Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Today is day 15, and this weekend is the halfway point of our Speedbo competition.

The winner of this week's $25 Amazon gift card is Clarice Roghair aka Dee LeRoye and the winner of a Seeker critique is Barbara Burke. Let us know if you want to be considered for next week's critique. (All critiques can be claimed AFTER Speedbo.)

And to celebrate our half way point, we're giving away a second $25 Amazon gift card this week to one writer who posts their progress..great, not so great or pitiful, in the Weekend Edition comments.Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.


Speedbo Halfway Point. How do you see it?

We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget). You must contact us every single time you win. 

Tuesday, confirmed seat-of-the-pants author Myra Johnson shared some tips for "When a Pantser Has to Plot." Wherever you are on your Speedbo quest, Myra's list of 12 questions to ponder as you write will help your story stay on track. Winner of a $10 Panera Bread or Starbucks eGift card (winner's choice is Elaine Manders.

How can one enhance the depth of a novel? Why, with a little bit of help from one's friends, of course! Wednesday, Julie Lessman brought us, "BFF: BEST FRIENDS IN FICTION ... or Enriching Your Story with Friendship." Winner of their choice of Julie's books including Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets or Julie’s latest release, Dare to Love Again is Kathryn.

Thursday, Ruth Logan Herne  shared some Winston Churchill wisdom in Seekerville. Winners of her newest Love Inspired release  Loving the Lawman, are: Jan Drexler, Wilani Wahl, Annie Rains, Jenny Blake, Ginger Solomon, Sally Shupe, Emily Neyer, Jana Vanderslice, Bonton, Olivia, Terri, Rhonda, Tanya Agler, LoRee Perry, and Piper Huguley. Yes. All of you. Thanks, Ruthy!

White Rose Publishing author, Terri Weldon was our guest on Friday with "Where Do Story Ideas Come From?" The winner of a Starbucks gift card is Karen Kirst.

Next Week in Speedbo-ville

Monday:Join Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean as she discusses "Settings that Captivate Readers." Learn techniques to keep readers from skipping description of setting. Stop in and chat for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Tuesday: Love Inspired Suspense and Revell author, Sandra Orchard returns to Seekerville today with her post, "How to Write a Romantic Suspense."  There are two chances to win Sandra's April 1 release, Perilous Waters, too!

Wednesday: Debby Giusti will discuss “Writing Tips for Writing Fast” with tried and true techniques to speed the writing process as we Speed Through Speedbo! Debby’s giving away a copy of her March Love Inspired Suspense, The Agent's Secret Past.

Thursday:“What’s Love Got To Do With It?”  is the age-old question of the heart. Join hybrid author, Audra Harders, as she digs into the song lyrics that shape our character’s feelings and emotions. Of course there will be giveaways … and a special celebration for the launch of Audra’s new book, Second Chance Ranch. Don’t miss the fun!!!

Friday: Seekerville welcomes back Love Inspired Historical author Winnie Griggs with a post on "To Prologue Or Not To Prologue - Answering The Question." Come prepared to learn!

Seeker Sightings

For those of you in the Tucson area, Sandra Leesmith will be signing books at the Tucson Festival of Books ( this weekend.  On Saturday, March 15 (TODAY!) she will be signing at the Arizona Dreaming Booth # 118, 119, 120 from 9:00-5:00.  On Sunday, March 16 she will be signing at the Society of Southwestern Authors Booth # 232 from 9:00- 11:00.  Please come and say hi if you are in the area. 

Want to see Sandra Leesmith's new cover for Love's Promises?  Check out Seasons of Humility for the cover reveal held yesterday. 

Out of Control was listed as an eFiction Find on March 12. eFiction Finds is a website dedicated to finding free and affordable books for your Kindle. Out of Control is currently free in all ebook formats. All authors are welcome to submit their clean fiction for promotion consideration. More information is located at: eFiction Finds Author's Corner.

Please don't let her ten day juice fast be for naught. If you live in Arizona, consider joining or visiting the Christian Writers of the West  on Saturday, March 29th when Tina Radcliffe is the guest speaker, talking about Emotions. 

Don't forget...Thursday, March 20 is the on sale date for Tina's 11th sale to Woman's World magazine.

And if you missed it, it's not too late to head over to the Yankee Belle to see a real Italian make an Irish recipe. Corned Beef and Cabbage!

Random News & Information

 Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell (& one of my favorite Tweeters--@EmilyRodmell) will guest blog on Seekerville in May to celebrate the expansion of the Love Inspired Suspense line from four to SIX books each month. Emily will talk about the expansion, but she’ll also answer questions you might have about Love Inspired Books, the three LI imprints: Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, and Love Inspired Historical, the submission process, what she’s looking for in a submission, how to WOW! an editor and more. Send the questions you’ve always wanted to ask an editor to between now and March 24. Questions will compiled and sent to Emily who will respond on May 21 in her Seekerville guest blog.  All those who send in questions will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Winner announced March 29.

