Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Using Free as a Marketing Tool

Back in March 2013, Amazon Affiliates changed its policy regarding commissions earned on purchases made by someone after they clicked through for a "free" purchase.  Before March, if I clicked an affiliate link for a free book, and on Amazon I decided to buy anything else, then that affiliate received a commission on that sale.  In March, that went away and affiliates could even be penalized for the free link.  What happened was a momentary stop in free book advertising while affiliates figured out what would work best for them.

Authors with free books or on the KDP select program everywhere started moaning doom and gloom about the effectiveness of a free book as a marketing tool.  After all, if you couldn't advertise the free book everywhere, then how would you find readers with your free book?

Even today, if you look up marketing strategies for independent published authors, one of the first things you will hear is that "free doesn't work anymore."

I'm here to tell you that the people who say that are wrong.

If you write a good book that is edited well and have a good cover, having a book permanently free at every possible market you can place it is absolutely the best marketing tool an independent writer can use.  Yes, even after March of 2013. Let me show you something (all of the numbers I'm going to show you are Amazon only, simply because that is my largest venue.  DeeperShopping, B&N and Apple are about 10% each of Amazon, overall, so if you want info on those, just go with about 10%):

In March 2012, I published my first book: Sapphire Ice, Book 1 of the Jewel Trilogy.  In April, I published Book 2, Emerald Fire. In May, I published the third and (at the time) final book in the series, Topaz Heat.  I got reviews - professional reviews.  I had a social media storm.  I advertised everywhere I could advertise. I put books on sale for 99 cents.  And, I sold, on my best month, 179 books.  On my worst month, after all 3 were released, I sold 19.

first 3 books

Then, I wrote Greater Than Rubies, book 1.5 of the same series.  It comes in between Sapphire Ice and Emerald Fire, and is the story of the wedding of the first couple.  I intended it to be a quick, silly novella about a wedding of her dreams.  But the Holy Spirit kind of got a hold of the story and it became a 50,000 word book that contains a very prominent salvation message right in the middle of it.  The Holy Spirit also had my character, Robin, battle some pretty intense inner demons before her wedding night, and it's become something of a devotional tool for women who have found they have similar experiences. God has worked amazing things through this book that I never intended to write in the first place.

So, my Jewel Trilogy became the Jewel Series, and Greater Than Rubies was released on December 30, 2012.

jewel books

It takes a bit of work to get a book permanently free on Amazon. It has to be free other places, then you have to notify Amazon of the free book, over and over again.  Eventually, it will be come free there.  And mine did, on February 9, 2013.

On Amazon alone, I gave away 35,588 copies of Greater Than Rubies to Amazon readers in the month of February with more than 3,000 downloads on the first day.  Great, you say.  You gave for free something that someone might have bought.  What good does that do?

Well, I also sold 1,521 copies of my other books.  My entire writing career of almost an entire year, I'd only sold 768 books, there.  That's about double in a single month.  And, in March, I gave away 13,354 copies of Greater Than Rubies, and sold 1,600 copies of my other books.  In September, I sold almost 10,000 books. Overall, in fact my sales and ranking have not significantly declined since.

book sales

My ranking at Amazon reflects the difference a free book makes as well:

amazon rank

My author ranking on Amazon before the Greater Than Rubies release was never higher than #1913 - and that was a massive incline from an average ranking of about 10,000.  Since the release of Greater Than Rubies, I've made it up to the top tens on several occasions, and am consistently in the top 300 for my genre.

My books, which at times have been ranked lower than 300,000th place on all of Amazon, have made it into the top 100 on ALL of Amazon's site, and consistently stay in the top 30 in their categories with a few becoming number 1 best sellers.

So, if you're wondering whether a permanently free book still "works" after the Amazon Affiliate changes, you can see that it definitely did for me.  It worked for me.  It might work for you or it might not.  I must point out that I was led to do it after a time spent in prayer and fasting over where God wanted to take my writing career.

So, my advice is don't listen to the critics and the nay-Sayers.  Pray about it.  See where the Holy Spirit wants to lead you.

What have you discovered to be your best marketing strategy? Do you have a book for free anywhere? Have you seen a sales increase due to the free book?

I will be giving away autographed copies of A Melody for James and An Aria for Nick, books 1 and 2 in my Song of Suspense Series to one commenter.  AND -- BONUS! One commenter will receive a paid registration and 2-nights hotel stay for the Arizona Dreamin' Romance Reader Event in Chandler, Arizona,  May 30-June 1, 2014, at The Windmill Inn & Suites! 


