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Seekerville Celebrates Love Inspired's LIS Expansion with Guest Blogger and Editor Extraordinaire Emily Rodmell!

Debby Giusti here!

Have you heard the news? Love Inspired Books has expanded their Love Inspired Suspense line to SIX books each month. While many publishing houses have been forced to cut back, Love Inspired continues to grow because of the hard work and dedication of outstanding editors who know their readers and select stories that are sure to please.

To celebrate the LIS expansion and Love Inspired’s continued success, we’ve invited Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell to guest blog with us today. Always generous with her time, Emily has graciously agreed to answer your questions, many of which were submitted to Seekerville some weeks ago. Emily enjoys finding new authors so be sure to share your congratulations as well as pose any additional questions you have about Love Inspired Books.

Now help me welcome Emily Rodmell to Seekerville…

Good morning, Seekerville. It’s always a pleasure to visit with all of you. I’m especially excited to be here to talk about Love Inspired Suspense’s expansion to 6 books a month, starting this month.

Love Inspired Suspense was just getting ready to launch when I started at Harlequin as an editorial assistant many years ago, so it’s been great to see the line grow and be successful over the years. We’re thrilled that we can now offer readers more heartpounding stories of danger and romance each month.

It’s also been great for me as an editor to be able to find new voices for the line. I love the acquisitions part of the job, and giving a writer their first LIS contract is always special. So far 13 new authors have joined the LIS line up for the expansion. I think they’re all amazing, and I hope you’ll add them to your list of authors to watch. They’ve had books focusing on a wide variety of topics such as spies, pirates, snipers, Witness Protection and more.

Keep an eye out for titles by Lisa Phillips, Sarah Varland, Marion Faith Laird, Mary Alford, Elisabeth Rees, Annslee Urban, Rachel Dylan, Virginia Vaughn, Vickie McDonough, Jane M. Choate, Heather Woodhaven & Sarah K. Parker (the sister of longtime LIS author Shirlee McCoy).
Love Inspired uses creative ways
to find new authors. 
 We also are running a pitch called The Search for a Killer Voice in which authors have a chance to pitch their ideas to us and get guidance along the way as they write their stories. So we hope to add more new authors to the list above soon. We’re in the third round of the event and nearing the fourth. I hear a number of the authors participating are from Seekerville. J Congrats on putting yourself out there and making it this far.

If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t despair. We still accept submission any time through our regular channels. If you have a great idea for an LIS book, we’d love to take a look.

I brought a few of the May Love Inspired Suspense books as giveaways. Since we’re so excited about our newer authors, I wanted to highlight a few of the books that I personally love. I’ve brought 2 copies each of Double Agent by Lisa Phillips (Rogue spy heroine, Delta Force hero), Treasure Point Secrets by Sarah Varland (Pirates!) and Grave Danger by Katy Lee (Forensic anthropologist heroine. As a fan of the TV show Bones, I was so excited when she sent me this book).

I hope that you’ll check out these books and all of the upcoming Love Inspired Suspense books on shelves. Now on to some of your questions that Debby Giusti was kind enough to forward.  


What process does a manuscript undergo from submission to contract?

Manuscripts are submitted a number of different ways. Some through our online submissions system. Others directly to editors from agents or from conference requests. If a manuscript is unsolicited and submitted through the online system, it goes to the assistant for the line. However, authors can also choose to address their submission to a particular editor. In that case, the assistant would forward the submission to the editor. If a manuscript is requested or sent by an agent, it usually goes directly to the editor. Senior and Executive Editors have assistants, so unsolicited manuscripts usually go to their assistant.

In any case, the rest is pretty simple. The editor reads the manuscript and decides whether to reject, send revision notes or submit it for contract. If we’re submitting it for contract, we write a memo to the head of the line, she reads it and decides whether to give us the ok to contract. In some cases (multi-book contracts, first contracts), there are other layers of approval as well.

If we send revisions notes, it is an open invitation for the author to revise and resubmit. And we’re not just being nice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent revision notes and never heard another word from the author. If we say we want to see it again, we really do. So take advantage.

Emily's hard at work in her NYC office editing submissions,
looking for new authors and sharing LI news on Twitter.

How stringently do you abide by your submission requirements, such as word count, # of POVs, amount of time the H/H are together, how soon they have to meet, etc.?

Well, all of the ones you listed are ones we’re pretty firm on. In order for us to publish a story, it needs to be within our word count (55-60K for LI & LIS, 70-75K for LIH). If someone submits a book that’s slightly over or under it wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it would have to be brought into the range in order to publish it.

And we do only want to see the hero and heroine point of view. Though there could be a rare case where we would consider a third POV, there would have to be a really good reason for it. And there rarely is a good enough reason.

As for the amount of time the hero and heroine are together or how soon they have to meet, there isn’t an exact guideline. But we generally want them to meet as soon as possible and be together on the pages as much as possible. These are fairly short books that often span only a few days and the characters are often running for their lives during much of that. It’s hard for the romance to be believable if the characters don’t spend enough time together.

With the international problems facing American military, would LIS consider a series where the American protagonists are based overseas, dealing with terrorist threats in cities like London or Sydney?

Love Inspired Suspense books focus on danger that directly affects the hero and heroine. Terrorism plots usually involve trying to stop mass casualties. So terrorism isn’t something we’re looking for. And we generally prefer that our books be set in North America, but we do on occasion publish books set overseas as long as the protagonists are North American.
LOL with Emily!
 Do you have any favorite settings, and if so will you share with us what they are and why they are special to you?

Our readers tend to gravitate towards small towns. So that’s where most of our books are set. I’m a city girl, so I love when authors can manage to get that small town feel in a larger city. I enjoyed working with the authors who wrote the Texas Ranger Justice continuity series because I was able to set it in San Antonio, Texas, a city I’ve been to many times. But because it focused on this tight unit of officers, it still had that community feel that our readers love. We’re trying it again this year by setting our continuity (Capitol K-9 Unit) in Washington, D.C. My sister lives in D.C., so I’ve spent a lot of time there and love seeing a place that’s dear to my heart come alive on the page. Beyond that, I’m a Florida girl at heart (lived there more than 20 years) so I love seeing Florida settings.

Suspense involves danger and encounters with evil. Are there any situations that you prefer not to see in an LI?

Our books contain a lot of dangerous and bad situations. We’re fine with murder and mayhem ensuing in the books as long as it is not gory or gratuitous. We do try to avoid things like child and animal abuse as it would upset readers.

And as mentioned above, we want the danger to directly affect the hero and heroine, so we avoid things like terrorism or mass casualty situations. It should be the heroine running for her life rather than running to stop someone from a nuclear attack.

