Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Week 1 of Speedbo.

Congratulations to all of our 154 participants. Here's the list It's not too late to sign up! Check out the details here. Winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card Starting Line Up Giveaway is....Heidi Kortman.

And don't forget to let us know if you are up for this week's Speedbo prizes!

You must comment to be entered. If no one expresses an interest in a critique or giftcard, the prizes go back in the vault.

We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget). You must contact us every single time you win. 

Sandra LeeSmith discussed "The World of Book Reviews" on Tuesday.  While promoting her books, Sandra has met some interesting book reviewers. Faye wins her choice of a Seeker ebook or if she wants a print copy she can have her choice of one of Sandra's books or Julie's Romance-ology 101.

Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye joined us on Wednesday with “Never Too Late: Speedbo 2014.” Winners of a copy of her April release, Pine Country Cowboy are Valri, Heidi and Melanie Pike.

On Thursday, Seeker Cara Lynn James brought us "Planning your Novel for Speedbo." The winner of a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks is Jackie Layton!

Friday: Time for the March Contest Update . Our March Contest Diva was Sara Ella. Winner of a library bag full of books is Courtney Phillips.

Saturday: SPEEDBO BEGINS.  Winner of Change Anything (for Kindle) is KC Frantzen.

Next Week In Speedbo-ville

Monday: Mary Connealy will kick off Week 1 of SPEEDBO by talking about YOUR goals. Whether you’re signed up for Speedbo or not, why don’t you set some goals for this month.? Even if you’re a reader, let’s hear about some goals you have. What do you hope to accomplish this month?

Tuesday:  "How to Create Characters So Real You’ll Be Tempted to Add Them to Your Christmas List " with guest, Abingdon Press author, Lisa Carter. Lisa is generously giving us a triple giveaway that includes Carolina Reckoning, or Aloha Rose, or Beneath a Navajo Moon. Three winners.

Wednesday: Heartsong Presents author Helen Gray is our guest today with her post, "Writing Your Book: Setting Your Tempo to the End." Stop by to chat with Helen and you could win her debut release, Ozark Sweetheart.

Thursday: Zondervan author Melanie Dickerson is our guest blogger with her post, "Theme: How can I use it for a more powerful reading experience?" Don't miss an opportunity to strengthen your Speedbo manuscript and  a giveaway of her latest release, The Captive Maiden.

Friday: Join us today for "Beating Repetition out of Dialogue Tags" with guest Christina Rich. She's also giving away a copy of her debut release from Love Inspired Historical, The Guardian's Promise.

WWRD? (What Would Rocky Do??)

Seeker Sightings

 Please share your own news and sightings in the comments or on our Facebook page.

CLAIMING MARIAH by Pam Hillman is a Fresh Pick at Fresh Fiction. Fresh Fiction says, "The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of readers and is never a purchased advertisement or promotion. We've chosen your book because it appeals to us and we like to share our diverse tastes in reading and hope other readers will give it a try."  

Tyndale is giving away 5 copies of Claiming Mariah. Giveaway ends March 8th, so hop over and share the love through the Punchtab Signup widget.


Running on Empty. 

Still .99 on Kindle or on any device with a Kindle app!  "She ran away once, when the truth was too much to bear. Can she stay this time and make a difference to others? With the strength of faith and the grace of God, she can, and maybe... Just maybe... Anne will find the true love that eluded her years before."  Ruthy Logan Herne's heartwarming story on sale now at Amazon!

 Shhh … secrets are exposed in this month’s edition of Southern Writers Magazine, where SEEKERVILLE is featured in an expose of just what makes a successful writers blog tick. Learn the who, what, when and whys of those endearing, passionate, and sometimes snarky (and you know who you are!) Seeker gals as they give their take on how to create one of the "101 Best Websites for Writers” according to Writers Digest Magazine. So take a peek at the teaser below where Southern Writers Magazine—one of the premiere magazines for writers and Seekerville, one of the premiere blogs, of course—join forces to share secrets you don’t want to miss. (Click on the graphic to enlarge the article.) To read the full article visit


Random News & Information

Did you know? The BBC 2009 miniseries, Emma, is available free with Amazon Prime?

Inside Amtrak's (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to Writers  (The Wire)

 The best new science fiction & fantasy and romance every month (The Washington Post)

What To Do About ACX And Their Royalty Rate Change (vo2gogo)

Bodice-ripping Mills & Boon novels? There's an app for that (The Guardian)

Third Annual Southern Writers Short Story Contest /Deadline May 1, 2014

False Teeth and Blue Eyes: Keeping Track of Characters (Fiction Notes via KC Frantzen)

A Big Bestseller Weighs in on “Publishing Is A Lottery” (JA KONRATH)

Selling the Unsellable by LIH author Christina Rich (SYTYCW SOLD!)

