Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Weekend Edition

April is a busy month as Perfect Pitch entrants polish their manuscripts for literary agent Susan Brower, and Killer Voice entrants polish their suspense manuscripts! Let us know what writing you're doing in April and we'll put your name into the hat for a surprise box of books to read when you finish your endeavors. If you're a reader, tell us what you're currently reading. Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition!

We Have Winners

Please send us an email to claim your prize. ( See our legal page for any questions. 

 Erica Vetsch visited Seekerville  on Monday talking about "Writing in the Weeds: What to do When Your Next Contract Doesn't Come." Winner of  Sagebrush Knights is Connie Queen.

Tuesday, Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson reminded us of the importance of celebrating small victories in her post "Celebrate every writing milestone!" The winner of her latest release, Whisper Goodbye (Till We Meet Again, book 2) is Anna Weaver (who just got married! Congratulations!).

You can’t judge a book by its cover … or can you? We joined Julie Lessman on Wednesday as she took a fun trip down her own cover memory lane, giving you a glimpse into the process of creating the perfect cover for a notorious CDQ (caffeinated drama queen) with her post, "You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover..or Can You?" Winner of giveaway of your choice of Julie’s books is Lori (A Scrap Mom's Musings).

Ruth Logan Herne talked about "Real Life Research: Staying Open to Possibilities," on Thursday,and how every annoying aspect of life can be turned into a tax deductible learning experience! Winners of her newest 4-Star Love Inspired (soon to be released!!!) book Loving the Lawman are Helen, Suzy, Jackie, LeAnne Bristow, Heidi Robbins, Vicki Marney, Paula Mowery, Jeri Hoag, Becky, and Jackie Smith.

"A Trekkie's Take on the Trek to Publication," by author and Star Trek fan Sharon Srock was shared on Friday, with a cosmic perspective on writing principals that just might help you “go boldly” into a writing career. Winner of The Women of Valley View: Pam, is Jeanne T.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Love Inspired author Missy Tippens brings you "Backstory: Where to Draw the Line." Ever wonder what backstory is? Trying to figure out how much to include? Join us on Monday! Missy will be giving away a critique of one winner's first five pages with backstory in mind.

Tuesday: What do dragons, time machines, and God have in common? You might be surprised. Dawn Ford will be in Seekerville on Wednesday talking about Speculative Fiction. Commenters will get their name in a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card.

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti hosts humorous mystery writer Larissa Reinhart who will blog about cozy mysteries and give away one of her award-winning books. Stop by to learn more about the cozy genre.

Thursday: Cheryl St.John will be here today to talk about how to keep your story moving forward--Everything that happens in your story, every piece of information learned, every obstacle faced, every conversation, should propel the story toward the conclusion. Cheryl will give away one Kindle copy of any book of her books the winner selects.

Friday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe is your heroine today, with her post "Five Things I Learned About Writing From Jack Reacher." Of course there's an amazing giveaway. 

 Seeker Sightings

Be sure to share your own sightings and news in the comments and on our Facebook page.  

Mary Connealy is on the February ECPA Bestseller list TWICE with A Match Made in Texas and Alaska Brides. It is not lost on Mary that these books are listed under other author's names. Still, YAY!

AND Mary Connealy fulfills her life long dream of being on Wikipedia!  Mary also confirms her life long dreams are modest.

You heard it here first! According to Tyndale's April Fiction First e-Newsletter, Claiming Mariah by Pam Hillman is a BEST SELLER!  Also, don't forget to enter Pam's Kindle giveaway at Lots of chances to win, including liking Seekerville on Facebook and following Seekerville on Twitter!

Monday, April 14, visit Shannon Vannatter's blog and meet Mary McClarney, the heroine of Whisper Goodbye, Myra Johnson's latest release from Abingdon Press. In this character interview, you'll get a peek into Mary's romantic dreams and find out just what she sees in the mercurial but oh-so-handsome Gilbert Ballard.

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, Myra will share more about her recent books, including Whisper Goodbye and Pearl of Great Price, and the writing life in general on the Novel PASTimes blog.


