Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Welcome to Speedbo Week 2!

Congratulations to our 164 SPEEDBO PARTICIPANTS! 

The winner of this week's $25 Amazon gift card is Emily Neyer and the winner of a Seeker critique is Meghan Carver. Let us know if you want to be considered for next week's critique. (All critiques can be claimed AFTER Speedbo.)

We Have Winners

 If you are a winner, email us asap at Please  read our legal page here. If you haven't received your prize in 8 weeks, drop us a line (we get busy writing books and forget). You must contact us every single time you win. 

  "How to Create Characters So Real You’ll Be Tempted to Add Them to Your Christmas List " was our Tuesday topic, with guest, Abingdon Press author, Lisa Carter. Lisa is generously giving us a triple giveaway that includes Carolina Reckoning, or Aloha Rose, or Beneath a Navajo Moon. Three winners.The winners are Walt Mussell, DebH and Sally Bradley.

Wednesday, Heartsong Presents author Helen Gray was our guest with her post, "Writing Your Book: Setting Your Tempo to the End." Winner of Helen's debut release, Ozark Sweetheart is Pat Westmoreland.

On Thursday, Zondervan author Melanie Dickerson was our guest blogger with her post, "Theme: How can I use it for a more powerful reading experience?"  Winner of her latest release, The Captive Maiden is Dianna Shuford.

"Beating Repetition out of Dialogue Tags" was our Friday post, with  Christina Rich. Winner of her debut release from Love Inspired Historical, The Guardian's Promise  is Natalie Monk.

Next Week in Speedbo-ville

Monday:Join Love Inspired author Missy Tippens as she brings "Episodic Writing Revisited." How are your scenes coming during Speedbo? Are you feeling lost about what to write next? Stop by for tips to help!

Tuesday: Confirmed seat-of-the-pants author Myra Johnson shares some tips for "When a Pantser Has to Plot." Wherever you are on your Speedbo quest, Myra's list of 12 questions to ponder as you write will help your story stay on track. Join the conversation for a chance to win a $10 Panera Bread or Starbucks eGift card (winner's choice).

Wednesday: How can one enhance the depth of a novel? Why, with a little bit of help from one's friends, of course! Join Julie Lessman for "BFF: BEST FRIENDS IN FICTION ... or Enriching Your Story with Friendship," which will include a giveaway of winner’s choice of Julie's books including Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets or Julie’s latest release, Dare to Love Again.

Thursday: Today, Ruth Logan Herne rides herd in her typical sweet style with a post that mocks, encourages, berates and entertains, all while serving up delicious repast of virtual delicious food that none of you can touch because it's Lent and you gave it up! And while she's upbraiding and consoling you, she's going to offer up five copies of her newest Love Inspired release  Loving the Lawman, an amazingly poignant tale of second chances, a mother's love and God's perfect timing! 

Friday: Fourteen days into Speedbo! Today White Rose Publishing author, Terri Weldon will talk about "Where Do Story Ideas Come From?" Stop by to chat and for an opportunity to win a Starbucks gift card.

Seeker Sightings

Please do share your sightings and news in the comments or on our Facebook page. 

Today (Saturday, 3/8/14) only!!! Myra Johnson's ebook Pearl of Great Price is available free for Kindle! Download your copy here

About the book:
Raised by her grandfather after her mother died, flea market manager Julie Pearl Stiles promised herself she’d postpone the search for her absentee father until the truth could no longer hurt Grandpa. Then one crazy June day ushers in a series of discoveries that threaten to turn Julie’s peaceful, small-town life upside down. As Julie is drawn deeper into the secrets of the past, she finds herself questioning everything she’s ever believed about herself, her family, and her future. 

A few seats are still available for Publishers Weekly Contributing Editor Barbara Vey’s READER APPRECIATION LUNCHEON, to be held on April 26, in Milwaukee, WI. Each year the luncheon gets bigger and better, and this year promises to be amazing with Keynote Speak Debbie Macomber, swag bags overflowing with books, lots of mix and mingle time with favorite authors, author basket giveaways and more. Check it out at Reservations close at the end of March so get your tickets now.

Friday, March 14th Tina Radcliffe is bringing something Irish (possibly..Italian disguised as Irish) to the Yankee-Belle Cafe. 

