Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Weekend Edition

  There are rumors that some of you have your tree up already, and have your shopping completed. Is this true??

We Have Winners
 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget).  

On Monday, Tyndale author Pam Hillman was your hostess with Scrabble: Seeker Story Style. Scrabble means to "scratch frantically". Oh.My.Stars!!! Isn't that the truth???? We'll have a bit of fun and talk about how we scratch and scrabble to create great stories.Sharon Timmer wins a print copy of Claiming Mariah when it releases in February 2014.

Tuesday Sandra Leesmith provided helpful hints for "Traveling for Research." Sandra also shared  photos of her recent trip to Spain. The winner a copy of their choice of one of her books or if you're planning a trip she is offering a copy of the Rick Steve's travel book of your choice is Peggy Consolver .

Wednesday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe brought you "The Everyday Author's Guide to Establishing a Book Marketing Plan." Winner of an e copy of either David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Visible or The Naked Truth About Publishing by The Indie Voice is Valerie Comer. Winner of a Tina Radcliffe/Tina Russo  book or choice including her upcoming e Christmas novella, The Christmas Angel is Jackie Layton.

The December Contest Update was Friday, and our December Contest Diva is Julie Hilton Steele.  Winner of a $10.00 Amazon Caroling Kittens Gift card is Sherida.

Next Week In Seekerville:

Monday: Mary Connealy will continue her series on  "Creating Characters One Layer at a Time-Layer 2-Make them Move in Character." She'll be giving away a signed copy of her December release The Alaska Brides Collection.

Tuesday: Stephanie Morrill from "Go, Teen Writers!" stops in to share today. Swing by and see how Stephanie turned a fun, God-inspired blog project into a marketing tool by giving back to other writers. Sound familiar???? :)  Stephanie has graciously offered to give away an e-copy of one of her "Ellie Sweet" books and an e-copy of her book  Go Teen Writers!:How to turn your finished draft into a published book.  

Wednesday: Jacqueline Diamond is the author of more than 90 novels in genres including romance, horror, fantasy and mystery. Today she dons her Regency writing gown and brings us her post, "Why I Prefer Traditional Regencies," with a great giveaway!

Thursday: Please welcome back Leslie Ann Sartor as she discusses writer strategies and what to do when you have a holiday book release amongst a torrent of holiday book releases…and speaking of holiday releases, she’ll be giving away an e-copy of her newest novella, Be Mine This Christmas Night.

Friday: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Cantrell (and a two-time Christy Award winner) is our guest today with her post, "The Myth of the Lonely Author Debunked! Writing is a Team Sport."  As a gesture of appreciation, her publisher, David C. Cook, is offering a very special holiday prize...a gift bag filled to the brim with 14 different Cook titles.
Seeker Sightings

DO share you own news and sightings in the comments during the Weekend Edition. We also welcome you to share your news (releases, cover reveals, contest finals and wins, book sales or free days, etc.)  on our Facebook Page at any time. 

Ruth Logan Herne would love for you to stop by Writers Alley TODAY while we chat about characters we love... Ruthy will be glad to talk about ANY character, yours or hers, but the one she profiled is "Anne Kellwyn" her heroine from Ruthy's poignant  Running on Empty. Swing by and leave a comment. Ruthy will be  offering a free Kindle download of Running on Empty to two lovely people!

Watch for reviews, interviews, and more with Myra Johnson as a bevy of bloggers feature her novel One Imperfect Christmas over the next couple of weeks. Follow Abingdon Press Fiction on Facebook and @AbingdonFiction on Twitter, and If you're among the first to retweet/share/repost one of Abingdon's messages about the blog tour, you could win a book! The fun begins December 2!

Tuesday - Mocha With Linda

Tuesday - Vic's Media Room

Wednesday - All Grown Up?

Wednesday - Donna's Bookshelf

Thursday - Buzzing About Books

Friday - Deco My Heart

And do check out this free Christmas Fiction Sampler that features Myra Johnson.

Tina Radcliffe is cooking in the Yankee Belle Cafe on Friday, December 6. The fruit trees are ripe in Arizona and she'll be picking lemons for lemon bars!

Tina Radcliffe is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card as her part of the Carly Phillips and Erika Wilder 12 Days of Christmas FB Giveaway! All genre's are part of this celebration December 1-12 on Facebook.