Emily visits with many of the Seekers at ACFW.

Are there any specific story lines LIS is looking for at this time?

We’re open to a wide variety of story lines in LIS. I’d love to see more spies. We’d also welcome Amish. And I’m always a fan of creative plotlines that introduce a new type of story in a way that fits our guidelines.

What types of story lines are the most popular with readers?

Our readers love the tried and true stories of brave heroes (often law enforcement officers) and strong heroines. Small town and Western settings are a big draw.
Missy, Janet and Debby chat with Emily at her first ACFW Conference.
 What three things should new authors targeting LIS know before submitting their work?

1.      Love Inspired Suspense books should be equal parts romance and suspense and each should be present from start to finish. One shouldn’t take a back seat to the other.
2.      Suspense and mystery are two different things, and LIS falls in the suspense category. The characters should be running for their lives rather than trying to solve who’s been vandalizing signs in town.
3.      We’re actively looking for new authors, so if you’re looking for a great opportunity to showcase your work, LIS would love to see it.

When you receive a submission, what makes the biggest impression on you?

I can tell when an author has done their homework and read the line and knows what LIS is all about. That shows me that the author is serious about wanting a career with the line. Also, I’m a former newspaper copy editor, so while a typo wouldn’t ruin someone’s chances of publishing, I do take notice when someone turns in a clean manuscript and cover letter.

Follow Emily on Twitter. Here she's announcing the
contract she offered Keli Gwyn. SQUEAL!

What is the first thing you, as an editor, consider when you review submitted manuscripts?

My number one priority is to consider whether or not it would be something that our readers would enjoy reading.

Please explain the editing process a manuscript goes through from contract to publication.

Often times with a new author (and sometimes with current authors) a manuscript or proposal will go through revisions before contract. But once we contract, the acquiring editor may have some notes to pass on to the author from herself and the senior or executive editor. The author revises and turns the manuscript back to her editor. This goes through as many rounds as necessary until the editor feels it is ready to move on to the line edit stage.

At the line edit stage, the editor or a freelance editor will go through the manuscript and edit line by line. At this stage, we’ll ask the author questions, ask her to fix things or adjust awkward sentence structure. Then it goes on to the copy editor who edits for grammar, spelling, repetitiveness, structure and flow. The author gets to make changes in response and then it goes to the proofreader for a final read. The proofreader is looking for typos or mistakes and is the final reader. If he or she comes across any issues, the author is given the opportunity to address them.

Thanks again for having me, Seekerville. I’m happy to answer any further questions in the comments.

Emily, thanks for answering so many questions and for providing such great information about Love Inspired Books and your submission process. We’re cheering on the Villagers who are involved in the Killer Voices Search and encouraging all our writers to consider submitting to Love Inspired. Working for you and with you has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I hope many of the folks who visit Seekerville today will realize the outstanding opportunities available to those who write for Love Inspired.

Emily has graciously donated 6 books today, and Love Inspired Seeker authors have added additional giveaways. We’ll have a total of ten winners, each receiving two books. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawings, and stop back this weekend to see the list of winners.

In honor of Emily’s Florida roots, we’re serving Fresh Squeezed Florida Orange Juice and Cut Florida Grapefruit, along with cooked-to-order eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, assorted biscuits, fresh baked bread, and shrimp and grits for breakfast. The coffee’s hot. Pour a cup and enjoy the buffet as we chat with Emily.


  1. Welcome Emily!
    Thanks so much for taking time to be with us and offering all this helpful information.
    It's a little after midnight here in Georgia, so I'm heading to bed, but will visit again in the morning. Just wanted to say WELCOME!
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  2. Debby already has the coffee hot, so I guess I'm off the hook tonight. So I'll add pitchers of milk, both white and chocolate.

    Love that the LIS series is expanding. Keep up the good work.

  3. I'm up late working on revising my Killer Voices entry so it's a nice break to stop by here and read your post, Emily.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for all the creative ways you and your team have been going about finding new authors for LIS.

    Whether or not I make it to the final round, I've learned so much about writing fast and to deadline, and I've created characters I'm loving spending time with. So it's definitely a win-win for me.

    Hope you have a great day in Seekerville.

  4. Yawn...Mary Curry is working late on her KV entry and I just got up to get an early start on mine. LOL.

    I'm still gobsmacked at how open and willing LI is to accept and encourage new authors. I appreciate that both as a reader and a writer. Like Mary said, I've learned so much from this experience that it's a win/win regardless of the final outcome.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer even more questions over here at Seekerville, Emily. Really appreciate the guidance.

    Oh -- and don't enter me in the draw because I've read all those great LIS books. Fantastic new authors. I hope they write fast. I'll definitely be looking for more from them.

  5. Welcome Emily! Thank you very much for your post today. I love the LIS line of books and appreciate the continuity series that the line offers from time to time. I'm currently waiting for the next book in the "Witness Protection" series to hit the shelves. :)

    I also LOVE reading debut novelists. When I find a new voice that I love, I will try to follow that author's work.

    Thank you for your generous giveaway as well today. I would love to be entered to win one of the books.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  6. We are such night owls. Coming and going around here.

    Welcome, Emily.

    I do have a question for you.

    Trying to understand the difference between mystery and suspense. In a mystery you don't know who done it, in a suspense you do.

    But would you say you always know who done it in a LIS?

    And I didn't come empty handed. I brought NYC cronuts.

    (GRITS??? EWWWW!)

    1. Hi Tina :)
      A mystery tends to be where the suspenseful event happens in the beginning and you're picking it apart after, trying to find the culprit.
      Suspense is more that you're aware something might happen, trying to prevent it.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Deb, this sounds like a NY Diner style breakfast! I'm in, I love diners!!!!

    EMILY!!!!! Thanks for being here!

    What fun to have you here today, and I'm so happy to watch the steady growth and potential of Love Inspired! Nothing makes me happier than connecting with readers at an affordable price so we can spread the love. For someone who came from poverty, I truly appreciate that people on budgets can buy our books and enjoy them.

    Whether my readers are grandmas on a pension, university professors or young mothers pushing carts filled with toddlers and milk, our books fit their budgets and that makes me happy!

    Congratulations on the continued success and I saw that you've moved a VERY IMPORTANT KILLER VOICE announcement up...


    How exciting! Good for you guys!

    I'll stop in and refill the coffee service as needed!


    But luckily I copied and saved....

    And got in here right after her.

    I think she budged me. I'm on the beginning of my day... she's at the end of hers! We are Seeker ships that pass in the night!


