Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bubba T., Jack Rabbit and the Three-Legged Race

“No way, no how.” Jack Rabbit crossed his paws over his pirate wanna-be-chest and glowered at Aesop Owl. “I am not running a sack race with no turtle, savvy?”

Owl glowered right back. “You agreed to run the Speedbo race, Jack. You can’t back out now.”

Jack downed his third cup of swamp rum. This could not be happening. He eyed Jill Rabbit as she and her partner giggled and hopped around in circles, their cute little running ears flopping wildly. Well, he might be induced to participate in the race after all. “Can we draw again?”

“No.” Owl flapped his wings in finality. “Rules are rules and everybody put their names in the Easter basket. What’s done is done, so I suggest you get on out there and make the best of it.”

“But me and Bubba T?”

“Yes, you and Bubba T. Now git.” Owl shooed him away and flew to the starting line. “All right, everybody. Find your partners and grab your sack. This is a three-legged race, so you’ve got to depend on your partner. You both have to make it to the finish line on the other side of the swamp or you’re disqualified.”

Bubba T. (T. for Tenacious, not turtle, contrary to popular opinion) Bulldog lumbered up to the starting line and waited. Owl fluttered his wings at Jack and pushed him into place, then tied their legs together.

“Ready, set, go!” Owl hooted and the race was on.

Jill and her perky girlfriend squealed and bounded off down the trail. Jack scowled at his leg tied to Bubba T.’s. “Let’s go, Bubba T!”


“I’m goin’,” Bubba T. growled.

Lumber-hop-lumber-hop. Lumber-hop.

“Ugh, you call this going?” Jack jerked his leg forward, but pulling against the loggerhead turtle’s leg was like pulling against a tree trunk. They weren’t going anywhere fast.

Suddenly, Jack had an idea. Owl didn’t say how they got there, as long as they did it together. Jack hoisted Bubba T. upside down over his shoulder and sprinted forward. “Yes! This is what I’m talkin’ about, ya ken?”

Bubba T. groaned. “Oh, oh, my head is spinning. Put me down, Jack.”

“Not on your life, matey! We’re gonna win this thing, or I’m not Capt’n Jack Rabbit of the Black Pearl Swamp.”

“There is no Black Pearl Swamp, Jack.” Bubba T. pulled his head and legs inside his shell and moaned. “I think I’m going to be siiiiickkkk!!!”

Jack ran and ran, and ran some more. He passed Jill and her girlfriend, and he could tell they were impressed that he could carry Bubba T. and still run faster than anybody in the race. He winked at them and promised swamp rum for all when the race was over.

Up one hill, then down another, toward the swamp he ran. All too soon, his legs grew weary, and his arms began to ache from carrying Bubba T. When they came to the edge of the swamp, Jack’s strength gave out. He dropped Bubba T., flopped down and closed his eyes. He’d rest just a minute, then they’d go on.




“What?” He opened one eye to find Bubba T. glaring cross-eyed at him, upside down on the path. “Oh, sorry.” He flipped Bubba T. over and the loggerhead wobbled around on shaky legs like a pot-bellied pirate who’d had too much rum.

“You okay, matey?”

Bubba T.’s shook his massive head. “Just a little dizzy. I’ll be okay in a minute. Why’d we stop? You finally run out of steam?”

Never in a million years would Jack admit to being tired. “No, wise guy. Just catching my breath. It ain’t easy carrying a loggerhead turtle, you know.”

Just at that moment, Jill Rabbit and her friend bounded down the path, hollered howdy-do and hopped on by, following the path around the swamp toward the finish line.

Jack made a grab for Bubba T., but Bubba was ready for him, and backed away. “Uh-huh, not this time.”

“But, Bubba T., Jill’s gonna win. Come on!”

“Jack, you can barely stand up, let alone carry me all the way around the swamp. You can’t do this on your own.” Bubba T.’s beady eyes shifted, looked at the swamp, then back at Jack. “But we can win this race another way. Hop on.”

“You’re kidding, right? You’re going to carry me around the swamp and we’re going to beat Jill?” Jack fell down on the ground, grabbed his stomach, and howled with laughter.

“Nope, I can’t go around the swamp, but I can go through it. So if you want to win this race, you’re gonna have to let me carry you the rest of the way.”

