Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Novella for the Holidays

Audra, it's a pleasure to be back with Seekerville as your guest, you guys rock and I always have a blast here! Thank you.

I just released my third book; Be Mine This Christmas Night, and not a day or two later,  my husband brought to my attention an article from the Wall Street Journal titled "Torrent of Books on Way Before Holidays."

Thank you, sweetie, for showing me this. Not.

I began to second guess my decision to write this book. Why did I think I could compete? Why a Christmas book?  Why did I go with KDP Select for this one?

Doubts swirled and threatened to swamp me. Then I took a deep breath and remembered wise Tina's statement, indie publishing is not for the faint of heart (paraphrasing a bit here.)

I reminded myself that I wrote a wonderful Christmas story set in my hometown of Boulder, CO, which lights a star on Flagstaff mountain every season. To me the star symbolizes hope. Hope that seems to flare brighter during this season. Hope for mankind, for peace, for the light to shine into the darkness of hearts and into souls.

Which is the reason I wrote the book. It's not about the Boulder star per se, which does have a starring (sorry for the pun) role in the story, but stars themselves are an important element in the book, just as hope and wonderment, snow and holiday lights are important elements. Symbols of the season that heals hearts and fosters love in Be Mine This Christmas Night.

And that's why I think I can compete. Because I so believe in this story and in the season. This book simply had to be written.

Also it's dedicated to my brother with whom I spent so many wondrous Christmas mornings.  In Germany as babies and toddlers and the wonder of seeing a Christmas tree for the first time. In Pacific Palisades, CA, when our father would tramp in the fireplace ashes and onto the carpet, and we were sure they were Santa's boot prints. In Boulder, Colorado where we put our own star up on the chimney.  Memories that bring me happiness and hope.

And for my last doubt? Why did I go with KDP Select for this book and not the others? 

If you're unfamiliar with Kindle Direct Publishing Select, it means by choosing this program, that I can only sell on their site, Amazon (and all of them throughout the world) for 90 days. I have five free days if I wish to use them and I will, and I get paid if someone borrows the book, which to date I have none, darn it all. But I continue to hope.

So yes this means I can't put the book for sale anywhere else. I can have a paperback and do. So it is limiting…in a sense.

KDP Select is an experiment. I know that I must try everything marketing-wise that makes sense to me.  And I want to find out how this strategy will promote me, my stories and my writing. This season of hope and of light seemed the perfect time to do this.

Lending the book with the hope that people will love my writing and want the other two  books and spread the word about author L.A. Sartor was one goal.  And the other? That this story which will hopefully be read all year long will resonate  with each reader, that the light will shine, and with luck and faith, spread. That more people will buy it, fall in love with it and tell others, as word of mouth is the best sales pitch of all.

So why not try if I believe in the power of my story so strongly?

Be Mine This Christmas Night starts with the rhyme:

Star Light Star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

~ anonymous

Which is also the series name, Star Light ~ Star Bright. And that's what I'll be doing when I see the first star tonight. That and a bit of prayer.

Book Two of the series comes out in 2014 and Book Three, I don't know yet, maybe early 2015.

More chances, more risk, my heart is not faint.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Now for a question for you all.  Why did you think you could compete in this crazy world of publishing, of story telling?  What helped with your doubts.  I have a feeling I know part of the answer.
Leave a comment and be in the drawing for my KDP release of Be Mine This Christmas Night. Please keep in mind, this is not an Inspirational Romance, and does contain some mild adult content.


Leslie Ann Sartor (aka L.A. Sartor) began telling stories around the age of 4 when her mother, at Leslie’s insistence, wrote them down and Leslie illustrated them.  As an adult she writes suspense and action adventure novels with a dash of romance, and screenplays—she's had a contracted adaptation!  She lives in Colorado with her husband whom she met on a blind date.  Leslie loves to travel and thinks life is an adventure and we should embrace the journey.  She has a blog: My Story, My Way ~ an Indie Adventure. She is also one of the Five Scribes.  Check out her website, Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook

Titles published:
Dare to Believe (2012)
Stone of Heaven (May 2013)
Be Mine This Christmas Night (Holiday 2013)

The Children's Author …

Annie Hamilton's children's series Star Light~Star Bright is a mega hit. She loves kids and wants nothing more than a family of her own, but twice burned, thrice shy. When a gorgeous man with two young boys moves next door, Annie can't help but dream her impossible dream. 

