Thursday, May 29, 2014

June Contest Update

Welcome to the June Contest Update.  We are six months into the year. If you are a reader share in the comments how many books you've read so far this year. If you are writer share how many contests you've entered this year. 

It doesn't matter what your answer is. Just comment and your name will be drawn for a copy of Mary Connealy's Stuck Together. Two copies. One from the author and one from me. Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.

Now before you get lost in the contests..go over to Suzanne Woods Fisher's Blog and say hi to the Seekers. Here.

Published Contests

Aspen Gold. Deadline June 1. 

Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Awards. Deadline June 8. Eligibility: Copyright 2013/Self-published works accepted. 50,000 min. length.

Unpublished Contests

 Lone Star. Deadline June 8. Entry consists of the first 25 pages.Open to both unpublished and published authors. Unpublished may enter any category. Published may enter any category in which they’re not published, or in which they’ve not been contracted for five years.

 Contemporary Series: 
Agent: Jill Marsal, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Editor:  Piya Campana, Harlequin
Epublisher Tara Gelsomino, Crimson Romance
 Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal:  
Editor Junessa Viloria, Random House
Editor Brenda Chin, ImaJinn Books
Epublisher Chris Keeslar, Boroughs Publishing Group

Historical / Regency: 
Agent Holly Lorincz,  MacGregor Literary Agency
Epublisher Allison Byers, The Wild Rose Press
Epublisher Debby Gilbert, Soul Mate Publishing
Agent Kimberly Shumate, Living Word Literary Agency
Editor Raela Schoenherr, Bethany House Publishers
Epublisher Nicola Martinez, Pelican Book Group
Romance Novella:
Editor Lauren Plude, Grand Central Publishing
Epublisher Alycia Tornetta, Entangled
Epublisher Cindy Davis, The Wild Rose Press
Romantic Suspense:
Agent Jessica Alvarez, BookEnds, LLC
Editor Alicia Condon, Brava (Kensington)
Epublisher Char Chaffin, Soul Mate Publishing
Single Title:      
Agent Pam van Hylckama Vlieg, Foreword Literary Agency
Editor Katherine Pelz, Berkley Publishing Group (Penguin Group)
Epublisher Pat van Wie, BelleBooks
Young Adult:  
Agent Jenny Bent, The Bent Agency
Editor Niki Flowers,  BelleBooks Inc.
Editor Annie Stone, Harlequin 

Unpublished Maggies now open!  Deadline:  June 10, 2014 by 10 p.m. (EDT) Entry to consist of synopsis and prologue (if applicable) and first chapter(s). Total number of pages may not exceed 35 per entry.

Single Title Romance
Esi Sogah-Senior Editor, Kensington Publishing

Contemporary Series Romance
Megan Long-Associate Editor, Harlequin Superromance

Inspirational Romance
Raela Schoenherr-Editor, Bethany House

Historical Romance
Katherine Pelz-Assistant Editor, Berkley

Paranormal Romance
Lauren McKenna-Executive Editor of Galley/Pocket

Young Adult
Holly Ingraham-Associate Editor, St. Martin’s

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
Ellen Edwards-Executive Editor, NAL/Penguin

Erotic Romance
Kelli Collins-Senior Content Editor, Ellora’s Cave

Pages From the Heart. Deadline June 30th.Entry consists of: Electronic entry of the first 25 pages of your original, unpublished, and uncontracted novel-length (or projected novel-length) manuscript.Open to RWA members only. Published Authors: the writer is contracted or published, but the entry itself must not be contracted or published. Self-published authors welcome. Unpublished Authors: the writer has not accepted a publishing offer for, or self-published, a work of original fictional narrative prose of 20,000 words or more (by the contest entry deadline.)

Published Division:

Contemporary: Latoya Smith, Grand Central Publishing
Historical: Katherine Pelz, The Berkley Publishing Group
Inspirational: Stephanie Taylor, Astraea Press
Paranormal/Futuristic/Time Travel: Alicia Condon, Kensington Books
Romantic Suspense/Mystery: Cat Kline, Sourcebooks
Young Adult/New Adult: Elizabeth Poteet, St. Martin’s Press 

Unpublished Division:

Contemporary: Janet Clementz, Soul Mate Publishing
Historical: Junessa Viloria, Random House
Inspirational: Mary Sue Seymour, The Seymour Agency
Paranormal/Futuristic/Time Travel: Mary Altman, Sourcebooks
Romantic Suspense/Mystery: Madeleine Colavita, Grand Central Publishing
Young Adult/New Adult: Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Literary Agency
Hero Of Our Heart Award: Chelsey Emmelhainz, Avon/William Morrow – Harpercollins

Indiana's Golden Opportunity. Deadline July 1. Entry consists of first 55 pages (including synopsis).