And here's a heads up! If you live in Arizona, consider joining or visiting the Christian Writers of the West. Mark your calendar and line up a babysitter as Tina will be their guest on Saturday, March 29th talking about Emotions. Details here.

For those of you in the Tucson area, Sandra Leesmith will be signing books at the Tucson Festival of Books  ( next weekend.  

On Saturday, March 16 she will be signing at the Arizona Dreaming Booth from 9:00-5:00.  On Sunday, March 16 she will be signing at the Society of Southwestern Authors Booth from 11:00-1:00.  Please stop by and say hi!

Debby Giusti announces the March release of her latest Love Inspired Suspense -- The Agent's Secret Past – available at your favorite book stores and online at Amazon. 


And...members of the Love Inspired Suspense book club will be able to get Debby’s award-winning Countdown to Dead as an April reissue from Love Inspired Books

Random News & Information

Once again, thank you to everyone who sent links! 

This just came up, so will share the info. Apple iTunes, Harlequin Meet the Editors podcasts. Free. 

Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell will guest blog on Seekerville in May to celebrate the expansion of the Love Inspired Suspense line from four to SIX books each month. Emily will talk about the expansion, but she’ll also answer questions you might have about Love Inspired Books, the three LI imprints: Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, and Love Inspired Historical, the submission process, what she’s looking for in a submission, how to WOW! an editor and more. Send the questions you’ve always wanted to ask an editor to between now and March 24. Questions will compiled and sent to Emily who will respond on May 21 in her Seekerville guest blog.

This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes (Elite Daily)

The Strongest Brand in Publishing is... (Forbes)

Calling all romance readers! Love romance and want to read books from your favorite and new authors? Be a Reader Rating Judge for RomCon®. As a judge, you choose the genre(s) you love and set the Heat Scale to your personal tastes and we send you matching books to read and score.
It's easy, it's fun and best of all--you get to read romance!
To participate, please go here to register 
Hope you'll join us in finding the new and best books in romance!

Need some help with Speedbo? Check out Beta.

Grand Central Publishing announced a number of recent promotions. In editorial, Emily Griffin, Michele Bidelspach, and Alex Logan have been promoted to senior editor. Megha Parekh has been promoted to associate editor, while Libby Burton and Lindsey Rose move up to assistant editor.(Publishers Lunch)

Harlequin CEO Craig Swinwood on Harlequin Results, Book Pricing and Self-Publishing (DBW)

The Most Popular Books in Each of the 50 States (Parade)

How to write a great author bio that will connect with readers (The BookBaby Blog)

Paying to get on the New York Times Best Seller List (The Passive Voice)

 5 Keep-It-Simple Marketing Tips For Indie Authors (Marketing Tips for Authors)

Author Entrepreneur: Eight Essentials to Make Writing Pay the Bills (The Creative Penn)

Details here



  1. Coffee and pop tarts are ready to go.

    Help yourself.

    Any all nighters out there???

  2. I'm out here!!!

    Been reading links. Gotta go back and finish.

    Speedbo goal: 3 chapters and a full outline/synopsis.

    Got one chapter.

  3. Great weekend post, as usual, Tina! I've been busy with the links!
    CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.
    Praying for those on Speedbo

  4. I'm never out here at this time of night, much less on Saturday, but I'm here! Just finished revising my outline for my novella. Think have something solid and feel good about getting it written during Speedbo.

  5. BTW, love pop tarts. Did you get a chance to try the Limited Edition Birthday Cake flavor?

  6. I do want to be entered for all giveaways including the ctitique. I am greatly loving this and learning big time.

    I need to get to bed so I can read the last 68 pages of Melody Carlsons book Dating Dining and Desperation. Before I fall asleep.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  7. Well, Patricia, you little night owl you! Good to see you.

  8. Helen, my goal too.

    Got a rough four chapters done. ROUGH.

  9. I saw that book at the library, Wilani. Looks good.

  10. Eeek! Can't wait to read The Guardian's Promise!!! Thanks, Seekers! And thanks, Christina!! :)

    Congrats winners and Speedbo-ers!

    Great, WE, Tina. That reading app is amazing. I saw a Youtube commercial for it once and thought, this can't be real! Would be very handy. I love how there are so many reading options these days.

