Seeker Retreat led by Ruth Logan Herne is scheduled for January 5th-11th, 2014!!! Join the fun as we do a week "Down Under" with the help of our very own genuine Aussie tour guide, Jenny Blake. We'll check out Aussie cowboys and the sweet streets of Australia, enjoying an Aussie summer in the depths of our winter.  Kick start your post-holiday writing by joining Ruth Loga Herne and others for an absolutely free experience to help regain lost momentum.  More info to come, all are welcome!

HarperCollins & Scribd: Every Sale Counts as One eBook Sale (Nelson Literary Agency)

 Breaking Up with Your Literary Agent (The Creative Penn)

Zen and the Art of B*tching (A Newbie's Guide to Publishing)

 Seekerville is currently enrolling for the January and February Online Classes. Information on these month long workshops can be found here. Class size is limited.

Check out the Harlequin Too Cute Pet Photo Contest on Facebook.

Examining the Business Model of Ebook Subscription Services (Part I) (Smashwords)

Writing Newbie? Check out this deal: Bootcamp for Novelists BEYOND THE FIRST DRAFT: Writing Techniques of the Pros [Kindle Edition] $.99 

Clari Dees is thankful for her new iPad mini she won as the grand prize winner of the Seekerville October birthday party. (The actual color is hot pink!)

And finally....we leave you with these photos of  Mary Connealy with Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman at a signing for her newest cookbook and with The Pioneer Woman's husband, Marlboro Man and her two sons, who accompanied her to the signing. And check out Ree's recipe for Key Lime Pie. One of my personal favorites.

Happy Thanksgiving from Seekerville! 

Remember to throw the bird in the oven (instructions here) and go write.


  1. Got the extra size coffee pot brewing for the weekend.

    I love gooseberry pie!

    Gotta read some more links now.

  2. I cant say Im a pie eater but I loved the dough of the pie base mum made. I did like her Pineapple pie it was her pie base then pineapple and whipped cream on top. Been a long time and not sure we have a recipe for it.

  3. Great WE, Miss T! CONGRATS to all the winners, and looking forward to another week in Seekerville.

    Jenny, Pineapple Pie sounds YUM!! I've never eaten any, but it does sound delicious. (Come to think of it, LOTS of yummy pies begin with "P": Peach, Pumpkin, Pecan, and now Pineapple. (*sorry, the kindergarten teacher in me still comes out*) ;)

    Hugs, Patti Jo (suddenly craving PIE and it's after midnight) ;)

  4. Pie?
    I think I found an app for that on my new iPad. :-) It's so pretty with its pink cover! I'm having so much fun! I even figured out how to read my Word documents on it. That's big for this never-had-an-Apple-product-before girl. :-D

    As to my favorite pie, it's Strawberry pie. Not a traditional Thanksgiving one, but I think I should change that this year. It would be a lighter dessert after all that turkey and dressing and gravy. Yum!

  5. I did not even touch the "are you a lazy twitter" because yes, yes I am. I don't like twitter, but people want to link to my name, so I'm on there, lazily sitting there while others tweet for me....

    So, I'm going to share my news. I just finished revamping the Inspirational Historical Fiction Index and it's so much cleaner AND!!!!!!! You can choose more than one category at a time to find a book you want.

    So if you look up both Kansas and Mail-order bride you get my book.

    SOOOOO, if you are a historical writer looking for comparables for your historical proposal about a Mixed-Racial Teacher Heroine, plug in Mixed Race Character and Teacher and something actually comes up.

    So easy!!!!

    And now I'm going to share on your FB page because you said I could.

  6. My favorite pie is lemon meringu with graham cracker crust. YUM!!!

    Looks like another great line up.

  7. I'm so excited ( almost childlike :-) ) to see that I won a copy of A Date With Destiny!! So looking forward to reading it! Thanks Seekerville!

    Congratulations to all the other WE winners!

    And thank you Tina, for another info filled WE. I can't wait to study the site on designing book covers.:-) That's so much fun.