Contemporary Romance                                                             
Traditional Print Editor        Latoya Smith                           Associate Editor, Grand Central 
E-Pub Editor                       Heather Howland                    Senior Editor, Entangled 

 Erotic Romance                                                                 
Traditional Print Editor        Allison Janice                          Editorial Assistant, Berkley 
E-Pub Editor                       Michele Paulin                         Editorial Director, Resplendence    
 Historical Romance                                                           
Traditional Print Editor        Laura Fazio                              Assistant Editor, NAL at Penguin
E-Pub Editor   

                    Erin Molta                                 Senior Editor, Entangled 
Inspirational Romance                                                     
Traditional Print Editor        Shana Asaro       Associate Editor, Harlequin Love Inspired
Traditional Print Editor        Becky Philpott    Associate Acq. Ed., HarperCollins Christian Publishing              

 Paranormal Romance                                                                   
Traditional Print Editor        Kristine Swartz                         Editorial Assistant, Berkley E-Pub Editor                       Mallory Braus                           Editor, Carina Press

 Romantic Suspense                                                                     
Traditional Print Editor        Patience Bloom                       Senior Editor, Harlequin Books
E-Pub Editor                       Deb Nemeth                        Developmental Editor, Carina Press

Young Adult Romance                                                     
Traditional Print Editor          Lauren Smulski                   Editorial Assistant, Harlequin Books
E-Pub Editor                       Stephanie Taylor           Owner & Editor in Chief, Astraea Press


Put Your Heart in a Book. Opens June 1. Deadline July 1. Entry consists of  Synopsis and first chapter/prologue (30 pages max).

An agent, editor and multi-published author will judge the final entries.

Contemporary Series
 Agent: Kathleen Rushall, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
 Editor: Cat Clyne, Sourcebooks
 Multi-published Author: Jennifer Probst

Single-Title Contemporary
 Agent: Andrea Somberg, Harvey Klinger, Inc.
 Editor: Angela James, Carina Press
 Multi-published Author: Roxanne St. Claire

 Agent: Sara Megibow, Nelson Literary Agency
 Editor: Renee Rocco, Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing
 Multi-published Author: Terri Brisbin

 Agent: Michelle Grajkowski, Three Seas Literary Agency
 Editor: Mary Altman, Sourcebooks
 Multi-published Author: Jeffe Kennedy

Young Adult Romance
 Agent: Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency
 Editor: Eileen Rothschild, St. Martin's Press
 Multi-published author: Susan Mallery

Romantic Suspense
 Agent: Courtney Miller-Callihan, Greenburger Associates
 Editor: Patience Smith Bloom, Harlequin
 Multi-published author: Stella Cameron

Indies & Other Contests

The Howies.Deadlines for all contest submissions, except for the Total Package, is July 31st at 11:59 p.m. EDT. The Total Package entries must be received by June 30th, 11:59 EDT.

I Heart Indie Contest. Deadline June 1.

The International Digital Awards. Deadline June 15. 

And now we'd like to introduce our June Contest Diva, LeAnne Bristow!

2012 – First Impressions = BAD impression
2013 – So You Think You Can Write = not a finalist, but an editor did request to see my full manuscript
2014 – Great Beginnings = better, but not great
2014 – Fab Five = top 5 finalist (results not out yet)
2014 – Genesis Writing contests = Semi-Finalist (next round not announced yet)

Hello! LeAnne Bristow here. You may have noticed a fairly large gap between my first contest entry and my next ones. I used to jokingly say that I was a closet writer. As long as no one I knew read my work, I was safe. Then my husband challenged me to do something about all the hours I’d spent in front of the computer.

So I took a deep breath and entered my first contest. I eagerly awaited the results because, let’s face it…I just knew it would be amazing. And it was. Amazingly awful! I’d just spent two years completing my master’s degree which required a 1500 word or more essay every week. My professors all commented on the strength of my writing. The judges had to be wrong…right?