  11. How does everyone write so quickly? I get stuck and forget what I wanted to say after like fifteen pages on a good streak. Then I'm spending forever trying to find the right words. Can I set a slightly more Haven achievable goal like say 30 pages?

  12. Enter me in all the giveaways and the critique. I'm loving Speedbo because it has MOTIVATED me. After the holidays, it was hard to get back into a writing mode. Have a great week everyone!

  13. Haven,

    We have the POWER to set our goals!!! Set it so it's reachable without stressing you to death.

    Your name makes me snicker because it looks so much like Helen Brown, my name before I married.

  14. CONGRATS to the winners!!!! I think Emily owes me a book or something out of that Amazon card... Just sayin' ;). A finders fee? Anything?!

    I had a good day today [Friday] - 5071 for 21191 total.

    Tomorrow promises to be tough. Saturdays tend to be if I'm not getting "out" to write, but it's also the 28th anniversary of my mom's death. Jan Christiansen who pops in here sometimes is my "other mom" and remembers her. That helps to still have someone in my life who does. But I still miss her daily.

    Plus I'm going to dinner and our local improv theater. For research. Honest. We'd probably go anyway, but my current hero is running an improv comedy club :D. The laughter will do me good.

    CONGRATS again! :D

  15. I was so tired (late night last night at Winter Jam concert) but I wanted to check in really quick and then I saw that I won the Amazon gift card and now I'm awake. Thank you so much!

    Sadly I have been slacking since I joined the fun and haven't written much. Any of you out there have full time jobs on top of this whole writing gig? Any advice for someone like me? I'm a teacher and so my life keep me hopping. I need to know some ways to stay on target.

    Contests to all the winners. Keep on keeping on!


  16. Carol, you find the book and it's yours. Sadly I just spent $40 on Amazon getting books for my opinion/persuasive writing unit in my classroom. But thanks for the hook-up!

    And it was supposed to say congrats to the winners. Auto-correct strikes again.

  17. Oh, Helen, I have yet to be less giddy when someone replies to me on Seekerville. Thank you. I feel like a pokey puppy. Everyone's talking about their word count or chapter count and I'm just... if I work really hard at night I may be able to finish my 30 pages. I'm get on later in daylight when I'm no longer a zombie and ask all sorts of questions. I will think of them to help me get to sleep and hopefully not forget by tomorrow or rather today.

  18. Emily Neyer!!!! I work full time and write so I know what you're up against.

    I get up early and write every day. If you're a night owl, you stay up later and write every day. If you have a "blank" of time right after school, use that opening to stop someplace, library, Starbucks, etc. (even the school library, they're usually dead silent after school lets out!) and write. I try for 1000 words/day, same as Mary Connealy, and I promise you it works!

    Today I'll try for more because I had two short days this week from work, but that's the beauty of this: I can be flexible and set my own rules. Go for it! And have fun with it! I always look at writing as my reward, my gift from God so it's never a chore... It's like Hallelujah chorus time!

    Haven, Bob Dole spoke in 3rd person when he got excited, too! (Ruthy checks calendar and realizes sweet haven is TOO YOUNG to remember Bob Dole's run for the presidency and drops her head into her hands, feeling ANCIENT....And she blames Haven for that!!!!)


  19. Carol, we always miss our moms. One of my goals for 2014 is to publish the cache of my mother's poetry from high school, her amazing talent just shines through them, and then the proceeds from sales will go to the local convent motherhouses where retired nuns live in genteel poverty.

    My mother felt a strong connection to the Sisters of Mercy and I was blessed by so many wonderful women in the Sisters of St. Joseph, that it seems fitting to do this.

    Tributes to mothers, even troubled ones like mine, are a marvelous thing. And those children of yours are a wonderful living tribute to your mother.

  20. Good morning!

    Thanks for all of the links, Tina.
    You always find the best stuff.

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    I can't believe week one is over. Despite a few calamities I was able to write 6737 words this week. Under my goal of 1000 words a day, but I'll work harder next week.

    I'd love to be in the drawing for a critique. Thanks!

  21. Good Morning everyone!

    I found I was dreaming my story last night.

    Not sure I will have much time to write today, but will write whenever I get a chance. Must prepare for Sunday School and Children's Church. I will be attempting to explain the Trinity to 4 and 5 year olds. One of the kids asked a question last week.

    It is very foggy this morning in Western NC mountains.

