Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What If...a K9 Indie Adventure

with May the K9 Spy and KC Frantzen

What if you (yes, YOU.) answered God's call to publish in 2014? Would you, if you knew you would not fail? 

KC here. In 2011 we published our first middle-grade adventure novel. By 2013, there were three! However, it took me awhile to follow God’s call. Perhaps joining my journey-in-progress will help you with yours.

My call begins with a little rescued Schnauzer and a move from Houston in July, 2001.

About a month before our planned move, a neighbor pleaded with us to rescue a dog belonging to her daughter’s friend. Poor puppy lived in a cage nearly 24/7.

So we did.

**Book 1 is mostly all true when you want to investigate. Know there’s some literary license… Shhh. May’s not really a spy.

To save money, my husband, Steve and I, plus THREE rescued dogs and two horses, moved into our new barn in rural Tennessee. During the day we humans built our house alongside the workmen.

7 weeks after arriving, America was under attack! What if communications went down or supplies ran out? What about our families? Other terrorists? What if… what if?

You remember the uncertainty surrounding 9/11. However God was definitely behind our move, so we kept building and praying…

May supervised.  :)

After almost a year, we moved into the house. WAHOO! Next, we needed money coming in instead of going out. But the country was still edgy. We prayed about what was next and searched for employment.

When an excellent work opportunity appeared, it seemed this was God’s calling for my husband. But his new job would take him away for months. What about me?

Suddenly I had TIME. What if God was calling me *gulp* to write? He seemed to show me that people needed encouragement amidst the chaos. But what should I do about it?

With Steve’s support, I took the Christian Writers Guild Apprentice Course (then a two-year study). Loved it.

Then time slipped by… I volunteered, I traveled some with him, I tinkered on the house. Then he came home and we started, worked and sold a business.

Can you say, “Run awayyyy”? Call me Jonah.

By then, I’d almost stopped sleeping. At all hours I’d think about May as a character. Truly, I admired this badly abused dog who exhibited such confidence in the Creator, contrasting strongly with my lack.

So… What if I stopped running? What if, with God’s direction, I created imaginative stories starring May, brimming with hope, opportunity and truth? And what if, since I’m an educator, I shared them with children who struggle in today’s uncertain world, maybe adults too?

One April 2008 morning, in desperation, I said out loud to God, “ALRIGHT!” and began writing. The K9 indie publishing adventure began!

Pantster alert. Months into writing Book 1, it hit me - May is a K9 Spy! As pages filled, I slept normally again. But what to DO with our spy dog?

I studied the competition, reviewed business objectives with my husband, attended conferences and prayer, ultimately deciding to produce the story in hardcover. After meeting  Vicki Allen at the Southern Festival of Books and learning she’d been using Sheridan Books for several years, I requested quotes from several sources and also decided on Sheridan.

FYI - Physical books require many, many more decisions than e-books, and cost more obviously. Services like Lightning Source  or CreateSpace can do most or all of the necessary tasks other than writing the actual story OR you can become your own publisher and hire a manufacturer for production like I did.

I fine-tuned the following process as I went, with most everything done online. (Click links for more info. Just remember, all this happens BEFORE any sales.)

  • Perused dozens of options, chose a popular size with colored, printed endsheets, no jacket, ivory pages. 
  •  SWAGged the print run. (Larger quantities cheaper per copy.) 
  • Arranged for shrink-wrapping, shipping and storage. 
  •  Learned to perfect the file before submission. ($5 per page for changes.) 
  • Hired pawmazing editor Sandra Byrd, mentor from the Christian Writers Guild. Made almost every change suggested.
  •  Shot May photos for covers myself and hired a designer.  
  •  Searched for and contracted illustrator (major expense unless you’re like Rita Monette).
  •  Determined which drawings should “bleed,” lead a chapter, fill a page.  
  •  Found beta and proofreaders.  
  • Analyzed all critiques/suggestions and made necessary changes. 
  •  Discovered the blessing of Seekerville!  

Finally, a production date was set with Sheridan, 4-5 weeks after initial submission. As an extra-special treat (for book 1), my Steve sent me to experience “hot off the press” where, upon seeing them finished, I burst into tears. The production guy gasped, “What’s wrong?” Tears streaming, I said, “It’s all good! I’ve just been working so hard for 4 years…”

A week later, they arrive.

Hubby and I take them wherever we travel, selling many in airports and hotels. We partner with Joshua's Pet Treat Bakery at spring festivals and fall shows. We place our items in restaurants, hair salons, gift shops. I network with other authors whenever possible. (Hi Janice! Hi Bev!) I teach writing in classrooms no charge, asking only for transportation funds and the opportunity to sell our products.

Bottom lines are important. Rapidly diminishing inventory is every publisher’s dream. B-b-but… What if none of my books make a 2nd printing? What if I give away more than I sell? What if others are more “successful” than me?

Righty-o. What if the Lord wants me to fully trust Him, not only with writing, but with the business? 

When a kid returns to a festival to give you a thank-you-for-writing hug… Or an adult, abused as a child, comes by to say your book has healed her… Doubts vanish. God’s call is loud and clear.

His ways are not mine. If He asks me to follow, and I (finally) do, how could that ever be failure?

Where are YOU in the journey? What if you - yes YOU! - answer God’s call to publish in 2014?

We’ve set out the nice china and treats, let’s chat. One commenter will receive the full set of May’s books, personalized & pawographed! And to another commenter a full set of May's books, digital version. Let us know what you want to win! Winners announced in the Weekend Edtion.

May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy, 2011   After escaping abuse through adoption into the home of a grouchy Labrador, May is out where she’s not supposed to be… and soon is on the way to becoming a K9 Spy.

May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris, 2012   When a K9 Spy Boot Camp exercise goes awry, May is dognapped and ends up in Paris. Ever resourceful, she joins a feral cat to thwart an evil plot.


May Leads the Way: Trouble Near Tofino, 2013   May graduates! Her first mission is classified. All we can say is… Enemy dolphins. Nuclear Submarines.

More about KC Frantzen:

KC and her husband volunteer with a variety of projects, including the Joni & Friends Wounded Warrior Getaway. They enjoy traveling just about anywhere, which helps formulate ideas for May the K9 Spy. The family lives in the country hills of middle Tennessee with two Arabian horses and several rescued dogs, including the real May.

KC and May (when she's not on a mission) are delighted to meet fans at libraries, schools, craft fairs and shows. They read each letter and email, and adore hearing comments and suggestions. They especially appreciate those who make time to post honest reviews.

Find her at www.maythek9spy.com

Please join May’s pack on Facebook and bring your FURiends!

THIS JUST IN FROM MAY...Book 1, May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy, the book that started it all, will be free for Kindle for five days only. Starting today.


  1. Good morning everypawdy!

    May and I are honored & thrilled to be here in Seekerville with you. I have chocolate and tea, knowing Helen will be here shortly, and May brought treats for your four footed writing & reading companions. ("") ("") That's 2 paws up!

    We'll be up for a bit longer so let's chat. Fire away with questions, too.

    Don't know if we can help you on your journey, but we'll sure try. Thanks to everyone for your support for ours!

    OH, quick disclaimer. May's book will be free starting MIDNIGHT Pacific for 5 days (about an hour from now). Please share with any and everyone. More the merrier. We hope you enjoy!