 Mary Connealy had fun talking books At the Council Bluffs, Iowa Authors Fair. Steven Slattery with his wife and author Jennifer Slattery, Mary Connealy, Lorna Seilstad and Jewell Tweedt.

FREE Download for Julie Lessman’s Love at Any Cost on 12/4 ONLY! Here's your chance to get book 1 in Julie Lessman's new "Heart of San Francisco" series, Love at Any Cost FREE on ONE DAY ONLY -- 12/4/13. Book 2 releases January 1st, so BE READY AND READ UP for it ... WITH A FREE DOWNLOAD OF BOOK 1!! Click here on 12/4:AMAZON, B&N.COM, CBD.COM

Random News & Information

This is our last shout out for this season of cyber match ups. If you are looking for critique partner/s, email us at with your name and the genre/sub genre you write and what you have in mind. If we pair you up I'll throw in two weeks of mentoring with your group. That means Tina Radcliffe will critique with you for two weeks.

More info here

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Amazon’s Next Kindle Paperwhite To Feature 300ppi Screen, Better Typography, Arrive Early Next Year (TC)

What Gets Measured Gets Managed. Testing The Key Elements Of Your Book Before Launch (The Creative Penn)

Too much vertical space in your manuscript? (The Book Deal)


Gifts for Writers & Readers

Through out the holiday season we're featuring this new section of the Weekend Edition. Enjoy!

Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting edited by Ann Hood.


 Just in time for the holidays! Downton Abbey Ornaments


 Mr. Darcy Tote

 The Pendant Emporium-ETSY

It's coming....

We leave you with a little Christmas music to start your holiday season...



  1. Tree up (It sits, pre-decorated in a big bag in a closet)
    Shopping? Well, I do very little and it's mostly done. On the other hand it's mostly NOT done but since I do very little, it's mostly done.

    I'm not sure how to quantify that. I may need to create an algorithm. :) (we can all have a good laugh at Mary creating an algorithm)

  2. No lights or tree or decorations up yet.

    We'll get our tree next Sunday afternoon. We need to buy a permit, and then we'll go into the National Forest to look for the perfect tree. Can you think of any better way to get a tree?

    Our traditional day to put up the rest of the decorations is tomorrow, the Saturday after Thanksgiving - but the weather is supposed to be too nice to work on anything, even Christmas. Hubby and I are going up in the Hills. Hiking? Maybe. Definitely enjoying the mountains, trees, snow and blue skies :)

    We won't talk about gifts.

  3. And when you finish listening to The Little Drummer boy, be sure to listen to this rendition of Angels We Have Heard On High.

    I love Christmas music!

  4. Tina, great WE! We did Thanksgiving yesterday so I wasn't around to visit the contest update, but I did get two hours of fun Black Friday shopping in with Mandy and Casey... so fun! We did it between 6 and 8 AM and there is no one in the stores at those hours. No one at all. We had a ball, got great deals and home before nine for me to get the turkey in the oven! Wonderful!

    Okay, Christmas, umm, no not ready at all but I'm a GCQ now: GIFT CARD QUEEN My shopping for adorable grandkids is done, so that's cool... But for my kids we do up a small basket of treats with a gift card attached.

    It probably seems lame but it's easy and appreciated. I love gift cards myself, I love gift certificates to local restaurants because it helps a local business and I get to go out for dinner!

    YAY!!!! :)

    I love the Christmas music! I'm working on new story this weekend and read-through on the Big Sky Continuity revisions and cleaning the living room/decorating a few little spots. Mostly, manger scene and Advent wreath because now I have a spot to put them where tiny hands won't break them!


  5. Congrats to the winners!

    And I just signed up for a night class in Seekerville!!! Yay!

    Have a good weekend, Seekerville. I'll be putting up my tree and wrapping presents.

  6. Yay, its the Weekend Edition. I love all the news we get in the WE. Congrats to winners.

    RUTHY I know what you mean about gift cards. They are so cool. I try and do book stores. Might as well promote our industry and books are important. :)

    TINA our orange tree is ripening up. I am going to make orange bread for New Years party. yum Can hardly wait to try your lemon bars.

  7. Uh...tree up? Nope. Shopping done? Not at all. :-( But I started my Christmas baking this week thanks to a snow day. :-) What can I say? I have my priorities straight!!!!

