Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Weekend Edition-The End is Near

Welcome to the last Weekend Edition of 2013.

Here's your official invitation to our annual round the clock
 New Year's Eve party 
that starts at midnight on December 31st and goes 27 hours, until midnight PST
on January 1, 2014. This is a progressive post, 
with new hosts and prizes every single hour. Winners will be

We Have Winners 

Tuesday, Sandra Leesmith shared "Using Poetry in Your Novel." Winner of a Seeker BOC is POL.

On Thursday  The January 2014 Contest Update debuted  along with our Diva/Divo of the month, Walt Mussell!  Winner of a five page critique is Piper. Winner of a Seeker print book surprise is Eileen. Walt's winner of an origami ornament is Melissa Jagears, and the Costa Rican coffee winner is Marianne.

Friday we brought you The Best of the Archives: Pace Yourself. Winners of e-copies of Myra Johnson's A Horseman's Heart are:  Helen Gray and Jackie Layton.
Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Harlequin Super Romance and indie author Rogenna Brewer is our guest with her post, "The Secret to Writing a Novella," with a giveaway!

Tuesday: Seekerville's 24 hour New Year's Eve Party begins!

Wednesday: Seekerville is closed for the holiday.

Thursday:So, you want to write historical fiction? Understanding history can be a daunting challenge; incorporating in our writing can be just as confusing. Join us as multi-published, award-winning author, Amanda Cabot, helps untangle the mysteries of writing historical fiction. Don't miss the give-away to start your New Year off right!

Friday:Join award-winning novelist and Acquisitions/Content Editor Dina Sleiman for “The Psychology of Romance,” where she explores the unforced rhythms of grace in romance from a personal and spiritual perspective.

Seeker Sightings

Beginning Wednesday, January 1st Mary will be the guest blogger on the Nebraska Writer's Guild blog. Check it out.

On Thursday, January 2nd there's a chance to win A Match Made in Texas when Mary Connealy is on Lena Nelson Dooley's A Christian Writer's World blog along with her co-author's Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings and Carol Cox.

And for a little slice of fun check out the Bethany House Fiction blog for a post Mary calls, Not a Creature was Stirring....Yeah, RIGHT!

Each of these Mary Connealy trilogies is on sale at your favorite e-retailer for $2.99
Montana Marriages: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Lassoed in Texas: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Sophie's Daughters: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Longing for more Christmas stories to fill your new e reading device?

Random News & Information

If 2014 is the year you self publish then remember to sign up for Amazon Publishing for Beginners: "When you have more time than money, and not enough of either."  How Rogenna Brewer propelled herself on to Amazon's top 100 free bestseller list for $1.98   Tips and Tricks for new self-publishing authors."  More information here.

  How to Keep Track of Your Elements of Style (Beyond Paper Editing)

The Business Rusch: A Paradigm Shift (Discoverability Kinda)  (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

As New Services Track Habits, the E-Books Are Reading You (The Passive Voice)

The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Setting Goals (Michael Hyatt)

 Ron Burgundy’s Classy Marketing Tips for Authors and Freelancers (Make A Living Writing)

The Overwhelmed Writer’s Two-Step Checklist For Staying Connected to Readers (Writer Unboxed)

4 Easy Steps To An Irresistible Book Blurb (DBW)

 Six Libraries Reach Over One Million Ebook Checkouts Through OverDrive in 2013 (DBW)

Finally, we leave you with this special message from Ruth Logan Herne, Down Under!


 G'day, Mates!

I know you're still in the midst of the beautiful Christmas season, but we wanted to remind you that the semi-annual Seekerville Virtual Writers' Retreat is coming soon! While you're spending the final week of holiday festive fun, I've contacted Jemma and Jon Wilson of the Illawarra Resort in Warrnambool to reserve their ENTIRE LODGING for us!!!! You can R&R while writing in any of the 8 gracious rooms of the main house (double occupancy required so pick your roommate wisely!!!  Or you can choose to stay in any one of the dozen cottages dotting the gardens lining the paths to the adjacent farmland.