  2. Thanks, KC and May...I'm quite sure I'm not being asked by God to publish in 2014, but I know He has a keen sense of humor, so will never say never!
    I have two rescue dogs, and though Shadow is nosy enough to be a spy, she could never keep a secret and Sadie is shy, not spy. One letter can make a big difference. Will down load your book, May a little later

  3. Hi May & KC this is Terra from facebook. I just wanted to tell you you do an awesome job and to me May you will always be a K9 Spy.

  4. I think this blog was for me! :D

  5. May here...

    Righty-o Miss Marianne, with a name like BARKman... I like you right away! Special sniffs and greetings to Shadow and Sadie. We rescue dogs RAWK! ;)

    Funny how that one letter can make a diff.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the story. Y'all please join my pack on Facebark, I mean book. BOL! Hope you'll share photos of your special girls!
    We DO have a good time, so c'mon!!

  6. Miss TERRA!!!

    Ready to play ball? I'm at the ready!!! Mom won't mind if we play while she works, I'm sure...

    Thanks for coming over!!!

  7. Hey Marytoo,

    We hope it helps. Where are you in the process?

    (For some reason, the links aren't showing active on my computer, so I can let you know websites for anything you have a question about.)

    Sure appreciate your comment. All we can say is GO FOR IT!!!

  8. Hi May and KC!

    It was great reading about your journey to publication. It may have been God's call, but you responded with perseverance and enthusiasm. Love the books!

    Wynter and Thatcher say "hey May" and are donating treats to the buffet :)

  9. Hey hey Jan!

    Glad y'all stopped by. May has been snacking so the extra treats from Wynter and Thatcher are timely.

    You're so encouraging. Thanks!!! We sure enjoy watching what God is doing in YOUR life!

    Was your journey to publication with The Prodigal Son Returns similar in some respects?

  10. MMMM Thatcher and Wynter. Those treats are delicious! I love the stories YOUR Mom shares about you on Facebook. :)

    Well, Mom has OD'd on brownies and chamomile tea. She's yawning, so time for a little shut eye.

    We'll be back after while.

    Help yourselves and we'll talk again soon!

  11. You know, I have read May's story and I guess I never realized it was based on a true story. I didn't know May was adopted.

    Makes the story all the sweeter.

  12. KC here.

    /waving to Tina/

    Yep. I'd heard you should write what you know, so I did! Actually May did... Since it's told in first dog, I'm technically the transcriptionist. ;)

    It pretty much happened, just like that. There really is a Miss Sandy and Sassy, April & Hans, even a copperhead (which May tangled with, but that's a different story.)

    Tina, you're AMAZING. Thanks for everything. What she does behind the scenes while being an excellent paw and hand holder... Wow. She's responsible for getting all the photos in here, and making the links work, etc. And bearing with me who is technologically challenged.

    Alrighty. The links are working, treats and beverages are out (even hot Ghirardelli chocolate with marshmallows) and we'll see y'all a little later this morning. :D

  13. I love it! It's great to read the details of your journey. Happy to be part of your life, girlie!

  14. You put so much heart and soul into everything you do, KC! So lovely to see you here, and so kind of you to share your publishing journey with all of us. :D I'm amazed at all that you do and your ability to stay on top of all these details - not to mention how much your stories obviously bless your readers. It's wonderful to see the way God's using you and May in so many different ways!

    I've recently started out on an indie journey, as you know, and it's a blessing how God brings everything together in His timing. :) Looking forward to all that He has in store for all of us!


    P.S. Thanks so much for the S/O regarding my publicity services! Always a pleasure working with you and May. :) Hugs and cuddles!

  15. What? It's 1AM and already 14 comments!!!

    I don't know where to start. But I loved hearing your whole story (and hilarious home renovation pic with May on your feet).

    I have the whole hardback set (signed!!) and my kids love them. Also, I have them in ebook for when someone needs to read on my phone while we're stuck somewhere. The older ones read the story to the younger. We love May!

    Now, that list of your "tasks" before you had a book to sell... THAT is one of the reasons I sold my Austen series to Simon and Schuster. I know I would make more in the long run with self -publishing, but getting quality paper products is not for the faint of heart.

    I'm good with digital. But reaching those pesky paper book readers takes a whole new set of skills and huge persistence.

    Two paws up for May and Kc!

  16. Echoing the bit about Tina being amazing. She really does this blog proud. I don't know a single other site that runs as smoothly, has as much variety, reaches more readers and writers, and keeps a civil tone through it all.

    (Ok, I may toddle that fine line between civil and snarky, but just shhhh.)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Good morning KC and May. What a journey you have taken. Thank you for rescuing May and for your obedience to write. I am a dog lover and if I had a larger home amd fenced in back yard, I would probably fill it with rescues.

    I am answering my call to write but right now I'm in a writer's block of sorts. But my one word this year is dedication so I am dedicated to push through. I will get there.

    Would love to win a set of your printed books.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  19. Good morning KC and May,

    I'll share my bagel and dog treats with you today.

    I'm not sure exactly what God has planned this year, but I feel his nudge to enter more contests and gain more exposure. So I'm trying to be obedient.

    I love your story! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Wow, KC, now I know where May gets her spirit of adventure! You lived in a barn???? That's taking talking to the animals onto a whole new level!!! And how did I not know that May's books were out in print??? I need to buy them for my school library.

    Pawsome post, you two. Very encouraging and just the nudge I needed (though, May, your nose is cold!) I've been dithering about whether to enter the Love Inspired Killer Voice contest and was on the nervous Nelly fence this morning but you've changed my mind...I think...maybe...bwahahahahaha!

    And I'm on the look out for a rescue pup. Any advice on how to find the perfect match?

  21. LOVZ the behind-the-scenes story of how you came to write and how May became a K9 spy!! What an exciting roller coaster ride!

  22. KC and May, thank you for sharing your journey to publication. You are a true example of persevering once you found your calling.

    I look forward to reading May's spy adventures.

  23. I love your story K.C. and your stories! I grabbed MAY free on Kindle just before I got here. Congratulations on all the types of success you've had!

  24. I am so proud of how God has lead your life. May truly is a blessing to you and to all those that are inspired by the book what you wrote. I am Not sure if God is calling me to write in 2014, however I am sure God is calling me to love you, love May, love your books, and share his good word :-) great job on this blog! I look forward to hearing more about you and the Adventur of May. :)

  25. so what does the future hold for May The K9 Spy and KC?

  26. I loved reading this, KC. And you brought a tear to my eye in sharing how God has used your stories to minister to others. And to hear about how May came into your life. Just beautiful.

    I'm glad you shared this encouraging post!

  27. Thanks Karen for three great books. Your smiles and encouragement mean so much. I appreciate how you share your journey and the way you have helped members of the Writers Group and me. You are being used by God in many ways and writing is just one of them. I am proud to know you and glean from your knowledge about many things.May is precious....

  28. What an adventure you and May have had!! Like some others here, I didn't realize May's story was true. Thanks for tugging on my heart strings this morning.

  29. Loved the story, but then I'm a sucker for dogs! :) Would adore winning these books to share with my grandsons. Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and following the Lord's leading/direction. I'm seeking His direction for my next Step of Faith and this is quite helpful.

    I downloaded your free gift to readers. I've a four year old boy who may enjoy hearing about dog adventures. (he loves a kids show called Paw Patrol - about dogs who rescue people). We have a rescue Akita named Kaji. A moose of a dog who has the sweetest personality ever. She's protective of my little guy and ususally sleeps by his bed at night.

    Thanks again for sharing. Will let you know how much my little man enjoys his introduction to May via the book (he loves storytime).