And The Widower Who Moved Next Door …

Cole Evans is a brilliant scientist, but finds fatherhood a challenge. When his son develops a bond with their enchanting neighbor, the boy’s favorite author, Cole discovers just how much he's lost—and how much he needs. 

Will Their Wish Come True This Christmas Night?

Can Cole overcome family meddling and alleviate Annie's fears so they can be a ready-made family?

Buy Links:


Jenny Blake said...

Dont enter me as I am not reading many books at present hopefully one day it will happen again.

I saw the comment about hope. That is what I am living on at the moment Hope so it resonated with me. I loved how you talk about christmas in Germany then CA then Colorado. Love the footprints in the ashes. Such great memories and thanks for sharing.

Marianne Barkman said...

Good to see you here today, Jenny...hope things are looking up! Leslie, I am a reader, not a writer, but agree with Tina that self publishing is not for the faint hearted. I would love to read and review your book...only available in Ebook? I would post my review on my blog, goodreads, Librarything, Facebook and Twitter if that would help...glad to have you here

Jenny Blake said...

Marianne spent most of the afternoon napping. I am learning to manage the pain. I need to find ways to deal with the noise issue. Seeing an audiologist tomorrow to see about custom made ear plugs how much they cost and if it would be the best way to go. I do use ear plugs at times and they help but are not the easiest to put in. I think I could handle the head pain if I could cope with the noise better. otherwise I am basically a prisoner in my own home.

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

Marketing is weird thing. If you listen to the marketers for too long, you forget what you really like. You only know what you SHOULD like. Like, maybe I shouldn't be loving all these Christmas books because there are so many and I'm being deluged with titles?

I'm not a Christmas book fanatic. But this year, I noticed more and more Christmas books and they all sounded GREAT! I put more Christmas books on my wish list than I did in the last 3 years combined. I thought I was just seeing more really awesome books being put out, I didn't realize it was related to the volume of books in general.

Does that make sense? What I'm trying to say is this: to a reader like me (I'm more a reader than a writer, always), I noticed MORE GREAT BOOKS. To a marketer, they noticed a whole lot of Christmas books... and start to question how anyone will make money and will the readers get bored and how will they even find anything good in the 'tsunami of swill'.

No, no, no. Marketers are a different breed and I just want to leave them over there in their corner. Let me tell you as a reader, I'm THRILLED with all the Christmas books and THRILLED to see all the good stuff coming out on Kindle!

So, your question about fear and bravery and getting guts.... I never really got brave but I do remind myself I'm writing for a reader (hopefully more than one) who will 'get' my book. They will understand it and laugh and cheer while reading it. That gives me courage, because I understand how perfect it can be to find that gem of a book.

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie Rains said...

Leslie, your book looks great! Thank you for sharing this morning's post. I wish you all the best with your novella. Let us know what you think of KDP!

Jackie said...

I write because I can't not write.

I'm still unpublished so I'll take one step at a time. If I look at the whole picture, it terrifies me.

So one step at a time for me.

Jenny, I hope you find a way to deal with the noise and find joy again. Take care. I'll be praying!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Morning LESLIE, and welcome to Seekerville. I think Christmas books are wonderful and I love them. I love that there are more out there to read. I love Christmas movies and watch them all year. smile

I have a girlfriend who has Christmas songs on her ring tone of her phone and they are on it all year. They are so full of joy and hope. So what's not to love?

Best wishes on your sales. KDP is wonderful for authors. Don't be afraid. I'm glad you took the leap. I am tickled that if at least one person gains some hope or joy from one of my books then I have accomplished my purpose for writing.

Have fun today.

CatMom said...

Welcome Leslie! I love Christmas books, and feel sure I always will. Congratulations on YOUR books!