We'll cruise or walk the Great Ocean Road, languish at the beach, seek shade beneath the trees and eat great Aussie food while working our little fingers to the bone Down Under!  We can watch the sheep browse, feed the lambs, and check out some Australian shepherds... SWEET!

The retreat will last one week, from January 5th through January 11th and we'll chat... tease.... laugh.... eat.... and talk about the stuff that matters to writers!

If you'd like to come along for this "Free Inspirational Ride" send an e-mail HERE:

Warrnambool is the red flag on the map. 


  1. Happy Weekend!

    Congratulations to all winners.

    Oh, and you may let someone else have the copy of A Horseman's Heart that I won. I have already had the pleasure of reading the copy I have.

    Coffee aplenty. Belly up.

  2. I have to laugh but for the retreat you can feed the lambs to fatten them up so we can eat them!

    Hope you like lamb as its a staple here nothing beats a roast leg of lamb (only I cant have the outer layers of meat)

    There are great surf beaches close by so I am sure you will see plenty of surfers also and being summer holidays you will get plenty of people relaxing on summer cottages and in the caravan parks etc.

    (starting to feel a little better still have pain and a bra that wants to straggle me. am able to eat a little more but still very weak)

  3. Jenny, doesn't a week along the Great Ocean Road sound like "da bomb?????"

    Cannot wait to descend upon the southern shore, watch for whales...

    AND SURFERS!!!!! :)

    The stone formations drew me, there is so much scope for the imagination in those beautiful standing stone outcroppings. LOVE IT!!!!

    Tina, you have packed a lot of great stuff into this WE.... I'll check links later, came down with a cold yesterday (bah, humbug!!!) and need to write while my head is behaving somewhat. BUT.... loving my WIP and having fun writing with villagers and folks at 1K1HR... Keeps me on target!

    MELISSA!!!!! So happy you won that, you rock!!!!

    And that baby Nathan, hugs and kisses and smootches to his sweet baby cheeks!


    Oh, happy days are here again!!!!

    I'm bringing our famous Floating Island Punch. You will love it. We all love it.

    And I'm bringing my 40 year old punch cups (none broken!!!!) for the festivities. They were given to us 40 years ago for Christmas in a box from some drug store.... Rite Aid??? Eckerds??? I can't remember.... $2.97 for the whole set.

    That was one of the best gifts ever because my children love, love, love this punch set. It's filled with memories and giggles and dreams....

    Can't wait 'til New Year's Eve!!!!

  5. Ooooh, I hope the Australian shepherds are of the canine variety. :-) I'm so in for the long as there's no snow!!!!

    Great weekend edition -- I can't believe it's the last one of 2013. Where did the year go?!

  6. First of all thanks for the coffee...Sandra knows I am a coffeeaholic (??!!) and I wonder how this will rival Helen's? I'm looking forward to the party! I will be up most of the night, anyways as Mom & I leave early Jan 1 to fly out! and then I'll need the retreat to recoup...and what better way than with friends? Congratulations to all fellow-winners! Hope everyone has a frat weekend!

  7. Good morning Seekerville. Hope you last weekend of 2013 is productive!

  8. Great WE, Tina! And congratulations to the winners!

    Melissa, enjoy that origami ornament...I'm so jealous! I suppose I could learn to make them myself...yeah right. Hmm, my husband can create origami shrimp. I'll bring some to the New Years Eve party, LOL!

    Can't wait to see you Down Under, Jenny. I'm so looking forward to the retreat. A kiss of summer fun in the dead of winter. I love it!

    Sorry about the cold, Ruthy. Bundle up when you go out, or better yet, stay in bed. I know you can write 5K while snuggled under covers and propped up by tons of pillows : )

  9. Can you believe 2013 is almost over? Where did it go???

  10. Oh, and not to worry about shark infested waters during out retreat to Australia. The Australian sharks apparently know how to Tweet!

  11. Is 2013 really almost at an end??? I feel like I've basically lost the last couple of months, what with hubby's knee surgery and then the onslaught of the kids and grandkids in time for Christmas.