Jack eyed Bubba T., then he eyed the swamp. It would be good to just ride along for a while. He might even take a short nap. He grinned and hopped on Bubba T.’s shell. “You’re on.”

Bubba swam the swamp in record time, and Jack sunned himself on top of the turtle until they got to the other side. As Bubba lumbered out on to dry ground, they could see Jill and her girlfriend coming in the distance. The girls’ ears were drooping, but they still in the race.

The loggerhead and the rabbit hitched legs and started toward the finish line as fast as they could lumber-hop-lumber-hop-lumber-hop.

Jack tossed his arm around Bubba T.’s shell as they crossed the finish line. “Well, matey, a little bit of Speedbo, a little bit of tenacity, and a lot of ingenuity, and we made it!”

To read more of Jack and Bubba T.'s episodes, visit Speedbo 2012, and Speedbo 2013.

Who's gonna cross the finish line
with Bubba T. & Jack this year???
Come on, YOU can do it!

Pam Hillman was born and raised on a dairy farm in Mississippi and spent her teenage years perched on the seat of a tractor raking hay. In those days, her daddy couldn’t afford two cab tractors with air conditioning and a radio, so Pam drove the Allis Chalmers 110. Even when her daddy asked her if she wanted to bale hay, she told him she didn’t mind raking. Raking hay doesn’t take much thought so Pam spent her time working on her tan and making up stories in her head. Now, that’s the kind of life every girl should dream of! Claiming Mariah is her second novel. www.pamhillman.com


  1. LOVED IT, Pam...Almost as good as your other novels!!!!
    Go for it, SPEEDBO ers!!!

  2. What a great way to wrap up a long day. Thanks for the smiles, Pam. I crossed the finish line with my Speedbo project, and started work on another project. I intend to let the finished project chill until Tina's editing class.

    Marianne, thanks for cheering everyone on!

    Nancy C

    P.S. I continue to marvel at the lovely colors in the cover of Claiming Mariah!

  3. Note to self: find synonym for "project"

    Nancy C

  4. Oh I love it and love t is Tenacious
    my favourite AFL (aussie rules) player of all time was often called Tenacious cos he was small but he gave his all.

    day one of new med feel so drugged up I cant walk straight have walked in to several walls. rang and got to speak to the nurse she wants me to see my dr tomorrow and cut the med to just at night til I see her. one think when I feel this drugged I dont feel much pain!

  5. Well my goal was 15 chapters, I'm almost done with 12, but I doubt I can get 3 more in before the end, how many days do I got? Oh, 6, well maybe, but I'm headed back to sleep, I feel awful, so it will not be today! But gotta feed the wood stove before I can get back to bed.

    Hope you get your meds straightened out Jenny.

  6. OK. That was a good fun way to start my morning (though I still need coffee).

  7. I loved this story, Pam.

    Chill N, congrats on finishing. I'm getting closer.

    Jenny, I hope you get your medicine figured out to a regimen that helps without debilitating you.

    Melissa, don't give up. You can do it!

  8. I love this post. I am starting the day at 14,635. Hoping to get to 16,000 today.

    Melissa, You can do it!

    Jenny, Hope you can get your meds straightened out

  9. LOL -- Love, love, love this! What a hoot!!!!! (nudge nudge, wink wink) And the moral of the story is perfect. You're so clever! Thanks for brightening my day.

  10. I'm the turtle this month. Slow and consistent. My goal was to write 1k/day and I'm at 26,289 as of yesterday.

    I'll take it!

    Need to do my taxes this week. Really don't want to.

  11. PAM, your mind is a scary place. A funny place. A delightful place.

    I love Bubba T and Jack Rabbit. They inspire us on.

    Go Speedbo

    Congrats to all of you who are accomplishing your goals.

    Go go go

  12. I love the Bubba and Jack stories. The theme of teamwork was very fun! Such great encouragement for us all, even those not doing Speedbo this year. :)

    Melissa, I hope you feel better soon!
    Jenny—I'm so sorry about your meds throwing you so far out of normal. I hope you're feeling better and get a doc's appointment soon.

  13. Love it, Pam! Nice to read about the new adventures of Bubba T. and Jack Rabbit.

    And . . . a sweet little lesson about sharing the load and friends helping friends. We're all on this writing journey together. Sometimes we get "carried," and other times our friends need a lift.

