Thursday, March 13, 2014

Never Give Up by Churchill and Other Great Stuff


Jumping in on a writing challenge is like a New Year's Resolution...

Or a diet... We jump in, both feet, knowing we can do it, BELIEVING WE CAN DO IT, and then something happens. Life intervenes. Someone has a baby.

Someone gets sick. Family crisis. Black Fever. Plague hits. Weather devastation abounds!!!

World-wide flooding and you forgot your swimmies

 The sun came out.

 The sun didn't come out.

 You had to wash your hair.


 I've been there. Done that. And I'm going to give you a reminder that we had in the Weekend Edition three weeks ago: The #1 Habit of a Successful Author is TENACITY. And that's something that really helps you in a challenge like Speedbo.... We've got good days,  bad days, life happens... 

That means we've got to stick to it. We fall down, we pick ourselves up and start again. We miss a day, so what? Jump back on the bandwagon the next day. And the next. Do you know that more people MESS UP THEIR DIETS by slipping off once... and staying off.

What are we thinking??? Are we one-chance-and-it's-done people????

NO!!! Perish the thought!!!! As if!!!!!!  

We aren't, we're of the Race that Knows Joseph, we're pull-'em-up-by-the-bootstraps workers, we refuse to stay down!!!

Staying down is silly! Everyone takes a day off now and again. Everyone has life interrupt them, speed bumps occur, difficulties arise. But if you can push yourself through this ONE MONTH of writing every day (and climbing back in the saddle if you miss a day!!!) you'll have created a HABIT. 

Habits can be good or bad. THIS ONE IS GOOD!!!!

There is a reason the book "The Top Seven Habits of Highly Successful People" became a best seller.

 Because everyone wants... Come closer.... Naw, closer yet, I'm whispering... 

The Secret.

Yup. That's us, all right, we all want the inside track, the new knowledge, the secret society handshake that shows us the way to success.

The secret is tenacity. Perseverance. I read an article in Publisher's Weekly that said luck was a big factor because "things happen" and if you're lucky, they happen in your favor. If you're unlucky, they happen and thwart you.


 In sales they tell you "The harder you work, the luckier you get." This is so true, I mean I'm not like bossin' you 'round or nothin', but hey... unless you happen to be lucky enough to find a cache of old tin cans filled with gold coins in your back yard, it takes steady work to build your success in any business.

Writing is no exception, the thing that grabs me about writing, though, is that I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I love to write stories. I love to create. I love what I do. So if you've fallen to the wayside, if your WIP isn't going as fast as you wanted, don't give up!!!! We have teams of helpful operators, willing to TALK YOU THROUGH IT!!! (That's not one bit true, but that would be fun, right? To have Tina or Mary or Debby answer the phone and get you back on track??? I'm all over that idea!)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to saddle up... Climb back on the horse... And write, write, write. You can do this. I believe it. I KNOW it. Because the only think separating you from your dream is what you're willing to put into it. Go for it. Go for the Gold, but it's okay to start with an Honorable Mention or a Bronze. Because the steps toward success are there, right in front of you! Ya' just gotta keep climbin' 'em!

Today I've got one of the sweetest stories ever to give away to you.... and I was going to give away five copies, but let's double that...


Check out this cover:

HOW ADORABLE ARE THEY???? DO YOU SEE THOSE BABIES???? TWINS!!!!! OH MY STARS, I'D BE ALL OVER WANTING TO WIN THIS BOOK JUST BECAUSE THOSE BABIES ARE THE SWEETEST THINGS.... Of course the hot sheriff's deputy holding them is nothing to shrug off lightly, either, LOL!

So ten copies.... I'm in a mailing mood this week, so youse caught me at a good time! And I hope you love this book, I hope you run to Amazon and leave luscious reviews, but most of all I hope you close that last page cheering for Seth and Gianna and delighted that some really cute Italians have moved into Kirkwood Lake!!!  :)

Come on in, I bet Helen's got coffee going and I brought Snickerdoodles!!!

Oh, happy day!

Ruth Logan Herne is a fun-loving writer from upstate New York where snow and cold have been her constant companion for months. Occasionally she pokes her head up, out of the burrow hole, sees more snow, and goes back to writing or taking care of cute kids by baking them cookies and letting them use LOTS OF GLITTER. A hybrid author, Ruthy writes in the middle of the night where just the occasional coyote yowl breaks the silence. You can find her on facebook as Ruth Logan Herne, same thing for Twitter, and at


  1. Did you drop by my house today?

    I had one of those "my husband invited company home" kind of days. No writing done. None. Zero.

    But tomorrow is a new day, right? And on top of that, the house is clean :)

    Put my name in the cat dish! You are going to sign the books for the winners of the drawing, aren't you?

  2. LOVE this post (and YOU) Ruthy! Wow, have you ever been a motivational speaker? Because you sure are a motivational WRITER!!
    I'm keeping this one handy to re-read when I need a boost (or a kick? LOL).

    That book cover is sooo sweet!! Love those twin babies---oh my--sooo precious!
    Please toss my name into the cat dish for your drawing (but if not, I'll still buy a copy!).
    Your Kirkwood Lake books are great--always makes me want to "visit" there.

    I do hope you're keeping warm with all the snow and freezing COLD you all have had. (You're always welcome here in Georgia!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  3. Yep, Helen's got the coffee here to go with the snickerdoodles!!

    No, my Speedbo project is not moving as fast as I would like. But I'm hanging in there!!!

  4. I love this post! You are such an encourager!

    Please throw in my name. That book looks so awesome. I love babies and children.

  5. Hi, Ruthy!!! You have my adrenaline going, and I am so NOT a writer! Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, put my name in the dish for a book! I love babies...and twins! Too precious! Thanks for the post. Praying for you all

  6. That was a GOOD one - even in the dead of winter you're kickin' us in the rear... Needed!!!

    Great photos too!

    Count me in, should I be a lucky winner! :)

  7. Great post, Ruthy!!!

    My lands, those babies and that lawman! Does the cuteness ever stop?? I'm guessing no, and that's a good thing. ;)

    Are these the in vitro babies you talked about on Amber's blog? GRIPPING premise! So intriguing!

    Aaaand I could look at that cover all day. ;)

    I didn't get a lot of editing done today. But, to quote the most famous fictional southern belle evah, "Tomorrow is anothah day!" :) Back in the saddle, as you said.

  8. I loved your post today. I've been in a deep battle with a 'bug'. My hubby was sick for a week and I took care of him figuring the bug wouldn't jump ships...well it did and I've been down since last Thursday. I haven't even visited my computer but I will be back in the saddle pushing forward now.

    Oh I do love the cover of your new book and would LOVE to win a copy. Thank you for your generosity.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  9. (Ruthy runs back and adds the word autographed to the giveaway!!!)

    I had to go back and put my Speedbo Badge in because I FORGOT TO DO IT and Tina, um....



