Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Weekend Edition

Just when you thought it was safe to celebrate the season, 
we bring you Seeker holiday photos!

We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy with writing books and do forget). 

Monday, Mary Connealy continued her series on  "Creating Characters One Layer at a Time-Layer 2-Make them Move in Character." Winner of a signed copy of her December release The Alaska Brides Collection is Crystal Ridgeway.

On Tuesday Stephanie Morrill from "Go, Teen Writers!" stopped in to share how a God-inspired blog project became a marketing tool by giving back to other writers. Winner of an e-copy of one of her "Ellie Sweet" books and an e-copy of her book  Go Teen Writers!:How to turn your finished draft into a published book.  is Mary Hicks.

  Jacqueline Diamond the author of more than 90 novels in genres including romance, horror, fantasy and mystery was our guest on Wednesday.  TShe donned her Regency writing gown and brought us her post, "Why I Prefer Traditional Regencies." Winner of one of her Regency ebooks from Smashwords  is Elaine Manders.

Thursday we welcomed back Leslie Ann Sartor to discuss her holiday book release. Winner of an e-copy of her newest novella, Be Mine This Christmas Night is Sherrie Shackelford.

On Friday, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Cantrell (and a two-time Christy Award winner) was our guest with her post, "The Myth of the Lonely Author Debunked! Writing is a Team Sport."  As a gesture of appreciation, her publisher, David C. Cook, offered a very special holiday prize...a gift bag filled to the brim with 14 different Cook titles. The winner of that holiday prize is Julia Toto.

 Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Welcome guest Marcia Z. Nelson, Publishers Weekly Associate Religion Editor! Marcia sees a lot of Christian and inspirational novels in her role as PW's religion reviews editor. What makes her sit up and take notice? Be sure to stop by Seekerville on Monday to find out.

Tuesday:Has a critique partner or contest judge mentioned you might have a head-hopping problem? Is it time for a refresher course on single point of view? Join Abingdon Fiction and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson for "Head-hopping: The bane of the beginning writer." We'll talk about the different storytelling viewpoints a writer can choose from, plus the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then we'll zero in on single point of view and learn some techniques for putting an end to head-hopping once and for all!

Wednesday:What is the point of writing Christian fiction? Why does a spiritual arc matter? Dr. Carrie Fancett Pagels brings her unique perspective to Seekerville in this highly informative post as well as discusses her recent release in Guidepost Books’ “A Cup of Christmas Cheer.”A giveaway will be offered of the two-book set that has already sold out of its first printing and is now in its second.

Thursday:Stop in and join Ruth Logan Herne when she chats about quaint ways to add "charm" to your novel, capture the heart... and soul... with sweet images for all ages! Ruthy's been bitten by the Christmas spirit bug so she'll be chatting with us from New York City where she'll be seeing her boys and the Christmas lights of the city that never sleeps! Leave a comment and be put in the holiday-themed and freshly washed cat dish for your choice of any Ruthy e-book... she'll be pulling four names and she hopes one of them is yours!  

Friday: Today Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe brings you the "Unauthorized Cheat Sheet of Self-Editing Tips for Writers," culled from years of attending online classes, conference workshops, reading craft books, rejections, contest fails and editorial comments. She'll also share her top ten craft books. With a craft book giveaway.

Seeker Sightings

DO share you own news and sightings in the comments during the Weekend Edition. We also welcome you to share your news (releases, cover reveals, contest finals and wins, book sales or free days, etc.)  on our Facebook Page at any time.

Just in time for the holidays, a sweet novella about family, love and letting go. The Christmas Angel.

He offered her his past. All he wanted was her future.

 Check out Tina Radcliffe's article in the December RWR.

