Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Welcome to another Weekend Edition!

We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget). You must contact us every single time you win. 

Love Inspired author Missy Tippens is a self-proclaimed "Queen of Charts." Monday she shared her post "Charting Your Way to a Story-The Moral Premise." She shared her moral premise chart (based on Stanley Williams's book The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice for Box Office Success) for her latest release, Georgia Sweethearts. Come and share your favorite methods for planning your stories! Winner of either a phone or email chat with Missy to discuss the moral premise of their current story is Jackie Layton.

 Grammar Queen returned Tuesday with another of her scintillating lectures, "Danger! Dangling Participles Ahead!" Winner of a copy of Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, by Mignon Fogarty, is Jennifer Smith.

Wednesday Love Inspired Suspense author, Debby Giusti was our guest with her post, "New Year, New Story!"and talked about creating the storyline for her upcoming Christmas novella, to be released in October 2014. The winner of the First Giveaway and an advanced copy of Deb's March LIS, The Agent Secret Past, is Vince! The winner of a ticket for the Reader Luncheon, hosted by Love Inspired, to be held in Tampa, FL, on Jan 30th is Mz ZeyZey. Congrats to both winners!

Thursday, Karen Witemeyer asked "What do you do with leftover characters?" You could just throw them away and start fresh. Or you could carefully pack them up hoping that they might be brought out again sometimes in the future. Or you might repurpose them into something delicious. Winner of a copy of A Match Made in Texas is Vera Godley.

Friday, Carol Cox visited to talk about "Reuse! Recycle!" Don't despair when a favorite part of a scene...or a whole scene...or an entire subplot winds up on the cutting room floor--whether an editor has mandated the cuts or the author herself realized they need to be surgically removed. Rather than being discouraged when ideas don't pan out the way we'd hoped, hang on to them to be reused in other stories later on. Winner of a copy of Trouble in Store is Debra Marvin. 

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:Nicole O’Dell, author, speaker, founder of Choose NOW ministries, host of Choose NOW Radio, and publisher at Choose NOW Publishing is our guest to talk about crowd funding and the romance writer. Don't miss it!

Tuesday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome back Angela Ackerman, coauthor of The Emotion Thesaurus. Today's post is "10 Reasons Our Hero Need Flaws." Of course we have a book giveaway!

Wednesday: Seekerville really excited to welcome Harlequin's So You think You Can Write Winner Tanya Wright. Stop by for her inspirational story!

Thursday: Thomas Nelson author Sarah Ladd is back in Seekerville today with her post "ON DEADLINE: How to Make Your Writing Deadlines Work for YOU." Stop by to chat!

Friday:On Friday, Regina Jennings talks about "How Writing Blind Improves Her Descriptions." How creating a blind heroine led her to expand her use of 'Noisy Verbs'. Regina will be giving away a copy of A Match Made in Texas or a cube of Post-It Notes with a picture of A Match Made in Heaven's book cover on the sides. Winner's choice.

Seeker Sightings

Mary Connealy with be on Seriously Write on Tuesday, January 21 talking about her Unbalanced Life.

Mary Connealy will be giving away a copy of A Match Made in Texas on Everyone's Story, hosted by Elaine Stock on January 24th. Stop in NEXT FRIDAY for a chance to win.

If you're in the area, stop by and say hi to Tina Radcliffe!

Glendale, Ariz. –– Shop local, eat local...why not “Read Local?” With Valentine’s Day and the Glendale Chocolate Affaire approaching, love is in the air and the Velma Teague Branch Library will feature “Read Local Romance: It’s More Than You Expect!”  Find something new to read and show support for local authors as they discuss their books and sign  at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 25, at the library located at 7010 N. 58th Ave. 