  10. Patti Jo, blizzard here yesterday!!!!


    So I might just come visit, be careful what you wish for, my sweet thing. And I loved, loved, loved that pic of you and your son on Facebook... Oh, so wonderful!

    And huge THANK YOUS for buying my books!!! I love the Kirkwood Lake series, and Loving the Lawman...

    Oh my stars, Patti, I think it will touch hearts and maybe mend a few family things here and there. God doesn't want families to be snarky!!!!

    He wants us to be nice!!!

  11. Helen, notice I didn't bring coffee... I knew you'd be here and I waited for yours!!!


    And doesn't that happen to all of us? Frankly, we all need wives, someone to come in and do the entertaining, laundry, shopping, cleaning, dishes, cooking, baking, arranging birthdays, vacations (I've heard some people take such things but you can't prove it by me!!!) :)

    A wife.

    A blessedly convenient thing to have!

  12. Wilani!!!! Thank you!

    We push through the down times, the short days together.

    Just because that's what working together is all about, sweet thing. Going for the gold, but hey, I'm often happy with honorable mention because it means I didn't quit!!!

    You're in, and have I mentioned how much I LOVE THIS COVER!!!! THANK YOU LOVE INSPIRED!!!!

  13. Marianne, you're in! And I love that you're such a faithful reader... without you, we wouldn't have a job, so God bless you in the utmost sincerity!

  14. K.C., I've cleaned out the cat dish and your name is now IN IT!!!!

  15. Natalie Monk!!! Hey, I e-mailed you yesterday for your snail mail address because this is my book mailing week... (stares at huge pile of gold Scotch envelopes filled with books and squeals with delight!!!)

    And I'm tossing you in for this one, too because it's such a stinkin' beautiful story...

    And it was inspired by God so that's not me taking credit, I could just see this young mother, odds stacked against her, saying yes to life...

  16. Cindy W!!!!! We've had Norovirus up here, sweeping through families, schools, hospitals...

    I blame cruise ships, LOL!

    So yeah, I succumbed last week for a day-and-a-half, but once over it I jumped back in on the weekend. I didn't get any work on my proposal done, but I did catch back up on my Christmas book NEWS FLASH!!!! SOON TO BE NAMED!!!! ALTHOUGH I DID SUBMIT "MAX AND TINA'S EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE AS A CHOICE!!!!!

    If they pick a name today, I'll tell youse!

    So I'm totally in your camp on that "bug" thing... and celebrating how good I feel now!

  17. Your posts are always so much fun, Ruthy!

    And yes, I love that cover. Those twins and that lawman. Please put me in the drawing.

    I'm glad that tenacity is the #1 trait for success because I've got that in spades. Luck, on the other hand...

  18. The babies steal the cover. I bet they steal the story too.

    On the diet I have learnt that if I fall of the wagon to get back on and not to beat myself up (says me who put on a little weight this week).

    I would love my name in the cat dish. can I bribe your cat?

    ok im to tired to think time for bed.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Jenny, good morning!

    Yes, you're in, yes the babies steal the cover, but they're not around during the story, well... Not in PERSON, anyway!!!!


  21. As you like to say Ruthy... Oh Mylanta! BABIES!!! Babies on the cover held by handsome hero. What's not to love about the cover? Please put my name in the cat dish. I'm always all-in on a Ruthy book (Seeker books in general, actually).

    A little writing everyday. Creating the habit. THAT has been my SPEEDBO goal. I hand wrote words last night (don't have official count yet) since my little guy begging for attention kept me off the laptop - but I did get some writing in! (hooray for me *heh*). Thanks to this post, I will remember to get up, dust myself off, and CLIMB BACK ON, should I have a bad day in the future.

    You are awesome Ruthy! Talk about you being the Energizer Bunny of writing -- love how you encourage us to keep going and going and going...

  22. I've had a couple of slow days, but I haven't given up yet.

    Thanks so much to you all for encouraging us to set a goal to finish our books. Otherwise I might have a vague goal.

    Have a great day!

  23. Ruthy, those babies are too cute! One baby is irresistible, but two!!! :-)

    Thanks for reminding me that there's no disgrace in starting over. That's what I'm doing today! I'm not giving up, just re-focusing after a busy two days that I had no control over. :-)

    Anytime you set a goal, you know who tries to hinder you...his name starts with a D...

  24. Deb H., any time you need an energizer bunny talk, contact me!!! HAPPY TO OBLIGE!!! It helps me direct my bossy nature where needed.


    You're in, I cleaned the cat dish JUST LAST NIGHT!!! It was filled with snow from #blizzard, the brat...

    And you know, when we fall off the wagon of any good habit, the best thing to do is climb right back up into the driver's seat and drive away, working your way to success.

  25. Jackie, you're doing fine!

    Like Deb H. said, we're creating the habit of writing.

    Once you've done that, writing consistently, you're on the way. The trick is to keep plodding even if you don't think you have anything to say.

    Nobody makes an offer on an empty page.

    Keep trudging!!!!

  26. You always make me smile, Ruthy. Love those babies, and love the cover of your book! I'd LOVE to be in the drawing for it! :)

    Great post! Tenacity is something we have to choose each day, isn't it? Making up my mind that I'm going to keep moving forward is the first major step. :)

    I can always tell your posts because of your exuberant voice. :) Love it!

  27. I woke up tired this morning, but after reading your post, Ruthy, I feel like I've consumed an entire pot of coffee over the last 10 minutes.


    I agree with every word, too. Write, write, write. There is no secret; there's only hard work, tenacity through the tough times and lots of imagination.

    The cheerleader in you popped out big time today, toots!!!!

    I love it.

    Go Speedbo!

  28. Mary Hicks, great point!!!

    You know sometimes it's life that gets in the way, totally understandable...

    But you make a GREAT AND WONDERFUL POINT that disappointment, lack of confidence, depression and despair over what we think of our writing isn't of God. It's NEVER OF God...

    He wants his children happy. He longs for your success as a person and he doesn't give out talent carelessly...

    I've always believed that if he gives a talent, he'd like us to use it.

    And that keeps me going! And it keeped me focused on the goal all those years when raising children and working two jobs and sports schedules, and birthdays and showers and weddings kept me too busy....

    But when he opened that window ten years back, I CRAWLED THROUGH!!!!


    Thanks for raising that point!

  29. I have a special place in my heart for twins, I have twin brothers and one of them just had twin grandaughters in Dec (Aubrey and Annaliese, aren't those names beautiful?) love stories with twins in them too!

    My writing class at church last night was about avoiding speed bumps that get in the way of our writing, how appropriate! more motivation when added to yours Ruthy!

    Can't wait to read the new book and would love it even more if I got a signed copy from you so please put my name in the drawing bowl!

  30. Oh, Ruthy, you are a hoot.

    Tenacity, some have it naturally and the rest of us have to learn it. I'm still learning.

    I would love to win any book by you. I just love your writing.

    Ginger in AL (where it's 28, but we don't get the privilege of seeing snow - blech and Hallelujah. I'm just a little double-minded on the white stuff.)

