Monday, March 31, 2014

How Rawhide and a cracking whip are like SPEEDBO

Rowdy Yates Connealy
First of all if you click play there WILL be noise, so be warned, in case you're somewhere quiet.

Second the word RAWHIDE??? Substitute the word SPEEDBO...

Here are the lyrics (modified for writers):

Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Though they're disapprovin',
Keep those words a'rollin' SPEEDBO!!!

Don't spend your time revisin',
Just write and write and write 'em,
Soon we'll be living high and wide.

A publisher is waiting, and I’m anticipatin'.
A Contract at the end as I write.

Shout 'em out, count 'em up,
Count 'em up, shout 'em out,
Shout 'em out, count 'em up SPEEDBO!!!!!

Cut 'em out, write 'em in
Write 'em in, cut 'em out,
Cut 'em out, write 'em in

Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin' SPEEDBO!!!!!
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin' SPEEDBO!!!!!

I'm particularly fond of the part that sounds like a cracking whip. I like to think that's what we do here in SPEEDBO, CRACK THE WHIP.

Of course most of the time I feel like I'm 'one of the herd'. I guess that makes Tina...Gil Favor. (Yes, we all want to be Clint Eastwood, calm down, I'm Ramrod! Write your own blog if you want to be Rowdy Yates) Gil Favor was the trail boss, Clint Eastwood was the ramrod.

Now, with the sound of SPEEEEEEEEBO!!!!!!!!!!! and a whip cracking in your ears. Let's spend today wrapping things up.

What I want to hear.............
Word count total for the month. (ONE WORD is enough to report, forward progress was always the goal)
Goals met
Books finished
Lessons learned

And finally, how did you like Speedbo? We're open to suggestions for the future. Did anyone get bushwacked? 

Did you have to rassle with any bad writing habits that had slipped into your life like a pack of sidewinders? (why oh why does this western lingo come so easily to me?)

And NO that doesn't include changing the name SPEEDBOWE'RE KEEPING IT!!! I'M TALKING TO YOU GIL!!!! (the trail boss can be testy, but she has that rawhide whip, so we tend to obey) REPORT IN!!! Signed Mary-who gets to be the ramrod today, :D cracking the whip!

Now the most exciting part of Seekerville today (well, maybe not counting close ups of a young Clint Eastwood!!! Excuse me while I go play that song again, with the mute on, and just think about young Clint for a while--okay back to the blog).

TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR AGENT SUSAN BROWER, with the Natasha Kern Literary Agency, for her two day training session about how to give her your Perfect Pitch.

This is your reward for a month of hard work.
A chance to pitch to Susan Brower. We can all learn how she wants you to pitch to her the next two days--but you are eligible to enter the contest--ONLY if you were involved in SPEEDBO--So come by tomorrow and jump in and throw your perfect pitch!

The rules are under the rules tab at the top of the page for our PERFECT PITCH CONTEST!


  1. Happy end of Speedbo, Mary. I'm celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary today as well as finishing up Speedbo.

    My goal was a minimum of 1k a day every day without fail and I did that. So far I'm at 33,866 but I still have the last 1k to do.

    Hope everyone else had a successful Speedbo.


  3. Boy if that doesn't kick your butt I don't know what else we can do.


  4. Do your parents know you got married at 14 Mary Curry???? Congrats on Speedbo and hubbo.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so excited about the perfect pitch contest!!

    Okay, you asked for progress. I measure my editing progress in the form of comments I've "fixed" in Track Changes. I started Speedbo with 141 comments noting areas needing edits. I have under 20 now. Woohoo! The end is in sight. Almost said "the end is near" but I don't think that phrase holds quite the same connotation...

    I'm excited to read everyone's comments and see how the hard work has paid off. I love Speedbo because it helps me get work done, but also because it means over 100 other writers are working on books that my little reader heart longs to read someday! :)

  6. What? Speedbo is NOT over yet, I only got 12 chapters, I got another day, I don't count until tomorrow since my writing happens at midnight and later. :) So I should have 13 by today, maybe 13.5 tomorrow, grr, I wanted 15.

    Wordcount so far.....41147

    But it's my own fault, I shoulda made it, did too much dawdling. Must go see if I can finish another before tomorrow.

  7. Congrats Mary Curry on your anniversary.

    Im scarred of that whip. now I have rawhide in my head!

  8. Can we just go for a week more? Happily, I revised further than I have ever managed before. Truthfully, I did go back and edit once or twice or ten times...uh, hem. Yet, without speedbo, I may never have seen Chapter Twenty Seven! That is a whole bunch of words for one month since the book is 96,000 words total. I am in for anything that blogging this month allows! Thanks Seekerville. You really are my inspiration.

  9. Coffee's on!

    Mary Curry: Happy Anniversary!

    Mary Connealy: I made my goal. The three chapters were only about 10K words. But I also did an outline for the complete book. I'm a happy camper.