Huggers Gonna Hug (Hugh Howey) 

 Amazon launches interest-free Kindle installment plan (Tele Read)

 The Publishing Business Plan – 7 Essential Elements (The Future of Ink)

 Secrets to Blog Headers That Attract Readers (Marketing Tips for Authors)

 Why Self-Published Authors Should Call Themselves Anything They Want (DBW)

 Vote in March in Christian Retailing's Best awards (Christian Retailing)

 Why Facebook Makes Me Furious (Rob Eagar)

Encroachment (Writer Unboxed)

Wild Rose Press is seeking stories for its series set in the fictional town of Lobster Cove, Maine. Wild Rose wants all kinds of stories, as long as they’re set in Lobster Cove. Stories will be published under the appropriate Wild Rose imprint, so send anything from historical romance to contemporary romance to romantic suspense to paranormal romance — take a look at the guidelines to see what the various Wild Rose imprints encompass.

Stories should be 20,000 words and up. Editors are especially interested in holiday themed stories for a Lobster Cove holiday anthology. The deadline for holiday stories is May 31 — other submissions are ongoing. Find out all the details here. (Cindi Myers Market News's Blog)


Copyright Registration – In the Contract and Beyond (Writers in the Storm)

Do I Need To Copyright My Book Before Publishing on Kindle? (Amy Harrop's Blog)

Practicalities (Let's Get Visible) 

 New Literary Agent Alert: Holly Lorincz of MacGregor Literary (Writer's Digest)

“This week I celebrate my 7th Anniversary with my Beyond Her Book blog here at Publishers Weekly.  It has been an amazing 7 year run, but like all good things, they tend to come to an end.  I will be bidding adieu to PW on March 18th. But, don’t feel bad for me.  I will be continuing to cover all things books at my website I invite you to come over and take a look.” Be sure to visit Barbara’s new site on March 19th to celebrate her move where she will continue to support readers and writers and host fantastic events like her Reader Appreciation Luncheon on April 26. Best wishes, Barbara, from your friends in Seekerville, for a future that’s so very bright!!!

Details here.


  1. Hey guys and you truly are half've started, now you just need to finish! Yeah for the winners! Another amazing week behind you, Tina. Another week ahead, and another chance to out do yourself!thanks

  2. Great WE as always!!! Congrats to the winners!!!! :D

    I'm at 34486 right now and have a 7-9 hour write in tomorrow with my local peeps :D.

    Today has mostly been a bust writing wise - but I did go out for a[nother ;)] celebratory dinner with the fam :D.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners;

    So far I have written 8,810 words. I am a little behind where I wanted to be, but I suppose it is not too bad since I am new at this.

    Please add me to the critique list.

    Have a good weekend everyone.




  5. Sandra! Love your new cover. They all tie in so nicely, too!!!

  6. Coffee's on.

    Speedbo progress is pitiful.

    The day started with finding my books displayed at Wal Mart. Then I came home and learned that my sister-in-law died this morning.


    But Wed. night I finished chapter 2 of my 3 chapter/full outline goal.

    Signing in the morning. Out of town visitation and funeral Monday and Tuesday. Not sure how many words I'll get over the next four days.

    Now back to read some links.

  7. See the tail end of yesterday's post for Carol's news.

    (She is now agented!!! Woot!!)

  8. Goodness, Helen. So sorry for your loss.

  9. I'm so excited to win a copy of Ruth's book! Congratulations to all the winners!

    Overall I feel like I haven't gotten very far but yet I have doubled my word count. So I guess that is progress. I thought spring break would help me get more done, but now I am thinking that being in my normal routine would be better. It might be easier to carve out an hour or so for writing.

    In all I am learning so much and I am so grateful that Carol M. challenged me to get on this bandwagon of Speedbo!

  10. Helen, I am sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family.

  11. Oh Helen {{{HUGS}}} Praying for your fam!!!!!

    I saw the pic of the books though - very exciting on an otherwise difficult day!

    Emily - I wish you could join us tomorrow :D. Maybe next weekend [or the weekend after might be better?] we could do a mini-write in of our own? I'm so glad you've jumped in! AND you won a RUTHY BOOK! That right there is worth the price of admission ;).

    And yes- still over the moon :D. Not sure when the submissions will be headed out but soon... The whole story is here: The One Wherein I Have Big News and I saved my Seekerville pen for just such an occasion ;).

  12. No say it ain't so, I wanted 15 chapters done and I have almost 5.5 wellllll that's closer to half than I was thinking. 7.5 is half, so I'm behind, but M-I-L is coming this week for a handful of days and I hope to speed up through that. Total of 17581 words.
    But wrote nothing last night because of a sick baby, so here's hoping I get something under my belt.
    And of course my editor just asked me to write the front and back matter for Book #2....she evidently doesn't care about my speedbo woes. ;P

  13. Great WE, Tina! So much to info and support here this week.

    I'm at 16,428 words and need to wrap it up for the month.