  31. Love the cheerleader post, Ruthy! You're living proof that perseverance breeds success. A great motivator for Speedbo, for anything worth doing in life.

    Reminds me of rearing kids. I didn't give up when my toddler rolled on the floor screaming. Anyone have one of those?

    I didn't give up when that toddler grew into a strong willed child and defied me.

    I didn't give up when that child grew into a mouthy teenager.

    I didn't give up when that teenager grew into an adult and...wowed me with the wonderful person she'd become. Now she's raising her own kids. And is a great mom.

    Ever have a story that was harder to write than raising kids? LOL

    I'm guessing not.

    God is good. Prayers are answered. Perseverance pays off.


  32. LOVE the new cover, Ruthy--and I usually don't like babies on covers. LOL! So you know this cover is a GRAND one! :) I like it that the hero and heroine are "close up," too, as it emotionally draws in a potential purchaser.

    Yes, TENACITY -- stick-to-it-ness -- is a major key to success. I have a greeting card framed above my desk of a little "Cindermouse" and a fairy godmouse with a magic wand hovering above her. It reminds me that I'M the only one who can sit myself down and write my stories 'cause there is no such thing as a fairy godmother who will come in and do it for me!

  33. I'm working hard! Not where I want to be, but further along than I was ;0

  34. I need some coffee. Thanks Helen. Yep I'm laying in the road wounded and anguishing after falling off the Speedbo wagon last Friday. Haven't been able to catch the silly thing to get back on yet but today is the day. Got this wonderful book cover of Ruthy's with those baby twins to inspire me. More Kirkwood Lake! Hooray! It's enough to make a girl get up off the too-large posterior and drag herself to the Snickerdoodles.

  35. For ONCE in my life, I've stuck w/my little ol' goal everyday of Speedbo. (There are times I could get several hundred more words in but I'm afraid it might dry up my creative wells for the following day so I put it away until the next day. Pathetic.)

    I'm paranoid about falling off the wagon so I've made sure it hasn't happened yet. It helps that I don't have a job outside the home...Just 5-7 kids at home this week. I bribe them w/taking 'em fishing, shopping and the movies so they better let me write if they want to go.

    You're always an inspiration!
    Feel free to toss my name in that cat dish.

  36. Just typed up the longhand notes I wrote last night sitting next to toddler watching the Incredibles - 613 words. Fleshing out character notes helping me get to know my characters better.

    baby steps.

    Janet: you mean my way too-clever-for-his-own-good child is going to be a mouthy teenager? blast. this calls for a phone call to mom on how she dealt with me. y'know - the older i get, the smarter MOM is... go figure.

  37. LOL, Ruthy, you knew better to include my name on the "Seekers On Call" pseudo-roster. Me? Telephones?


    Love your pep talks, though, Miz Kick-in-the-Pants. You know how to lay it on the line.

    Frankly, I'm more scared of you than I am of Grammar Queen! Or a certain agent we share.

  38. Love the cover. You're right. The babies are adorable. They'll sell books! LOL!

    Thanks, Ruthy, for the pep talk. I'm in it to win it! :) (American Idol speak for Keep Writing!)

    Are you snowed in?
    Did you bake cookies?
    Are you sharing?


  39. Please put my name in drawing. Love the "Lawman" books.

  40. Talk about PERFECT TIMING!!! I just finished a week of edits that blew my Speedbo hopes out of the water, so today I'm diving back in, Ruthy, so BLESS YOU!!

    And I LOVE Snickerdoodles HOT OUT OF THE OVEN!!!


  41. RUTHY, thank you for an inspiring post and for pointing us back to God. I thought of Philippians 4:13(all of Philippians, really; oh, heck, and the other 65 books while I'm at it.) He is why We do It.
    JANET, good insight on child raising. If we let our toddler keep screaming (or, worst case scenario, walked away for good) they would either grow up as brats or not grow up at all. We keep with it until we see the fruit.
    NATALIE, thanks for the "Gone With the Wind" quote. My favorite GWTW quote is "Iffen you don't care how folks talks about dis fambly, I does!" (Mammy.) GWTW celebrates its 75th anniversary this year along with "The Wizard of Oz." It's also the 75th year of the Oreo cookies, 50th of the Beatles in America, and 50th of the War on Poverty. I must send out some cards...
    The second most famous Southern belle was Blanche in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Her classic line was, "I have always depended up on the kindness of strangers." I use it a lot at conferences, when I can't find my way around the hotel.
    Kathy Bailey

  42. WHERE I'M AT.
    I'm doing Speedbo a little differently. Not so much on word count (though I have about 3,000), but on chapters. I'm trying to finish the novel I started for NANO. I'm closing in on it. I'm a plotter but not linear, writing scenes and sequel and putting them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle, then layering in and smoothing out the rough edges, which will be considerable. But at least I'll have a book. The book is aimed at LIH or a similar line and is the sequel to the post-World-War-I story I'm shopping around now. It deals with Julia, the best friend of Violet, the heroine of the first book (Friends! Friends! Friends! See yesterday's blog if you haven't). Julia, a reformed and Christian ex-prostitute, thought her daughter died at birth; when the child's father comes to her six years later he tells her the girl is alive and has been kidnapped. Julia must turn her back on her new life, counseling women at a settlement house, and plunge back into the underworld to outwit two different groups of thugs to find the daughter she never knew. I've got the characters because some of them rolled over from the first book, and I've got a lot of the historical detail, ditto; what I'm working on is the plot, which is more suspense-y than my usual.

  43. Kaybee, that sounds like terrific plot. Hope you get the book completed this month and you find a home for the first one.

  44. Ruthy, thank you so much for this post. I absolutely love your books and would love to win an autographed copy! I love babies and he has two! The woman seems totally at peace with the sheriff and the one baby looking at her and smiling? Precious!!! And the other baby looking at the camera? I love it! Would love to read their story. Please, please put my name in the dish!

    Needed this post for encouragement with Speedbo. I've decided anything I write is more than I had before. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, or in this case, one word in front of the other, and eventually you get there.

    Another thing that has helped me is having and accountability partner. Someone who knows I'm writing and asks to see how much I've written, and then asks to see it! Can't fool her. But on those days when everything seems to hit and I can't write, I am quicker to sit down and write when the time opens up, whether it's half an hour or two hours.

    “Now glory be to God, who by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of — infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.”

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! They are calling for snow here on Monday. I'm hoping for a bunch of it!

  45. Ruth! You let your kids use Glitter?!!! You are a Hero!! I love Glitter!

    Thanks for the very funny post! Perfect timing! Can't wait to read your book!

  46. Tracy Hagwood, how cool that your writing class and I both bossed you at the same time!!!!


    It's such good advice, and it's something that happens to EVERY WRITER!!!! Twins... How fun is that?????

