Thursday, December 26, 2013

January 2014 Contest Update

In the contest world it's already January 2014! Comment today for a chance to win a five page critique (of an inspirational romance) or a surprise Seeker book (print) for one reader!

Published Author Contests

International Thriller Awards. Received deadline December 31. 

Golden Quill. Now open. Deadline January 10.

Bookseller's Best. Now open. Deadline January 15.

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Now open. Deadline January 15.

Judge a Book by Its Cover. Now open. Deadline January 15. 

Winter Rose Award for Excellence. Opens December 1, 2013. Deadline January 26. 

Bean Pot Contest for Published Authors. Deadline February 1.

Write Touch Readers' Award Contest. Deadline February 3. 

2014 Carol Awards. Opens January 2. Deadline March 15.

Unpublished Author Contests

Deadline Extended due to holiday distractions! For the THIRD YEAR, Seekerville is offering entry fee reimbursement to the 2014 Golden Heart Awards. With a twist!~This year we are narrowing that to the Inspirational Category entry only in an effort to keep the category open. And we are offering TWO reimbursements of the entry fee.

Send proof of entry to the Seekerville email address by January 11. (may send multiple proofs if you enter multiple times in the inspy category). Winners will be announced in January 2014.

Great Expectations. Deadline December 29. CONTEST LOW ON INSPY ENTRIES! This contest is open to all authors who have never been published in book-length romantic fiction as well as authors who have not been contracted or published in the entered category during the last three years (during 2011, 2012, or 2013). Entry includes 5,000 word entry limit instead of page count. NO synopsis or blurb.Finalists will be asked to include an unjudged synopsis for editors.

Contemporary Series – Megan Long
Associate Editor, Harlequin Publishing

Historical – Chelsey Emmelhainz
Assistant Editor, William Morrow Avon

Inspirational– Raela Schoenherr
Bethany House

New Adult– Elizabeth Poteet
St. Martin's Press

Mainstream with Romantic Elements – Alex Logan
Editor, Grand Central Publishing/Forever

Romantic Suspense – Laura Fazio
Assistant Editor, NAL

Single Title – Madeleine Colavita
Editorial Assistant, Grand Central Publishing

Specialized – Kristine Swartz
Editorial Assistant, Berkley Publishing

Young Adult – Julie Mianecki
Editorial Assistant, Berkley Publishing  

The Smooch. Deadline January 8. Entry: “First Kiss” scene, 4–8 pages, unpublished work-in-progress; electronic only. Judges: published romance authors
Final Judge: Barbara Vey of Publisher’s Weekly’s Beyond Her Book blog.

Marlene Awards. Opens December 15. Deadline January 15. Open to published and unpublished manuscripts.  35 pages maximum (story opening and synopsis). Winners in each category receive a full manuscript critique by published authors.

Series Contemporary – Johanna Raisanen- Harlequin
Single Title – Esi Sogah-Kensington
Historical – Leah Hultenschmidt-Grand Central
Paranormal – Latoya Smith-Grand Central
Romantic Elements – Rhonda Helms-Carina
Young Adult –Reka Simonsen- Harcourt Children's Books.

Unpublished Winter Rose Contest.  Deadline  January 26. Entries consist of the first 25 pages of the novel. A prologue and/or second chapter may be included if within total page guidelines.

Contemporary Series: Dana Hamilton, Harlequin
Contemporary Single Title: Emilia Pisani, Simon & Schuster
Erotica: Amanda Dawn, Siren
Historical (includes Regency):Nicole Fischer, Avon
Paranormal: Tera Kuskaden Kleinfelter, Samhain
Romantic Suspense: Junessa Viloria, Random House
Young Adult: Holly Blanck Ingraham, St. Martin’s Press

First Kiss Contest. Deadline February 1.Send  the scene from your book where your couple first kisses. The scene should convey the emotion and romantic conflict between the characters, sparkle with creative dialogue, description, and characterization, and move the story forward. Ten pages plus one page set up. Final Judge:  The final judge to be announced. Cash prizes. 

