Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Celebrate every writing milestone!

Myra here. We waved goodbye to Speedbo 2014 last week, and now many of us are deep into editing and revisions—or at least we plan to be as soon as we type “The End” on those stories we’ve been working on.

As I pondered what to blog about today, I remembered a post I’d done a few years ago based on the slogan I’d seen on a Hallmark shopping bag. Printed in big, bold, purple letters, was the statement:
Life is a special occasion
These five words are a great reminder to celebrate every moment, so as I “celebrate” getting over the crummy tummy bug that knocked me flat last week, I’m updating my earlier post for your enjoyment—and hopefully offer a little encouragement and inspiration.

A special occasion doesn’t have to be a particular event, like your child’s graduation or the birth of a new baby. It doesn’t have to fall on a holiday, like Christmas or Easter or the Fourth of July.

Nope. Life. Normal, everyday life. All the ups and downs, joys and struggles, good times and bad. We have plenty of reasons to celebrate just because we’re alive.

Do you feel that way about your writing life? Or are you holding off on the celebration until something big happens?

Maybe you’re waiting for a contest coordinator to call with news that your manuscript or published novel is a finalist in a prestigious contest. Maybe you’re waiting for the agent of your dreams to call and say she can’t wait to sign you as her client. Maybe you’re waiting to hear from the editor you’ve been sending stuff to for the last five years in hopes that finally--finally--she wants to publish your book!

But in the meantime, while you’re waiting for the phone to ring or a certain e-mail to pop up in your inbox, take time regularly to celebrate some genuine “special occasions” in your writing life. For starters, you can celebrate surviving Speedbo and doing something positive toward the achievement of your goals.

Here are a few other causes for celebration:

During Speedbo, did you . . .

  • Overhear a conversation at the supermarket that gave you a great line for your book?

  • Find the perfect active-voice verb to describe your hero’s action?

  • Complete your main character’s autobiography?

  • Experience an “aha” moment about your plot or main character?

  • Finally figure out your heroine’s goal/motivation/conflict?

  • Come across a Web site or reference book containing exactly the research help you’ve been looking for?

  • Write a scene so emotion-packed that you were crying on your keyboard?

  • Come up with a killer title for your masterpiece?

  • Finish the first draft of your work-in-progress?

As you look ahead, here are some other achievements you might celebrate:

  • Succeeding at a 1K/1 hour challenge.

  • Gleaning helpful writing advice from a craft book and then trying it in your work-in-progress.

  • Meeting a new friend at a writers group meeting.

  • Getting positive feedback from your critique partner.

  • Enrolling in a Seekerville Night Class.

  • Registering for a writers conference.

  • Sending off a contest entry.

  • Working through a helpful contest judge’s critique to make some much needed revisions.

  • Hitting “send” on the query letter you’ve been slaving over for weeks.

  • Having your spouse and/or kids introduce you as “my husband/wife/mom/dad, the writer.”

Now that I’ve got you thinking about those everyday writing moments worth celebrating, what would you add to the list?

Whether you celebrate by popping some M&Ms, taking a Starbucks break, or just spinning around in your desk chair until you’re dizzy, mark the occasion somehow. And if there’s no one around to high-five in person, just hop over here and celebrate with us in Seekerville!

Today I’m thrilled to offer a copy of my latest release, Whisper Goodbye, just out from Abingdon Press! If you’d like to be in the drawing, please mention your interest in the comments. (U.S. residents may choose between a hard copy or e-book; non-U.S. residents are eligible for e-book only.)


Whisper Goodbye: Crippled both physically and emotionally by his war injuries, First Lt. Gilbert Ballard struggles to find himself again in civilian life. After breaking his engagement to Annemarie Kendall, he has found solace in the arms of Mary McClarney, a spunky Irish immigrant nurse he met at the Army and Navy Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Yet Mary’s love for Gilbert goes unreturned.