    I'm sitting in my hotel room wondering if I'm going to make it back to the art show through all the ice and sleet!
    Is it too early to start wishing for spring?

  8. Ooooh, Melissa, you're search feature is awesome!

    Thanks for another great WE. LOL -- who knew there were so much in the way of Austen merchandise out there? Way too cool!!!!!

    Oh my favourite pie? How to choose? Warm peach pie with melting vanilla ice cream topping it...pumpkin pie with whipped pie with custard...blueberry just plain naked....but cherry needs ice cream...oh why did you have to ask. I'm craving pie now!!!

  9. TINA another great WE. Thanks but you are killing us with all those pies. I am like KAV and so hungry for pie now.

    PATTI Jo, you are too funny with all the pies with P. I was a kinder teacher too. Guess that's why you struck my funny bone this morning. LOL

    JENNY pineapple pie sounds yummy to try.

    My favorite is the same as ROSE. Grandma made the best lemon meringue. yum

    Congrats to all the winners. Now I'm going to go bake a pie.

  10. Wow, I am so thrilled to win Jamie's novella!!!! Thanks...and wishing a great weekend to all!!

  11. Wow, great WE!

    PECAN PIE!!!!

    Links, links, and MORE links!

    MARY and the PIONEER WOMAN (note Mary is listed first! :)

    More PIE!!!

    And then there's the poor ol' bird!

    PS... I think Jenny needs an assistant tour guide. Booking my flight now...prepare the guest room or the couch will do, Jenny!

  12. Speaking of pie... we were, weren't we???

    My grandmother made lots of pies, and she always made pie for our birthdays.

    I had a reputation for loving chocolate (which I do), but Granny-Grump-Stump (she was short and grumpy so that was her nickname) made the best frozen strawberry pie, and a frozen lemon pie. I don't know how she did it, but I always wanted one of Granny's lemon pies for my birthday.

    My mother's specialty are chocolate pies topped with meringue. She always, ALWAYS makes TWO. When pressed for the recipe, it's a little of this, and a little of that. Must learn how to make her pies now while she's still able to teach me!

  13. Rose, I think Granny's lemon pie was made made with frozen lemonade, but I'm not 100% sure. Must ask my mother. Maybe she remembers, but it definitely had a graham cracker crust. But no meringue.

    And her strawberry pie...hmmm...from the texture, I think it was strawberry jello, whipped topping, real strawberries, and a graham cracker crust. And kept in the freezer until time to eat.

    Yes, I can find the recipes online, and I should be able to make these fairly easily, but you know they'll never taste as good as Granny's! :(

  14. Good morning, Seekerville! Loved the pie pictures! My absolute favorite is Dutch apple—Gluten Free of course. :) My hubby's would definitely be chocolate truffle pie. :)

    Congratulations to the winners! So fun.

    Thank you for a super WE, Tina. Planning to check out the links later. The kids and hubby are not at home, so I'm going to enjoy the quiet time to write for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

  15. Great WE, Tina!

    Loved the pics of our own Mary and Ree. They look like BFFs, which they probably are by now. Way to go, Mary!!!

    Did someone mention pecan pie? Oh my! Just a tiny slice, please.

    Enjoyed seeing the iPad. So pretty! Congrats, Clari!

    I bought a 25 lb turkey yesterday...we'll be eating turkey for days, but it's always so, so good!!!

    Kids are out of school for the week here in my area of Georgia! Hope everyone enjoys the holiday vacation!!!

    Happy Week of Thanksgiving! I'm giving thanks for all of you!

  16. Even how to cook the turkey... Amazing WE, Tina. Of course, you began with the BEST pie, pecan! yummmmmmm.

    Weekends have been swamped, working shows and such, so we're announcing in today's official Seekerville WE /drum roll/ the release of May the K9 Spy's third book!!

    e-book here:

    hardcover (with printed endpapers too!) here:

    Interesting how Mary Curry's article EXACTLY describes what one of our goals is with this book, to consider a potential widespread loss of power for an extended period of time, as in an EMP over the US... We include a checklist at the back to help prepare.