The Sandy. Deadline February 10. Entry: First 20 pages and 2 page synopis. 
Romance - Tessa Woodward, Editor at HarperCollins
Mainstream Adult Fiction - Sarah Branham, Senior Editor at Atria
Suspense / Thriller / Mystery - Stephany Evans, President, FinePrint Literary
Fantasy / Science Fiction - Whitney Ross, Associate Editor at Tom Doherty
Children's & YA - Tracey Keevan, Senior Editor at Disney Hyperion

 2014 ACFW Genesis Contest. Opens January 2, Closes on March 15, 2014. First 15 pages of manuscript and one page, single spaced synopsis. See webpage for finalist judges. 

Other Writing Opportunities 

January Good House Contest Ends January 13, 2014. Readers will input their name, email address, and their answer to the question ‘What Makes My House a Home?’ in 25 words or less. Good Housekeeping editors will pick the best idea from the entries received, and the chosen winner will receive a $100 American Express check. (Good Housekeeping Magazine)

AARP & The Huffington Post  Memoir Writing Contest. The winner will get a $5,000 prize will be excerpted in AARP The Magazine and featured on The Huffington Post’s website. In addition, Simon & Schuster will consider publishing the work.  The first 5,000 words of the memoir is due February 15, 2014. Finalists from this round are invited to submit their complete memoir by June 15th. The books should run between 20,000 to 50,000 words.

   Valentine’s Day Ideas Romantic Story Writing Contest. Deadline February 14, 2014.Tell your romantic story in a minimum of 3000 words. First prize $1000. Nine authors will get one of nine $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

 Midlife Collage is looking for submissions in our free-entry contests. We run weekly, online writing contests for a cash prize. Perhaps you would be eligible and interested in submitting a short story. Please see our Submissions page for the guidelines and contest rules.  U.S. citizens and legal residents age 40 and older may enter.  

Seekerville is delighted to present the January 2014 Contest Divo!

Walt Mussell

The Samurai’s Heart
2009 Unnamed Contest (Historical Category) – Finalist for two minutes
2010 Phoenix Rattler – Finished 3rd (entry in late 2009)
Massive rewrite
2010 Lone Star – 3rd place
2010 Heart of the Rockies – 2nd place
2011 – Maggies – 1st place

The Samurai’s Strength
2012 Maggies – DNF but received great comments
2012 Lone Star – 1st place
2013 Maggies – 2nd place

I have many fond contest memories, with an emphasis on judges’ reactions to my setting of medieval Japan. Whatever people see judge historicals, they’re expecting Scotland, not Shogun, and the idea of treating such a setting as romantic is alien to the typical judge’s upbringing. The following comment came from one Genesis judge.

“Honestly, I dreaded reading this entry, but your writing and story telling pulled me in to the point that I hated to see it end!”

Japan-based historicals are not uncommon. However, my contest results suggest something: I appear to be the ONLY person targeting the inspirational market. It’s probably this fact that makes feedback most important. Two themes pervade the comments I’ve received.

Setting was a plus to my stories. Judges would read my entries and, from their comments, I could tell that I’d brought them to medieval Japan. In one entry, a judge asked what happened to a beautiful night scene that she had read in a previous contest. (In my thank you letter to the judge, I responded that the entire scene was backstory and that I’d broken it up and moved it to later in the book.)

Characters were a minus. Judges had trouble identifying with hero and heroine. At first, both characters were superficial. As my writing improved, judges began identifying with my hero and then with my heroine. Still this area is my greatest challenge. When I went to Nationals, I took a number of workshops on improving my characters.

As you may have noticed, I have two contests where I’ve had particular success. One is the Maggies, which is the contest of Georgia Romance Writers. The wonderful thing about this contest is that both judges are published authors. I’m also a fan of Lone Star. Lone Star drops one judge’s score. It also gives finalists a week to edit their entries before submission to final judges. When I finaled in the Lone Star in 2012, I used my judges comments and also comments from Maggie judges to rewrite my eventual winning entry. I’m convinced I wouldn’t have won the contest without the chance to edit.

One of my most inspirational moments, though, came from my very first contest final. As I wrote above, my very first final lasted for two minutes. The category coordinator called me with the good news and I asked about my scores. I told her something was wrong and twice asked her to repeat them. The coordinator recalculated my scores, then confirmed what I already knew. I was depressed. However, when the finalists were announced, I noticed one of the finalists was a story called Butterfly Swords, an obviously Asian-themed historical. I immediately e-mailed the author (Jeannie Lin) to congratulate her and introduce myself.