  47. Ginger!!!! Snow is a mixed blessing, for sure!

    First, it's WAY PRETTIER than rain. I'm not a fan of cool, wet, gray winters, I think we'd find them depressing because while it's cold up here, it's gorgeous, but the old "enough is enough" is prevalent now!

    And thank you for that beautiful compliment!!! Ginger, you just made my day! You're in the cat dish!!!

  48. For the super frustrated, here's one of my favorite quotes...

    "Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is Potential. Impossible is Temporary. Impossible is Nothing."
    Muhammad Ali

    “With God all things are possible.” Matt 19:26

  49. Janet, good morning!!!! Oh, you're so right.

    Lucy Maude Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables) called them "Living Epistles" when she talked about Anne raising her children... and I've always felt the same. Kids first... the brats!!! :) And then the career change.

    But that's if you're calling waitressing and teacher aide and Tupperware Lady and beloved bridal consultant CAREERS!!!! :) No matter, the good thing was that doing all ... wait, I forgot baker and cake decorator!!!!... doing all that helped me to have an inside track on so many small town jobs, I think God was training me to write later!!!!

    Yay, God!!!!

  50. Thank you, Ruth for the encouragement! This was supposed to be a good week for me because I am on Spring Break, but my bestie has been in town from Ft. Worth and then a nasty creeping crud has come in and sapped me of all my energy. I have not written in TWO days and so I really have fallen off of the wagon. But now I am going to get back on. I am going to grab my bootstraps and get going again.

    I would love to have my name in the hat for one of your books. You had me at hot sheriff and hooked me with twin babies!

  51. Glynna!!!!

    I'm laughing because I agree, some baby covers are kind of overdone, (although I loved, loved, loved Jingle Bell Babies a few years ago, those triplets cuddled in Christmas outfits under the tree... Oh, ADORABLE!!!!)

    And Seth is named for and physically modeled after my son Seth.... So the blonde hair, the light eyes, the buff look... Stinkin' cute guy with a great model for Gianna!

    LOVE IT!!!!

  52. Sherri Shackelford, LOL! You go, girl!!!

    I can just see you redoubling your efforts. Rock on!

  53. Thanks Ruthy for the wonderful encouragement. Yup...I've had to put my Speedbo WIP aside for a few days..but determined to get going again!! Will catch up this weekend! Whew!!!

    Would love to be entered in the contest for your book!! Thanks...

    By the way, I have the tea kettle on for those of us who don't drink coffee...Snickerdoodles go good with tea too!!!

    Have a tea-lightful day!!!

  54. Cindy Regnier, you're in the cat dish... And yes, woman, DRAG YOURSELF over to those Snickerdoodles, take TWO and get back to work.

    It's always the getting back to work part that slows us because we get disappointed in ourselves.

    That's not of God. Not when we're doing good stuff.

    Self forgiveness and self-disappointment aren't healthy, but we're kind of STUBBORN, us humans!!!

  55. No comments on the picture of Ruthy and Dave holding their first-born (2nd, 3rd...?) child????

    Y'all were SO cute! :)

    Okay, logging off now. I made the mistake of checking email and Seekerville when I should be writing.

    I'm almost done with my novella, so going to join Samuel and Annabelle and see what they're up to! ;)

  56. Connie Queen, you're in!!!!

    And I'm so stinkin' proud of you, because how easy would it be to FALL OFF the WAGON with kids home all week?????

    YOU ROCK!!!!

    Laughing and cheering from upstate!!!

  57. Deb H...


    I read that somewhere. Or maybe I wrote it.

    (scratches head, wondering...)


    Almost 700 words.

    700 words/day is about 250,000 words per YEAR.

    250,000 WORDS PER YEAR just doing what you did last night.

    Pretty sweet!!!

  58. Myra, LOL!!!! Remember when I was SO AFRAID OF that certain agent????

    Oh my stars, I was beyond intimidated and downgraded to fearing for my life, and then I went to hear her speak and thought "this is one of the smartest and most honest people I've ever met" and honestly folks, that is a rarity in this business, so when I needed an agent I thought "SO WHAT THAT YOU'RE SCARED, YOU BIG NINNY!!!! APPROACH HER!!!" (THIS WAS AFTER MIA, MY DAUGHTER, TINA AND MARY ALL YELLED AT ME, MIND YOU....)

    And now I have her and love her because she's just plain honest.

    I like tough but honest. So we're a good match!!!!

    But mostly I love that I scare Myra more than Natasha does, LOL!!!


  59. Debby Giusti, I'm still dying to read this new book. It's here, I have it, and I'm embarrassed beyond belief that I haven't read it yet, but soon because I LOVE GIUSTI BOOKS!!!!!

    Lots of snow, 20".... VERY COLD!!!! Fresh cookies, yes, even though I'm off baked goods for Lent I figured my sacrifice wouldn't go over too well with three-year-olds so it's a good lesson to me to abstain even though temptation abounds!!!


  60. Good morning, Ruthy! What a cheerleader post! And you used one of my favorite phrases: "the race that knows Joseph" (yes, I'm a huge Anne of Green Gables fan!)

    I really needed that this morning. I've been doing great with my Speedbo goals up until last night. I didn't make a goal to write everyday (because my work schedule is really busy in March, and if I tried to write everyday on top of all that, I would burn myself out), so I set up certain days of the week to get writing and editing done. I even have it set up in my Scrivener file! However, I just couldn't do it last night. Too tired, crabby, dog needed a bath (she got into something that was smelling pretty funky!), etc. But hey, just because I couldn't do it last night doesn't mean I can't readjust for tonight, right? Or even my lunch hour, since I have my laptop at work with me today. Gotta keep moving!

    I also came up with an idea for a future novel this morning while I was getting ready for work, so I think today is a much better writing day all around. Some days your brain just works better than others!

    Those twins on your cover are just too cute. Please include me in the drawing! Have a splendid day!

  61. Kaybee, thank you!!!! I love how God blesses us... but also that he blesses us with hands/feet/intellect and probably, most likely, kinda-sorta expects us to use them!!!

    And you're doing just that, with your crossword puzzle way! I know other writers who work that way, and I totally get it. I can't DO it, but I can see it, it's like how a movie is done, with like-dressed actors getting scenes done out-of-sequence to save time and money. And it makes sense, but I think you have to be wired to do it successfully. Go, you!!!!

  62. March has been my worst month of the year so far a long shot. But God's grace is sufficient, and things are looking up! I'm not where I wanted to be in Speedbo, but even a little progress is still progress :)

    I saw your blizzard news on Facebook. Glad our snow here melted! Bring on spring sunshine!

  63. I didn't jump into the Speedbo challenge but have completed a manuscript this month and am nearly done edits on another one, planning to start a brand new story YAAAY! in April. So Speedbo came a month too early. Or I could have been a month slow, which is more likely the truth.

    At any rate, toss me in the cat dish for a Ruthy book (at least if I can get it digitally). No. Wait. My name. It goes in the cat dish, and I'll wait over here.