Watch for reviews, interviews, and more with Myra Johnson as a bevy of bloggers feature her novel One Imperfect Christmas over the next couple of weeks. Follow Abingdon Press Fiction on Facebook and @AbingdonFiction on Twitter, and If you're among the first to retweet/share/repost one of Abingdon's messages about the blog tour, you could win a book! The fun begins December 2!
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Friday, December 13 - Found a Christian by His Grace

Friday, December 13 - Southern Girl Reviews

 Check out Ruth Logan Herne's article,
Renewed, Re-visited, Restored, Re-told, in Suite T.

 Random News & Information
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Congratulations to the 2013 ACFW First Impressions finalists!!!

 The Self-Publishing Debate: A Social Scientist Separates Fact from Fiction (Part 3 of 3) (DBW)

 Indiana Writer and the Contract of DOOM … Or Not (Susan Spann)

 Amazon Making Big Changes – Authors Beware! (Author Marketing Experts, Inc.)

 How to Reach Readers in the Age of the Algorithm (Scratch)

Keep your eye on the calendar and the upcoming ebook specials from Baker Publishing Group.

The Pereto Principle (MacGregor Literary)

Amazon Publishing Launches Short Fiction Imprint (PW)

Write Like the Wind in Ten Easy Steps (Writers in the Storm) 

Amazon reveal a quarter of top 100 Kindle books are now written by self-published 'indie' authors (Mail Online via Lynde Henderson)

 Swinwood to Succeed Hayes at Harlequin PW)

Using Story Beats to Increase Writing Speed (Let's Get Visible)

Check out the video of the Harlequin SYTYCW Winner!And Tanya will be our guest in Seekerville on January 22, 2014!! Go Tanya!

Gifts for Writers & Readers

Through out the holiday season we're featuring this new section of the Weekend Edition. Enjoy!

Writing with Emotion, Tension & Conflict
by Cheryl St. John


Hot Topic Fingerless Gloves

Baronet Pearl Bracelet
Ginny L Yttrup Creations

Ho! Ho! Ho! We'll finish off the Seeker holiday photo's next week!



  1. Ta Da! The coffee pot is ready. Line up.

    More great links. Thanks.

    Congrats to the winners. Enjoy!!!

    Didn't go out today. Ten inches of snow over a think layer of ice.

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Love this time of year. . .especially now that I know I'm an ACFW FINALIST. Hallelujah, thank You, Lord! :)
    Thank you to Seekerville, also. Y'all have done so much to help me, and I'm extremely grateful for it.

    (Can anyone tell I'm ecstatic???)

    Congrats to all this week's winners!

  3. Wonderful WE. Loved the links and cute Seeker's photos. What a lovely bunch.

    So much to do before the Golden Heart deadline. And I haven't purchased ONE Christmas gift yet! Ha! I should be freaked out, but I'm very calm about it.

    The Peace of the Lord...

    Stay warm my friends!

  4. A THINK layer of ice???
    Try dropping the k.

  5. Congrats, winners!!

    Haha, Courtney! Good to see a fellow FI finalist here! I feel the same way. I think I'm still floating around in the clouds somewhere. Seekerville is the bomb, isn't it? ;)
    Congratulations on your final.

    Praying for everyone facing winter storms!

  6. Toasting Courtney, Sara, Natalie and Leigh with my egg nog!!!


  7. HA! NATALIE! Another jewel for your contest diva crown!!

  8. Um, the frugal side of me just has to say, you can buy those cheapo 99 cent stretch gloves at walmart and use a pair of scissors to make fingerless gloves. They're knit, they won't unravel.

    Hint, get the ones with the long cuffs, because typing with the short cuffs lets in a draft right on your wrist and can be annoying feeling where you're resting your hand below your keyboard. I personally like my longer cuffed ones better--now if I can only figure out where the 3 year old put one of them....

  9. Congratulations to the winners AND to the finalists! Way to go!!!

    Tina, thanks for the links, and the smiles with the pics. It doesn't matter what you gals wear, you all look beautiful!