  31. Mornin' Amber!

    Oh my, stay on top of the deTAILs? /sigh/ Don't I wish! But thank you, and thanks for sharing our journey and the support!

    It's been such a pleasure to get to know you through Seekerville (a pattern that will repeat during this terrific day no doubt) and to watch you blossom. You continue to work on your craft and well, you just amaze me.

    All these books you have published and that are in the works, so early in life. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you in the coming years!

  32. Virginia, Virginia!

    Gracious mercy me. Wife, mother of six who home schools and pops a book out every other week. Wshew.

    Isn't it an exciting time for authors? You traditionally publish and indie too, back and forth. I love it! Congratulations AGAIN on Austen Takes the South. As a Southern girl myself, fun to see some good reads out there with that Southern flavor!

    LOVE that your older kids read to the younger. I didn't realize that. Yep. You're officially pawmazing.

    (Honestly, no idea when she sleeps...)

    Congratulations on your success and dedication. We appreciate your willingness to answer questions and offer encouragement... And thanks for the pawsome book blurb!

    Yep - That's our May. She likes to be near... She was supervising the tile laying in the guest shower. But trust me, alllll this was new construction. ;) We talk about that when things get cluttered. Yeah. It used to be a hay field...

    You got THAT right on our Tina. Talk about managing details... Wshew!

    Sure appreciate your stopping by. Go write! :)

  33. Welcome to Seekerville, May and KC! Loved hearing your journey to publication! I'm touched that May actually experienced much of her story. Her first book has a different cover, right?

    Sadly I'm allergic to dogs, but take meds so our grand dogs can visit. Like May, they're adorable and fun. But, not the hero May is. :-)


  34. Hey Cindy W!

    It sure has been, and believe me, it's still in progress. So. Much. To. Learn. And. Do.

    Hanging out with Seekerville makes the journey easier, no doubt about it!

    Writers block. Yep. Been there staring at the page.

    And now for something completely different... Have you analyzed what's holding you up? Point of view? Action? Conflict? Word choices? Scene & sequel? Something else?

    I learned from several folks here, and others, to skip over what has you stuck and start writing on something new later in your story (if you are a planner or plantster - which I now consider myself). Or work on a short story that emphasizes what has you blocked. You might just burst right through.

    Dedication is a terrific word! You can do it!

    So glad you enjoy dogs too. They're pawmazing, and kitties too but we can't have any. We have a family member who is dreadfully allergic.

    Rescue groups often need folks to come and walk/play with dogs so that might be an avenue for you.

    Happy writing! Thanks for commenting - hope you win!

  35. Way to go Jackie! That's the ticket.

    It's amazing when you're obedient how things come about. It's truly and adventure.

    Thanks for sharing your breakfast too! YUM!

    Speaking of, the coffee (decaf and fully leaded) is out with REAL cream, hot water with assortment of teas, juice and water of course. It's a real Southern spread with scrambled eggs, waffles, and grits (cheese grits in honor of Virginia!), fresh fruit bowl and toast with various homemade jams & jellies from our neighbor who excels at canning. YUM!

  36. KC and May, what an inspiring post. I love how you went for what you believed in and stuck w/it.

    What age/grade range is May? I took my kids to the book store yesterday and we were trying to find books they might enjoy.
    I think my daughter would love these!!!

    My great danes would make horrible spies. Their personalities really are similiar to Scooby Doo's.

  37. Hey Kav,

    Good morning! Yep. We sure did. An adventure in and of itself. Really rather fun and an easy ice-breaker at a party. ;) I do know my way around power tools.

    Romantic rabbit trail: The first time future hubby came to my house, Dad was showing me how to saw off the roof ridge row to add a vent. Steve told me later, “At that moment, I knew you were the woman for me.”

    Ha! I'm an only child and veterinarian's daughter. It's a great combo. :)

    Yep. Sure do have print books. We give a special discount for schools so be sure to send me an email and we'll work it out. THANKS! We hope they are an encouragement to your students. Remember, we will come into your school to teach as well. Let us know! If May is on a mission, her crazy little brother, Cass, comes along.

    Good on ya for answering the call... I think... Maybe! (Love that you say BWAAHAHAHAHA - me too!)

  38. Rescue dogs are the best, aren't they? Thanks for sharing May's story with us today, KC! She's a special little girl who's clearly touched many lives!

    You left Houston in 2001? We were there from 1993 to 2006 so must have lived there around the same time.

    Waving from my office with Shadow sleeping next to my chair and Poppy downstairs pestering the grandkids for handouts!

  39. HI HI Miss Glynna!!!

    May here...

    It sure is! I was sitting right beside Mom when she FINALLY figured it out. (Took her FURever, ya know? BOL!)

    My real life has definitely been an adventure too. WAIT till you find out what my next literary one is... So. Excited!

    Thanks for letting me and Mom play with your FURiends here in Seekerville!!

  40. Hi Miss Mary Hicks,

    Thank YOU for stopping by, did you get breakfast? In the interest of full disclosure, Mom let me do a little taste testing. It got out of control. That's why there's no bacon left.

    Perseverance? Well - Dad and Mom say I'm persistent, that's for sure. She knew she'd better finally answer that call if she ever wanted to sleep again!

    We hope you enjoy my stories. Our youngest fan that we know of is 3, and the eldest is a WWII veteran neighbor!

    Who knew most of my fans would be adults? That's the Creator for ya, always keeps it an adventure.

  41. Hi Debra,

    So glad you got the FREE download. We hope you enjoy it.

    If/when you get the chance, we'd sure appreciate an honest review. Those are like gold as you know.

    You're a faithful writer, what's next for you?

  42. And all those tschoke links!!! They fill my head with ideas!!!!

    What was your best seller???

  43. Hey hey,

    It's the other Mrs. Frantzen! /waving to April/

    Good morning to you in chilly MN!

    Your Mom had a real gift for writing. I suspect you might too. Certainly you have a lot of wisdom to offer. I say GO FOR IT!

    Thanks for coming by today!!

    Bring your hubby this year so you can meet May, 'kay? She's heard all about y'all and sat with us through many photos.

    Note to Seekerville - never seen a more loverly bride. The joy of the Lord shines through her!!!

    Love you right back!!!

  44. Hi Perry!

    So glad you stopped in.

    Everypawdy, Perry is our web guy, who also is a musician, and also a pastor, and a Dad, and and and... He has a terrific recording studio also, and produced the audio of each of our first chapters.

    Two paws up!!!

    For the future? Knowing God has a sense of humor, there is just no telling!!! That's what makes it an adventure for sure. :)

  45. Hey Jeanne T,

    Thanks so much! What a nice thing to write. Sure appreciate that.

    Yep, that's how May rolls. She encourages these folks like no one I've ever seen. When kids (and adults) meet her and hear her story, they just can't believe it. She could be this awful little snippy dog, but noooo. She just assumes you'll love her.


    Where are you on the journey? Can we help?

    Thanks for taking time out to stop by! Stop by the buffet before you head out! :)

  46. I can vouch for those wonderful books, Kc - my daughter LOVED them!!!
    So glad to hear your story and see you in Seekerville!!

    I'll take some of the chocolate AND the tea...and a whole bunch of that encouragement.

    If God wants me published in 2014...I'm totally okay with it ;-)

  47. BEV!

    Grrreat to see you this morning! As you know May thinks you are precious too!

    Hey everypawdy, Bev is a lady I met here in TN. She and another lady formed a writer's group to encourage others and we jumped in!