    Thanks for the Christmas music, Tina and Jan. Uber cool. It might just get me in the mood for some decorating.

    And I'm drooling with anticipation over those lemon bars. I've never been successful at making them. Now there's hope!



  9. Great WE as always, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners!

    Tree up? Shopping done?
    Ummmmm....NO, not even close.
    But that's okay - - it always gets
    Am curious to see how my newest kitten will react to our tree (we
    always get a tall, live tree--but this year I'm leaving off any breakable ornaments, LOL).

    If anybody is still hungry after Thanksgiving, I'm setting out some Peach Bread, Pecan Pralines, and lots of chocolate (keeps that energy going as you shop or decorate for Christmas!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  10. p.s. LEMON BARS!! Looking forward to THAT recipe!! :) PJ

  11. Way to go, Annie. I am working on the April, May, June line up and we've got more good stuff lined up.

  12. Wow, so much excitement over lemon bars. Who knew??

  13. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and no one got trampled in the Black Friday madness!

    Here, across the border, they've started jumping on the bandwagon with Black Friday. Apparently people were lined up at Best Buy from 3 AM. I don't need or want anything that badly, let me tell you. Crowds (ugh) and 3am? Insanity!

    I just signed up for a Seekerville night course, too! Yay! And it only took about 3 tries to figure out how to do it on PayPal! I am so challenged. Need to take a cyber course on living in the cyber world!

    Cheers and Happy Weekend. Off to clean house.


  14. Way to go, Sue!

    I do gift cards and baking. No shopping for this gal.

  15. Great WE Tina, I'm late commenting because I kept getting sidetracked with all that good, fun info.

    Congratulations to all the WE winners—I know how much fun that is!!

    No shopping done here—I don't have much to do, so I wait until a little closer to the big day—feels more like Christmas!

  16. Happy Saturday, Mary.

    Yeah, I get really grinched out thinking of rushing Christmas.

  17. I haven't turned on my Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire Christmas Music yet.

    THAT'S WHAT'S MISSING!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you for the WE and the gift card! I love gift cards and the caroling kitten one is precious! Having many Seeker books in my Amazon wish basket, the card is very appreciated. Congrats to the other winners!

    My RWR just arrived....Congrats to all the Seekers and Villagers noted this month. Great article, Tina! Your looking "only forward" advice is just right for me and I WILL write "clear and documentable goals" for my career. Thanks!

    Our tree is up and lights shining outside. Today I'm baking Chocolate-Pistachio Sables (as I munch on Patti Jo's pralines and wait for Tina's lemon bars). Gifts are planned and I'm sewing doll clothes for my granddaughter (with thanks there is finally a girl in the family to sew doll clothes for...just like my mom, grandmothers and aunts did for me).

    Heading off to listen to the Christmas music from Tina and Jan. Happy weekend and writing to all!

    PS: I did delete SOME exclamation points!!! :)

  19. OOOH, what is a chocolate pistachio sable???? Yummmer.

  20. Last of the kids left about an hour ago. The visit was wonderful, but now the silence and having the house to ourselves is wonderful.

    No tree up. No decorations. Too tired to think about shopping.

    Next week.

  21. As of yesterday, my tree is up! along with just about all the indoor decorating I plan to do. Last year we didn't decorate at all since we had no family in town for the holidays. This year our Ethiopia kids will be home--YAY!!!! And our Arkansas kids are expected for a few days, too! Everyone together again--can't wait!

    Shopping? Not so much. I've done a little online shopping but will have to hit the mall and other "real" stores for a few things. Oh joy.

  22. And hoping my December RWR arrives soon!

  23. WE'RE HOME! I've been in south Georgia with hubby's family. Had a wonderful time! Hope you all did as well.

    No Christmas here, yet. But I'm thinking about adventuring out for a tree this evening.

  24. LOL, Mary! That sounds like me. Don't have a whole lot to get, but haven't bought much yet. I never battle the crowds! I wait until Monday.

  25. Jan, that's a amazing! So cool to be able to go get your tree like that.

  26. Ruthy, we love gift cards around here!

  27. My kid went to Target Thursday evening (they opened at 8 pm) to get a deal on a camera. They stood in line over an hour to check out! What a nightmare. I'm so glad I didn't go. I sat at the house with my feet propped up eating leftover lemon pie. LOL

  28. That was supposed to say kidS (plural). :)

  29. Mary Said:

    “Well, I do very little and it's mostly done. On the other hand it's mostly NOT done but since I do very little, it's mostly done.