  10. I love this WE!!!!

    The festive Seekers make me smile, Tina!!!! And congrats to all winners. I love seeing the winners' list! Yayayayayaya!

    Tina, thanks for the links on self-pubbing and indie pubbing. There's so much info out there, and it's hard to sift through it all. God bless you for bringing pertinent info to the Village.

    The article about not using other author's names/book titles in tagging is interesting. I've never done that, I'm not a fan of it, I've never liked that publishers describe authors that way because the minute you do... and Robin's readers grab a Ruthy book... and HATE IT possibly.... it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

    So I prefer sinking or swimming on my own with a few Seeker lifeguards on hand! (Tina has saved my wretched neck more often than I care to elaborate! And she still loves me. Silly Tina!!!)

    I've always believed standing ground on your own merit is preferable to riding the shirt-tails of someone else's success. It takes patience, and in this day of instant gratification, patience is thinning for too many of us...


    It was automatically delivered to my Kindle device, LOL! Which is living with my daughter as she and Jon catch up on reading. :)

    Tina, I can't wait to read it!!!

    Yay, you!

    Melissa, I've done that with the cheap gloves, too. It's perfect! (and frugal, cheap, etc.!!!)

    Look at those contest finals!!! Natalie!!! Courtney!!! Sara!!!! Leigh!!!! Huge congratulations to each one of youse! Happy dancing in upstate!!!!

    I love seeing success stories climb in Seekerville!!!!! :)

  11. Congratulations to all of the winners.

    Great Christmas photos!

  12. Do y'all think we could all pitch in our pennies and buy Mary Connealy some of those fingerless gloves?

    Last week she posted on facebook that she bought a pair of used - USED - gloves at a thrift store and cut the fingers out of them.

    Seriously, who cuts the fingers out of gloves? Never mind that they were used, as in previously worn by a STRANGER no less!!!! 8-\


  13. Courtney!!! Congratulations on finalling in the FI contest!!!

    Is this your very first final????

    Snoopy dancing in MS, girl!

  14. Congrats to Sara, Natalie and Leigh as well!!! You gals showed 'em how it is DONE!


  15. Courtney, Sara, NatLie and Leigh...CONGRATULATIONS!!
    As well as to all those winners at Seekerville. Love those's the smiles that one recognizes no matter what you wear. You all ROCK!

  16. Natalie, I saw your name on the list and immediately recognized it. So cool how Seekerville has connected writers. I plan on enjoying this wonderful feeling all month. Here's to hoping we both win ;)

    Pam, yep, this is my first contest and first final. I'm a newbie. Thank you! I love Snoopy lol!
    Thanks, everyone!

  17. Congrats to the contest finalists. We love contests here at Seekerville as you all know. Snagging a final is even more fun. yay. Go finalists.

    Love the photos TINA. Aren't we cute?

    RUTHY, bellringers in Phoenix last Wednesday were all realtors of the Phoenix area. So fun. But one guy didn't even hear my thank you cause he was wheeling and dealing on the phone. LOL At least he was there.

    I have done all my shopping, but do need to get cards out. Love doing them. Many are to friends that I've known for years and we keep in touch at Christmas as we live far away from each other.

    Happy holidays.

  18. Another wonderful WE , Tina! I love the cover on Christmas angel. I think the cover is what made my finger jump to the 'Buy with one click' button'. I can't wait to read it. :-)

    Congratulations to all the winners, myself included! THANK YOU Seekerville!:-D

    Thank you Stephanie Morrill for the ebook, Go, Teen Writers! :-)

    And a big WOW to Courtney Phillips, way to go!

  19. Congratulations to all the winners and to the First Impression finalists. (I judged a few entries and they were quite good!)

    I wanted to share my first cover! I can't describe how exciting it is to see your first book cover. Awesome! Being technically challenged (which I will have to work to overcome), I wasn't sure how to do this, so if interested please check out my blog where I revealed the cover and the story!


