Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Weekend Edition

What's your game plan for 2014? 

 Ours is to get you off the island if you are unpublished and if you are published, to move you to the next step of your writing journey!

January's Amazon Self-Publishing Class is well underway. Here's a peek at the next few months.

February: The Arc Outside the Story Arc Class with Ruth Logan Herne:Learn the ins and outs of developing a series an editor will want to buy! Starts in one week! Sign up now!
The Arc Outside the Story Arc:

"Learn the ins and outs of developing a series an editor will want to buy! - See more at:

March: Speedbo! Seekerville's Book-In-A-Month program begins enrollment in February. Every Saturday in February we'll give Speedbo Preparation Tips!

April: Seekerville "Read Me" Agent Proposal Contest for all unagented authors who are signed up for Speedbo and have a complete manuscript.

April: Self-Editing for Beginners Class with Tina Radcliffe.

May: Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View Class with Jill Elizabeth Nelson.

And that's just the first five months!

 We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget). You must contact us every single time you win. 

Good news from RWA. The Inspirational Category of the Golden Heart has survived!! In fact, per RWA's Carol Ritter, all categories survived except erotic. We are pleased to announce the winners of the Golden Heart entry fee reimbursement are: Carol Moncado and Eileen Barnes.

Nicole O’Dell, author, speaker, founder of Choose NOW ministries, host of Choose NOW Radio, and publisher at Choose NOW Publishing was our guest with her post, "Can Crowdfunding Help Me Traditionally Publish My Novel?" Winner of a Spark30 devotional subscription is Vince.

 On Tuesday we were delighted to welcome back Angela Ackerman, coauthor of The Emotion Thesaurus. Her post was "10 Reasons Our Hero Need Flaws." Winner of their choice of Angela's ebooks (see post) is Victoria.

Wednesday Seekerville was excited to welcome Harlequin's So You think You Can Write Winner Tanya Wright. You can read her inspirational story here. Winner of a surprise box of books is LeAnn Bristow.

Thursday,Thomas Nelson author Sarah Ladd was back in Seekerville with her post "ON DEADLINE: How to Make Your Writing Deadlines Work for YOU." Winner of The Headmistress of Rosemere is Julie Hilton Steele.

Friday,  Regina Jennings talks about "How Writing Blind Improves Her Descriptions." How creating a blind heroine led her to expand her use of 'Noisy Verbs.' Winner of a copy of A Match Made in Texas or a cube of Post-It Notes with a picture of A Match Made in Heaven's book cover on the sides is Jeanne T.

Next Week In Seekervillle 

Monday:  Pam Hillman is your hostess today. Pam's deep in the trenches of marketing her latest release and will share tips on how she organizes her PR and marketing resources so that she can shoot from the hip when unexpected opportunities (like Tyndale's Crazy4Fiction Giveaway) arise. In addition, Pam will be giving away a signed copy of the newly released Claiming Mariah, hot off the press.

Tuesday: Today Seeker Sandra Leesmith will share several helpful hints to make life more productive and meaningful.  Look for some exciting and different giveaways.

Wednesday:Seekerville once again hosts Ann Lee Miller who will share ideas on how to face one of our most feared activities--public speaking.

Thursday:Seekerville is delighted to welcome back Villager and savvy New Yorker, Mary Curry with her post, " Building a Better World - One Story at a Time."  Mary always makes us think, so we'll bring lots of caffeine, in the form of coffee, tea and chocolate!

Friday:Time for the February Contest Update. The prize vault is open and you'll get to meet the February Contest Diva!

Seeker Sightings

Myra Johnson visits The Writers Alley TODAY! for a Chocolate Cafe Chat. Get your first glimpse of spunky Mary McClarney, the heroine of Myra's April release, Whisper Goodbye, book 2 of her post-WWI historical romance series from Abingdon Press.

Tyndale's Crazy4Fiction Giveaway ends Sunday, so hop on over and sign up to win books from Tyndale's Spring 2014 Fiction lineup. Giveway includes books by Francine Rivers, Joel C. Rosenberg, Susan May Warren, and Seeker Pam Hillman.

January 20 - 31, 2014:Join Julie Lessman for a giveaway of your choice of her books including her newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Nora St. Laurent's blog, Finding Hope Through Fiction.