    She is a prolific author and contributor and even has her own Wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patches_%26_Pockets
    I was so blessed to serve with her at a Warrior Getaway with Joni & Friends.

    She has so much to teach... Thanks Bev, for coming by today!! See you soon!

  48. Hi Bridgett!

    Awww, did we? Our May has quite the tale for sure, in real life AND her imaginary one. Up to the reader to decide which is which though, which is part of the fun! ;)

    Have a terrific day! Thanks for coming by.

  49. Hi Caroline,

    You betcha. Actually we wrote it with boys in mind.
    There's lots out there for girls, but not too much for boys.

    One of the things that tickles me is how some of the younger ones call May a "he." Maybe because they don't see her one way or another, just a fun character?

    We hope they'll enjoy. We weave current events in the adventures so that's part of the fun. Hope you win!

  50. Awhhh DebH!

    Did you find the post encouraging? It might be more along the lines of what NOT to do, but hey, that can be useful too! :)

    Seriously, where are you on the journey? Happy to help if we can. Between our experience and that of the other Seekers and Villagers, we about have things covered. Check through the archives too. Such wisdom there!

    Kaji! What a wonderful name! Hope y'all will stop by May's Facebook page and join her pack. We adore seeing photos of other rescues. It's really fun to share there!

    OOOH - a 4 yr old! What a terrific age! I hope he does enjoy. It's written for 8 and up, but it's a wonderful book to instill that love of reading. Lots of illustrations to help tell the story too!

    One of our fave things that's happened was when one reader in another state sent us photos of her son. Her 10 yr old daughter got the book, and her 3 yr old son got the Mini-May plush toy. She sent a photo of her son teaching May the iPad! It's adorable!!! She wore that he takes the sunglasses off her and says, "Regular dog." Then puts them on and says, "Spy dog!"

    Is that adorable or what? Gotta love it!

    Thanks for coming by this morning!

  51. Good morning, Janet!

    I sure enjoyed your post yesterday. Thanks for sharing that excellent info on critiques!

    Oh drat. Sorry about the allergies. We have a family member VERY allergic to kitties or we'd probably have some too.

    We are still thankful for the beautiful review you gave us for May on the Way. :)

    Good memory! Yes on the first print cover.

    After production, when we entered the book in a couple of contests for indie publishers, that cover was marked down by all the judges. Well-written creative story, excellent quality but the cover, worth one or two stars.

    I approved it of course, so all I could do was start over with a new cover designer. I'm real pleased with what she came up with. That's the nice thing about digital, easy to make changes like that, and lots less expensive! Until a 2nd printing, folks will receive the first cover. (Mind you, we've had readers who comment they love it so... There you go.)

    Onward and upward!

  52. Wow KC and MAY so glad to have you here in Seekerville. What a great story and testimony. All of my grand nieces and nephews love May and her K9 adventures, but I especially love hearing how you got here. What persistence and I know you are a hard worker. ANd I know God is using you mightily.

    Thanks for joining us and have fun today (looks like you already are chuckle)

  53. All of you are so right about TINA. She is the oomph behind this blog. smile.

  54. Good morning Connie!

    HA! Your Danes like Scooby Doo's. Too funny! Each has his own personality, that's for certain. May knows no fear and is dreadfully persistent.

    That's where I get it... Not stubborn on my own at all... Not in the least... ;)

    Oh thanks so much for visiting a book store! It's a magical place, yes?

    I hope she will... Technically they are a middle grade adventure series (ages 8-12, 32K words or so, fully illustrated) but I say "animal lovers 8 and up.

    If she is a good reader, perhaps 7? I used big words when necessary, but they are always explained in context. Good way to build our vocabulary, right?

    For little ones, I tell parents/grands to read the initial couple chapters first and see what's appropriate for the child. May was an abused dog, and she doesn't shy away from it. It's not graphic but we don't want to traumatize a kid!

    (Mind you, what they see in media today is FAR FAR worse, but still...)

    So if it's a tender young 'un, just summarize the 1st two chapters. After that, should be no issue.

    Hope that helps. We'd love to have your daughter as a reader! Thanks for coming by!

  55. HEY Myra!

    Wouldn't that be funny if we met somewhere back then? What part of Houston? We lived in Spring Branch. I grew up near the Galleria, and out in Briarmeadow - southwest side of town. :)

    Oh yes on May. Isn't it something? How God can turn things around for any of us? Thanks for noting that. She truly is... But /sigh/ she's almost 14 now... Still brings her ball every day but she's slowing down a bit... /sigh/

    Special sniffs and greetings to Shadow and Poppy. Hope they'll join us for Joshua's Pet Treats. May's fave paws down is CHICKEN!!!!

    Thanks for coming by, Myra. Sure appreciate your letting us be here today! :)

  56. KC, my daughter is 14 but has about a 4th-5th grade reading level. It's hard to find books she's able to read AND interested in. The book she chose yesterday was a dog book.:)

    I think she'd be interested in May the K9 spy.

  57. Hey Tina,

    Kids love the temporary tattoos. Those are freebies we hand out at shows and tuck into orders.

    At the show, as we put it on, we talk to the child about what s/he likes to read, whatever. It's a great way to get folks to your booth! VERY cost-efficient.

    Our best seller of course is the Mini-May. Old or young, people want to take one home! :)

    The link is of course retail price. When you buy in bulk, there is a significant price break. We have a wrist band with our website for the collar.

  58. Yes! Another Frantzen! Welcome, April.

    We have a spread to your right (bagels and cream cheese and fruit) so help yourself.

  59. Welcome to Caroline and Perry!!!

    Glad to have you in Seekerville.

  60. What an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing on seekerville today, KC. I have 11 siblings, so I'll be checking out your books. Looks like something they would all enjoy.

  61. Welcome to Seekerville, Janice. A thrill to have you here again.

  62. Pepper!!!

    Good morning to ya!

    Oh thank you for letting us know that. Talk about encouraging... Wonderful to hear from fans. :)

    Hope we can finally meet in dog sometime... We don't live THAT far apart!

    I'm EXCITED to learn what His plan is for you this year. You've got a wonderful voice and tell such great stories. Thanks for sharing a portion with me!

    Hey hey, dive in. PLENTY of food and I think chocolate is definitely what's for b'fast today.

  63. Hello to Bev, whom I assume is Patches of Life.

    Welcome to Seekerville Terra and Mary too.

    We love company!!

  64. Aw, I hadn't heard about this series until today, but I love the concept! I am a big-time schnauzer-lover. I've had two, and they were like little babies.

    I just "liked" May's page on FB...
    Thanks for sharing your publishing journey! I would love to win May's pawographed books. :)

  65. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! What an absolutely PAWSOME blog today, KC & May -- LOVED hearing the story behind the story!!!

    And talk about "inspirational" -- KC, your story (and May's!!) is a wonderful testimony to God's nudging and blessing, so THANK YOU for sharing because I sure needed this today. :)

    Hugs and more hugs,

  66. Good morning Sandra,

    /waving to you in the RV/

    Thanks for letting us know that. Coming from you, that means a lot! You have adorable children's books as well as your pawmazing romances...

    With May around, you must be persistent just to survive! ;) She's something.

    Thanks. You know, when I just relax and let Him take charge, things flow soooo much better. I am my own worst enemy. You'd think I'd not be amazed by Grace at this point, but I still am!

    We are so appreciative of all you Seekers. This blog is home to so many of us. Thanks to each of you! The wisdom and experience you share... I tell anyone who's interested that it's like a Master's course. It truly is!