Make plans to attend Murder Goes South, a mystery reader and writer festival held on Saturday, Jan 25, from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the Smyrna Community Center, Smyrna, GA. Our own Debby Giusti is one of the featured presenters. Lunch will be provided with ticket. Book signing follows the talks.For more information and to make reservations, visit

First ever Love Inspired Reader Luncheon! Seekers Debby Giusti and Missy Tippens along with several other Love Inspired authors will be taking part in a Reader Luncheon to be held Thursday, January 30th, from 11am to 2pm at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Tampa, Florida. Be sure to save the date! More info on how to order tickets here: Tickets are limited, so don't miss out!

 JANUARY 16-20, 2014:
FREE DOWNLOAD on Julie Lessman’s Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets, “a writing book that needs to be on the shelf of every author because nobody does romantic tension better,” according to Mary Connealy, so get your copy “hot” off the e-press HERE, and we do mean “hot”! 

Julie Lessman Sightings.

January 13 - 20, 2014:One of Julie's reader friends decided to post one review every few days for all of her books leading up to the blog tour for Dare to Love Again scheduled for Jan. 20-24. Although this is an unofficial giveaway and Julie won’t be responding to comments, she wanted you to know about it nonetheless for an opportunity to win. So here's the link and GOOD LUCK!! Christian Novels Blog.

January 15 - 22, 2014:Join Julie Lessman for an interview/giveaway of your choice of her books including her newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Amber Perry's blog, The Historical Christian Review.

January 24 - 31, 2014:Join Julie Lessman for an interview/giveaway of your choice of her books including her newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Lena Nelson Dooley's blog, A Christian Writer's World.

  Random News & Information

 Why authors and trad pub don’t reveal authors’ earnings (The Passive Voice)

Everything You Really Need to Know About Twitter (Writer Unboxed)

 It’s Not Just One Book. Your Rights And How To Exploit Them. (The Creative Penn)

 Pew: E-Reading Surges, But Print Is Hanging On (PW)

The Top Ten Books People Lie About Reading (Passive Voice)

Ten Myths About Writing (Writer Unboxed)

 6 Writing Lessons from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (WD)

 The Seventh Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest is right around the corner. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to win a publishing contract with Amazon Publishing. (

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the winners! Wasn't this a week! And next week looks to be just as fun. I'll be at the Glendale Library on Saturday, Tina!

  2. More interesting articles. Thanks for collecting these for us, Tina.

    Happy reading to all winners.

    Got the coffee pot going. Now I'm off to bed.

  3. Helen, I'm Drinking That Coffee now!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Tina, great WE! Thank you, too!!!! I love the Carl Bard quote, and then I got to Mark Twain and love that too, and then I got to the last one, and loved that even more!!!

    Ya' just gotta start. BEGIN SOMEWHERE.

    No one buys an empty page.

    I'm about to jump into some new chapters, but had to come by and wave hi to youse. I'll come back later and annoy the usual suspects but for now, a blessed Saturday to all.

    Love youse!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  4. I have read five of the books people lie about reading.

    No lie!!!!

    The other five? Nope.

    And can guarantee you none of them are on my bucket list!!!!

  5. Good morning, Seekerville! Congrats to the past week's winners. Looks like we have an exciting line-up of topics for this coming week, too!

    How fun, MARIANNE, that you'll get to see Tina at the Glendale Library! Are you enjoying the warmer weather?

  6. Yes, Glynna...the weather is awesome! No complaints from this section

  7. Great WE, Tina! As always, thanks to you. :-)

    Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend—we have good weather here for the weekend—a nice change!

    Thank you Julie Lessman, for the gift of ROMANCE-OLOGY, you generous girl... :-)

  8. Cinnamon rolls and hot coffee on a great Saturday morning with friends. Does it get ANY BETTER THAN THIS???

  9. I don't even know what the books are that people lie about reading.


    Must go look!

  10. Yes. Thanks for Romanceology, Jules.

  11. I looked.

    Maybe I should lie about this...

  12. Happy Saturday everyone! And congrats to the winners!

    Was SO excited to get a FREE copy of Julie's book!! Now to dive in. So many books to read and so little time!

    Looking forward to taking Ruthy's class in February.