January 20 - 31, 2014:The Book Club Network and Revell are giving away FIVE COPIES of Dare to Love Again, so check it out! Here's the link: The Book Club Network. 

 January 24 - 31, 2014: Another interview/giveaway begins for your choice of Julie's books including her newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Lena Nelson Dooley's blog, A Christian Writer's World. And another interview/giveaway of your choice of her books including her newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Lena Nelson Dooley's blog, A Christian Writer's World. 

January 27 - 29, 2014:Join Julie for an interview/giveaway of your choice of her books including her newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Casey Herringshaw's blog, Writing for Christ: The Audience of One.

January 28 - 31, 2014:Finally, check out Julie's interview/giveaway for your choice of her books including my newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Savanna Kaiser's blog, The Engrafted Word.

Make plans to attend Murder Goes South, a mystery reader and writer festival held TODAY! Jan 25, from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the Smyrna Community Center, Smyrna, GA. Our own Debby Giusti is one of the featured presenters. Lunch will be provided with ticket. Book signing follows the talks.For more information and to make reservations, visit

If you're in the area, stop by and say hi to Tina Radcliffe!

Glendale, Ariz. –– Shop local, eat local...why not “Read Local?” With Valentine’s Day and the Glendale Chocolate Affaire approaching, love is in the air and the Velma Teague Branch Library will feature “Read Local Romance: It’s More Than You Expect!”  Find something new to read and show support for local authors as they discuss their books and sign at 2 p.m. TODAY, Jan. 25, at the library located at 7010 N. 58th Ave. 

Tina will be on the ACFW Blog on Tuesday, January 28th!

She is also cooking chicken in the Yankee Belle Cafe on Friday, January 31st. 

Her other personality, Tina Russo will be making dessert on Friday, January 31st at L. A. Sartor's blog-My Story, My Way. An Indie Adventure.

First ever Love Inspired Reader Luncheon! Seekers Debby Giusti and Missy Tippens along with several other Love Inspired authors will be taking part in a Reader Luncheon to be held Thursday, January 30th, from 11am to 2pm at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Tampa, Florida. Be sure to save the date! More info on how to order tickets here: Tickets are limited, so don't miss out! - See more at:

Mary Connealy sightings:

Mary talked about the upcoming baby calves on Petticoats & Pistols this week. Check it out here: It's Calving Time.

She's up right now, talking about balancing all she had to do (and failing miserably) on Seriously Write.

And she spends time dodging a bunch of amazingly intrusive questions (well, two) on Dorothy Adamak's blog Ink Dots Blog.

Finally don't miss this! Monica Bruenjes sketched the characters from A Match Made in Texas on her Novel Characters blog.

Visit with Mary Connealy on Everyone’s Story. Mary is talking about how her characters deal with forgiveness. And get your name in the drawing for a chance to win a copy of A Match Made in Texas

Random News & Information 

How to Publish Your Book: INFOGRAPHIC (GalleyCat) 

Amazon Launches Christian Book Publisher (Puget Sound BJ) 

 Self-publishing star signs up for Amazon’s new Christian imprint (rogerpacker)

Beverly Kendall's 2013 Self-Publishing Survey (Beverly Kendall)

Free Writer's Digest Video Tutorial : Christian Publishing – Is it the Market for You? with Agent Sandra Bishop (WD)

NYC vs. HEA (Harpers)

Most Authors Make Less Than $1,000 a Year: DBW (GalleyCat)

4 Common Misperceptions About Self-Publishing Authors Need To Change NOW (badredheadmedia)

Questions From Steve Zacharius, CEO and President of Kensington (JA Konrath)

An Open Letter to the CEO of Kensington Publishing Corp.(The Passive Voice)

How Does a New Agent Find Wonderful Writers? (Writers in the Storm)

“Organic” is Dead, Say Hello to the Age of Paid Media (Socialmouths)

 An Interview with Indie NY Times Bestselling Author Marie Force (DBW)

 The Business Rusch: Pricing Part 2 Or (Discoverability Part 7 Continued) (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

 Are You Good Enough? Evaluating Whether You're Really Ready to Self-Publish (The Other Side of the Story)

And finally, if you are a traditionally published author, we'd like you to take this Seekerville survey to prepare for our Valentine's Day post. Only three questions. Thank you!

