Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Go! Go! Go!
Speedbo ends on March 31. 
The 167 participants are edging towards the finish line!

 The winners of this week's $25 Amazon gift card winner is  Leola Ogle. The winner of a Seeker critique is LoRee Peery.  Let us know if you want to be considered for next week's critique. 

(All critiques can be claimed AFTER Speedbo. That's April 1st. You have 8 weeks to turn in your pages for critique.)

The Seekerville reader winner of a surprise box of books is Heidi Robbins. To make things fun, we'll be giving away one more box of books to a reader who comments in this Weekend Edition. Don't forget that next Saturday we'll give away our final $25 Amazon Speedbo gift card keep those comments coming!

You probably think the end of the month means you're done. Well, tighten your seat belt and get ready. The Seekerville Perfect Pitch Contest is about to begin!

We Have Winners
If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget). You must contact us every single time you win.

Thank you to everyone who sent questions for Emily Rodmell's visit coming up in May. Winner of a $10 Amazon gift card is Dianna Shuford.

On Monday, Sandra Leesmith shared "What Do You Do When You Have Finished."  Winner of an ebook copy of her new release Love's Promises and a ten page edit by Amber Stokes of Editing Through the Seasons is Walt Mussell.

Seeker Glynna Kaye kicked off a mini-series on Wednesday, with “Layering As You Go: Part I.”   Winners of Glynna’s April Love Inspired release, Pine Country Cowboy are:
Marianne Barkman, Eileen, and Jennifer Smith.

Seeker Cara Lynn James joined us on Thursday to talk about "Dressing Your Characters." Winner of a $10 Starbucks gift card is Olivia.

Friday: Day 28 of Speedbo and Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe is your hostess with her post, "Your Cast of Thousands." Book winner is Bonton. Reference book of choice per blog guidelines is Lee Kilraine.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:"How Rawhide and a Cracking Whip are Like Speedbo." Monday we report in, we share what we've learned and we heave a sigh of relief as Mary 'Ramrod Rowdy Yates' Connealy makes Tina 'Trail Boss Gil Favor' Radcliffe put away her bull whip--UNTIL NEXT YEAR!  

Tuesday: Literary agent Susan Brower of the Natasha Kern Literary Agency is our special guest today and tomorrow. “The Perfect Pitch Part 1: Grabbing the Agent's  Attention." On day one, Susan Brower will  cover the basics of how she wants to receive the proposal (attached documents, not in the email itself) and the things to include in the query message that will get her attention.  She will cover the synopsis, jacket blurb and a kind of table of contents.  

Wednesday:“The Perfect Pitch Part 2: Compelling an Agent to Ask for the Full Manuscript”  Day two, Susan Brower will talk about marketing and comparable title sections.  She'll get down to the nitty gritty of what she personally looks for  when she gets a proposal.

Thursday:  Join hybrid author, Audra Harders, as she offers a piece of advice to our friends who wrapped up a month of Speedbo. Let's discuss an element of style that's evolved over the years, "Not Your Momma's Comma." We've got giveaways too, so let's compare notes!

Friday: Time for the April Contest Update. Stop by to meet the April Contest Diva. Of course the prize vault is open!

Seeker Sightings

Seekerville is doing the happy dance! Thanks to our Villagers, we made the 2014 Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers again! WOOT!! Do pick up the May/June issue and check us out!

Glynna Kaye’s  Love Inspired April release, Pine Country Cowboy,  is on the shelves now!  Stop by and say hello to Glynna at the Love Inspired Authors blog.

Ruth Logan Herne's latest independent release Safely Home is FREE this weekend on Amazon for your Kindle! Simply jump over to Amazon and download your free copy of "Safely Home" on Saturday or Sunday!

Mary Connealy  will be on Petticoats & Pistols on Wednesday, April 2 with her TOP TEN MOST FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT NEBRASKA.