Here is more information about my latest release, An Aria for Nick:


The Only Man Who Can Save Her Life Has Been Dead for a Decade.

Raised in a loving home, Aria Suarez dreamed of becoming a professional pianist happily married to her high school crush. After the only boy who ever caught her eye dies a hero’s death and her wrist is shattered along with her future plans, she turns her brilliant musical mind to nuclear engineering and solving mysteries of science.

Abandoned to an abusive father at five, Nick Williams grew up dreaming of escape; of enlisting in the Army and leaving his wretched life behind; of proving himself worthy of the girl he loves. But the crucible of combat offers only the escape of death.

A decade later, Aria uncovers a nuclear plot that threatens the heart of our very nation. Sinister forces surround and threaten her when, out of nowhere, the man who reportedly died so many years before returns as if from the grave — intent on protecting her.

Has God finally joined them together?

Or is Aria doomed to mourn Nick twice?

To learn more about Hallee, visit her website at


  1. Welcome to Seekerville, Hallee. I am thrilled with you that you are consistently in the top 300! Would love to win an Aria for Nick.

  2. Hi Hallee. I am not published so I can't say what I use for marketing tools, but I will say I have discovered wonderful authors that are new to me via free books. Of course, this spurs me on to buy their next release, and their next. I for one believe the 'free' works.

    I would love to be in your book giveaway. I live too far away from Arizona to be in the drawing for the Romance Reader event but it sounds like fun.

    Have a blessed day!
    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. Hallee, what a wonderful visual of how giveaways can spur interest!

    Key to that is having other books folks can buy, and that's a huge differential. If it's your only book, then the effect is minimized, but once you have books out there, either independently published or traditionally published, then you can feed the effect by running your deals and watching interest build!

    Thank you for this!!!!


    We've got some lovely warm frittata this morning too, to make up for winter storm whomever! My NYC buds are just looking at the sky... and their mark on the latitude line on the globe... and wondering what happened!

    You know though, I remember these east coast affects from a long time ago, storms that just rolled up the coast and hit the big cities. Bless you, all of you folks with unexpected snow! I'm truly thinking of you!

  4. Good morning Seekerville!

    Today is snow day number something close to 989, so ALL of my kids are home.

    Marianne: Good morning!

    Cindy: It does sound like fun! It's supposed to be a mega reader conference. There are 5 of us coming from my area of Kentucky. Kentucky is going to invade Arizona. :-)

    Ruth: Coffee and a fritata sounds wonderful. I have some nice feta in the fridge, too - I may make that for breakfast.

  5. Quality AND quantity are ultimately the key. It wouldn't do any good to give a book away for free when you don't have other books for sale, unless it's just to build a reader base/newsletter subscriber base.

  6. I'm with you, Cindy W. I've been introduced to many new and excellent authors via free. And then go on to read their entire backlist. Gobble up their back list, actually.

  7. I'm going to the event as a reader, so hope to not only meet Hallee but other local authors.

  8. Wow Hallee,

    I was just talking to two published authors about you. We all agreed that you've got it figured out.

    Thanks for sharing today!

  9. Hi Jackie! It's good to see you today! Your picture on your blogger profile always makes me smile back.

  10. Hallee, I think feta and frittata are a wonderful combination!!!!

    And we are in such an amazing time for authors that there is nothing holding us back but ourselves right now.

    God has opened the floodgates and it makes us stronger to swim upstream a bit! Then to take that wild ride over the rapids!

    Oh, that God!!!

  11. You hooked me with your blurb for Aria! Sounds suspenseful...just what I love to read!!!

    You also hooked me with your sales since the novella-turned-novel, the free book, landed on Amazon.

    I need to rethink marketing.

    Thanks for the info. You're amazing! So glad you're willing to share what worked for you.


  12. Would love to attend the Arizona Dreamin' Conference. The dates are later than I thought. For some reason, I had it in March or April. May/June is better. Wish I could...
    Maybe I can...

    Who's going?