    Now spring cleaning begins.

  10. Mary Curry....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    Yeah to all who will have made their goals by tonight!!!

    Yeah to all readers who will soon have books to read!!

    Thanks for the coffee, Helen

  11. Ah, Mary, you were peeking over my shoulder; I can tell. "Write 'em in, cut 'em out..." I did a lot of that.

    I revised my goal mid-month for this new WIP, and have ended up the month content, even though it was tortoise-like progress. I have a meager 5509 words... should be 6000 by the end of Monday. I'm embarrassed to mention them given the huge numbers that so many others are reporting, but you cracked that whip, asked for numbers, and I'm leaping to obey. (Love that 'Rawhide' song AND Clint Eastwood!)

    Thanks for all the encouragement, Seeker friends. I'm setting my personal sights on a new April goal and will carry on.

  12. Coffee has arrived! And there's a platter full of custard-filled coffee cake that is To-Die-For. I'm not even close to kidding!!!


    Is it possible to run out of exclamation points in today's economy?

    I submit that it is not!

  14. I missed my final goal and there's not enough time today to get it done, but it's well on its way to completion. I've got a proposal I'm working on for Love Inspired, and it needs a few more days to smooth it out. I'm giving myself an extra week to get it done, but I do have to do taxes next weekend...

    So must prioritize that. Although there is one more weekend before tax deadline... but I'm never a last minute girl, so I'll stick to my first weekend of April self-deadline.

    But I'll wish I was writing, every minute!!!! :)

  15. Ruthy,
    not sure but question marks may be in short supply.

  16. Way to go Mary! That song will be running through my head the rest of the day. Before I checked in here, "God's not Dead," had been on my mind. (I don't know why, but I often wake up with a song on my mind.)

    I am so glad I participated in Speedbo! I finished my story on Saturday. My goal was 30,000 words and it took me 30,677 words to finish.

    Now for Tina's self-editing class.

    Thanks for a great month!

  17. Happy Anniversary, Mary Curry!

  18. I am jealous of all the success you Speedbo-ers will have. No matter where you finished, if you have word count, you're a winner. I love rough drafting and spewing forth raw stuff that takes months to clean up.

    Mary, I'm going to save the video for when I'm falling asleep this afternoon.

    Today, I finished my final pass at polishing the story I wrote last Speedbo. (Yes it was a rough draft and was put aside. It didn't take me 11 months to polish, but hey, I know non-one here will judge. We can't all be Ruthy. Thank God.)

    Custard-filled danish? oh my.
    Enjoy your special occasion, Mary Curry. 30 years!

  19. Who wouldn't like Speedbo?? Speedbo is awesome! Mine wasn't as productive as it usually is--20k,but it is a finished novella.

    And you are so right Debra Marvin--polishing counts too, as I worked on edits for the self-pub novel to come out in a few months as well. And I'm looking forward to starting Tina's class tomorrow. Not to mention the well deserved top website award to Seekerville?? Exciting times are ahead!

  20. I met my goal by 1/2 way through the month. But it was a modest goal. I plotted out the second book in my trilogy. Once that was done - of course - I started writing! I'm happy. Speedbo gave me the push to get moving.

    Book one finaled in ACFW's First Impressions and is now a finalist for COTT's Olympia. So I really want to get number two going strong!

    Thanks for letting me play along. With bottle lambs in the house (read: sleep deprivation) I may not get a lot of writing done in the next week. It was good to have this month to write!

  21. Jenny, what a great stock tip!!!! I'm going to buy all the question mark stock I can find (and I'm using looped cable to avoid the price increase of big money super computers as reported on Sixty Minutes with Michael Lewis!!! Love his books!) BUT... I'm going to hedge my investment by investing in anti-question-mark stock!!!

    WIN one way or another!

  22. Debra Marvin, We can't all be Ruthy, LOL!!!!! Hey, I want to see you again soon, how can we live so close and never see each other????


    Each step forward is a step forward.

    Simple concept, great result, good for you!

  23. Pegg Thomas, good for you!

    Modest goals are so beyond fine as to be wonderful.

    Changing our habits into successful writing habits is clutch. You go, girl!

  24. Mary,

    I LOVE the new words to the Rawhide theme!

    I wanted to be at 44K today. I am at 37K but by the end of the day I WILL be at the very least 38K...I'm really hoping for more.

    I'm still very happy with my progress. I only have three chapters left to write on my WIP and yesterday, my hero took a turn! Good for the story...not so much for the hero!

  25. Oh Mary, Now I have Rawhide in my head all day, however having Clint Eastwood there is a plus. Might help my hero along. chuckle.

    I did not make my goal. Too much playing. But then again, speedbo did get me farther along than usual so that is a good thing.

    Congrats everyone who made their goal.

