Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Weekend Edition

A big thank you to literary agent Susan Brower with the Natasha Kern Literay Agency who visited us on Tuesday & Wednesday. Speedbo writers have 25 days left to submit their proposal. See the Perfect Pitch rules here!

Congratulations to all our Speedbo participants. The final week's prizes include: a box of books to Marianne Barkman. A $25 Amazon gift card to Eva Maria Hamilton, and a 10 page critique to Crystal Ridgeway. All critiques may be claimed between now and June 1st. Send as an attachment to the address. Read the rules for more information.

On Thursday, hybrid author, Audra Harders, offered advice with her post, "Not Your Momma's Comma." Winner of the Elements of Style is  Annie Rains. Winner of the Jill Elizabeth Nelson Night Class is Kathy Bailey. Winner of Second Chance Ranch for Kindle is DebH.

Friday was the April Contest Update with our April Contest Diva, Connie Queen. The winner of a Shakespearean Love Quotes mug is Melanie Dickerson.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Erica Vetsch will be visiting Seekerville today, talking about "Writing in the Weeds: What to do When Your Next Contract Doesn't Come." Erica will be giving away a copy of Sagebrush Knights.

Tuesday: Today Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson reminds us of the importance of celebrating small victories in her post "Celebrate every writing milestone!" To mark the occasion, Myra will give away a copy of her latest release, Whisper Goodbye (Till We Meet Again, book 2).

Wednesday:You can’t judge a book by its cover … or can you? Join Julie Lessman as she takes a fun trip down her own cover memory lane, giving you a glimpse into the process of creating the perfect cover for a notorious CDQ (caffeinated drama queen) with a few tips on creating memorable covers and a giveaway of your choice of Julie’s books.

Thursday:Join Ruth Logan Herne today as she talks about living research and how every annoying aspect of life can be turned into a tax deductible learning experience! Come on over and practice turning those lemons of life into lemonade, and while you're here, say something, for heaven's sake! Ruthy's got the cat dish ready to go and she's got a bunch of copies of her newest 4-Star Love Inspired (soon to be released!!!) book Loving the Lawman. Win it before you can buy it!!! 

Friday:"Boldly go where no one has gone before” may be the Star Trek motto, but it fits writers, too, as author and Star Trek fan Sharon Srock shares a cosmic perspective on writing principals that just might help you “go boldly” into a writing career. Giveaway included.

Seeker Sightings

What great company we keep! Naomi,Rawlings, Pam Hillman, Mary Connealy, and Glynna Kaye, all spotted Friday on the shelf of Walmart in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Check out Pam Hillman's Kindle Fire Giveaway, and...Claiming Mariah is still $2.99 (Ends today....Saturday), so there's still time to grab a copy.

Debby Giusti thanks all those who attended and/or called in phone orders at her signing of The Agent's Secret Past, on March 27. The proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Getaway, to be held in San Antonio, April 24-27. Want to learn how you can reach out to our injured military heroes and their families? Find more information here. 

Mary Connealy will spend next Saturday, April 12th at the Nebraska Writer's Guild Spring Conference at Mahoney State Park near Ashland, Nebraska.

Speakers will include:Kelly O’Connor: Harper Voyager editor; Harper Collins’ Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror imprint; C. Hope Clark: Author and Nationally renowned Speaker, Founder of Funds for Writers, and Harley Jane Kozak: Actress, Author and Nebraska Native

Any area writers interested can find more details and how to sign up for the conference HERE. You need not be a member of the Nebraska Writer's Guild to attend.

Sandra Leesmith invites you to see what our Seeker friend Vince says about the audio version of Love's Miracles.  Sandra still has audio versions free for review.  Reviews with audio are simple. You mark stars you want and then answer 3-4 simple questions. If interested, please contact Sandra via her website at

Sandra Leesmith will be signing books at Desert Dreams Conference on Saturday, April 5th. 

Today is the day, Chef Tina is cooking in the Yankee Belle Cafe!

Tina Radcliffe recently attended a meeting of Christian Writers of the West and joined the chapter. These are the same lovely folks who bring you The Phoenix Rattler Contest.

Tina Radcliffe and LeAnne Bristow

Tanara McCauley and Pamela Tracy

Tina Pinson and her twin Tina Radcliffe

Random News & Information

The One Thing All Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common (Fox News)

 Authors Guild Expands Embrace of Indie Books, Authors (Indie Reader)

How to Avoid the Dreaded Dialogue Tag (Writers in the Storm) 

How to Price Your Self-Published Book: KDP Select (Marketing Tips for Authors)

The Business Rusch: How To Measure Success (Discoverability Part The Last) (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)

From Cindi Meyer's Market News's Report:

Pulse Romance is a British-based e-publisher of books that combine “high stakes drama and pulse pounding romance.” Pulse publishes novellas of 20,000 to 40,000 words, and novels from 50,000 to 70,000 words. Stories should be action-packed and may be in an sub-genre of romance. The editors are particularly interested in medical romances, crime and police stories, war stories, westerns, science fiction, family sagas and contemporary romance. See the submissions guidelines here.