Be sure and look for Sandra Leesmith's blog tour for Love's Promises, starting April 21 at  Seasons of Humility.  Check the Season's of Humility site for the tour schedule. 

  Sandra Leesmith enjoyed Desert Dreams conference at Tempe Mission Palms. The best part was connecting with other authors. 

Sandra Leesmith & Pam Tracy

Seeker friend, Barbara White Dialle  with Alison Delaine

Marion Ekhom & Connie Flynn

Roz Denny Fox signs her Heartwarming books.

 Random News & Information

Luncheon Details here

Dear Soon To Be Published Author (Writer Unboxed)

The Complete Guide to Query Letters That Get Manuscript Requests (Jane Friedman)

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now (Mashable)

London Book Fair 2014: Howey Champions DIY Publishing (Publishers Weekly)

Synopsis Writing (Writers Digest)

 The 5 Qualities You Need To Successfully Self-Publish Your Book (The Future of Ink)

Amazon Pays Its Staff Up To $5,000 If They Quit — No Strings Attached (Passive Voice)

15 Ways To Improve KDP – Progress Report (Let's Get Visible)

At Harlequin UK, Joanne Grant has been promoted to senior executive editor. In addition, Pippa Roscoe moves up to associate editor and Laurie Johnson has been promoted to assistant editor.-Publisher's Lunch

Pelican Book Group is launching a new line of Christian New Adult romances. The line, to be called Pelican Pure Amore, is open for a limited time to unagented authors, who may submit their work via an online submission form. Editors are looking for sweet romances featuring characters ages 21 and 33. Characters must never have been married before, and at least one of them must be a virgin.”The hero and heroine will exhibit traditional Christian values but also should be three-dimensional and therefore exhibit flaws as well as virtues.” Manuscripts should be 40,000 to 45,000 words. Find their detailed writer’s guidelines here.-Cindi Myers Market News.

 Seekerville is JAZZED about our Night Classes:

 May is Jill Elizabeth Nelson & June is Cheryl St. John! Sign up before they fill up. Our April class if full and overflowing. 

That's it! Have a great weekend.


  1. I've never been first before! Helen, where's the coffee? I made my Speedbo goals but unfortunately my story didn't end where I thought it would so I still working on the ending. Plus Tina is slave-driving all of us in the editing class. But she's been pretty nice about it.

  2. Yay!!!! I won Erica's book, Sagebrush Knights. I'm can't wait.

    I'm working on my Killer Voices entry during the month of April.
    Not much time for anything else. I'm sure that's what I'll be during in May too.

  3. April is turning out to be super busy! I'm getting my MS and proposal ready for Perfect Pitch, but right now I'm editing my entry for the TBL second round. My new synopsis is about two paragraphs too long...ugh.
    I'm enjoying your class, Tina--just haven't had a chance to comment on the messages :)
    Hope everyone's weekend is fun! Mine will be, if I can get this synopsis to obey me. LOL.

  4. I'm so glad I watched Jack Reacher a few weeks ago. Now I know what Tina will be talking about on Friday!

    April. Hmmm. What will I be doing?

    Finishing my WIP.

    Waiting to hear on a proposal.

    And finishing my WIP.

    Did I mention that I need to finish my WIP?

  5. Coffee has arrived!

    Working on a new proposal.

    And YAAAAAY, I get a Ruthie book.

    Gotta go back and read a couple more links.

  6. That's pretty much my goal in life. To be a nice slave-driver.

    Next up is a sweet, crazy, old lady.

  7. Congratulations to all winners!
    My goal for April? To stay cool and read!

  8. 94 degrees today in Phoenix. Staying cool is about to be a CONFLICT in our GMC.

  9. Pelican is doing a Christian New Adult???????

    How cool is that????? Short word count, testing the market, maybe??? Still another awesome venue for folks to explore! Love it!


    GREAT W.E. How fun or positively frightening is it that the blogs or links I've already gone to this week are already shaded in the W.E. even though I accessed them from other places.

    BIG BROTHER, GOOGLE and BLOGGER are watching!!!!