    At least for the next two weeks or so, we're down to two adults and two doggies in the house. Then we have a new grandbaby to look forward to the end of February! Expecting granddaughter #3 to help balance out the 4 grandsons.

    So . . . oh, yeah, I am really looking forward to "escaping" to Australia for a few days, sans the jet lag--YAY!

    And GQ got her invitation already, so she's somewhere packing her bags. I'm trying to ignore her.

  12. Oh, to have GQ along to help the Aussies mend their rapscallion ways.... and clean up their grammar! Perfect!!!!

    And Kav, I bet there are some fun Australian Cattle dogs (I put one in "His Montana Sweetheart" just for you!!!!!) on the surrounding farms, and maybe Maremmas and Border Collies minding the flocks by night.... I used both in "Waiting Out the Storm"...I love using dogs!!!!!!

    The food at this lodge resort is purported to be wonderful... and hearty. I bet Jenny will feel right at home with some of the dishes Jemma and Jon Wilson have come up with.

    What fun we'll have! And Myra, I love the thought of that new baby....

    Oh, I love me some babies!!!!

  13. Audra! How clever to tag the sharks. What a wonderful idea.

    I was hoping we'd see whales but it's not the Southern Ocean season for whales. But cute Aussie guys, horses, dogs and great food... Oh, wait, SCENERY ....

    Shucks, cute aussie guys is/are scenery!!!

  14. ok to clear a few misconceptions yes we have sharks but there haven't been shark attacks in the southern ocean so you will be fine they are mainly on the east and west coast. Ok so there were some near Port Lincoln but again thats along way away. I haven't heard of any on the Great Southern Road and if there are life savers (which there will be) then you know you are safe just swim between the flags and you will be fine.
    We dont really have shepherds here in the outback they are jack-a-roos, but most farms/stations have farm hands, or workmen. Dad worked on a sheep and cattle farm and was called a workman but some are farm hands.
    Hey you never know it could be shearing time and you will get to see a lot of aussie shearers. most farms have dogs. for sheep its more border collies or kelpies. for cattle kelpies and cattle dogs or blue healers.

    I wont mention the s word or the fact you need your insect repellant as the flies can be bad.

    Im sure they will cook you some kangaroo (havent tried it myself) and other delicacies. Im more a lamb love. beef is also eaten along with pork and alot of chicken. but being on the great ocean road there will be lots of fish like Baramundi. Cooking out doors will be restricted cos its fire ban season. It think New years day will be around 100 at this stage. but you are near the water and I am sure the a/c works really well. fruits like apricots are in season so you will have plenty of fresh fruit.

  15. Jenny, the fresh fish from the seaport fisheries will be perfect brain food for us!

    And lamb.... :)

    Although I just e-mailed Jemma Wilson of the Illawarra Resort to let her know we have a couple of vegetarians on board, and she was happy to accommodate them!

    Hot, yes, well, we'll be mindful of it, but with the ocean so close at hand, we'll be fine. And insect spray... CHECK!

    No fire ban.... we'll leave that in Jemma and Jon's hands. They provide an Aussie buffet every night, but we do lunch on our own so I think that's when we can frequent the little eateries or coast along the Great Ocean Road and check things out.

    And you can order a picnic lunch in town and take it with you, but I wonder about dingoes?????


    I love the Aussie cattle dogs, they're a true working dog but I love the big ol' housedogs we have here, too.

    The Goldens and labs and Doodles and mutts.

    ♥ dogs!!!!!

  16. dont worry about dingos they are further north. its the S word I wont mention you may see but if you are in packs and talking you are fine.
    yes lots of eateries. Its high tourist time so plenty on offer and I am sure Jemma has a bbq pit which would be safe to cook in. being on the coast it cools down at night. Oh you may hear some strange noises in the night a cross between a lawn mower and a growl that is a Koala. (and yes it does sound like that first time on camp I heard it I had no idea what it was then found out Koalas in the gum trees and lots of them.) you will probably see kanagroos and wallabies in the early mornings and evenings. may be lucky to see a wombat or two also.