Pulse editors are also looking for short stories for a Summer holiday anthology. Send your story of 2,000 to 7,500 words to submissions at by April 30, 2014. They’re also putting together and emergency romance anthology featuring stories centered around emergency service personnel — paramedics, firemen, search and rescue, etc. These stories should also be between 2,000 and 7,500 words. The deadline is May 31, 2014.

Author Website Content: Keep the Blog and Website Going (Fiction Notes)

The Intentional Writer: Finding the Time, Space, and Inspiration You Need to Write (The Creative Penn)

That's it! Have a great week!


  1. Great WE, great links, and GREAT CONGRATS to all winners.

    Coffee's ready.

    Now back to read some more links.

  2. Another awesome WE, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners!
    Enjoyed the photos too, and looking forward to another wonderful week in Seekerville!
    Hugs, Patti Jo (who uses waaay too many exclamation marks---but sometimes I just can't help it!!!) ;)

  3. So excited to see I won a box of books, I forgot to congratulate all the winners. Need to run to Walmart (okay, drive, though it's only 3 miles here instead of the 60 it is at my summer home, and the. They don't even sell the LI SERIES) and check out the books! Thanks for a great WE edition, Tina...and when did you have time for it?

  4. I won the elements of style book! YAY! I can really use that!

    And as I was scrolling down today's post, I realized I forgot to look at yesterday's post. So many great contests. I haven't entered a contest all year, so I think it's time to try my hand.

    Have a great weekend, Seekerville!

  5. Congratulations to all the winners and a special congratulations to all who participated in Speedbo.

    Way to go. Speedbo.

    Now reap all the benefits for all that hard work.

    Thanks for all the links Tina.

  6. DESERT DREAMS is another great conference. It is great fun to meet all the other authors and network with them. The excitement and anticipation is always a big motivation to write, write, write.

    Okay, okay, I'll try and get some photos. I'm terrible at taking pictures but know everyone loves to see them.

  7. Congratulations to all of the winners!

    Great weekend edition.

  8. After six years, I learn to make time for the WE ED.

    Happy Writing and Reading.

  9. Happy WE everyone!!! CONGRATS to the winners!!!

    Had a great night last night :D. Drove the 90 miles or so to Pittsburg, KS where the Called to Write conference is going on and met Christina Rich for the first time :D. We had dinner with Kathleen Y'Barbo Turner and Janice Thompson and Elizabeth Runyon [who is a new friend but knows my F/SMIL]. And drove back without falling asleep ;). Didn't even feel tired until about 20 miles from home when I take a pretty deserted back road. This is huge for me :).

    Busy day today [working to change out kids' clothes and Captain America movie] but will come back and look at the links later.

  10. Annie is jumping into the contest pool! Whoot! :)

    Great WE, as usual T!

    I'm heading out the door to go to a writer's meeting. It's a small local group and I so appreciate getting to meet them face-to-face every month. And Ginger makes the BEST sausage balls on the planet. We tease Ralph that he just comes for the food. lol

  11. I won a critique! Happy dancing right now! Congrats to all the other winners and what a wonderful WE, Tina!

    Great to see seekers at Walmart! Ours does sell LI and Barbour novella collections.

    Going back to pursue the links.

  12. Good morning, Seekerville! Wow, I am SO GLAD spring is finally, REALLY here!

    At least it had better be, because I'm in no mood for a sneaky cold front spoiling this gorgeous weather.

    Except . . . the tree pollen is sure doing a number on my allergies. Hoping for a lovely spring rain soon to cleanse the air.

    Another fantastic WE, Tina! I love scrolling through all the interesting links you come across. And congrats to last week's winners!

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled Saturday chores . . .

  13. You got to meet Christina!!! How cool. And dinner with Tulsa Kathleen.

    Good day, Carol!!

  14. A mug of Helen's coffee and the WE Edition. What a good way to start off Saturday morning. Congrats to all the winners this week.

  15. Congrats to all the winners, including everyone coming off of Speedbo. Wow, what a ride. I get giddy thinking of all the words that sprang to life in March.

    Patti Jo, you just use all the exclamation marks your little heart desires. Wouldn't it be a sad, silent e-world if we only used correct punctuation?? Ha! My post on commas ONLY applies to manuscripts : )

    Happy Saturday everyone!!!

  16. Carol Moncado, driving 90 miles each way for an evening of conference is dedication. And your dinner adventure sounds heavenly. I really miss face-to-face writing buddy time. Glad the good Lord kept you awake those last 20 miles of dark, deserted roads...

  17. Congrats, Annie Rains!! Your book is on it's way : )

    And congrats Marianne Barkman! A box of books should keep you occupied for a while...maybe : )

  18. Oh my! I won the Shakespeare mug! :-) Tina, you are too nice to me! THANK YOU!!! :-) I'll let you know if this mug influences my daughter to let go of some of her dislike for Shakespeare, because she really loves a good quote.