    RUTHY, reading your Christmas book "The Lawman's Holiday Wish" and LOVING it!


  13. I have no shame in admitting that I have not read, nor do I ever intend to read, those 10 books! (Well I may be been forced to read the Charles Dickens one in school - it sounds familiar).

    Nope. No shame at all. Just like I have no shame in admitting I have never read "War and Peace".

    And I consider myself intelligent without reading those books! LOL.

  14. I read The Canterbury Tales, Les Miserable, A Tale of Two Cities, Ulysses, and Moby Dick in school. New York State school system.

    That's it for me.

  15. I've never read those books either.

  16. Funny how people can be book snobs. They're all flowery over the classics but turn the nose up at romance and suspense and especially Amish. LOL. I'm just plain folk and I love a book that speaks to me and that means Christian fiction...though I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school and loved it. Felt oh so grown up and literary! :-)

    Great weekend edition and I love the inspirational quotes. Must add them to my inspiration dresser. I painted and collaged an old dresser and then hand wrote quotes all over it. Sounds strange, and probably is but I love it. I've moved it into my wee little study and it houses all my writing stuff now. Hopefully I'll be groovin' in all that positive karma. :-)

  17. Love the quotes!! Very inspiring.

    Congrats to all the winners. And what a great lineup for next week! I can't wait.

  18. Tina, for breakfast this morning I bypassed leftover cinnamon rolls and I had Jan Drexler's muffin in a mug she shared at the Yankee-Belle Cafe last week. It was SO GOOD!

    Lunch was leftovers. But I forgot to put the roast in the crock pot this morning! Now what will we eat for dinner??

  19. Love the quotes--thanks, Tina! And congrats to last week's winners!

    Saturday is chore day. Laundry, cleaning, bills . . . Not so fun.

    But I wrote 2003 words yesterday, the first "real" writing since before the holidays!! Hope I can keep up the momentum!

  20. Congrats to the Winners!

    So happy I won Debby’s new book. Fort Rickman has become my ‘Army’ home. I really needed some good news. After months of revising my WIP to meet the ‘demands’ of many contest judges, I just got back results form six judges. All of them were as bad as I’ve ever received! Worse!

    One judge said my meta-romance was creepy. She was creeped-out! It seems the more I write like a real romance writer, the more the judges hate it. And from her POV, I can agree with her! She thought an ex-nun who writes romances and gets stranded in a cabin with a Special Forces Captain on leave who edits romances is just too creepy to read. (Can anyone beat this true contest story?) I am just going to have to write my book as a non-romance and market it to meta-fiction fans. I think there are six or seven of them left out there from the 1980’s. Thank God for Kindle Direct.

    It’s great to see “Romance-ology 101” on special for free as an ebook. I would still highly recommend also getting the large paperback version because it is so useful to hold open and mark up providing easy access to examples that can help you in your own writing. I don’t see how that book can even be printed for the low price listed on Amazon.

    BTW: a lot of people here in Seekerville are also in that book. What many people don’t realize is how funny Julie Lessman really can be. What did they say the other day, “Lessman’s leavings are a lesser man’s livelihood”. Speaking of leavings, please leave a review. That book should have 50 reviews by now. My review needs some cover since I’m in the book myself. : )

    ALSO: Mary will have a great book when she gets her ‘character-layering’ series of posts completed. “Character-layering” will work well with all fiction writers in all genres. “How to Build Characters, Layer-by-Layer, who Reach Out, Grab Readers, and Never Let Go!”. I’m ready to preorder it right now! But can Mary be as funny as Julie is in her ’101’? Only time will tell.

    RUTH: we have something in common. I read five of those ten books too.(Of course, I've had a lot more years in which to do it.) Two of those five books, I’ve read three times each (the really short ones). However, at one time or another, I did start reading everyone of those books with the intention of finishing them. I just rebelled on some of those books! I will not read a book I can't stand reading.