Click here to take survey

And we'll make it worth your time. Send an email to telling us you did and we'll enter you in a drawing for Godiva chocolate.
Winner announced February 14th!


  1. Congratulations, winners. How can it be the WE edition already? But then next week looks to be just as exciting and fast paced as this week was. See you later Tina!

  2. I love the WE Editions. So many good articles. I found this week's list especially interesting.

    Congrats to the winners.

    There's coffee a plenty.

  3. See You, later, Marianne!

    Helen, thanks for the kind words!

    This week had lots of really, really good news!!

  4. Tina can the Seekers take the poll, too? Cuz I did. Except my TWENTY books is probably going to skew the results. So, sorry. You can delete me if I wreck the poll, or just depress everyone too badly.

    I know writing that TWENTY sort of depressed me.

  5. I've decided the word for the weekend is officially.....

    Cannibal Rats

    You're welcome.

  6. The week flew by! Congrats to this weeks winners. I'm so happy the Inspy category made in the Golden Heart. I'll be rooting for Carol and Eileen to make finalists.

    Christina Rich - I saw your cover on Facebook today!

  7. quick note am home surgery was textbook case. quite sore and exhausted. dont have the energy to eve make a slice of toast. lots of small stones and one good size one

  8. Jenny, so glad you're home!!!!

    Rest, rest, rest.


    God is with you and we're all praying for you!

    Hugging you from afar!

  9. I took it too.

    I just want the chocolate.

    Congrats to all winners!!!! YAY FOR YOU AND US!

    Hey, I need to work now, must work for food!!!!

    Therefore I will come back later and annoy everyone!!!

    Later, Gator!


    WELCOME BACK, JENNY! So glad you're home. Take EXTRA GOOD care of yourself! We'll be praying for your recovery!

    WOW, TINA! This is one meaty weekend edition! Definitely will have to find some time to come back and explore all the links!

  11. Wow -- so many good links that I can't read them all in one sitting. Just Mary's alone made me miss my bus (it's book shopping day wheeeee!) Wish I was in Arizona and I'd head on over to your library event Tina...while enjoying the warm weather...though I forget what that feels like. Good luck today, Tina.

    Hey -- have y'all heard of shelfies? They are like selfies only you take a shot of a bookshelf that depicts your personality, tastes etc. Thinking of a doing a Valentine shelfie with a class at school...each student will get to select books they love and we'll snap a picture. I predict a lot of reshelving in my future.

  12. Yes. Seekers can and should take the poll. They just don't get chocolate.


  13. I'm with Helen -- I LOVE the WE editions because they are SO chock full of incredible info that I have NO clue how Tina has the time to find it all!!

    I think it's incredibly exciting to see the launch of Waterfall Press (love that name!!).

    The article "Four Common Misperceptions about Self-Publishing has SET ME FREE!!! Goodbye Facebook!!!


  14. Hmmm, I'll have to go visit Dottie's interview with Mary Connealy. Sounds better than National Enquirer.

    Your class list is amazing! can you tell us again (I was probably napping at the time...) how do the night classes work? I've seen a big range of styles for online classes.

    Congratulations to all the winnners and thanks to Tina for another amazing WE edition.
    ooooh, and a public appearance in Glendale. That's a treat!

  15. Yes, the weekend edition is always fun and interesting!

    Congratulations to all of the this weeks winners.

  16. I hope you have a WONDERFUL library event, Tina! We expect a full report when you return!

  17. [This is long. Does that shock anyone? ;)]

    To quote one of my 13 favorite Seekers...

    OH MY STARS!!! Yay for contest reimbursement!!!!


    Thanks, Seekerville!!

    I wish I'd taken January's course, but I *am* signed up for February's with dear Ruthy. I'm also ruminating on my SpeedBo project. I already know what it's going to be but not sure about where it's going yet. I may take Tina's class too. Not sure yet :D. By April, I hope to not need the contest, but we'll see...

    And on that note - I also finished my 11th MS this week. Last year's NaNo project is "done" at 81K. I'm not at 20 manuscripts like Mary was, but... closing in :p.

    I'm ready to get off the island...