    That's what Seekerville is all about, right?

  14. What a great story Pam! We will all finish this race with a great dose of humor. At 21,560 and goal is 30,000. Started at 6,000. Plan to finish strong as Toddlerville will be minus its citizen. He and his mom are going away for a three day weekend. Need to go back to outlining...my current secondary character is a bit of whimsy: a priest who is also a vet and can literally "feed My sheep."

  15. Lol...Love the Bubba and Jack stories. PAM, I loved "Claiming Mariah." I can't wait until I get a chance to read your first book. :)

  16. I loved the story Pam, it put a smile on my face for the day. :-)
    Well, I didn't finish what I'd hoped to, but I made good headway and I'm happy with that.

    I recommend that Speedbo should happen more often!

  17. Good morning peeps! Getting a late start this morning. Seems like my plan to go to bed early every night fell through last week.

    Must get back on the plan!

    Marianne, glad you popped in so early!

    Nancy C, CONGRATS on finishing your Speedbo project and digging in on another one. That's my plan too! Should we tie our legs together and run the rest of the way together? :)

  18. Jenny, hope they get those adjusted soon. Praying, girl!

    Melissa, you too, eh? Maybe we need a Speedbo Infirmary for the injured.

    Chicken soup and coffee drips coming up!

  19. What fun, Pam!!! Though those two bent the rules, they crossed the finish line and helped each other along the way. That's what matters.

    I wasn't able to stop editing, but I'm adding words, seeing the book grow toward The End. Exciting!

    Hope everyone is seeing their goal in sight!


  20. Walt, yep, coffee coming up for me too.

    And, Jackie, keep going! We're here to cheer you on.

    Life really got in the way for me last week but this morning, I'm regrouping, tying off loose ends, and seeing what I need to work on first.

  21. Pam,
    What a unique way to keep us in the race! Too funny! I missed last year's Bubba and Jack stories, will have to look them up.
    I am five chapters from finishing my Speedbo book, but some of them are half-written. If I slop over into April it's okay, I still have a book. Sort of. It still needs a lot of work, but Speedbo isn't about perfect.
    Thank you Pam,
    Kathy Bailey

  22. Very clever, Pam!

    Sadly, I got derailed with my SpeedBo project, but I did make progress. I 'spun my wheels' a lot less than usual.

  23. Just cross is the moral of the story!

  24. Wilani, you can do it! I was amazed at my word count when I really put my mind to it.

    No, I didn't get 1K in one hour...well, maybe I've done that a few times, but mostly, it's more like 500 an hour, and sometimes even less.

    I remember one day wrestling with a pivotal scene and realizing that the "oh, this happens and they live happily ever after" that I'd put in the synopsis wasn't quite believable.

    But I had to make it work. I had to push through because the manuscript was contracted. I scrapped 2-3 ideas, tried writing a couple more, and I just wasn't feeling it.

    Two-three hours later, I was still struggling.

    My college-age son was home for Spring break and came out of his man-cave to gather food, and I gave him the skinny on the issue I was having. He suggested all the scenarios I'd already discarded (he's a smart kid) and then gave a couple more.

    Still nothing worked.

    Then he asked if the heroine had any little brothers or sisters and the scene fell into my head as if it was the perfect plan the entire time. I just couldn't see it!

    So...the point of this long comment is...well, there are TWO points! Ha!

    Sometimes words come slow for me, but I plow through and don't beat myself up, especially when it's a major twist that needs to ratchet things up another notch...

    and..."Who! Who! Who's your Bubba T.?!" As Aesop Owl would say.

    My kiddo was my Bubba T that day. He carried me through the swamp when I couldn't carry myself.


  25. Kav, Jack and Bubba T. are a hoot.

    When I wrote the first episode back in 2012, I never thought about continuing their story for another 2 years.

    Who knew there were so many layers to The Tortoise and the Hare?

  26. Connie, you are on track and just a little ahead! Yay!

    And, TAXES.

    I'm pretty certain the word tax, taxes and/or tax return is banned from being mentioned in Seekerville during Speedbo.

    Yes, it's in the bylaws. Page 139, Section 27c.

