Saturday, March 1, 2014

Speedbo Starting Line

Speedbo begins today!

Welcome to our STARTING LINE UP.  
Seekerville broke our past record of 118 participants!!
And it's not too late to enter.



1. Jackie Layton
2. Christina Lorenzen
3. Melanie Dickerson
4. Piper Huguley-Riggins
5. Nancy Connally
6. Carol Moncado
7. Marilyn Baxter
8. Amber Schamel
9. Julie Hilton Steele
10. Crystal Ridgeway
11. Lyndee Henderson
12. Connie Queen
13. Dana R Lynn
14. Ruth Logan Herne
15. Caitlin H.
16. Tina Radcliffe
17. Leola Ogle
18. Jan Christiansen
19. Missy Tippens
20. Melissa Jagears
21. Courtney Phillips
22. Carolyn C
23. Annie Burnett
24. Barbara Burke
25. Natalie Monk
26. Haven Brown
27. Amy Catlin Wozniak
28. Heidi Kortman
29. Mary Curry
30. Helen Gray
31. Rose Ross Zediker
32. Kav
33. Cindy Woolard
34. Elaine Manders
35. Pam Hillman
36. Eva Maria Hamilton
37. Chris Campbell
38. Myra Johnson
39. Jan Drexler
40. Dianna Shuford
41. Kathy Anderson
42. Jennifer Smith
43. Kathy Crouch
44. Kassy Paris

45. Julie Lessman
46. Jayna Morrow-Aspromonte
47. Mark Abel
48. Susan Mason
49. Misty Beller
50. lizzie starr
51. Audra Harders
52. Kate Barker
53. Rebecca Lynn
54. Mindy Hardwick
55. Eileen Barnes
56. Janet Dean
57. Debra Hines
58. Jewell Tweedt
59. Sandra Orchard
60. Mary Connealy
61. Stephanie Queen Ludwig
62. Debby Giusti
63. Sherri Shackelford
64. Cindy Regnier
65. Chelle Sandell
66. Vickie Stewart
67. Tina Pinson
68. Anna Adams
69. Amber Autry
70. LeAnn Bristow
71. Pamela V. Mason
72. Melanie Pike
73. Roxanne Rustand
74. Jean Lauzier
75. Jenna Victoria
76. Linda Finn
77. Karen Leland
78. Suzanne Purvis
79. May & KC
80. Deb Harkness
81. Candee Fick
82. Michelle Matney
83. Alyssa Faith
84. Katy Lee
85. Ally Carter
86. Patricia Woodside
87. Clarice Roghair
88. Ellen Parker
89. Kathy Bailey
90. Andie Newberry-Tubbs
91. Mia Ross
92. Peggy O’Keefe
93. Wilani Wahl
94. Niki Turner
95. Sandra Leesmith
96. Donna Phillips
97. Marge Knudson
98. Jaime Wright Sundsmo
99. Rhonda Starnes
100. Vicki Marney
101. Jenny Beardsley
102. Terri Weldon
103. Jeanette Hill
104. Roanne King
105. Autumn Macarthur
106. Glynna Kaye
107. Victoria Rooney
108. Carol Garvin
109. Vanessa Riley
110. Sally Shupe
111. LoRee Peery
112. Tanya Agler
113. Christina Rich
114. Laura Van Nice
115. Nicole Zoltack
116. Amanda Holland
117. Jennifer Hallmark
118. Melony Teague
119. Jeanine Englert
120. Karen Bracken
121. Erica Vetsch
122. Jamie Adams
123. Kim Jones
124 Marion Uekermann
125. Walt Mussell
126. Diana Dart
127. Lee Kilraine
128. Nancy J. Farrier

129. Chris Loehmer Kincaid
130. Pat Westmoreland

131. Crystal L. Barnes
132. Yong Takahashi 
133. Angel Moore 
134. Pegg Thomas
135. Candice Sue Patterson
136. Veronica Varga
137. Belle Calhoune 
138. Cara Lynn James
139. Mary Hicks

140. Christina Miller
141. Colleen Laughlin
142. Robin Patchen
143. Susan Johnson
144. Patti Jo Moore

145. Natalie Tindall
146. Ginger Venturoni
147. Brooke Tonduer 
148. Kelly Ann Riley 
149. Megan Andersch
150. Heather Harden

151. Jana Vanderslice 
152. Gearldine Vanderslice

153. Cathy Shouse
154. Marilyn Turk
155. Kimberly D. Payne

Speedbo cheering squad starts on Monday with Mary Connealy, and she'll ask you to share your goals then. Today, we're still doing a little bit of prep as we start Speedbo.

I want to build on the steps introduced to you by Sherri Shackelford in her post on goals last month.  

Sherri introduced us to a powerful book called, Change Anything. The New Science of Personal Success. And by the way, I'll be giving away one copy (Kindle only) of this book to one commenter. Winner announced in tomorrow's Weekend Edition.

Here's an inside secret: Speedbo isn't really about writing a book in 31 days. It's about challenging your personal status quo. Your norm. Your comfort zone.  

 Speedbo is about changing your future.

Today is March 1 and in only 30 more days March 31st will be here. Whether you Speedbo or not, time is still going to fly by.

If you haven't signed up for Speedbo, I'd like you to think about why not? What do you have to lose?  If you are starting Speedbo today, consider adding these steps from Change Anything, to your Speedbo challenge to ensure success this month.

1. Visit Your Default Future

Right now take a stroll into your future minus change. Minus stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. What does your future look like if you continue doing the same things that haven't proved successful so far? 

"If you always do what you always do, you'll always get what you always get." Attributed to Mark Twain and Henry Ford.

 Where will you be a year from now if you don't adapt new and successful strategies for achieving what you 'say' are your goals? What is the worst-case scenario?