    Thanks for the SPEEDBO opportunity, Seekerville. It's been a blast. Going to concentrate on another project next week.

    Good luck to the rest of yuns.

  14. HELEN- Blessings and prayers to you and your family.

  15. Well, my goal was 500 wordds 5x per week, so that means I should have 5,000 by end of day today--I have closer to 4,000, so that isn't so bad, but I really did not make much progress this week--I need to up the ante now and get busy!

    As a newbie, would LOVE to be in the drawing for the free critique--please include me.

    Even though I have not gotten as much as i had hoped, I'm pleased that I have gotten more done in this 2 weeks than I had previously. Not sure how this week will turn out, since it is my last week at home before heading to England, but I am going to try--Speedbo has been a great push for me.

  16. Good morning! Thanks for all these great links, and congrats to all the winners.

    So far this month I've written 13029 words. I'm getting so close to the big blow up.

    So far I've written 13029 words. My goal has been to finish this story. I still might make it.

    Carol, way to go! So excited for you landing an agent.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

    Please add my name to the drawing for a crit. Thanks!

  17. Ruthy, thank you so much!! I am so excited to win a copy of your book. Cannot wait to read it! Thank you! I am up for all Speedbo prizes. The glass is half full so there's plenty of time to fill it the rest of the way up! Helen, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I will be praying. Carol, way to go! So excited for you!! Not as much progress this week as I would have liked, but it has been so much fun being a part of this and getting in the habit of sitting down and writing, no matter how much or how little time I have. Thank you for that! I just went back to add up my words for the week. It is so good to keep track. I did better than I thought I did! 3099 for the week. Now to get started for this week.

  18. I haven't reached the half way point of goal. I do have a third of my rough draft done, heading into the middle of the book.

    I am determined to be more diligent the remainder of the month.

  19. 18062...way down from my planned 30000 by now. Rolling eyes over my unreachable goal setting. Realistically I can only do 500-800 words a day when I work...and there's invariably days where that isn't even possible. I was off this past week and that helped.

    Congrats to Carol on getting an agent. Woot!!!!

    Please add my name to the critique draw.

  20. My totals are low...4,560. However, as I try to be positive, I keep reminding myself, that's 4,560 more words than I had two weeks ago. My first week was 1,698 words, and my second week was 2,862.

    My goal for the month is to complete the synopsis and first three chapters of my wip. I knew better than to set a goal to write an entire manuscript, since I have not learned how to turn off the editing mode of my brain while I write.

    It's a writing day, so I'm off to write! :)

  21. Congrats winners!

    My Speedbo progress has been . . . PITIFUL! We've been on spring break vacation a week, and though I've been able to post pre-written posts to my blog, that's about all the writing I've done . . . Hope everyone else is doing better!

  22. You can make up for a Speedbo misstep in a day.

    And as Rhonda so nicely put's still more than you had without Speedbo.

    Congratulations on those word counts Speedbo Divas and Divos.

  23. Great WE and congratulations to the winners!

    Helen, so sorry for your loss, may God be with you through this heartache.

    Carol! Good for you!

    My speedbo progress is good. I finished my ms and entered it into the genesis contest short novel category. I started another, but I'm guessing its going to be a five weeker, because I have to move. Thats going to take up a lot of my writing time.

    Please enter me for the critique and gift card.

    Cheering on everyone to their speedbo goals. Large or small, you're all doing great!

  24. Morning Seekerville.

    TINA, thanks. I really like this cover also. Hope all of you will hop over to the cover reveal and see it. Check out some of the fun conversations too.

    I'm off to the book fest in about an hour. Its sunny. Yeah!!!. It was raining yesterday and last year it poured. So its looking good.

  25. HELEN. Sorry for your loss.

    I'm not going that great with speedbo either. But as TINA says, its not too late to pick it up.

    Go speedbo

  26. Great Weekend Edition, Tina! Thanks!! Congrats winners!

    Sandra, your new cover is wonderful! Chock full of emotion!

    Huge congrats to Carol M!!!


  27. I'm at 15,065 through yesterday. I started with 7k on this ms which puts me over 22k. Now I'm working through the sagging middle.

    HELEN, sorry to hear about your sister-in-law.

  28. very sorry for your loss...keeping you and your family in my prayers...

    Congrats to all the WINNERS!!!

    And yay for all those plugging away on their Speedbo manuscripts...

    My Speedbo WIP is pathetic! But, I'm still not ready to throw in the towel!!

    Hoping everyone has a tea-lightful weekend!! I know I will...all my grandchildren will be in one place at the same time...I'm so grateful to the Lord for the time I can spend with them...JOY-JOY-JOY!!!!

  29. Helen,

    I'm sorry for your loss. You're in my prayers.