    You are the Ruthy and Tina! On two separate ends of the time spectrum.


    That's so funny, Kav got up to work on hers and Mary stayed up to work on hers.

    The beauty of an individual job like this is that we can fit it to our schedules. That rocks.

    Good morning, Kav!!!! See you later, Mary Curry!!!

  10. Hi Patti Jo!

    Thanks for being the first to welcome Emily to Seekerville. Hope to see you later in the day.

  11. Hi Helen,

    Isn't it wonderful to see Love Inspired's growth. They release 16 books each month, which is amazing.

    Can you imagine how hard Emily and the other editors work to keep up that production pace! Plus, they're always looking for new writers, and that's good for everyone who has a story to tell.

  12. Mary Curry,

    We're cheering you on in the Killer Voices Search!

    You're so right about Love Inspired's innovative searches for new authors. I really think Emily is the mastermind of all that creativity! She' always thinking outside the box.

  13. Kav,

    You're always such a huge Love Inspired supporter! And an avid reader and reviewer. Thank you!

    We're all thrilled about your Killer Voices submission moving forward. YAY!

    Glad you've learned a lot from the process. IMHO, every book makes us a stronger writer.

  14. Cindy, you're in the drawing.

    Aren't the continuities fun to read. Love having the story arc run through all the books in the series.

  15. Hi, Emily! Very informative article on the publication process and the requirements for LI lines. I've been following the Killer Voice competition and rooting on my critique partner and many others from the Harlequin online community. I'm as excited as they are about the announcements!

    I have a question about submission. For unsolicited manuscripts, does LI prefer an author to send a partial or full manuscript? Should they include a query letter and synopsis with the partial and/or full?

    Also, do your revision suggestions explicitly say that you would like to see the revised version, or should an author take specific revision notes in a rejection as an invitation to revise and resubmit? I received a rejection that suggested I revise the opening chapters to raise the stakes from another harlequin line, but the editor did not say she would like to see it again. I know each editor and line is different, but I'm interested in your perspective on this.

    Please enter me to win one of these books. They all sound fabulous, though I'm most interested in your forensic anthropologist as a fellow fan of Bones.

  16. Tina,
    I'm reaching for a cronut. Thanks for bringing them today. Sorry you don't like grits. Even with shrimp?

    Good question about mystery vs suspense. I think of mystery as a mind game while suspense is all action. Woman on the run, hero running for his life with a bad guy in hot pursuit. Mystery seems slower paced.

  17. Excellent point, Ruthy, about Love Inspired's great price. Love that my readers don't have to shell out a ton of money to read my books. Also love that they're available in digital format as well as print.

    Our Seekerville ships passing in the night live in various time zones as well. How fun that no matter where we are across the globe we're able to connect here...and talk about books and writing while sipping coffee and enjoying lots of yummy treats!

  18. Hi MzZeyZey,
    Great seeing you again. Didn't we have fun at the wonderful Readers Luncheon Love Inspired hosted in Tampa! Such a special event.

    Good question about revising a manuscript. If an editor offered editorial advice, you could write a letter to thank her and then ask if she'd like to see the submission once you've made the changes.

  19. Welcome back to Seekerville, Emily. Exciting to have you here!

    What a great opportunity LIS has given writers with upping releases to six books a month.

    Thanks for all you editors do to open doors for writers. We're pulling for Villagers in the Killer Voice contest!


  20. Kav and Mary C, impressed with your work ethic!! You go girls!


  21. Thanks for breakfast, Debby! I'm not a fan of grits. Never thought to pair them with shrimp and eat them for breakfast of all things! Is this like normal in the south?

    Janet shoving back a heaving stomach

  22. Welcome back to Seekerville, Emily! Thank you so much for providing an informative post on the expansion of Love Inspired Suspense! Exciting times!

    And best wishes to those of you entering "Killer Voices!"

  23. Hi Janet,
    Aren't we lucky to write for Love Inspired!

    Shrimp and grits are usually eaten for lunch or dinner, but in honor of Emily, I decided to serve them for breakfast. :) Give them a try. You might like them.

  24. Waving to Glynna as she heads to work.

    I'm dashing out the door to attend my grandson's kindergarten graduation! So cute!

    Take good care of Emily while I'm gone.

    Eat more grits! LOL!

  25. Good morning, Seekerville.

    Thanks for having me. I hope you're all doing well today.


  26. Mary and Kav,

    So glad to hear you're working away on your Killer Voices entries. We're annoucing those moving on tomorrow. Best wishes to you both.


  27. Tina,

    Actually, we prefer that you don't know whodunnit until the end in LIS. The basic difference between mystery and suspense is that in suspense, the characters are running for their lives or in danger through no fault of their own. They're trying to stay alive. In mystery, it's often the character putting themselves in danger by sticking their nose into something. Often, if they wouldn't have done that, they wouldn't be in danger. Suspense books have mystery in them, but are not mystery on their own.

  28. Ms. ZeyZey,

    To answer your questions:

    "I have a question about submission. For unsolicited manuscripts, does LI prefer an author to send a partial or full manuscript? Should they include a query letter and synopsis with the partial and/or full?"

    We prefer a query letter and a synopsis. We'll request more if needed.

    "Also, do your revision suggestions explicitly say that you would like to see the revised version, or should an author take specific revision notes in a rejection as an invitation to revise and resubmit? I received a rejection that suggested I revise the opening chapters to raise the stakes from another harlequin line, but the editor did not say she would like to see it again. I know each editor and line is different, but I'm interested in your perspective on this."

    I can't speak for every editor, as we all have different processes. For me, generally if I want to see the manuscript again, I will specifically invite the author to resubmit. I have given feedback in the past without an invitation to resubmit as a courtesy. But it could be different for a different editor.

  29. First off, a huge thanks to Emily and her staff for the Killer Voice work they are doing. (team Shana peep here). This post is good bonus material as I continue to work on my manuscript. The contest has been uber helpful and I've learned a lot (not the least of which - someone actually thinks my book idea is intriguing and yes... I can write, but on a deadline? yet to be seen)

    Without Seekerville, I'd have no chance with Killer Voice. Just throwing that shout out to the wonderful ladies of Seekerville and the guests they bring in.

    Will go for the coffee. Lots of late nights are in my immediate future (at least I hope so...)

    THANKS EMILY!!!! You and the other LIS editors are awesome!!!!!

  30. Thank you , Emily! You've outlined what Love Inspired is looking for in a clear, easy to understand way. I appreciate that.:-)

    I enjoy reading a romance that also keeps me on the edge of my chair.