    Oh, the sci-fi author in me is having a field day with this!!!!!!

  10. Connie Queen, I loved Sagebrush Knights!!!!

    Loved it THIS MUCH!!!!!!

  11. Courtney, how stinkin' awesome is that?????? "editing my manuscript for the SECOND ROUND??????"


  12. Tina, I think we can morph you into "slave-driving, crazy old lady at some point."

    I see no need to sacrifice one for the other, darling.

  13. Great WE edition...and it lasted longer today because I had to catch up on some of the blogs from this week. How's this for crazy karma for you? I sent in my synopsis for Killer Voice just hours before the deadline...and before my internet crashed for half the week!!!! Oh my goodness...if that storm had swept by two hours earlier...thud!

    I'm editing my Killer Voice hopeful. And, oh bliss, I have Easter week off. Yaaaaay!!! I am going to be doggie sitting a somewhat neurotic yorkie which will be interesting. :-)

    And this weekend I'm reading Loving the Lawman by Ms. Herne. :-)

  14. Thanks for the WE, Tina! Many good links to read. I'm finally back to working on the first story in my novella series. Since I had to miss it this time, I hope you offer your editing class again, Tina.

    Congratulations to Anna, winners, and those entering Pitching and Killer Voices.

    Happy weekend of writing or reading to all!

  15. What am I doing in April?

    I finished the rough draft of my WIP. It's resting.

    I'm going to write a blog post for May then I'll start the first round of edits on my WIP.

    Oh and I entered another contest last week, the BBB. I'm sure my books arrived yesterday just under the deadline!

  16. YAAAAY I am so happy to win Ruthy's book!!

    Happy weekend to all...

  17. Lovely WE, Tina! April for me will be finishing my WIP (which is already 63K!), creating a proposal for the perfect pitch, and hopefully starting my next story. Anything to keep me busy in the next TWENTY THREE DAYS until the list of Genesis semifinalists releases. Is anyone else having an agonizing wait???

    How cool to see Mary on Wikipedia! As far as I know, not many authors of the Christian genres make it onto that site.

  18. Terrific Weekend Edition, Tina! Congrats to our winners!

    Hope you have a fan turned on you, Tina! Is it early to be that hot??

    Courtney, congratulations on the second round of TBL!! So excited for you and all the finalists!

    That includes you, Cindy R!! We've always known Tina's a nice slave driver. :-)


  19. Congrats to the winners, and thanks for a wonderful WE as always, Miss T!
    I wish everyone had the beautiful weather we've got in my part of Georgia right now - - the PERFECT Spring day---Praise the Lord!
    Hugs, Patti Jo
    p.s. I've set a self-imposed deadline for myself to completely finish revising my historical ms and send it in BY the end of April. :)

  20. RUTH,it is pretty awesome :) No doubt.
    Thank you,JANET!

    94 degrees,TINA? Oh my!

  21. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I am continuing to write my book started in Speedbo as well as taking Tina's class and rewriting the beginning.

    Plus I hope to finish Julie's book Romanceology 101.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  22. Yay, another great WE, Tina, and congrats to all our winners for the week!

    Also thrilled for all our Killer Voice entrants and TBL finalists--how exciting!

    I'm stunned we're already in mid-April. Where did March go? Not that I'm sorry, because winter sure slowed the start of springtime. But finally my porch plants are out of hibernation in the greenhouse (which wasn't much protection for this brutal winter!) and are enjoying some warm sunshine and fresh air.

    And today is my ACFW chapter meeting! Looking forward to spending some face time with local writer friends!

  23. Congrats to all the winners of this weeks giveaways! What a boon! Ruthy alone gave away 10 books!! WooHoo!!

    Here's a big atta-boy/girl to everyone preparing their manuscripts for the Perfect Pitch and Killer Voices opportunities.

    Let's go Seekerville!!

  24. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Anna on her marriage! God bless you and hubby always!!

  25. Hmm, I'm seeing a common thread here: Tina is a slave driver.

    I never noticed that about her...