2. Tell the Whole Vivid Story

 From Change Anything: Most of us "nurture massive gaps in the truth (about our default future)-rather than fill in the ugly details."

When telling the truth about your default future, tell the whole vivid story in all its ugly painful detail. 

"If I don't change my time-management techniques, I will continue to only produce one book a year."

"If I don't start finishing books, I won't sell a book."

What's your ugly story look like?

3. Use Value Words

 "Stop obsessing over the unpleasant aspects of what you're required to do, and start focusing your attention on the values you're supporting."

In other words, you aren't losing an hour of sleep to rise an hour early to type your daily 500, or 1,000 or 2,000 words. Or get a chapter of revisions done. You aren't giving up evening television to write.

No, you are being "proactive" about your writing career. You are proving to yourself and your peers and family that you are a "serious writer."  You are a "multi published" author. You are a writer who finishes what he/she starts. You are a "finisher!"

 Insert your own value words.

4. Make it a Game

 From Change Anything: "A game has three important design elements:

1. Limited time

2. A small challenge

3. A score"

Translate that for Speedbo:

1. Speedbo is 31 day challenge

2. Now break your Speedbo goal down into bite size pieces. WRITE THEM DOWN

Goal divided by 5 weeks = ?  Goal divided by 31 days = ? 

Make your goals achievable but still a challenge. Enable your success, instead of setting yourself up to fail. One idea is to allow yourself to play "catch up" on the weekend or one designated day each week.

3. Score yourself daily, and weekly. Don't make it Pass/Fail. Grade your productivity and write your score down on your calendar. You should be consistently improving.

Don't forget to reward yourself for your score.

Rewards should be something you can look back on and visualize for motivation as you move toward the next goal. So no, chocolate is not a reward unless you save the wrapper and pin it to your wall.

Examples: A red, blue or gold star on a calendar. A screen shot of your manuscript at page count, posted on Facebook.

5. Create a Personal Motivation Statement.

A good personal motivation should include references to your default future and use your value words. 

"I am a serious writer with excellent time-management skills, who finishes what she starts and is proactive about my writing career."

What's your personal motivation statement as you begin Speedbo? Post your statement where you can see it!

The Change Anything folks have provided access to a personal motivation statement worksheet here.

Remember that Speedbo isn't just about writing fast. It's about changing the old you, into the NEW YOU! If you haven't signed up for Speedbo, WHY NOT? What's your excuse? What's your default future?

That's it. Now, let's SPEEDBO!!

Don't forget that if you are keeping a daily word count, 
the Facebook 1KHR group is available to help.

This Speedbo Starting Line post is brought to you by Seeker Tina Radcliffe.  

WEEKLY CALENDER for your use.


  1. Extra coffee today since everybody's working so hard!!!

    Head'em up. Move'em out. Get those words down!!

  2. What a lovely line up of names of authors who have committed to SpeedBo. Printing off the list...both for prayers and to watch for your published books to come out. YOU ROCK!!!
    And, Tina, you are being your awesome self. Thanks. Since this weekend is forecast to be cooler weather, I'll stay inside and bake - cinnamon rolls! Maybe I'll even go and pick lemons for a cake or some bars!

  3. Oh, yeah. A non stop coffee pot for 31 days, Helen.

    Lemon bars and cinnamon rolls would be just the thing, Marianne.

    Rain tonight. 100 percent chance.


  4. I've been itching to start all night. Instead, hubs just got home. Going to talk to him about his awful evening [at least worse than anticipated while helping sis with her house] and then if it's midnight... I just might jump in :D.

    I did spend part of the time working on Genesis entries though... PRAYING this is my last year eligible so... :D

  5. And prayers are much appreciated too, Marianne. Brilliant idea to print out the list and add it to the daily prayers.

    Thank you.

  6. I haven't read the rest of the post yet but...
    "If you haven't signed up for Speedbo, I'd like you to thinking about why not? What do you have to lose?"

    My mind.

    OK, back to read about my default future. :D Hoping it holds good things!!

  7. Is Melanie Dickerson writing two books this month since she's on there twice? She trying to pull a Mary Virginia Munoz? ;P

    "I am a serious writer with excellent time-management skills, who finishes what she starts and is proactive about my writing career."


  8. Well, yes, Virginia, but that's because you've been doing Speedbo for the last 12 months, honey.

  9. Yes. Melanie has cloned herself.

    SIGH. Let's put Mary Connealy in that slot.

  10. "If I don't change my time-management techniques, I will continue to only produce one book a year."
    "If I don't start finishing books, I won't sell a book."

    Now mine: "If I don't get off my hiney and move around, I will give myself a heart attack and die young."

    I really liked that "game theory" idea though. I tink I could use that with anything, really. Like cleaning out my inbox. I have 343 e-mail that I haven't opened, and about 2200 that are in there for some unknown reason... UGH.

  11. Yep. I checked. She emailed me twice. Mary thinks she signed up and didn't email me.

  12. Great post and great idea to print out the list for prayer time.

    Go us!

    Peace, Julie

  13. LOL. 12 months of Speedbo would be fun, actually, since there are so many friends to share it. Speedbo by one's lonesome is not so fun.

    I have to admit, I'm starting to feel twitchy. I think I've slept all I can sleep and organized everything I can organize. I even bleached down both bathrooms.

    I'm starting to scare my family. It may be time to sign up for SPEEDBO.

  14. Don't you threaten me, Mary Virginia.

  15. Loving the SPEEDBO intro, Tina! I like the expansion of the concept that you've shared with us. I will be more thoughtful about this process this year. So cool to read all the names. Like Carol, I've been ready to get started, too. And so, it begins!

  16. What a great group participating in Speedbo.

    I just got back from seeing The Son of God. Great movie and I'll be reflecting on it during Lent.