  22. Great WE, Tina. Love pattering through those links all cozied up in bed on a lazy Saturday morning.

    Sigh -- now I have to start my day but do I stay in bed and write or get up and write? Decisions, decisions. And woooot -- I'm heading into a week off so praying my word count speeds up over the coming day. I'm 2012 words behind my goal.

  23. Jackie, that's a wonderful word count...

    I fell behind this week, too. One busy day, one sick day and couldn't get my brain into the story....

    I'll try and make things up today, Saturday is my writing day extravaganza, so we'll see... but still, Jackie, 6K + is wonderful! Go, you!

  24. Kav, I made it through a couple of links... I'll come back and check the rest later....

    Umm... You know my vote, up and write! Or write in bed, LOL! Who cares, no one sees you????

    Pretend you're in a cozy, den-like office and then just write where you are, under the covers.

    I think that sounds motivational and perfect!!!

  25. Wilani, are you in the area where Jan Karon set the Mitford series????

    Is it as beautiful as it sounds in the books?

    I love mountain regions, I live in a "lake plain" very flat, and it's an hour drive south to find hills... then another hour to glimpse the Southern Tier of Appalachia's Northern Tier.... (I know, that's divisive sounding, isn't it????)

    I loved Mitford and Father Tim and Cynthia and the whole stinkin' town.

    Lacey and Dooley.


    Fried bologna and liverwurst. Oh, that series made me laugh!

  26. Terrific Weekend Edition, Tina! Love all the Seeker sightings and news! Got Myra's eBook in my Kindle. Can't wait for the release of yours and Debby's!

    Congrats to our winners!

    The line up for next week looks great!

    Thanks for the links and the pop tarts, Tina!


  27. Congratulations to all of the winners.

    It's slow going for me on my Speedbo goal, I'm hoping to make lots of progress this weekend.

  28. Congrats to the winners!
    I feel like a winner 'cause I got Myra's freebie downloaded! (and told 3 friends about it)

    Just saw Linda F.'s comment....will be praying for you, Linda.

    Thanks to Tina for her great job here.

  29. CAROL, my heart goes out to you today.

    RUTHY, how wonderful that you have your mother's poetry! What a blessing and a keepsake!

  30. I actually know who Bob Dole is Ruth. I didn't before last night but I do now. And that's super cool... I don't like dropping the Miss... gotta get back to Texas I'm assimilating to environment. But anyway I saw Bob Dole on the news last night. Ted Cruz is getting all sorts of guff because he said Romney, McCain, and Dole were great guys but they compromised their principles in running for presidency... Politics are so ugly. My friend wants to be a lawyer. Hopefully he's a nice one.

  31. Great Weekend Edition! I am up for any speedbo prizes. I am enjoying this. My writing total so far is only 5227, but I'm hoping each week improves. That's more than I had to begin with and I wouldn't have jumped in if not for Speedbo.

    Emily Neyer I work full time, have two teenagers, house to take care of, but when I write I am in my characters' world. I've found I have an hour or two some evenings, but especially Saturday mornings. If you can get up earlier in the mornings, that works as well, or if you prefer, stay up later. I go to bed early so getting up earlier makes sense since I'm usually already awake anyway. You can also use your lunch, but I like to read so I haven't started that one yet! Since starting speedbo, I have woke up three times during the night to get pen and paper to write. 3 am is too early to be up and on the computer. If I just have paper and pen I can go back to sleep lol. Whenever you have a free moment, write, whether it's a minute or an hour. If you have time to jot down ideas or scenes, when you get a bigger block of time, you just have to put it together. If you can get away to the library or somewhere to write, do that; I'm not able to do that. Uninterrupted time is hard to come by. Just persevere. Any words is more than you had before you started!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net

  32. Ooo... Haven wants to be entered for Speedbo prizes too. Last week I got almost three chapters done which is really good for me. I also had three snow days though. I'm so sick of winter weather. I live on the border of Arkansas. We've missed over twenty days this year to winter storms. I wouldn't if I lived in Montana or Wyoming like all my favorite heroines from this century of authors but I practically live in Arkansas!

  33. Thanks to all who have given me input. This past week was a bit crazy but this next week is spring break so maybe I can get a few words in.

    Carol...the motherless daughters club sucks. I am thinking of you. I know the struggle on days like today. It will be 18 years for me in June.