  13. Tina: I'm excited to meet you in person! All these snow days are messing with that trip - looks like I'll have to come alone instead of bringing my family with me. :(

  14. Thank you, Debby! I'm so happy Seekerville had me back.

  15. Welcome to Seekerville, Hallee! I find your information exciting. Yes, your marketing tool of using free is good news, but more than that, I love how the Holy Spirit led you to a different story than you had planned. And how that blessed your readers. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Janet: He'd done that to me that boldly one other time. In A Melody for James, I kept insisting that the spiritual issue be one thing, and He kept insisting that it be another. He won. LOL

  17. What an amazing journey, Hallee. Isn't it mindboggling what can happen with our writing when we stop listening to the earthly critics and open our hearts to the guidance of the Holy Spirit?

    I'm just tickled over your success. I pray you continue along the path set before you!!!

    Much like the rest of the nation, Colorado is experiencing a deep freeze right now. Brrr. The thought of going out and warming my car in the next hour to go to work makes me wish I could attend the Arizona Dreamin' event...right now!! LOL!

  18. Thanks for sharing your experience with using "free." I've heard conflicting opinions about this, but it does seem that most authors experience some success with it.

    I'd love to win copies of your books! Unfortunately, I live too far away from Arizona to be able to attend the Romance Reader event.

  19. wow. what an eye-opening post. it appears the key to "free" marketing strategy is to have plenty of good writing just ready and waiting to be plucked up after introducing a reader via the freebie. Lord knows, this works for me a lot (except when budget doesn't allow me to actually purchase anything on a whim *sigh*).

    as always, success pivots around write, write, write.

    thanks for the insight and concise explanation.

  20. p.s.
    would love to win a book. too far away to enjoy the conference offer.

  21. That's cool, Hallee! Always good to let God win. You're bound to see blessings!

    Also want to thank you for your generosity here in Seekerville! I'm blown away by your prizes.


  22. Jennifer: I think people confuse permanently free with the free promotion days in saying what works and doesn't work.

  23. DebH: Quality in Quantity is definitely the key to success.

  24. Hi HALLEE and welcome to Seekerville. Great info and its so true. I too have had sales jump when I have a book offered for free. Good idea to keep one free. I know ANN LEE MILLER does that also and gets good results.

    Have fun today. And thanks for supporting the Arizona Dreaming event. I know the founders of that event have worked hard to get it going. Unlike conferences which is an event for writers, it is an event for readers. They love meeting local authors.

  25. Hi Hallee
    I am and may always be unpublished but I still can relate. I often download a free book then go back and buy anything I can by that author. The last time I did that, I believe her name was Hallee Bridgeman. What I love most about your writing is how it makes me feel. It's like you have abandoned yourself to the Holy Spirit putting words down at His absolute direction.
    would love to meet you (and Tina) but wont make it to Arizona. However, would love to be in the drawing for one of your books - a real paper book with Hallee Bridgeman's autograph? What a treasure!
    Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  26. Thanks for the fritatas RUTHY. They go great with my coffee this morning.

    Stay warm all of you.

  27. Debby, this is a different conference. You are thinking of April and the Desert Rose Conference in Scottsdale.

    Arizona is heavy on romance author support. Lots of things going on.

    Do you know my library has Romantic Times? Can you believe that?? On the shelf!

    So there is the Chocolate Affaire in February. Realizing the Dream in May. The Desert Rose RWA Conference every other year. And the Tucson Festival of the books in March.

    I can barely keep up and I live here now.

    Next year hope to add Festival of the books to my repertoire.

  28. It makes sense to me. When you write a good book and offer it for free, readers have the opportunity to sample an authors writing—no risk to the reader.
    What a show of faith, confidence and generosity on the writers part!

    I know from my own experience too, that an authors generosity makes me quicker to return the gesture. :-) Good PR

    I had a portrait studio for many years and 'Free' was a big part of my marketing plan. :-)

    Thanks, Hallee, for an interesting, thought provoking article. :-)

  29. Cindy:
    Wow - that's wonderful. Thank you so much! You totally made my day. :D

  30. Those of us here in Kentucky who are headed to Arizona for Arizona Dreamin are SO excited. As soon as we could, we all requested to be part of it and were thrilled when we were picked.

  31. Thank you, Mary! Free works in all sorts of venues - especially when dealing with an artist - it's a risk-free game that way.

  32. Hallee, where do the largest percentage of your sales come from? Amazon?

  33. Also curious about your writing schedule? I'm pretty sure everyone has a better one than I do.

    How often do you like to get books out? Any set schedule on that?

  34. Last question and then I am off to work. Back at 1.

    Who does your editing for you?

  35. Tina:
    Amazon is my largest retailer. I'd like to see that changed to DeeperShopping, because they're a CHRISTIAN retailer. But, they're just getting off the ground. We do everything we can to promote them.