Lastly, one comment (question) has been asked by at least one judge in every contest I’ve ever entered.  

Women can be samurai?

The answer is “YES!”

My beautiful and talented wife is making an origami ornament for one commenter. An example of one is below. And to another commenter I brought a giveaway of coffee from a recent trip to Costa Rica!! 

If you’re interested in being the origami winner, please say so in your comment. 
Let us know if you are a java drinker for the coffee giveaway.(Standard Seekerville rules on contests apply.) Winner announced in the Weekend Edition

That's it! Now go forth and contest!


  1. How come our local library doesn't have any of your books? With enough coffee, I might be able to write a novel? Not so much. Love origami as well. Constructive criticism is good. Off to read another book!

  2. 2 minutes of finals.....I know a guy who finaled and WON the category and later got the scores from the third judge who couldn't get them in on time because her computer crashed.....yeah, she told him he was so bad, he shouldn't even attempt to write without craft books open next to him. Ha! I wonder what she thought when she saw that entry win the category.

    I'd love to win a origami thing from your wife.

    As for contests? I think I'm just going to try to make my next book deadline!

  3. Meeting deadlines are good, Melissa! hehehe

    Marianne, did you make it to Arizona?

    Hope you both had a great Christmas.

  4. Oh Walt! How awful! I'll cry a bit on your behalf.

    I did my part for Golden Heart Inspies. I'm.considering Great Expectations - did well.there once before. And Genesis is a must...

    So is sleep.

    But I did read Match Made in Texas today so got a Mary-fic fix. Even if it was way too short.

  5. I want to be a non-Seeker for a day and have that amazing ornament!!!!!

    (Stares at picture on screen and wishes for that kind of patience and talent!!!!)

    Walt, I bet your wife and I would be besties....

    Seriously, she just sounds plain wonderful and I look at your two boys and see such a blend of love and culture and warmth that I know we'd be buds... and we'd both make fun of you!!!!

    SO FUN!!!!!!!!!! (big smile attached at no extra cost...)

    TEEEEENA! Thank you for this contest update, my dearest of dears. First, it's wonderful and do you see the amazing LINE UP OF JUDGES on some of these????


    When you see big name judges from a variety of houses, that tells you two things:

    1. The coordinator went the distance for you and wasn't afraid to contact folks, do follow-up and schmooze as needed!!!

    2. The contest is well-regarded enough for strong editors and agents to jump on board. THIS IS A GOOD THING!!!!!

    Merriest of Christmas weeks, all!!! I've got a fairly quiet day today, some baking and some fun and feeding finance boy and lawyer boy from Manhattan, but I get to WRITE today! Happy, happy, happy!

    Melissa, ouch... I wonder sometimes what judges/people/reviewers are thinking????

    But mostly I smile and nod and just keep writing.


    Eventually I'll write something even the naysayers like, LOL!!!!

  6. Marianne, my only published acomplishment is a Christmas anthology called "Hot Cocoa for the Heart." I doubt you'll find it in many libraries. But it's really cheap at Amazon to download.

  7. Melissa, that sounds like sweet revenge for the guy who won.

  8. Carol, thanks for the tears, but that was a long time ago. I don't name the contest as I don't want to impugn them.

  9. Ruthy, thank you for your kinds words. I agree. I also married up, as I know she's amazing.

  10. I'll be gone several hours mid-morning to take my teenager to the airport. He's flying to Europe today. His high school marching band will perform in Rome and then they will perform in London on New Year's Day in the London New Year's Day Parade. We're very excited for him.

  11. I've been looking for a couple of more contests to enter my book in, so the list for published authors is great. Of course, the Carol was on my list already!

    Now, I'd better go count how many author copies I have left!

  12. Congratulations on being the contest divo, Walt!

    And congratulations on all of those finals!

  13. A great update Tina, and such intriguing word from the contes divo! Congrats to you Walt! So fascinating to hear these tidbits of your journey. Best to your DS and his wonderful travel opportunities.

    Great prizes today! Count me in for both!

  14. Congrats WALT. You are not only a terrific contest divo but in my book you win an award for persistence and dedication.

