Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Weekend Edition

We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget).

Weekend Edition winner of A Match Made in Texas (A Novella Collection) featuring, Mary Connealy, Karen Witemeyer, Carol Cox and Regina Jennings is Heidi.

Monday  Janet Dean as shared tips on handling back story in her post entitled Back Story: Better a Small Shake than to Inundate.” Winner a critique of the opening five pages of a manuscript is Jan Drexler and and for readers, winner of the winner’s choice of one of her books used as examples in her post is Andrea Strong.

 Mia Ross and Ruth Logan Herne were our hostesses on Tuesday as they took the age-old custom of shopping for a Christmas tree and equated that process to writing a book, in the their post,"Trim Your Novel Like You Trim the Tree."  Winners of Ruthy's book, The Lawman's Holiday Wish and Mia's book, Jingle Bell Romance are Pat Radaker, Library Pat and Mary Cline.

Debby Giusti shared on Wednesday with a reflection on how writers let Christ's light shine in the darkness with her post, "Advent Reflections on the Writer’s Life."  The winner of Christmas Peril and a Christmas surprise giveaway is Jennifer Smith.

Thursday, Seekerville was delighted to welcome back Revell author, Ann Gabhart. Ann shared her post "The Confidence to Write."  The winner of a giveaway of an autographed copy of Christmas at Harmony Hill is Walt Mussell.

Friday we brought you The Best of the Archives:"Where Do I Begin-Deciding Where to Start Your Story." One of our popular posts along with a giveaway. Winner of their choice of Mary Connealy's Christmas ebooks (see the post for those choices) is Nissa Annakindt.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: All stories start in a place far, far away. A place none of us can go save the one adventurer who braves this shadowy place of magical dreams and elusive characters. Join Seeker Pam Hillman today to discuss the "Imagination of Christmases Past, Present, and Future."

Tuesday:On Christmas Eve Day,Seeker  Sandra Leesmith will delight you with poetry and how to use it in your novels. She also has a merry Christmas surprise for each of you so be sure and check in. 

Wednesday: Seekerville is closed to celebrate the Lord's birth.

Thursday: The January 2014 Contest Update debuts today along with our Diva/Divo of the month! The prize vault is open.

Friday: Today we bring you The Best of the Archives. One of our popular posts along with a giveaway.

Seeker Sightings

 DO share you own news and sightings in the comments during the Weekend Edition. We also welcome you to share your news (releases, cover reveals, contest finals and wins, book sales or free days, etc.)  on our Facebook Page at any time.

Julie Lessman's Love at Any Cost is Up for TBCN's Book of the Year. If you have read and liked Love at Any Cost, PLEASE consider casting your vote for Julie in The Book Club Network’s Book of the Year contest! And if you do vote, Julie is offering extra points in her video contest for doing so, whether you vote for her or not, so here’s the link for the vote, which you’ll find on the right-hand side of the TBCN website.  AND here’s the link for Julie’s Video Contest where you can accrue extra points just for voting in the TBCN’s Book of the Year contest. Good Luck.

Goodreads offering: Free Copies of Julie Lessman's Upcoming release, Dare to Love Again. Yes, it's true, Julie’s publisher Revell is giving away FIVE copies of Dare to Love Again on Goodreads, so head on over (link here) and enter the contest, which ends January 7th! 

Final ten days for Julie's Video Contest for A Light in the Window! Don’t miss out on having a character named after you in Julie’s next book, a signed copy, and a possible $50 gift card. Three winners in all, and all it takes to enter is to watch a video and vote for your favorite rogue. Here’s the link with all the details.

Sandra Leesmith's new release Love's Refuge is now available in paperback print at Just in time for Christmas.

 Random News & Information

 Scrivener Online Courses Start February 24, 2014 (Gwen Hernandez)

Indie Authors Are Getting Clobbered by Big Name eBook Discounts – But Not For The Reason You Think (The Digital Reader)

Woman Wears Corsets To Live In Victorian Era (TampaBayTimes)

  Smashwords Unveils Major Website Redesign (Smashwords)

 World's oldest romance novelist dies at 105 (USA TODAY)

Introducing Amazon Story Builder

 Give, Give, Give, Ask: Lessons Learned On Social Media And Entrepreneurship From Gary Vaynerchuk (The Creative Penn)

Prequels Build Buzz (The Book Deal) 

 Gifts for Writers & Readers

24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers (BuzzFeed)

Boise Noise Cancelling Headphones

Print from The Dreamy Giraffe-Etsy

Mousepad by Zazzle

That's it! Merry Christmas from Seekerville!