    Marianne, thanks for the prayers.

    I like the suggestion on how to map out our 31 days to meet our goals. Thanks!

  17. I brought cake! Hersey's chocolate cake to celebrate Helen's release day!

    Now I'm going to start working on my Speedbo.

  18. Christina's celebrating MY release day on HER release day???

  19. Wow! It's great there are so many participants for Speedbo!

    The Default Future Concept is a huge motivator. I think I'm putting a post-it note with this reminder in various places in my home.

  20. Of course, I am, Helen! I love your cover.



    I know, it's past midnight, so technically I've already written about ... 2500 words in Speedbo month.


    I'll be talking more about my own personal goals I've set on Monday but I AM SO JAZZED!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of course the novella is 1500 words too long and it needs revisions desperately. BUT EVEN SO IT'S DONE!!!

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

  22. ps I wrote 3000 word today, most of it in the last hour and a half.

    I should'a started earlier. No excuses, just didn't get going early.

    Now on to goal #2 and #3. Yes, I've got three.

  23. I just got given more black Forreste cake which I am happy to share.

    (I would give away my headache too but I am sure no one would take it.)

    I have red velvet cup cakes to celebrate Helen and Christina's new releases.

  24. Mary wrote 3000 words today.

    Shoot me now.

  25. Happy release day to Helen and Christina! I brought double stuffed Oreos because I can't cook.

    Now for Speedbo - I'm hyped. Mary, I'll try to keep liking you, but there are 3000 reasons it is hard today! Teasing!!!

  26. 1229 since midnight.

    Thanks to Christina for brainstorming with me :D. Trying to work out a few backstory deets.

  27. You're welcome, Carol! Night!!!

    Oh, I opened a file and read a few words. ;)

  28. Zippo for me today, baby still crying. Just can't type and listen to crying in the background! I need silence! He's so against this speedbo thing....

  29. Aw, Melissa, I hear you. If Beth is here with baby Finn when I'm working, I can't listen to him cry even a floor away...

    It's amazing how that mother thing clicks on and blocks every other impulse.

  30. TINA!!!!!

    You have outdone yourself, like usual.

    I fully believe in every one of these tips in good time management and self-discipline. I think those are clutch in changing from casual writer to serious author.


    One other thing, though:


    My 4:00 AM writing stint started because I wouldn't steal time from my kids and I worked full time during the day.


    I do it because I work full time during the day and it works for me! Find what works. Sacrifice this or that.

    If you love to write. And if you really love to write/create, it won't be as hard as you think!

    So stinkin' excited!

  31. These quotes from "Change Anything" were so encouraging and the perfect start to Speedbo.

    I think I'll be taking advantage of all that coffee ... and the chocolate cake too. Yum :)

  32. I'm pretty sure I heard the starting gun at midnight but then I rolled over and went back to sleep. :-) I'm awake now though and it's snowy and blowy and the perfect day to hunker down and write. I think Mother Nature is giving me a kick in the pants to get me started. And I'm pretty sure I heard ominous music and a clap of sinister thunder when I read about 'default future'.

  33. Go Speedo writers.

    Go Readers.

    Go Seekerville.

  34. Ah MARIANNE, I just read your post. You are putting us all in your prayers. I love it. What a thoughtful thing to do. Bless you.

    I'll put all our readers in prayer too. Without readers we wouldn't be writing. smile

  35. NO Chocolate for a reward????

    I just bought Godiva 92% chocolate bars to keep me going.

    Oh wait. Wrappers are okay?

    Yay. I have plenty so will share. (Not the wrappers though. Guess I need them)

  36. 37 comments already!! Wonderful start to Speedbo! Great productivity post here Tina!

    Mary Connealy, you are so awesome with your novella plans. You should write a craft book. I didn't believe I could write one until I saw the great example that you have set. So, I wrote one, and I have 2 planned for Speedbo, Are you going to do 6 novellas for Speedbo? :) I'm so looking forward to your column on Monday.

  37. Oh I see so many names I know on the starting line up and that is encouraging to me. Todays post is an encouragement to me personally as doing this is coming out of my comfort zone... On your Mark, Get Set , GO !!!
    Prayers for everyone !
    Linda Marie Finn

  38. And three new books have been downloaded to my Kindle today!!!!

    Debby, Helen and Christina!!!!


    Can't wait to read them, ladies!

    I've got 2500 words in for the day, a great beginning and grandkids coming for the afternoon... Hopefully more tonight, and then tomorrow church, gathering, baby shower, so my first Sunday is filled... but I'll get up early and aim for 2K... And if not, then maybe tomorrow night, a little flash-in-the-pan writing spurt!

  39. I confess to using mini-rewards and not saving wrappers....


    M&M's... Almonds.... Sunflower seeds.....

    Mostly M&M'S. :)

  40. Great weekend everyone!

    Yesterday I talked with a friend from southern California who's just published her first book. She'd worked on it for over a year.

    Wanting to speed up her writing, she ordered a writing course, 'A Novel In A Week'. She doesn't believe for a minute she'll ever write that fast, but she thought the course might help her speed up to writing a first draft in a month.

    She paid $159.00 for that course.

    My friend inspired me to get on with my own novel. I remembered that Speedbo was starting soon... and it was a free!:-)

    I have the start of a novel that I'd love to finish the first draft by the end of March.

    I reminded myself that my March calendar was already full, the reason I hadn't signed up for Speedbo in the first place.

    Oh well, it's the busy people who get things done!

    I've emailed Tina, and if she'll let me in at the eleventh hour, Speedbo will be added to my busy agenda.

    One of my strengths is that once I've committed to something, I don't give up. :-)

  41. Wow, Tina, thanks for this awesome post at Speedbo's Starting Line. I typed up my personal motivation statement as well as my personal goals for the month. The hardest will be NO revising. Mercy, I need your prayers, Marianne!