After a day or so of pouting, I reviewed the judges’ comments again. Deep POV? Head hopping? What is this nonsense they speak of? I started studying like I’ve never studied before. I discovered that there was a lot I didn’t know about writing. I started going to workshops, filling my nook with books about craft and joined a critique group.

After a year, I decided it was time to try again. I didn’t final in the Great Beginnings Contest, but the judges’ comments were encouraging and pointed out weak areas I hadn’t seen before. So I revised and entered again. When I finaled in the Fab Five contest I was ecstatic. When I received the call informing me that I was a semi-finalist in the Genesis contest I was over the moon. (I saved that voice mail and still listen to it daily!)

My advice…don’t become discouraged and don’t quit. Take a hard look at your writing and use the judges’ comments to make you a better writer. 2 Chronicles 15:7 says “But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”  I like to think that verse was created just for writers.

That's it Seekerville With a final reminder. It's June. Where are you on your career path. I've signed up for the June Night Class. Have you?

Sign up here.


  1. I am up to about 60 books read, for the year. :)

  2. As a reader I have read 77 books so far this year. As a first time writer I am still working on my manuscript which is not ready for any contest yet. Hopefully by end of year or next year.

  3. WHOA!!! JOY!!! WAY TO GO, GIRL!!!

    This is day 149 of the year. You've read 2.48 books per day.

    Don't I feel like a total slacker.

  4. Okay fine. You all make me look bad. I just jumped down to Wilani.


    okay I messed that up. You are reading .51 books per day and Joy is reading .40 of a book per day.

    Still whips my buns.

    I am leaving right now to go read. Fortunately I am a writer and not a mathematician.

  5. I haven't entered any contests yet this year. Hoping to enter a few. But hoping doesn't cut it. Must get rid of my old friend, Procrastination.

  6. LOL. Yes, Terri. Give that sucker the boot. He's no friend.

  7. I am dying laughing over Tina's math.


    Tina, we can't do math at night. We're lucky we can breathe unassisted at night.

    Well I'm a slacker in both departments, so I'll keep my numbers to myself, but I did just finish Ben Carson's "Gifted Hands" and loved it and it's now passing around friends and family and I'm reading his newest book "One Nation". If he decides to run for president, I want to know as much about him as I can and he's a fascinating man.

    And he loves God, so that's a PLUS!!!!!

    But while I haven't been entering all that much, I have finished writing several books this year and I just finished a novella for Zondervan's "A Year of Weddings" for 2015 and it's CHARMING!!!!! Love it!

    So the writing side is zooming along but I've downsized entering things and that's okay for now.

    And right now I'm doing a historical novella to be released next winter, so I'm immersed in the Nebraska Prairie!!!! Oh, imagine Ruthy in a soddy! YES!!!! I'm writing soddy romance and loving it to death, lol!!!!!

    Jumping back and forth is like a refresher course in what was... and what could be right now.

    So that's what I'm up to these days.

  8. JOY!!!!!!!

    I love you. I love you. I love you. Even if you're not reading my books, you are simply a wonderful reader. I'm happy dancing, just thinking of you enjoying all those books!!!!

    My next project at home, after building a bigger chicken coop??? To come up with some bookshelves for upstairs. You're inspiring me!

  9. Wilani, that rocks!!!!

    77 books....

    I read voraciously from the library while I was teaching myself how to write. I took a stack out each week, I read all the high selling romance novelists, and didn't even realize that Christian romance was in its infancy stages then.

    Fast forward a dozen years and here we are with a whole new industry that grew up and expanded around us! And new opportunities all over the place.

    Keep writing and reading. Write, write, write... That's my simple formula for success. I'm a simple gal, I like simple food (and lots of it!!!) and simple diagrams from Here-to-There (very Seuss friendly!)

    Write, write, write. :)

  10. LEANNE- I love that you listen to that voice mail daily. So sweet!!

    I'm so tempted to enter one of these. I have nothing better to do! Okay, that was a lie. But I'm still tempted...

    And I was floored by Tin's non-math math.

    I didn't notice it was wrong. I totally believed her. 2.48 books a day!!!! That is some seriously heavy reading.

  11. An I would count the books I've read, but I have a bad feeling it would start to spoil reading for me. It's the one thing in my life where I don't have to answer or show it to anyone.

    And if I started counting how many and when, I'd be like the winning high jumper who got asked if inhaled or exhaled on the jump... and then never cleared another jump.