If it’s not Gilbert’s insane jealousy over his former fiancée’s new marriage, it’s his addiction to pain killers and gambling that thwarts Gil’s own happiness. Worse, Gilbert’s mother, Evelyn, continually reminds him of what he lost when he pushed Annemarie away. Under Evelyn’s critical eye, Mary fights to believe in her worth, wondering if she will ever be enough.

As Mary longs for the day when Gilbert will finally let go of the past and learn to love her as she loves him, she realizes that the only way to open Gilbert’s heart is to whisper her goodbyes . . . and pray God will bring them back together.


Marianne Barkman said...

Hi, Myra. Just want to take this chance to tell you how much I enjoy your novels, and your posts! Glad you are feeling better. I'm looking forward to your next novel.

Walt Mussell said...

Wow, I'm the first for now, though I may not be first by the time I post this.

I do save my celebrations for the bigger things. (I do have a free coffee at Starbuck's reserved for that.) I should work harder at achieving smaller goals as an impetus to keep going. My schedule remains busy, so finding writing time is more difficult.

Yes, Myra, I'm interested in your next release.

Helen Gray said...

Myra, I've read all your HP's, but haven't gotten to this series yet. Hope to do that soon.

Just finished AA's. Aaaaaah.

Now on to writing the new proposal, judging those contest entries, and tackling the TBR pile.

But coffee's ready.

Cindy W. said...

Hi Myra, So glad you are feeling better. Our whole family had a bug last month that still hasn't totally let go. Yuck!

I loved the post. I agree. Everyday should be a celebration, but I can't say I'm always in the frame of mind to celebrate. I must work on that.

I would love to be entered to win your newest release. What a beautiful cover!

Have a great day! Celebrate!

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.

Jenny Blake said...

I am glad you are over the tummy bug they sure can lay you low.

I love the name of your hero Gilbert which just happens to be my favourite boys name. would love to win the ebook. I have the first in the series.

Someone said today I should do a series of 52 things to celebrate or appreciate each week due to the fact that I was saying right now I need something to look forward to and am struggling to due to meds and a few others issues due to the medical issues.

Debra E. Marvin said...

Definitely the little things. I celebrate with a DVD break...not food. Too often treating oneself comes with food. Celebrate every day? = nothing to celebrate when you get on the scale!

I have some very special leaf tea in my cupboard that I bought for the big writing celebrations. (Good thing it's tightly sealed!)

Thanks Myra - love the premise of your nurse story!

Susan Hollaway said...

A wonderfully encouraging post! Thank you. Your book sounds so good!

Susan Hollaway said...

A wonderfully encouraging post! Thank you. Your book sounds so good!

Amy C said...

What a great post, Myra! I would love to be entered for the drawing.

Debby Giusti said...

Jenny, I like your idea of having 52 reasons to celebrate...one per week.

Myra, great post for post-Speedbo!

I got the go-ahead from my editor via email yesterday on the proposal for my next book! That's cause for celebration! :)

Lifting my coffee mug to all the successes...small and large!

How do we write a book? One word at a time. Right?

Audra Harders said...

Every moment of life is a special occasion. Funny how we often need a reminder to celebrate the smallest achievements.

This is a great post, Myra. If we keep waiting for the BIG moment, we'll overlook all the little successes God sprinkles into our lives every day.

Go, sprinkles!!

Cara Lynn James said...

Great post, Myra! Celebrating the achievement of small goals often keeps me going especially when the larger goals seem off in the distance.

Jeanne T said...

Myra, thanks for the reminder to celebrate the small things in life. This makes the journey much more pleasant! :) And it motivates me to keep moving forward. :)

Mary Hicks said...

Myra, thanks for a most timely post. Life is a celebration every day and we do tend to forget...:-)
Glad you're feeling better... now celebrate!

I love the cover on WHISPER GOODBY!

I'd love to win a copy of it!

Jennifer Smith said...