    I'd say God is using YOU mightily!!! And we are the beneficiaries! Keep up that great writing!

  67. Connie,

    Thanks for the info about your daughter. I think she would too. Give it a try and let us know.

    We stand behind them 100%.

    If she chose a dog book, we're already there, right?

    Know too, if she writes May a note or an email, May will write her back! May at MaytheK9Spy dot com

    She can keep up with us too on Facebook if that's allowed. Love to see y'all there!

  68. HI Amber!

    You know, it is! But I suspect we all have amazing stories. Being an only child, I'd say YOUR life would be full of adventure! Wow.

    Have y'all read Cheaper by the Dozen? That's one of my favorites and is similar to my husband's earlier years... I can just hear his Dad saying some of those things the Dad said. :)

    Thanks for checking out our books. We'd love your honest opinion when you're finished. That's how we get ideas for the next ones, from our readers. Several wanted a cat, so, that's a reason we have one as a major character in book 2 for example.

    In book 3, two characters are named after readers! :)

    It's FUN to do...

    Do you write also? How can we help?

  69. Jennifer!

    Schnauzer lovers unite!
    They leave a pawprint on the heart, don't they?

    We've had Lela, Hans, May, Gretchen and Cass... Each one is very different and special!

    May tells her own story (but of course) in first dog. We hope you'll check them out and see what you think. Are they true to Schnauzer point of view?

    Thanks for joining May's pack. We DO have a good time there. Be sure to post a photo and introduce yourself. It's a lot of fun!!!

    Hope you win too! Be sure to download her first book regardless. It's free for several days on Amazon.

    PS - even if you don't have a Kindle - I don't - you can download an app, then any book you'd like. Easy peasy!!!

  70. MISS JULIE!!!

    Mom loves how you use exclamation points too! YAY! Another enthusiastic human!!!

    You find my story inspirational? That's just pawsome. I called it survival but found that opportunity is on the way, if we just look for it.

    You're a master encourager, so thank you for that!

    Have a pawmazing day, 'kay?

  71. WOW Seekerville!


    Here's some behind the scenes info about promotion.

    Not unlike spinning plates on poles, I find when I get something going well, other plates are slowing or ready to fall. I race over and spin, and find others are slowing... ACK!

    Welcome to the world of indie pub! Yes. An adventure. :)

    So - thanks to you guys, May on the Way (Book 1) went from less than 700K to this:

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #7,939 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Mysteries & Detectives > Spies

    #65 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Action & Adventure

    Keep sharing! Thanks so much... We'll see if/how that translates to sales of our other books.

    We've learned so much from Marie Force's self-pub loop. Here's a recent post about it from Virginia: http://seekerville.blogspot.com/2013/10/publishing-as-hybrid-author-with.html

    One of the things authors say there is you need quite a few books published before momentum hits. Where's the sweet spot? Some have said as many as 10...

    This is where I struggle with God's timing. I must keep focused on one reader at a time and let Him handle the rest. But I don't want to just sit on the park bench either, hence the other things we do.

    Anyway - there ya go. Let's see what happens! Thanks for joining us on the adventure!

  72. Hi KC and May! So glad to hear your publishing journey! Such fun to see how we all end up where we're going!

    What age group do you think your books are aimed at? Thinking of my 11 yr old niece.

    Congrats on the Kindle stats! And congrats on having the nerve to go through all you went through to get the book published. I'm tired just reading about it!


  73. K.C., that's such a fun story! My 9-11 year olds love stories like May's. You delight them!

    I love stories of perseverance and steadfastness.... and I love that you're having fun with all of this. That's so important. I love what I do, I wake up HAPPY to write for Love Inspired or for the indie market, and just delighted by what I hear from readers.

    I love making money, I love that I'm being paid to do a job I love so much, I love making people happy, but if I didn't make another dime...

    I would still get up out of bed every day and write.

    And I'd be smiling!!!!

  74. HEY Susan,

    Wonderful to see you here this morning! That's for sure. We can never tell where we'll end up... May goes to Paris like that - ha!

    (Actually I did get to go on a research trip - was on the ground 28 hours with just a back pack. So. Fun. I digress.)

    11 is an excellent age and just right for the books. Technically they are middle grade adventures, which means 8-12, though these days we've changed it to animal lovers 8 and up since we have so many adult fans too.

    Give them a try and see what she thinks. We'd be thrilled to have her as a reader!

    Tired? We can't do tired around here... HA! Yes, lots goes into it. That's the nice thing about publishing these days. I'm definitely a do-it-yourself-er and stubborn... /sigh/

    But with resources like Create Space and Lightning Source, to name two that are reputable, you can have them do quite a bit of this... Or go traditional. It's a wonderful time to be publishing!

    Where are you on the journey? I know you are busy... Can we help or ??

    Enjoy Ontario. Hope to see you up that way some time. I've been to AB and BC, but not east... Need to remedy that!

    Thanks for coming by!

  75. Ruthy,

    You're an inspiration. Love reading your books, your blog posts and stories and photos, your fun comments at 1K1H on Facebook at all hours...

    Thank you so much for your encouragement to me. You graciously critiqued some work for me early on, and I cherish that. (She TRIES to tell us she's tough and she is, but in an encouraging way!)

    We're delighted that THEY are delighted. That's who we do it for!

    YES. So important to enjoy what you do. God promises he desires of our hearts to those who love Him.

    Keep up the great work. Lead the way! :)

    We're so grateful you're a part of our lives. ("") ("") two paws up from May too!

  76. KC, I like this cover better, but hadn't thought about the cover getting the novel knocked down in Indie contests. Guess it makes sense since the cover is author created or at least approved.

    I'm impressed with how much your dh supports your writing and publishing journey. He's a winner. Mine is too. Writers need that kind of support.


  77. K.C., I love Kindle stats... and I know how to look at them and then turn them into real figures for sales, but the good thing is as those figures rise, Amazon works to push all of my work, and bring it to the attention of shoppers.


    I release an indie book and then folks start seeing all of my beautiful Love Inspired stories as affordable choices for their Kindle and everyone wins:

    The reader gets a great story (ies).
    Amazon makes money.

    Love Inspired makes money.

    And I make money.


    It took me a while (and improving e-readers) but now I am sold on Kindle... Happily.

  78. I love this line, KC:

    Pantster alert. Months into writing Book 1, it hit me - May is a K9 Spy! <<<<<

    You'd been writing for months when you discovered May was a spy. I JUST LOVE IT! This happens to me. I 'discover' things as I write. And sometimes I need to go back (okay not SOMETIMES, all the time) and rewrite with the new knowledge of my character. But that's just part of the creation process for me.

  79. Yes, Janet, so true.

    In an indie contest, it's the whole package and as we know, covers are incredibly important. Seriously, we're visual creatures. What do we look at first, assuming we know nothing of the book or author?

    EEEEYEP. The cover.

    We were GOING for noir look, melding the reality of a living, breathing K9 with the illustrations throughout the book.

    Notice on 2nd cover rendition, we kept the photo of May but reduced it to just a head shot. We kept an illustration but placed it behind.

    Anyway, I liked the theme of cover 2, so we used throughout, making it a cohesive series. We hope!

    Important note, make sure the spines look the same. These are similar, but different. For example, the 1, 2 and 3 ended up in different places so they look not as uniform on the shelf as I'd like. Hopefully someone else can learn from this as I've learned other things here.

    Oh YES, my dh is da bestest, second to yours of course!! ;)

    You KNOW it's good when you can build a house together. Believe me! We support each other. He always tells young un's that it's none of this 50/50 stuff. It's 100/100!