  12. Reading half a book a day is pretty amazing.

    I've entered six contests this year. I received good feedback from one, one they didn't like my story, and four I'm waiting on results.

    Tina, if it wasn't for your encouragement I would have entered ZERO. Thanks for all you do!

    LeAnne Bristow, way to go! Thanks for sharing with us today.

  13. Congratulations, LeANNE! Your story is so inspiring -- a true testimony to your hard work and NOT giving up!

    I learned so much from the unpublished writer contests. With all the personal feedback from judges on MY stories--not some textbook story example--it was like having a custom-made class and personal instructors!

    Yes, it was MAJOR OUCH to begin with, but over time I learned to incorporate more and more of the techniques of the craft -- which is one of the wonderful things about being a writer. I love learning new things and applying them to my writing.

    You've really made rapid strides! Congrats!

  14. LeAnne, congratulations on your accomplishments! And thanks for the encouraging words.

    I'm still not entering contests—maybe someday. But I enjoy hearing about those who. Good luck!! :-)

  15. LeAnne! So excited to see you on the cover of Seekerville! And great post. I can so identify. Praying for you as Genesis finalists are announced. How cool to "Know" someone with their name on that prestigious list.
    I gonna have to answer in generalities here because I don't keep track of these things. Contests this year - maybe four or five. Books - no clue. I was a reader judge for Carols so that was several but can't come close to Joy or Wilani. That full time job I have to go to every day is troublesome in that regard.

  16. Tina, Your math wasn't wrong you just reversed your words 149 divided by 60 is 2.48 but that would be how many days it takes to finish a book, not books in a day. :)
    I am on my 42nd book this year (38 of which have been fiction) Sometimes I feel guilty when someone asks me what I'm reading because 90 percent of the time it's fiction and not everyone understands that, but I gain a lot of insight and truth through fiction too. When I read that Nicholas Sparks reads over 120 books a year, somehow felt like it was ok for me too,that their are other people like me who love it, I shoot for at least 100 a year, but have read as many as 125.
    Ruthy, as per your comment to Joy, I have read your book for this year and loved it, I have read all of yours, just waiting on the next one!

    I've never written more than a few devotionals, I've found with all the awesome authors out there, if I wrote, I wouldn't have time to read all their great stuff available! So many books, so little time!

  17. Well, I've entered two writing contests (Genesis with seven entries and Perfect Pitch) and a whole lotta other non-writing contests. I'm going to be entering the First Impressions when it opens with at least...let me do the math here...eleven entries, probably more as I finish more mss and start new ones. (I didnt do the math wrong either)

    Did I mention to anyone here that yesterday made the THIRD 10K day in a row? I'm over-the-top happy with my word count.

    Leanne, congrats on becoming contest diva! Yay!

    Cindy, I judged for the Carols too!

  18. I've entered nine pubbed contests this year. So far no finals. And of course no feedback. I keep telling myself that my editor loved my book. And not to take the QUIET personally. :-)

    Huge congratulations to our contest diva, LeAnne! You got past the disappointment of that first contest results and were teachable and that is paying big time! A great example of the importance of entering contests. Love that your dh gave you a mental shove.


  19. I'm amazed by the number of books Joy and Wilani have read already this year. I have stacks of books waiting both on my nightstand and in my Kindle that I want to read badly. Must make time.


  20. Leanne! So many of us as gone through the exact same thing. I LOVED my first book but I didn't know anything about writing. It was much easier to write while head-hopping.

    I won't confess how many books I've read. It's nowhere near 77.

    Good luck to those who are entering contests.

  21. According to my Goodreads shelf, I'm currently at 66 books that I've read/listened to so far this year. My goal is to be around 80 by the end of June. :)

    Of course I'm also reading (offically - meaning I'm tracking on Goodreads) 7 at the moment. Well at this exact moment I'm reading my computer screen. LOL.

  22. Oh, there is success BREWING HERE!!!!

    LeAnne, congratulations on your continued rise. Oh my stars, your story of your first contest took me back to mine and I was SO SURE they'd be startled by my brilliance...

    Well they were startled, all right, but the lack of dialogue, and the chronic TELLING of every stupid little non-essential detail, LOL!