    Is LIS gentle romance or the other... :-)

    I'm in for the drawing!:-)

  31. Morning Emily, Thank you for joining us today in Seekerville. It is always a pleasure to have you here. Have a fun day.

  32. Hi Emily!

    This is a great post filled with so much helpful information. I'm enjoying following the Killer Voices journey too. So excited for my debut in August!

  33. Love seeing how this line is growing! That's great news. Appreciate very much the editors and authors and all of their hard work, AND a huge congrats to the new authors that have been picked up!

  34. Good morning, Emily. It's been fun to "meet" the energetic new authors you've already picked up. Love all the little heroes sitting on your computer. :)

  35. Thank you Emily. Lots of good information. One question for you. I know LI Suspense is very popular right now. Does this mean the romance/historical romance lines are losing popularity? Should authors try to keep up with market trends and write accordingly or should we choose our genre and stick with it no matter the sales potential?
    I appreciate the opportunities you provide to so many. Thanks for all you do for aspiring (and inspiring) authors. Best wishes to all the Killer Voices contestants.

  36. Debby, I for one had a fabulous time at the luncheon and received a lot of wonderful books that have helped me to hone in one what Love Inspired is looking for.

    Thanks for the advice on revising and resubmitting Debby and Emily! I received the feedback on a requested full for a contest and wasn't sure how explicit the editors would be with regards to revision letters. I've heard of authors thinking R&R's were rejections, so I wasn't sure if there was still hope for my little story.

    Also good to know that LI prefers a query and synopsis initially. I wanted to submit a project to the line and wasn't sure about this, as different lines want to see different things. I'm so glad I asked before sending!

  37. Emily, thanks for taking the time to be here today! I'm considering submitting to LI, so your tips are very helpful!

    I am curious, if you're able to share, how the purchase of Harlequin by Harper Collins will affect Love Inspired?

  38. Cindy,

    There are great opportunities in LIS because of the expansion. It doesn't mean that the other lines are losing steam, just that this one has extra opportunity.


  39. The variety is a great thing about the LIS line. The heroes run the gambit from the traditional police/military type heroes to the "everyman." I really enjoy that about the stories.

  40. I am so excited to see LIS expanding. I had not read any suspense books until a year ago when I won Susan Sleeman's series in a giveaway and loved it. Then I became a member of Elizabeth Goddard's street team and now I am hooked.

    Thank you for answering all those questions. They were very helpful and I will be saving this post so I can refer to it later when the time comes for me to submit a manuscript.

    Have a great day everyone!

  41. Mary Curry and Kav are meeting in the middle of the night working on Killer Voices.

    Be afraid.

    Be very afraid.

    Welcome back to Seekerville, Emily!

  42. Hello Emily and Seekerville, terrific and informative article. I love LIS books, the suspense adds a layer of depth that really makes the stories interesting. I've probably read more than a hundred and am constantly on the lookout for new authors, so happy to see the new ones here and look forward to checking them out.
    Enter me in the drawing please

  43. Don't know how we got on grits, but I'll play! lol

    I've never heard of shrimp grits, but a couple of years ago, I went to a fish fry (not for breakfast) and they served cheese grits along with the fish, hush puppies, cole slaw and baked beans. I'd never heard of that, but apparently, someone liked the idea...

  44. Hi all!
    Surprise, I love LIS!! (Slightly biased, I know.) But they are SO FUN to write. And now I totally want to write another spy story. ;)

  45. Welcome to Seekerville Emily!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us today. I love reading LIS, and would love to write for you one day, but I can't seem to get my word count down to the right limit. One day I may figure that out. Your post today has helped.

    Congratulations on expanding! I look forward to reading your new authors' stories.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  46. How many GRITS do we have here? If you don't know what GRITS stands for, then you probably ain't one.

  47. Good morning!

    Whether or not my entry moves on, I've had a blast w/the Killer Voice contest.

    I've been watching the boards over at LI and am impressed at the number of authors who are waiting to hear back on a submission.
    Typically, how many requested manuscripts/partials does an editor have on their desk at one time?

  48. Good morning, Emily, Debby, et al. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Emily's visit to Seekerville today.

    As one of those Killer Voice entrants awaiting tomorrow's announcement with bated breath,I feel extremely blessed to have gotten this far in the competition. I've gleaned so much from the process up to now and know that I've grown as a writer as result.

    Emily, her companion LIS editors and many prolific LIS authors share a golden nugget of advice time and time again: Read the line if you're interested in writing for it.

    I'm so glad I finally listened. It's made such a difference in terms of how I write, what I write and why I write it.

    Now back to biting my nails ... LOL!

  49. Good morning, Emily!

    Only 25 hours until the announcement...Go Team EmilyR!

    I so much appreciate the specific guidelines of all the LI lines. As a writer, it makes it easier to know if I'm headed in the right direction. As a reader, I know I can count on a good read when I pick up a LI-LIH-LIS book.

    One question for you today, Emily. Do you have a preference on whether or not your authors are represented by an agent? Thank you for your time spent here!

  50. "Actually, we prefer that you don't know whodunnit until the end in LIS."

    That is a VERY helpful bit of info! Thanks, Emily!

  51. Okay, this is the first time Mz Zey Zey has had a profile pix! GOOD TO SEE YOU!!!

  52. What a treat to have you as our guest today, Emily, and thanks for all the insights into writing for LIS!

    Naturally, I'm kind of partial to our own DEBBY GIUSTI's books, but it's also fun to know so many Seekerville friends have advanced through the Killer Voices ranks!

    Okay, what's this about grits? Living most of my life in Texas, I didn't really "get" grits until one of our daughters married a Georgia boy. Now I really like them! Cheese grits as a breakfast side are yummy, and a classy restaurant in town serves THE BEST shrimp and grits!

  53. Hi to all the LIS authors stopping by. It's good to see all of you here.

    Jeanne, It's business as usual here at LI.

    Connie, the amount of submissions on an editor's desk at any one time varies. For instance, the assistants handle unsolicited mss, so they often have a larger submission pile. And the editors have their own group of published authors that we work with, so we constantly have manuscripts and proposals in from them as well.

    Meghan, We really have no preference as to whether or not an author has an agent. It's up to the author to decide if the services that the agent offers are worthwhile to them.

  54. Pam, are you telling me GRITS stands for something like Navy Seal BUDS or what?

    I tried grits once when I was in Army Basic Training in Alabama. They are an acquired taste. It's like eating sand with sauce.

  55. Hi, Emily. Great to see you here. LIS is a wonderful line and I'm happy to be part of it. Glad to see LIS is expanding and I can't wait to see what's new.