  64. I am back on the wagon, Ruthy! Thanks for the enthusiastic nudge to get back to work! LOL

  65. Since my last post I got in over 1K this morning. The bestie is sleeping in and I am ignoring my house for a few minutes to write. I have never been this motivated in my life! Thanks again for the kick!

  66. Loved your post, and your humor (as usual) Ruth!!

    I'm not a writer, but am cheering all the Speedbo participants on - the sooner they get those books written, the sooner I get to read them, right??

    Would love to win a copy of "Loving the Lawman", Ruth - loving the pic of those babies!! Thanks for the opportunity!


  67. Awesome post Ruth! You know, it's funny...what I call tenacity, my hubby just calls stubbornness! Of course, I don't agree. Haven't gotten much writing done this week because one of my babies is home visiting. She's 23 and thinks Mama is supposed to cater to her every need while she's home. (and of course I do) I am still plugging along and am almost to 5k words for the week.
    By the way, can someone loan me some stevia for my coffee???? I'm fresh out and I NEED my coffee!!!!

  68. LOVE the babies, Ruth!! Makes me want to have another...and people think my husband and I are crazy already for having six. Who cares? I'd take twins. :-)

    Also LOVE the encouragement! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love that cover...oh, and the book underneath it as well.

  69. Go. Go. Speedbo!

    Get back on that horse and write into the sunset!

  70. Enjoyed the post.
    Have been creating some of my own distractions this month and needed that "talking to".
    Please add my name to the cat dish -- always room for a new book.

  71. whoa... 250,000 words. That's like, *using fingers to do math* FOUR AND ONE HALF Love Inspired books.


    so THAT's how it's done. *Liiiiightbullllllb*
    (ala Gru from Despicable Me with his lightbulb moments)

  72. I would read all 73 comments but I've been too busy fighting my laptop. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO over it but I'm waiting for Windows 9 or trying to because I have yet to hear anything good about Windows 8 and they tend to run "every other one is good" - so no words yet today but a few dozen pages in Mesu Andrews's new book - In the Shadow of Jezebel. I did write about 1500 yesterday and a 1K blog post. And I'm at 316xx for the month so I can't complain.

    But I want to be one of the ten! You're right, Ruthy dear! I want that book!

  73. Here I am, admitting that after eleven relatively productive days, *yesterday* I missed writing. Ack!!! I know getting back on track won't be a problem -- I'm raring to go today -- but your post is SO timely! It's like you were peeking in my window and caught me.

    And talk about mixed references... Mission Impossible, Gunsmoke and the Olympics, all in one paragraph! All that inspiration. :) And Snickerdoodles??? Love them. I'm gonna grab a couple and a mug of Helen's coffee and get to work now, if that's okay with you guys. I'd love it if you'd drop my name into that cat dish, too.

  74. Will write for your book, Ruthie! At my favorite hangout bookstore after a meeting only to find I brought the power cord not the chromebook! Commenting on smartphone so will be brief. Have notebook with graphic organizer for scenes those so I take it that I am to plot not pantser!

  75. Ok so I can't spell Ruthy and I have no computer. I am blessed by the revelation I can write on paper instead of google docs !

  76. Ruthy, your post is just fun! And motivating. Makes me want to stop what I'm doing and write. My boss would frown on that so instead I'm making plans to write tonight.

    Throw my name in the hat for one of those 10 copies. The cover is great.

  77. Carol, about a year ago I bought a new laptop w/windows 8. I disliked it so much I gave it to my son and took my husband's old laptop. If you google, "I hate Windows 8" you'll find lots of articles.

    I actually love Windows 7.

  78. Yeah - I loved XP and Win 7. Notsomuch Vista. That's why I'm hoping this craptastic laptop will last through Windows 9 and pray it's better than Win8.


  79. Oh my goodness -- LOVED this to pieces. I heard inspirational music swelling up in the background at the end. I felt like I should stand up and cheer!

    I'm trying to be tenacious with this speedbo. I think, honestly, my daily word goal was too ambitious for the days I work. Even though I only work half days, I have this wonky nerve pain thing that builds as the day goes on and I'm pretty much toast by 3:00. So I come home and write from 1:00 - 3:00.

    I've also learned that I can't write more than 500 words at one sitting. My foot gives me fits so I get up and do some stretching exercises, wash the dishes or throw in a load of laundry just to get moving again for about ten minutes and then I go back for another 500 words.

    At first I was really frustrated by my limitations, but now that I'm seeing the word count grow over the days I'm pretty jazzed. You're right tenacity is the key.

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

  80. So looks like next year. Not back to school or Christmas like I was hoping...

    Or maybe I need a Windows 7 CD and just "downgrade" to it...

  81. Olivia here. As a former tech person with a penchant for devices, I have found buying or being gifted with the chromebook fits the bill. It is smaller and sturdier than my beloved surface and the best part is that google docs functions more like a word 97-03 document. It is an Internet browser and when I write at the bookstore, I have none of the exposure to my personal files that I would have on my laptop or surface...just a thought for all of you who want to wrie on an inexpensive device.

  82. You also have a relatively large keyboard not a touch screen that allow you to spell correctly unlike using the smartphone!

  83. Yep, its Ruthy day. Lots of fun. smile

    Nice cover. LI does love those babies. smile

    And yes, the lawman is nice too. still smiling

  84. Sally Shupe, you're in, darling!!! First, thank you for your compliments!!!


    I love your Speedbo attitude, it's the one foot in front of the other and it's so important because that's what makes the habit of writing.

    You hang in there and yes, whatever more you have is more than what you had!!! And you're in the cat dish with GREAT ENTHUSIASM!!!! :)

  85. Jana!!!! "There is no such thing as too much glitter or too many sprinkles..." That was a quote from my first book (A REALLY BAD BOOK, BUT IT HAD SOME GOOD IDEAS I EVENTUALLY STOLE AND USED ELSEWHERE!!!) And I've used that quote ever since!

    I love glitter!!!!! I even get it on my face and I feel very Fairy-friendly!!!

  86. Jana, I agree!!!

    Tina has dared me a few times with the impossible, and I love to jump on a dare... as long as no one dies!!!


    But yes, I've always loved the quote that "People who are busy saying something can't be done should get out of the way of the folks doing it."

    I need a t-shirt with that on it!

    You and I are a lot alike, Jana!

  87. *sigh* I haven't written anything this month except, "You need a comma here." And "Mother should be capitalized because there's no adjective in front of it such as my or her or the." And "This whole paragraph is one long sentence. You might want to break it into 2 or more sentences to make it flow better and help the reader stay focused on the point you are trying to make."

    This non-fiction proofing job has turned into lots more than I imagined, but the book is great! It's on child rearing and while not a "Christian" book, the author references God and the Bible on several occasions.

    I anticipate finishing over the weekend. But...

    I agreed to present a workshop at a local writer's conference on April 5 and I have to work up that.

    *hangs head* My heart just isn't in a story right now. Maybe April can be "Speedbo Redux?"