    Hugs, Janet

  30. Another great WE, Tina! Congratulations to this week's winners, and I love all the interesting links!

    Can't believe we're halfway through Speedbo already! Yesterday I made it to just over 10K on my wip. I had a little over 1K when I began the month, so this is decent progress considering we have a new grandbaby in the house! I may not finish the book, but I'm a lot farther along thanks to the accountability factor of sticking to a (fairly regular) Speedbo writing schedule.

  31. Oh, HELEN, so very sorry about your loss. Praying for your family.

  32. Wanted to add my congrats for all the super-duper Speedbo word counts y'all are logging! Keep up the great work!

    And mucho congrats to CAROL!!!! You go, girl!

  33. Great WE as always, Miss T!!
    CONGRATS to all the winners, and looking forward to another wonderful week in Seekerville!
    Cannot wait to grab that issue of Woman's World and read Tina's newest story (GO TINA!!).
    My SPEEDBO progress is pretty much on schedule---but hoping to do even more this coming week. Can't believe March is zipping by so quickly.
    Everyone have a blessed weekend, and I've brought some cookies in honor of St. PATTI'S Day (sugar cookies with GREEN icing and little shamrock sprinkles)--Enjoy! Hugs, Patti Jo (who was actually named "Patti" in honor of my Mama's best friend who was Irish) :)

  34. p.s. CONGRATS to CAROL!!! Yay!! I've heard Tamela is an awesome agent!!

  35. p.p.s. Just now read Helen's news....Oh Helen, I am so sorry for your loss....praying for you, sweet lady. Hugs, Patti Jo

  36. JENNIFER SMITH SAID: "My Speedbo progress has been . . . PITIFUL!"

    OH, MOVE OVER, GIRLFRIEND -- I hear you!!

    As an author who's SUPPOSED to be doing this for a living, I'm almost embarrassed to put my tally down. ESPECIALLY after seeing some of these other go-getters like Carol Moncado ... the brat! You're lucky I love you, CM ... ;)

    My tally is only 7,650, but in my defense, I had a 400+ -page book on which to do final edits, which meant some rewrites and LOTS of proofing to delete certain elements, whch took me a solid week and then some.

    But ... I'm back on track today and hoping to make up for my shoddy show so far! :)

    SO ... to Jenn and me and any others who are disappointed with their tally, the bottom line is, if you've written any words AT ALL ... you're that many ahead of the game than you were two weeks ago, right???

    Great WE, Tina, and SUPER CONGRATS to the winners!! And soooooo proud of all Speedboers ... and, yes, even you, Carol Moncado, you little showoff! ;)


  37. Whew! As most of you probably know, this week was a doozy in Upstate NY. Spent one day prepping for the storm, another digging out afterwards. All that messed with my writing schedule, but I managed to get a chapter done in my WIP for Speedbo. I committed to 3 chapters and a synopsis by the end of the month, so I'm still on track. At least, that's what I keep telling myself ;)

  38. Way to go, Mia.

    Any sign of Spring???

  39. Half way through Speedbo already? Wow, how time flies.

    Don't stop now! The end is in sight!!

  40. Helen, I'm so sorry. Praying for comfort for you and your family.

  41. YAYAYAYAYAYAY for Carol! You go, sweetheart! We've all waited for this for a looooong time!!!

    Tamela is one smart cookie...

  42. Beautiful cover, Sandra! Amber and Lena have done a spectacular job in creating and promoting all your books.

    YAYAYAY Sandra, Amber, Lena!!!

    I'm off to download my copy now...

  43. Half way mark!!!

    You know, I was thinking I had really not accomplished my goals, but I just TODAY wrote THE END of my novella for Barbour.

    Good gravy, that's half the battle. Actually, it's more than half the battle!!! Editing should be a breeze.


  44. Oh Helen! I'm so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. Hugs, friend!!!

  45. Spring break was never a good time writing-wise for me when the kids were small except for one year...

    I remember my boss needed me to work that week, but dh took his grandmother and the kids to visit some friends for about 3 days. So, that left me 2-3 nights completely free to write without any distractions.

    So I grabbed food on my way home from work and wrote for about 3 days straight. Got about 12K in in those three days.

  46. Good morning, Seekerville (yes, it's still mid-morning in Arizona). I'm thrilled with all the amazing word count numbers being shared here! WOW!

    And for those who aren't as far as you'd hoped to be at the halfway mark, don't forget--you're farther down the road than you were 2 weeks ago, even if you feel as if you're just inching along. And if you stick with it, you'll be even farther along by month's end. So take a deep breath and hang in there--don't listen to the negative voice in your head. Replace it with: "I CAN do this" and "I'm doing GREAT and before the month is over, I'm going to do even BETTER!"

    HELEN, I'm so sorry the excitement of your book debut at Walmart was cut short. Prayers for you and your family as this time of loss.

    CAROL--Mega congrats on the agent acquisition!! And so neat that you signed on the dotted line with a Seekerville pen!!

  47. CAROL - I know I've already said it on fb, but I am SO excited that you signed with Tamela!!!

    This is so exciting!!!!