    “I'm not sure how to quantify that. I may need to create an algorithm.”

    Actually, I think this is a perfect description of the Obamacare website algorithm. It is going to work great tomorrow if they can just convince enough people not to use it. (Backwards World.)

    Can’t wait for Monday and Mary’s character layer post. I need this information. The first post caused major revisions in my WIP. When that happens, I know the information is highly useful.

    Now, what I am really writing about is that hostile link to the “Writers Alley”. I just wanted to see what Ruth was saying about characters when the website said, “You are not invited”!!! I felt like one of those people who are not cool enough to get into the hot night club. “You can’t come in, Buddy!”

    ♫♪♪♫♫♪♫ Merry Christmas! ♫♪♪♫♫♪♫

  30. Wow that was pretty bizarro on the Writers Alley. I reentered the same link and now it works.

  31. Did I mention I have ONE outdoor decoration? I huge star?

    We cut down the bush the star goes on.

    I think I've found a place for it but there is the risk of death.

    I'm not sure how to proceed.

    It's not a HUGE risk of death. I will PROBABLY not die. Grrrrrr. The bush was dead for sure of course. WAIT.

    I thought of something else.

    Not all that deadly.

    Ignore this comment.

  32. (I have zero decorations and plan zero decorations.)

  33. Oh My Gosh, VINCE!!!

    The pressure!!!!!

    I need to go look again. Because now I'm thinking maybe, my Monday post...makes NO SENSE.

  34. Would love to decorate, but daughter says we have to clean first.

    Really? Where is this written?

  35. Jan Drexler, I'm so envious of you cutting your tree in the National Forest. I've always wanted to do that. But the King Soopers tree lot is the closest I've ever gotten to oohing and aahhing over a real tree.

    Lately, we snap the tree together following the color coded pieces.

  36. Great WE, Tina. Lots going on in the neighborhood : )

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Now, everyone go out and jog off Thanksgiving dinner...well, I guess I need to go jog it off. Anyone want to come with me??

  37. Interesting tid bit. King Soopers is called Fry's in Arizona. I can still use my King Sooper's card and get gas points.

  38. Tree is up, just not decorated. I'm about halfway through my shopping. And I did go Black Friday shopping. Does it count if I only went to small stores and didn't start until after 10?

  39. Pam - your plans for a tree sound wonderful! My tree is pre-lit put together variety.

  40. Missy, I'm still eating left over lemon pie!

  41. MARY CONNEALY!!! You mentioned Mannheim Steamroller - - my middle sister saw them LIVE the other night in Atlanta!! She said they were GREAT!! I'm SO happy she was able to go (plus it was the night before her b'day, so that was good!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo (now humming Christmas music....)

  42. Terri! Saw your ad in RWR! Awesomeness!!

  43. Thanks! I don't have my RWR yet! My sis bought me that as a gift for my first book. Makes me think I may need to go check the mailbox.

  44. Is anyone still full from their Thanksgiving feast? :)

    We had our two daughters here, along with my eldest daughter's family. Three little ones and a HUGE dog. So much fun! Plus, the 25 lb turkey was delicious.

    DEC 1st! Oh my gosh!!! The first day of Advent and Christmas is right around the corner.

    So much to do. So little time. :)

    Wishing everyone a joyous month of preparation and anticipation. I need to focus on getting my house ready for the coming of the Christ Child...both literally and figuratively.

    Happy Advent to all!!!

  45. WooHoo! Thanks for drawing my name! (Yes, I'll email.)

    Thanks, too, for so many great links every week.

  46. I renewed my RWA membership. I did this so I can enter GH. Maybe twice. We'll see. Doubt I'll enter my favorite MS as the romance doesn't pick up until later but I have two that I love that I think could do well...


    Great WE as usual. Will have to take some time later to look through the links. Meantime, I need to get some First Impressions coordinator-y stuff done.

    I did technically win NaNo yesterday. My new MS still has 46K but I wrote 5K+ on another MS earlier this month so I went all NaNoRebel and counted it, since a truck ran me over yesterday morning and all. I feel somewhat better today but still not great.