    Now to get ready for my second job. Maybe I will have a few minutes to write before I leave.

  34. Working other jobs and Seekers.

    Ruthy works full time. But up until her first few sales she worked two jobs and so did I.

    I work part time now.

    Glynna Kaye works full time.

    Audra works full time.

    Pam worked full time until very recently.

    Julie worked full time until recently.

    Missy worked part time for a while.

    Mary works part time.

    I know that when I worked full time I tried to do all errands during the week and wrote on the weekends and edited during the week.

    Since I moved states and started the new part time job I haven't found my groove because I don't have a set schedule yet at the part time job.

  35. 14,465 words in week one on "Take A Chance" I think I am entered in Speedbo as Clarice Roghair, but my working name is Dee LeRoye. I'd go for a "chance" at a prize! But I'm enjoying time with the laptop.

  36. My second job allowed me to write on the job so THAT was nice.

  37. Oh my gosh! Is it week 2 already??? I'm so not the speedster I thought I was! But I am happy to say that as of last night (when I finally crawled into bed) I had completed 5260 words. I had been shooting for 5000 a week, but that just didn't happen. Daughter came home on leave from the Air Force, assessments, report cards and parent teacher conferences for 25 little bodies equals little sleep and not much writing. Good news is that I am now on spring break, so I'm revving up my engine to go full speed over the next couple of weeks...yee haw! Coffee is brewing and breakfast is ready...come on over!

  38. 14,465 words in week one on "Take A Chance" I think I am entered in Speedbo as Clarice Roghair, but my working name is Dee LeRoye. I'd go for a "chance" at a prize! But I'm enjoying time with the laptop.

  39. 14,465 words in week one on "Take A Chance" I think I am entered in Speedbo as Clarice Roghair, but my working name is Dee LeRoye. I'd go for a "chance" at a prize! But I'm enjoying time with the laptop.

  40. We have a lot of full time writers and jobbers in Seekerville.

    Mary Curry comes to mind. She teaches and tutors and still managed to be a Golden Heart finalist and Genesis winner.

    Nancy Kimball. Another multiple Genesis finalist who works full time.

    Pepper Basham. 6 Kids and works full time and writes.

    Too many to mention, actually.

  41. There you are! LeAnne is a teacher too.

    Way to go, LeAnne!!!

    Way to go Dee/Clarice~~~

  42. I know you understand, Emily. I can't believe it's been that long. Everyone else - my mother-in-law knew Emily's mom. Small world. It's how we first met, iirc, though we have some very good mutual friends and have become more friends than acquaintances the last few months.

    Big hugs, girl. For real soon.

    Thanks so much everyone. We're going out for lunch today and should get to see my BFF for a bit before going out tonight with a friend.

    Until then... time to write ;).

  43. I've had several questions on the self editing class so let me explain how this works.

    It's a Yahoo Group.You can subscribe to instant download of emails from the group, daily digest or go to the web to retrieve the lessons and read the question and answer info.

    You don't have to have a complete manuscript. That would be the ideal.

    But you must have at least 3 chapters so you can see how to apply the lessons to the entire manuscript.

    Classes are posted as handouts and as discussions in the comments.

    So you don't actually have to "attend," class. You can download the handouts and read the comments on the weekend or evenings or at 3 am if you prefer.

    THERE IS NO LIVE SESSION TIME. This is like an online college class. You do it at your own pace.

    If you are a back of the class lurker as I am in classes, I don't ever have to hear from you.

    I am doing it that way as that is how I like to take classes.

    I'll answer all questions publicly so we all benefit.

    The last week we will look at real editorial letters and rejection letters.

    The goal is for you to leave with skills and direction to edit your own manuscript yourself.

    All attendees have the option to have the first three chapters privately critiqued by me. Not required. Not publicly critiqued.

  44. Ruth, I live a couples hours from the area where Jan Karon lives. I also loved that series.

    I am setting my book in the mountains of North Carolina.

  45. Met my goal for 1st week. 11,496 words. I have around 160 pages done, some before Speedbo. I say around because some needs to be cut.

    Congrats to all the winners. Actually, we're all winners, I think. Everyone's been an inspiration. Love seeing all these new people.

    Ruthy, if it makes you feel better, I'm older than you are.

    Please keep my name in the hat for future drawings.