    Really several posts this week resonated, including yesterday's. Wow. Each journey is different but wow. The takeaway Jamie suggested is true of us all.

    Congratulations to all the Seekers and Villagers, and especially to the NANO folks. Go go go!!!

    Thank you to everyone for making this such an outstanding community.

    And Jenny, looking forward to the trip down under. My DH and I traveled to WA about 17 yrs ago and just loved it! G'day! One of my fave expressions was "flat out like a lizard drinking." ;)


    Oh, oops, didn't mean to knock you down, Tina. Ouch, that looks like it might need medical attention.
    Debby, can you call 911? I've got to finish my Pecan Pie first?

    Helen? Coffee and Pie? Of course? PERFECT.

    And I think to be FAIR and you know how I like to be fair when it comes to pie -- Patti Jo, don't even think of reaching for that last slice of pumpkin pie!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh oh. Debby, I think Patti Jo is going to need a pressure bandage over here....
    I should just take a small taste of EACH FLAVOR
    Those Olympic judges don't start whipping out their score cards until everyone's jumped off the high diving board now do they????

    I'm just trying to be professional here!

  18. Thanks for the Weekend Edition, Tina! Always fun! I may enter our daughter's new puppy in the HQ cutest pet contest, if we can get a Santa hat on the little guy.

    Love the photos of Mary's encounter with Pioneer Woman and her family!

    My favorite pie for Thanksgiving is pumpkin loaded with real whipped cream. Pecan is yummy, but I avoid nuts. Well, except here in Seekerville. ;-)


  19. It was quite an experience seeing the Pioneer Woman. I stood in line like a GROUPIE.

    It was worth it though. I loved getting to talk to her.

    Man, what a line for a book signing.

    The closest I ever came to that was at ICRS when they were giving books away free AND I was sitting next to Wanda Brunstetter.

    And yes I think I needed to do BOTH I think just free wouldn't have been enough. But they lined up for Wanda and there was Mary and oh, whatever, sure, we'll take your book, too.

    That day, handing out book after book after book, while being asked to say a 'few words' to a zillion people was where I invented Romantic Comedy with Cowboys.

    I kept whittling the description of my book down and down and down until I came up with that.

    I was sitting next to Mary Lou Tyndall and by the end I was saying Romantic Comedy with cowboys and she was saying 'Christian Pirates.'

    Except we were getting so loopy with exhaustion every once in a while she's say Romantic comedy with pirates and I'd say Christian Pirates with romance...or some mangled variation like that.

    I'm sure Wanda never missed a beat.

  20. I am under orders for Thanksgiving to make three pies.
    Lemon Meringue

    My family is having an unusually HUGE get together this year. About forty people. Yeesh. It's getting to be almost all adults, which is easier then when it was a horde of grandkids but adults take up more space and can't all be sent to the basement!

  21. Maybe some good ol APPLE pie, with lots of cinnamon should be added to the list, Mary.

    You could send me to the basement, with PIE! ;)

    Janet, that's a hoot... Could you do coco-nut?

    Ok, better go. The house fairies haven't shown up yet. Guess it's back to me. May would help but she's exhausted from about 200 kids petting her last night.

    Y'all will be baking pies, I'll be cleaning... /sigh/

    It's all good. :)

  22. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252
    {\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica;}
    Thrilled I won the Alaska Brides collection! My TBR pile was becoming too thin.
    As for pie, I'm not a fan, but I do like chocolate chip pie. And I like to make caramel pie (it's so simple!).
    So weird that Thanksgiving is almost here. . .

    Yesterday, my bf and I were out for supper, and he started asking me about my "book" -- when I'll be done, what's taking so long, why do I have to write it again if I already did it once. . .questions like that. And he sincerely wanted to know. (He doesn't read books.) But my brain froze up, and all I could say was a lousy, "It's hard!"


  23. NO CLUE what all that code is above my comment. Excuse that.

  24. LOL. Yeah. that was pretty cool code you sent us Courtney!!

  25. Pineapple pie, Jenny!!! Sounds good,

    I like lemon, lime and pineapple.