Myra, I'd love to be entered in the drawing for your book. :)

You're so right about celebrating the small things. From time to time, it hits me that the rush from every accomplishment or exciting thing that happens in life is often short-lived. Then we start looking for the next best thing to happen. It's so important to mindfully appreciate all the neat like blessings and happy times God allows in our lives.

Connie Queen said...

Myra, writing "the end" and then making my goal for SpeedBo was my biggest.

But yes, sometimes that breakthrough in the wee morning hours when I just wake and an idea pops into my head. THAT's something to celebrate!

Dawn Ford said...

I treat myself every other Sunday night when I have my crit group by buying a caramel frappuccino. Since I live in a small town, Starbucks is not in my backyard, so it is a sweet treat for me.

Myra, I love angst and your book looks to be just what I love. I can't wait to read it!

Myra Johnson said...

Good morning, Seekerville!

MARIANNE, you're the early bird for today. Sorry, WALT, she beat you by a hair!

Yes, definitely feeling better, but it was no fun missing the chance to enjoy last week's gorgeous spring weather. Naturally, this week is chilly and wet.

Smaller goals can definitely help keep you motivated. Set your aspirations too high, and if it's taking longer to reach them or the road gets too tough, it's easy to get discouraged.

Myra Johnson said...

HELEN, I understand about out-of-control to-do lists! Slowly working my way through the contest entries I'm judging, getting ready for my ACFW chapter meeting next Saturday, plus a lot of other "busy work."

And, of course, rocking our new granddaughter whenever I get the chance!

Myra Johnson said...

Hi, CINDY! Since hubby and I both got sick at the same time, we're thinking food poisoning. Whatever it was, I'm glad it's over with!

I agree--sometimes it's hard to get in the mood to celebrate. Maybe that's when we need to the most.

Myra Johnson said...

JENNY, I'm glad you like Gilbert's name! I'm not even sure how I came up with it, but it just seemed to fit.

Yes, it's important to both our mental and physical health to have something to look forward to. Even a small treat or short outing can be a morale booster. Hope you take your friend's advice!

Myra Johnson said...

Oooh, DEBRA, tell me about your special tea! I love tea, but I get stuck in a rut with my Earl Grey Green.

You're right about treating ourselves with food, though. Not good in the long run. For some people, maybe a shopping trip is a celebration. For me, shopping is torture! A DVD you've been wanting to see sounds like a safe and enjoyable break!

Myra Johnson said...

Thanks, SUSAN and AMY! Glad you could visit with us today, and I hope you found some encouragement for celebrating life!

Myra Johnson said...

YAY, DEBBY! Definitely you can celebrate your proposal approval!

And we definitely need to keep celebrating all the Speedbo successes our Seekervillagers racked up! Wherever we are on the road to our goals, we're that much closer than we were on March 1!

Myra Johnson said...

Sprinkles--love it, AUDRA! There's something to celebrate every day if we just look for it. Even the interruption of rocking a grandbaby!

Oh, and yesterday granddaughter #2 turned 3! We had quite a day of celebrating!

Myra Johnson said...

CARA, that's the thing. It's hard to stay motivated when a goal seems too big or too far out of reach. Even the proponents of goal setting encourage us to set stepping-stone goals along the way. That's the best way to mark our progress and continue working toward the bigger goal.

Myra Johnson said...

I agree, JEANNE! Positive motivation is crucial to success.

Yes, MARY HICKS, I'm definitely celebrating feeling better this week. And I'll feel even better this afternoon after the salon visit I had to reschedule from last Tuesday! Glad no one can see my hair right now!

Myra Johnson said...

Good reminder, JENNIFER. God has blessings in store for us every day, but we're often too preoccupied with problems and stress to notice.

Janet Dean said...

Wonderful post, Myra! We need to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small. If our eyes are only on the goal of publication, rather than on the journey God has planned for us, we'll miss the good along the way. Makes me think of our characters that are so focused on their goals that they're unable to find love or past heal wounds.

The back cover blurb of Whisper Goodbye has me chomping at the bit to read Mary's story!