    Thanks all for the chocolate.

    Lifting my cup of java to Helen and Christina on their release day!!


  42. Mary, your productivity is amazing. You live your life at Speedbo pace. Reminds me of your characters.


  43. Yay, Mary Hicks! So glad you're taking the plunge. What's the worse that could happen? If need be, we'll toss you a life preserver. No one drowns during Speedbo. Though these are shark infested waters so we've got even more motivation to swim fast! ;-)


  44. I did NANO one year. Bombed. So I'm looking forward to SpeedBo with... fear and trembling. *gleep!*

  45. Mary Hicks!!!! Oh, gosh, I'm so glad you decided to do this!!! You rock the biggest Kahuna because I know exactly what you mean... but I believe that old saying "Ask the busy person to do one more thing..."

    Mostly I believe it because it's true! Welcome aboard!!!



    I love youse THAT MUCH!!!!

  46. Well, I revise as I go. Always. And it doesn't slow me down.

    I do what Margaret Daley and Dee Henderson and probably a bunch o' youse do...

    I re-read what I wrote the previous day and revise it. And I do it carefully and thoughtfully, and it speed-bumps me into the new scene...

    And if you repeat that daily, it only takes minutes, and you're final first draft is so much better.

    Now I don't go in and do huge revisions, but self-editing is a big part of keeping myself on my goals. So if that works for you, shoot... do it.

    If that would bog you down, then don't do it. Push through.

    We're all different. We work differently, we write differently, and that's how God made us.

    I never argue with God.

    (He's laughing right now because there may have been a time or two where I did, in fact, ARGUE WITH GOD.)

    Because I'm a dork.

  47. I'm late to the opening day. I went to bed last night...

    I'm going to get my goal done this morning because I have a lot to do today. The high is supposed to be 84 degrees today and then a winter advisory for tomorrow w/a chance a freezing sleet/snow. I'm need to cut wood or we'll be freezing tomorrow!!!

    I prepared for SpeedBo so I'm at the starting line and ready to go.

  48. Well the TROUBLE with writing 3000 words yesterday (I can't believe that, that is NOT normal for me) was that my real goal yesterday was to FINISH THE BOOK!

    Which should have been 1500 words. But the book just would not END!!!

    So I just decided to go over and then cut, right? Later?

    So I just wrote until the book was finished, mostly ignoring the word count and then I'm writing the final, beautiful, 'Marry me, I love you' scene sniffle and I knew it had gone on too long but GOOD GRIEF.
    So I didn't plan to write 3000 words. I didn't WANT to write 3000 words. But to get that book ended up being 3000 stinking words, at least 1500 of which I now have to cut!

  49. And when I realized how late it was, and btw this blog turns over to the new day at 11 pm my time, so Who's Midnight Is It Anyway???
    But I decided those long last end scenes were now officially written under the auspices of SPEEDBO.

    1:37 am and I wrapped it up and came over to Seekerville to talk about it.

    Then I read for a while (Just finished Ruthy's latest awesome book...that poor little boy RUTHY!!!!) Because of course, I am a raving insomniac and no way can I get to sleep right after I've been writing.
    I never write that late, I find it energizing and my head won't go to sleep afterward.
    So read a while, but NOT Ruthy's book that late, I'd finished Ruthy's book earlier which was part of the reason I was writing so LATE.

    Im babbling aren't I?
    Have I mentioned the blizzard raging outside my door today?

  50. I had two things to do today, trying to pick which and now, the weather has picked for me and I'm staying home and I just might get even more writing done! :)

    High of 7 today (It's not there yet!) Low tonight of minus 11. 3 - 6 inches of snow predicted. Nasty cold wind.
    And baby calves being born into it like mad.
    The whole weekend looks like one of those things you just survive.
    Which pretty much describes all of this last winter. :(
    My cowboy has been out all day and night ... the bulk of our herd is right now calving at a 2 - 6 calves a day rate (Yesterday 2 but he's got 18? or so cows locked up close to the barn so he can keep checking them.

    I'm on a tangent. I'll go write something in a book now.
    Or make myself some toast.
    Not sure which.

  51. I stayed up and waited for the rain. Because it only rains like twice a year here. It was worth it. Now off to Speedbo.

  52. Um, after I add the new folks to Speedbo. Mailbox is FULL.

  53. AND PS...TO RECAP...yes I did just say I stayed up way too late last night and IT'S ALL RUTHY'S FAULT!

  54. Welcome to our new Speedboers.

    Mary Hicks is right. The less time you have, the more you get done.

  55. Janet and Ruthy, thank you both for the words of encouragement !

    I may need that life preserver, Janet. Keep it handy and when you hear me gurgling, give it a big toss across the way! :-)

    Yep, Ruthy, that's what I hear about busy people too...:-)

    Thank you both for the warm welcome!

  56. Tina, I'm hyperventilating—I just had a list of everything I need to finish TODAY, flash before my eyes!

    Then I remembered what Janet said, 'Nobody drowns doing Speedbo...' Whew!!!

  57. Great post and tips for making changes that lead to success.

    I am cheering everyone on. What an amazing list of participants! I have some prep work to do before I can do any actual writing (it's the way I roll). I tried to do the Pantser version of Speedbo and failed. So, I will take this month to really figure out what i need to so I can fast draft my book, hopefully in April.

    Cheers to all you Speedbo-er's!

  58. Oh, my, I have you so beat Ms. Hicks. To do list a mile long and four classes coming up. To teach. TWO THIS MONTH.

    Just remember to EAT THAT FROG.

    Do the most difficult task first and then the rest is easy!

    In 31 days this will seem normal.