Preparing for the Search for a Killer Voice? Check out the LIS Editors Podcast here.

Seekerville Night Classes are on hold during March for Speedbo. They will resume with these classes that you can sign up for now:

April-Self-Editing for Beginners with Tina Radcliffe

Class: Self-Editing for Beginners with Tina Radcliffe

May- Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View with Jill Elizabeth Nelson

And here's a peek at what you can look forward to in the coming months:

  • June (4 week class) Getting Rid of the Junk That Holds Us Back- Cheryl St. John
  • July (2 week class)  Writing Short Romantic Fiction- Tina Radcliffe
  • August (4 week class) Crafting Scenes - Winnie Griggs
  • October: (4 week class) Amazon Self Publishing for Beginners- Rogenna Brewer
  • November (3 week class) Creating Characters - Myra Johnson and Dora Heirs

That's,let's SPEEDBO! 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!!! And to all those who have started Speedbo. Like my Dad said...once you've started, you are half done. All you need to do is finish! Authors rock!

  2. Seekerville welcomes Kelly Ann Riley to Speedbo. Number 148.

  3. Very cool WE, Tina! Congrats winners!

    After watching the Rocky clip I want to say two things. First, we looked like dorks when we ran in the 1970s. And second, what's up with tucking the sweatshirt into the jogging pants? But ya gotta love the music and the message!

    Chariots of Fire is dear to my heart because my husband's grandfather ran in the 1928 Olympics. He knew a lot of the actual chaps who ran in the 1924 Olympics. When I watch that film, I always think of him. Although his experiences were four years after the film, it is a close depiction of what he and his new bride experienced while in Amsterdam as far as the scale of the games, the parades, facilities, etc. Very cool.

    Blessed Sunday, all!

  4. Great WE TINA. Wow 148!!!

    Go, go , go Speedboers.

    LYNDEE, so cool about your husband's grandfather. I loved that movie.

  5. Brrrrrrr ... I'm iced-sleeted-snowed in in St. Loo, but that's okay because I have a remote-controlled gas fireplace, a Keurig, and Speedbo!!

    Didn't do too well yesterday because I spent the day researching (YUCK), awful but necessary, but TODAY is the day!! Hope to double my quota to make up for yesterday, so wish me luck!!



  6. WOW, WOW, WOW!! 148 SPEEDBO-ERS ... do I hear 150???

    LYNDEE, that is SOOO cool about your hubby's grandfather!! I love Chariots of Fire too. :)


  7. WELCOME TO Megan Andersch
    Heather Harden our 149th and 150th participants.

    WRITE ON!!!

  8. Another great WE -- I don't know how you do it, Tina. Awesome links. Loved the Love Inspired podcast and reading Christina's 'sold' story. Too funny, because she kept being told biblical stories don't sell and I NEVER read 'em...okay I read one that Madeleine L'Engle wrote but it was time travel. Anyway -- the only reason I picked The Guardian's Promise was because I 'knew' the author from Seekerville. :-)

  9. Congrats to all of the winners.

    I'm looking forward to our first week of Speedbo, and I'm always up for a crit. You all are so generous with your time and help. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for the excellent Weekend Edition, Tina!

    Congratulations to our winners!! And to the 150 Speedboers!!

    Looking forward to this week's lineup. Nice to see several Villagers post side.

    I'm spending the day with my d/h. But eager to get back to Speedbo on Monday!


  11. Loved seeing the winners list. And nothing motivates finishing the race like Chariots of Fire. I'd like to be in the running for a gift card or critique.

  12. Great WE, Tina! Add my name to the pot please!
    Wow, 150 speedboers.
    Down here in Texas, we are in the lower twenties, and ice is coming down in sheets. A real change from the tank-top weather we had yesterday.

  13. No, I didn't get started on my Speedbo project yesterday. But I had given myself the day to enjoy some online partying while sharing debut launch day with Christina.

    Today church was cancelled because of freezing rain that started in the night and is to continue and change to sleet and then snow all through today and tonight.

    So now it's time to hibernate and dig in!!

    I've got the coffee pot going.

  14. Welcome to participant 151, Jana Vanderslice.

    WRITE ON!!!

  15. I am in awe of all of you! From Tina's excellent summary of the book yesterday to each encouraging post, I see a formidable group of Christian women who have determination!
    As soon as I read the 28th blog, I downloaded Jodi's excellent book on Killee Thrillers and read all of the previous year's posts. Understood that when I gathered resources and writer's conferences, I earned the Goldilocks award for yesterday. Today I am working on plotting rather than pantsering so Speedbo has begun. Where's the chocolate?

  16. Glad you're so excited, Olivia.

    I had to translate part of that.

    Jodie Renner, Killer Thrillers. Looks like a great book!

    And a HA! on Goldilocks Syndrome!!