  56. Emily, thanks so much for sharing this information about Love Inspired! I'm saving this for future reference, just in case. :)

    I'd love to be entered in the giveaway!

  57. I have my hands full writing for Love Inspired, but must admit to a little part of me that someday wants to try a LIS. What Jack Reacher fan wouldn't want to at least try?

    1. Tina - you should try. I bet you would be great.

  58. Emily I liked your definitely of suspense vs mystery.

    When I wrote a three book series of cozy mysteries for Barbour years ago. I turned in book three and my editor wrote back and said, "This isn't a mystery, it's a suspense."

    She accepted it anyway and explained the difference but I've always been a little fuzzy on it. This is a good way to define it.

    Running for their lives. :)
    I always enjoy making characters do that.

  59. cronuts?

    I'm sorry but that just sounds really dirty to me.

    Stop it.

  60. Tina, dahlin', that po' ol' army cook didn't know a thing about cooking grits. He wern't from Alabama, no doubt.

    Stick around (pun intended) and I'll serve up a side dish of "Poke roll and grits" come dinnertime. (That's noon here in the South).

    What, no takers on the GRITS acronym? I'll be back later and explain after y'all ponder it awhile.

  61. Hi again, Emily. I have a question. Does the submission process change significantly once you've decided to contract an author? In other words, does the author have to complete the entire second, third or fourth manuscript before you decide to buy it? Or do you simply "trust" that the author gets it now and enter into a contract before the book is completed? Are such decisions made on a case-by-case basis? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  62. Cronut is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented and trademarked by Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.

  63. I'm a big fan of the show CASTLE.

    And I've noticed lately that they've fallen into a habit.

    The first person they interview is always who dunnit.

    Not necessarily like if a frightened wife or witness comes in but once they start investigating their first clue takes them somewhere and THAT is who dunnit.
    But of course they don't know that then and they spend the whole show tracking down clues that finally lead them full circle back to the first person.

    It happens like that so often that I just expect it.

    Bad habit.

    Or is that some rule?

  64. Sure it is, Radcliffe. Shame on you!

  65. Sybil,

    For unpublished authors, we generally require that the first two books be sold on complete. After that, we usually allow authors to sell on proposal (synopsis and three chapters).

  66. I'm a Florida girl living in NYC. I've had grits (though I don't have any particular fondness for them), but not a cronut. I'm not crazy enough to wait in those lines.

  67. Good morning, Emily!

    Hello to everyone else as well!

    Thank you Emily for taking the time to be here and answer questions. I can't think of any at the moment, but I'm enjoying reading and learning from everyone else.

    Is it okay to sneak a go TeamShana in the mix? :) I love the opportunity that the Killer Voices process has given me and everyone else. I really admire the way Harlequin goes the extra mile for it's authors and wanna be's as well.

  68. Tina, I'm the same way. I'm mega busy writing historicals, but sometimes when I read these amazing LIS callouts for stories, and then I read some of today's headlines, I think, oooh, wouldn't that be a cool idea?

    Fun, fun!


    This is invaluable info for ALL writers, aspiring or published, so I'm heading right over to FB & Twitter to tweet my little heart out. :)


  70. I actually have a very basic burning question:

    Do all romance books begin with two people who are single or can a romance book be written within the confines of a marriage?

    Thanks for your time!


  71. Wanted to stop back in (now that I've had sleep, LOL).
    I really admire you folks who write suspense. Since I write contemporary and historical, I'm SO relieved to read Emily's statement that LI and LIH are not losing steam (WHEW!!). :) Love those books.

    @Pam Hillman - I am a proud GRITS! (Girl Raised in the South) ~ And I could eat my weight in grits - YUM!! (no shrimp though - yuk). ;)

    Blessings, Patti Jo

  72. S. Trietch,

    You asked: Do all romance books begin with two people who are single or can a romance book be written within the confines of a marriage?

    I would say that for the romance genre in general it's possible, though for LI we prefer not to have a married couple. We have done a few estranged couples. See Val Hansen's Family in Hiding which comes out this month for an example. But that one had a huge hook. A divorcing couple forced to go into Witness Protection as a married couple.

  73. The other thing I meant to say earlier - what I love about this Killer Voices contest (well, one of the things I love) is the feedback we've been getting all along.

    I mean seriously, when in publishing does a prepublished author get the chance to actually work with an editor, get an editor's notes on your manuscript as you're writing it, and get to ask questions along the way?

    Huge thanks to Emily and all the LIS editors who have been so generous with their time and knowledge.

  74. Emily, you don't like grits? I have issues with that… :-) Excited by the expansion of the suspense line and all of the new authors. So many new stories. Good luck to all of the Killer Voices!

  75. Thanks so much for doing this interview and Q&A, Emily!

    Do you have any other suggestions on the suspense/mystery divide that authors should keep in mind for LIS? Is there a common mistake you see where authors veer too close to mystery and too far from suspense?

  76. LOL, the comments on Seekerville are almost as much fun as the blog posts!

    I'll have a cronut, please, always ready to try something new! And as I'm in Bulgaria, I'll contribute beli sladki, delicious little chocoalte dipped shortbread cookies.

    Emily, thank you so much for the Killer Voices opportunity! I confess, I hadn't read any books from the line before the contest, sticking to LI and LIH, but now I'm hooked on the line. Even if my entry doesn't make it to Round 4 (I suspect it's way too slow getting into the immediate danger), I'll still keep both reading and targeting the line. There are at least six new LIS ideas in my file, two just from discussing he news with my husband yesterday!

    I'm praying for calm nerves and good news for all the Seekers waiting on tomorrow's announcement. Amnd flying fingers for those through to Round 4!

  77. I've been praying for those Arizona wildfires and I can see the story there.

    Both contemporary...find a body in the fire maybe? That wasn't killed by the fire???

    Or historical too. You know these fires aren't new. There are just people living in their path now and the fires have to be stopped, before, can you imagine? I'll get those woods burned for months sometimes. Think of the danger if you were a cowboy caught in the path....

    Which in now way takes from my prayers for the safety of those brave men and women who are fighting these fires.

  78. AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bulgaria? really? Wow, thanks for stopping by Seekerville from around the world!!!!!

  79. I must give a shout out to Jane Choate a new author for LIS. She is a long time friend of mine from Colorado Romance Writers.

    Her LIS Keeping Watch debuts in October.


  80. HA!! Patti Jo gave it away.

    GRITS = Girl Raised in the South.

    So being a Yankee, I am GRIN!

    Lololol. Which is quite appropriate.