    Frankly, I never met a pie I didn't like.

  26. Melissa J! Will go check out your site. Congrats!

  27. Mary Connealy, I was about to chime in again this morning to say how CUTE you look in all those photos, and then I realized I'd been *injured*---hmmmmm....but it's okay---I would happily give YOU the last slice of pie! Because I like YOU (and your BOOKS!)soooo much. :)
    Wow, who knew eating PIE could be so dangerous?! ;)

    Sandra, I'd forgotten you were a Kdg teacher too! wonder I feel so close to you! :)

    Hugs, Patti Jo (off to the kitchen to bake some PIES!) :)

    p.s. Debby Giusti, a 25-lb. turkey?! YUM!!

  28. Congrats winners!!! Happy thanksgiving week!!!! :)

  29. BOC? How am I ever going to choose? Oh, I will...lemon meringue pie is very very favorite pie...always have a hard time turning that down!

  30. YUM!!! The pies look WAY too good, especially the caramel apple. SO glad it's just virtual pie right now because I am tipping the scales right now, and Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet!!

    LOVE pie ... my favorite is peach crumb, then cherry crumb, then French Silk. And my pumpkin pie has bourbon in it -- my mom's recipe -- SOOOO good!!

    LOVE the pix of Mary with Ree and family!!

    And LOVE this We!!


  31. PattiJo, I'm sure you WOULD give me the last piece of pie, you sweet thing. I'd find that out AFTER I'd blocked you into the hot apple cider table, sorry.


  32. Full contact sport. Forget football, we're talking 10K DESSERT TABLE!!!!!!

  33. COURTNEY I'VE SEEN THAT CODE BEFORE. I think it's the same code they used to summon the 'mother ship' in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Your son isn't playing an eerie tune on his toy piano is he? If so GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!

  34. KC do NOT add any more flavors to that pie list. I'm NOT MAKING FOUR PIES. That is ridiculous. I'm tired just thinking of three. These three at least are one crust pies. I can just barely handle this.

  35. Patti Jo, are you making Peach Pie for your fam on Thanksgiving?

    KC and May!!! A new book release!!! Whoot!!! Way to go!!! Congrats!

    Perfect timing for Thanksgiving.

  36. KC has house fairies. Mary does too.

    I'd settle for a personal assistant.

  37. Debby G., we're having Pumpkin and Pecan pies, but I might just have to toss in a Peach pie too! ;)

  38. all this talk of pies makes me miss mum all the more (doing it a lot at present cos I want her to tell me it will be ok and look after me).
    I miss her pie dough. She would make pies and slices and save me some dough. wonders if I could just make the dough and eat it? just a small batch.
    I am not much of a pie eater. Mum use to make a currant slice also.

  39. I have to say I got all kinds of confused when I was 'Thanksgiving Weekend' WE.

    Congratulations to all the winners! You know... I'm already looking forward to New Years' Eve party on Seekerville. Tell me you are having one... or break the news gently.

    I was hoping to be on that list of nely contracted (4 wks left but I'm not thinking it's going to work...)

    Clari Dees, you must report on all the good stuff about the mini. When I Am Rich, I'd like to get the IPad for traveling. For now I love my Kindle Fire and my HP Pavillion. (seriously, both from Seekerville -is that cool or what. I'd be lost without them!)

  40. Debra don't be confused. Wait until next week when Tina does her Valentine's Day Wrap up. THEN be confused.

  41. Debra, When I Am Rich, I will hire someone to search my house until they find my $69 dollar Kindle(and the charger cord). (It's not REALLY a $69 Kindle, it's an $89 Kindle but it dropped twenty dollars two weeks after I bought it and that burns so bad I just claim it cost $69 most of the time)
    :( Today, for some sad reason, I am remembering the truth.