  36. I write only when my kids are at school. Between the hours of 8-2:45. I don't (typically - today is the exception because there's nothing I can do about it - I didn't schedule Seekerville around the ice storm that hit last night and closed our schools down - lol) have the computer on when my kids are home.

    I do social media until about 10, write until about 12. Eat lunch, then write until my alarm goes off to get the little kids from the bus. (Yes, I have to set an alarm. I'm one of *those* kinds of writers. Hence the no computer when the kids are home rule.)

  37. I have a professional editor who line-edits. I also have a team of about 20 beta readers who content edit. When all of that is done and in the bag, I read the book out loud to my husband. It's fascinating the changes I have to make once I *hear* the text versus just reading it.

  38. Hallee, this is fascinating! I'm so glad you shared your experiences with "Free." I've heard such mixed theories on how it helps (or not) an author.

    I'd love to be entered in your drawing. I'll check with my hubby to see about the dates for that conference. :) What a generous offer! I'll let you know about the dates in the comments later on.

  39. I try to get some book out every 90 days. I'm behind that schedule right now because we had Christmas (I took 3 weeks off), the flu (lost another 10 days) and umpteen snow days. I have a cookbook that should go out next week.
    I'm also writing a series of novellas that are all the same story, with each novella being from a different POV. 7 WWII female spies, pilot, doctor, etc. In the first book, a female wireless operator in Occupied France is captured by the Nazis. The next 7 books are the planning and execution of her rescue. Writing that has thrown me from my normal release schedule, because I need to have all of them written before I begin publishing in case there's a plot point I need to adjust. If winter would cease to be a burden, I'd have them done in a couple of weeks. I write really fast.

    My regular series length - I have one finished that I need to begin the editing process. It will come after the WWII series.

  40. Hi Hallee,

    Thank you for stopping by Seekerville and sharing this important information. When Beverley Kendall came to our last chapter meeting and shared her information from her self-publishing survey, she said much the same thing about the value of free.

    My questions (to make sure I understand) are: was it the novella that you offered for free? And were people disappointed that it was free? And the timing, did the free book came after the whole series was published? Thanks and what wonderful generosity you have in offering the retreat prize. Blessings to you!

  41. Hi Piper!
    was it the novella that you offered for free? Yes - though it's 50K words. LOL. It's free. It comes after the first book and before the second, but it's entirely stand-alone. I've had VERY FEW complaints from readers who wished they'd read the first one first.

    And were people disappointed that it was free? I don't know what you mean? People who'd bought the whole series? No - they were thrilled to get the characters for another book. I also did a free Christmas book with the 2nd generation from this series, introducing my upcoming WWII series. Again, the feedback was how excited they were to be reintroduced to the characters they loved so much.

    And the timing, did the free book came after the whole series was published? Yes. The free book came out almost a year after the first three books came out. I started publishing in March, and the free book went free the following February.

  42. HALLEE!!! I finally get to "meet" you face-to-face ... uh, instead of staring at your back in the TBCN BOTY! ;)

    SUPER CONGRATS, not only on your win in TBCN BOTY, but for your incredible success in the Indie market.

    And this post? WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Thank you for sharing your hard-earned knowledge.

    My publisher has had my debut novel, A Passion Most Pure, on the freebie lists since October, when it was to have been only a 2-month giveaway. But ... like you mention in your excellent post, "free" works, and so Revell extended the giveaway through March 31st -- SIX MONTHS! My agent asked me how I would feel about making APMP perma-free, and I told her I'm definitely for it since it's rekindled my backlist quite a bit -- ALWAYS a good thing. :)

    The excerpt was outstanding, and although I am predominantly a historical reader, you hooked even me. :)

    Hugs and continued success. :)


  43. Julie! It's so nice to meet you, too! Congratulations on your BOTY win as well! I loved Mary's interview of you.

    That's fantastic that your publisher is doing free. I have a friend who is both indie and traditional, who convinced her publisher to do a free book. They were willing to try it - I bet you she isn't the only author they end up doing it with! It is such a great tool, if you have other good products to go with it.

  44. I haven't heard of Deeper Shopping, so I'm going to go look into it. I'm with you, I'd rather support Christian. Hallee, your books look wonderful, and thank you for sharing real numbers. What great evidence that free works! I would love to be entered in the drawing for your books, but I can't attend the conference.