  81. High five to Patti Jo, another GRITS! :)

  82. Ha! Now we have the GRINS & the GRITS!

    It's almost noon on the East Coast, and I brung Poke Roll and Grits to share.

    This Southern delicacy is a favorite of po' folks (really, really poor folks). It's served with wild turnips, greens, poke salad.

    So, Poke yo' feet under the table, roll your eyes, and grit yo' teeth.

    It's what's for dinner!

  83. Autumn, beli sladki sounds yummy!

  84. Thank you, Emily, for the information about LIS, especially your clarification about the distinction between suspense and mystery.

    The encouragement the LI editors provide for unpublished authors is very appreciated. Cheering for Seekerville friends Mary Curry, Kav, and Deb H! Anyone else?

    Thank you for the generous giveaway today! I'll try the shrimp and grits, Debby!

  85. I'm on break between kindergarten graduation and a fourth grade awards ceremony.

    Thanks, everyone, for welcoming Emily! Thanks, Emily, for being with us.

    Love all the praise for LIS stories! Woot! I agree. It's my favorite line, of course.

    Can't wait to read Val's Witness Protection story. A separated couple forced to hide out together sounds like high conflict and a great story.

  86. Waving to all the Girls Raised in the South!

    Emily, is the line for the cronuts still so long? Amazing.

    Tina, have you had them?

    I brought fresh strawberries and whipped cream for a special treat! Georgia strawberries are delicious this year.

  87. Big congrats to all the Killer Voices writers.

    Another announcement tomorrow. Crossing fingers and sending best wishes to all Villagers involved. Hoping all of you have your stories selected.

  88. Wilani, glad you won Susan's giveaway that converted you to Love Inspired Suspense.

    The ten winners chosen from the comments today will each receive at least one LIS, along with another great LI read.

    Winners will be announced this weekend. Be sure to stop back to see if you won.

    Thanks, Emily, for providing SIX LIS books for giveaway! Thanks to the other Seeker LI authors for adding additional stories.

  89. Hi Emily!

    I'm a big LIS fan, and was introduced to them here on Seekerville by Debby Giusti. Who would have thought this lover of historicals would like suspense, too?

    Thank you for the great tips on submitting to LI. I love being an LIH author, and I'll certainly be urging my unpubbed friends to stop by today.

    And, for the record, even though I'm a GRIN, I like both grits and GRITS :)

  90. Hello Emily,

    Thanks for being here today! As a brand spanking new Love Inspired author, (book releasing in Feb. 2015), I am finding lots of great info here!

    Wishing all the Killer Voice participants GOOD LUCK in the next round!


  91. Emily,

    Great blog post. Really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for all your advice along this process! Killer Voices has been such a great opportunity!

  92. I'm nodding my head and agreeing with Mary Curry! It's almost unheard of for an unpublished author to work with an editor prior to submission. That's what I love about Love Inspired! They're creative and innovative, which I've mentioned. The editorial staff is always looking for new story lines and new way to connect with readers and writers.

    Case in point, the spectacular reader luncheons that will be held around the country in upcoming months. Such a fantastic way for readers and writers to mix and mingle.

    Of course, mega kudos for the Killer Voices Search.

    Also love that Emily tweets! So great getting LI news as it happens. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

  93. Have to agree with that, Debby. Emily Tweets are my first stop of the day.

  94. So a "cronut" is like a cruller up here? A light egg pastry fried and glazed? Because I love those.

    And I love that you can find EVERYTHING you love on almost any block in Manhattan.

    Color me happy whenever I visit!

    Emily, I'm a big Deb Giusti and Shirlee McCoy fan when it comes to suspense, they rock! When you're looking at an LIS manuscript, do you like having the danger leap off those opening pages or sneak up and slap the hero/heroine upside the head?

    I would see stumbling on a dead body as sneaking up and slapping someone upside the head, because the danger is clear but simmering.

    Whereas the click of a shotgun and having to dive to take immediate cover in a barrage would be leaping off the page to me.

    Is there a preference for that all-important opening, or do both weigh equally as long as the writing is strong?

  95. Jan, glad I could introduce you to LIS! Love your Amish stories!!!

    Sue, so excited about your contract with LI. Can't wait until your debut releases! YAY!

    Jan, glad you like both kinds of grits! :)

  96. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for this post. I enjoy your tweets, too. Meet the Author luncheons, Killer Voices contest and personal attention from editors - LI is thinking out of the box. Very cool!

  97. Sorry I have to leave again. This time for a Fourth Grade Awards Ceremony. When Emily and I talked about dates for her to blog, I had no idea about the ceremonies for my grandchildren.

    So good to see all the new faces on Seekerville today. Be sure to visit often. We always share information about writing and the books we love to read.

  98. What do you mean UP HERE, Ruthy? NYC is up here too.

    Take a bagel and let it marry a donut. The progeny are cronuts.

  99. Emily,

    Thanks for the shout out and for visiting Seekerville today. ! I'm excited about the upcoming release of Rancher Under Fire this Sept.

    The info you gave for submitting was great!

  100. I second Mary Curry! Personal attention from an editor as an unpublished author? So incredibly grateful for this opportunity!

  101. Did I say please enter me in the drawing? Who couldn't use more books? :-) Thanks!

  102. Thanks Emily for being in Seekerville today. Congratulations to all the new authors. Here's to opportunity!
    Would love to be entered into the giveaway.

  103. Also, please enter me in the drawing!! :) Thank you!

  104. laughing about GRIN and GRITS. As a Colorado native, I'm neither (perhaps a GROW - girl raised in outstanding west?). Can't say I've acquired the taste for grits either - probably because I haven't eaten any from a cook who knows how to fix 'em.

    the post and comments are chock full of great info. THANKS!!!

    i've already won a copy of Double Agent, but would love to have my name in the ring for any of the other LIS books. They all sound so great. I'm hoping my WIP can live up to their rep.

  105. Naw, New York City is "Down there" as in downstate. Upstate is anything above NYC or in upper Western NY. You came from upstate, and the rules are explicit according to my NYC kids.

    So this is INTERESTING. It's a mile and a half walk from where I stay in downtown Manhattan, then a two hour wait, and THEN maybe you get a Cronut.

    Dudes, they need to open more shops, this is like Soup Nazi weird to have this following, but all the more reason to LOVE NY.

    I would eat a Cronut or two and love it. I will avoid grits with capital or lower case letters. This Irish girl thinks God made potatoes for a reason... so folks like me could avoid grits!

  106. I've had grits a couple of times. It tastes like Cream of Wheat Cereal, which is to say, it tastes like NOTHING.

    That's why it can have shrimp added or syrup or be poured over eggs or be salted and eaten alone.