  59. There are too many of us in the pool for anyone to drown.

    What a visual. All these writer heads bobbing up and down with those little kiddie floaties.

  60. Isn't it always Ruthy's fault, Mary?

    I've got a friend [new to writing] coming over tonight and will get some more done then. I'll need to clean house too, but I'm about to move my laptop to my room and get back to work. I'd love to have 5K by the end of today.

    We're supposed to get nastiness here today too. Starting late tonight. Winter storm warning. They're talking up to .25" of ice/freezing rain and 3-6 of snow last I heard. Ugh. So much for church tomorrow... Not with the tires on the van the way they are...

  61. Thanks Tina for the encouragement and practical "helps." Getting started this AM...with a teapot full of strong Scottish Breakfast!!! I'm inspired to overcome the speed-bumps being inserted (not by me, but by that thing called "life") into my Speedbo goals!!

    This is such a fun, lively blog! Love the presenters and the commenters! And now we begin....

    Blessings and keep pressing on...check in with y'all later!!

  62. Speedbo isn't really about writing a book in 31 days. It's about challenging your personal status quo. Your norm. Your comfort zone. Speedbo is about changing your future.

    Love this challenge - just the boot in the butt I need. (Thanks, Tina Radcliffe for supplying the good swift kick. :)

  63. Pass your Amish Snickerdoodles, Kathryn! YUM!

  64. Jan, butt kicking is my specialty. Ruthy and I graduated first in our class at Butt Kicking Academy.

  65. Jan this is perfect:
    >>>>>Speedbo isn't really about writing a book in 31 days. It's about challenging your personal status quo. Your norm. Your comfort zone. Speedbo is about changing your future.<<<<

    You are exactly right. The goals are your own. Make them if you can. Change them if you must. But WRITE!!!




    You're in good company.

    And if things don't work out just right---Nobody's gonna call a cop.

    Just do your best and just maybe take this month to make some changes that lead you to success!

  66. Carol M, maybe you should call of the friend visit and reschedule it to a time you've got a hope of surviving.

  67. What's your ugly story look like?

    Paper, Rock, Scissors

    "Procrastination kills Producticity. But Proactivity trumps Procastination." Pam Hillman said that!

    I've been proactive this morning: 2 hours writing before touching email or internet or even making the bed! ha!

    Pitiful word count, but I've been "sculpting" two scenes. Word count is always bad when I build the framework for the scene.

    Taking a break to eat breakfast, and then when I go back over my scenes, I think I'll see how much layering I can do. That usually goes faster for me. :)

    Maybe I'll make the bed during my break.

  68. Speedbo cops.

    Interesting that this little village is without law enforcement.

    We are a lawless group.

  69. MARIANNE and everyone... knowing you are praying for us is so wonderful! Thank you!!!

    I guess so many people think that digging in and writing is a walk in the park, or a piece of cake, when it's really, really hard work. If it was easy, everybody would do it.

    Prayer for clear minds and fast fingers is such a thoughtful gift.

    Makes me teary-eyed!

  70. Tina, I love that you're expanding on 'Change Anything'! The book is such a powerful tool.

    I've never had a successful Nano or Speedbo...but this year will be different :)

  71. ps I wrote 3000 word today, most of it in the last hour and a half.

    I want Mary's brain.

  72. TINA: Mary wrote 3000 words today.
    Shoot me now.

    PAM: Let's just shoot Mary instead. That's always her go-to solution to everything. Why can't it be ours?

  73. We're in!! Wooohooo.

    Didn't think we were going to participate but once again, a needed kick in the planster pants from Seekers and Villagers.

    LOVE that exit sign - old you, new you.

    That 'bout sums it up!

    Dash away dash away dash away all!

    On a different note, May wasn't able to join me yesterday, but her crazy little brother Cass and I visited with Cherokee Middle School. We did a writing exercise with the 7th graders, then met with the entire school in the gym to talk about writing a book and publishing.

    We'll be posting photos shortly on May's Facebook page and website. It was fun - AND - my first foray into making a Keynote presentation (exporting to Powerpoint) worked like a champ. WSHEW!

    I'll peruse the comments later - no time now. DH and I have a lengthy list to accomplish today since monsoons are due tomorrow.

    Happy Speedbo-ing everypawdy!

    And yes, if we're the lucky winner, we'd adore a copy of the book!!! may at maythek9spy dot com

    All the best to the writers. Thanks to the readers for cheering us on. Some good stories are on the way!!!

  74. I like Pam's solution ;). Mary's gun happy.

    Yes. Tina. 5K today. We won't mention how quickly I finished last year [or how craptastic that draft was].

    My pastor already emailed a warning that we may not have church in the morning. Of course, he also recommended coming to our new Saturday night service ;).

    My friend is about 12K into her first MS so I'm hoping to influence her for good :).


  75. I guess I got a late start compared to everyone else. Woke up at 6am, didn't start actually writing until about 519 words down before all 9 people in my house woke up. Read the blog I wrote about it if you want details :)

  76. Oh Tina, now I'm hyperventilating for you!! I wouldn't have that much courage! I'll be praying for you...

  77. Thanks for the coffee, Helen. My Diet Cokes will need supplementing. I've combined my writing commitments for March again -- doing March Madness (#wipmadness) as well as Speedbo, so I'll have two writing communities to answer to if I don't succeed. Eek!!!

    But there will be no talk of failure, right? We can do this!! I'm off and running this morning. Well, not exactly running. More like embarking on a writing binge. See you all after the weekend. :)

  78. Welcome aboard to our new participants.


  79. Sherri, I will admit...I have never had a successful BIAM ever.


  80. The thing is most of us tend to give up if we don't succeed. Nope. That's not how you are supposed to do it.

    Celebrate what you DID do and keep walking.