Join Audra Harders as she shares an excerpt of her book, Second Chance Ranch on An Indie Adventure. The cowboy hat is out, so leave a comment and your name will go into the drawing for a copy of Second Chance Ranch.

SALE! The ebook version of Claiming Mariah by Pam Hillman will be $2.99 from March 30-April 5. Go to Tyndale's Ebook Extra and click on the vendor of your choice to grab a copy.

Stop by Kav's Best Reads blog, for an opportunity to win a copy of Four Weddings and a Kiss : a Western Bride Collection by Mary Connealy, Robin Lee Hatcher, Margaret Brownley and Debra Clopton. Draw will be held and winner announced on Sunday March 30, 2014. Offer open to international readers.

Tina Radcliffe is cooking in the Yankee Belle Cafe on Saturday, April 5. Stop by!

Random News & Information

Thanks to all those who contributed links this week! WOW! It was a busy week in publishing!

Seekerville shouts out a big CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 RWA Golden Heart and RITA finalists. See the list here. 

More Congratulations are in order. WOOT! for the writers who moved on to the next stage of the Killer Voices competition. Teams are posted here.

How About We CP? (Tumblr) 

 Open Letter to RWA from a RITA Nominee (Stephanie Draven)

 The Cost of Office For iPad vs. Its Competitors (Mashable)

ACFW ONLINE Auction Ends March 31 (You don't have to be a member to bid!)

Okay, writers. No excuses for poor grazing habits-Deadline or Not. Do you know about GRAZE.COM? If you sign up using the code SIMPLEFREE you can get your first box free.

Writer/Blogger? You May Need a Contact Page Intervention (EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS) Catherine Caffeinated

 The Best Time to Write and Get Ideas, According to Science (Buffer)

 22 Strong Female Characters In Literature We All Wanted To Be (BuzzFeed)

Web Fiction, Serialized and Social (NYT)

  5 Valuable Charts That Show How Publishing Is Changing (Jane Friedman)

Using Scrivener to make .mobi and ePub files (for Kindle and Nook etc.) (Julie Kenner)

The New Age of E-Libraries. The Authors Collection (Venture Galleries)

Lit Madness: Introducing Our Character Brackets! (Bookish)

8 Things You Should Know About BookBub Subscribers (BookBub)

 8 Ways Scrivener Will Help You Become A Proficient Writer Overnight (The Creative Penn)

RWA offers Novel Engagement App (RWA)

Going to RWA 2914 San Antonio? The San Antonio Romance Writers post helpful local information on their blog here.  And here's some fun from last year in Atlanta to excite you about this year. (see Missy Tippens, 2013 RITA finalist at 8:33)

Self-Editing for Beginner's Night Class will close enrollment on Monday March 31st!

 All you need is the first three chapters of your manuscript. This is a self-paced course with Q&A opportunities, but no live sessions. We'll review actual editorial revision letters during week 5. All participants receive a 3 chapter + a one page synopsis critique.More details and enrollment information here.

What's up next??

We're so excited to have the author of Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View, Jill Elizabeth Nelson, live and in person for May's Seekerville Night Class.

If you've ever had a critique or contest judge tell you that your Deep POV needs fine-tuning,or you aren't utlizing your Deep POV, then this is the workshop for you!

All this and more:
  •     Understand the difference between Basic Point of View and Deep Point of View.
  •       Learn what Deep POV is, what it is not, and what it can do for your writing. 
  •      Grasp the methodology of Deep POV through simple, practical, and specific  techniques. 
  •      Practice the application of Deep POV through guided exercises

  •      Practice the application of Deep POV in your own manuscripts

Details here. Enrollment is OPEN!!

That's it from Seekerville. Speedbo ON!


  1. CONGRATS!!! to the winners!!!!!!

    Crazy week here this week. I'm behind even after my huge weekend last weekend. I'll hit 60K tonight before bed [making myself - need 800 words]. That means 15K to the end for me. I don't see it happening by Monday night but we'll see :).