    We're blessed for sure. :)

  80. KC, we were in northwest Houston off 1960. Hubby worked in the Galleria area. Small world, isn't it? :D

  81. Ruthy


    But a word of caution for those who write other than romance, it depends on who your market is. For romance as an example, the reader typically buys his/her own book.

    For MG, it's usually a parent/grand or aunt/uncle, i.e. an adult, and not the child. This has served us well in that we gain adult readers too, but trust me, our sales numbers are no where near what romance is.

    Not even close.

    You said it on win/win for all. Isn't it exciting to be publishing these days?

    C'mon you guys who are waiting. Let's go! Readers need good inspirational stories to devour. Water's warm. Take the plunge!

  82. Oh Mary!

    You made my day!

    I tell you, your stories are so fun. Maybe that's a reason why, because you surprise yourself too!

    I remember reading something in an article about Jerry Jenkins & Stephen King. They both apparently are pantsters. As one of them said, when you surprise yourself, you know you'll be surprising your readers.

    Makes sense!

    As you say, it's part of the creation process. And create you do! Talk about disciplined. 1000+ words/day... Pawmazing.

    Have to say, I'm now more of a plantster... I do an INSANE amount of research because I want the setting to be as close to reality as possible. Crazy little things I find seem to just fit. LOADS of examples in books 2 and 3. (Plus it's just fun and feeds my procrastination gene. Sigh.)

    But all the extra work of being a pantster. Wawzah. On book 1 I wrote and rewrote and rewrote. Then Sandra got hold of it and *gulp* told me to rewrite the ENTIRE BOOK in "first dog."

    She was absolutely right, but it was one of the hardest things I'd ever done. I was able to work most things in but had to cut a few really cool scenes because they didn't work any more.

    Once I found Randy Ingermanson's Snowflake method, it made a big difference. I even took the CWG Boot Camp where he, Brandilyn Collins, Jerry Jenkins and Doc Hastings had us recruits for 2 days. Only 12 in our class as I recall. Excellent!

    Here's a link to Snowflake if some of the readers aren't familiar. It's WELL worth the $$. If you purchase his "Dummies" book, there's a substantial discount too. :) http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/articles/snowflake-method/

    I use this now, to some extent. I can totally see if I completely used it as Randy suggests, I could finish a novel in less time, but I'm just not that disciplined yet. :)

  83. Myra!

    How 'bout that!

    It sure is! My Dad was a vet in the Galleria area too.

    Back then 1960 was way out. Have you been back? Houston has sprawled in all directions. 1960 seems so close to town now...

    My folks still live on the west side of town. :)

  84. Amazon rankings, FYI

    2 hours later at 11:52 am:

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,402 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Mysteries & Detectives > Spies

    #14 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Action & Adventure

    So in 2 hours, jump from 7939 Free in Kindle Store, still #1 in Children's Spies and up from #65 in action/adventure.

    It's time for chocolate. Yes. Before lunch.

    Thanks everypawdy! Keep telling your FURiends. The more downloaded, the better as you can see!

  85. KC, I love your publishing story! I can just imagine how exciting and overwhelming it would be to see your book in print after so many years of work and dreaming! Congratulations! I wish you continued success for all your hard work!

    And May is so lucky to have you!

    eva maria hamilton at gmail dot com

  86. Hey fellow 1K1H writer Eva Marie,

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    I know, right? If you look closely, my eyes are totally red! Talk about a surprise, I do NOT cry in public but it just hit me!

    The book I'm holding is #4 off the line. It was as fast as I could get over there and grab one. And it went to my dh. :)

    Thank you for your kind words. Believe me, May has changed OUR lives for the better, and so many others... She truly is special, but then aren't we all to the Creator?

    Know you are working hard with your own career. What is your WIP? Anything you'd care to share - fire away. We're all in this together...

    If you don't know everyone - Carol Moncado started this FB group. There's one for Twitter I understand, but I don't tweet. Mostly because I don't understand I guess. Anyway. Here's the FB link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338770276151416/?fref=ts

  87. It's time for lunch!

    In honor of May's Paris book, we're having lunch here:


    I can vouch for it, since on my research trip, the concierge from the hotel personally walked me down there and arranged a table for me. I speak about 3 words of French so it was much appreciated. There's a variety of quiche and tortes, oh my. Virtual calories right? And a really nice green salad with a variety of dressing, and anything you'd like to drink.

    Place your order and let's enjoy a meal together in Paris!

    (full disclosure - I ordered a torte to go - banana and chocolate and relished every bite, just for Tina!)

  88. Planster...great term.

    I think plotters let the spirit move them

    And pansters have more of a plan...

    I think we might all be more alike than we think.

  89. Planster isn't mine, though I don't remember where it came from... Likely someone here!

    I plan up to a point, then... off I go!

  90. Fun to see you posting in Seekerville, May and KC! You know I love all your books. :) Thank you for sharing your journey of trusting in our Lord. Perfect example! You are both blessings to so many!

  91. Have I mentioned just how much I love how you love your dog?

    It just makes me smile, thinking of it.

  92. It was a total honor to work with you on these books, all of which I love. Press on!!

  93. Oh Miss Sherida!!

    /waving two paws frantically/

    It's sooooo good to see you here today! Thanks for coming by.

    We're humbled that you liked them. Really. Thank you!!!! You're a pawsome writer with lots of stories to tell yourself. Feel free to share parts of your interesting journey!!

  94. Miss Ruthy,

    What's not to love?
    Just sayin'...

    And you have no room to talk you know! Hearthside Kennels and all those gorgeous fellow four footers. :D


    The new mother-in-law checks in, fresh from the glow of the wedding! Congratulations to all your family. We can't wait to see the photos.

    Miss Sandra can tell tales. Wawzah. http://www.amazon.com/Sandra-Byrd/e/B000API7YG/

    Thank you for talking Mom into letting me tell my OWN story. Much better! BOL!

    Special sniffs and greetings to Brie!

  96. Hi, KC! Hi, May! Loved reading about ya'll's pawmazing publishing journey!

    Got book #1 downloaded! Can't wait to read!

    Put my name in for the signed books. I know a little girl who needs that message of hope. If it isn't drawn, I might just buy the books anyway! What a great tool of ministry, KC! When you see someone hurting, help isn't always received, but a gift of books usually is! Great way to reach out.

  97. Miss Natalie,

    Oh I'm so excited to hear you got my book. Thanks! It's quite the adventure really...

    You're busy writing too. Hope you'll tell us more about your journey. May we help in any way?

    You make an excellent point too, about accepting help. That's why we wanted to share my stories, to let young humans especially know that just because you start out maybe in a bad situation, doesn't mean you have to end up there.

    Mom and I will put paws and hands together and pray for your young FURiend. We hope you win! But if you don't, please let us know her name and we'll sign it extra special just for her, 'kay?

  98. Hi, K.C.!!

    I'm not a writer, but was drawn to your post after commenting on Julie Lessman's share about the free book download. I loved the story of your writing journey, and May's books!! I was inspired by your story, and appreciate the fact that you followed God's calling to write.

    I downloaded the book for my out-of-state nieces and nephews to read when they visit me, but decided to share about the download on my Facebook page, also, and will make sure their mother's know about it. It sounds like an inspirational book, so I have put it on MY TBR list, also, and will be glad to post a review when I have an opportunity to read it!!