  48. Helen, so sorry about your sister-in-law. Sending prayers and sympathy...and hugs!

    Melissa, sorry about baby not feeling well. Hope the little one is better today. Hugs to worried Mama.

    Congrats to Carol! Love that you used a Seekerville pen. Awesome on both counts--the agent and the pen!

    Sandra, wish I could visit the Book Festival and see you sitting so proudly in your booth. Have fun!

    Congrats to all those who are Speeding through Speedbo. I'm impressed!

    Feeling Kathryn's JOY-JOY-JOY about her grandchildren!

    Ruthy, are you snowed in? Any one else buried under a mountain of white?

  49. I just checked "Take A Chance" on the laptop awhile ago. Passed 30,000 words sometime this morning. My goal is 60,000, so that makes me feel good.
    That, in spite of one day off for a funeral and another for taking newly adopted daughter to the capitol city to get.....1. a filling in her tooth that left her numb and, I mean whoozy. (She loves to talk). 2. New driver's license with new name of Roghair 3. Application for passport. She is going with her Bible Academy team to Honduras. and 4. application to change social security card.

    A critique would be wonderful.

  50. Just got home from my first book signing. We started with 100 books, ended with 14, which he's leaving on display.

    Now on to family matters.

    Thanks for the prayers, everyone.

  51. Great WE!

    Congratulations Winners!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend writing!

  52. Congrats winners!

    super WE, Tina. I checked out quite a few links already. :)

    Wow. 1/2 way...
    I need to get busier with working on book 4. I've been traveling (had my first INTERNATIONAL speaking engagement for our books!!) and taking time to read. Today it just felt good to get outside and do a little yard work.

    Happy weekend all!

  53. Instead of going to my write in, I've decided to be sick :(.

    Praying I'll get some words in anyway...

  54. HELEN!!! YOU SOLD 86 BOOKS?? WOW!!! Congrats.

  55. KC, tell us more about your international speaking engagement.

    I've had one of was held at the family reunion. The Italians and the Polish parts of the family.

    I said, "Pass the Romano, please."

  56. Thanks for the book, Ruth! And congrats to all winners. I am only as far as I am this month because of Speedbo. It is so gratifying to meet personal goals. I only had an idea and notes March 1. Now I have a plan and 17,000 words in the story. I actually do so much better if I'm accountable to someone other than myself. You bloggers work hard. We authors work hard. Aspiring authors work hard. And critiquers work hard. Please add me to that list.

  57. I see your comment, Loree! You are in the hat for a critique.

  58. Barbara Vey's new site looks AWESOME!!!!!!

    I'm sorry about the split with PW, but on the other hand, lovers of books, of romance, and of what makes the world go 'round, L-O-V-E are a fun sort who always find their kind! Good for you, Barbara!!!

    Oh my stars, CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS!!!!!

    Happy for you!

    I'm at 3500 words today, finishing Christmas book, LOVE IT!!!!!!

    And starting new proposal, different mood in the book, right, beginning VS. ending????

    Great way to refresh my brain.

    Will check more links later...

  59. Helen.


    I'm so sorry. I know you understand the frailty of human life, but it's so hard to say goodbye. I loved the signs for your signing... I love that your Walmart is jumping on your bandwagon. Go, you!!!!

  60. Rhonda Starnes and Wilani....

    Oh my stars, YES!!!!

    Rhonda, you said that's 4300 plus more than what you had... and that's the huge part of it, letting those words pile up and moving forward.

    To me, regardless of speed, that habit of writing, writing, writing... that's the best March present you can give yourself.

    I'm loving this years progress and enthusiasm!!!!

    I brought brownies, chocolate fudge peanut butter brownies....


  61. I'm at 8003 words through 14 days. Haven't started writing today (sat), but am about to. I was about to be a little bummed by my numbers, but I remembered Ruthy's post and if I continue my 572 words per day (my average thus far) that is still FOUR LI books complete. So, I'm encouraged.

    Missed writing yesterday *sad face*, but I'll be back in the saddle today. Love the WE. Awesome information. Congrats to the winners - enjoy!

    Now, off the read comments and then on to writing!!!

  62. HELEN
    Hugs and prayers for you and your family. Congrats on the successful book signing.

  63. Tina,

    He put the books out late yesterday morning and sold 30 before closing. Then this morning sold 56 more.

    When we finished he asked if I would consider signing at bigger stores in a couple of neighboring towns. Even said he would contact the managers about it. GUESS WHAT I SAID!

  64. You know, I saw that cup and my mind doesn't go to half-full or half-empty. It goes to half. That's all.
    Half a cup. I guess I don't see my books that way either, like, Oh My Gosh I've still got 40,000 words left to write.
    HALLELUJAH I've only got 40,000 words left to write.
    I just note where I'm at and what needs to happen next with a view to starting then windup to the black moment at 60,000 words.
    What does that make me????
    How about a...REALIST

  65. YAY! HELEN!
    I didn't know WalMart did booksignings?

  66. Mary,

    This is a SMALL town with a SMALL Wal Mart. But the local support I've gotten has me stunned.

