Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Sunday is the 2014 National Uninterrupted Day of Writing. 

Toss the snacks on the table and run to your office and close the door! Check out this viewer's guide! You can write an entire proposal during pre-game, game, half-time, game and post-game shows.

 We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget). You must contact us every single time you win. 

  Pam Hillmanwas your hostess on Monday with "Fast Draw Promotion." Pam's deep in the trenches of marketing her latest release and she shared tips on how she organizes her PR and marketing resources so that she can shoot from the hip when unexpected opportunities (like Tyndale's Crazy4Fiction Giveaway) arise. Winner of a signed copy of the newly released Claiming Mariah, hot off the press is Sara Ella.

On Tuesday, Sandra Leesmith discussed the need for a day of rest. The winner of a copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is Amber Schamel.  Winner of a Seeker book of choice in honor of celebrating Valentine's Day and the winner is Meghan Carver.

Seekerville once again hosted Ann Lee Miller Wednesday with her post "Public Speaking-Even For Authors Who Are Sissies."  Winner of their choice of two of Ann's books is Chill N.

Thursday welcomed back Villager and savvy New Yorker, Mary Curry with her post, " Building a Better World - One Story at a Time."   Winner of their choice of any of the books on brains and writing mentioned in the post or a Seeker book of choice is Mary Hicks.

Friday was the February Contest Update. Congrats to Courtney Phillips our February Diva. Winner of their choice of any two Ruth Logan Herne books, hard copy (if available) or e-copy (all are available) is Crystal Ridgeway.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday:Today Mary Connealy concludes her ground breaking (self-proclaimed) series on Character Creation with: Backstory--Don't Write It--Live It. To bribe you to stick with her for ONE MORE INSTALLMENT, Mary is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card.

Tuesday: Love Inspired Historical author Sherri Shackleford is our guest today. Sherri revisits productivity and goals for the New Year with a very motivating, and butt-kicking post!

Wednesday: Hallee Bridgeman returns today! Don't miss her visit. Not only has Hallee got an interesting post called, "Using Free as a Marketing Tool," but she's got some amazing giveaways as well!

Thursday:Seekervile welcomes back multi-published author, Jane Choate. Jane will be talking about writing short and how contributing to an anthology can boost your writing career. She will be giving away a copy of her latest contribution to an anthology, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen. 

Friday: Harlequin Heartsong Presents author Rose Ross Zediker will be here today, to talk about "Series Starter Ideas." Writing books in a series is fun and many publishers prefer them so in case you are having trouble creating a series of your own, Rose had a few ideas to spark your creativity. Rose will be giving away a copy of her latest release The Widow's Suitor.

Seeker Sightings

The February Calendar is up, and our Spring Night Classes are also listed. 

LOVE'S REFUGE by Sandra Leesmith is now available in audio at   Sandra is looking for reviewers for the audible versions of Love's Refuge or Love's Miracles.  If you are interested in a free audible version to review contact Sandra via her website at

 Claiming Mariah releases February 1st!!! Pam Hillman invites you to a virtual release party to celebrate. Just hop over to Pam's Facebook page and join the event. Let's party!!

Pam is also blogging with Overcoming with God this week. Stop by OWG to read the interviews and the reviews and for a chance to win a copy of Pam's latest novel, Claiming Mariah.

Saturday, February 1st, Ruth Logan Herne will be at Amber Schamel's delightful blog, and get to see the first-ever pics of Ruthy's new cover Loving the Lawman!  Ruthy's bringing her new Mr. Coffee Latte maker and she's mixing up frothy goodness for everyone who stops by. Leave a comment for the lovely ladies over there at Stitches Thru Time and Ruthy will throw your name in the EXTRA CLEAN cat dish (gotta spruce things up when you go to other folks' houses!) for a copy of The Lawman's Holiday Wish, her way of making Christmas stay "real" all through the year!

Myra Johnson teams up with author and good friend Dora Hiers on Tuesday evening, February 4, to present a program on Writing Inspirational Romance. The event will be held at the Catawba County Library, Conover, NC, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Mary Connealy is interviewed about the strengths and weaknesses of her characters in A Match Made in Texas on Relz Reviews.