  17. Tina, the last Weekend Edition of the year was another great one! Thanks! I love snow globes. Snow you can control. LOL Warm here at 48 degrees. Cold weather coming.

    Congrats winners!

    Ruthy, sorry about that cold! Hope you're better fast so you'll be raring to go New Year's Eve!

    Australia's southern coast is calling my name!! Can't wait to see Jenny!


  18. Okay. What is the S word? Talking is not a problem.

  19. Tina, thanks for a great WE. I can't believe it is the last one for 2013. I'm hyped about Seekerville's New Year's Eve Party. It is a nice 61 in Oklahoma and all the snow and ice us gone. Yeah!

  20. snake, thought it may scare people but that area being bush could have some but if you are loud when walking you should be fine.

    I wont mention spiders cos if I see one I will yell the loudest.

  21. Happy Weekend Seeker Friends!!
    Congrats to all the winners, and I'm excited about the New Year's Eve party---WOOHOO!!!

    Jenny, glad you're feeling a little better! Please take good care of yourself--you've had such a rough time.

    Trying to get a lot done these last few days of 2013, and looking forward to a great 2014 with all my family and friends.

    I couldn't resist bringing one more peach cobbler before this year ends, LOL. Please enjoy--I just took it out of the oven (has extra cinnamon sugar on top). ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  22. Oh dear, that Bass Strait is again my problem separating me from that Great Ocean Road. Love the comments but unless I missed it, no one has mentioned to beware of snakes in Australia. I'd rather see a dingo or shark (when I'm not in the water of course) any day rather than a snake. And don't forget Aussie's have the longest, biggest and most venomous snakes in the whole wide world and they don't warn you with a rattle! Or at least that's what Aussies like to tell the rest of the world. LOL.

  23. Loud?

    I think we've got THAT area covered! lol

  24. It's so exciting that Seekerville is visiting the gorgeous Great Ocean Road! If you stand as still as a statue, the unmentionable 's' things will leave you alone. Most are not aggressive, so don't let them put you off visiting :) I'm not sure how many of the twelve apostles are still standing? A must-see as you cruise along the Great Ocean Road.

  25. Mary yes the S word I was not mentioning was Snake. As we are closer to Port Fairy its a bit of a tour to get to the 12 apostles. But we may see the Aurora Australas which you can see from Warnabool. I haven't seen it but would love to and hear its clear there.

  26. Close friends just invaded Australia..yep I said invaded! Their whole family of ten. Don't know where in Australia, but the come from Arizona so guess they can handle heat and snakes!

  27. SNAKES.

    I'll just stay close to the resort, thanks.

    Welcome Mary Hawkins!!

    And Narelle, did you get a new profile photo?? Lovely!!!

  28. Oh, snakes.... bah. Bother.

    Who cares?

    I have stocked the shelves of the cabins and the main house with Ruthy's Guaranteed To Work Anti-Snake Serum and when you dab a bit of that on your ankles, well... Snakes, Away!!!!!

    I'm looking to patent it right now, but they say it does STRANGE things to hormones and we're already "dishy" enough, right????


    The Twelve Apostles are what made the Virtual Retreat Committee settle on The Great Ocean Road...

    Great job, Committee members!!!!

    And all twelve are there, but there is a bit of distance. We have tour capability to go see them, and there's an underground tunnel that takes us from the parking area to the viewing area that shows the initial 7 apostles... And to the other side are Gog and Magog...

    How cool that they used Biblical references for these amazing sights!

    The other five apostles are a bit of a wander uproad.

    With great food along the way!

  29. Narelle, look at that cheeky grin!!!!

    Gotta love a great smile!

  30. Did we mention this is the land of the Southern Cross, too?

    A gorgeous sweep of stars that we don't see up north?


    Now that's a star formation to inspire some down home or down under romance, chickies!!!!!

  31. snakes normally stay away from people you know I live not far from the edge of town and have never seen one I know they have had them at the primary school. I do how ever have a lizard in my back yard. with a virtual retreat we can dial up perfect weather say 85ish. and there is often a sea breeze. I just checked there is a large supply of tim tams waiting.

    being virtual I can eat them. but right now I need to get to bed.