    I don't recall ever seeing a signing at a Wal Mart. All I did was walk in and ask the manager if he would stock some copies of my book for locals to purchase. He was the one who suggested the signing. And he had to jump through some hoops to get the books.

    Should I get him chocolate?

  67. My progress this month is slow but it's going. I'm in the revision stage which is fun but presents different challenges too. I'm on chapter 3. It's taken me about a week per chapter. I'd love to win the gift card. Thanks, Seekers!

  68. guessing I am going to have to write later tonight. Not feeling to great and this is day 3 of detox, day 5 of the Balanced Challenge and Day 15 of Speedbo and I have just shy of 10,000 words. I am going to make at least 10k today Lord willing. Prayers appreciated as I have a low grade fever. I have homeschool paperwork to do today and that is a must.
    Please also pray for the Lord's provision for thing we are in need of here.
    Linda Finn

  69. Congrats to all winners!

    Helen, so happy for you re book signing. I have my copy and am about to read it! Prayers for the family in your loss.

    Linda F., I am keeping you at the top of my prayer list!

    Feel better soon, Carol M. and congrats on your agent.

  70. PROGRESS feels like a great big word right now. I have revised 120 pages. That is the good news. The bad new: if this is the halfway point, I will never make it!!!!


  71. Hello, Seekerville! I'm so glad everyone's loving the cover of Love's Promises - Lena did a fabulous job on all of Sandra's covers. :) I'm really happy with how this latest one turned out in the end! It really captures the characters' personalities, as well as the gorgeous setting. :)

    In case anyone missed it, here's the direct link to the cover reveal, which includes the story behind the cover, information about the book, a link to purchase the book for Kindle, a journal giveaway (US) that lasts through next week, and links to all the bloggers who participated in the reveal:

    Love's Promises Cover Reveal & Release Announcement!

    Hope to see you there! :)

    Oh, and if any of you are bloggers who want to participate in the blog tour in April, please feel free to e-mail me at!


    P.S. Audra, thanks so much for the kind words! It's a joy to work with Sandra and Lena. :D

  72. My goal is 12K for SpeedBo.

    As of now I'm a bit behind of where I would like to be but I'm hopefully that I'll get caught up today. The words just haven't flown that well this week. :S

  73. BUT THE GOOD NEWS all are further ahead than you were 15 days ago.

    So pats on the back all the way around.

  74. Helen, you know that is like nothing short of miraculous. No one signs at Wal-mart, except to direct traffic to the ladies room.

  75. Speedbo progress? Less than stellar, but progress has been made!

    And I'm so pumped I won Ruthy's book! :)

    Here's to even better progress next week!

  76. So sorry for your news, Helen. My prayers are with you and your family.

  77. Tina,

    Just stopped by to see how many copies are left (because someone asked if they can still get one).

    There are only SIX copies left.

  78. Hi, back at the bookstore. After book club yesterday, managed to evade writing...the same has been true today so back to where I have no excuses except to write. I will not leave until I hit 9000 words!
    Helen, I am praying for you.
    Ruthy, thank you for my prize this week.
    New motto for the week: Let those words loose! Please enter me in any and all contests today.
    BTW, I learned that the readers in the book club would stay loyal to an author if they had read them previously if one book didn't suit, but hated a trilogy series when they felt it was a ploy to sell books. They felt the book could be written in just one and wanted the author to return to enough backstory so the book could stand alone. Enough comment, on to Ireland!

  79. DEB H!!!!! Extra points awarded for listening!!!!!


    Isn't it amazing that when we break a big task down into daily averages, it shrinks considerably?

    This is when you make use of nap time OR let Guppy watch 2 Paw Patrols, back to back!!!!

    #fiendishmother !!!!

  80. Helen!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You beat my biggest selling signing!!!!

    I'm so stinkin' proud of you. YOU are the definition of tenacity.

    You are amazing.

    I'm so delighted, happy dancing!!!

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. LoRee Peery, I'm so glad you feel that way! It's so true, that even something as simple as a writing challenge can set us on the right path of writing....

    So happy for you! And I'm glad you won the book, I'm addressing envelopes right now!

  83. yay I got extra points awarded!

    i forgot to say i want my name in the hopper for any critique offered by Seekerville.

    did get 950 words written today. and I hope to get some more done while the Incredibles plays again (little man tends to enjoy repeat watching for some reason).

  84. Hooray and ready to go home. A burst of 1100 words. It is amazing what a large chocolate chip cookie can do to aid the thought process. Will use Bubble Guppies these week as an emergency tool to interest my little man should the need arise.
    Ruthy, where should I send my address so that I can have the wonderful prize you awarded>

  85. Great WE, Tina!!

    Congrats, winners!!!

    Wow, I'm completely amazed at some of these Speedbo reports!