  45. I love this Hallee. Really love it. I think this is fantastic. Your little '50,000 word' book, well, that's sort of funny that your little book grew to a full sized novel.... but the idea of it is terrific.

    Anyone writing indy...well, not just indy, writing anything, should consider doing a short work (possibly less than 50,000!) to get it out there free, and lure people to the freebie and hope they then buy your other books.

    Out of Control, book one of the Kincaid Brides series has been free in all ebook formats for a year now and it remains highly ranked and books #2 and #3 in that series remain much more highly ranked than they were before the book went free.

    And every week I get more reviews. I'm up to ... I think without checking it's about 650 reviews, so those reviews (not all rosy but mostly pretty good) seem to indicate people aren't just downloading it, they're also reading it. And a lot of those reviews say "I went and bought #2 and #3." Or even better they say, "I've discovered a new author and am hunting up all her books."

  46. This is fascinating stuff, Hallee! I'm trying to learn all I can about the indie publishing process, and sometimes it gets extremely overwhelming. Nice to have some experienced authors willing to share their expertise!

  47. Hallee,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm considering a perma-free short story to give readers a taste of my style. I do have a good backlist available for those who want to read more. :) It will be interesting, in my case, to see how the freebie affects sales since the tales are from different fantasy worlds.

    Yep, I'm encouraged now. Thanks!

  48. The more I hear about publishing, it sounds like free is the way to go. Numbers don't lie.

    You put out something every 90 days.
    That's awesome. Very inspiring post. Thank Hallee.

  49. Hallee,

    Thanks for answering my questions. Sometimes, I see reviews posted on a free novella complaining about the short length, but with yours being 50k, no wonder you don't know what I mean, since you've probably never gotten a review like that. :)

    Beverley Kendall agrees with what the fabulous Mary Connealy says, to use the novella to hopefully entice people to buy the other full length titles. You certainly gave your readers a good deal!

  50. Meghan: When we first entered self publishing, we could not find a venue. would NOT even talk to us about carrying my books. They don't accept "unsolicited" books.

    We considered opening our own Christian ebook site. However, Deepershopping opened while we were praying about it, and we are so thrilled with it.

  51. Mary: I know Christian indie authors who won't do free, because they're afraid of the reviews that will come with it. I'm thrilled to see so many good reviews on my free book.

  52. ...I sent to quickly.

    Because, like you said, it means that they're reading it and enjoying it enough to say something!

  53. Myra: It feels overwhelming at times. But, it's truly just a step-by-step process. I have an amazing support group of local indie authors who are my crutch in this whole thing, honestly. I wouldn't have been able to take that first step without them.

  54. Lizzie: Good luck with it! That's great!

  55. Connie: If you put something new up every 90 days, you stay higher in the platform's (i.e. Amazon, Apple, etc.) metadata, making you more accessible to search engines and such.

  56. Piper: My Christmas short story is SHORT - 6 chapters. I get complaints all the time. And, I think, "It's FREE. And it's A SHORT STORY. I'm so glad you're complaining about shelling out all that money for a free short read." haha

  57. Wow, Tina! I think this is the winter to be in Arizona...what is the Desert Rose Conference? Just for authors? Or readers, too? And the Tucson Festival of Books? Which days?

  58. Hallee some of the reviews really are sort of scary in a silly way. They say things like, "Awful book, full of God references. DO NOT BUY!"

    But you know what? That's fine. Warn people who don't want God References. Good for you for explaining what's in my book...idiot.

  59. Hi Hallee,
    I completely I was in KDP and had a free book shoot to the #1 position, which brought up sales of my other books.

    While I didn't "sell" free as many as you did, there are 8K more potential readers of my other works.

    I was adamantly against FREE for a long time until I decided to try KDP. I went free for 3 days, then later 2 days. While the numbers didn't reach the high of the my first free days, they still got me near #1 again.

    Now Perma-Free is something I'm still not sure about. But now I'm not so adamantly against trying that either.

    Because the word TRY is vital for indie pubs.

    Thanks for posting.
    Hugs LA Sartor

  60. Leslie: We knew about perma-free before we published my first book. It took us about 10 months to decide to try it.

  61. I just threw money at my teenager so she could take the little boys to lunch. Ahhh .... the quiet of the house.
    Coffee, anyone?

  62. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing the numbers.