  17. Lyndee you are so funny.

    The 90's was worse. Running in Spandex with leg warmers and hair scrunchies.



    Gearaldine Vanderslice.

    GO MOM!!!!

  19. oops typo. GEARLDINE!

    Welcome to Cathy Shouse and Marilyn Turk.

    LET'S WRITE!!!

  20. I am so excited to have joined Speedbo this year! I am up for any prizes. Let's get this party started, let's get writing lol.

  21. I've been on a retreat this weekend but am home now feeling ready to jump in on Speedbo! So exciting to see all those joining us!

  22. I've been working all day and I've gotten a lot done.

    But I had to stop in and see what's going on here at Seekerville.

    Bitter cold so we didn't venture out to church and My Cowboy is out with his cattle.

    It did get up to TEN today. The forecast said ZERO for a high, so ten, by comparison, is balmy.

    I just hide out inside! :)

  23. Lyndee, you know someone who ran in the Olympics? How cool is that?

    I once watched someone spike a volleyball that almost took my daughter's head off...she went on to the Olympics.

    We all just had the sense to know we were in the presence of greatness and didn't even let it upset us.

  24. PS My daughter ducked and was fine. Of course ideally she'd have returned the spike but that' wasn't happenin'.

  25. Rereading my tortured syntax...the spiker went on to the Olympics not my daughter (the spikee).

    Jordan Larson. She also played for the University of Nebraska and now plays volley ball professionally.

    She was a freshman when my daughter was a junior and Jordan and her team (mainly she) just mopped the floor with us.

    Sorry, trying to act like I knew an Olympic athlete. That's pathetic. Lyndee still waaaaaaaaay wins. LOL

  26. I know no Olympians.

    I know no runners.

    Hey, my Cowboy and his sister biked 22 miles today.

    What Cowboy worth his boots bicycles??? I'm pulling his Cowboy Card now!!!

    PS. I do not bike, but I own one. It's a little girl's bike compared to theirs because my legs are kinda short.

  27. Loved the weekend edition Ms Tina! It is freezing here and we had thunder sleet. So bizarre when it is sleeting and thundering at the same time. Anyway, I stayed in all day today and probably tomorrow. Roads are a mess. Should give me plenty of writing time.

  28. Is anyone having good weather? Do they even make good weather anymore?

    Congrats to the winners!

    Christina, so fun to read your comments about selling the unsellable. Hooray that you didn't give up! Maybe you'll start a trend :-)

    And a big welcome to all the new Speedbo folks!!

    Nancy C

  29. Mary C.
    I completely blame you for the ice and snow storm we're having right now. If you hadnt mentioned a blizzard yesterday, maybe we could have kept our upper seventy degree weather. ;-)
    Terri! I know what you mean about thunder sleet. What's even more weird is sitting at a red light while ice is pouring down in sheets and watching cloud to ground lightning! (Guess what I did this morning?) We were nearly out of groceries, consequence of getting a little too sucked into my most recent ms.

  30. Made my word count today though I cheated a little and brought in a scene from a couple of years ago. Very bad writing, but I can fix it.

    Yes, Tina, please throw my name in the hat for anything.

    Nancy C asked if anyone had good weather. The temperature was 76 today with not a cloud in the sky in central Ga. It's supposed to drop back down to the 50s later in the week. Praying no one has power outages in those icy areas. We had that a few weeks ago. Not fun.

  31. Congrats to all the winners...didn't get to start my story yet...worked on plans to launch our antique business. Will write tonight!! Hope everyone had a beautiful Lord's Day!! Blessings to all...

  32. Welcome to Kimberly D. Payne!~!!

    Speedbo on.

    To infinity and beyond!!!

  33. Wow! I won that book?! Thank you so much! And congrats to all the winners.

    Gosh there's lot to discover in this WE, Tina. How do you do it?!

    Speedbo here we come! Happy writing everyone...

  34. Oh- I'd love a critique but don't write romance so that can go to another... :)

  35. Olympic side-note for those interested - My grandfather-in-law Ray Conger was the only American to beat the 'Flying Finn' Paavo Nurmi, and that was during the heat to determine the final runners for the medals. However, Ray didn't win any metals in the finals, but received a metal of participation. Sadly, in the late 1970s someone broke into the Conger's home and stole all his trophies and medals, including the Olympic medals. He never recovered from that offense.

  36. Great WE Tina! You deserve a medal :))

    Made my word count today despite being gone most of the day. I would like to be entered for a critique please.

    Crystal R.. Where in Texas are you? I'm in West Texas and there is a 61 degree difference in yesterday and today's high temp. Ridiculous.

    Stay warm everyone!!

  37. Well, once again no writing today. Between leading worship at two services and having company all afternoon, I haven't written anything. Tomorrow, I plan to hit it hard.