    I told a high school English teacher that I would not read any more books by an author who was paid by the word. “What would you read instead of Dickens,” she asked. I said, “Joyce”. Well she jumped at that thinking I was talking about “Ulysses”. But I read “The Dubliners” instead which was short and easy and the best thing Joyce ever wrote that people actually read and enjoyed reading.

    I think the real interesting question is not ‘have you ever lied about reading a book’ (no), but rather, ‘have you ever lied about not reading a book’ (of course).

  21. Great WE TINA and I can hardly wait till the Chocolate Affaire in hopes that I will actually see you while in town. smile.

    MARIANNE I hope you will be attending also. I'm jealous that you will get to go to the library event. I love libraries that support local authors. Scottsdale Library does a really nice job also.

    Loved the quotes, esp Carl Bard.

    Congrats to winners.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. JULIE, Best wishes on your blog tour. I will try and check in. I love, love, love DARE TO LOVE AGAIN. Great story from a terrific author. smile

  24. VINCE, those judges must be mistaken. Just wondering. Do you submit under your name? Have you thought of using just your initials? I think romance readers are more prejudiced against male authors than you might imagine. Some of the best were male but used female names or initials. It is also the same in the suspense market. Nora Roberts doesn't go by JD Robb for nothin.

  25. Great WE! Love the quotes! Love having a day off on Monday. Wait, writers never get a day off. Especially writers on deadline.

    What was I thinking?

    Must check out the list of books everyone's talking about.

    Waving to Vince! Glad you won. Large print, right?

  26. So much great info here, Tina! I always have to come back and check out the weekend edition during the week to absorb it all! Thank you!

  27. Day Off, Debby? So long as it's not an Off Day!

  28. Vince, I love your take on the books!

    Have I lied about not reading a book????

    Shoot, I think I'm guilty of that. Maybe. I sometimes skim a book that doesn't grab me in the first chapters, and there are some I just set down, then donate to the local used book store. Or the Salvation Army. A lot of contest entries that come my way end up there.

    Books are like Christmas Trees. We like what we like when we like it.

    If you love a Norway, a Blue Spruce is never going to be right.

    And if Douglas Fir is your thing, Scotch Pine will look WEIRD.

    Books are kind of like that around here, although I read a lot of cross-board non-fiction just to see what on earth the world is thinking.

    And the few info books I've tried, I generally read the first chapter or two, glean what I can, put it to use and go from there.

    Mostly I find their wisdom contained in those two chapters. After that my Ruthy-o-meter hears "blah, blah, blah, pass the chocolate, blah, blah, blah...."

  29. Susan, I'm so glad you love it!!!!

    And that tres leches cake is TO DIE FOR.

    Makes note to make tres leches cake and eat the entire thing by myself SOON.


  30. Congratulations to all of the winners!

  31. I always forget to budget time for the LINKs. Man, I can get lost in those! So many comments, so many internal links in the blogs, so much to LEARN.

    I love the WE!!

  32. VINCE-

    Ignore all the advice. Really. Just write your book and ignore everyone else.

    Oops, that would also apply to MY advice.

    Still... Your story should be yours, not someone's idea of your story.

  33. Tina, I am ALWAYS amazed at the wealth of info you infuse into these WE's with ALL those amazing links!! I keep waiting for the WE where you run out and there aren't any, but you never do. You must spend HOURS and HOURS on the Web tracking them down, my friend, so THANK YOU!!

    MARY HICKS ... no, honey, thank YOU for downloading it!! MUCH appreciated and I hope you enjoy it. :)

    And, SUZI-Q, thanks for downloading it too, sweetie-pie!!

    VINCE, NO!!!!! "Creepy"??? All six didn't like it??? Did they know each other and gang up on you, I wonder?? All I know is you had me in stitches when you read several pages to me way back when in our phone conversation, my friend, so I don't get it -- I loved it!!

    And, LOL ... laughed out loud when I saw your pic with the Romance-ology book -- TOOOO CUTE!!