And this just in!


Revell Books Facebook Fiction Friday gives you the opportunity to win a copy of DARE TO LOVE AGAIN by Julie Lessman!! From their FB page: "Julie writes exciting and passionate romances, really fun reads. And these love stories always feature a hunky, good-looking hero. Dare to Love Again is no exception!

So ... Tell us your favorite Hollywood heartthrob and you will be entered to win DARE TO LOVE AGAIN!! We will pick a winner at 10am on Monday February 3. Have a great weekend!"
Did you know that the average American consumes around ten pounds of chocolate each year? Get a head start on your annual ten pounds at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire, held the weekend before Valentine’s Day, Feb. 7-9 in Historic Downtown Glendale.

Over the years, the festival has become the largest gathering of national romance novelists in the Southwest. This symposium of literary romantics offers fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with authors, as well as the chance to attend free writing workshops given by the experts. 

Sandra Leesmith and Tina Radcliffe are among the local authors signing and giving workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Random News and Information

The 5 Differences Between Professional and Amateur Novelists (WD)

'Wearable' book allows reader to feel emotions of characters (UK Telegraph via KC 
Frantzen/Lyndee Henderson)

WinePress Publishing Closes Its Doors (Writer Beware) 

5 Apps for Copy Editing (GalleyCat)

Scribd Burned by Kindle Fire? (DBW)

North Texas RWA Two-Step Writer's Conference and Jodi Thomas Grant (NTRWA)

It’s Not Just One Book. Your Rights And How To Exploit Them (The Creative Penn)

Can You Guess the Classic Novel From Its First Sentence? (BuzzFeed Books)

Every Saturday in February Seekerville will be sharing information on the Seekerville 2014 Speedbo. Enrollment begins next weekend.

Speedbo Primer for Beginners:
 Like book-in-a-month, Speedbo in its purest form is a 31 day self-challenge where the writer puts aside the inner critic and produces manuscript pages with the ultimate goal of completing an entire book. No editing allowed.

Speedbo Guidelines:

Daily, weekly, monthly writing goals are maintained by the individual writer. You may share or not. Your choice.

Check in is not required, but only those who comment will be entered into the weekly drawings.  All the action is here on the Seekerville blog. One easy location. No fees required.

Don't rule out Speedbo because you can't write nonstop for 31 days.Consider doing the Speedbo that fits your lifestyle:

  • Become a weekend warrior for five weekends.
  • Give up evening television for a month to write. 
  • Get a babysitter Saturday afternoons for a month so you can write. 
  • Get up one hour earlier for a month so you can write. 
  • Write during your lunch hour at work for a month.
  • Writing, or revising? We don't care.
  • Fiction,or  non-fiction? Your call.
  • No rules Just write.

Whatever you do, stretch yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. 

We've got pictures from first ever Love Inspired Reader Luncheon in Tampa,Florida this week! And Barbara Vey of Publishers Weekly also covered the event on Beyond Her Book Blog.
Debby Giusti, Patty Smith Hall, Marta Perry Linda Goodnight & Missy Tippens. Back Row is Dianne Moggy
VP Series Editorial and Subsidiary Rights Harlequin.

Senior Editor Melissa Endlich

Debby Giusti signs books for readers.

Debby Giusti, Missy Tippens & Jessica Nelson

Lynette Eason, Patty Smith Hall, Debby Giusti, Missy Tippens & Jessica Nelson


Before you leave, don't drop the ball and forget that is your last chance to sign up for Ruth Logan Herne's The Arc Outside the Story Arc Night Class.

"Learn the ins and outs of developing a series an editor will want to buy! Tips on how to develop your series, your individual plots and the links that bring them altogether."   

Have a great writing and reading weekend!


  1. Great weekend, congratulations to the winners! Tina. I'm just a little disappointed that you and Sandra are scheduled different times/days at the Glendale Chocolate Affair. Guess I'll have to come twice. Thanks for the link! TINA, YOU ROCK!!!

  2. More great links--and pictures!


    The big coffee pot is set for the weekend. Have at it.