Myra Johnson said...

CONNIE, congratulations on making your Speedbo goal! And writing "the end"? Huge!!!

And don't you just love those ideas that pop up when least expected? They can change everything about a story, and usually in exciting ways we'd never have come up with through concentrated effort.

Myra Johnson said...

Oh, DAWN, I'm a huge lover of angst! (In my fiction, not in real life--LOL!)

Sounds like you have a fun crit group, and the caramel frappuccino is an extra-special treat!

Julie Lessman said...

Boy, Myra, this goes hand-in-hand with my Jesus Calling devotional yesterday that began with the lines:

"Bring Me the sacrifice of thanksgiving. Take nothing for granted, not even the rising of the sun."

It was an exceptional devo, and THIS is an exceptional blog for reminding us how that applies to our writing as well.

I am 2/3 of the way through Whisper Goodbye and LOVE IT, of course, but you really caught me offguard twice -- first with Dr. Lessman (although I believe he might have appeared in book 1 as well?), and then the use of my very unusual middle name!! Laughed out loud when I saw it! :) May well be the only time in history that the name Assumpta is used in a story ... ;)


Myra Johnson said...

So true, JANET. If I hadn't found milestones to celebrate on my 25-year journey to getting my first book contract, I might not have made it.

I also have to celebrate my wonderful Seeker sisters, who continued to encourage me through the dark times when I was ready to give up. Writing is a lonely business, even lonelier when those rejections pile up. We need each other's help in appreciating the small but important steps along the journey.

Myra Johnson said...

LOL, JULIE!!!! Gotcha!!! The first time I needed to use Mary's full name, your middle name just popped into my head. It was perfect for her!

And, yes, Dr. Lessman appeared in book 1. I love sneaking my Seeker sisters' names into my books here and there!

Also, you reminded me I'm a day or two behind on Jesus Calling. Amazing how sometimes the day's reading is so perfect for what I'm going through personally.

Crystal Ridgway said...

Myra, wonderful post! How true that the little things are worth celebrating just as much as the big ones. Like... Hitting 10K words in a day, which I did yesterday! Or hitting those mile marker word counts. I especially love to look down and see 50,000.

I would love to be entered in the drawing. Your book sounds wonderful!

Myra Johnson said...

10K words in a day??? CRYSTAL!!!!! You go, girl! It can take me all afternoon to crank out a measly 1K! I consider 1.5-2K a really productive day.

That's one thing I really love about writing in Scrivener. The little target window lets me see exactly how many words I've written each day, as well as how far along the ms. is toward the total word count goal. So fun to watch the moving line slowly turn from red to green!

Missy Tippens said...

I usually celebrate when something new pops up in the story while I'm writing that adds something new to the story. I love those nice surprises!

Great post, Myra! It's always good to celebrate the small things along with the big.

Tina Radcliffe said...

This is so true and we have so much to celebrate around here. Golden Heart finalists, Killer Voice finalists and the opportunity to pitch an agent in the Perfect Pitch contest.

Tina Radcliffe said...

Yeah, Crystal graduated from the Mary Connealy School of Speed Writing.

Myra Johnson said...

MISSY, I love those serendipity moments of writing, too! Like when my characters totally surprise me, and the story gets a new twist I never could have planned.

Myra Johnson said...

So true, TINA--always a lot to celebrate in Seekerville!

Um, does Mary give lessons in speed writing??? Something to think about for a Night Class in the Village!

Myra Johnson said...

Just letting you know I will be AWOL for a while. In desperate need of my hair appointment!

Keep celebrating while I'm away!

Janet Dean said...

I'm grateful for our sisterhood, too, Myra. Truth is, we may reach publication, but it's still a lonely business with ups and downs. We never stop needing the support of writer friends!

I have a hair appointment today too. Wonder if our hairdressers know how appreciated they are.


Janet Dean said...

Crystal, you blow my mind with the 10K!! Mega congrats on getting all those words on the page.