  15. Thanks for the update TINA. Might enter another contest.hmmm

    Which contests are Seekers and friends not entering? Then I will have a chance. Lol

  16. Thank you, Piper and Sandra, for your kind words.

  17. Hello Seekers!
    I wanted to let you know that Barbara Vey was doing a talk at our MORWA chapter meeting recently and she had glowing things to say about Seekerville as an example of a successful group blog. So wonderful work.

    Congrats Walt! I used to be a bit of a contest junkie myself, otherwise our paths might not have crossed.

    And my, what a lovely ornament! I would hang it proudly over my desk, were I to win. :)

  18. Tina, thanks for the contest update! I've entered most of the pubbed contests and will enter the Carol as soon as it opens. More a contest junkie than a diva. :-)


  19. I hope everyone in Seekerville had a very Merry Christmas!

    Walt,congratulations on all your contest successes!

    I think Japan is a great place to set a book because it's unusual and offers us an opportunity to learn about another culture.

    Years ago my husband was stationed in Japan with the US Navy. He brought back Japanese dolls, silk screens etc. We have a hand-carved Chinese chest my father brought back from China after WW2 and a silk tapestry from 1907. So our living room and dining room look very Asian.

    I'm glad to hear your Japanese setting is well liked by the judges.

  20. Walt, congrats on the contest finals and wins! I'm impressed that after reading your judges comments you rewrote your entry and won! Fresh eyes are important but have little impact if we won't consider the suggestions.

    The origami ornament is gorgeous! Sorry Seekers can't win.


  21. Hi Jeannie Lin! Great to see you in Seekerville! Thanks for sharing Barbara's kind words about our blog.

    Fun that you met Walt through contests! That's what brought the Seekers together.


  22. Cara, your Asian treasures sound gorgeous!


  23. Congrats for all your contest successes, Walt -- and your sticktoitness. :-) You're an inspiration to this contesting newbie.

    Also love that you've set your stories in Japan. I find it frustrating that inspirational publishers seem reluctant to run with books set in different countries other than North American and England.

    I'm still in Christmas recovery mode so I'll take a serious look at the contest links later. Happy Boxing Day!

  24. Loving the contest lists. Now to get something written for them... *sigh*

    congrats Walt! both on the contests and the info you've learned from them and then also that your teen gets to travel with the marching band. so cool! May his travel be safe and may he really enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

    would love to be in the running for the origami, but too afraid my four year old would like to disect it. we're in the "let me take this apart so I can see how it works" stage around here...

  25. Walt, love the post about your journey on the contest route. I love how you take the feedback you've received and strategically improve your work. It's all such a wonderful learning process!

    And I love the origami ornament.

    Gorgeous! Your wife is so talented!

  26. Jeannie, Barbara is talking up the Seekers??? Whoo-hoo!

    Snoopy dancing!

    We love Barbara Vey!

    Since I write historicals, I probably shouldn't be Snoopy dancing....I wonder what the equivalent of Snoopy dancing would have been in 1880s Wyoming?

    A joy-jig, maybe?

  27. WALT! We haven't had a DIVO before, or at least not that I can remember.


  28. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all now on a diet......

    just like me :(

  29. Here's my new diet plan.

    I am no longer going to eat for entertainment.

    What do you think, huh?

    From this day forward I will eat to live instead of live to eat.

    We will see.

  30. MELISSA so you mean a crashed computer was the different between a win and a loss.
    Wow, call that direction intervention from the Almighty, huh?


  31. Happy Boxing Day everyone!

    Congrats, Walt, for your dedication and perseverance! It is paying off for your and I'm sure you are so close to your dream!

    Off to my brother's today up north. Praying for good weather!


  32. Wow, Walt. Rome. Congratulations to your son!

  33. Good morning, Jeanne Lin!

    Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words from Barb V.


    That's my plan too, Mary.

    And sleep alot.

  35. Look at all the Seekers who are no longer eligible for unpubbed contests!!!

  36. Wow, that's a lot of contests! I'd love to be entered in the giveaway for the Seeker book :) Thanks!

  37. Hi Heidi, and happy Day after Christmas to you. You are in the drawing.

  38. Happy Boxing Day to you, Susan. Please do not hit me. I have glasses on.

  39. What a beautiful ornament, Walt! And your story is very inspirational. You are persevering, learning, putting your stories out there, improving, winning contests, and winning over readers' opinions, which is exciting! I wish you the best with your Japanese stories. My Medievals were a hard sell too, but they've found their niche, and I hope yours will too. I personally would love to read a Japanese historical romance! I would learn a lot, which I like doing, since I know basically nothing about Japanese history. But it does seem intriguing. God bless! Maybe 2014 will be your year!