  32. Ah, Jenny, but you didn't grow up on the black soil plains of the Darling Downs in Queensland where part of growing up mantra was "watch out for snakes". Of course, everything in Qld is bigger than anywhere else in Australia! LOL. How could I NOT have the S phobia. Had to smile at the posts. Great fun - even if I had to stop reading to finish something else like scheduling my Australasian Christian Writers blog post for tomorrow.

  33. Mary Hawkins!!!! I love seein' youse here!!!!!

    G'day, mate!

    Darling Downs...

    Who wouldn't love a name like that?

    and Fairy Point? Warrnambool? I'm in love already and I live a day's flight away. Dagnabbit, I'd love to visit for real some day!

    We have a "Down Under" themed bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania.... I must stop by there some day in my travels and see how cool that is. I think I'd like to use it in a book.

    Fun idea, right? When the real thing is so far away?

    We love all things from your neck of the woods!

  34. Hey, we're supposed to have Tim Tams available here under the Pepperidge Farms label...

    Anybody know anything about that????

  35. So much great information here! I'm going to have to come back later to reread and digest it all. Getting ready now to head out to church so I haven't time to go through all the comments, and I hate missing out on them. :)

    A blessed Sunday, everyone! Looking forward to seeing many of you at our New Year's Eve soirée, too.

  36. Yay, more winners. Maybe I'll win for the FIRST time in Seekerville.

  37. LOL ... "The End is Near" sounds like a science fiction or doomsday movie!!

    Is anybody besides me always glad to see the old year pass and the new one begin?? I just like new beginnings, I guess -- so full of hope and promise!! And I'm "hoping" I can keep my "promise" to my hubby to lay low this year and fret less about the writing and free myself up for him and life a little more!! :)

    I agree, Ruthy -- New Years in Seekerville is SOOOOO much better than spending it anywhere else!! :)


  38. Julie, Hakuna Matata...

    From the Lion King, remember?

    And then there's this:

    "Don't Worry. Be Happy!"

    Life's too short to fret.... (says a true-mostly-non-fretter-but-semi-serious-control-freak-New Yorker)


    I love this song, it cracks me up.

  39. My live link worked without twenty fairly stupid attempts.


  40. Another wonderful WE. Many thanks, Tina. Will go back for the links. Congrats to all last week's winners. I share the anticipation for the big party. As 2013 closes and for the first time in ages, I'm especially glad to see this year end and a new brighter one begin. Have fun all those who'll be at the Australia virtual retreat. Happy that Dina Sleiman will be here on Thursday, too.

  41. The End Is Near ... now that will get a reader's attention :-)

    Those are some GREAT links, Tina. I only skipped two because I've already read them. The links about blurbs and the two-step checklist are more timely for me than you can imagine. Still haven't decided how I feel about the e-reader tracking ... as a writer, I can see it's value but as a reader, not so much.

    Congrats to all you winners! Another present after Christmas!

    Nancy C

  42. Ruthy! Let's talk a distribution deal on this Anti-Snake Serum of yours! We could both be millionaires in very short time selling it in the Southwest.

    Nancy C

  43. Welcome, Anna Lablo.

    Stick around for New Year's Eve. 27 hours of giveaways!!!

  44. Nancy, have your people call my people.

    We'll chat. :)

    And I have a super targeted steroidal noncommital serum derivative directed at the snakes of the South and Southwest United States. I'm not taking those to Australia with me, so if you want to start the patent paper work, call my lawyer kid in NYC and you two can make a day of it.

    Have him take you to lunch. It's the least we can do!!!!

  45. Ruth Logan Herne said...
    if you want to start the patent paper work, call my lawyer kid in NYC and you two can make a day of it.

    Have him take you to lunch. It's the least we can do!!!!

    I can hear it now: "Your mother said for you to take me to lunch." :-)

    Nancy C

  46. This looks like fun! I'm hope I'm commenting in the right place. I love to discover new authors and new books. I'm excited about 2014. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  47. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  48. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the recipes.