    So proud of you, my friend, it's
    an awesome thing to watch success grow, step by step. Honestly, I think sometimes that's a better prep for reaching that pubbed author finish line because it can be a tough discipline to master... but being smacked down on a regular basis!!! helps. :)

  23. Wow.....60, 77, 66 (books read)....well, I have read 48.
    Love to read Christian fiction!
    I feel Ruthy looking over my shoulder....yep, I've read yours..except latest which I am expecting in mail any day! lol

    Seekervile authors...I do appreciate you!!


  24. I entered Genesis and got a 48, 88 and 92. I was happy. I'm working on some of the suggestions from the "48."
    I was one of the writers selected to go on in the Susan Brower Perfect Pitch event, so I suppose that counts as a contest.
    I'm working on my entry for Lone Star but am having trouble with the formatting. DOES ANYBODY KNOW how to put both the header and the page number on a manuscript? If I put the header I lose the page number and if I put the page number I lose the header. For my own use I put the page number at the bottom, but for contests I have to follow formatting.
    I read a lot. I'm on a Colleen Coble kick right now. Also just read Ruthy's "Lawman" book with the Italian seamstress and the twins.
    Have a good day all, got to go to work.
    K. Bailey

  25. Kaybee, in WORD, you can insert a Header and set it up to have the page numbers in the right and the Title on the left.

    For other word processing programs, I don't know.

    My computer geekiness is showing. :)

  26. Kaybee - I know the problem you're experiencing. This is the cheater's way to fix it: Put in the Page # header with page number in upper right corner. While your cursor is there (at page number) back arrow to put it before the page number then back tab (shift and tab) to the left margin. Type in your other header info then forward tab to the right margin to put your page number back in the right space.

    Anybody knows the right way to do this, please tell kaybee (and me) because I would not want to be labeled as the "header cheater"

  27. I've read 31 books so far this year. As for contests, the only one I've entered is Seekerville's Pitch Perfect Contest, and my proposal went on to see Sue Brower. I'm very excited about that, by the way. Thank you, Seekerville!

  28. Word has gotten trickier. Put in the page number.

    The cursor will be flashing in the space immediately to the left, behind that number. Just start typing the header. When done add hit the space bar to add enough spaces until you're header is over to the left. Stop when it kicks you to the next line.(Hit back space to get it to go back where its supposed to be)

    That's the best way I have found.

    It doesn't make your header flush right, but it works.

  29. Oh man, this is going to take some work Tina...I know I've read more books than I can count on my fingers and toes so I have a job ahead for today! Will get back to you on that when I get done!

  30. Look at all the big readers in Seekerville! Congratulations.

  31. This is the easiest way I've found to insert a page number per industry standard:

    Double click top of manuscript page to pull up header/footer tools. Click 'insert alignment tab' then click 'right' and 'okay'.
    Open 'insert' tab and select 'quick parts'.
    Choose 'field'. This will open up a medium sized box. On the left hand side, scroll down and choose 'page' then click 'okay'.
    Close header/footer and keep writing.

    Hope this helps.

  32. Must try Crystal and Cindy's method. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Thanks for the kind words, Jackie Layton!

  34. My daughter (aka one of my tech supports) looked this up online. This makes it easy to have page numbers in the right places and you can still type in the rest of the header without messing the page number up.

  35. Janet Dean, way to keep the coffers of the local chapters full.

    I've only entered four.

  36. Sadly I have only read 20 books but I have a lot more on my TBR list for 2014 including Mary Coneally's book :)

  37. TBR, Sharon. That's what it's all about. :) Thanks for stopping by today.

    Did you have any Danish? Cheese and for those who eat healthy we have cherry Danish.

  38. Oooh! Danish! I love cheese danishes.

  39. Back in March, I talked about packing up my house with the possibility of a move and several Seekers and seekervillagers asked to be kept updated. Today I got a call from my landlord. The house was sold and we have to vacate the house by June 30. Please pray for my family as we search out a new home and move.

  40. Congratulations, LeAnne! And I agree - that verse has popped out at me several times over the past year. It is a writer's comfort!

    TINA - Great Contest roundup. I am always amazed when it's contest time on Seekerville, because that means the month has flown by again. Still puzzled about how that happens - the passage of time.

    I have not entered contests this year, I'm working on my WIP (now that I can sit at my desk for more than fifteen minutes!) and I have read dozens of books this year - the BIG perk to being stuck in a lift-chair for months. Whoohoo! It's been a blessing!