    And WHO said that -- “Lessman’s leavings are a lesser man’s livelihood”??? I must have missed it because this is the first I've heard of it, although it sounds suspiciously like a Mooneyism!! ;)

    Thank you SOOO MUCH for your kind words about my sense of humor because most of the time I don't have one, so it's nice to fool some people. :)

    And, BLESS YOU for plugging for reviews -- I SO appreciate that!! I just think people don't think about posting a review on a how-to book, so I guess I need to write a book on "how to" post reviews and why we should. Actually, I'll be talking about that very subject in my Seeker blog next month, so I'll be venting aplenty, I assure you! ;)


  34. Blue skies and sunshine in GA. A perfect day to take a walk and enjoy the outdoors.

    But I'm writing. Still have more to do on my novella.

    Maybe I can sneak away later. :)

  35. Thanks for the WE and the quotes (which need to be above my computer!)

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Julie: Thank you for the book! Just started it. Funny, INFORMATIVE, and fun to see Seekerville friends.

    Have a good Sunday and GO BRONCOS!!!

  36. Note to those who did NOT win Carol's book....Trouble in Store:
    It is offered today on Kindle at a much lower price! YAY YAY

  37. Julie thank you for the free download! Can't wait to read it.

    Myra congratulations on that word count! Wow and double wow.

    Tina the Creative Penn link was fantastic. Thank you for all the links, but especially that one.

    Congrats to all you winners! Looks like another enlightening week ahead.

    Hope everyone had a super weekend.

    Nancy C

  38. Hi Julie:

    “Lessman’s leavings are a lesser man’s livelihood” is a paraphrase that was made from a comment about the 50,000 words you had to cut from a recent book being the size of that person's books. Thus, what you cut out was that person's total book. I just said this with a little more alliteration. I tend to a wax poetic at times.

    I agree with you about the need for a ‘how to write a review’ system. I think we need a computer program in which a reader clicks on various sentences and it generates a review within a few seconds.

    All these reviews would be different from any of the other reviews and they would be well written so the reviewer would look smart to any of their friends who might read it.

    The reviews would also really reflect what the reader thinks of the book. I think a lot of people fear writing something with mistakes in it that will make them look bad. This program would make them look intelligent and that would encourage them to leave more reviews. We could call it the “Review Machine”.

    BTW: Only one judge thought the story was creepy. Antoher judge thought it should not have been written as an inspirational. I have no idea why she thought it was an inspirational in the first place. It was in the contemporary category. However, all the judges from both contests give it a 66% score. So there was consistency in their opinions.


  39. Hi Virginia:

    I am going to do exactly what you said. I am just going to write the book the way I think it is the most entertaining. I won’t market it as a genre romance. I will, however, hire a first class editor. That’s my goal for this year.

  40. Hi Sandra:

    Yes, I use my real name on all contests but the name is supposed to be hidden from the judges. In reality it might not be. While the scores from all the judges were very close to being the same (about 66%), the reasons why the points were marked off were quite different. I would say the judges were being conscientious. They were just judging a comedy meta-romance as if it was a serious piece of writing and if you do that, then my writing is not very realistic. I simply must have a synopsis to explain what kind of book it is. Also, I’d love to see ‘romantic comedy’ as a category in some contests.

  41. Hi Debby:

    Yes, large print would be great if it is available. After years of waiting for the risks to diminish, I have been cleared for cataract surgery next month. I hope this will enable me to read smaller type. I won’t know until it happens.

  42. Hi Ruth:

    From reading certain reviews of books on Amazon -- that I have read myself-- I believe some people review books they have not read. Isn’t that like saying you’ve read a book you didn’t? Of course all 5-star reviews spend the same. : )

  43. YAY! I'm a winner. Thanks so much. Looking forward to it so I'll send my little note off to the special address. I didn't even have a chance to peek in this weekend. A very full family and friends weekend. Very nice!

    Thanks again. I'm looking forward to a great week and when it's done we'll be that much closer to February and spring (northern hemisphere readers of course...) And being that Seekerville is so internationally cosmopolitan and down home at the same time...