  26. The night classes are booked for the rest of the year. So maybe, a redux next year, Sherida!

  27. Next week's line up sounds great. Can't wait to read the posts.

    Congrats to everyone who won a new book. Happy reading!!

    Right now I'm working on finishing my second novella, then it's on to getting that Killer Voices entry for stage 3 finished up...just in case.

  28. Thank you, Sherida and Audra! :)

    As of 2 hours ago when I first read this, I'm tweaking an idea for the Pure Amore line or possibly Pelican Book Group's Passport to Romance series. Both look like they could be fun. :)

  29. Kav, DO NOT READ.


    You can read me anytime.....

    WRITE!!!!! :)

    Well, okay, if you need a break, then read Seth and Gianna's BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY.

    I am actually quite okay with that.

  30. Jackie, loving the excitement!!!!

    I'm doing revisions.... So any of youse who think Ruthy doesn't get revision letters, let me just share this reality with you:

    Ruthy gets revision letters just like everyone else!!!!

    I'm on a mission to smooooooth out ragged fiction corners of this sweet book! That's my current goal...

  31. WOW MARY, I'm impressed. Wikipedia. What a hoot. And now I know MORE about you. chuckle.

    Don't get too much sympathy up for Tina. It does get hot but not until about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. In the mornings it is absolutely gorgeous to die for weather in the seventies. And hey, 94 is a great temp for a swim. Just wait Miss Tina, you will grow to love desert spring weather. I guarantee it.

  32. I spent today with Northern Arizona RWA group at a plot session. This was just in time for help plotting a novella. They are a great group of writers. smile

    Also, I just learned at the Desert Dreams conference that NEW ADULT is the "latest" and what editors are looking for. My book, PRICE OF VICTORY fits in that category. (Learned that too LOL) The things we learn.

  33. Speaking of learning things, Hubby got a new smart phone and we spent three WHOLE days helping him learn how to use that. sigh. Sometimes I wish I had a young brain again. LOL

  34. I'm laughing, Sandra!

    My smart phone has died. It needs a funeral. Stupid thing.

    And it wasn't all that smart, either, let me tell you.

    Don't you kind of smile at the "new adult" label?

    They're written for the ages romances used to be written at. And then our characters aged a bit (maybe because men today take FOREVER to grow up?????) :)

    So now what used to be romance, mid-to-late twenties.... Is now New Adult.

    I'm kind of laughing.

  35. I must go sleep.... Back to revisions in the morning, and I'm desperately craving chocolate.

    So it's either go to bed and sleep through the craving or cave and kick myself in the morning.... I think this time I'm going to crash and jump out of bed in the morning, ready to rumble!

  36. April is turning out to be very busy.

    As far as writing, I plan on making headway in my WIP, work on Tina's class (learning my way around Excel-I can now color code chapters by POV), work on Perfect Pitch proposal, and more.

    As far as reading, I have Ruth Logan Herne's book on my nightstand (thank you so much, Ruth, for the copy!) and a bunch of books on my Kindle.

    Plus, one son's birthday, two different spring breaks (2 kids in 1 county, 2 kids in preschool in different county), and now a leaking ceiling in downstairs bathroom.

    I hope everyone has a great month. Easter is such a wonderful time (ironic with us because three of the six of us are allergic to Easter lilies) to reflect on God's blessings.

  37. Writing wise, I'm working on my entry for TARA. I'm also working on a 19th century manuscript.

  38. Great WE, Tina! :)

    Love the pics.


    This month, I'm getting ready for Perfect Pitch. Also want to finish the last couple scenes of leftover Speedbo edits, revise a short story and reexamine my new story's plot.

    Yikes! That Heartbleed threat is scary! Pinterest notified me and then I got all worried about other sites that might be targeted. Thanks for linking!

  39. Yay! Looking forward to reading Loving the Lawman! Thanks Ruth :)
    This weekend I'm reading Dancing With Fireflies by Denise Hunter- I've heard it's great!

  40. Hi, I'm a reader & I have dived into MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS by Agatha Christie. My daughter & I just watched the movie & so I thought it was time for a re-read.