  41. Wow. Praying, Crystal. THIRTY DAYS!!! OUCH.

  42. I long for a vacation with room service and nothing but reading all day long. My idea of bliss.

  43. Yay, LeAnne! I like your advice. I'm at zero for the contest entries. The year is still young, right?

  44. May I just "ditto" Terri Weldon's comment? (THANKS, Terri!) ;)

    Congrats to the Diva - - and great advice about not getting discouraged.

    Yesterday I really got "in the zone" and wrote 4k words (of which I was pleased with most,LOL). Hoping to do the same today.

    Thanks for all the contest updates - - Seekerville is the BEST!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  45. @Crystal Ridgway, Praying for you!! :) PJ

  46. This move is really gonna mess with my word count... Bye bye 10K word days. Hello house hunting and packing.

  47. JOY!!! We love readers! Sixty is fantastic. I'm a reader too so you speak directly to my heart! :D

  48. Ruthy no soddy romance is complete without SNAKES. Remember that. No rattlesnakes (much) in Eastern Nebraska so you can have non-deadly snakes depending on your location.

  49. Tina's vacation bliss:

    I long for a vacation with room service and nothing but reading all day long. My idea of bliss.

    Mary's vacation bliss:

    Getting to do exactly what I want to do with no pressure to do otherwise and no GUILT. Which amounts to: room service and nothing but reading all day long.

  50. Yikes, Crystal! God have mercy on you this month!!!!!!

    Rent a dumpster. But then that's my solution to everything!

  51. Mary, not a bad idea! ;-) I just have to make sure my computer and my books don't go in it.

    Of course, I prefer to go with the option of piling it all in the front yard and sticking a sign on it that says 'FREE' in neon letters.

  52. Wow, you can just "shoot up here amongst us" and find a contest.

    Looks like a good time to throw enter a writing contest! :)

  53. Joy, 60 books? Wow!

    Tina, so glad you caught your own mathematical error because I was sorta tilting my head at my screen, scrunching up my eyes and reaching for my calculator.

    Down, Pam, down. It's all good. No need for the bp to spike...

  54. Virginia, not to mention that our hubby's might read this thread.

    Better to just let the sleeping number of books read lie.

    And LOVED the jumper analogy. Perfect! lol

  55. Interesting question...just for fun... lol

    If you got paid equally to read books vs. write books, which would you do? lol

    And, no, don't ask me to answer that! It's ... complicated

  56. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I SHOULD answer it...

    If Joy, Wilani, and Tracey can read 60, 70, 100 books a year, then it's a no-brainer.

    I'd read! ha

  57. Pam, I think I'd have to say read. :)

    It's been a while since I've taken part in one of the crazy Seekville comments conversations.

    I just came back from a yummy lunch of nachos and lemonade at work.

  58. I've entered five contests, and I'm eyeing the Heart of Excellence. Thanks for the heads up, Tina.

    Interesting that the Aspen Gold, pubbed, has a short story category. Ah, Tina, did you see that? Perhaps one of your WW romances!

  59. LeAnne, what was your Masters in? Creative Writing? You had to submit a 1500 essay each week...and the subject? Fiction? Personal opinion? Would love more details.

    Did that weekly deadline help you become a better/faster/more productive writer?

    Congrats on all your writing success!

  60. Aww, Jackie Smith, SMILE!!!! I'm doing a mailing this week, so for those of you who won right after the last mailing, I haven't forgotten!

    I've just been busy eating. :)

  61. Tracey Hagwood have I mentioned how grateful I am for you??????


    THANK YOU!!!!

    CRYSTAL!!!!! You're rockin'!!!!! SUHWEEET! Proud of you, schnookums!

  62. By the way, I sell eggs. Who knew they would be popular???? So now I've ordered 50 hens to lay next year....


    Oh dear heavens, my kids will want to shoot me, but all those eggs, so nice and green and brown and ivory and blue and white and tan...

    It's like a lesson on tolerance every single day! God is amazing!


    THat is totally off-topic and kind of fun, if you like eggs!!!

  63. Thank you, Ruthy! You are so sweet!

  64. KAYBEE!!!!

    Here's how I do headers and it's easy peasy:

    Go to "Insert"

    Click "Header"

    Click "Blank Header" from the drop down menu that should show up.

    Type the manuscript name on left, then your last name (or leave that blank, then space over to right-hand side.

    Leave your cursor blinking where you want the number. Using mouse or touch pad, open "Page numbers" (mine is on my lefthand side of "Insert" tool bar, but it might be somewhere else depending on your Word year) Go down to "Current Position" (this means it will put the number where your cursor is blinking right now) Click on that, and then I pick "Plain" number from the choices that come up.