Jenny Blake, continued prayers for you, precious friend. Sending gentle hugs to Australia!

Blessings from rainy Georgia,
Patti Jo :)

p.s. Please enjoy the Peach muffins and Peach cobbler I just took out of my oven--rainy weather makes me want to bake (and READ!). ;)

Kav said...

I've been reading a crazy amount of Christmas stories this year. They all looked so good I couldn't help myself! Interestingly enough, no two have been alike either. Love the way the creative mind works!

Audra Harders said...

Hi everyone! Brrr, it's cold here in Colorado! I was at work until 8:30 last night and drove home in -8F cold! I know that doesn't sound too bad for some -- like Jan Drexler! -- but for me, this weather is a bit nippy!

I hope you enjoy Leslie's Christmas novella journey. Since I grew up in Boulder, I'm familiar with the Flagstaff star. It's pretty heartwarming : )

I'll try and touch in during the day, but I know Leslie will be here.

Before I leave, I'll set out some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies...just in case anyone needs help getting in the mood, LOL!

Audra Harders said...

Virginia, I echo your thoughts. If you start playing to the marketers, you'll lose touch with the story on your heart.

Keep writing those books!

Audra Harders said...

Marianne, thanks for being such a friend to the author! Posting reviews is such a gift, we all know what kind of time it takes.

Thank you!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Leslie, thanks for being here! Be sure to tell us after the fact what you think about Kindle Direct Select. I'd love to hear your take on it.

I've done both of my indies using KDS and they've done well. I used my five free days almost immediately to get the word out, and I'm learning as I go. For my next one, I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I'm weighing options as I get experience under my belt.

The lending library is a great idea at present! I'm always watching to see what changes come about, and how that will be to the author's or publishers' or retailers' advantage. It's a triangle trade, for sure, new millennium style!

I love Christmas books. With a capital "L".... They speak to us, heart and soul! Wishing you the best with your fun endeavor!

Hey, how about peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice latte's to start the day?????

Do You Know I Haven't Indulged in a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet this year??????

I need to live closer to Starbucks!!! :)

Sherri Shackelford said...

I can't get enough Christmas books! Bring 'em on :)

Pam Hillman said...

Congrats on testing the KDP waters, Leslie!

And... you now have at least one borrow from Amazon Prime.

Merry Christmas! :)

Mary Hicks said...

I had to laugh at your comment, SANDRA LEESMITH, I love Christmas stories and read them anytime of the year, I listen to Christmas music year round—I scoff at those who tease me about it.

Mary Hicks said...

Good luck with your book, Leslie. I hope it floats to the very top! :-)

When your mind tries to go places of fear, hum Christmas songs and eat chocolate covered cherries—works every time. :-)

Ruth Logan Herne said...

♥♥♥ Christmas books!!!!

And I'm behind on my reading, but I have 5 of this years on my Kindle right now, several of them in paperback to send out in surprise packages, and I LOVE CHRISTMAS BOOKS!!!!

Virginia, I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. If you write for the reader.... and you tell a good story that satisfies that "awwww" inside us.... the sales will come.

And the luck of marketing generally comes down to production. If I hadn't written two lovely marriage reunion stories in the past several years... I wouldn't have had them to publish when "marriage reunions" made it into the Rita finals and onto bestseller lists...

Produce the books and eventually the sales will come. (If P, then Q????) :)

It's all mathematical! (laughing)

Janet Dean said...

Welcome to Seekerville, Leslie! Thanks for sharing your new adventure with KDS. Your cover and blurb are terrific! Wishing you the very best with your sales! This career isn't for cowards that's sure. You mention a paperback format. Are you able to see yet what sells better, eBook or paperback?


Janet Dean said...

Audra, thanks for the Christmas cookies! I see frosted cutouts and gingerbread boys, my favorites!


Janet Dean said...

Jenny, I'm praying for you. So tough to be house bound.

Hugs, Janet

Janet Dean said...