  26. Mary, you have a way with Western terms. Loved the lyrics you crafted. :)

    I didn't officially participate in Speedbo this year. My goal had been to map out my story so I could begin writing next month. I had a number of time-stealers (sick family for a couple weeks, Spring Break, etc) but I got the big pieces in place. I still need to do some more prep before I actually write. Sigh.

    MARY CURRY—Happy anniversary! We celebrated 18 years yesterday. So nice to know there are other March anniversaries. :)

  27. Happy Anniversary Mary Curry. Love is wonderful and HEA's are also. smile

  28. I keep watching that Rawhide video again to see if I can write my stupid song better but if I scroll down to watch the words, I can't see Clint.


  29. Natalie, good for you!!!! And you've still got today remember, see if you can carve those twenty remaining track changes down!

  30. Melissa that is a FANTASTIC month. WAY TO GO! I'm glad you set your sights so high, it gave you incredible goals to try and reach.

    41,000 words! THAT'S HOW MANY I WANTED TO WRITE! I didn't get it, but I did some math last night and I'm so much closer than I had any right to dream of. Definitely a very productive month!

  31. Jenny, I know what you mean about having RAWHIDE in your head. I probably played that song twenty times, over and over and over, trying to write my words to it and now it's STUCK THERE.

    I do want to go watch old Rawhide episodes though, would that help or hurt?

  32. LOL MARY! Love seeing a young Clint, but, unfortunately all the song conjures up for me is the Rawhide scene in Blues Brothers. Belushi and Akroyd behind chicken wire singing while beer bottles fly...

    yeah, was just a baby when the show first aired. But I have always been partial to Clint in his western roles. Does that count for something?

    At 18,270 for word count. My goal was to write something every day to get a habit formed. Missed one day, but otherwise, met goal. Will probably get a few hundred in today, maybe shoot for 19,000. Also managed to get into the Killer Voice contest, so April will be another month of rabid writing (scared spitless, need help with my synopsis - afraid it will show I've no story).

    AND big congrats to Mary Curray for her big anniversary (yayy!!!!!!!) also a KV person, but not on team Shana(she got picked by Emily Rodmell).

  33. Eileen, for the purposes of our contest SPEEDBO is over today. HOWEVER!!!! Why stop? Why not keep up your writing pace for this week...or forever!!!???

  34. HELEN thank you for the coffee. :) and SEE??? you set great goals and achieved them. I hope everyone knows that SPEEDBO isn't JUST a writing sprint it can be that if you want, but these are YOUR goals. YOU set them. YOU know if you achieved them or not and no one here gets to say you succeeded or failed.

  35. Wow, so many writers getting those words in!

    My goal was 30K and I'm at 32,841. Yay!!!
    Should at least get another 1k, if not 2.

    Love the new Rawhide lyrics, Mary.

  36. CAROL GARVIN, good for you. What we wanted was for you to GET SOME WRITING DONE! Don't measure yourself against anyone but YOU. Those are 5000 words that no one can deny you! Mission Accomplished.


  38. BY THE WAY, DID YOU KNOW THAT MY KINCAID BRIDES SERIES IS WHAT INSPIRED THE MOVIE NOAH? I mean I can only assume since Julie believes her fossils are proof of the great flood and Out of Control is FREE on Amazon if you don't have a copy.

  39. Now see, Jackie? I totally get what you're saying. I am very close to the word count I set for a goal....VERY CLOSE! But I am NOT done with the book. It's wrapping up now but I won't get it done today. BUT it's long enough to meet my word count goals, just not done!

  40. 30 years of marriage is so far in my rear view mirror I can't even see it.

    Mary Curry, you young thing!!!!!

  41. YAY PIPER ON THE FINISHED NOVELLA! That's a sweet thing to have to show for this month.



  42. Oh, nooooooooooooooooo!!!

    Now I'll be singing Speedbo ALL DAY LONG!!

    But that's okay because I loved Rawhide ... er, I mean I loved Clint in Rawhide ...

    I'm with Deb Marvin -- "No matter where you finished, if you have word count, you're a winner."

    I didn't do well during Speedbo, but edits on a book, a trip out of town, out-of-town company, and getting the house ready to move bit into my time, so I hope to make it up in April, God willing.

    Happy Anniversary Mary Curry!!


  43. PEGG YOU HAVE LAMBS IN YOUR HOUSE???!!! I'm sure that's not as adorable as it sounds, but IT SOUNDS SO ADORABLE!!!!

    Good work meeting your goal!

  44. Rose spent part of Saturday riding around with me in Omaha.


    (Rose may not be speaking to me. RATS!)

  45. SANDRA Is it just me or was Clint Eastwood so gorgeous when he was young it's like BURNED INTO MY RETINA!

  46. JEANNE Sorry for the sick family this month. Good for you for getting done what you could. FORWARD PROGRESS IS THE KEY!