    Now to get started on that new sub-plot.

  46. I'm out and about (stuck in the car as a passenger) so excuse the typos from the phone BUT we should mention ACFW has cleared the way for self publishers to enter their books into the CAROLS and to... get that special designation that I can't remember the name of that means they're a real author because they earned a certain amount of money! This is a big deal, peeps! Maybe it's because most of the board is now hybrid , but I like to think it's because everyone is seeing that the richness and talent in the self publishing community can't be denied! Go indies!

  47. Homemade Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins !!! Caramel Drizzle Coffee !!!
    Taking it easy today and going to write later on this afternoon. Trying to catch up on house stuff and Laundry... does it ever end ? Not
    Congratulations to the winners and Good Luck to everyone this week.
    thank you all for your prayers and support.
    Linda Finn
    Faithful Acres Books

  48. Special designation?

    Spew alert would have been good. I now have coffee in my keyboard.

  49. Good morning all!
    Congratulations to the winners! Speedbo ms going nicely. Several 6K+ days this past week. Please enter me for the critique and gift card.

  50. so many cool links, so little time. must SPEEDBO.

    whoot! I won a book! one more reward for meeting my SPEEDBO goals.

    wrote another 890 words last night. hope to do more over the weekend if my four year old will let me. he's wanting serious mommy time since apparently he doesn't get enough of me during the week because of my day job. *heh*

    Haven small word count person here. something is better than nothing. trust me. last year I signed up for SPEEDBO and didn't really write because I came up with excuses not to. This year I'm focusing more on actually writing every day no matter how small the word count.

    whatever you do, pay no attention to the writer savants here at Seekerville who go full throttle and crank out the word count. take baby steps just for you cuz that's what SPEEDBO is for - for you personally. no comparisons to others allowed. we celebrate EVERYBODY's success, big and small. (or am I mistaken?)

    okay... of to see if I can conquer a synopsis.*yikes*

  51. oh yeah, I forgot. Please keep me entered for any and all critiques during SPEEDBO. well, for any prizes actually.

    Seekerville is awesome! Just had to throw that out again. I always feel so encouraged after visiting.

  52. Great WE, Tina! The self editing class sounds very tempting.

    Good to know there are no rules in Speedbo. I'm spending today rewriting scenes because the characters have it too easy. Boring!

    I home school three kids and work part time. Unless it snows. I've spent more time indoors this winter than outside. It takes a four wheel drive to get out of here when the road's bad.

  53. Thank you Deb. I love writing. It's a wonderfully safe place where the potential never ends. I should really be working on Debate... but there are so many ideas to pursue on an open word document. I can't help myself. I'm slow to find the right words. The words that flow well and matter to me. And I get off on other ideas that distract me. I'm working on it though. The ladies of Seekerville are helping me focus. Back to the book. :)

  54. Congrats to all the winners!! Such fun to win a prize!!
    I'd love to enter all the contests!! Would love to be considered for a Seekerville critique!!

    Plodding along on my wip...hoping everyone has a tea-lightful weekend!!

  55. Thank you again all of the authors and SPEEDBO entrants! I heard today that social support is more effective than motivation...tis true! The fact that you from Seekerville give up your time and expertise is the critical factor....loving the links as well.

  56. I know it's late in the day, but coffee and pop tarts sound yummy.

    Snack, maybe?

  57. SPEEDBO so far: 4,540 words. hope to get more done today. puttering along, but so far I've written something everyday - which is my Prime goal for SPEEDBO. Actually getting a partial MS done is bonus.

  58. So excited about LI editor Emily Rodmell guest blogging on Seekerville in May.

    Be sure to submit questions so she can respond with info you need/want to know. We'll party that day and celebrate the expanded LIS line.

    BTW, how are the Killer Voices submissions doing?

  59. I am so excited. I just saw that I won Helen's debut book Ozark Sweetheart!! I can't wait to read it!

    Helen, thanks for your contribution to seekerville. Congrats on publishing. We just got home from a family funeral so seeing that I won your book put a big ole bright spot in my day!!

    Haven't written any today yet. Plan to after dinner with family tonight.

    Blueberry pop tarts are my fav. Although I try not to eat them very often.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  60. P.S. I forgot to say there is ONE WEEK left to enter the Carol contest!