  88. EMILY, YES, YES, YES!!!! Sometimes the timing isn't as we expected, but if we stay off the wagon, or forget about them, thar bootstraps, that's the WORST EVER...

    So we saddle up.

    Grab the hat.

    And hit the trail!!!

  89. JANA—What an AMAZING quote. So glad you shared it today!

  90. Kathryn, I could go for a cuppa!

    What kind of tea did you bring?

    I'm in an Orange Mandarin frame of mind. (Which reminds me of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind... I loved Billy Joel songs.... I always wanted to be the femme fatale he talks about in "Invisible Touch"....)

    Sigh. I am NOT a femme fatale, but I make really good cookies!!!!

    Glad you're looking at how to catch up and move forward. That is the best medicine for us!

  91. Pam, you're adorable and Beth will just shake her head sadly because we do look alike...

    Which means that was Beth and Jon holding Xavier, not me and Dave. But I'm delighted you thought so! And I can't wait to see her CRINGE when I tell her!!!! VICTORY!!!!

  92. Courtney, great attitude!!!!

    And some months are just like that, aren't they, no matter how we think we can direct time!

    You know, in all honesty, that's why I work for the 1K/day.... That simple 1000 words/day gives me a bunch of books each year, and that's plenty!!! Without killing myself, because I'm not good at killing myself for like, well.... (stops, thinks, shakes head!!!) ANYTHING!!!

    And 1000 words/day is enough for me to go back and edit the next day, and helps to give me a clean, clean manuscript at the end.

    And that's huge to me because I am kind of a time fanatic.

    KIND OF. :)

  93. Stephanie Queen Ludwig, I have my crabby days too. Or the overwhelmed days. Or the "I might personally have to kill someone" days.


    They're not often, but often enough that it makes a dent, right????

    So then I try to make up on Saturday that extra 1000 I might have missed during the week.

    It helps!!!

    The other thing I did before I was published, was to set my own deadlines.

    I wouldn't let myself dawdle over a book, and that taught me to fight through that tougher middle... and surprise, it's not really TOUGH ANY MORE!!!!

    Pushing through made a huge difference in my speed and story telling.

    My family is very happy to have me engaged over here, and leaving them alone from time to time!!!

  94. Valerie, thanks for stopping in!!!

    Glad you're getting your edits done, that rocks! And ready for a new book??? I LOVE THAT!!!!!! Oh, happy day!!!

  95. Thanks for the cheerleader post, Ruthy. Things haven't been as smooth this SPEEDBO as I might like, so I'm grateful for your words of support. Thanks for the baby pics--they are so cute!

  96. In past years, I've joined Speedbo with good intentions only to end with little to nothing on the page. This year, Speedbo has come around right when I needed it (timing is everything) and I'm actually writing, working my way through a novella project. I've finally relaxed, I think, to understand there's no perfect way to do this. So I started the month by crafting an outline of sorts, realizing that that too constitutes writing. Then, I did something new for me--I searched the Internet for casting pics for my characters. Funny thing is I haven't referred back to them much as yet, but I've got them. Then I revised my outline, making the story a bit stronger, and started to write. I think through 3-4 scenes and put them on my Scrivener cork board cards. I draft those scenes, then tackle the next 3-4 in the same way. It seems to be working so I'm excited to see where I'll be come the end of the month.

  97. Yep, DebH, call mom. LOL I can't imagine you as a mouthy teenager but then I wonder if most teenage girls are. Of course I wasn't.


  98. Kathy B, well said! Kudos to the moms!!


  99. What a great pep talk for the writers out there participating in Speedbo! I love your books, so put me in the drawing please! :)

  100. I hear you, Ruthy. And just think of all the story fodder we got from raising kids! All my books have kids in them.


  101. Ruthy, I adore your cover! I love stories that have BABIES!!!! and adding a hunky lawman doesn't hurt either! Add me to entering your contest :) I have a migraine today so I'm just laying on the couch looking at the computer :( Your cover certainly made me smile - thanks!

  102. Oh I need to say Happy Birthday Audra hope you are having a wonderful day.

  103. I loved today's post. It was awesome. And the kids are super cute.

  104. Love your encouraging post today, Ruthy!!! And as soon as I heard the the theory that luck is when opportunity meets readiness it stuck and I live by that

  105. Thank you for giving us permission to do what we can today. Outlined and wrote by hand while I was away from home. My toddler now has a runny nose and slept only half an I am done for another day but have no guilt only encouragement. Why is it we all love those babies so much...what a great cover.

  106. Hi Ruthy,
    You are the give away ten books!!! YAY....I want to be in the cat dish!

  107. Melanie Dickerson!!! Great to have you climbed on board again, my friend! Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love your new cover... and when my Kindle comes to visit, I'll read that beautiful new book!

  108. EMILY!!!! Go, you! Let that bestie sleep all day, if need be!


  109. Leane, I love it when the kids come home, and I do the same thing.... And I'll get up extra early and write because I know I'll be making best foods, going to visit places we love, hanging out with family....

    So while I love it, I'm always trying to make sure I've got the early day hours for myself to stay at least kind of on track. It doesn't always work, but it keeps me C-A-L-M.

    Calm is good!!!

  110. Thank you. I really, really needed this post today. My Speedbo train ran off the tracks last week. Or using Ruthy's metaphor, I let myself get bucked off my Speedbo horse. "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to saddle up... Climb back on the horse... And write, write, write." This. Time to cowgirl up. "Once more unto the breach."

  111. Meghan, laughing!!!! I loved having babies, I loved raising kids, I'm having a ball with my grandchildren... so cute, funny and smart!

    I remember when I was expecting Seth (the real Seth, not the fictional one in Loving the Lawman) folks would say, "Oh, what do you have at home? Boys or girls?"

    The idea of having a third seemed alien unless you were desperate for a child of another sex.

    How funny!

    So when I told them I had one of each, I'd get those "Oh... that's different!" stares.

    By the time we got to #6, folks just stopped asking, well... ANYTHING.

    Clearly we were insane.

    This condition has carried over into my fifties, btw. :)

  112. Ellen Parker, you're in, and yes... glad the cheering squad could help!!!


  113. Deb H., amazing isn't it?

    You don't think too much of it until you do the math, and a simple habit of 700 words/day (less than three pages...)

    Equates to 4-plus books.


  114. Jeanne T, how'd I miss you earlier????? Yikes, I see you now, but I kind of wandered by your words of early today.

    I agree about tenacity. And for those who say it comes easier to some, I agree... If you have a competitive nature, you're more naturally inclined to work through the tough days because you're wired that way.

    But what a great way to put it, that we CHOOSE tenacity daily. And that is so true because there are times I'd love to watch The Voice... Oh my stars, the judges are a hoot.

    And I like the blind auditions, based on voice alone.

    Although we all know that presentation isn't something you can ignore in the arts.

    But I DVR it, and fast forward through commercials because when I'm working all day, there's no time to write... so if I waste the writing time, I'm a day behind. And it adds up when you're careless.