  3. Well you just saw me, Marianne. The thrill is over. You haven't seen Sandra in a year. So I won't be offended.

    I'm only going Saturday. TOO MANY PEOPLE.

    95K last year.

  4. Congrats, winners!

    I love the Hero vs. Heroine photo with the helmets. My bestie's bridal shower looked like that. She and her husband are football rivals and their shower was decorated with rival college color. :)

    Love WEs. Especially the treasure trove disguised as "Random News and Information." :)

  5. Tina, any idea how the Chocolate Affair has grown to be such a huge event?


    Thanks for the WE.

    You're not watching the Super Bowl? I love the commercials. :)

    And the game. I couldn't have gone to Ohio State and not like football. LOL

    Waving to all the Buckeyes!!!

    I gave out lots of Seekerville bookmarks at the Love Inspired Reader Luncheon yesterday.

    If anyone new stops by, be sure to leave a comment so we can give you a warm Seekerville welcome!

  6. Wow -- what a great WE. Lots of links and lots of info and I loved being able to get a glimpse of that reader's luncheon.

    I like the idea of writing instead of superbowl...unless it's the puppy one. That could be fun. :-)

  7. Whoo hoo! Congratulations to all the winners.

    The Glendale Chocolate Affair sounds like fun. Have a great time, Tina and Sandra.

  8. Great WE TINA and congrats to all the winners.

    I loved seeing the pjhotos of the Love Inspired luncheon. I'm so tickled DEBBY, MISSY and the rest of you were able to make it in spite of the nasty winter weather. So fun.

  9. MARIANNE come see us when we are signing books. Our talks are geared to writers and mine is so late. I won't be offended, but would love to see you and your mom, so be sure and come by the booth.

  10. Good morning Seekerville.

    Great WE edition.
    Congrats to all the winners.

    Everyone power up for the superbowl.

  11. Good morning Seekerville.

    Great WE edition.
    Congrats to all the winners.

    Everyone power up for the superbowl.

  12. I usually go shopping during superbowl after I've stocked everyone up with goodies to eat. smile

    There is NOONE in the stores so you can get a lot of shopping done. smile

    But I think I like the idea of writing. Good thinking TINA.

    Ed records it on the DVR so I can watch the commercials later. He shows me the ones he thinks I would like. Has to be an animal one for me. smile

  13. Great WE as usual! I must confess, I just learned yesterday who was playing in the Superbowl.

  14. Great WE, Tina, Thanks again!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Happy to see my name on the list too!
    I really enjoyed the post by Mary Curry, and I'm excited to get one of the books on brain study—can't wait! :-)

    Have a great one, everybody!

  15. Sandra, I'll join you shopping, then we can go out to eat. :)

  16. Sandra, I'll join you shopping, then we can go out to eat. :)

  17. Terrific WE Tina! (As usual, of course!) I must admit that I was a little shocked when I saw my name on the winner list. I don't guess it registered when I was commenting that I was also entering the giveaway. Not that I'm not happy to win, mind you! I'm thrilled!
    Congrats to all the other winners!

  18. Congrats to all the winners! It looks like we have a fantastical weekend lined out as my hometeam goes to win the Superbowl. Haha, and I probably won't even watch it!

    But hey, Go Broncos right?

    I'm going to saunter over to the Yankee Belle Cafe and get me some of those freshly baked cinnamon rolls Ruthy has going over there. YUM!

  19. Another fun WE! Must check out some of those links, and also the Seeker guest blogs!

    As for the Super Bowl, this will be an excellent time to curl up with a good book. I may pop my head up now and then to check out the snazzy ads, though.

    Oooh, Sandra--shopping! That sounds like a plan!

  20. Meant to say the Chocolate Affair sounds scrumptious! TINA & SANDRA, wish I could be there!

    DEBBY & MISSY, your LI readers luncheon sounds fabulous! Glad you had such a great time!

  21. The Chocolate Affair sounds amazing! Have fun, everyone who's going.

    And my Sunday schedule looks nothing like the one in the Viewer's Guide link. I'm so glad I have a DVR. I'll be recording both the game and the shows on Masterpiece (Downton and Sherlock), and watching later :)

    Have a great weekend, everybody!