    My granddaughter (who also lives out-of-state)has a schnauzer (Daisy), who is one of the cutest dogs, ever, and rules the home and her family's hearts!! I would love to win the set of print books for my granddaughter's birthday!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  99. P.S. Forgot to leave my e-mail: bonnieroof60(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Thank you SO much!!

  100. KC, I didn't realize what a journey you've had! So exciting. Yet I'm sure it took a lot of faith to step out and do what you've done. Great job!!

    Little Mae is the so CUTE!! I love the spy shots with the glasses. :)

  101. Yes, Kav! You need to enter! Get off that fence right now! :)

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Hey hey bonbon!

    Thanks so much. I'm so glad you found it inspiring. You wonder sometimes, right in the midst of things but it turns out okay in the end!

    Believe me, readers are who we do this for! Thank goodness FOR you!

    HURRAH! That's terrific you got the first book. That's our May. She tells it pretty well. She really is funny. If you see the collage the fabulous Tina put together, the photo of May as a 1-1/2 yr old or so, holding the piece of styrofoam... There it is. She has to be into SOMETHING or other. She found that and carried it around since we weren't paying her any attention. :)

    Gosh THANKS for sharing on your FB page. Did you come over and join May's pack? We'd love to have ya! Funny too, how many adults tell us they really love May's books. We return to many of the same festivals and fairs, and each year many of the same people race to the booth to buy the latest book. We pawograph and personalize to THEM, not their kids... And we do a fair amount to dogs too. :D

    It's all in good fun, but we hope there's a good message too.

    Sounds like Daisy and May would get along just fine. Those girls know how to run a household! ;)

    Hope you win the set for your Granddaughter's barkday!!! If not, easy to order right from our website and we'll send them right on out in a snazzy gift bag. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing with us today. We appreciate our readers!!!

  104. HEY Missy!

    Sure appreciate y'all having us here today. We've had the adventure but then, you have too, right?

    It's just neat how the Lord has worked all this out. Definitely a step of faith but there was a bit of just plain survival in there. I HAD to start writing if I was ever going to sleep again!! God's funny that way.

    Yeah - you can go do that on your own, run run run. How's that workin' out for ya? ;)

    Not so much!!! Just had to jump in and start. One of the hold ups quite honestly was I had no idea to whom to target the story. When I finally got it in my mind to write for kids - DUH... My degrees are elementary ed and history - young or dead... Then things began to fall in place... Especially when it dawned on me she was a SPY!

    Whoo HOO! We can do all sorts of cool fun things, right? Sort of James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and Jack Bauer rolled into one... Maybe... We should be so lucky!

    Thank you for coming by! Did you get some quiche?

  105. Oh ARG.

    Looking back, the dratted AUTO CORRECT graciously changed bonton to bonbon.

    Guess we're doing some French so... perhaps that's why. Sorry 'bout that! TWICE I changed it back to bonton and it snuck in on me.


  106. Alrighty y'all,

    At 3:13 here's the numbers:

    328 FREE downloads. Thank you!

    #755 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Mysteries & Detectives > Spies

    #5 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Action & Adventure

    By this time, romance writers would most likely have downloads into the 1,000's. As I say, not so for MG, unless your name is Riordan, Rowling or Collins. Wait - that's my maiden name... ;) (But no Suzanne's in our family that I know of.)

  107. Thanks for sharing your and May's journey, Karen. May is certainly a blessing in her book and in real life. Oh, and thanks for the shout-out my friend!

  108. Haven't been back to Houston in several years, KC. I'm sure it just keeps growing and growing and growing . . .

    Which is one huge (pun intended) reason we left. The traffic congestion got worse and worse, not to mention the hurricanes, mosquitoes as big as houses, humidity you could take a bath in . . .

    Now we are very, very happy in North Carolina.

  109. Hey hey Rita!

    And I appreciate all the tweets, FB and everything else.

    Y'all this is one talented lady. She sings, she paints, she illustrates, she writes... She loves her Chihuahua's!! :) And a certain little Schnauzer too!

    She went a different route, publishing with http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=445

    Anything to add to the discussion, Rita? You've had such an interesting journey also!!

  110. Oh Myra,

    I hear ya! We moved up this way too. NC is glorious, as is TN. MUCH better than Houston for scenery and weather, that's for certain. I don't miss it one bit.

    When we had our business, it took me to Knoxville 4-5 days a week (about 1-1/4 hr drive one way). People were always concerned because I'd have an appointment over here, then across town over there... They were all worried about me in traffic, etc.

    I said, "Look. I'm from Houston. This is nothing!!!"

    FURiends from Houston would talk to me about such a long drive. I'd say, "Yeah, but you sit in traffic. I drive through the Smoky Mountains. Really no comparison!"

    Thanks for joining May's pack on FB!

  111. Congrats, KC and I LOVE the photos of May! What a cutie. Thanks for the Kindle gift, too.

  112. Thanks Miss Tina.

    Once again, lightning strikes! BOL! ;)

    Did you have a good day? You've had quite the writing journey. I love it when you have a new book out because I get to curl up with Mom while she reads.

  113. Miss Lyndee,

    Don't you know it?!

    Mom says I could be a snippy nasty little dog, but instead I assume all adore me. And if they don't I make sure they do before leaving.

    Dad and Mom had some FURiends come by one time. Mr Richard made it clear that he liked kitties just fine, but dogs not so much.

    Of course, I persisted until he petted me. BOL! He didn't stand a chance...

    Thanks for coming by! We hope you enjoy reading my story. We'd sure appreciate an honest review when you have time!!

    Where are you in your reading/writing journey? Any questions for us? We're all in this together.

    We love Seekerville!!!

  114. One of May's FB pack members just posted this link: http://www.wboy.com/story/24748345/brenda-lee-a-mountaineer-therapy-dog-traveled-to-the-clarksburg-library-monday-to-hear-a-few-children-read-out-loud-this-is-one-of-our-newer-programs

    Isn't that a terrific program?

    Do you have anything like that at YOUR local library? No? Why not check in with Brenda Lee's Mom and start something!

  115. KC and May, thanks for sharing your journey to publication. Amazing and such a God thing, right?

    Loved the pics too!

    So glad you "found" May! What a cutie and to think what her life had been. No wonder she always looks so happy.

    KC, thanks for all you do for your Wounded Warriors! God is shining his light through you in so many ways.

  116. HI Debby!

    You know, it was one of those things. We surely didn't NEED another dog right before a move several states over but gracious. What could we do? One look and we knew there was NO WAY we were going to leave her there with that young woman and her child who'd most likely never heard the word no. Wawzah.

    You honor our military in your books too. Where would we be without them? Thanks for all YOU do! Maybe we'll see you at a WWG sometime. "It's like no place on earth." :)

    Thanks for allowing us the honor to be in Seekerville today. So. Much. FUN!

  117. Great story, KC, and adorable dogs!

  118. Well Hi there Cara,

    So glad you came by today. Thanks for letting us be here today. Such fun!

    We do have some wonderful dogs. Rescues are just so grateful. We could all learn something just from that aspect!

    Know you have lots of wisdom you've shared in the past. Anything to add for today? Jump on in! :)

  119. 122 comments!!! I love that everybody came out to chat and you don't even write romance! Whoohooooo!

    I love a little variety in the world.

    And I'm making espresso fudge cheesecake.

    But that is unrelated.

    Carry on, Miss May and thank you for bringing Kc by to chat!

  120. Dear May and KC, Thank you for sharing your story. I absolutely fell in love with May. She is SO adorable.

    I downloaded May's book and look forward to reading it.