    It's done, Manuscript or working title on left, page number on right and everyone is happy!!!!

    Your header should give you two or three lines of usable space. Play with it when you have time some day and it will get easier, I promise!

  65. Proud of my critique partner, LeAnne!
    Contests scare me. I've entered two and did not score well. You inspire me to try again. Someday...
    Love the verse.

  66. Janet Ferguson, they are SO STINKIN' SCARY....

    But hang in there and yes (I'm going to tell you what you don't want to hear...) and try, try again.


    Even if you don't necessarily agree.


    Even if every word is masterful!!!


    And just practice.

    I believe in you.

  67. Loved the webpage of Suzanne's. What fun to remember our roots. smile It has been a God thing for sure.

    Congrats to our contest diva, LeAnn. And wow, I'm loving these book counts. I'm green with envy. I used to read like that but don't anymore. sigh

    I've entered three contests. I semi-finaled in one. The other two???? sigh

    But at least Ihave something to enter so I count that a good thing. smile

  68. Hey, I'm liking all the contest entries too. You writers ROCK!!!!!

  69. Do you ship eggs to Georgia, Ruthy? :)

  70. Janet Ferguson, new phot? Love it!!

  71. Ruthy, you have version 8.0. that's different.

  72. Another great contest update, Tina! Congrats to LeAnne, our Contest Diva, too! You are doing everything right, learning as you go!

    And wow, we have some avid readers here in Seekerville! I think I read a lot, but it usually amounts to one novel every week to 10 days, depending on the length and how much time I have for reading (which is usually the last 30-45 minutes before I fall asleep each night).

    Hubby and I just visited one of our favorite used bookstores this afternoon and came home with a big box of books! Dd those to what's already on my nightstand and in my Kindle, and I am set for the next several months.

  73. Who’s Counting?”

    Instead of ‘books-per-year’, try counting ‘pages-per-day’. That way you’ll get credit for all the books you didn’t finish that didn’t hold your interest. This will also adjust the count upward for the legions of Lessman fans.

    Happy dance! I placed Mary’s “Fired Up” on hold at the Tulsa library back before it was released. Today I finally got my turn to download a copy to my Kindle. I’ll be reading “Over the Edge”, “Fired Up” and “Stuck Together” all within the next three weeks. That’s like a biker doing Connealy wheelies!

    Light bulb moment. (Even if just 40 watt)
    After all the Seeker posts on layering by writers, how about a post on ways to layer the reading experience?

    Reading a romance on five or six different levels can produce five or six times the HEAs! Can you spell “Happiness O. D.?”

    Which Seeker is the Deepest Reader?

  74. Vince,
    What do you mean by deepest reader?

  75. Thanks for the contest update, Tina!

    I've been traveling so have been offline a couple of days. It's good to be back!

    Loved the interview with Leanne!! Congrats on the finals. And so cute when you said, "What is this nonsense they speak of?"

    LOL! I totally know that feeling. :)

  76. Jackie, way to go on entering the contests this year!

  77. Joy and Wilani, those are amazing numbers of books read!

  78. 3 contests entered this year

  79. Blue eggs, Ruth? Were you kidding??? (Anyone, is my city showing?) I love blue and I love eggs, but blue eggs might scare me.

    I've entered two contests this year, and I believe I have retired now. Maybe. We'll see.

    Leanne, congrats on the Genesis semi!!! Hope you get that second call in a couple weeks. Did you say what category you were in?

  80. Sally...what do you know that we would like to know? Retired huh????

  81. Vince, you are the king of writing on the layering experience. WHERE IS THAT BOOK WE ARE WAITING FOR ON THE TOPIC???

    I have been waiting far too long.

  82. Hi Tina:

    In case you have not heard Peggy Fielding passed away on the 20th of May. I think we both had her for a writing teacher at one time. Her students have published over 350 books. I wonder if she knew about yours. She was called the “Writing Guru” here in Tulsa. She once wrote a romance out in the open sitting in a bookstore. People came by, talked to her, read her pages and sometimes made comments. She was 86 and much loved.

  83. I did not know that. I was pregnant with one of my kids when I took her class at Tulsa Junior College so ended up dropping out.

    Yes. When I sold I emailed her and told her what an inspiration she was.