  41. Congrats to all!!! So many Seekerville success stories! Woot!

    I'm back from a week at Hilton Head with my eldest and her family. Cold and wet for the first few days, but by mid-week, the sun was shining, which allowed lots of playtime on the beach.

    Came home to find Georgia in full bloom. The dogwoods are spectacular this year. Azaleas too!

  42. congrats winners.

    Did I mention I went to the city to meet Narelle Atkins? I surprised her by getting to the airport just before they came down the escalators. I so wish I had been more ready the look on her face was priceless. We had a great time and I am blogging it Tuesday.

    My weekend I hate to say it but pain ruled. I have a toothache which is why I am up at almost 2am. I cant sleep. the pain is worse when lying down. I tried a stronger med and it didn't help much just added to my disoriented feeling. Am going to take advil again shortly cos it works better. Just praying I can see the dentist before Easter. (Here they are shut Good Friday and Easter Monday and never open on the weekend).
    I am also seeing my dr to day and asking to get of this drug as its depressed me and causing other issues.

    Oh I read my first book (not counting the no fiction manage your pain book) for the year Narelle's. Buses are good for more then sleeping in which I also did lots of.

  43. congrats winners.

    Did I mention I went to the city to meet Narelle Atkins? I surprised her by getting to the airport just before they came down the escalators. I so wish I had been more ready the look on her face was priceless. We had a great time and I am blogging it Tuesday.

    My weekend I hate to say it but pain ruled. I have a toothache which is why I am up at almost 2am. I cant sleep. the pain is worse when lying down. I tried a stronger med and it didn't help much just added to my disoriented feeling. Am going to take advil again shortly cos it works better. Just praying I can see the dentist before Easter. (Here they are shut Good Friday and Easter Monday and never open on the weekend).
    I am also seeing my dr to day and asking to get of this drug as its depressed me and causing other issues.

    Oh I read my first book (not counting the no fiction manage your pain book) for the year Narelle's. Buses are good for more then sleeping in which I also did lots of.

  44. WOW ... I got excited about the Pelican PURE AMORE line when I saw the word "pure" and Christian New Adult. Until I saw the word count. Sigh ... that's a blog for me. :|


    LANI ... bless you, darlin' for reading Romance-ology -- I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it. :)

    I am dirty, tired, achy, and proud of my yard after spending three whole days landscaping, digging, planting, mulching, cedar-chip-flinging, rock-smoothing, you name it. If this house doesn't sell, it sure will be a nice place for us to live ... :)

    Great WE, TINA!!


  45. We're spending a good bit of time this month doing college visits for my daughter. That's where I was yesterday. Saw a gorgeous campus!

  46. Tina, I'll be first in line the next time you offer the editing class!

    Anna, cheering you on for the Pure Amour idea.....and yes, I think the Passport to Romance idea sounds fun. I've never been to any of those places, but fun to imagine!

    Jenny, looking forward to your blog about your meeting with Narelle! Praying you get some relief from the pain.

    Hope everyone has a good week!

  47. AND congratulations to Courtney and Cindy for the TBL contest finals!

    AND I'm reading Love's Promises by SANDRA LEESMITH! Wonderful!

  48. Tina, as usual, thanks so much for all the good articles. I'd never know what's going on without you!

    Sandra, I love the pictures.

  49. I cannot WAIT for the Jack Reacher blog post!

  50. ok I know I should know but my brain is muddled what is TBL
    Congrats Courtney and Cindy

  51. So sorry I'm late! (I had to do an ER run with my dad. Complications from a heart cath. Everything is ok now.)

    By the end of April, I hope to have finished revising & editing the "Fierce Faith: A 40 Day Prayer Adventure" book. Then I can send it to my editor again.

    I'm reading:
    "A Passion Most Pure" by Julie Lessman.
    "Fired Up" by Mary Connealy ("Fired Up" was the name of my favorite cheer as a yippy, skippy middle school cheerleader!!!).
    and "Seven Men & the Secret to Their Greatness" by Eric Metaxas.

    Thank YOU!!!