Janet Dean said...

Helen, glad you've got the AAs done. Always fun to have that last look at the book.


Janet Dean said...

Jenny, each morning I write in a gratitude journal that keeps me focused on the blessings in my life. The idea of listing 52 reasons to be grateful rocks!


kaybee said...

We can always celebrate the fact that there IS such a thing as Christian fiction, and that we're allowed to write it. It wasn't always so, and it isn't always so in some other cultures.
Myra, enter me in the drawing! I would love to see how Mary and Gilbert play out! I hope she doesn't take any more krap from him.
Kathy Bailey

Meghan Carver said...

A great reminder to celebrate even the events that seem small, Myra. I celebrated a month ago or so when what I started as a detailed outline turned into a rough draft as I worked on it.

Please enter me in the drawing. Your cover is gorgeous, and the story makes me think of my parents. My handicapped father married his student nurse in the 1950s.

Wilani Wahl said...

Myra, I love this post.

It is good to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments. Today I am celebrating the fact the room has quit spinning and I can get back to reading and writing. Yesterday, I forced myself to read a little but it was a challenge. Hopefully the storm system is moving on and I can have a few days reprieve before the next storm. this is my life in the Spring especially.

Don't feel sorry for me because the Lord is so precious and He is my strength

I would love to be considered for winning a copy of your book.

Julie Lessman said...

Oh, Myra, I SO know what you mean about Jesus Calling!! It's a pretty old book, meaning it's been around for a long time, I think, but I was never interested in getting it till recently, and now that I have, OH. MY. GOODNESS!! It is one of the MOST anointed devos I have ever read if not THE most anointed one!! And the freaky thing is that I read about four devos each day along with my Bible reading, and it's downright scary how they all seem to say the same thing, hitting on the same subjects on a given day!! Now I give Jesus Calling as gifts because it is SO good for the soul. :)


Julie Lessman said...

WOW, CRYSTAL ... you're smokin', girlfriend!!

KATHY BAILY SAID: "I would love to see how Mary and Gilbert play out! I hope she doesn't take any more krap from him."

LOL ... I'm reading Whisper Goodbye right now, Kathy, and trust me, Mary is toughening up ... uh, as long as old Gil isn't laying a liplock on her, that is ... she goes a little weak in the knees when that happens.

Speaking of which, Myra, LOVE the kisses in this book, girlfriend -- some of the best I've seen. :)


Mary Connealy said...

So you're saying I EARNED that bag of Cheetoes, right?

Mary Connealy said...

That's right Tina, they're naming schools after me now.

It was bound to happen.

I expected Mary Connealy Clown College but this is way better.

Myra Johnson said...

Whew! Back from my salon appointment and feeling MUCH more human!

KATHY--so true! We need to celebrate the amazing Christian fiction available today, and in so many genres. Amazing!

Well, Mary does have her issues with Gilbert, but this is a romance, so you know things will work out eventually. ;-)

Myra Johnson said...

MEGHAN, what a sweet story about your parents! True love is seeing beyond the physical handicaps to the real person inside.

Glad your outline grew into a full-fledged story as you worked on it! Definitely worth celebrating!

Myra Johnson said...

WILANI, a spinning room sounds miserable. My husband has problems with vertigo from time to time, and usually it's allergy-related. He can't forget to take his antihistamines, this time of year especially!

Myra Johnson said...

Yay!!! JULIE likes my kisses!!!

In the book, I mean--LOL!

I learned at the feet of the master . . . er, mistress . . .

Um, that didn't come out right either!

You know what I mean!

Myra Johnson said...

Did you have to mention Cheetos, MARY? Now you're making me hungry. I haven't had Cheetos in forever.

Of course, they don't go well with computer keyboards. All that orange cheesy stuff gets really messy.

Pam Hillman said...

I like to celebrate a successful writing day with a nap! ;)

Myra Johnson said...

LOL, PAM! Sounds like a plan!