  40. Yep Mary that's exactly what I mean, she basically gave him a zero. But her computer crashed, making the announcement late and when they realized she wasn't getting to it soon enough, they just used the 2 scores of the entrants she judged to determine placement.

    Definitely Divine Intervention there!

  41. Yay! Excited to see the Carols listed up there. ;-) Hope I get an entry from ALL the Seekers this year. :D

  42. Cara, that’s really cool. Having items purchased years ago by family members add special meaning to the items.

    Janet, thank you.

    Kav, the setting can still get you noticed. There is one publisher who, after reading my stuff in a contest, told me I could submit to her directly if I ever wrote anything in Americana. (Yes, I’m working on it. It takes place in the U.S. but has a Japanese heroine.)

    DebH, glad you like the ornament. I understand about the four-year old. You can still be in the running for coffee.

  43. You are a superstar, Walt!!

    I entered the Marlene but I REALLY should become a RWA member...maybe once our family has more stability I can.
    That's a writing goal for 2014 :-)

  44. Yes, Pepper, you really should join RWA.

    It is the best professional writing organization there is.

    ACFW is wonderful for fellowship but RWA is the leader for the industry.

  45. Pam, thank you for your kind words about my wife. I’ve had people comment that she’s too good for me.

    Mary, my wife just asked me what a DIVO is.

    Susan, thank you and I hope you get good weather.

    Tina, we’re excited. I keep checking the flight status schedules. He’s not in the air yet, but he should be on the plane.

    Melanie, I’m constantly learning about Japanese history. What’s really a challenge is that I keep finding mistakes. I know I’m being picky. (For example, it’s mid-April in my story and I reference a historical event that happened that year but in May.) However, I want to make my story the best it can be.

  46. Pepper, thank you. I'm a member f RWA. It's definitely been beneficial.


    two days now


    Ruthy found Windows 7 online.

    So, if I buy a Windows 7 tower, Amazon has them Best Buy has them, ship it home. can I just plug it into my current monitor/printer/keyboard/mouse, all the accessories, simple as can be? Will it work?

    And the different things they have, can I just assume the more they cost the better they are? The towers go from $150 to $2000.

  48. Well that made NO SENSE.

    I mean, for two days now my desk top computer has been DEAD.

    I can't figure out how to revive it.

    So do I try to repair it?
    Do I buy a new desktop?
    Do I convert totally to laptop?

    right now I've figured out how to hook my laptop into my desktop monitor and am typing at my desk, I think that is better for my back and posture and wrists, etc. At lest better to move around and not sit in a recliner with the laptop all the time.

    So now I probably need a new computer. And I hate Windows 8 which I've had on my laptop for a year so it's not like I haven't had a chance to get used to it. There are still things I cant' do on it. Very frustrating. Things I just abandon the laptop for and do on the desktop.
    So I can find Windows 7 towers to buy online.
    Wild price differences and I need to educate myself, the 4th generation Intel chip. 8 GB 16 GB

    What is 8 GB memory 500 GB hard drive?

    What is 2 TB hard drive? TB Tigabite? Trigabite? Tuberculosis?

    And why does one cost $600 and the next one cost $2000? Unless this thing can also give me a plane ride to the next ACFW conference it's hard to figure out what it can do that's worth $2000.

    And if I'm going to do this, I need to do it NOW, before year's end to get it on this years tax deductions.
    So I don't have a lot of time.

    And I phoned Best Buy and of course, worst possible day of the year to bother any store

  49. Mary -

    Yes - you should be able to just plug everything you already have into a new tower.
    You'll have to reinstall your programs - like MS Office, etc.

    TB is terabyte. It's a 1000 gigabytes [ish]. You don't need that much. Promise. Unless you're my sister and have pretty much every movie and tv show ever created to store digitally. [not really - but thousands of disks worth total and she has less than 2 TB.]