  47. Yes, Mary Connealy, lambs in the house - video on Facebook

  48. DEBH! You're short listed in the KILLER VOICES contest right?

    A bunch of Seeker Villagers are. IT IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  50. I got 11,000 words and 10 chapters. Finished the draft of the book I started for NANO, which was my goal. It's still pretty rough (oh, who am I kidding) and at 32,000 for the whole book it needs a lot of layering, but the framework is there. And at least I Have A Book. It was fun to write, from the moment Julia learned that the child she had by her former pimp is still alive, not dead as she was told, to the moment she had to save that child's life from a mob boss on top of the Statue of Liberty, on Christmas Eve. (I built that in in case I get to sell it as a Christmas novella.) Oh I have a lot of layering to do, it's only 32,000 words total, but it will be fun. I didn't play it safe with the plot so will have to go back and research how one enters the statue of liberty illegally by night, in 1921, but that's the least of my worries right now.
    Thank you, Mary, for a fun post to wrap it up. I remember all the old Westerns! My favorite was when Ben Cartwright told his sons, "A man is nothing if he doesn't have integrity," which he did about once per episode.
    Kathy Bailey

  51. My goal was a 75K full first draft. Right now I'm at 66K and not quite there. Is it POSSIBLE? Yes. Is it PROBABLE? Notsomuch.

    Regardless, I'm proud of what I've accomplished. Kids are home today and it's opening day of baseball season so we'll watch some of the coverage from St. Louis this afternoon.

    I'm going to see what I can get done. It's the downhill slide which USUALLY comes faster, but we'll see...

    CONGRATS again to the Rita, GH, and Killer Voices peeps :D.

  52. Great post, those old westerns with Clint!
    Headed to Amazon for your freebie!

    Congrats to Mary Curry on 30th anniversary!

  53. Kathy, you made me laugh out's common to say LOL but rarely do I really burst out laughing. Ben Cartwright had integrity about once per episode. LOVE IT!!!

    And here, I am quoting you: from the moment Julia learned that the child she had by her former pimp is still alive, not dead as she was told>>>>>>>>>>

    I'm thinking that yes, this woman has enough conflict to keep a story alive FOREVER!!!

  54. Hip replacement - the ultimate procrastination tool.

    But I wouldn't recommend it unless really needed - and I really needed it, although this was eight months before I intended or expected.

    I still managed to hit 20,000 words and like Melissa J, I'm writing until midnight tonight!

    THANK YOU, SEEKERS. SPEEDBO month always settles me into a rhythm of consistency and discipline. I appreciate the opportunity to share with so many dedicated writers here. The support and friendship truly ROCKS!

    Happy Anniversary, Mary C!

  55. Congrats to everyone!

    My original goal was to write a book in a month. which I fell short of meeting.

    However I changed the goal to writing a 1,000 words a day Monday through Friday and I did meet that goal. I am now at 24,000 words as I begin the day and hope to get more written today.

    I plan to keep writing until it is finished and am also taking Tina's course on editing. I want to keep learning this process. I am glad to have met everyone on Seekerville and plan to stay in touch.

    Thank you to all for your encouragement! This whole process has been so much fun.

  56. CAROL that is a fantastic accomplishment and since you ALREADY HAVE AN AGENT!!! YAY!!!! You don't need to pitch to Susan!

    Great month for you. Opening day? That'd be like....BASEBALL right?

    I'm an NFL fan myself.

  57. My first Speedbo. It is great.

    My goal was 60,000. At just over 67,000 and I'm a ways from finished with the story! Longest I've ever written. It just keeps coming.

    I do not make chapters until I finish the rough draft and edit once.

    Blizzard warnings today. My Beloved and I canceled an eye appointment 70 miles away and won't make the funeral in the same town. I should be able to get another 2000 words.

    I hope Speedbo has been as much fun for everyone as it is/was for me.

  58. Jackie thanks for grabbing the book. Bethany told me that since it was made free it has had over 320,000 downloads, which is very cool! Over 700 reviews...uh... shouldn't there be 320,000 reviews? SLACKERS!!!!

  59. LYNDEE! It's so nice to 'hear' your voice. LOL that's wrongly put, what with typing. But I'm glad you're at your computer and I hope and pray feeling better every day.

    You'll be so glad you got this done!

  60. Wilani (and everyone) this is the PERFECT TIME to take Tina's course, when you've been writing hard and fast and are (hopefully) finished with a book.

    NOW COMES THE HARD WORK. (just kidding, I love revising, it's close to my favorite thing--of course I'm an idiot, so who knows--it hasn't been a good week and I will be gone for a while today, hopefully, to a salvage yard, to get pieces to match my car to fix it!--I don't want to talk about it)

  61. Let's put it this way, unless I make enough money for a limo driver (that's not even on the horizon!) I think I'll just stay home from now on!

    Again, Rose. Please, I'm so sorry, talk to me, girl!