    Thank you also for your book journey because the steps you took also provide recommendations of where to start.

    I am a writer so I hope that God calls me to be published. No matter whether it happens in 2014 or later, I will continue writing.

    Thanks for sharing May's story.

  121. Oh Virginia,

    is there ANYTHING you don't do? Truly you amaze me. Wow.

    Send a couple slices this way while you're at it, 'kay? ;)

    I know but there's lots of critter lovers here, and romance often leads to kids and well... There you go! We always appreciate being welcomed here as writers.

    Thanks again for stopping back by. YOUR journey is worth studying. It's a pleasure to know you! Tell all the kids HELLO for us!

  122. Oh Tanya

    If somehow our journey has encouraged you, our work is DONE! :)

    You got it! Keep writing. He will use you somehow, some way, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

    Thanks for coming by. Maybe you can meet our May in dog one day. She'd love to play ball!

    We hope you'll enjoy book 1. It's quite an adventure but only the beginning! :)

    Hope you'll keep in touch. Thanks again!

  123. at 7:37PM here's the numbers.

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #293 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Action & Adventure

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Mysteries & Detectives > Spies

    We've also picked up a few sales of Books 2&3.

    At this rate, we might break into the magical Top 100. THAT would be PAWSOME! Thanks for helping us get there!!!

  124. Sorry KC, but this comment is just for May. My two Westies Crosby and Nolly Grace have been waiting for me to let them talk to May ALL day.

    They are rescue dogs too. ("") ("") ("") (""). Four paws up because they both insisted.

    They would love to win a paseo graphed copy and Nolly Grace, always adventurous, wants to know if she can join May on a case soon.

    Crosby is sending May a poking treat. Trust me, from him that is the highest honor May can receive.

    They are off to download the first book and like May's Facebook page.

    From me, I'd admire your determination and faithfulness and your kindness to God's creatures. I pray there will be many more books.

    1. Autocorrect is evil! It should be pawographed and the treat is pumpkin!

  125. What a paw some day!! May must be exhausted!!!

  126. Miss Terri!

    Thank you for addressing the REAL author. BOL!

    Yippee for rescues!!!

    Hey Crosby! Hey Nolly Grace! Did you know there's a Nolly in my 3rd book?! How 'bout that?! I'm so glad you got the first one. Being terriers as you are, you will relate to some of my situations I think. ;)

    Hope you guys win too! And sure on the mission. You'll have to run thru K9 Spy Boot Camp, but I'll bet you'd do it with flying colors. (I don't know why humans say that really. Colored THINGS fly, but colors themselves don't.)

    MMMM, Crosby. YUMMO. Thanks for the special treat! I'll share some of my FAVE... Joshua's Pet Treat Bakery in chicken. MMM.

    Y'all post a photo of yourselves and say hey on my FB page. We have lots of fun and share good things too.

    I'll tell Mom what you said too. That's so nice. :)
    We'll see. Three books in three years with everything else we have going on is a lot but, we DO have a file started for book 4. HA!

    Do you write also, Miss Terri? Whether you do or not, thanks for stopping in to say Hey! We're happy to have readers and writers checking in today!!!

  127. BOL! Yes it is Miss Terri. Imagine trying to do this without thumbs.

    It IS exhausting, Miss Tina but only for Mom. Personally I'm ready to play a little. I have a toy assortment right here.

    Anyone? Anyone? Let's have a little toss and fetch. Or perhaps tug-o-war is a bit more to your liking. I can run my motor!

  128. KC and May, thank you SO much for sharing your story today. You are beyond inspirational. I'm so thrilled to see how God is using you.

    Fenway and I applaud you!

  129. This in from FURiend, Vicki Moss on Facebook. She isn't able to post for some reason:

    Vicki Moss Okay Kc Frantzen, you can post, "Wow, I finally get the story behind the story of how May became the K9 Spy--you are the best at marketing May and your books. And of course I want to win the gift that is all three books -- pawographed of course!"

  130. Oh Mary,

    Thanks! That made our day! We're so glad you came by and were encouraged.

    Know you work hard too. Anything to share that we could help with?! Or try? :)

    Tell Fenway HELLO!! Special sniffs and greetings from May too!

  131. Another Nolly! I'll never convince Nolly that she isn't in that book.

    And I write stories, but none as fun as yours. Mine are all about humans. Crosby and Nolly Grace are so disappointed in me!

  132. Too funny, Miss Terri!

    Mom and I named a dolphin that in May Leads the Way: Trouble Near Tofino, after the first dolphin who went into military training!

    It's a terrific name, especially with Grace too! She can lay claim if she likes. Okay by us!!!

    Glad you're a writer too, even if it is just for humans. BOL!

  133. What a marvellous post to read through thank you.

    I would love a print set of May's books.

  134. KC and MAY, It looks like you had a stellar day. How fun. So glad you joined us. Thanks again.

  135. As of 9:40am 2/19, here are the numbers. Thank you everypawdy!

    1513 FREE downloads of book 1, 5 sales of book 2, 4 sales of book 3.

    Book 1 Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #120 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Mysteries & Detectives > Spies

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Action & Adventure

    Please keep sharing. It's free for 4 more days!! We'd LOVE to break into the top 100! So. Close.

  136. Hi Mary,

    Thank you. It's been quite the journey but we're still in progress. How about you? Where are you on the road?

    Sure appreciate your stopping by. Hope you win!

  137. SANDRA!

    Thanks for checking back in!!!

    It was a wonderful day, as we knew it would be. Seekerville is just the bestest ever, thanks to all you Seekers AND the Villagers too. :)

    Happy writing! Watch out for Capt Jack! ;)

  138. KC and May, sorry I'm a day late. Down with a bug yesterday and looking a computer screen did awful things to me.

    I didn't want to miss your day. Great journey, KC...and the books wouldn't be around without our star...MAY. Thanks for sharing her story and yours, KC.

  139. Oh NO, Audra!

    DRAT as May would say!!!

    So sorry to hear you've been down and out. Sure hope you're completely well now. Can't have a wonderful lady down!

    Thanks so much. As my Mom says about my Dad, "It's never dull!" VERY true about this journey. HA!

    I really appreciate your stopping by. No worries. We'll keep partying the rest of the week here and with the other terrific posts.

    We're quite grateful to be included!!

    Take care of yourself!!!

  140. I loved reading the history behind the books. This is wonderful and inspiring.
    And May is super. Thank you for writing these books. :-)

    1. I don't know why it put this post as un known sorry for that.

  141. Miss Kay! Miss Kay!!!

    So glad to see you here in Seekerville! Hey everypawdy, Miss Unknown Kay is a good FURiend from Facebook. She must be practicing her spy craft with that unknown part huh?!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. Mom and I are very glad you're in our pack!


  142. May and I want to congratulate the winners and thank everypawdy who downloaded and shared our books. A special barkout for the opportunity to be in Seekerville!

    Sharing the final numbers:

    5 day KDP FREE Promo began Tuesday morning
    Promotion on May's Facebook page
    Guest host in Seekerville on Tuesday.

    Book 1:
    3460 - free downloads
    #119 - highest rank achieved in free
    #1 - both subcategories for most all the run

    Book 2:
    11 - sales (12 sales, 1 return)
    #39 - highest rank achieved in one subcategory

    Book 3:
    7 - sales

    Final paid ranking as of 7am, 2/23/14

    Book 1: 825,982
    Book 2: 99,237
    Book 3: 132,294

    Thanks for the barkouts! We appreciate the pawsome support!