    Life is not black or white. It's all gray. And it's that gray that gets the book written.

  81. I am new to doing something like this but I have a story that I want to write and I have long wanted to write a book, so no time like the present to start.

    I have a question. Do I worry about breaking it into chapters at this point or just start writing and divide into chapters when I do the editing.

  82. I'm distracted!!!

    My debut book is featured over at The Book Barn Loft today and tomorrow.

    1. Helen, I popped over to check it out and it sounds great. So excited for you!

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. So excited about Speedbo!

    My goal for the month is to write two novellas, 35-40K words.

    Really looking forward to a writing weekend away from home about mid-month. :)

  85. Oh, and sorry about the deleted comment above...I wasn't signed in and it showed up as anonymous. :)

  86. Well . . . Speedbo's getting off to a rocky start for me. I was unexpectedly asked to babysit my 7-year-old nephew for at least part of the day, and as I write this, the demo on our electronic keyboard is blaring. As I've been typing away, he's asked about an average of one question per sentence . . . Sigh. :) You gotta roll with the punches! Good luck to everyone else today. I love Marianne's idea of printing off the Speedbo list and praying for the participants...Ok, back to work!

  87. Helpful hint.

    One of the things I am doing differently this year is utilizing a weekly calendar so I can see what I have planned down the road.

    You can use it on your computer, your phone, laptop or print one out.

    I like paper.

    Will add a jpg of mine to the bottom of the blog post now.

  88. Wilani, if it's going to bog you down, just keep writing.

    Or you can do what I do. Meet my word count in the am and edit in the pm.

    Your choice.

  89. 2000 words before noon! Woot! Must be the rain. Like Tina Radcliffe said, it only rains a couple times a year here. Oh, and the fact that the hubby is working this morning has allowed me to write, write, write! God bless everyone!

  90. I've used Sherri Shackelford's four frogs on a log example a lot since hearing her speak at the productivity retreat in January. Go all you SpeedBo's!
    My March goal sheet is ready for me to fill in the blanks.

  91. March 1st! Yahoo!
    Speedbo and Spring! :)
    Happy writing!

  92. Tina, our rain is supposed to come in the form of freezing, starting sometime tonight.


  93. Mary H, you can count on me! I'm nervous too. But, hey we don't have to tell if the words don't come. Do we??

    Wait, what am I saying? If you build it, they will come.

    My version of Field of Dreams: If you prepare, if you stick with it, the words will come.


  94. Tina, thanks for the calendar!
    Printed it. Perfect to start recording today's word count.


  95. Seriously -- 5000 words? 3000? 2000? Sigh -- I'm up to 1136 and the day is still young!

    Discovered Laura Secord cream eggs are out already -- they have mini ones just under a buck each. I bought some for a reward. I've lined them up on my bookcase so I can drool over them while I type.

  96. Tina, For a second your bobbing heads made me think of the Titanic. :-(

    But the kiddie floaties brought me back to the indoor pool. I brought one of those floating lounge chairs that hold a beverage. Got a laptop and I'm upping the word count.


  97. Ruthy, thanks for permission to revise what I wrote the previous day before I start writing new!! Yippee!! This feels great. This feels like cheating!

    But, hey, Tina said there were no Speedbo cops! We're good.

    Oops I spot a Speedbo Sergeant barreling this way.


  98. Helen,

    I scooted over to the Barnyard Book Loft to take a look at your book. I love the cover!! Looks like a driving lesson or maybe the hero and heroine just want an excuse to cuddle.


  99. I am so excited to start Speedbo! I've never done it before, but I have a book I want to finish, so I figured this would make me change my habits. You can't finish a book if you don't start it. And I've got several ideas for several books, so we'll see where it goes. I have printed off the calendar, since I love anything that has to do with graphs, lists, charts, etc. I just found out they are calling for almost a foot of snow on Monday! I am so excited. If I don't have to work, there are more hours to write! When God gives you the words to say, you have to write them down. You never know who is going to read your book and will need those words at that time. A year ago, I had no idea I needed to write. I thought editing was enough. But God has other plans. I guess the editing was a stepping stone. Once I started writing, I came across this verse: Entrust your efforts to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Even if my writing is just for me, I'm learning more each day how to trust God, depend on Him, and listen to Him. Excited to be here!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net

  100. Janet,

    In the story it's a driving lesson.

  101. Coffee and more coffee... Caramel Drizzle here. I have 3,400 words so far today ! Yah !!!!
    Thank you for the push to write and the encouragement.
    Linda Finn
    Faithful Acres Books

  102. I'm ready, I think. Thanks for the great advice.

    My goals need to be written out so I think I'll have to do that first. My broad goals are finishing novella #1 and getting as much written on novella #2 as possible.

    I've been keeping my progress on a daily calendar so I'm going to continue that because it has been working. I'm a night owl so I'm going to plan to write more often at night. Sometimes my writing schedule is dictated by my work schedule, but I hope to be able to limit that. I liked the idea of posting to Facebook when my goals are met.

  103. It looks like SPEEDBO is off to a rousing start! I've been busy this morning starting my next proposal--still mentally working on character backstory and scenestorming--but couldn't resist jumping into 1000 words of the opening chapter to get a feel for my characters and see if the GMC is solid. Now, though, I have to pause to finish TAX PREP! :(

    We're getting a nice rain here, too, Tina! I suppose it will turn to snow overnight, but this time of year it melts fairly rapidly and soaks in. Sure can use the moisture.

    Congrats on the release of your book, HELEN! I love reading stories set in the Depression era and of course I LOVE Missouri. I have "Ozark Sweetheart" on my order list so will hopefully have it in my hands before the end of the month!