Mary Hicks, Chocolate covered cherries are a Christmas tradition at our house. When I was a kid, our bus driver gave us a box on the last day before Christmas break, a wonderful treat compared to the horehound, hay stacks and hard candy my parents bought.


Myra Johnson said...

Leslie, so glad you shared your story with us in Seekerville today! My first published novel was a Christmas book, and even four years later it's still earning me nice little royalty checks. I never realized until that book sold how perennially popular Christmas books are!

You asked what made us think we could compete in the publishing world. I guess because I've always believed I have important stories to tell--stories no one else could write in quite the same way.

Sure, there are doubts and lots of them. But God is amazing about providing just the right amount of encouragement when I need it most. He's made it very clear over and over again that He has called me to be a writer.

Jeanne T said...

Leslie it was fun to read your story and how you came to KDP. I hope you will share how it works for you. Being unpublished, I'm taking notes on how those who have gone before me are succeeding and learning in this new publishing world. :)

JENNY—I'm praying for you today. Pain is difficult, and to be housebound...very difficult.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Wow, good morning. I'm here, just got up, so coffee is close at hand. Didn't get to bed until after 2am last night. When did I become a night owl.

I can't wait to read the comments.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Jenny, I hope (see here is that word again) that you find relief from the pain. I don't know what happened, but it sounds pretty serious.

Hope is key to every day. Without, I'm not sure where we'd be.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

My blog, An Indie Adventure, is all about Indie publishing, music and movie making. Tina was recently a guest and had a great post on Indie Publishing.

Currently my book is in Kindle only for e-reader, (until Feb) but I do have a paperback version. Email me at I'd love to have you review it.

Reviews are an author's life blood.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Virginia,
You may have nailed it. I love that my books are available world wide. How exciting is that? The potential is huge to reach even a small section of that vast audience.

I love my Christmas book, its main characters, its secondary characters, the setting and the season. I hope you do as well.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

I will let you all know. Thanks for asking and thanks for being here this morning.

BTW it was -9 degrees in Boulder last night at 2am. +.5 now. BRRRR.

Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

That is truly the only way to do this, to do anything. Take it step by step and guess what, you're on the journey and will reach the destination of your choice.

Good Luck and please, let me know if I can help or answer any questions.
Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Sandra,
I love Seekerville. It's always fun to be here.

You know what I miss...being able to say Merry Christmas. I worked in a business atmosphere for a long while after I had my own biz for 17 years. And having to be so PC drove me nuts.

Merry Christmas!!
Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

CatMom, how did you know I was starving? Digging into the peach cobbler now, saving the muffin for later.

Hey, I have a Last Friday of the Month recipe on my blog, want to put these up? They sure are tasty.

Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Ah, you're my kind of reader. Love that.

You know if 5 or 20 authors were given the same basic characters and setting, even broad plot strokes, they would all come up with something different. How cool is that?

I love being a writer.

Hugs, LA

Debra E. Marvin said...

Oh, well, why do we do anything in this crazy world? We must have some crazy part in our brains that make us blind to all the reasons why something won't work or can't happen. Or we'd be a world of EEyores!

I feel compelled to write so that's one reason and I feel that there might be something there that someone else will enjoy. that's two reasons...
third is I hope something I have to say will touch someone and make them think and maybe reconsider or rebuild their relationship with Christ. Three reasons that seem rather tiny in our big world. Reasons I believe we all share here.

I often hear that it's a great time to be an author because we have so many more ways to get published now. But it also means the bulk of books has just exploded too.
With hundreds of options, I know I find myself starting and dropping too many books that are probably very well written. We can all afford to be very fussy now.
and that's where the little, impractical 'hope' in our brain to be published must stand against all the reasons it doesn't make sense.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Ruth, peppermint mocha lattes play a role in this story!
I think it's time for one and some Christmas cookies.

I'm splitting up my free days, 3 before Christmas, and 2 right after for all those readers and tablets that will need content!

Hugs, LA

Naomi Rawlings said...

I hope your book does well, and one thing is certain, your in good company here with Ruth and Julie and the Christmas stories. :-)

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi Audra, how did Achievement Night go? Thanks for hosting me today. I always love being here, it's so lively and fun.