  63. Hallee, I'm up for a cup, it's near zero in Boulder!
    *clink*'s to Free :)


  64. Congratulations on your success, Hallee! And thanks for sharing it with us so we can learn from it! :)

  65. Welcome, Hallee! What a great, informative post! And an amazing giveaway. One lucky reader in the area will be thrilled! :)

    Thanks for sharing this info. It makes perfect sense to me that perma-free can work. I've always found reading excerpts pulls me in to buy a book quicker than anything. So reading one book and loving it would sure inspire me to buy others by that author.

    Congrats on your success!

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Hallee, that sounds like quite a winter full of snow! Are you in the NE part of Kentucky? I traveled up there January 20-21 and nearly got snowed in!

  68. That deletion was me removing my duplicate post.

    Hallee, so funny how people will complain about something free!! :)

  69. Thanks, Tina, for the info about the Arizona writing events. Amazing!!!

    Hallee, I want your productivity! You're doubly amazing!

  70. Thank you, Missy!
    I'm in central Kentucky - near Lexington.

  71. wow. something new every 90 days. that sounds uber prolific, almost Asimov-ian.

    note to self: Quality and quantity. Q squared for success.

    thanks again for sharing what you've learned (like how to keep the algorithms moving with the online sales). i really appreciate your generosity.

  72. Thank you, Eva. I'm happy to share -that's how I learned - from someone else sharing.

  73. I cook for my church on Wednesday nights - I'm going to have to leave for now. I've done as much as I can here in my own kitchen. Thank you so much for having me! I will be back later in the evening.

  74. Hallee, loving all these numbers and charts. :)

    And I can be very effective when done right. Sounds like you did it right with Greater than Rubies! :)

  75. Good, thanks for asking Marianne. I've lost 11 pounds in two weeks. How you ask? The butt never meets the chair.

  76. Wow, Hallee, 20 Beta readers. I bow to you. I'd be second guessing myself if I did that.

  77. I'm one of those writers and readers. My family says, "Mom is in her happy place," when I zone out.

  78. Hi Hallee

    This sounds like a win-win to me. Readers get a free book and the author gets a proven marketing tool.

  79. Hi Haller - wow! This is the best explanation/teaching I've seen if what a free book can do for your sales. Impressed you manage something every 90 days. Thanks for sharing

  80. Lots to think about here, Hallee. Thank you, particularly, for sharing the numbers and the info on the timing of your releases.

    Cool covers!

    Nancy C

  81. Great and informative post Hallee!

  82. Marianne, here's the info on the Desert Rose Conference. It is for writers but has a book signing open to the public.

    April 5, 2014 @ 7pm-8:30pm

    DESERT DREAMS BOOK SIGNING - Open to the public

    Tempe Mission Palms Ballroom
    60 East Fifth Street
    Tempe, Arizona 85281

  83. and here is the site for the Tucson Festival of the Books

  84. Thanks, Tina. I think I'll just stick with Glendale events. Though there's that big book sale at the Fair Grounds going on Feb. 14-15 I think.

  85. Hi Nancy C (Chill N)

    I'm filling in for my beloved bride in the wee hours. So far all of the book covers including the cookbooks have been executed by fellow Kentuckian, Debi Warford. It was another Holy Spirit directing things because when we were in the process of drafting the covers, we were led straight to her. Debi is a sister in Christ, a graduate of EKU with a bachelors in graphics design, and a cancer survivor. I just wish I could show you the WWII series covers but I won't spoil the surprise.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the comment and God bless. Gregg B.

  86. I hit send too soon. The last time Hallee was a guest here on Seekerville, she went into some detail about her covers. Here is the link:

    God Bless,
    Gregg B.

  87. The numbers are certainly interesting. I always wondered how giving away books could be a good thing.

  88. Well, this is what I get for not coming to Seekerville everyday!

    Loved this post. I'm a firm believer in free, the bank account does not lie. It's all well and good to say it spurs sales... and then you get that deposit and you sit back... and just... WOW.

    I've never done perma-free but Marie Force and Courtney Milan over at the yahoo loop really advised free runs. When I've done free runs for the first in the series (or even the second or third) the other books JUMP.

  89. Halley,
    Statistics like this are so encouragng. Thank you for sharing. It gives us all hope.
    Cindy Huff

  90. Hallee, thanks so much for you post! The publishing world is crazy and I love reading about how it works/what works, etc. Some of my favorite authors were discovered through free books.
    Please put me into the drawing for the books and please please please put me in for Arizona Dreamin' event drawing! I live in Arizona and would love the chance to attend!
    Thank you, LeAnne