  104. The rain is great. But... it changed hubby and i's minds about jaunt to the wild animal park. We did go look around Jerome. At the haunted hotel. Didn't get to take the tour cause they only do they at certain times which don't include Fridays and Saturdays.

    Go figure.

    Hubby and celebrated another milestone in the story we 've been writing.

    34 years.

    And to write several more chapters.

    Now too get some new chapters on other stories I have been writing.


  105. Hey, Teenster, GREAT kickoff to SPEEDBO!!

    And, uh, lest anybody accuse me of being lame, I just wanted to mention that I DID sign up for SPEEDBO weeks ago, so I'm not sure why I'm not on the list unless I did something wrong ... AGAIN. Sigh.


  106. Thank you for the help, Tina. I am not getting much done today, but I have it started. Weekends are the busiest time of the week for me. I will have a lot more time to write Monday through Friday.

    I took a break from preparing for my Sunday School and Children's Church preparation for tomorrow and wrote 300 words. Hopefully I will be able to take another break and write some more. I am loving this.

  107. As long as it stays in YOUR mountains, we are good, GK.

    Sun shining here. Windows all open with a breeze moving through.

  108. JULIE!!! DID YOU?? Okay, I looked. Yes. On the 22nd. I am adding you.

    But think on the bright side. Aren't you glad I'm not perfect???

  109. All fixed. You are right there next to Kassy Paris.

    Sorry, I was on the way to work. My only excuse.


  110. LINDA MARIE FINN, 3400. You people are maniacs.

  111. Daily calendar works for me too, Dianna. I have one out of three goals for the day done. Must go finish.

  112. I see my name but I don't think I signed up. I've talked about it a lot but never actually did the signing up. Tina took over and signed me up...thankfully I live outside slapping distance.

    THANKS TINA!!!!!


  114. Egads.

    I got three sentences written before the pitter patter of little feet demanded my attention. Then daddy got up too and we were off taking care of things. I'm just now getting over to Seekerville to see what cool stuff for inspiration is here. Great stuff.

    I'm hoping to get more written today. My goal is simple. Write SOMEthing each day. For today? Check. I'm promising myself to NOT COMPARE myself to others during SPEEDBO (*avoiding eye contact with Carol M...*) Otherwise, I'd just get depressed and give up.

    I DO expect to get at least 1000 words in today. I know I can do it.

  115. You can slap me if you can reach me, Connealy.

    Talk is cheap.

  116. Mary Hicks said...
    One of my strengths is that once I've committed to something, I don't give up. :-)

    That, folks, is an example of understatement. Trust me, I know the woman :-)

    Nancy C

  117. Excited. 145 new books, potentially. I made my goal of 1500 words but it took all day, on and off, don't know how long in actual time.

    I took the time to buy Helen's book and intend to reward myself with reading. Less calories than chocolate. Also wrote a review for Julie Lessman's Romance-ology since it helped me through some romantic scenes.

    Dinner and back to the keyboard. Have to get ahead because I won't have as much time tomorrow.

  118. Welcome to Ginger Venturoni.

    Hope the bruising on your arms are not so bad you can't write!

    Carol Moncado arm twisting will do that.

  119. Happy Release Day to Helen and Christina. This is so exciting!!

    Nancy C

  120. Thank you so much for Speedbo! Just the push I needed. Wrote 1600 words today, and entered two contests. Can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds. Thank you!

  121. Almond biscotti and ginger peach hot tea ... and I'm 19 pages closer to completing my edit of my second historical.

    How fun to be in the company of all these folks determined to change into the 'new you'!!

    Nancy C

  122. Helen and Christina are guesting this week in Seekerville with their debuts!

    Holy Macaroni, Sally! You don't mess around, do you??

    I love peach tea, Nancy!!

  123. So ... Tina ... you were here in Seekerville at midnight while I was waiting in the alley for your SECRET CHOCOLATE SPICE COOKIE RECIPE.

    I probably could have edited twice as many pages with a combination of Chocolate Spice Cookies and Ginger Peach hot tea.


    Nancy C

  124. True, Nancy.

    Must write a manuscript to debut those cookies.

  125. Tina is threatening to throw cookies at me.

  126. Although throwing cookies is a waste of a good cookie...

  127. TEENA, YES!!!! I am SOOO glad you are not perfect!! ;)

    And, ELAINE ... bless you, my friend! Tell me where you posted it, darlin', and I will enter you in my contest! :)


  128. I'm amazed by these new faces!!!! PSYCHED!!!! This is so fun, welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

    The only thing you have to fear is fear itself....

    And maybe me.

    But not this late in the day and if you're already working!!!!


    CRYSTAL RIDGWAY Oh my stars, I pale in the shadow of your day! You go, girl!


    I was hoping you guys would like it! That means the world to me, thank you so much!!!!

    Ginger, you just throw those cookies, this way, honey, and don't let Carol strong arm you.... although she's a great motivator!

  130. Nancy C, we'll get that recipe yet, dear girl!!!!

    She can't stay strong forever.

    Can she?????

    Naw..... and if she gave me the recipe, I could put it in the book with the totally-unrelated-heroine-named-Tina who loves to create great desserts.

    So of course the fictional Tina would benefit from the real Tina's expertise in this department!

    All recipes are improved by sharing.

    I read that someplace. :)

  131. Wow CRYSTAL! That's awesome!

    TINAP, Congrats on 34!

    HELEN, Since I pre-ordered it, your book was downloaded when I turned on my Kindle. Yay.

    CHRISTINA, Congrats on the release! I have yours, too. Thanks!

    Reporting my SPEEDBO of 1,071, lol. Measly, but it made me SO happy to write something NEW!

    I really need to play with the dogs now. Poor Pommy's have been so patient with me today.