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  1. Coffee's on.

    Great links. One raised a question for me. What is the average length of a prequel?

    Congratulations to all winners.

    Happy weekend before Christmas.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Thanks for the coffee, Helen...fresh homemade cinnamon buns to go with it. O, and I have gingerbread spice tea

  3. Woo hoo! Merry Christmas to me! Courting Miss Adelaide please, Janet.

    It's a particularly wonderful WE today.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  4. Helen, good question!

    I think it can be any length, depending.

    The Hobbit is quite long!

    Val Hansen just finished a 15K prequel to our continuity for next summer/fall, so that's short and sweet.

    I think a prequel can be a brief short story, setting a stage, or an historical story setting the setting (like building the town, erecting the church that's later destroyed by a tornado, etc.)

    I think it can be whatever you want it to be.... and whatever the editor advises if it's going "in house".

  5. What a great WE! I'm writing this morning so I'll check links when I need to take a break....

    Loving having four days of writing time!!!!!!!!!

    All is calm.

    All is bright.

    Merriest of Christmases, my friends!

    Pastries from Panera, homemade cookies later!

    Congrats winners!!!!! What fun, to win stuff and to win it at Christmas: BONUS!

    Andrea, you will love Courting Miss ADelaide. A wonderful book!!!!

  6. Love the cute graphics today! Fun! Fun!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Anybody want to come help me wrap presents???? Or better yet, just help me finish SHOPPING!!!!!!

  7. Great WE TINA.

    Oooh MARIANNE, I've had your cinnamon buns for real and they are YUMMY folks. Thanks for bringing them. Yum yum. Goes great with the coffee HELEN.

    Happy shopping. And PAM I'll help wrap. Mine is all done. (oh sorry to brag)

  8. Dashing in to squeal with excitement because my Christian bookstore has both Mary's A Match Made in Texas and Julie's Dare to Love Again in stock right now!!!!! I'm dashing out right now in this very narrow window of no snow, ice pellets or freezing rain opportunity. I think I have four hours. Wish me luck. Will read links later. I'm soooooooo giddy with excitement!!!!!!

  9. BE CAREFUL, KAV@!!! Only reindeer get to dash through the snow.

    Merry Christmas, Seekerville.

  10. Good morning, everyone! It's a wonderful weekend here in Oklahoma to enjoy several of the good books in my TBR stash. Rani, rain, rain... it started late yesterday and hasn't let up at all.

    Congratulations all you lucky winners! :-)

    Thanks once more Tina, good information to browse... and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

  11. Waving to Pam. I'm wrapping today too.

    Mary's a dreary day in Georgia--outside. Inside we're all aglow with Christmas anticipation. Looks like it could rain at any minute. Glad I don't have to be in the Malls today.

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Ho, ho, ho!

  12. Kav, I was thinking of you when I saw the bands of freezing rain...

    I think Sue Mason's in the path, too...

    And us, later today.

    It's been pouring all morning, our pretty snow is reduced to gray/brown mush, the chickens are annoyed and look sickly and Jeter took one look outside, turned, and went back into his crate and curled up.


    Bring on the candles and firewood just in case we freeze up, I'm ready to write!

  13. WE already? I'm still catching up with the great posts from the week. Thank you, Tina, for all the info. I will play with Amazon's Story Builder---looks fun! Some good thoughts on prequels, too.

    Because you all understand, I'm announcing I started my "Rejection" file this week. My short story was rejected. :( But because of Seekerville's advice, I know this is part of the process. I've continued to work on more projects while I waited.

    Congrats to the winners and thank you for the WE, the coffee, cinnamon buns and gingerbread tea!

    I may not be able to check in next week, so want to wish everyone in Seekerville a very special Christmas!!! See you at the New Year's Eve party!