    Although, swinging in a hammock in a perfect temperate climate sounds lovely right now.

    Pam - I reread my Claiming Mariah review last night. Sigh. I'd forgotten how much I loved it. Definitely one of my top reads last year. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE a paper copy!

    Also, random aside... NEW BLOG starting this week! Geared at readers of contemporary inspirational romance! Starting Wednesday, pop by Inpsy Romance at to learn about some of your favorite inspy authors :).

  18. What do you mean, how does it work, Debra?

    Night Classes

    1. you sign up

    2. you are invited to join a Yahoo Group.

    3. Handout and Q and A are sessions are up to the instructor.

    4. You can participate or you can just download everything and be the strong, silent type and lurk.

  19. Great WE, Tina! I'm planning to stop back by and read articles later. I have two hours to myself (thank goodness for Saturday morning karate class!), so I'm going to spend some time with Jesus and then do some writing.

    Thank you so much for the book. I'm looking forward to reading it! Regina's article was fabulous.

    I hope to sign up for Tina's class. Gotta see what my schedule looks like. You ladies are amazing! Thank you for ALL you do!!

    JENNY—so glad you're home! May your recovery be quick and uneventful.

    Have a good day, everyone!

  20. Wow, the WE is chock full of stuff I want to read!!!

    But, it's girls' day out. They're really going to let me out today??? Whoot!

    My mother and I are going to a little shop called Moonbeams Vintage to check out their stuff.

    My son rustic furniture and my DIL's paintings are debuting this weekend, so how can I not go? So excited for them! :)

  21. Mary, you have an unhealthy (pun intended) obsession with rats.

    Just sayin'

  22. Carol, could you just add one more LOVE to your comment? I'm starting to feel the LOVE.



  23. Carol, I mean this in the nicest possible way..


    YOU GO!!!

  24. Congratulations to all our winners! I think that post-it cube with an image of A Match Made In Texas cover on the sides is such a cool idea!

    And Carol and Eileen on winning the Golden Heart entry fee. We'll be rooting for you!!

    THE INSPY CATEGORY SURVIVED AND THE EROTICA DIDN'T!! Now that's cause for celebration.

  25. BTW, our 1st Night Class is a huge success. Rogenna Brewer is offering information on Amazon 101 that's amazing. She's always there to answer questions, too. And she offers just enough information at a time so that it's not overwhelming.

    Way to go, Rogenna!!

  26. Jenny, bless you. So glad to hear the surgery went well. Take time and heal. You're in my prayers!

  27. I'm not quite sure how to take that, Tina ;).

  28. TINA, where do you come up with all these intriguing links??? Thanks for another TERRIFIC WE!!!

    JENNY, so glad you're home from surgery. Praying for a rapid recovery!

  29. WHAT???? What do you mean, Seekers don't get the chocolate for responding to the poll????


    I'll just go raid my secret stash of peanut M&Ms.

  30. I concur with AUDRA's praise of Rogenna's Amazon 101 class! I am collecting a ton of info that I hope to use in the very near future!

  31. I took the poll, but I didn't top Mary's 20.

  32. Happy Saturday everyone.

    Congrats to all the winners and to Carol & Eileen!

    Audra said: THE INSPY CATEGORY SURVIVED AND THE EROTICA DIDN'T!! Now that's cause for celebration.

    I second the motion!! Yay!

    Jenny: Glad the worst is over. Praying for a quick recovery!

    Getting ready to dig out of yet another snow storm. Sigh.

    Working on my first set of galleys for Betrayed Hearts. A little more stressful than the first round. But I'm learning!


  33. Wonderful Weekend Edition, Tina! Great quotes! Terrific links!

    Congrats to our winners!! Looking forward to the week ahead!


  34. Jenny, wonderful to hear that your surgery is over and you're home. Praying for a full recovery and that you'll feel better than you have in ages!

    Hugs, Janet

  35. Tina, I'm excited that you and other local writers are getting a chance to get their names out! Praying for a fabulous connection with readers! Love is in the air... Love it!