  62. WOW Dee! WOW! 67,000 in a month? WOW! This isn't a race against each other but I think, if it was, YOU'D WIN!!!!
    And a doctor and a funeral in one day and you're skipping both. Writing fiction has GOT to be better than that combo! :(

  63. So my WIP word count is 63-some-thousand, about 40,000 accomplished during Speedbo. Pretty good but I was hoping to finish - maybe about 80000. So dangle that carrot in front of me (Clint Eastwood) and Rawhide on. I'll finish this week.

  64. We do have a few openings in class. Starts tomorrow.


    And I love Glynna's quote. I write to rewrite.

  65. Okay, first... Happy Anniversary, Mary Curry!!

    Second... I'm so excited for the Perfect Pitch contest, and, yes, I believe I qualify!

    Third.... Speedbo progress:
    Finished one manuscript on the fourteenth at a word count of 69,958 and entered it in the Genesis. Finished second ms last night at 96,987 words. I can sit back and say this has been a VERY productive month. Can't wait for next year!

    I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support and encouragement. Its no wonder seekerville is voted as one of the top blogs for writers!

    Now off to start editing....

  66. CINDY that is a fantastic month! I love all of this ROLL ON SPEEDBO, ROLL ON!!!!
    If I'd said Roll On 18-Wheeler, Roll On ----I'd be off on another song.

  67. WOW CRYSTAL!!! I remember you and your ambitious goals and it sounds like you DID IT and then some! YAY!

  68. Now, Mary has me scared since she's got that whip out, but since many of my goals were met because they weren't tied to a specific word count she might go easy on me.

    Because I was ending one story and beginning a new one, my word wasn't as high as I would've liked. I forgot a few things I had scheduled, which also cut into the writing time (like chaperoning prom). However, I did make progress. Here it is in measurable terms:

    Finished novella 1
    Planned/outlined novella 2 and wrote the synopsis
    Wrote synopsis for my suspense in the Killer Voices competition
    Wrote the first 2 chapters of novella 2
    In all, I wrote right at 10K words

    All I can say is "Thanks, Seekers" for the accountability. It really helped because March turned out to be busier than I had expected.

    Just bought the novella series you worked on with others, Mary. I'm looking forward to reading it.

    I will say it has been a challenge to pop in to the blog this often. I often read it but can't reply from work because of the restrictions on our wifi, but I have been greatly encouraged by all the positive vibes and reading everyone else's progress.

  69. Even though I didn't reach my Speedbo goal, I did make progress. So I'm happy :)
    Thanks for all the support here. Y'all are amazing.
    Excited for tomorrow!

  70. Thanks Mary Connealy! A happy anniversary to you!!!

    Alas, there is no GH category for novellas. But there is for the Ritas as I'm sure you we'll see. :)

    My mother was cowboy crazy so the theme song from Rawhide is deeply embedded in my brain. I love it though!

    Congrats to everyone for your Speedbo accomplishments!

  71. Happy Anniversary Mary Curry!

    Lyndee H, praying for healing :)

    Mary, my word count total for speedbo is 19,688. My goal was to write 500 words every day to get into the habit of writing. I fell short of doing that but I managed to catch up on word count on the other days I did write, so I feel successful. I also wanted to get the rest of my book plotted. That part was an epic fail :(

    I learned that writing on weekends is not for me, that I'm a plotter, and that I really want to write. That sounds stupid at this point in the game but I've been on the fence because I have so many other things I want to accomplish that come way more naturally to me and take just as much time. But now I know! It was a successful month in my book. Looking forward to Tina's class.

  72. LOLOL!! Oh my, love those lyrics. But MARY! I now have that stupid song STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!

    I guess I should thank you, though. I had another song that our church choir has been practicing stuck in my head last night and this morning. Seriously. I woke singing it in my head.

    Yes, I'm weird. :)

  73. Happy anniversary Mary Curry!! You're just a couple of anniversaries ahead of me. :)

  74. Now Dianne, I'm not going to WHIP you for failing, I'm just going to crack that whip in the air, hopefully just ABOVE your back, and drive you onward.

    That's called ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!

  75. Revisions on proposal: check
    Line edits: check
    Author Alterations: check

    New words on next book…well, not quite as much as planned. But I got LOTS of great planning/plotting done. So now the words will flow quicker.

  76. Well, Piper sweetie, how about you enter it in the RITAs then, because you will get it published, right?????


  77. PAT W...I loved this:
    I learned that writing on weekends is not for me, that I'm a plotter, and that I really want to write.
    I think this is terrific, to say this month of writing has taught you this is a total victory. 500 words a day is great. I hope the habit holds and if it does, that book will be finished faster than you can imagine. 500 words a day adds up fast!

  78. THAT STUPID SONG??? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT MISSY! didn't you see Clint Eastwood riding on a horse being COOL!