  42. The holiday will be gone by next Sunday. We have to celebrate now or we will have missed it!!!

  43. I say celebrate Thanksgiving ANY time! Recently on FB someone asked what your last meal would be, could you choose, and I said THANKSGIVING! ;)

    Plus it's just good to be thankful, no? Even if Mary is beating us to the pie, though she's offered to make more...

    Thanks Debby. We're excited about the new release! Y'all crank 'em out but it takes me and May awhile. Still, this was a record for us, only 8 months! Getting better at it, thanks to the Seekers!

    Y'all have a good evening. DH and I just finished another episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix. Her morals aside, it's a well-written show with fascinating characters. Adore the setting AND her fashion. Wawzah.

  44. Tina, thanks for sharing links to my recipes! I can't wait to eat all the yummy food!

    Thanks for the links. I love the photos of Mary and Ree and family!! I was watching her cook Thanksgiving this morning on Food Network. :)

  45. Clari, congrats! I loved the photo. :)

  46. BTW, I usually make 2 pumpkin and 1 pecan. My middle child can eat almost a whole pumpkin pie himself!

  47. Here's another Thanksgiving you make white bread stuffing or cornbread?

    I'm white bread, and I stuff the bird.

    Anyone make homemade cranberry sauce? I've got an easy recipe that's always good.

  48. I make stovestop stuffing from the box. Sorry but I think it's really yummy.
    And I don't make it but my daughter makes a delicious cranberry relish that is ground up with a hand grinder. Cranberries and oranges and apples and lots of SUGAR. It's my grandmother's old recipe. So delicious.
    And we have homemade rolls. So we give a little on the stuffing and make up for it on the relish and bread.
    I've got a sister who's crazed for the real deal authentic stuffing though so if she's coming SHE BRINGS THE STUFFING.


  49. I think she uses white bread.



    Who knows. I try not to get involved, except for the eating part.

  50. I'll trade some of my homemade stuffing for a dozen of your homemade rolls, Mary. Deal?

  51. Wow, it's almost time for December contests? Where has this year gone? I'm waiting anxiously for the ACFW First Impressions contest to end - I entered for the first time this year, and I really want to see the judges' feedback on my work.

    My news: I'm having my first short story published! I got the news a couple of weeks ago - my story will be in the premier issue of Splickety Love magazine, releasing February 14. In the meantime, I've been busy redesigning my blog and shaping it into more of an author's blog. I love my new design! I blog at

  52. Congrats, Amanda, on the publication of your short story!!! How fantastic!

  53. Holy schnitzel. You're trying to kill me with those links, Tina. My blood pressure is sky high reading all those crazy blogs about how .99 books are ruining the book industry and how you're not a real bestseller if your book is .99... And then you bring it right back down with JA Konrath's admonishment to all the whiners out there.

    Yup. Stop whining, people!

    I'm afraid to look at my facebook page to see how much whining there is. I don't think I'm a whiner.... but I probably whine a WHOLE LOT more than I think I do.

    Great articles. The agent break up is a good one. I know four authors that broke up with their agents just this past fall. It's in the air. I liked her even-handed approach and how they had made a time-frame to sell the book or she would put it up with her others. Keeps it from lingering in la-la-land forever.

  54. Oh, sorry, reading the comments, I guess we're all talking PIE!

    I'm making Missy's pecan pie this weekend. YAY!!!

  55. Debby we do NOT have a deal because while my homemade rolls might be a tad stale after the stuffing would be DEADLY.


  56. Amanda!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Off to see your new digs.

    1. Thanks, Tina! Writing has been my dream since I was mine years old. I'm so excited!

  57. My mil doesn't stuff the turkey, but we have chicken dressing on the side. The menu usually consists of ...

    chicken dressing
    giblet gravy
    cranberry sauce
    English peas
    homemade fruit salad
    Sweet potato casserole
    Pecan pie
    Pumpkin pie or pumpkin roll
    Apple dumplings maybe
    A Cake maybe: Coconut, Italian Creme or red velvet cake

  58. Great WE, Tina. Lots of fun stuff.

    We planned to buck the system this year. No turkey. Ribs instead. With stuffing and all the traditional goodies that go with turkey. It was a great plan...