    AND CONGRATS to the RITA and GOLDEN HEART finalists!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

  2. So many finalists!! Congratulations to them one and all!!!

    Speedbo goal completed.

    Got a new cover for book two.

    Started spring cleaning. Ugh!

    Plenty of coffee in the making.

  3. Congratulations WINNERS,!! Another fabulous WE, Tina. Have I told you YOU ROCK?!!!!
    Thanks for choosing me to get Gynnas novel. Looking forward to it!
    Praying for all authors as they sprint to the finish line. Of course, we're all winners here on Seekerville

  4. Way to go, Carol!!!!

    What do you mean??? Helen. New cover. As in first glimpse of book 2 cover or a cover replacing the previous cover for book 2.

  5. I can't wait to see what Mary has to say about the 10 most fascinating facts about Nebraska...seriously!

  6. Tina,
    Just received the cover. Poor phrasing.

  7. Woo-hoo!!! I'm so excited to see what's in the box! Thank you so much! My husband's family lives in Nebraska so I'm looking forward to what Mary shares about it... all I know is that when we visit I love to follow it up with camping in the mountains because it's so darn flat! :)

  8. Congratulations to all the winners. Great WE Tina!

    I made to 20,700 tonight. I think I am about half way through the book and I have learned so much.

    I am hoping to get more done this weekend as well.

  9. I'm happy for all of you who have done well on your Speedbo counts--especially if you've met your goals. March was a busy month for me. I haven't done so well meeting my goals, but I still feel some progress has been made!

  10. Great WE Tina! Lots of interesting things to scroll through. Love my lazy Saturday mornings. Only I can't be lazy today. I have a synopsis to write!Ack! Which means I definitely won't make my speedbo word count. :-(

  11. Oh, what a jam-packed, power-hungry, Go-Get-'Em-Tiger WEEKEND EDITION!!!!

    TINA MARIE (Coincidentally, the same name as the spunky heroine in my Christmas 2014 release "Her Holiday Family!!!!!" What are the odds, I ask ya'?????) YOU'VE OUTDONE YOURSELF THIS WEEK!

    Just chock full of amazing stuff and I'm burying myself in work today, so when I need food....

    CAKE, that is, when I need CAKE because Dave's birthday party is tomorrow and his wife must bake....

    I'll come back and share cake and pop into a few of those links at a time.

    I will personally make it my goal to avoid the Scrivener thinga-ma-jiggie because (scratches head, frowns at screen in disbelief...) I am so over teaching myself any new tricks.

    I'm sticking with the write, write, write mantra of produce more good books.

    BUT.... that link about charts and indie and traditional publishing is crazy interesting and I'm telling you guys, jump in, both feet, despite the crazy of publishing right now...

    The water's fine!!!!

  12. Jennifer Smith, 'atta girl!

    Even if we didn't meet our goals word-count wise, if we DEVELOPED THOSE HABITS OF DAILY WORK (highly successful people, remember????) we're so much closer to being the writer/author we want to be!!! Don't fret the numbers, celebrate the habit!

  13. Carol, your word count rocks!!!!

    I am on target for my goal, and slipped a couple of surprise tasks in as well....



    And this weekend I plan to spend today working. And sewing up loose ends, then finishing that fun proposal. Back to it now....

    Marianne, God bless you! I love, love, love your attitude.

    I just smile at your grace. Thank you for your love of books and Seekerville!!!!

  14. I spend my summers in Nebraska. I'd love to learn a few things about it. I learned last summer that there's a country side to it. Ten years almost visiting dad in Omaha and I didn't know that? What can I say, all these western novels are bringing out the adventurer in me.
    Congratulations to all the winners.
    I'm so glad I joined speedbo. I've made so many new friends along the way!

  15. Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!!

    I have missed too many days of writing to get the word count goal I sat for Speedbo, but I am going to try to make a BIG push this weekend to get as many words as possible. Then I will finish it up the first week of April.