    What's not to love about having THAT stuck in your head?

    And is it my imagination or does the end of that song, RAWHIDE!!! Those notes, the way they're sung and held, reminds me of a song from Aladdin. Not sure which one.

    Still a plagiarism issue here.

  79. Some goals met, some goals changed along the way - overall very happy!

    Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Congrats to all the great word counts, ladies! You are all awesome!


  80. Getta long little doggies !
    I'm a winner, have a word count !!!
    But need to start next book !
    Linda Finn

  81. It's been a great month of encouragement.

  82. Is there any link here between Opening season of baseball and 'perfect pitch'...

    Hey LYNDEE!!! up at your computer and working is awesome. I've been thinking about you. When my mom had both of her hips done we said she was 75 with the hips of a 15year old!
    woo hoo! you will feel SO MUCH better!

    Ruthy we don't see each other because I am 1) a hermit 2) not a fan of snow and cold but as I need to meet Melanie Pike and Mia Ross this year... ahem... we need to make a plan!

  83. You really brought back memories, Mary. I have six series of Rawhide on DVD. Now you've made me want to pull out one.

    For some reason, it's easy to picture Tina as a female Gil Favor.

    My goal was 50K and at 53,309 I made it. Happy to be in the company of such a productive group of writers.

  84. I'm loving reading all the accomplishments for the month!

    And Lyndee, it's so good to see you "up and about"!!! I'm glad you're doing well!

  85. SUSAN so glad you came away from SPEEDBO feeling good. YAY!

  86. Hi LINDA MARIE, I'm glad you are declaring yourself a winner! That's how it oughta be. We are challenging ourselves, no comparing ourselves.

  87. WALT glad SPEEDBO encouraged you! You are mysteriously silent about your goals!!!????

  88. DEBRA please take any plans to get together with Ruthy OFF the Seekerville loop. It is stirring up strife and envy. (at least in me!)

  89. Wow, Elaine 53,000 words, that is fantastic, and you EXCEEDED your goal. That is a terrific accomplishment to show for this month. CONGRATULATIONS!


    My local RWA group does that and it's cool to see the books add up, even if some people don't get a LOT of writing done, everyone helps.

  91. Speedbo report: 34,000 words. Short of my lofty goal, but almost halfway to the end of the book!

    More importantly - I got myself back into the writing 1K every day groove.

    But I'm temporarily derailed, as we travel across country to my mother's funeral next Saturday. Heart sore and in no mood to work on the WIP. Or the thousand other things I need to get done in the next two days.

    I'll be cheering on the brave souls pitching to Susan Brower! What an exciting opportunity.

  92. You know those nights that you don't sleep well for no apparent reason? ...Not YOU, Mary. I know you never sleep much...

    Well, today is the day after one of those nights, and I've got to run errands. Sigh.

    My primary goal was to write the novella for Barbour and I got that done. Yes!

    Juggling ACFW, t*x season, promotion (Mariah is on SALE this week! Whoot!), Litfuse blog tour, and writing and more stuff.

    Let's see if I can do the cute HTML stuff...

    Get Claiming Mariah for $2.99 for Kindle, Nook or CBD Ends April 5th!

  93. Jan,
    So sorry about your mother. Praying for you.

  94. LOVED this post!! (except the theme from Rawhide is on my brain for the remainder of this day) ;)

    Happy Anniversary Mary Curry!! (Today is also my oldest sister's birthday--she's also been like my 2nd mother!)

    My Speedbo Goals MET!! (Finished a contemp. ms. I'd been working on, moved forward on major revisions for an historical ms.)
    Now I'm HOPING to be completely finished revising this historical by the end of April.

    THANKS Seekerville ladies, for ALL you do!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  95. Jan Drexler, I am so very sorry for your loss....Please know you and your family are in my prayers. Gentle hugs, PJ

  96. Jan, I'm sorry about your mom. I remember when I saw you in Sioux City a long time ago you were worried about her health.

    God bless you, sweetie. The book will wait.

  97. Wow, Patti Jo, that is just fantastic. WAY TO GO!!!!!

  98. PAMMY! Excellent use of the live links.
    I can never remember how to do them but I have it pasted in an email and saved, so I can go look it up.

  99. Hi Mary! I wasn't as ambitious as some in terms of writing, because I just can't commit to writing everyday (my schedule allows for two days a week consistantly, and maybe a third sometimes). However, I did reestablish some writing habits that I had let slip, and got a lot of editing done on my first project. In total, I edited seven chapters, which equals 16,185 words. Not counting those that I cut :)

    I also started writing on another project, because I got sick of all that editing, with two writing sessions for a toal of 2,000+ words. It was nice to flex those words!

    CRAAAACCKKK! (That's the whip I hear..)

  100. HI STEPHANIE!!!! It is so fun to start writing again after you've been editing for a while. I know I love it! And I love the revision stage, too but not forever!!!!