    I love the way you phrased that!

  115. Lee Kilraine, You Said It!!!


    We all fall down.

    Real cowgirls get a leg up.

    (tips brim of hat to Lee...)

  116. Piper!!! I loved, loved, loved your little jaunt with Julie Hilton Steele.... Oh, those pics made me smile!!!

    And you know, once you've established a daily writing routine, things like monthly challenges aren't as vital... and I say that carefully because it's easy to slow down, get lazy, to take--- our--- time....

    So we avoid that with fun challenges, but now's the time for Piper to rev her engines!!! Go, girl!

  117. Patricia W, it's cool because you have a plan and it's working!!!

    I think that's the biggie for most of us, to learn what works for us and then stick to it.

    Learning is huge....

    Sticking to it is HUGER!!!! You go, girl!!!

  118. Heidi, you're in!!! I actually just spit-shined the cat dish again... and I didn't use real spit, either!

    That would be gross, right????

    (laughing!!!) Huge thank yous for loving my books! That makes me smile!!!!

  119. Valri, hey!!!! I'm so sorry about the headache....(frowning deeply in sympathy!!!)

    You hang quiet and easy and we'll pray that headache away.

    God bless you!

  120. Haven, hello!!! Glad you loved the babies, kiddo!!!

    Me, too!!!! :)

  121. Hey, I must go to choir practice... We had to move it to tonight because of yesterday's BLIZZARD....


    Oh my stars, I'm going to dance around daffodils when they come!!!

    I'll be back later, and yes, feel free to comment and you'll be tucked in the drawing!

    See you in a couple of hours!

  122. Valri, I feel for you I hope it eases for you. I think my meds are finally kicking in and starting to stabilize the pain to around a 3 - 4
    not the 2 or lower it was before. but it know you put up with way higher all the time.

  123. Aw, cute babies on the cover! I'd love to win a copy. :)

    Spring break has gotten in the way of my Speedbo goals...I'm driving all over Texas this week!

  124. RUTHY, I can just imagine what you and DEB MARVIN are going through up there in snowy God's country, having lived nearby for five years myself. Talk about building character. Feelin' like a wimp here in Chicago! Anyway, strap on those boots and keep the cookies coming!

    I have completed 15,000 words on SPEEDBO. The best part is I love my characters and the storyline, part of which JUST HAPPENED! I love when my peoples grab the keyboard and write it their way.

  125. Hi Ruthy! Great pep talk. I must admit I haven't done any actual writing this week, but I have been planning out my next story. I'm stuck at the ending, but I've determined that I'm going to figure it out tonight! I want to be able to start writing the first chapters this weekend.

    The Seven Habits series is a good one for motivation. We read the version for teenagers with our 10th grade classes as a nonfiction read and character building discussions.

    Love the new book's look. You gals have confirmed it...nothing like babies to catch the hearts of women, and I'm not immune. Even though I don't like cats, could my name be thrown into the dish?? Would love to have a Ruthy copy.

  126. Boy am I late to the scene today. I've been on a trip to Dallas today.
    Haven't written anything yet today, and seeing as how I'd have to turn off the laptop in an hour and a half, I doubt I will. Oh well.
    Love the post, and LOVE those babies. In case anyone doesn't already know it, I am a sucker for babies.
    A BLIZZARD? Oh you poor dear. We have warm, nearly shorts weather here right now. STAY WARM!!!!

  127. Please throw my name in the hat for the book! It looks great!

  128. Haven't read all 129 (!!)-and-counting comments, Ruthy, but know that this is a timely post. I gave myself permission to not write today so I could spend time at my book club meeting. Talk about a recharge! Listening to how much enjoyment reading brings them ... yeah, I want to be able to do that for others :-) So between that experience and your post, I haven't a doubt I'll be back at the WIP tomorrow -- refreshed and motivated.

    So, about your book. Such an interesting story about her concern about falling in love with another man involved in law enforcement. Did anything in particular inspire that plot?

    Go Speedbo-ers!

    Nancy C



  131. I yelled at you, Ruthy? More likely I begged you to pull up your big girl panties and go for the best in the biz...a perfect match for YOU!!!

    (isn't that nice? I feel it passing even now)

  132. Ruthy, you certainly have tenacity! I salute you.

  133. Babies on the cover, Lawman in the title, who could go wrong? that's a great prize. And, I haven't gone off the Speedbo wagon. The Lord is working it out so I am still in the honeymoon stage and loving my story. As a bonus the word count is higher than I had expected.

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.


  135. This was the kick in the backside I needed!

    I wrote a little each day last week. I didn't have great numbers, but hey I was putting words on paper. Saturday, I wrote nearly twice as many words in one day as I had all the previous week. Then I wrote nothing for four days. I did write a little last night, and I still have a couple of hours left to write tonight.

    I've got this...just got to keep my eye on the goal. Thanks, Ruthy!!!

    Oh, and please put my name in the cat dish! I'd love to win a copy of your book. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but that cover is telling me it's an awesome book!

  136. Oops. Tell Beth that I thought mama, baby and Dad were all ADORABLE, no matter who they favor! :)

    But...don't tell her where I live.

  137. We had oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Things were really going my way until my bunch discovered they weren't oatmeal and raisin. :(

  138. I'm writing the ending of my novella and had a logistical problem, but my kiddo gave me the solution!

    Now I think I can fix it. Whoot!

  139. Thank you for today's post. This month's Speedbo is showing me why it pays to be tenacious: my word count is building slowly day by day. Thank you for your story of tenacity as well as all the people who have shared in their posts.

    As a mom of twins, I am now drawn to twins, and now think of Anne Shirley at the start of Green Gable when she tells a mother of twins: twins three times in succession is just too much. Very nice cover, congratulations. Please enter me in the drawing.

    Thank you once again.

  140. Ruthy, this was a very timely post as yesterday was one of those "I have no desire to sit down much less write anything today" days. So, today after writing I was able to write down 1291 words on my trusty little calendar. This makes up for yesterday as my goal is only 500 a day :)) I have to say you "boss" people in the nicest way lol. I think if I were to meet you in person, you would be a total sweetie.

    I love, love, love reading your books so please put my name in for the drawing!

  141. Ruth,

    Thank you so much for your words on this post. Little did I know I was really going to need them later today! It has been one of those days and I have struggled to accomplish anything tonight let alone get anywhere near the word count I wanted. There is always tomorrow isn't there?!!!!

    Have a good night and thanks for all your encouragement.

  142. RUTHY!!!! Thank you for throwing my name in the cat dish!!!! :) Excited about both books!

    KAYBEE! That is so cool!! I'll have to remember those anniversaries! And I LOVE that line from GWTW, too! Mammy's my favorite! Your book plot sounds so good!! Can't wait to read it someday!

  143. After that post I feel like I should get busy doing - something.

    I'd love to read LOVING THE LAWMAN thank you.