And yes to the BRRRRRRRR...tonight it's supposed to get to -13. Yikes.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

You're just the kind of reader I love..."bring 'em on". You got it :)

Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Why thank you for borrowing the book. YAY.

How do you like Amazon Prime? Is it worth the $$?

Merry Christmas!
Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Oh my goodness, chocolate covered cherries. Salivating as I type.

Thanks for the good wishes, I hope (love that word) they come true.

Merry Christmas!
Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Ruth, what a lovely surprise gift to give!

My screenwriting mentor Bob Gosnell has a saying about "inventory", without it, you are likely to miss all sorts of opportunities.

I so agree. And lucky me, I can publish my inventory of books and keep adding to my screenplays.

Luck favors the prepared? I think so. Mathematically as well :)

Merry Christmas, Hugs, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Janet, thank you for your kind words about the cover and blurb. I love the cover. Blurbs are hard to write.

Ebooks outsell paperback, but I'm always surprised at the number of paperbacks I sell.

Audra and I were at a group signing this weekend, it was a blast, and the majority of people wanted to hold a real book in their hands.

Createspace is a viable option and I use it for my POD's. Frankly, I make very little on each book as I want to get them in hands and thus keep the price low. But some have their books priced so they make a decent profit. Question is, do they sell at $14 -$18 for a new author?

Merry Christmas,
Hugs, LA

Valri said...

It's cold here in NW Oregon too! Although its white outside my window, it's frosty, not snowy! It is in the low 20's and it's 11 am! I'm a reader and I depend on all you writers to keep me entertained during the Christmas season with fantastic books to celebrate the season! Audra, your book looks like one of those! I love Christmas books! It keeps me in the spirit and helps me do some relaxing during the hectic times of the season!

DebH said...

Thanks for sharing LA,

As a Colorado native (currently transplanted on the east coast *sigh*), I'm aware of the Flagstaff star. It's always fun for me to read Colorado stories (even if they make me a bit homesick). I would love to win your book, but will definitely put it on my wish list to remind me to purchase later (when budget allows, that wish list is getting uber long these days).

I appreciate your candor about your second guessing your decision as well as believing in your story too. I'm in agreement with others - there couldn't possibly be too many Christmas stories, can there? So many traditions, some that I'd like to adopt. Everyone has at least one Christmas memory that warms their heart and I think that resonates with how many books come out.

I hope (see there's that word again *heh*) that your bold step into KDS brings about the success and/or knowledge you desire. Again, thanks for sharing your experience.

btw, who created your book cover? did you use and indy artist? i'm looking into ebook cover design and like to check out how and what other cover designers are doing.

DebH said...

I miss Colorado especially at Christmas. The holiday just doesn't seem the same without the Rocky Mountains in view.

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

I will be happy to share whatever I learn about KDP Select.

I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Actually I love writing them. It's a great way to connect.

Good luck and let me know if I can help.
Merry Christmas,
Hugs, LA

Jenny Blake said...

Thanks everyone for the support Leslie Ann I have Occipital Neuralgia which gives me constant headaches. up to 14 weeks now. I do get out a little but find I cant just go for a walk anymore as I only make around 20 mins. I am not giving up and I have Hope each time I go out I will get a little further. I also know not to push it as then I tend to crash like yesterday where I spent alot of the afternoon napping. I work this morning only an hour - hour and a half and will come and rest when I get home but know tomorrow I will nap more of the day to recover. I understand this and I am prepared for it. I am reading a book Manage your pain which the dr suggested and understanding things better. The pain this morning is lower at this stage and I will take that.

Jenny Blake said...

I should clarify my comment about being a prisoner in my own home. Its how I feel. I can go to work then get home asap. I go to the shops but try to do it asap cos of the noise. I do get out for a walk some mornings for about 20mins. So I do get out I go to Church. The feeling like a prisoner is because I cant just go for an afternoon walk like before for an hour or two, chatting will people I meet cos I just dont have the energy. Also if someone if using electrical or motor tools I have to say inside to try to block the noise. Hopefully the audiologist will give some suggestions today. I will not give up hope or trying but need to look after me also. by the way Hope is next years word.