  101. Jan Drexler, so sorry. :( I know both sides of that equation, but we're still never quite ready to be the oldest generation or to say those final goodbyes.

    I hope your time this week is filled with good wishes, kind thoughts and happy memories. God bless you.

  102. I agree, learning how to self-edit saves time, money and aggravation.

    These are important lessons to learn, and how better than at Tina's knee????

    Oh, yeah, I'd be all over that class.

  103. Jan Drexler, I'm sorry for your loss and praying God will bring comfort to you and your family.

  104. 4003 so far today for 70048 for the month.

    Still shooting for 75K or a full first draft (started from scratch March 1). Both are getting closer. Dunno if I'll finish today or not though.

    Either way I'm happy. :)

  105. My condolences, Jan.

    I wrote 13,746 words. 13,746 than I might have written otherwise. I didn't meet my goal of finishing my novella but since I spent the first week working on and revising my outline, I know where my story is headed. Even with an outline, I find that the dreaded middle is still dreadful. But I'm going to push through it with perhaps a few minor tweaks and get to The End. Then, I'll take a break and revise it before sending it out for a little critique. It will be to finish. Thanks, Speedbo!

  106. Went back and skimmed through...

    Mary Curry - happy anniversary!!!

    Mary Connealy - when I saw that there was an agent pitch deal going on, I'll admit one of my first thoughts was "Hey! I already have an agent!" ;)

    Jan - I'm so sorry. That's so hard at any age. Take care of yourself and your family. The manuscript will be there when you're ready to look at it again.

  107. PATRICIA 13,746 is a good number. Lots of forward progress there.

    And always remember if the middle starts to sag, you should SHOOT somebody. (perhaps metaphorically)

  108. The only thing I think Seekerville should've done differently this month was played that song at the BEGINNING of Speedbo, instead of the end ;) I loved the special Speedbo lyrics!

    My goal was a minimum of 500 words a day, which ends up being 15,500 for the month. We had a friend visiting for two weeks of the month, so I knew I would be doing good to get that done. I only missed ONE day of writing (and that was because I was sick and feeling too awful to stare at a computer or a page).

    Anyway, I'm pleased because I went past my goal and wrote 21,975! Yayyy! More than I would've gotten done otherwise.

    Good job to everyone! It's exciting to read about all the goal's that have been met this month!

  109. Aw, did I drool over Rowdy when I was a kid. But I sure liked Gil Favor's voice...
    Tada! I finished Speedbo with 3580 for the day, 36,000 total, so I met my goal since it was 30,000.
    I learned that I can create a rough draft without editing.
    Thank you, Mary and all Seekers for the encouragement and wise counsel and gifts.

  110. Met and passed my SPEEDBO goals! 1k or more a day. It was a great month for writing.

  111. Didn't reach my goal.I think aliens scrambled my brain or I was sucked into a black mind hole.


    I will continue to pluggeth away.thank you for the awesome Speedboat song.

    Got me thinking of Whip Crack Away on Calamity Jane. And the I had to sit down and watch the movie.

    Anyhow. I'm signed up to take Miss Racliffe's class. I'm looking forward to an editing brush up.

    On a sad note my Keurig blinked out this morning. It wasn't even six months old. How will I ever manage.

    Anticipating the next couple days at Seekerville too. How awesome you Seekers are for setting up such informative blogs.


  112. Okay... so you know I didn't mean Speedboat. Right? Stupid computer.


  113. Mary, my Speedbo goal was to finish editing my recent WIP. I got nowhere close.

  114. Wow! These comments crack me up! PLUS I'm going to be singing that song in my head for the rest of the day. Well, I ended up a little of 5k short of my goal, but I did attend some fabulous workshops and connect with even more fabulous people. I also acquired a lot of resources that I would never have found if I hadn't been participating in mean speed-BO! So all in all, I feel like this was the most accomplished month ever. I am hoping to continue along this pace (if for no other reason than to not get cracked with the whip...ouch!)Congrats to everyone who made their goals. I think I will eat a piece of pie to celebrate your success. ;)

  115. Mary,
    I was just on YouTube watching the pilot episode of Rawhide, and I must say the ending was a disappointment. I was rooting for Dallas!!
    If I had been writing that episode, I'd have paired her with Rowdy, and at the end of the trail, there would have been a little white church and a wrinkled old preacher waiting for them.
    But, then, they didn't ask me to write the script. *sigh*

  116. Mary, I love the new words to the song.

    Ruth, I received your book in the mail today and can't wait to read it.

    I have written another 3,000 words today bringing my total up to 27,000. that is the most I have ever written in one day, hoping to get in some more yet before bedtime.

    I am so excited about taking Tina's class.

  117. I wanted to get 12k this month but I only made half that. I'm plunking away at the keyboard tonight and hopeful I can squeeze out at least another 1k.