    8Gig memory 500gig hard drive - 8 gig basically how fast it can do stuff, 500 gig is the size of the hard drive [where you store documents/pictures/etc]. 500 gig is half a TB [basically]. Should be PLENTY.

    One of the cheap ones would probably be plenty. I'm sure someone else around here can tell you better than I can as I've been solely on laptops for a decade or so.

  50. Wow, Carol. Thank you.
    I always get the feeling a lot of this stuff is for gamers. Something I never do on my computer.
    So I always hope I don't need too much of the really whiz bang speed.

    I feel better now. :) Best Buy will let me ship it to their store. For some reason I like that. Not sure why. Amazon will ship to my house. So will Best Buy, but I guess I worry that I might have questions. But why would I?

    I mean sure I'll have questions but I'll be too dopey to think of them until after I've left the store, right?

  51. Congratulations on the birth of your new puter, Mary.

  52. Congrats on the contests, Walt! And Yay for your son in marching band! I'm a proud non-reformed Band-Geek and those marching memories are some of my fondest. I hope he has the time of his life!

    Merry Christmas, Seekerville. Thanks for the contest list, Tina. You are golden.

  53. Lyndee, thank you. I was a proud band geek, too.

  54. congrats Walt! I believe we were finalists in one of those contests, and I will be very happy to hear when you get the call!

    And I encourage more entries in the Great Expectations. I think they have a very helpful scoresheet and encourage judges' comments. I'd hate to see the category get dropped, so get those entries in!

  55. Walt, congratulations! Considering judges' comments and then using what you thought was helpful and constructive is definitely the way to go.

    And a woman can be samurai? Fascinating. I'd like to read more about it ... so keep entering those contests! I'll cheer you on.

    Oh, don't enter me in the drawing ... too much danger of origami destruction (that pic is gorgeous!) and we're a non-caffeine crowd.

    Thanks for the update, Tina.

    Nancy C

  56. Debra, thank you. I plan on entering Great Expectations. It looks like an opportunity.

    Nancy, I have been asked more times than I can count about women being samurai. There are a few famous female samurai in Japanese history. Women could also be very fierce in their protection of their homes.

  57. The holidays have drained my energy for writing lol. But I'm getting my entry ready for Great Expectations. Only a few days to go :)

  58. Late checking in, but I wanted to say thank you to Tina for the contest update and congrats to Divo Walt. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    I'm it sure I ever wondered if women could be samurai, but now I know. :)

    Congrats to your son on the travel with his band. What a cool experience.

  59. Congratulations, Walt, you contest divo! :-)

    I admire that you take the judges comments and feedback to improve your work. That's really what it's all about isn't it? Learning and moving forward. Good luck, hope you final in the next one!

    Your wife must be very talented. I'd love to win one of her ornaments. :-)

  60. Walt
    Boy, do I identify. Your journey of judges' comments is similar to mine. I love the Asian setting and unique h/h. I hope to get to critiquing your 2nd chapter as soon as I get my husband over the flu and me over back spasms.

  61. Excellent info, Divo! :)

    I learned quite a bit just reading through your comments. So thrilled to hear of your continued success! Congrats!

    Yes please. What a gorgeous origami piece. Talent runs in the family obviously!!

    Thanks Tina for all your work grabbing the contest info. You make it so easy for us!!! Now, to decide which to enter. Few for MG on this list, but that's ok. Just gets me in the mood to find out what IS out there for me!

    Kudos to all who contest! Go Go GOOOO!!! :)

  62. Hi Walt,
    Sorry I'm late to the party...been out of the loop. Great article. I loved the comment the judge made about hating to read your entry, but then getting pulled in & hating to see it end.

    I promised to read and review a book...and when it arrived, it was WWII and I wasn't sure I would like it. Then I started reading. Wow.

    Your book is well-written and I can't wait for the it to find the right publisher. Good luck!

  63. Wow! What a great site. Thanks for your work on gathering the contest info.

  64. Welcome, Sandy!!!

    Thanks for the kudos.

  65. Well, Tina, it's about time we had another Tina here. Welcome.

  66. Congratulations, Walt! I always look forward to your monthly contest posts...they are packed with great information. Happy New Year to Seekerville! I would love to be entered into the drawing, if I'm not too late.

  67. I'm late, but Walt, what fun to read some of your contest story! Congrats on all your success!