    Congrats, everyone, on the first day! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  132. Tina said

    "Rewards should be something you can look back on and visualize for motivation as you move toward the next goal. So no, chocolate is not a reward unless you save the wrapper and pin it to your wall."

    HaHa, You're SO funny. I won't need the wrappers cause I'll have the reward of all those visible extra pounds. That is NOT something I want to visualize so I'm in search of a lower cal reward.

    Seriously though, I made my change in January - vowed to do a minimum of 1k a day. As of yesterday I'm over 67,000 words for the year.

    Speedbo should add an extra 31,000 minimum though I'm aiming for even more. Honestly, watching those words add up is reward enough!

  133. Marianne,
    Than you so much for including us in your prayers. You are indeed a blessing to us.

    ((((hugs)))) and prayers back for you.

  134. Hi, fellow Speedbo-ers!!!!!!! Praying everyone makes their goals this month!!

    Today, I kicked off Speedbo with a synopsis rewrite. More like synopsis re-creation, because I started working on it and realized I didn't know what in the tater tot I was doing. So I've got the bones of it pieced together. Now to make it "fresh" in 250 words or less. :s

    Tina, I see Ruthy's still trying to wring that recipe out of you. Chocolate Spice Cookies, eh? Sounds yummy!!

  135. Hi Julie

    You force me to admit I get my daughter to do all my Amazon and Goodreads stuff. I type it and send it to her. She'll have it up by tomorrow.

  136. If it's not too late to join, I'm in and will email in just a moment. I'm on a self imposed (or perhaps husband imposed) deadline to finish the first draft of this novel before I can register for the RWA conference.


    Let's WRITE!!

  138. Closing up shop for the night. Note it is NOT 1:27 am.
    I revised 44 pages of a 139 page 80,000 word book single spaced.
    It went really well, I was delighted. This is Tucker's story. At this pace, if I push just a bit maybe...I can get it done in three days. I had figured a week or two but I'm pleased with how it looks. Of course I'd revised before but still thought it needed some work.
    So three or four days on revisions and then I get to work on that 40,000 words remaining to write on the 80,000 word book.
    I had feared I'd only get two or three weeks in March for this, but I'm gonna have almost the whole month!!!!!!
    OH WOW! I just double-checked the exact word count on the book thinking I was about at 40k...I'm at 47k. I need to write 33,000 words. That's barely over my 1000 words a day quota.

    I am gonna DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  139. Exceeded my goal of 1000 words today! Whoot! Got around 1500.

  140. Maybe I'll see you at RWA, San Antonio, Brooke!!

  141. Unfortunately, I didn't get any words today. :-( I spent the whole day with my girls. We went to see their high school production of the Wizard of Oz. They weren't in it, but some of my older daughter's friends were. It was awesome. Then we saw Saving Mr. Banks tonight. It was pretty awesome too. :-)
    Thanks for this lovely WE and the great tips and encouragement today, Tina!!! I'll have to come back tomorrow and read it more closely and get ready to write the first pages of my new story that I'm so excited about!!! Woohoo!

  142. Dear Tina, Thank you for today's post.

    I like that Speedbo concentrates on positive change. Too often I make the excuse that writing will be easier when all four of my children are in school full time, but I like step one of today's exercise that helps us visit our default future. I like that Speedbo is helping me look at writing to become more consistent and thoughtful about the discipline of writing. Accomplished word count and editing today so it made it so much easier to enjoy family time tonight. Thanks. Happy writing everyone.

  143. Exceeded my itty bitty word count for the day. Every little bit helps :))

  144. Not a good day for writing. I took my daughter to her college open house, so I was gone most of the day. I wrote things and plotted while driving,but only in my head. Tomorrow. :)

  145. Brooke!!!! Welcome aboard and kudos to you... and your husband, LOL! See how that motivational stuff works????

    Nancy Farrier!!!! Good to see you here, and you said it: Tomorrow. Because we're all crankin' busy and life interrupts, but if we pick it back up tomorrow (well, TODAY, now, LOL!) we start off on the road again.

    And it's a marvelous road!!!!

  146. Connealy "FOUND" 7,000 words.




  147. Elaine, I hire my family, too.

    Beth is my local editor, she helps to keep my drafts and indies from being HORRIBLE.... Mandy does my receipt logging and spreadsheets.... Seth helps with my little ones during the week.

    And yes, they're all in the will. :)

    There's only so much we can do, and handing off chores to others helps their bottom line and my productivity. I hear you, loud and clear!

  148. I got some writing done today—but it was mostly finishing up on another project. I wanted it out of my way for next week.

    Nancy C, I think you're afflicted with the same malady of 'Hook on, hang tight', that I suffer wit!h.:-) :-)

    Hey, there's worse things to have to deal with, right!:-)

  149. Afternoon Ladies !
    I am thinking I will write this afternoon and up the word count here. Enjoying coffee, added a few more enjoyable apps to my new HTC One Max phone and so she is good to go. Love this phone its screen is almost as big as my kindle fire and yet it is lighter and easy to hold for me. I can do most anything on this phone, so that is the good part.
    Off to write.

  150. Love reading all the success stories...and we're only at DAY TWO!


    Everyone's off to a great start!

    I downloaded 2,600 words from my Alpha! Love seeing those words flow across the screen as they transfer from the Alpha to my PC.

    I brought cheese cake for an afternoon snack--chocolate, caramel, raspberry swirl and plain. No calories! Enjoy.

  151. My Sunday was filled with church and then family, a sweet baby shower for our little nephew.....

    So I got 1300 in this morning, but that's all I was able to do. Still, it's on top of 2500 yesterday, and a blog written, so a nice beginning! I'll jump back in early Monday morning and this week I'm avoiding people after the day job so I have evenings to work too.

    This will be so much fun, and I've seen so many new names!!!!!

    I love the excitement of writers working together.