    I'm still proud of myself, think I just aimed a bit high.

    The articles have been great for me as this is my first attempt at writing anything that hasn't been assigned by a teacher. :)

  118. Also, now I am a song writer, right?




    Tina wanted it to be that Barney Song, you know, "I love you, you love me we're a blah blah whatever, so stinking perky."

    I have fought her every step.

  120. Crystal, sweetie, you know any girlfriends HAVE TO DIE!

    On Bonanza the girlfriends were the equivalent of the red shirts on Star Trek.

    I've never heard that rule about Rawhide but I assume it's true.


    Put yourself in Tina's hands. She seems so scary from the outside looking in. Then, once you get to know her, you get really scared!!!

  122. Ginger good for you. You've got a really good start and hopefully you've begun some good habits. And we will still be here long after Speedbo is over.

    Ruthy nagging you.
    Myra wacking your knuckles with her ruler if you get your grammar wrong.
    Missy weeping.
    Julie talking about kissing!
    Tina running things.
    Me being encouraging and upbeat and so delightful. (HEY IT'S MY LIST)

  123. LoRee WAY TO GO! (and watch the drool on the keyboards, really hard on them!!!!)

  124. Jamie GOOD FOR YOU! Your wrote 1000 words a day everyday all MONTH????
    Wow, that's fantastic!

  125. Walt, well, lets hope you worked toward your goal at least!!!!
    I appreciate your honestly, too. :)

  126. C'mon LeAnn??? You said>>>>I'm going to be singing that song in my head for the rest of the day<<<<<
    It's almost 7 o'clock when you left that comment, how much more day is there? (unless it keeps you awake at night, then that can go on a long time!!!!)

  127. Tina Pinson that whole 'aliens vs black hole' thing...occupational hazard of being a writer.

    Not to have that, what I mean is, if you're writing fiction, you can come up with fabulous reasons for things. So much more fun that way.

  128. I loved Speedbo this year!
    And not just because I met my goal ;)

    Hope everyone is gearing up for more good work in April!

    I didn’t meet my goals (too many days in the hospital), but I have forward progress! It feels like a Huge Accomplishment to me!!!!
    Thank you so much to all of the authors and the participants! It is amazing that so many people gave freely of their time to teach, mentor, and encourage us. Thank You!!!!
    I have learn so much, and I know myself better as a writer. This is a whole new world to me. When I first read that someone had finished a “5K”, I thought they were talking about running a 5K. :) !!

    I am going to take the rest of this week off, and then give myself two weeks to finish my speedbo goals. No way am I giving up now!!!

    ***And a Special Thanks to Ruthy for her enthusiasm & fun comments!

  130. Hi Mary Connealy! Actually it was almost four o'clock when I left that comment (my time anyway) so I've now been singing it for FOUR HOURS!!!!! And will probably be up and singing it for at least 3 more! :{
    Rollin', rollin' rollin'
    Keep the song a rollin'
    Rollin', rollin' rollin'
    Speed-Bo (crack!!!!)

  131. I confess, I didn't make my goal. I should next week. This week I'm writing a synopsis, which is due Monday.

    Congrats Mary Curry!

  132. Good gracious! 135 comments! And by the time I finish typing this it'll probably be 150. How am I going to read them all?? One at a time, I'm guessing, since I haven't figured out any other way.

    Speedbo: Met my goal of revising 2nd historical from deep third POV to !st person -- word count 97,000. Will be editing that in Tina's class. Didn't start on final edit of 1st historical, but that's fine.

    Best lesson from Speedbo: I am more likely to reach my goal with editing or revising during Speedbo than writing something new.

    Congrats to all the Speedbo-ers! And thanks again to the Speedbo Cheering Squad!

    Nancy C

  133. Oh, Jan, so sorry for your loss.

    Nancy C

  134. Wow, what a month.

    Thank you for hosting Speedbo. It took me literally to the last hour to meet my goal, but I'm happy to report that I wrote every day. I started the month with 8800 words completed in my WIP and crossed over the 44,000 word mark tonight. So while I didn't finish a whole book, I wrote every day and at least a thousand words every day.

    I think the good thing that came out of this is to establish goals. Whether each of us met our goal or not, each of us thought about being purposeful in how we approach our writing-whether it was to write an entire book, edit a novella, write more consistently etc. That's wonderful in and of itself.

  135. Sorry I'm a day late but I had to leave a comment. I love Rawhide! Let's crack that whip and rejoice over all the words assembled by the Speedbo-ers!!


    Whew, what a month. Now, I can't wait to see what treasures will be found after the polishing!!

    Great month, guys! Everyone did so well!!

  136. Met my SPEEDBO goal! Novel and a short story completed! Thanks so much!

  137. Totally late reporting in, but I managed 21K words in March, completing a novella. :)

    Thanks, Seekerville, for Speedbo!