  36. Just read my message I wasn't quite with it yesterday. I am still very sore and just took the stronger meds. some lovely bruising coming out.
    Oh my dr told me when the surgeon came in he said Oh a skinny one. She knows my issue with perception and had to tell me. makes me feel good. I did lose over 6 kilos from the first visit to this one thats around 14 lbs. Oh and coughing of any sort really hurts. Thanks for all the prayers I wasn't worried. Oh and you should see my stones. Hey I may do a blog about them! One looks bigger than a robins egg the rest are much smaller and there are so many.

    again thanks for all the prayers an support. (I get way more away from home than at home)

  37. Jenny I had gall bladder surgery a few years ago. OUCH!

    And people would come up to me all the time and say, "Just be glad you have that new kind of surgery not the old one where they opened you all the way up, that really hurt!"

    I just kinda wanted to ... you know ... RIP THEIR FACE OFF!!!

    Ahem, well, that might be overstating it a bit.


    Anyway, you have my deepest compassion and sympathy. BABY YOURSELF FOR A WHILE.

  38. Well, gosh Helen sweetie, you should have waited JUST A BIT LONGER to get published, now shouldn't you have???

    I'll bet you feel pretty sad you didn't get to twenty books!!!!

    (yeah, right!)


    Surely obsession is the only rational choice in a situation like this!

  40. Congrats to all the winners! I’ve won two weeks in a row. Is that even legal? And here I’ve been trying my best to make less noise.

    Very interesting WE links -- as always.

    From the charts it looks like hybrid authors make more money in every category than do the other types of authors! I think this is because hybrid authors tend to write novellas that make money while at the same time act to sell their traditional books. Some would call this synergy. It’s like having your advertising pay you!

    This brings up social media which I believe is 90% to 95% wasted from a cost-benefit POV. The time spent on social media could be more profitably spent on writing novellas to promote your backlist and upcoming traditional books. As an author and businessperson it is best to attract prospects because of your writing and not because your garden is nice or your dogs are cute. People can love you and not buy your books but if they love your books, they don’t need to know anything about you. The best salesman you will ever have is a book that makes the reader want to buy more of your books. And the more books you have to sell, the more salesmen you have helping to sell them. Write, write, write!

    Julie: I’m with you. Do you know if there is a button you can push and be completely deleted from Facebook? I’d like to push it. Facebook has gone crazy with emails. Everyday there are more and more Facebook emails: ‘you have a message’. ‘Someone poked you’ ‘you’ve been added to a group’, 'you've been invited to...' 'you’ve been away too long. Look what has happened since you were last here.’ And usually until you take care of these annoyances you will keep getting more of them. I would never put up with a person who did this to me! (Darn: I’m being noisy again. : ( ).

    Mary: There is no need to worry about cannibal rats because cannibal rats represent one of the very few problems that is self-correcting.

    Now, back to writing very difficult nonfiction. With this type of writing the problem is not writer’s block -- it’s all the exhausting heavy lifting it takes. I’d trade for a ‘sagging middle’ any time – at least a sagging middle ‘smiles’ back at you.

  41. I'm BAAACCCK! I met Marianne Barkman and her mom!

    What sweethearts!!

    Worth the public outing into the scary real world.

  42. Welcome back, Tina! So glad you had your very own "cheerleading section" in Marianne and her mother! So...tell us all about it!

  43. HI, JENNY! Glad to see you're up and around a little bit. But wow! The size of a robin's egg is NOT anything to mess with! So glad you got this done. I anticipate you will be feeling MUCH better this year than you have in quite a while.

  44. When I read -robin's egg size- I nearly jumped. OUCH!!! OUCH!!

    Use a pillow to hold against your stomach to couch.

    Keep cough drops at bedside so you don't cough too much.

  45. Glynna, I am just so impressed at how supportive of romance the Arizona libraries are.

    Lots of interesting genre's were represented. One gal Laurel (what's your last name, Laurel) write Regency Inspies. So hopefully she will stop by Seekerville.

  46. Mary, you need to contact the CDC. Their website has a Zombie preparedness post and I really think they need to be made aware of cannibal rats.

  47. But Vince surely they are only cannibals because there's nothing else to eat. WHAT IF THEY GOT CLOSE TO ME???????!!!!!!!!!

    And Tina, seriously, is this my job to contact the CDC?

    Why I always gotta do everything???


  49. And I am pretty sure I am going to ask Marianne's mom to adopt me.

    You can never have too many sweet mothers.