    If you salt it, it tastes like SALT. If you syrup it, it tastes like SYRUP.

    It's hard to imagine disliking something so innocuous, though boring might also be a good word.

    And Cronuts....have a Wikipedia page and there are variations on it sold all over and people on the wiki page saying, "I invented Cronuts not you!"
    It's pretty funny.

    Also they compare them to Burger Kings, Croisanwich. So that gives you some idea.
    And they can be sweet donuty things with filling, or be used to make breakfast sandwiches.

  107. Hi all,

    Just got back from lunch. NYers are crazy about waiting in lines for things. I try to avoid them.

    Question: Do you have any other suggestions on the suspense/mystery divide that authors should keep in mind for LIS? Is there a common mistake you see where authors veer too close to mystery and too far from suspense?

    The most common mistake we see is not enough suspense/danger in a book. It's not enough for them to be working on a mystery. They need to be constantly looking over their shoulder and in danger.

  108. Good information here, Emily. I love the covers for Love Inspired Suspense! Thank you for all you and the other editors/staff at Love Inspired do to make our books shine!

  109. Just wante to also share I'm excited this year to go to both RWA and ACFW. Will I see any of you there? I'll be doing a workshop on pitching your manuscripts to editors or agents on Thursday at 2 at RWA. Stop by and say hi.

  110. I'll be at RWA.

    Probably not ACFW because school is backin session then and it's hard to take a day off at the beginning of the school year.

  111. Thanks for all this good information, Emily. All my questions have been asked and answered. Most of my plots have either mystery or suspense, but they're all historical.

    I'm a GRITS and order grits every time I go out to breakfast. I can't cook them, and I don't think northerners can, although the best I've every had was at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. But I think the cook was from the south.

    Shrimp and grits come from the Ga/SC coast. Makes sense since there's a lot of shrimp there.

    Thanks for hosting, Debby.

    Good luck to all the Killer Voice entrants.

  112. Welcome, Emily! Thanks so much for coming by and talking about LIS and for answering questions.

    For all of you out there submitting to LI, let me say that I LOVE working with Emily! She's an amazing editor.

  113. I'm excited for all of you waiting to hear about the next round of the Killer Voices tomorrow!

  114. Emily,

    Looking forward to seeing you at RWA and ACFW! Both conferences should be excellent, as they always are. Your workshop sounds great. I know you'll provide lots of information for those planning to pitch. No doubt, you'll also ease their fears. :)

  115. Mary Conneally, did you dis grits? Really? Hmmmm!


    Cronuts and grits could be an outstanding combination.

  116. Hi Emily and Debby!Thanks for sharing more about LIS. My writing leans more toward cozy than romance/suspense, but it is always helpful to learn more about other genres and publishing lines out there. Congratulations on the growth and looking forward to reading those new titles in the coming months!

    1. Stephanie - I love cozies and would love to see more Christian mysteries.

  117. Continuing with the mystery/suspense thread...

    I've been guilty of leaning too far into the mystery side in some of my submissions. Emily always suggests ways to increase the danger and the suspense.

    Editors are so important. Especially great editors like Emily. She knows story and knows how to up the stakes to keep the reader on the edge of his/her seat.

  118. Yay! I'm so excited that Emily is in Seekerville today! Thank you so much for answering everyone's questions. Looks like mine are pretty much covered.

    I participated in last year's Happily Editor After pitch and it was amazing (still have my ms in consideration from that). Will LI be doing a pitch for that line again anytime soon? I'm kicking myself for not participating in Killer Voices.

    Happy Wednesday, Seekerville!

  119. So glad you're here at Seekerville today, Emily! Thanks for the great interview, and the shout-out! :) I'm really happy to be part of the Love Inspired Suspense family, and thrilled to see how many new authors we're getting!

    I'm a GROAOITS (Girl Raised Off And On In The South), partially a GRIN, and partially a GROW (Girl Raised Out West). (Navy family. :D )

    Please do enter me in the contest, but I got Lisa Phillips's Double Agent for my birthday. Lisa, I do hope you'll write more spy stories! I love them. (The book waiting in Elizabeth Mazer's computer, my second, is a spy story! :) )

  120. Everyone's in the drawing who leaves a comment!

    Ten winners announced this weekend.

    Plus, tomorrow's big Killer Voices announcement!

    What a week!!!

  121. Emily, SO glad you will be at ACFW!! I'll be there and HOPE to have an appointment with you. :)

    Mary Connealy, bless your heart - - you need to come to my house and I'll cook some grits you'll really like! (Georgia grits are the best, imho) ;) PJ

  122. Big Killer Voices. Love that tag line.

    Announcing BIG KILLER VOICES.


  123. I made it! Ever since I got home from Arizona my internets been down!!!!!!just got it up and going now!!! I have had SERIOUS Seekerville withdrawals, but I am to make up for it. And you thought you'd got rid of me? Not so fast. I'm no quitter

  124. Thursday at 2. RWA. Your cheering squad will be there. Can we bring signs like they do for Good Morning America?

  125. What a wealth of information! Thanks for sharing, Emily, and for taking the time to answer questions.

    I was surprised to read in one of your responses that you prefer to receive a query letter and synopsis to start with, rather than a partial or full manuscript. I had assumed the opposite.

    Now I'm wondering, is LIS open to query letters and synopses from new authors for manuscripts that aren't yet complete so you can offer feedback before a lot of time is invested in a story that may not work? Or is the expectation that the manuscript is already written when the query is sent?

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's Killer Voices announcement. :)

  126. I like the sign idea, Tina! :)

    We will be a cheering squad!

  127. Thanks, Emily.

    By breaking down the process you helped to eliminate, or at least reduce, the fear of the unknown for aspiring authors and newbies.

    Angel Moore

  128. Oooo. An RWA cheering section. Here's the info on the workshop:

    Tips for the Perfect Pitch from the Editor's Side of the Table (CAREER)

    Speakers: Susan Litman and Emily Rodmell

    Two editors with years of experience listening to author pitches offer tips on preparing for a pitch session, crafting a short, marketable blurb, and leaving the editor or agent wanting more.

  129. Karen,

    It's not cut and dried. If you're submitting outside of a contest like Killer Voices, we do prefer that you have a full ms.

    And while we might prefer a query letter and synopsis, we don't turn away people who send in chapters.

  130. Glad to see we're keeping the boards hopping today! :)

  131. I can remember my first Love Inspired book (which was suspenseful, I believe), Still Waters by Shirlee McCoy. I was hooked after that.
    My current MS isn't targeted toward LI, but I'm still excited to see which of y'all advance in the Killer Voices contest. So exciting!