    WOW ... thanks for making me read the "contact page" blog, Teenster, because I am a primary offender with the janedoe (at) somewhere (dot) com club, so I hope I can break the habit!!

    And JENN SMITH ... move over, girlfriend, because I'm with you!


  17. Great WE, and congrats to the winners!!!!

    Sorry I haven't checked in the last two days, but I've had friends visiting from out of state. Please toss my name in the hat for the critique and giftcard.

    2nd speedbo ms wordcount: 77,552 (and counting).
    I'm on track to finish it by Monday IF I get a good word count today, tomorrow, and Monday.

    So... How does one enter this 'perfect pitch' contest??? Sounds fun! I need to sharpen my yet unused skills on pitching a book.

  18. Please include me for the prizes and critique,

    Hope everyone has a great weekend

  19. Perfect Pitch info will be up on Monday!!!!

  20. Haha!! Falling over in chair. Haven, wait til Mary the cowgirl reads your post.

    Have you been to her website?

  21. I don't remember what my official goal was for Speedbo. Either 30k or 1k/day.

    I did two yesterday. Crossed the 30k mark. Yay. And...
    I had hit 1k EVERY SINGLE DAY this month. I wrote from my treadmill yesterday and I read my starting point as 36,860. So I stopped at 37,868. 1008 words. Right? This morning I realized the starting point should've been 36,870! So I only wrote 998.

    Evidently, I can't read too well while in motion. Really aggravates me I messed up a perfect month by two silly words.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  22. I hit my 60K last night before bed.

    Goal for today is 5K but I woke up with a massive headache. We'd planned to go boot shopping [8yo is starting horse lessons this week and needed barn boots - and the 6yo's broke] but were unexpectedly able to go last night. Either sis or I are taking the older two to Barnes and Noble later. Will see how I feel.

    Time to get to work. Will go through some of the links later :).

  23. Congrats to all the winners! I'm really excited for the perfect pitch post! It sounds great and will be really useful if I ever get around to putting all the stories rolling around in my head down on paper! :)
    Hope y'all have a great weekend!
    Please enter me for the contest!

  24. Good morning all! Coffee hasn't kicked in. I've been super busy with...stuff. I don't know what stuff. Just so much of it.

    Congrats again to Killer Voices, Rita and GH peeps! What a lineup of great writers! :)

  25. Connie, I am so laughing.

    Hmmm...go grab two words from your Seekerville comment from yesterday and toss them into your wip.

    We'll never tell!

  26. LOL. Pam, if I had known, I could've simply added, "very, very..." before something. That's what I get for cutting it too close.

  27. I have a list of words you can add to add words to your story.

    It's the opposite of trimming.

  28. Congrats to all of the winners!! Everyone have a great weekend.

  29. Such a fun post! It's always energizing to be around everyone who is excited and reporting good news!

    Congrats to all the finalists, winners, speedy writer, and those Killer Voices! I wish all of you the best of luck.

    Ruth- just downloaded your book. Can't wait to read it.

    And an Amazon gift card? Thanks, Seekers!! My husband will roll his eyes, but I get to buy books!

    Speedbo- So far I've met part of my goal. I did finish novella 1, outline, write a synopsis, and 1 1/2 chapters for novella 2, and I've gone through my Killer Voice synopsis once. Before the end of the weekend, I want to add a good amount of word count to novella 2 and finish that synopsis so I can get it sent in to Shana. Now, to get started. **imagine a ticking clock**

  30. Tina, I wrote her to ask for help with my writing and she sent me here! I'm so glad she did. It's kind of amazing to be connected to so many writers willing to share their thoughts. I love it! (And I made my dad take me to Yellowstone last summer so I could see it with my own eyes.)
    You ladies always talk about coffee... I'm giving up caffeine. Hello zombie mode. :(

  31. Congrats to all the winners! Thank you for the great links...I don't know how you all (Tennessee transplant phrase) have the time to research. My thanks to Cara for the special Starbucks gift card. Ruth, thank you for the book download as well. Getting ready to write after a household and myself with the flu. Thank you, Lord: we are all up Bd around again. Prayers for all in Speedbo!