    Go check it out, you guys. You could be a Carol winner!

    If I weren't in the car, I could paste a link...

  61. Hi everyone! Congrats to the daily winners. I can't wait to read Melanie's new book. And thanks for the free read, Myra!

    Tina- I'm nodding with the whole finding your groove discussion. The paying job often takes a lot of energy so writing during the week is a challenge.

    Speedbo update...keep in mind I'm a slow writer...since the beginning of the month I've written around 4K words and finished novella 1. I was hit with a virus mid-week, but I wrote in-between medication-induced naps. Next week I would like to get novella 2 planned out and a few chapters of that story written.

    Looking forward to the upcoming posts.

  62. Does anybody else ever read something and say "there's no way that ever happens to people" and then it happens to you? Because I just brained myself on the hotel's pool wall and as I rode up the elevator in a beeline for the room I thought, "If this was a romance novel, I'd be locked outside my room right now." It wasn't as funny in reality. After that I had to explain to the cute guy at the front desk that my card had been possessed by a demon while my nose was turning a pretty shade of purple and my forehead looked as if I got in a fight with sandpaper and lost...
    Pertaining to other comments: what is the Carol Contest?

  63. Ice to the face, Haven.

    Go to

  64. Great WE, Tina! Thanks for the fantastic links. Lots of reading to do now! :)

    Congrats to our winners, too! And to Debby for having her book reissued!

  65. Congratulations to the winners! Please enter me for prizes and critiques. Admittedly, I am off to a slow start but picking up some steam. I think a nice cup of coffee in a minute will help some creative juice to flow! Good writing everyone!

  66. So basically I am understanding that a single girl with a full time teaching job and a part time sales job still doesn't have an excuse to not write. :)

    Works for me. I am praying for inspiration. I am a little stuck but I think I am going to push through. Thank you to everyone for inspiring me to keep going when I feel like I can't. If you ladies can do can I. Just like Carol says..."You can't edit a blank page."

    So here I go to get a few words in before losing that hour of sleep tonight.

  67. Alright I think I want to draw goals on my storyboard I drew up while nursing my wounded pride. I'll see where that takes me.
    And psst... Emily. I totally believe you can do this. My mom's a teacher. I get to hear all of the crazy classroom stories. That's where I would look for inspiration. And I think it's way cool that you went to Winter Jam. I haven't been since I moved away from my youth group.(I got to see Skillet that year!) Good luck with your writing!

  68. I was hoping for at least 1K before I crashed, but no luck. But I did get about 775 words in. So I guess that is better than the none I have done in the last few days. I think I may get some more done tomorrow.

    Haven, thanks for the encouragement. My main character is a teacher and I have modeled some of her classroom experiences after some of mine. I guess for a first novel it isn't uncommon to write what you know.

    Goodnight all!

  69. Emily, LOL! That's right, we're not letting you out of it, girlfriend!!!

    You know honestly, I kept waiting for the right time to write with two jobs and six kids... and then I realized I had to make the right time.

    And it took years of middle-of-the-night writing to get published, but in the end... SWEET!!!! :)

    It has been so entirely worth it, beyond my wildest expectations.

    So yeah, my words are: Go for it!

  70. Virginia, I think it's cool that they've opened the Carols to indie books....

    Now a question, though: Does that mean they're tossing aside their list of acceptable publishers? Publishers had to be on the short list approved by the board (which I always thought narrowed the entry field, and I'm a sports mom: If you only let certain teams play, you can't exactly call the winner a champion at the end of the playoffs...)

    Because there are so many beautiful inspirational books that wouldn't have made the list, like The Mitford Series, (Penguin) NAL books, etc.

    Because that would be a good step in the right direction. That would bring new faces into inspirational literature.... I never understood leaving them out.

    So, maybe an uptick????? That would be good!

  71. I'm almost at 9K for the week.... I wanted 10K and if I get 1000 today, I"m good. And I'm close to finishing this delightful Christmas book...

    WAIT FOR IT!!!!

    Max and Tina's Excellent Christmas Adventure!!!!


    That is, of course, a working title!!!! And I LOVE THIS COUPLE. Melissa gave me some great direction based on my original proposal and I went with it and the book is beyond charming....

    And thought-provoking.

    So I'm having fun! Working on LI proposal later today after church.

    Breathing happy!