Except if I did that, I'd be napping about suppertime, and then I'd be awake into the night and wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Jackie said...

I'll remember your post next time I meet my daily goal. Thanks for sharing.

What a beautiful book cover. I'd love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks.

Myra Johnson said...

I hope that's soon, JACKIE!

I'm slowly but surely inching closer to my writing goal for the day. Not sure I'm going to make it before quitting time, though. This scene just isn't flowing like I'd hoped.

Dee LeRoye said...

Just came from a funeral. They said it was a celebration, but I had trouble celebrating with doctrines and traditions I cannot match with scripture. ANYWAY, how refreshing to read all the ideas for celebrating day by day, perhaps moment by moment.
Please add my name to the drawing for "Whisper Goodbye". I could use some tips on writing liplocks......

Myra Johnson said...

DEE, so sorry about the funeral. It seems our church experiences a death in the congregation almost every week lately. Most of them we haven't known since we've only been here three years, but a few have really saddened us. When the loss hurts so much, it's not easy to think of a funeral as a celebration, but it does help to remember the special things about the ones we've lost.

Jenny Blake said...

Thanks Debby, Janet and Myra, I need to find something to focus on the meds are having a negative effect of depressing me and I realise cos of money I won't be going anywhere for a holiday like back to the states so need to find things to look forward to. I am hopefully going away for a weekend in Oct so after Friday am going to use that as a focus but will look for little thinks each week and it may just be to have a banana low fat milkshake at the cafe.

Anna R. Weaver said...

Thanks for the reminder, Myra. Sometimes it's hard to remember those little things, but they're important, too. I'd love to be entered in the book giveaway. :)

Myra Johnson said...

JENNY, short getaways are sometimes even more restorative than a long vacation. Milkshakes are good, too! ;-)

ANNA, we do need to remember the little things that make life more enjoyable. For me today, one treat was another slice of my granddaughter's birthday cake!

Jackie Smith said...

Great post, Myra! Glad you are better...hug that new grandbaby for me (don't have any little ones around).
YAY for Jesus Calling....best devo ever!
I would love to be in the hat for your book, Myra.....currently reading Pearl of Great Price and loving it!!!

Myra Johnson said...

Thanks, JACKIE! I hold that little baby girl every chance I get!

So glad you are enjoying Pearl of Great Price! If you're so inclined, I'd be eternally grateful for an Amazon review!

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI Myra, So glad you are feeling better and what a wonderful thing to celebrate right there. smile

I love any excuse to celebrate. I celebrate when I finish a page, a scene, a chapter. I take little breaks of celebration like a quick game of words with friends (my friend got me hooked) or I get up and stretch outside in the fresh air, or I get an icy glass of soda water with lime.

Thanks for reminding us to celebrate. Of course the best celebration is a prayer of thanks.

ANd I have your book. It arrived in the mail this weekend. I can hardly wait to dive in. Another celebration.

DebH said...

I like this post, Myra. It will help me keep upbeat as I attempt something I haven't ever done before - finish writing a book. I think I'll remember to celebrate the mini-milestones as I go.

would love to be in the draw for your book. your covers are beautiful.

thanks for the reminder to celebrate the small steps that lead to big things. now... off to go hit a 1K word count for the day. i think i can...

Pat Jeanne Davis said...

Loved your post, Myra. A needful reminder. Glad your feeling much better and enjoying your new granddaughter. Finding an occasion to celebrate even the smallest success helps me to stay the course when I'm at a low point. God knows what to give and when. I'm giving thanks for Seekerville and the support and encouragement here.

Jana Vanderslice said...

I like how someone put celebrating & being thankful together. I can thank God & celebrate even the silly little things like colored pens & fancy notebook dividers. (Yes, some days it doesn't take much to make me smile!) Thanks for the reminder to keep my eyes open.

Please enter me in the book drawing. It sounds like a "stay up all night & read" kind of book!! I just love those!!

CatMom said...