    Back to work... But at least work can be done from bed in jammies :D.

  47. Patti Jo, I've heard Mannheim puts on the most amazing light show with their Christmas concert imaginable. They are from Omaha. American Gramaphone is their recording label and it's in Omaha. And once, while driving way out in the country along the Missouri River down Omaha way, we drove by these MASSIVE gates, I mean MASSIVE!!!!!!!!! Stone and Iron, gates MORE EXPENSIVE than my whole house, got it?
    Not that my house is expensive, but still.......... and on those gates are the words Davis Mountain. This whole bluff rising up behind these gates is where Chip Davis, who started American Gramaphone and Mannheim Steamroller lives!!!!
    And I have seen his gates!

    Brush with fame!
    Thank you for letting me share. That brush with fame has been surprisingly useless.

  48. Mannheim always ends their Christmas tour in Omaha, this year it's Dec. 22. I've never gone but I've heard it's wonderful.
    I'm such a homebody.
    I have purchased their stupid album in four formats now though.
    vinyl, 8 track, cassette and CD and that thing NEVER goes on sale. And all so I can hear Deck the Halls.
    Now I suppose I need to get an iPod and download it from iTunes but I haven't cracked yet!
    Don't you think once you own in in one format they ought to have to convert it for you??

  49. Also, Patti Jo, did I tell you that My Cowboy started using the honey out of the honey bear you gave me.

    It was all I could do not to throw myself across the table, tackle him, knock the bear out of his hands and put it BACK IN THE WINDOW WHERE IT BELONGS.

    I let him use it. I swear I almost cracked my teeth keeping my mouth clamped shut.

    It's back in the window, still quite full. He even put it in the microwave to make it pour!!!!!!!!

    I kept waiting for the poor little bear's head to start tilting sideways, that's the usual fate of our honey bears.

    We've got a perfectly good honey pot on the kitchen table, for heaven's sake!!!! I bought it because of all the honey bears I'd microwaved to death!

  50. The KC Chiefs just ran back a kick off 107 yards. I'm so rooting for them.

    I'm still mad at the Broncos for trading Tim Tebow.

  51. Back to the music formats, it's not like books where if you get a book and then they start making Kindles, your book NO LONGER WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Great WE as always, Tina. Thank you! And Happy Start-of-Advent to everyone. I don't happen to be at home this weekend, so there's been no decorating, shopping or baking started yet. But we're listening to Christmas CDs so that counts as a step in the right direction, doesn't it? :)

  53. It does and happy start of the season to you, Carol!

  54. Ummmm....too many comments, Teenster?

    You think?


  55. The Broncos won, RATS!!!
    Also the Chargers lost. ALSO RATS! I like Phillip Rivers because he and his wife have six kids.

    Yes, I am the MOST rational football fan of all time.

  56. Excuse me, for the uninformed, Phillips Rivers is the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers.


  58. Darn, and I bought Mary a Bronco's jersey for Christmas.

  59. Really? Librarians tend toward paranoia? But ... I've always gotten along so well with librarians ... does that mean ... Never mind.

    Lemon bars? Oh. My. Goodness.

    And no, the Christmas tree isn't up, although it is decorated. It's simply waiting for me to fetch it from its big plastic bag in the garage -- Connealy, I like your style :-)

    Lemon bars? Oh. My. Goodness.

    So much good reading material, Tina, including the download of the book with Myra's story. Ya know, I'd be farther along on all this Christmas stuff if I didn't spend so much time downloading and reading Seeker books. But my reading world would be a poorer place.

    Lemon bars? Oh. My. Goodness.

    Hey, all you winners -- Congratulations!!!

    Nancy C
    Lemon bars? Oh. My. Goodness.

  60. Mary, shame on you!!!

    Really? You cheer for the Chiefs??

    And here I thought I knew you.

  61. THE BRONCOS WON!!!!!


  62. Okay - - I'm laughing here on MONDAY morning, because I just went back and read Mary Connealy's most recent comments - - you are SO funny!! :)
    But I'm quite impressed you saw the GATES of the Mannheim guy, and I'll be sure and tell my sister (she'll be equally impressed--seriously!).
    Awwww....reading your "honey bear" comments made me smile (but I'm also thankful his little head didn't melt in the microwave*shudder*!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo (heading to get some much-needed coffee....)