  19. The weekend edition! It's so FLOWERY. C'mon spring!!!!!

  20. I took that picture of the four books. I just kept seeing another one and another one and another one that were Seekervillagers!

    Pam's caught my eye first, before my own. Front and Center, great colors. I skidded to a stop, then say A Match Made in Texas and I always go through the HQ section looking for people I love!

  21. Tina, Great Weekend Edition!

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    I'm looking forward to next weeks posts.

  22. Pictures! Thank you for sharing the fun!

    And congrats to all the winners as well as everyone who participated in Speedbo.

    Spring has arrived here! Bluebonnets, hummingbirds, hail and tornadoes ...

    Thanks as always for the WE, Tina.

    Nancy C

  23. I've started taking more pics in bookstores and Walmart and posting them on facebook and tagging the authors. Once you have a book out yourself, those little happies from your friends sure do feel good!

    Last week I spotted Christina Rich's in Walmart and posted the pic from right there in the store.

    Cell phones are amazing!

  24. And, Mary, I forgot to say THANK YOU for taking that picture and posting it.

  25. Ciao Tutti:

    I’ve been reading “Loving the Lawman” with my ‘new’ eyes and the story keeps making me think in Italian. I keep wanting to talk to the grandmother in Italian! Last night the hapless hero was trying to buy clothes for a twelve year old girl and it was about impossible. Neither one could figure out what sizes she needed. She’s a real tween. Don’t miss this one.

    I’m just taking a moment out right now from doing my taxes and getting my LAWS course polished for a Ph.D., learning expert, to critique for the real estate commission. It’s time to find out if what I have been doing for over twenty years is good enough! Oh, and, I’m still working on my 200,000 words of editing. That’s a lot of words!!! Why did I ever want to be a writer?

    About the Audible file for “Love’s Miracles” the link should be:

    I highly recommend that writers listen to this audio. Hearing a story is a very different experience than reading a book. With reading you have to create the total experience. The effort is very demanding in brain-power bandwidth. With an audio book, however, the professional reader creates a performance for you. The story comes from the outside world.

    The difference is amazing. There is much more ‘bandwidth’ left over to experience the nuances of the narrative. In a way, it’s like the difference between being tickled by someone else and trying to tickle yourself.

    The reader, Rachel Fulginiti, is exceptional. She has read the material before hand and she gets the emotions that the characters are feeling spot on.

    Sandra is also a poet. There is music in her prose and it resonates well when read out loud.

    Bottom line: if you can still obtain an Audible copy of “Love’s Miracles”, I feel confident that you’ll learn a lot while being delightfully entertained for hours at the same time! Now back to writing and writing and writing with time out for editing, editing, and editing. It makes doing taxes seem like fun.


  26. Tina, thank you for this!!!! I think I commented on the Contest Update this morning, thinking it was the WE.... I'm such a klutz.

    But no matter, Vince likes "Loving the Lawman" so I'm happy, happy, happy!!!! :)

    And I cannot believe how much fun it is to write Italian heroines. Holy Saints Be Praised, just putting the words to paper made me laugh!!!!!

    Vince, glad you're enjoying it, big guy! I love that story. And Carmen, the grandmother? I took her from an old friend of mine Rose Britz a wonderfully smart and wise woman who lived a couple doors away from me... Rose was a mentor woman, the kind you could ask anything and she'd give it to you straight. Great lady!

  27. Thanks, Vince, I'll update it.

    Glad you are SEEING well.

  28. Carol Moncado, what a fun trip! I love road trips, I live for road trips! They're a fave of mine!!!

    Which reminds me I haven't taken one in months. MY BAD!!!! ROAD TRIP TIME!!!!!!

    Thanks for inspiring me, kid!

    I'm jumping into new proposal this morning and then taxes this afternoon.

    I prefer WRITING.... By so much as to be functionally immeasurable, but what needs be done, needs be done! :)

    See youse after church!

  29. Wow! I got included on the Seeker Sightings! Thanks so much Mary and the others. It's super fun being included. :-)

  30. So fun seeing all the pictures. Always enjoy seeing Pamela Tracy. She's a doll.

    Congrats to all the winners!

    The week ahead looks great. Can't wait to read all the blog posts!


  31. Great WE as usual, Tina. It could take me all week to read all the links though.

    Happy week ahead to all.

  32. Congrats to all the winners! Although I always feel like a winner when I get to peruse all the great links in the WE. Thanks, Tina! And, I hopped on over to the Yankee-Belle Cafe, and that chicken chili recipe looks yummy. Anytime I can throw stuff in a crockpot and walk away knowing a few hours later dinner is ready...WINNER!

  33. I stopped by twice over the weekend and ended up clicking on all the links. Then realized I got so sidetracked I never commented!! :)

    Great WE, Tina! Thanks for all the info!