Oh Myra....what a wonderful, uplifting post! Thank you, sweet friend. Wow, when you think about it, there are LOTS of things to celebrate in our writing life (even for us unpubbed writers).

I'm soooo sorry you were hit with a tummy bug - - YUK. Sure glad you're better now.

No need to enter me in the drawing, as my book recently arrived. YIPPY SKIPPY!!! It is BEAUTIFUL, and I cannot wait to dive in. Thank you!!

Hugs, Patti Jo

p.s. One thing I try to do is set self-imposed deadlines for myself. Then, if/when I DO meet that deadline, I treat myself (a Starbucks mocha or a crème-filled donut, LOL).

Tanya Agler said...

Myra, Thank you for the post. It's nice to be reminded that life in and of itself is a special occasion.

As for your hero's name, I like it because one of my favorite fictional heroes of all times is Gilbert Blythe and your hero shares his first name with one of my favorite characters.

Myra Johnson said...

Soooo sorry, got sidetracked this evening and never made it back! I promise to respond to everyone I missed first thing tomorrow as soon as I get to my computer. Long day and my pillow is calling!

Chill N said...

Oh, good! If you'll be back, Myra, then I'm not too late to tell you what a lovely reminder this post is. Many times, my way of celebrating a writing accomplishment is to order a book and give myself permission to spend an afternoon of uninterrupted reading.

Don't enter me in the drawing. I have your book on pre-order with iBooks. REALLY looking forward to the read.

Nancy C

Lane Hill House said...

Myra, I would love to read Whisper Goodbye! I hope I win a copy here! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

Mary Preston said...

I agree, there is so much to celebrate each day.

WHISPER GOODBYE sounds wonderful.

Sherida Stewart said...

Yes, Myra! I link your suggestions about celebrating.....even small achievements. I celebrated a rejection letter because it confirmed I had submitted a story!

Please enter my name for Whisper Goodbye! Thank you!

Myra Johnson said...

SANDRA, I appreciate those little breaks during the day after I finish specific tasks. Just getting up and moving around for a bit, maybe a quick walk in the sunshine, can do wonders for my mood.

Hope you enjoy the book!

Myra Johnson said...

DEB H, I hope you made your 1K goal last night! I squeaked mine in yesterday . . . somehow. There's something about that number that makes you feel like you're getting somewhere!

Myra Johnson said...

PAT JEANNE, you're right--God knows what we need and when we need it. I'm so glad you're finding support and encouragement here with us in Seekerville, because that's what we're here for!

Myra Johnson said...

JANA, what a great combination--celebration and gratitude! They really do go hand in hand.

I also enjoy getting colorful new pens and fresh, clean notebooks. As a kid, I always loved the smell of new school supplies. These days, I have fun just browsing through Office Depot.

Myra Johnson said...

PATTI JO, I'd have to really watch out for those mochas and creme-filled donuts, or I'd be "celebrating" every day with a trip to the gym! And I promise you, that isn't happening!!!

Myra Johnson said...

TANYA, how nice to know my hero shares a name with one of your favorites! I hope you'll like this Gilbert just as much. I promise, he does have some redeeming qualities, and Mary (my heroine) is just the one to bring them out.

Myra Johnson said...

NANCY, isn't it fun when you can treat yourself to several hours of uninterrupted reading? I haven't done that in a long, long time. Maybe the next rainy day . . .

Myra Johnson said...

LANE HILL HOUSE, it's nice to have you visit Seekerville! Come back often and join the conversation!

Myra Johnson said...

MARY PRESTON, thanks for visiting with us. Find something to celebrate today!

Myra Johnson said...

SHERIDA, we don't often think about celebrating rejections, but it's true--they show we reached a goal of completing a proposal and actually submitting it! Every rejection is a badge of courage.

Natalie Monk said...

Love this post! So encouraging! Thank you for the uplifting reminder to celebrate every milestone!

Myra Johnson said...

NATALIE, glad you stopped by. Find something to celebrate today!