  144. I can get derailed from writing when my granddaughters need my attention. My son and his wife moved in with us after he got out of the Army. He and his wife are completing their degrees. There are days I have no time at the omputer. I am not a late-night person so writing then is almost an act in futility. My job requires me to use the ten key pad for hours. So my right arm can develope a burn from too much typing. Yesterday it was granddaughters and burning arm. Other days, thanks to my hubby I get lots of writing done. Other days I need to spend time with my elderly parents seeing to their needs. I am optomistic that all these activities in my life will be fodder for futre novels and articles.

  145. Jennifer!!!! ROAD TRIP, YAY!!!!!

    Ruthy road trip essentials: Coffee. Diet Snapple. M&M peanuts or almonds.

    Color me happy on road trips, I love them!!!! Have fun, Jennifer!!!

  146. Lyndee, that's an amazing total! That's just over 1000 words/day, and what a perfect habit that is!!!!

    Happy dancing for you! You know, for all the crazy snow talk, I love living up here. Now that's probably because it's what I KNOW, but I love the definitive seasons, the rolling mountains, the Great Lakes, even the long, snowy, New England type winters.

    I really love it.

    And I think it can either toughen you... or stifle you.

    Clearly nothing stifles me, LOL!

  147. Dianna, you're in!!! And good for you, planning your story... and then working your plan! So glad you stopped by with your update!

  148. You all looked liked you were having such a great day. Ruthy's such a great cheerleader - even in the snow. No short skirts in the snow though!

    I'm good so far on not missing a day this year, but I'll keep this post in mind for the inevitable slip up.

  149. Crystal, you're in! And nearly shorts weather, huh???

    I'm so glad we're not technologically smooth yet and you CANNOT SEE THE MEAN FACE I'm making at you, honey!!!


    Bless your heart!!! (laughing!!!)

    Nancy C.... Oh, that is a great question. So yes, two things inspired this beautiful story.

    The first was the death of several lawmen up here at the hands of conscience-less people. One funeral was held at our church, a young man who grew up in our parish, who wanted nothing more than to protect others. He ended up killed by an armed robber suspect he happened upon right after the robbery... Heart-breaking. And then my expert on troopers, Chris Lana, told me the story of his friend who died in similar fashion.

    Most law enforcement live long and prosper, but every year we lose a few and lives are changed.

    The second thing was the birth of my beautiful grandbaby, Mary Ruth. We've often talked of the upside and downsides of in vitro, and when Love Inspired gave me the go-ahead on this story, I was happy and humbled. New technology vs. casual life is a touchy subject, and I think Gianna's story shows both sides of the issue... So I blended the two inspirations to make "Loving the Lawman"... and I think it worked beautifully.

  150. Connealy.


    You show up LATE....

    You like say NOTHING OF IMPORT....

    And then you flit away like that's something?????





    And yes, I nagged, I cajoled, I harangued, I blasted, I encouraged, I praised and then I nagged again.

    I'M SO STINKIN' TIRED!!!! :)

    Nice you could do a drive-by, Connealy. Piffle.



  151. Cara, former Naval Officer...

    Honey, THAT'S TENACITY!!!!

    Sitting at a computer????

    I'm going straight to YOU BEAT ME, HANDS DOWN!!!

  152. LoRee, happy dancing!!! Happy dancing!!!!


    Good for you, this is wonderful news! Here, honey, have a Snickerdoodle, they're probably stale now because CONNEALY left the top off...


    But I've warmed a couple just for you!

  153. Rhonda, yes!!!!

    Good for you, climbing back up on that wagon of success.... That's just the ticket for mid-Speedbo Blues!!!!

    We'll take those "blues" and turn them into smiles.

    Big ones!!!

  154. Pam, laughing! And Beth does look like a younger me, so it's funny. She gets it all the time.

    Poor thing!

    Oh, the oatmeal, chocolate chip, M&M cookies I made a few weeks ago were to die for.

    I never thought I'd love a cookie more than my regular chocolate chip cookies, but I've become a huge fan of those almond butter cookies....

    But first, must take off the upstate winter butt bulk. That's the first order of the day!!!

    And then cookie craziness!!! Yay!!!

  155. Tanya, I love that opening to Anne of Green Gables... You've made me laugh!!!

    So funny and true!

    You're in, and slowly growing word count is fine. That's how I work every day, that simple 1000K/day.

    And if you're doing half that, 500 words/day, that's still 180,000 words a year.

    And that's three Love Inspired books.

    It's amazing how that adds up. Three books in a year by writing 500 words/day.


  156. Pat, thank you!!! And you know, I just applied that 500 words/day count into a year.... up above.

    180,000 per year.

    2 Single title books.

    3 Love Inspired books.


  157. Wilani, you're so very welcome!!!!

    We all have those days.... and sometimes weeks....

    But grabbing those reins and climbing back into the driver's seat rocks.

    Because once you do it a few times, it is so much easier to do it repeatedly. And we lose that feeling of defeat and discouragement because we've grabbed hold.

    Good for you and you're so very welcome!!!

  158. Loved your post and your sense of humor! Boy, can I relate! I need to write ten sidebars a day to finish my WIP to get to the editor, but I knew my time would be short one day and I thought, no problem, I'll do 20 tomorrow to catch up. (Sound of buzzer - your time is up!) Didn't happen. But I've got to keep going, even if I fall short. Must write. Must write. As the famous sage Tim Tebow said to my son, his classmate, in college, "No Excuses."

  159. I loved this post. Thanks, Ruthy! It put me in the right frame of mind for the writing day ahead. And those babies...please! So cute. Almost makes me want another one. Okay, it's a little late for me. I can, however, enjoy your book.


  160. Ruthy! How did I manage to miss this post yesterday??? I'm sorry I didn't drop by.

    What a great kick in the pants. And so true!

    I just LOVE that cover. Love those twins!

  161. I am on the west coast and I definitely need to get up earlier to keep up with y'all around here. Look at all the comments! Wow! That was a very motivation post. And what's not to love about the cover of your book? Adorable! I am new to Seekerville and I am loving the constant stream of awesomeness in my email box. Thank you so much! :)

  162. SPEEDBO UPDATE: What I timely post. I've been truckin' along with the new scene for my WIP just as I had planned on for SPEEDBO. But yesterday, I was given a reason to make revision of a previous manuscript my priority. Is there a way to alter my SPEEDBO goal?

  163. Ruthy--I LOVED your post here--just the cheerleader that I was needing--I have fallen off the wagon BIG time this week. I love how Speedbo has helped me do more regular writing--(UNTIL I fell off the wagon). My biggest drawback with it has been wanting to read EVERY post, instead of getting to work on my writing--UGH! So, after reading about half way through these comments I decided I needed to just pass and make my post and go get to bed--then tomorrow get some writing done, even though weekends are NOT part of my goal--have to do some catch-up somewhere.
    Thanks again Ruthy--too bad I was too late to get my name in your cat dish.