    Did you turn your clocks ahead????

  73. Welcome participant #165, Janet Kerr to Speedbo.


  74. Ruth, your book sounds exciting. I love Christmas books.

    Had fun teaching the kiddos at church this morning. Now it is time for my nap and then church again so maybe I will get to write some after church.

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

  75. I'm sorry I'm late to the party this weekend. Lots going on. Congrats to the winners and Tina, thanks for all the super links.

    Happy speedbo-ing
    Happy writing

  76. Seekerville never sleeps!

    Are we sharing Speedbo progress? Not even close to my goal as far as word count, but wrote one of the heaviest scenes in the story...well, except for the Black Moment. It's always hard to make my characters go through the muck.

    Poor Bunk. He needs some lovin'.

    And since that scene is behind me now, I can give him a little lovin' this week :)

  77. Thanks for the great WE, Tina. Congrats to the winners.

    Saying 'hi' then jumping off. Will check in with everyone tomorrow.

  78. Sorry I'm late. I've been celebrating my beautiful mother's 75th birthday.
    Emily, I'm with you. I work full time and juggle the writing life. Honestly, I think I get more written because I work full time. When I have days off, I never get as much accomplished as I do during a regular work day.
    I'd love to be entered for a critique.

  79. Congratulations to all the winners! And good luck this week with your writing!

  80. Jill, I hear that all the time! That people are more careful and conscious of their time when they're scheduling around work. You're delightfully normal!!!

  81. I'm late signing in. I'm at 9616 words through today. (Sunday.) My goal was 1k/day and I've reached it everyday. I don't know if this book will make sense...but hey...I'm writing it.

    PLEASE enter my name into the Speedbo contests. Thanks.

  82. Well, I took the weekend off from writing, eyes are feeling some better and BP wasn't so bad today. Edema is better some too. has to be the prayers from everyone.
    Tomorrow I have sometimes to write in afternoon, so that is my goal.

  83. The line-up blogs looks fantastic for this coming week. I've written a little over 10,000 words and have my pre-writing done enough that I have a prompt and goal for each chapter. The scenes are rolling around in my head and I can say I'm living in the setting.

  84. The line-up blogs looks fantastic for this coming week. I've written a little over 10,000 words and have my pre-writing done enough that I have a prompt and goal for each chapter. The scenes are rolling around in my head and I can say I'm living in the setting.

  85. Ruthy - it sounds like if you're on the approved publisher list OR meet certain indie requirements [the one I saw was $5K in sales for one book in any 12mo period] then you're eligible [one or the other - if you're EVER pubbed with say Bethany, your indie books qualify automatically]. They may be revamping the $5K though from what I hear. Not sure how it applied to small pubs not on the approved list for whatever reason. If they'd have to meet the same indie criteria but with their small pub book or what.

    The $5K is in line with RWA and Novelists Inc [who require two] - at least that what Randy Ingermanson said, I believe. I think that's what I saw. I know the RWA is 5K.

    I got to spend several hours chatting with Emily Neyer today!!! Very nice! At my favorite Panera even :D. We talked writing. And a myriad of other topics. I've "known" her for at least 15 years but this is the longest convo we've ever had ;). More of a friends of mutual friends see at kids' birthday parties kind of thing :D. But great fun!

    And then I started writing only to find out Panera closed at SIX today :p.


  86. 90 comments.... Helen, pass the coffee as I catch up!!!

    Waving at everyone \0/

    LEOLA: So glad to see you motivated! Whoot!

    Dee, LeeAnne, Haven, Emily! Olivia, Katherine, Wilani... So glad to see so many new friends here. Write on! :)

    DebH said we celebrate all successes, big or small. You got that right!

  87. Yes, Carol! We did a have great convo today. And she helped me with some plotting so now I am even more inspired to get some words in on this story.

    I may not hit my 1K that I hope, but anything is better than nothing and there is always tomorrow!

  88. Just spent some relaxing time reading the links. Isn't it amazing how the speed reading really works? I could actually whittle down my 'to read' stack considerably. Except there are some books I want to take my time with and savor.

    Great WE, TINA. And thanks to whoever for the links :-)

    Now to settle in and read comments ...

    Nancy C

  89. Forgot to say thanks to Myra for the free download yesterday... And congrats to all you winners!

    Nancy C