    Until I took dh grocery shopping yesterday and GUESS what jumped into the cart when I wasn't looking? TURKEY! YIKES!

    Truthfully, tradition dies hard at our house. So I will cook turkey the day before so everyone can have a taste of how Thanksgiving should be. After all, in a lifetime we only get around 80 Thanksgivings. It's not a sacrifice, but a privilege to share what generations of our family has since coming to America in 1780. So turkey and barbeque spare ribs it is!

    Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! Safe travels and Peace.

  59. I am late to the party! I edited/revised all day yesterday, then a Mass in memory of Grandpa... Dave's dad...

    And to day the feast of Christ the King!!!

    So forgive my lateness, but Tina, what a great weekend edition. And it's the pie that makes me say that, I kind of glossed over winners... slid past important links.... except for Missy'a pecan pie!

    I am in pie withdrawal, like mega-max and I just want to eat pie.

    Gotta see what's goin' on, and did I hear that Christina Rich had a cover reveal this weekend!!!


  60. I want to decipher Courtney's code!!! How fun is that? Where's the hotmail lingo translation book?????

    I'm determined to develop a nut-topped sweet potato pie like I found at the Rochester Public Market.

    I must make this pie.

    I think about this pie.

    I dream about this pie.

    And when I considered doing it with pumpkin, Natasha Kern said "No, Ruthy!!! Do it with sweet potatoes!" and she's absolutely right.

    The sweet potato texture can stand up to nuts.

    Pumpkin + ice cream

    Sweet potato + glazed pecan topping.

    I will keep you abreast of my adventure because I want to feature this pie in TINA AND MAX'S book next Christmas!!! :)

    Tina deserves the Very Best.

  61. We do homemade stuffing, Deb. And my mother always made it with breakfast style country sausage and used the giblets for gravy. When my kids were little I dropped both of those, but now... I'm putting the sausage back in. We had a few vegetarians around but they have come back to the dark side of carnivorism and they'll eat it with sausage now!

    And two different stuffings is fun. I kind of like that. My favorite leftover is stuffing with gravy and homemade cranberry orange relish.


  62. Ribs for Thanksgiving. Blasphemy.

    hahaha. I long for ribs for Thanksgiving.

    I bet the Pilgrims did too.

  63. Great weekend edition, as usual, Ms. Tina.

    Congrats to all the winners. I'm so happy to send Wired to Catherine and a Seeker BOC to Marianne. Just let me know which title, Marianne, and print or ebook for both of you.

    Carry on with the pie talk. I've been on a blueberry pie binge since I came back from Maine so I'm ready for Christmas cookies.

  64. AMANDA - congratulations on your short story! How fun is that!

    Congrats to all the winners, too.

    So much good reading in the WE links, TINA. I found myself nodding in agreement with Konrath, and vowing to follow his advice. Thanks also for the link about cover design ... lots of usable info.

    But how could you post all those pie pix ... triggering cravings for pecan, pumpkin, buttermilk, sweet potato, and key lime. (No, no, not all in one pie!) It's so unfair. Oops ... I'm whining ;-)

    Fun pix of Mary and the Pioneer Woman!

    Nancy C

  65. Nancy C, where have you been hiding??

    Is there an Italian pie?

    Hmm, can you put Tiramisu in a pie tin??

  66. Tina, we could probably put Tiramisu in a pie pan ... but it wouldn't last long (the Tiramisu, not the pan).

    Come to think of it, there are lots of Italian/Sicilian cake and cookie desserts, but not pies. Wonder why ...

    Nancy C

  67. Lyndee, love your turkey tale! That's what happened to me. I wanted a 20+ pounder and ended up with huge monster that will take all day to cook. But then I can't wait to feast on all the delicious meat.

    And you'll have ribs too. Sounds like a Southerner's delight. The best of both world for sure.

    As we say in Georgia, y'all come South now, hear?

  68. Pizza!!! WHO KNEW?????? Took an Americani to figure it out for us.