  14. Thanks for a great WE!! Love the Night Classes art work, Tina. :)

    I hope everyone has a great weekend! I just got home from a 2.5 hour Christmas cantata rehearsal followed by 2.5 hour grocery trip. I'm wiped out! Need a nap before we perform the cantata tonight. (Will do it again twice tomorrow, too).

    Busy but fun times!

  15. Kav, stay warm! It's 68 degrees here! (Sorry, shouldn't probably tell you that right now). :)

  16. I have hundreds of rejections in my rejection pile. IT MEANS YOU ARE A SUBMITTING WRITER!!


  17. We have a coating of snow here today. So it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


  18. We're cold and snowy - downtown looks so much like Christmas, it's unbelievable!

    And I won Janet's critique!!! I'm pumped!

    Merry Christmas, Seekerville!

    And Sherida, doesn't a rejection make you feel like a real writer?

  19. Great WE, as always Miss T!
    Congrats to all the winners, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas week.

    Sending a hug to Sherida---and just know that with each rejection you'll get stronger (and improve your writing!).

    When I received my 2nd rejection, I e-mailed a dear friend (also a multi-published author who I really admire) and I was so disheartened. She immediately e-mailed back and told me that before getting published, she could've wallpapered a room with all her rejection letters, LOL!! Now THAT gave me hope (and some laughs).
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  20. Merry Christmas everyone!
    Congrats to all the winners.
    Sherida so sorry about the rejection. They come with the territory, but it doesn't make them any less painful.
    Mary Hicks - I'm in Oklahoma too! It would be so cool if you were close by my neck of the woods.

  21. Lots of Okies around here. Julia Toto is an Okie too.

  22. Oh, Kav, you made me laugh!

    I wouldn't definitely dash through snow for books, so I understand.... but be careful!

    Of course, if you broke an ankle, you could lay in bed for a few months reading...

  23. I mean I WOULD definitely dash through the snow.

    Ugh. I will never get used to typing on this phone!

  24. Just wanted to give a big chocolate hug to Tina who gave me a week's worth of advice and hand-holding. She propelled my courage and confidence to a new level and I am grateful! Thanks to all of Seekerville residents and instructors that guide us writers. Last week I heard I am a finalist for my historical "Melting an Irish Heart" with the Suzannah Contest. It all began with you guys...Merry Christmas.

  25. Congrats, Eileen!

    Aren't the Seekers just the best? Encouragement and advice...priceless!

  26. Tina, Jan, Patti Jo and Terri: Thank you for the comforting and encouraging words! Now I DO feel like a writer. This is why I love our Seekerville fellowship...everyone understands.

    Cheering for Eileen!!!

    Thanks again and merry Christmas!

  27. Rock and ROLLL...Eileen!!!

    To infinity and beyond!!


  28. And she came out of lurkdom!!! Way to go, Eileen!

  29. Sherida congrats ... you finished a story and you put your work out there. That rejection shows you're seriously pursuing a career. I have all my rejections in a three-ring binder ... along with the contest finals and other honors. Sort of keeps things in perspective :-)

    Eileen that is majorly cool about the final. Cheering you on.

    And congrats to all the winners!

    About those WE links. Did you see that statistic? Ida Pollock produced 40 books in five years. Gee, she was closing fast on Mary Connealy's record.

    And now I know what I can do with backstory ... make it into a prequel short story! Wow, when I go back to my 'save for later' file, I bet I'll find a dozen prequels ready to go!

    Thanks for the links, Tina.

    And be careful out there, you travelers.

    Nancy C

  30. Nancy C, thanks! Submitting is progress for me. I also have plenty of backstory that can someday be used for prequels. Good to know those extra words can be used eventually!

  31. Great Weekend Edition, Tina! I'm in the spirit of Christmas after singing carols and focusing on the fulfilled OT prophecy concerning Jesus' birth.

    I'm excited our family has already gathered in for Christmas. Two doggies to add to the fun this year. Puppy Reggie is wild with excitement. Gapper isn't sure he likes sharing the attention. LOL

    Yay, Andrea S! Send Seekerville your addy and Courting Miss Adelaide will be on its way, a belated Christmas present!

    Jan, I'm pumped too!

    Eileen, congratulations on the contest final!!!

    Sherinda, proud of you for submitting! Hang in!