    She was also a big writer for the Trues. Original Pulp fiction and I learned how to write for them from her.

    Amazing legacy!!!

  84. Ruthy, I love your writing style and am waiting for the western to come out. When it does, my 600+ kindle books and 100 hard copy books will go on hold.
    I found Seekervile through your books and along with it a new group of authors(love it when that happens). I enjoy the online dialogue and encouragement, one of my reading goals this year is to read a book from each Seekerville author. I've read 5 so far.
    About the eggs, both my daughters have chickens, just had 2 doz. delivered Sunday. Fifty hens will give a LOT of eggs, hope you have a lot of buyers. And yes, they come in every color depending on your breed of chicken.

    Pam, I would definitely choose reading as you can tell, everytime I think I want to write, I read all these terrific books and just say, ", no". This seems to be a common thread with me, read a great book and want to write, hear a moving song and wish I could sing, you get the picture. Really it comes down to realizing and enjoying the God-given gifts in others.
    To all of the Seekerville gifted, both published and still on the island, thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

  85. Hi. Wow, I'm amazed at the number of books everyone has read. I've read less than 20 this year.

    As a writer, I am entering contests for the feedback. I have been fortunate enough to receive some great feedback and final in some contests this year.

  86. Congrats to Diva LeAnne! It's always interesting to read the journeys -- and to note how no two are alike.

    I had to read some of those 'how many books I've read' and 'how many words I've written' figures a couple of times to be sure I was reading them correctly. You folks are amazing!

    No contests for me, Tina. I'm busy editing/revising ... some of it based on contest feedback :-)

    Nancy C

  87. Not a new picture, Tina, but I just figured out how to get it to show up. LOL
    I didn't actually enter but one contest this year. One was over a year ago.
    I read about 3 books a month, and I'm critiquing for a number of promising authors. I feel like I read constantly. But I love it!

  88. Tracey, that was so nice of you to say that.

  89. Great contest update, Tina!!!

    I've read 21 books this year. My goal is 50. Small, but more than last year.

    I've entered one contest this year. Looking at a couple more. :)

    Congrats, LeAnne! I so enjoyed reading your contest journey! Thank you for your encouraging words!

  90. I have read about 25 books this year. I hope to get more read since summer is approaching and no more school for awhile.

  91. Have no clue how many books I've read this year.

    As a writer, I've entered two contests. (Or one of them may have been entered in December of last year. I don't remember.)

    I'm staring at the Maggies and Lone Star. The Maggies is my home chapter. I've had success in Lone Star (and have wonderful memories of actually meeting two of the officers from that chapter at last year's RWA convention).

  92. Well, Walt!!! Get it in gear. You need three Maggie wins for a trifecta.

  93. # of books read...ummm...a LOT! I'm not busting the 50 mark, but I love to read! I get most of them free on Nook which helps tremendously.

    Zero Contests--except the one against deadlines& Life to get "Fierce Faith" finished in time for the team to use. GOD won that one because I have no idea how it got done! He is AMAZING!!!
    *And thanks for the opportunity to brag on my God!!

    Please enter me in the drawing! Thank You!!!

  94. I think I've only entered one writing contest...Or two? Wow, this year has been a blur!

    I've read at least 30 books. :)

  95. Tina, I have one Maggie win and one runner-up. I have one Lone Star win and one third place finish.

  96. Way to go, Jana. Love your enthusiasm.

  97. Walt. I have faith you can do anything.

  98. A Blur Year, Jennifer. Sounds like a job for the June Online Class.

  99. I've entered 1 contest this year. It's not great, but it's one more than last year. :)

  100. I average about 2 books a week. So that would be close to 50. That's not too bad.

  101. I've only read about 5 books this year.

  102. Tina, I guess I should say this book is retired. I'm indie publishing it this fall, so I'm concentrating all my efforts (and money!) in that direction.

    I did notice, though, that there were maybe some indie book contests? If that's so, it might be worth checking into those down the road.

  103. Part of it too is that the inspy editor for just about all of the contests has already seen my book. So I don't think I want to enter it again when she and I have already talked about it. :)

  104. One contest more than last year, right, Anna Married Lady?? Good for you!!!

  105. I am in the midst of reading my 40th book (Meant to be Mine by Becky Wade). I've read the other books in Mary's series (and most of the ones previous). I'm really looking forward to Stuck Together. I'd love to win a copy in your drawing!