  32. May is dancing and backflipping, I'm watching. ;)

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the Seekers and Villagers! What an accomplishment - again! WAHOO!

    And to all the winners and finalists and Speed-bo-ers - WTG!

    I've done more on May 4 than I thought I would, but not nearly what I committed to. Sigh.

    Still, I've gotten down the road some. It's all good.

    Also - if you've not seen God's Not Dead yet- it's a MUST SEE!!!

    Happy rainy weekend... :D

  33. Another great WE. Thanks Tina.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Super congrats to those on the Rita and GH list.

    Yay speedbo. Congrats to all who are making it to the finish line. 3 more days.

  34. Congratulations to all the finalists and last week's winners. Will look over the many links later. Thank you, Tina. Not participating in Speedbo but following the comments and reading about all the goals being met and motivated to keep writing and submitting. April is just around the corner.Wonderful weekend to everyone. Keep up the great work.

  35. Congratulations to all the finalists and last week's winners. Will look over the many links later. Thank you, Tina. Not participating in Speedbo but following the comments and reading about all the goals being met and motivated to keep writing and submitting. April is just around the corner.Wonderful weekend to everyone. Keep up the great work.

  36. I'm so excited for the critique! I need new eyes on a particular ms that I've reworked too many times.
    Speedbo has been so awesome. I got my daily word count and am off to spend the afternoon with my two daughters. That is my reward for this month.
    And I will value upcoming blog posts from y'all.

  37. Congrats, Seekerville, on making the 2014 Writers Digest list for "101 Best Websites For Writers"!! YAY!!

    Thanks, Tina, for the book win from your "Your Cast of Thousands" post!! Excited!!

    Tina, you do wonderfully amazing work on everything you do at Seekerville!! Thanks!!

  38. Congrats to all of the winners! Also congrats to the Killer Voice winners and RITA & GOLDEN HEART finalists.

    I finished my story this morning before I got on the internet. I'm so excited!

    Next week looks like an amazing week on Seekerville. Plus I'm starting Tina's editing class. It's cold and rainy in KY this morning, but it's coming up flowers in Seekerville. Thanks for all you do!

  39. Haven, prepare to be amazed daily by the generosity of Seekerville authors! It never ceases to amaze me.

    Carol, hope you feel better soon!

  40. Congratulations to all the winners AND to all the Speedbo participants racing toward the finish line!! WooHoo! Words are flying now!!

    The RTA and Golden Heart finalists were announced and I see a familiar name or two!!

    You guys are all so amazing.

  41. Helen, your second cover is beautiful! I love how they bought multiple books and are releasing them close together. Great way to get your name out there!!

  42. Haven, we just talk about coffee because we hope by saying/typing the word, it gets us moving.

    Some prefer hot tea or hot chocolate.

    Oops, more caffeine....

    Hmmm, maybe we need to just get moooviinng instead!

  43. Sorry for the headache, Carol. Shopping is not fun unless you're pain free!!

    Still, the thought of buying new boots can dull the pain of many a dull, throbbing head...

  44. Congratulations to the winners!

    Next week looks like another great one!

    Good luck to everyone writing this weekend to meet their goals!

  45. Whew! Finally putting my feet up and powering up the laptop after the usual Saturday bill paying, cleaning, dog grooming, etc. Have I mentioned Saturday is NOT my favorite day of the week???

    Congrats to our weekly winners! What a fun Speedbo month, and so many great posts! Between computer issues and grandparent duties, I did not do as well as I'd hoped toward my Speedbo goal, but I did make progress, and that's what counts.

    And how exciting to have agent Sue Brower as our guest next week!!! I have the utmost respect for this publishing pro, and I know we will all learn a lot from her!