    "Thou shalt not mention taxes, think about taxes, nor look at a tax return, receipts, or calculator the entire month of March, unless said calculator is being used to calculate the existing word count on your Speedbo project and/or the remaining word count for your project. All other usages beforementioned, and forever after invented or even THOUGHT about for said calculator are prohibited."

  27. Sandra, maybe I need to take my meds... :)

    Jeanne, if we look around us, I bet we can find all kinds of teamwork that's helped us get to this place...

    Carol, it takes a lot of teamwork for you to make it to Panera, doesn't it? How often do you go? Daily? There's a Bubba T in your life...or maybe he'd prefer to be Jack, huh?

    Hmmmm, besides my college-age kiddo who helped with brainstorming, my married son helped me package books for shipping one day and then took it all to the PO. That gave me a couple hours extra that I wouldn't have had.

    He's planning to come by today and make a PO run for me. Yay!

    Obviously, he's Jack and I'm Bubba in this scenario, since he loves to be on the go, and I'm happy stuck in one place!

  28. Ohhh, Olivia, I love interesting secondary characters, and this one sounds very James Herriot'ish. I'll be he's a hoot' and a half.

  29. Olivia, I love the idea of a priest/veterinarian! How fun is that?????

    A guy who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and mend the least of God's creatures. I'm seeing multiple analogies there!

    Pam, how fun to revisit these guys! I still work at my plodding turtle pace, but it's turning out 4-5 books/year, so I'm okay with it.

    1000 words/day.

    1000 words/day.

    1000 words/day.

    360,000 words/year.


    Me and tortoise have a great deal in common!!!!

  30. What fun, Pam!!

    I've finished all the edits and Author Alterations, so I'm ready for my next leg of Speedbo! I've gotta sprint!

    I hope you're all doing great on your goals.

  31. Thanks Jennifer! :)

    Mary H, here's the secret. Speedbo DOES happen more often. It doesn't stop. :) The cool thing about Speedbo is it reveals what CAN be done when we put our mind to it.

    I've heard that it takes 2 weeks to develop a habit, so if we stay solidly on track for a month with our writing, we should be able to "go forth and conquer" afterward.

    That might mean that if someone pulled out all the stops and wrote 30K or 60K during Speedbo, they can look back and say, "If I can do THAT during Speedbo, on a normal day I can write 1000 words, and on a bad day I can write 500, and on an off day, I can at least edit and do research. Wow, I can consistently write 10-30K a month if I include writing in my schedule."

  32. How fun!
    This was a great post, and inspiring. Work together and reap the rewards!
    I am back on the speedbo track, pretty much finished with the packing, except for the necessary things kept out. 6,048 words yesterday, and over 2K today.

  33. Melissa, I hope you feel better! You too, Jenny.

  34. Janet, what's that old saying in writing circles, "rules were meant to be broken".

    I imagine Aesop Owl didn't care how Jack and Bubba T. got to the finish line as long as they stayed out of his feathers! lol

  35. Kaybee, keep it up. Speedbo is supposed to be messy. As a matter of fact, this last week can get pretty messy for most of it.

    Some of us are behind on goals, and wanting to give up, thinking there's no way to make it around the swamp.

    Others ran so fast, they've left a trail of jumbled sentences and paragraphs behind them. But it's all there waiting for the cleanup crew.

    So, dive in to the swamp and swim. It might be messy, but get to the finish line, then we'll hose you off! :)

  36. There you go, Cara! Life gets in the way sometimes, but you know how to move forward, one step at a time.

    Just cross, just do it, swim, carry someone, go around the swamp, go through it. Enlist your partners (family/writing buds). The moral is whatever inspires YOU this week! :)

  37. Ruthy, I believe you! You probably churn out a lot more than 360,000 words a year! You and Mary together probably top 1M! :)

    Go Missy! So ... Chariots of Fire!


  38. Yes, it's in the bylaws. Page 139, Section 27c.

    "Thou shalt not mention taxes, think about taxes, nor look at a tax return, receipts, or calculator the entire month of March, unless said calculator is being used to calculate the existing word count on your Speedbo project and/or the remaining word count for your project. All other usages beforementioned, and forever after invented or even THOUGHT about for said calculator are prohibited."

    I did not know!!! I will have to inform my husband it must wait until next week.