  22. Go Broncos!

    Just had to get that off my chest : ) Great WE, Tina. Love the links and the coverage of the LI luncheon! What a gorgeous group of writers!!

    AND, love the chocolate festival. I want to go. Our very own Tina and Sandra as speakers. Love it! Do you get paid in chocolate?? Hahaha.

    It's snowy and cold along the Front Range. Nothing like down SOUTH!! Prayers for endurance to all the folks caught in that mess! It's time for winter to leave and spring to settle in.

    Have a great day, all!!

  23. Go Bronco! The Readers Luncheon looks like it was a total fun day!

    My first chocolate festival. I'm jazzed.

  24. Oh, YUM -- the Glendale Chocolate Affaire sounds WONDERFUL!! Wish I could be there, but thanks for the opportunity to enter, Teenster!!

    LOVE those five apps for copy writing, and it was SO fun to see the pix from the first LI Readers Luncheon -- YAY!!

    LOL, Sandra ... good idea to go shopping during Super Bowl!! In the past we'd get together with friends for a food-and-fun party, but this year it's little ole us -- hubby and me -- bundled up in the family room in front of the fire. He watches the game, and I watch the commercials ... ;)


  25. I am DEFINITELY doing Speedbo in March!!! Can't wait! I have to get words words words!!! This is my year to write three books! In one year! Can I do it? Yes I can! ;-) Quoting Bob the Builder. My kids are a little old for Bob the Builder, so I'm not sure where that came from. I should probably be quoting, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" because I need that strength! :-)

  26. And Sunday, my daughters and I will be celebrating my birthday while all the couch potatoes are watching some stupid game. Yay! I hate crowds, so stay home, people, and let me enjoy my birthday without you clogging up the roads and restaurants and stores!!!

  27. could I miss seeing you? I'll be there Saturday, too!!!! After all, you are the SUPERHEROINE of Seekerville!!!

  28. Congrats to all the winners!

    Tina, thanks for sharing the Reader Lunch photos. We had such a FUN, FUN time!! I just loved meeting the readers. Also loved seeing writer friends along with my senior editor, Melissa, and the others from Harlequin who worked so hard to put on this event.

    And now I'm craving chocolate!!

  29. What am I doing for the Super Bowl this year?? Locking myself in a room to write? NO!

    I'm going out with friends to P.F. Changs for a late birthday celebration! LOL Will be leaving hubby at home alone to watch the game. Poor guy. :)

  30. LOL, Melanie. Just don't go to a restaurant with a big-screen TV!

  31. Awe, thanks, Marianne!

    MISSY! I LOVE PF CHANGS. Lettuce wrap!!!!

  32. The average American eats ten pounds of chocolate? Is that all? So how does ten pounds of chocolate convert to many more pounds than that on the person who eats the chocolate? Such are the mysteries of life.

    I got a score of 13 out of 17 of the first lines of classic books. Man, I can guess well ...

    Ruthy, the new cover is lovely.

    Congrats to all the winners -- which includes me. Thank you, Ann, for the generous giveaway!

    Another stellar WE, Tina. These past few months have been the first time I've heard about the Chocolate Affaire. Sticking a note on my calendar to check the dates for next year. It sounds like such a sweet time :-)

    Have a super weekend everybody!

    Nancy C

  33. I got a score of 17. I can guess well too!!

  34. You know, this is weird, but I've only eaten at PF Changs ONCE. It was a small hole-in-the-wall at at mall somewhere and it was not good at all.

    I've never felt the urge to try it again. So many people love it that I must try this restaurant again some day.

  35. PEI WEI (spelling?) is owned by the same chain, Pam, but is less expensive I've heard....don't go far for PF Chang myself.

  36. >>Tina Radcliffe said...
    I got a score of 17. I can guess well too!!<<

    I bow to the Queen of Classic Book First Line Guessers :-)

    Nancy C

  37. btw I was rooting for the Seahawks. I knew they'd win it all before the playoffs started!!!

    This would be more impressive of course, if I'd mentioned it before the game was over!