  20. Wonderful (and festive!) WE, Miss T - - thank you.
    And CONGRATS to all the winners!!

    Looking forward to another super week in Seekerville!
    Love all the cute Santa's helpers photos (hmmmm....amazing, but I see a striking resemblance to the Seekers in those elf faces). ;)

    And Tina--I LOVED your article in this month's RWR - - WOW!!! :)

    Am getting ready for my Sunday School Christmas party, but I'm setting out some goodies on the table for ya'll (Sugar cookies, Chex Party mix, freshly-made Fudge, and a cheese log with crackers - ENJOY!).
    Holiday Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  21. p.s. Meant to add CONGRATS to the First Impressions Finalists!! :)

  22. Congratulations finalists!
    And thank you Mary for the 'Alaska brides' book! Yay! My first contest win!
    Here in Texas, we are white. Snow. Thick ice. Yesterday I wore my ice skates to go out and get the mail. ;-D
    (And collected several packages of books)
    Happy holidays everyone!

  23. Congrats to our First Impressions finalists! Yay for Courtney, Sara, Natalie and Leigh!!!!

    Another great WE, Tina! I wish I had time to explore every single one of those fabulous and interesting links you come up with!

    Hey, I still have some fingerless gloves. I used to wear them every winter when typing on my desktop computer keyboard, but ever since I switched to a laptop, I haven't needed them. Laptop "furnaces" really keep your fingers warm!

  24. HELEN, that "think" layer of ice was supposed to make you think twice about venturing out! Stay warm, girlfriend!

  25. SUE--stunning book cover! Congratulations!

  26. Love this WE edition. Thanks Tina for always making it so great. You Seekerville gals look good in your Santa Hats.

    Tina - love your cover. I need to go read your article in my RWR.

    Congrats to all the winners and major congrats to the First Impressions finalists!

    Helen staying off the ice is smart. I've been home since Thursday evening. We've had ice, snow, and today a 4.5 earthquake!

  27. Another wonderful WE, Tina. Love your cover, too. Ditto for Susan's cover. Congrats to the First Impressions finalists and all the winners from last week. Enjoyed the Seekers' photos.

  28. What a great WE. Cute pix of Seeker Santas and helpers.

    Congratulations to all four FI finalists, including my cp, Natalie. Congrats to weekly winners.

    A big thank you to Jacqueline Diamond and Seekerville for her Regency. I've been looking for Regencies lately so I'm happy.

    Happy all that ice and snow hasn't made it to the southeast. Praying for y'all. Ice is the worst. Be careful.

  29. Well, hello from the Queen of the JERKS! I saw Tina's book for sale, raced over to BUY IT and never came back.

    MY BAD!

    On the other hand, I now have Tina's book. SWEET!!!!!!!!!

  30. Courtney, Sara, Natalie and Leigh is that all our TRIUMPHANT Seekervillagers in the finals?


  31. I invented my own fingerless gloves this week. I bought a pair of gloves at the used junk store for one dollar and cut off the fingers.

    But I lost them.

    So I just turned the heat up.

    I think I left them at work. :(

  32. I see now that the picture from ACFW was only missing an elf hat to be perfect.

    Thanks TINA!!!

  33. Susan! Great cover. I put it up on the Seekerville FB page!!

  34. Thanks, Myra! I love it!

    And I just bought me a copy of Tina's "Christmas Angel". Can't wait! I've been reading a whole bunch of Christmas novellas, mostly trying to support my fell Pelican group authors and so far have enjoyed them all!

    :) Sue

  35. Me too, Susan. I just bought Julia Toto's.

  36. We had a lovely baptism today, little "Finnian Michael" was christened this afternoon... and Fr. Vick let all the little children gather 'round to see what was going on. And Finn smiled through the whole thing, wearing the little white romper I hand made for his Godfather 36 years ago.

    How nice is that?????