  39. lol - Missy, I'm not even kidding about the farm-girl tan. Once I got on the tractor, I took my shoes off and tied them on the tractor so my feet would tan.

    The floorboard of the tractor were hot though, so I had to keep my feet on the clutch and brakes.

    Crazy teen!

  40. Crystal, you are amazing. All those words AND packing for a move???


    Now that's TENACITY!!

  41. Connie, I wish! lol

    (btw, I'm crossing the same t#x swamp as you are. Carry me, will you?)

  42. Oh, Pam! I love your Speedbo stories :)

    I had two goals for Speedbo - one had to do with word count. We won't talk about that one.

    The other was to get back to consistency with my writing. Make a plan, work the plan. That goal is coming along great.

    My pre-Speedbo goal was to finish t#xes before March 1st....

  43. Jan, great for getting back on track. And, truthfully, I got a head start on the big "T" way back in January, but the preparer didn't, so there you go... ;)

  44. A Fable for Speedbo. This is EPIC!

  45. Speaking of T.

    T Minus Six Days and Counting.


  46. I haven't touched taxes. The month is almost over. Then I can play catch up.

    Or not...

  47. Pam, I'm reading Stealing Jake right now and loving it!!!

    Oh, and I met my goal!!! :)

  48. Love to hear of everyone writing through, in spite of, or because of the challenges thrown this through this week and all SPEEDBO month. Starting to outline, remembering it is not how fast but how steady. Thanks again for the fable, Pam.

  49. Sorry, got sidetracked....puppy play time with 4yo great-nephew! :)

    I love me some puppies as long as Mama can continue to feed them for the full six weeks. Last time, I had to start feeding SIX puppies at 3 weeks old. That was NOT fun! 8(

    Annie, so glad to have you cheering Speedbo'ers from the sidelines! Whoot!

  50. Eva Maria, this just makes me smile. Books never go out of style! :)

  51. Mary, maybe I can compile Jack and Bubba T.'s fables into a anthology.

    I hear Swamp Buggy Press is looking for stories! :)

  52. Can this proud mama share? My son and dil have a gorgeous refurbished and distressed dining table and chairs at Moonbeams Vintage!

    The black and white distressed sofa table, designed and handcrafted by my son, in Photo #53 is also theirs, and my dil has paintings in #28 and #39.

    I'm just so proud, I could bust! :)

    Moonbeams Vintage has a lot of cute stuff this month. I wonder what hubby would think if I sold all our furniture and started over??? lol

  53. Thanks for the good wishes etc. day 2 of new med. I am not taking the morning dose and will ring at 8 for an appointment with the duty dr (which will be my dr) as the nurse asked me to. I dont feel as drugged this morning. but then I am due for the next med now. I am dizzy and even sleeping it felt like the bed was moving all night. I know I can get use to to the med but think it needs to be slower. It sure does make me drowsy.

  54. Thank you for the post. I'm not giving up, I promise. Hopefully in another ten years I'll be looking back on this time and declare it was worth all the work. As much as I love writing, editing and finding people willing to make your story perfect with you is not easy. But you'll never find a subtler nag than a young woman on a mission. I'm sure my aunt will finish my book before August. I'm less sure about my mother. Every time I'm just about ready to give up on touching the world with the written world though, God seems to give me a small push. My aunt told me this weekend that she loved the cadence of my writing. I just about wept with gratitude.

  55. Aw, Haven, I think you're the sweetest thing and I hear you, kiddo!!!

    And the more you write, the stronger you become. I promise that's true...

    Pam, the table and chairs are GORGEOUS!!!!! What a fun color. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!

  56. I'm on my way to the finish line -- doin' what I set out to do. Great take on an old tale. Thanks, Pam.

  57. Haven, I'm very selective about asking non-writer friends and family to read my work. And, when I say selective... hmmm...

    I.Don't.Ask. Ever. :)

    Of course, that was my choice years ago because I didn't want to put a family member in a tough situation if they didn't care for my writing and/or my current story.

    Early in my writing career, I had a good friend who loved to read. She read one manuscript and said she really liked it, but really didn't have any feedback for me. (So, I thought...hmmm, with a little training, she'll be a great beta-reader....)

    But she didn't care for the next manuscript that much. It had plot holes, but she didn't know enough about writing to tell me what I did right and what I did wrong. So, that's when I decided to forego asking family and close friends to be beta readers for me.