  46. I keep reading links and having to come back and...well, duh... after 10 tries I'm going to remember to comment!

    Congrats to another WD ranking! woohoo! this is the place to be after all...

    Looking forward to all the kudos and success stories from the Speedbo participants! way to go!

    I hope to be checking in this week as I shift brain from one finished book ready to submit... to another on-in-progress. Can't way to take some time to catch up on old posts and check in especially for Sue Brower this week!

    Only one more snowstorm here in NY and we'll be having yes. I hope so.

  47. Audra, I spewed my sweet-iced-tea at "Not Your Momma's Comma!"

    Can't wait! lol

  48. Thank you, Tina! I love these WE posts! So many great links! I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Perfect Pitch posts this week since I'm finally at the pitching stage of my writing and nervous as heck about it and possibly doing it all wrong. Congratulations for making Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers again. I'm not an Inspy writer, but I can't begin to tally up how much I've learned here at Seekerville. And if that weren't enough...I'm a weekly winner. Woot.

    I may not have had the Speedbo I planned on, but like Tina and Myra have said, forward progress was made.

    I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all you do here at Seekerville. The shared knowledge, support and encouragement here is incredible. Seekerville helped me find the confidence to enter my first Golden Heart this year. That and Tina's generosity to answer my newbie questions about it. Unbelievably, I'm a GH finalist and nervously planning on attending my first RWA conference this summer. I can't wait to meet some Seekers and other Villagers there!

  49. Heidi, Eastern Nebraska isn't flat! (I live in Omaha, which is on the far eastern side of the state, next to the Missouri River). Because of the river on the east side, it constantly changed course over the centuries, leaving sediment and stuff behind that created a lovely, hilly setting. Today, the river course has been regulated by the Army Corps of Engineers, so it doesn't change anymore, but still interesting when you realize many places used to be underwater. Such as the steamboat Bertand, which sank in the 1860s, but when they discovered it's wreckage, it was actually a few miles from the current river course, buried in sand and sediment and NOT underwater!

    Haven, you are probably one of the VERY few people who think of Nebraska as urban, and I appreciate that!

  50. Tina, great W/E. I have learned so much this entire month. Thanks for all the hard work you put into Seekerville. My word count is low today at 601. I am completely caught up with word count so I'm a happy camper :))

  51. Good to know it's figurative coffee, Pam. Most real coffee is harvested by slave labor. I think I'll down some figurative water so I don't stunt my growth anymore.
    Stephanie, not for stalking's sake, but what part of Omaha?




    Short Contemporary

    “Bringing Delaney Home” by Lee Kilraine

    “Poetic Justice” by Nan Dixon

    “Yesterday’s Promise” by Sarah Cannon

  53. Pat Jeanne!!! Waving!!!

    Jackie Layton, awe, you are very kind. Seekers love our Villagers.

  54. I forgot to mention that I went to a Christian Writer's of the West meeting and met lots of new and nice folks and saw some folks from online.

    Tina Pinson, Leola Ogle, Pam Tracy, Dana McNeely and LeAnne Bristow!!!

  55. Lee, congrats on finaling in the GH! I completely agree with you on the support, knowledge and encouragement found here in seekerville.

    Word count so far today: 400 words shy of 10K. 85,800 total on second speedbo ms. Should finish by Monday!

  56. I have noticed that the further I get in my book the more words I get written each day. Is this true with others.

  57. Thanks, Tina and Crystal!
    Crystal, congrats on finishing your Speedbo manuscript!


  58. PAM HILLMAN AND I and ten other great authors, are in a novella collection together, releasing ebook first, one at a time this fall, called The 12 Brides of Christmas. We have a Facebook page where we will announce things as they happen.

    I'd be honored if you'd go LIKE it.


  59. I'm going into panic mode this weekend, realizing March and Speedbo are almost over and I'm not done yet! I revamped my goals mid-month, so I knew I wouldn't be finishing a complete book, but I've loved the month-long, in-depth focus on writing. I'm not ready for that part to conclude even though I know the daily routine will continue.