Susan Anne Mason said...

HI Leslie Ann,
Your Christmas story sounds wonderful! I just finished a Christmas novella called "Star Light, Star Bright" - you guys must have been on the same wave length.

Wishing you many sales and great reviews!


Susan Anne Mason said...

Just got my tree up today and I am ready for a nap! LOL.

Trying not to let the stress get to me. The hard thing about working in a church is that Christmas and Easter are such busy times at work, adding to the stress of shopping, wrapping, decorating, etc.

Need a de-stressing strategy and we are out of wine! LOL.


Debby Giusti said...

Your story sounds wonderful...perfect to get all of us in the Christmas mood.

Publishing--any type--takes courage, IMHO. Change is hard too. I'm sure moving into the indie world feels like one of those giant leaps of faith. I'm listening to those who are testing the waters and trying to see if I want to dive in one of these days. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Missy Tippens said...

Welcome, Leslie! I love Christmas books. And I think a lot of people do. I especially think they make for fantastic, dreamy covers!! :)

Best of luck with your sales. I'll be sure to borrow your book to kick that off for you (unless someone already beat me to the inaugural borrowing! :)

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

I hope you enjoy the book, it was so much fun to write. And I gotta tell you that Audra is an awesome writing partner.

Merry Christmas,

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hey Debra,
So true and honestly if I think about the explosion of books on the market, I'll get into a funk. So I just have to keep on believing I have a place in reader's hearts and it will all pay off.

Merry Christmas, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Thank you! To be in the august company of such stellar writers and incredible women is awesome.

Merry Christmas, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Susan Ann,
Wow, I looked for that title when I started. Nada. Oh well, it's the series title. And you know all that creativity floats around the universe.

I hope you enjoy the book, I'd be interested to hear what you say.
Merry Christmas, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Audra will tell you, I nothing if not candid. Early on in my career, I would get so frustrated that other authors would hedge about this part of their contract or that...whatever.

Not me, ask anything :)

I hope you enjoy the book, it was a joy to write.

Merry Christmas, LA

Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Yes it takes courage and faith. It still does. After I published I thought about, what if...what if a house offered me a contract? What would I do?

Heck, I don't know. I'm not a best selling author...yet, but I aim to be. Not because of the money or the uh...fame, but because I want my stories to be read.

I believe they're worth it :)
Merry Christmas, LA

Audra Harders said...

Leslie, thanks for your generous insight. I know I get excited each time we talk about your adventure into publishing. Can't wait to join you : )

Audra Harders said...

And I've got to add, I love saying Merry Christmas!!!!!

Audra Harders said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leslie Ann aka LA said...

Hi and thank you for the borrow, I love it. I checked and now I have 2. Awesome.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.


Leslie Ann aka LA said...

And if I missed anyone, forgive me. You guys are wonderful, encouraging, and so giving.


Terri said...

I love reading Christmas books! Your cover is gorgeous!!!! You know, I am kind of an introvert and I'll admit marketing befuddles me. It is tough to reach new readers.

Bookishqueen said...

I have never heard of KDP before. It is interesting. Hope everything works out!

Julie Lessman said...

Hey, Leslie, your Christmas book LOOKS and SOUND wonderful, my friend!!

I, too, have noticed the flood of Christmas stories on the market in the last few years. I epubbed mine, A Light in the Window, last Christmas and then pubbed the paperback this Christmas because well, it's just SO darn easy to do so with Createspace and other POD companies out there, so why not??

You asked, "Why did you think you could compete in this crazy world of publishing, of story telling?"

I think everybody writes with the hope that they can "compete" in the market today, so I was no different. Where I AM different is that I no longer WANT to compete ... I want to write for the joy of writing again instead of worrying about selling and promoting. For me, the whole competition thing has been a real joy-stealer, so I tell my hubby I don't think I'm cut out for this biz. I may feel differently in a year or so, but right now? Let the others compete, and may they ALL win!! I win, too, by being at peace again.


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