    My progress is not so great. Got sick, but I think I can catch up.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  86. I am so excited that I got in almost a thousand words today on a busy Saturday.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  87. Tina - I'm eager to read your new Woman's World story.

    Helen - I'm so sorry about your loss. Congrats on a fantastic book signing.

    Carol - I've hot to say it again - congrats! I have friends who are represented by Tamela and they love her.

    Linda - hope you feel better soon.

    Melissa - I hope your little one is better soon.

    Yeah! I won one of Ruthy's books.

  88. Oh, I forgot to say I wrote 1,095 words today and I'm not quite finished for the day. I'd love a critique!

  89. Anyone see that smoke on the horizon? That would be the keyboard of my new laptop smoking because I just cranked out almost 3000 words on my story tonight. That is amazing considering when I started working on this story again at the beginning of March there were only about 4500 words in the whole thing. I am now up to over 13,000 words. I will get this story written! That may be all that I do, but that is more than I have done in the past.

    Thank you to the Seekers and the other Speedbo participants and the guest bloggers and to my writing pal Carol! You all have given me the encouragement and inspiration that I needed to do what I am enjoying more than I know. And maybe it makes me feel just a bit closer to my mama who was a writer herself and I know would be proud to have me follow in her footsteps.

  90. My Speedbo progress is pretty pittiful. I've only done a few days of editing, and even that wasn't much. But I'm still going! At least...trying to.

    Please enter me in the gift card giveaway. I don't write romance, though, so I don't qualify for the critique. :)

  91. Olivia, my pretty winner!!!! Send your snail mail addy to

    And I hope you love, love, love Gianna and Seth's story!!!

  92. Ooops, that Blodgett chick was USING MY COMPUTER AGAIN!!!!!!


  93. Terri!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    Almost 1100 words! SUHWEEEET!!!!

  94. 2K on new story this morning.

    Not contracted yet, this would be the first book of a new contract with Love Inspired.

    LOVE IT!!!!

    Aim is to finish proposal during Speedbo.

    Christmas book needs one last chapter but want to revisit the work leading up to it to tie up all loose ends. But I'm very happy with how it came out, I love Max and Tina!

    Getting ready for church, looking forward to a platter of corned beef and potatoes and carrots... no cabbage.... tonight! Because tomorrow I get to rock a newborn so there will be nothing fired up in the Blodgett/Herne kitchen tomorrow!

  95. 30,000 words so far and going strong!

  96. 30,000 words so far and going strong!

  97. Where there is smoke, there is fire, Emily. Keep up the good work!!

  98. Esther, you can turn pitiful around in a heart beat. GO. GO. GO. Let today be the day.

  99. Holy Macaroini, Mindy. That's a novella already. Way to go.

  100. Congrats to the week's winners, and thank you Seekerville for the Starbucks. I'm going to need some caffeine to get through with this.

    Helen, congratulations on your book signing, so deserved, and condolences on the loss of your SIL.

    Carol, happy for you that you found the agent you wanted.

    Didn't go to church this morning because I'm having a colitis attack, but I am writing between the pain waves. Up to page 225, but draft is very rough. Need to be included for critique drawings.

    Half way there, downhill all the way.

  101. Go Emily!!!!!! I totally would have squeeeeeed and jumped up and down with you this morning - you know - if I hadn't been sick as a dog yesterday.

    Feeling much better after sleeping all morning ;).

    I happen to know Emily was at a friend's house while she was smokin' it too. [Ironically, the husband in the family of our mutual friends loves to smoke meat... and so good too!]

    SO STINKIN' PROUD OF YOU GIRL!!!! I can't wait to read it!!!!!

    Me? I managed the InspyRomance Sunday blog and about 75 words yesterday. :( Way less than the 10K I'd planned with a 7 hour write in... :(

    Back to work today though...

    Thanks again, everyone! I'm excited about the whole "I've got an agent" ;) thing - praying, of course, to have even cooler signing news sometime in the not-so-distant future... :D

  102. I DID IT! I have three unfinished manuscripts that I started with NaNoWriMo. My goal for Speedbo was to finish at least two of them, maybe all three, AND enter at least one in the Genesis contest. I made that goal with maybe an hour to spare -- 20,000 plus words, did my own proofing and editing (sheesh, I know I really needed other eyes, but time was pressing) and submitted to ACFW's Genesis Contest. Happy dance and a few tears. Thank you Speedbo. Now on to finish another manuscript.

  103. Leola, I'm so proud of you!!!!!

    YOU ROCKED IT!!!!!

    Good for you! Way to hang in there!!!!!

    And MINDY!!!!

    Oh my stars, that's an amazing total. A-stinkin'-mazing!!!!

    Yay, you!!!!!!

  104. Wow, Leola! Way to go.

    What an exciting Genesis year this will be with so many Speedbo entries in there.

  105. Elaine, hello?? Writing between the waves.

    I am so sorry for your pain. But you are pretty amazing!!!