    Tina, I can't wait to start this novella! My travel time this week will be spent going over hard copy of an indie.... and reading beloved Christmas stories!!!!

    But while I'm in NY, I'm window shopping!!!!! And gazing at lights!!! And watching my son receive the "Next Generation Leader" award, one of two given out by the New York City Human Services Commission.


    We shall toast his award with EGGNOG!!!!!

    Well, I will, the rest of them might be consuming something else.

    But the eggnog will make me happy!

    Is anyone else decorating tonight??? I'm putting up a tree. And it's way too quiet....

    Although easier, LOL!

    But there's something about the sparkle in a kid's eye when they see you putting up a tree and stringing lights.


  37. What a fun WE, Tina!! Loved the photos. LOL And the writer gifts. :)

    I'm excited about the new Tina Russo release! Started it late last night. Hope to finish tonight. Loving it!

  38. Congrats to all our First Impressions finalists!! I'm so excited for you!

  39. I am SO excited about visiting on Seekerville again this week! And what an amazing lineup you have this week! Blessings!

  40. Agree about the tagging, Ruthy.

    But the blurbing has been going on for a very long time. It's only recently with the search engines that it's become a marketing tool beyond 'so and so said it was good.'.

    Mary Connealy blurbs Melissa Jagears book. Search Mary Connealy and Melissa's book will pop up on Amazon because her name is part of the description.

    It's not unusual and if the other person has agreed, it's a savvy marketing strategy. I don't knock anyone who can get someone famous to blurb them.

    I actually found a favorite author because another favorite author blurbed their back cover. I'd never heard of them. But if Neil Gaiman lends his name to your book, you bet I'm going to check it out.

    *shrug* It's all about whether it's a cooperative effort between fellow authors with the same publisher (or friends) OR... those wretches that write 'if you like Marie Force, you'll LOVE Virginia Carmichael' in the description because they know it will bring up their book along with Marie Force's.

    (Just an example. I would never do that.) But if you want to see if someone has put your name on their books, search your name in Amazon's search engine and look at the list of books that come up. Mine has quite a weird little list of people attached. I don't bother with them. As long as it's nothing erotic, I'm just 'meh'.

  41. Hey, Carrie! Looking forward to having you with us this week.


    And you still made us coffee.

    Thank you!

    Stay safe.

  43. Thanks for the kind words, Terri and Missy!!!

  44. If you have time, go to the top of the page and click on YANKEE BELLE CAFE.

    Egg nog fudge in the cafe!!!

  45. I think Tina should put an elf hat on Finn. That would make the weekend edition complete.

  46. Tina! A new book! A Christmas book!!!

    Plus, an article in RWR!!!


    Just signed up for Seekerville Class #1 with Rogenna, starting in Jan on indie pubbbing!!! Thanks, Rogenna. Sounds great!!!

  47. Love all the Santa pics! And the info.

    Congrats to the winners!!! (Although isn't everyone a winner in Seekerville? LOL )

  48. It feels weird being home this morning. Church is cancelled because of the ice and snow.

    Debby, I just signed up for that class last night.

  49. I signed up too. I want all my info in one place.

  50. Loved the cheerful photos! Good information in the WE. I'll be checking the link about Amazon's short fiction.

    Cheering for the First Impression finalists! Yay! And the winners this week! And dancing for Sue and her lovely cover!

    Looking forward to all the goodies next week--books, stories and posts.

    Eggnog fudge!?! I NEED that!!! And Chex Mix! And any extra cookies! Yum!


  51. FOUR Seekervillagers are finalists in the First Impressions contest! Wow! Congratulations to each of you. Cheering you on.

    Congrats to this week's contest winners, too.

    Lots of good reading links in this WE, Tina. Thanks especially for the self/indie-pub info AND the Amazon info. Very interesting that 25% of the top 100 Kindle books are by self-pub authors. All the more reason for me to sign up for the Seekerville night class :-)

    Nancy C