  50. I had four minutes. How much out of the park can you do in four minutes.

    I didn't pass out or spill anything. I remembered my name and Seekerville.

    You want more than that???

  51. Thanks Mary. Why did no one warn me of the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure I only saw the surgeon just before he was going to attack me but every one made it sound like they were in out and back to life no problem. NOT ONE mentioned pain! Ok Im a naive country gal. My other op didn't hurt (oh thats right they didn't cute me).

    I have a couple of impressive bruises. when I am up to it going to count my stones. My dr thinks they are yuck. I think she now knows why I was in so much pain and not well. I am taking it easy as just walking to the bathroom is like walking a marathon! Anyway I am back to bed. its calling me and I am listening.

  52. Congratulations to winners. Much good info on the links. Tnank you, Tina. Good to know inspy category included in the Golden Heart. Good news that Jenny is on the mend.
    So everything went well at the library this afternoon for Tina and Marianne attended with her mom. Wonderful weekend to all.

  53. Laurel Hawkes. That was the gal I paneled with. Hi out there Laurel and hi to your friend, Ruth!

  54. Nope Tina. If I get out of a speech and no one is killed, I count it as a success. Using that criteria, you did GREAT.

    (At least you haven't mentioned a casualty list thus far)

  55. Whew. Then yes, I was a raving success.

  56. Sorry, Jenny. wear a robe or a dress that hangs from your shoulders. No waistband. That's the worst.

    I suppose they just want the pain to be a big ol' surprise. :(

  57. Yes, TINA WAS AWESOME!!! As awesome as the job she does here. And so VERY gracious! It was so COOL to meet her in person. And no, she didn't get knocked off of her pedestal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Mary Im not getting dressed til I can wear a bra! or Wed afternoon when I see my dr and then I may wear a dress and try to hide the fact I am braless (although thats not likely. its the cut under the bra line thats the issue.

  59. LOL to Jenny. Okay, no more undergarment talk, I am blushing.

  60. And I am blushing at Marianne. STOP. You'll ruin my reputation as a drill Sargent.

  61. Hey, ROCK 'cause you're awesome and a great drill Sargent!!!!!

  62. Tina laughing hurts but it was worth the hurt for your comment. Hey I could go in my nighty and dressing gown!

    its the 2 cuts on the side that hurt most. they dont see the funny side of things either.

  63. Tina, I know you were wonderful yesterday.

    I was at Murder Goes South. A lovely day event. I talked about Seekerville, of course. If anyone stops by today from yesterday's event, be sure you leave a comment and say hello. We're a friendly group. :)

    Jenny, so good to hear you're home and managing. Sending love and chicken soup!!! We've been praying for you!

    I know one of our Villagers could use prayers for a family member. Please ask the Lord to sending his healing mercy to this family. Not sure if she wants to go public so I won't mention her name. The Lord knows!

  64. Congrats to all the week's prize winners.

    What a WE edition, and Tina had time for a speaking engagement. I stand amazed.

    I'm going to sign up for Apr and May classes before they fill up. They're the ones I need.

  65. Great WE, as usual, Tina! I always look forward to the articles.

  66. Jenny, go to the doctor in your robe. Pretend like it's a new fashion of dress.

    You might start a trend and if you don't, at least your tummy will hurt the least possible.

  67. Thanks for the WE, Tina. Many good articles. Glad your event was very successful!

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Jenny, good to hear you are home!!! Take life VERY easy for awhile. I'm keeping you in my prayers.

    Also keeping a Villager and family in my prayers.

    The GH Inspirational made it this year! Yay! Cheering for those who entered!

    Wishing all a happy week of writing or reading or both!

  68. HUMONGOUS congratulations to Carol and Eileen!! Wishing you all the best in the GH.

    This WE is chock-full of interesting links, Tina. Thank you. Wow how Amazon has an inspirational line and already has an author/authors for it. More acknowledgement that it's a strong market.

    Beverly Kendall's self-pub survey is definitely worthy of a couple of reads. Downloaded and saved that one. Already shared the link for 4 Common Misperceptions About Self-Publishing Authors Need To Change NOW with my writing chapter.

    Congrats to all you winners!

    Now to settle in and read comments ...

    Nancy C