  106. I'm a little behind where I want to be but I'm still plugging away! Did sign a contract today so that made my day. :

    Please add my name to the drawing for a crit. Thanks!

  107. It sounds like this rainy Sunday as the day to write! I am so proud of all my speedbo sisters and VInce's pithy comments. Caught up on my volunteer work after church and now sitting down to write before our dinner. Thanks, Seekers, for helping us along!

  108. Hey guys. Haven's progress is by definition pitiful. I got a chapter done, a rough chapter, but a chapter nonetheless. I wrote everyday but friday. (Friday tried to kill me) Following the advice of getting back on the horse, i am going to write more this week. how bout a full uninterrupted hour of writing? That will be a challenge enough. maybe i can hide in the bath tub to write. :)
    please enter me for all critiques and prizes.
    I'm going to hurt this touch screen. time to back away slowly...

  109. Ok done for the weekend! Cleared 17,000 words. Mind you, I am not editing, spell checking or going back to the outline until tomorrow. It's about writing and I will need to take Tina's course to make sense out of this two week journey. Blessings to all on this rainy day.

  110. OK. Confession time. Effort gets a 8.5, and progress earns a 2.5.

    But March has been hectic: One parent in hospital with stroke symptoms (It was a medicine, not a stroke! Thank You Lord!). The other parent had a heart cath with blockages in both legs. I’ve had severe, severe side effects from a chemo drug I’m taking. They finally let me stop taking it Thursday, & we will decide Monday what to do. The feeding tube is giving me problems. I’m supposed to be on IV antibiotics, but the nurse messed up. I guess we will fix that Monday also.

    I’m ok though. Medical problems are the norm for me. With all of this, you can imagine how much I Love Life and how GREAT my God is!!!

    I’m revising my SpeedBo goals.
    1.) I wrote & led “Fierce Faith: A 40 Day Prayer Adventure” for our singles group at church. People have been asking for copies, so I need to clean it up and add to the front matter.
    2.) I want to study the SpeedBo blog each day & comment.
    3.) I will finish my graphic organizer/story map. My official word count goal is zero, but I plan to write also. I’m just setting the bar pretty low right now. :)

    March is far from over! We’ve got plenty of time to knock this one out of the park! I just need to do the hard work on “Fierce Faith” before I do the fun writing for the story.

  111. Janice what a warrior you are! My heartfelt prayers go now to you and your family.

  112. Jana, I love your fighting spirit! I love that no matter what happens, you jump in and take charge.

    Setbacks happen... and we keep on going! Good for you!

  113. Haven, I love your posts! You've got the heart of a writer with a dash of fun drama!

    You know what, an hour of writing time... a chapter. It all adds up.

    Hang in there, and are you using a touch screen for real???

    I'm in AWE. :)

  114. TINA! This sentence is amazing: "What people think about me is none of my business."

    Also appreciated the link about Facebook and sent it on to my writers group.

    Progress report: more than halfway in my editing/revising and loving the story and the writing now that I'm going with first person POV instead of deep third. So much more engaging.

    Cheering on all our Speedbo-ers!

    Congrats to all you winners. Aren't Seekers and their friends the best?

    Now to read all 115 comments (!)

    Nancy C

  115. p.s. And a big THANK YOU to all the readers and writers who are cheering us on!

    Nancy C

  116. NANCY!!!! I've actually been thinking about that all weekend long.

    Especially as I recently watched him (Michael J) on an episode of Season 2 of The Good Wife. Amazing man. Amazing.

    "What people think about me is none of my business."

  117. Way to go, Nicole, Jana, Haven and Olivia!!

  118. HI everyone.

    Helen, you have my condolences on the death in your family.

    I have been writing consistently every day for the past 16 days and watched my word total add up to over 28000 words. I crossed page 100 today.

    (If the author who is doing the critique is open to a sweet contemporary, please enter me in the drawing.)

    It's encouraging to read about everyone's efforts. Keep plugging at it.

  119. Congrats to all the winners. It's another great weekend edition. Thanks, Tina.

    Happy to report I'm right on track. It's been a horrid two weeks of work, but I managed to keep to my goal of 1k a day every day so somewhere over 16,000 words. Add that to the 70,000 I had since January, and I'm liking my progress this year.

  120. Great WE, Tina! And congrats to all the word counts that have been building! Y'all are amazing.

    Congrats to Carol!

    And hugs to you, Helen.

  121. Helen, that's so exciting about future signings!

  122. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!!!! Sorry! I spent all weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books. I planned on checking in last night and crashed at 8 pm! I only added about 2k to my last word count...which is extremely disappointing to me. My excuse meter is hitting an all time high, but I did have my daughter visiting all week last week and the the festival all weekend, so I'm a little surprised that I got that much done. I hope the rest of you are chugging along at a faster pace than I am!

  123. I'm 3 chapters or 15,000 away from the end and have 54,000 words (about 30,000 of that was already on paper) and I've done 4 chapters in revisions. I would love a critique or a gift card of course :D