    Congrats to this week's winners, and to the Rita, GH and Killer Voices finalists. What a lot of talent there is the the ranks here at Seekerville!

    It's 11 p.m. here on the west coast so I'm ready to take my head cold off to bed and leave the rest of the links and comments to read tomorrow. :)

  60. Oh, and Mary... I've already 'liked' it! Looking forward to a fresh Christmas collection to read next winter. (Ack!!! I don't want to be talking about next winter when we've barely put this one behind us!)

  61. I like it too, Mary. Now will you share your Oreos with me??

  62. Congratulations everyone!!

    Looking forward to another great week ahead.

    Keep on writing!!

  63. Thanks for putting the Weekend Edition together again, Seekers! And well done on making it onto the Writer's Digest list again--that's an accomplishment!

    I always love the "Random News & Information" section; thanks for that. Just this week I finally purchased Scrivener so I was super-excited to see two of the links there.

    Keep writing Seekerville; each post encourages me more.

  64. Thanks, for the encouragement, Mary Preston.

  65. Congrats, winners and Yay for all Speedbo-ers crossing the finish line.

    Good looking WE, Tina. I made my Speedbo goal with a final word count of 52,232. Started out with about 20K so it works out OK. My editing speed is 1 chapter per day and have a lot of that to do. Please include me in the drawing for a critique since I now have time to get something ready for one.

  66. As usual, I'm a day late (and always a dollar short!) I blame it on my hubby this time and keeping me from a computer with his wild weekend plans! Anyway, I'm home finally and off to do one LAST speed-bo spurt...Somehow I doubt if I will get that last 10k words in to bring me to my goal, but at least 5 - 7 should bring me close.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and cheering!

  67. So, I WAS going to have a soothing Sunday nap this afternoon, but then I started browsing all the wonderful links! :)

    The GRAZE one I found particularly fantastic. Of course I would point out the one about FOOD. :)

    Way to go Speedbo finishers!!! My Speedbo goal, "get MS ready for submitting" seems to be growing. One reason being new contest judge feedback came in this month, so a lot of those suggestions are going on the to do list. Excited but not done yet. :)

    Congrats winners!!!

  68. Hi, CP Elaine!! Happy happy happy dancing with you!! Can't wait to see it!

  69. Winners, winners, everywhere!! Congrats to each and every one of you.

    Extra-special congrats to Seekerville for being in the Best Websites for Writers again.

    And thanks for so much good reading in the WE links. I added substantially to my browser's bookmarks.

    Looking forward to this week's posts!

    Nancy C

  70. Wow! Congratulations to you! Elaine.

  71. All total, I've completed almost 30,000 words between two different novels I'm working on. I hoped for 50,000-60,000 words, but I'm pleased. Oh, and enter me into whatever contest. AND...drum roll, please! Tina Russo Radcliffe spoke at our CWOW meeting on Saturday and did a phenomenal job. Loved it all. And I won a bar of chocolate. Yay me!

  72. Hello Seeker friends. Been busy working all weekend. I don't have Carol's amazing word count, but my goal was 1k a day and I've done that every day. With one day left to go, I'm at 33,866 words.

    Only one of those pages is polished - the one I needed for Killer Voices.

    Now to get to the synopsis!

  73. Oh - and CONGRATS to Seekerville and all the wonderful Seekers on the Writer's Digest recognition. Well deserved!

  74. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love winning in Seekerville.

    I'm way behind my SpeedBo goal, but I'm progressing.

  75. And congrats to Seekerville on making Writer's Digest again.

  76. Haven, I live in northwest Omaha and work downtown. Having lived here most of my life, I know the city pretty well. Now, I better not hear of any stalking! :)

  77. Congrats to the winners. I keep missing your site when I go through my list. Should start watching more.

  78. Hey there if it's not too late please put my name in for the critique and any other prizes