    I definitely appreciate that LI accepts queries from unpublished writers.

    Praying for those of y'all anxiously waiting for the announcement!

  132. Seekerville,

    It's been great talking with you today. I hope to see lots of LIS submissions in the future. And good luck to those of you in Killer Voices. We're announcing the finalists at 11 a.m. tomorrow.


  133. Thanks, Emily, for being with us today. You provided great information in your blog post and answered so many questions. I think all of us learned something new, and that's always good.

    Thanks, too, for your generous book donations and for taking time from your busy schedule to chat with us today. Have a great evening, and we'll be waiting for the Killer Voices announcement at 11 AM!

    I'm finally home after a day of elementary school assemblies and ceremonies for my grandchildren. I'll be hanging out on Seekerville tonight so continue to ask questions or send congrats to Love Inspired. I'm sure Emily will check back tomorrow, and she'll love seeing the support for LI continue to pour in throughout the evening hours.

  134. Courtney,

    I love Shirlee McCoy and her books. She was one of the first LIS authors I read as well. Did you see that her sister sold to LI? How special to have both sisters writing for the same line.

  135. Fantastic write-up. Love how the LIS editors are so ready to impart wisdom. Yeah Team Giselle!

  136. I agree, Lorraine!

    Congrats to you! Fingers crossed for the announcement tomorrow.

  137. I've recently fallen in love with suspense. Particularly LIS. Not sure if I could ever write it, but someday I might try. I certainly admire those who do.

    Thanks, Emily, for your answers to these questions! I'd been wondering about several of them for a while.

    Celebrating along with the LIS team about the LIS expansion!

  138. I love when Emily comes to Seekerville! The suspense line is great. Only I hate that the Justice League series has ended. Good luck to those in the Killer Voices contest!

  139. Wow! This is such a fantastic post that I took notes from Emily's original post and from the comments.

    I think all my questions, as well as some I would never have thought of, have been answered.

    Just thought of one. Emily, will you be teaching a workshop at ACFW? I'd love to attend. Unfortunately I can't make RWA.

    I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a reader luncheon in Oklahoma.

  140. How funny , I meant Justice agency not justice league lol

    1. Great post! Such wonderful infomation.

  141. Great information, Emily. I'm definitely taking notes!

  142. Hi, Emily! Thanks for answering our questions today. Most of the questions I would have thought of were covered in the post so I can't really think of any others right now.

    I haven't been spending a lot of time online because my free time has been allocated to working on my Killer Voices entry. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's announcement, and if I don't make it, I really appreciate the opportunity you ladies have given me as well as the great advice and encouragement.

    I love reading LI authors so I'll cross my fingers when it comes time for the Seekers to draw the winners. Summer vacation is almost here, and I'll need some new reading material.

  143. Emily tweeted that 22 fulls are being requested from Killer Voices tomorrow. That's SCARY since it's less than half of us who were asked to submit the first three chapters.

    *sigh* a night of nerves begins

  144. Hi Jamie,
    I love when Emily comes to Seekerville too!

    Hi Terri, the LI editors usually host an evening workshop at ACFW to discuss the submission process and what type of stories they'd like to see. The workshop is packed with great info. I'm always there, as are so many who want to write for LI. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk to the editors after the program as well.

    Hi Diana, summer reading focused on LI stories sounds perfect! Hugs!

  145. Mary Curry, thanks for the info. Praying all our Villagers in the Killer Voices Search are part of the selected 22 submissions!

  146. 22 fulls???? That's amazing!!!! I mean seriously AMAZING!!!!

    The odds of being asked for a full are slim for a variety of reasons, so to have 22 requests rocks the big kahuna!

    But hey, if any of you sweet peeps don't get in, remember... None of us got in the door that way. I was with Finally a Bride by OKRWA... So if the editors give you ideas, jump in, make the corrections and re-send once i t's done because that shows your willingness to take direction and change things up.

    #SOEXCITED !!!!! :)

  147. Emily, Thank you for sharing your time. Although specifically targeting LIS, I thought much of your information helped all writers. Thank you so much.

  148. Ruthy, I'm joining you with

    Great advice to make changes and resubmit. No reason for any discouragement. It's all good!

  149. Hi Tanya!

    You're right. Emily's information is good for writers no matter which house they're targeting. Glad you stopped by!

  150. I'm bummed I missed breakfast, but excited to see such a great post from Emily! And I'm looking forward to hearing about Killer Voices tomorrow!

    And, winners, enjoy the books!! ;) What a treat!

  151. So nice to see you in Seekerville again, Emily! And you always come with a smile on your face and gifts in hand. Love, love, love the give aways, LOL!

    And, thanks to the wonderful staff at Love Inspired for coordinating the Search for a Killer Voice. What a wonderful opportunity for authors to pitch their work!

    Look at all the comments. It's going to take me time to read through all the comments, but that's what I get for coming to the party late.

    As always, so good to see you here in Seekerville, Emily!!!!

  152. Katy, can't wait to read your book. Do you have a forensic background?

  153. Audra, how 'bout some strawberries and cream? They're yummy.

  154. Always great to see Emily in Seekerville!!! Wonderful post!

  155. I loved learning about these guidelines, as a reader. Any glimpse into the world of publishing is fascinating!

  156. I enjoyed the post thank you & the books do look fabulous.

  157. Thanks again to Emily for being with us and for answering our questions about Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense.

    Thanks to all who visited and for all the praise for Love Inspired.

    Good luck to all the Killer Voices entrants.

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    don't be shy to leave a comment

  159. I've written for the LIS line since 2009. The staff is amazing to work with, and the manuscript length suits my dual career life to a T. If you like to write suspense, this could be a perfect fit for you! Jill Elizabeth Nelson

  160. Great post. Seems like I'm always at the end of the comment line, but it was sure nice to come in from doing yard work and enjoy learning about writing suspense for LI. Now I'm wondering if my current work qualifies for suspense. Guess I need to read more of that line to find out.

  161. So great to see you here, Emily! Thank you so much for sharing your insight and all the fabulous pics! As always, amazing feedback. You rock!

  162. Enjoyed this post! Thanks for the breakdown of how a submission works and the editing process. Enjoyed reading about what readers are interested in. Would love to be entered into the drawing!

  163. You have some interesting books here!

  164. Great post! Thanks for stopping by and answering our questions. :)

  165. That was an informative post. I did read an article in the Romantic Times magazine about the Love-Inspired series and I think it did mention about more of these books being published each month. Please enter me in the drawing. I'd love to win.