    Now, for some, it works out. If you can find a non-writer friend or family member who can fulfill this role, then it is wonderful.

    I just wanted you to know that I think it's a rare find indeed.

    Anybody else got any thoughts for Haven on this?

  58. And HAVEN, I meant to say that I'm tickled pink that you're dipping your toes in and writing.

    Enjoy yourself and your stories and NEVAH, NEVAH, NEVAH, give up, sweetie!!!

  59. Go, LoRee! Are you nearing the finish line of your story, as in THE END????

    Whoot! :)

  60. Dear Pam, Thank you for the story of Bubba T. and Jack Rabbit. I like the support and unlikely friendship of the pair even when they are outside their comfort zone.

    My goal for Speedbo was consistency: to start writing every day. So far I have written every day with yesterday being the hardest day to write. So even though I don't have my book finished, I've seen my word count grow consistently day by day, showing me that I can do it little by little.

    Thanks for the blog.

  61. I LOVE this, Pam!!
    I guess the kindergarten kid in me especially enjoyed it - - what a fun way to encourage us!

    Hugs, Patti Jo

    1. Thanks Patti Jo.... We should have all sat cross legged in a circle or on little red chairs. :)

  62. Tanya, and that is what is all about...day by day...making your dream come true! :)

  63. I'm stopping by late. A busy, busy day, but I spent time at Starbucks where I worked non-stop. May return tomorrow. Took my Alpha so no FB, no emails, no chores that call my name when I'm at home.

    Very productive!

    As always, I'm Bubba T., but you proved he wins the race. Thanks, Pam, for lots of lessons learned and a delightful story.

  64. Finally found the Woman's World issue with Tina's story!!! YAY!!! Saving it to read later after the work is done. Can't wait!

  65. Fun story Pam! I'll cross some finish line, just not sure which one.

  66. Pam! I've loved every installment of Bubba T and Jack Rabbit. And now we have a Jill Rabbit? Even better.

    You're right, we need each other to be complete. Let's all work together to make it across the finish line.

  67. Jackie Thanks for the congrats. Can you hear me cheering you on?

    Pam considering your track record, I would definitely tie our legs together and run the rest of the way together. I figure however much I accomplish with the second Speedbo project is more than I would have done otherwise, right?

    Missy way to go with the edits! I'm going to adopt the term Author Alterations if that's okay with you :-)

    Crystal fantastic! Although I think you should have an additional day to celebrate your birthday since you had to pack.

    Keep at it, Speedbo-ers!

    Nancy C

  68. OK, I have not quit, just had to decided what I was doing with this book. Its to be a devotional short story, so I am studying verses, thinking of insights and then I am going to write small parts. I am up to 10,200 words so far.
    Honestly I don't think this one will become lots more but it is what the Lord intended it to be.
    Linda Finn
    Still detoxing daily and doing my tea for weight loss. Sore and arthitis is not my friend.

  69. Oh my goodness! Three cheers for Eva Maria!

    Nancy C

  70. Pam...
    That was adorable!

    I'll be cheering everyone on. No where near my reluctantly set goals, but I've done more than I thought I truly would... So that's something I guess! :)

  71. I love this story, Pam! I'll be saving this story for next month--Camp NaNo. Speedbo is going a bit behind schedule for me, but I hope to have a little time this weekend to finish up.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  72. Here is one reader cheering you all on.

  73. Absolutely loved this story!

    Come on SPEEDBOers - you can DO this!

  74. Well, good morning, all you night owls! lol Just wanted to pop in and say howdeeee! and see you on the flip side as Glynna talks about layering today. :)

    Debby went to Starbucks???? Oh man...

    Audra ... I'm mixing my fable metaphors with The Tortoise and the Hare, and Jack and Jill, aren't I? Oh well...pre-K was a long time ago...

    Nancy, so glad you dropped in again. Ready to race again? lol And Linda, check out Glynna's layering post today. Sounds like it might be right up your alley!

  75. KC, every little bit helps, and you will get to the finish!

    Esther, keep it up, girl. You can have your own personal Speedbo going into April. Nothing wrong with that! :)

    Waving at Mary P and Edwina! So glad you ladies stopped by.

    Have a great day, everyone.

    Write On ... and Read On! :)