Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Welcome to our annual salute to MOM WRITERS!

 We Have Winners

 Please send us an email to claim your prize. ( See our legal page for any questions.

From last Weekend Edition, the Winner of  a Kindle copy of CRAZY BUSY: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin DeYoung, the 2014 EPCA Book of the Year is Natalie Monk.

Mary Connealy was your hostess on Monday talking about her foray into novella writing and asking for advice.I hope you didn't steer her astray! Winner of the $25 Amazon ecard bribe of the day is Patty Tucker.

 "Magma: Finding the Core of Your Story," was our Tuesday post with Love Inspired Suspense author Lisa K. Phillips .Winner of a copy of her debut release, Double Agent, is DebH.

Wednesday Love Inspired author Belle Calhoune shared with her post, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road." The winners of Her Forever Hero are Julie Hilton Steele and CatMom.

 WATCH OUT!!! Practice makes perfect in this fun, crazy profession. Ruth Logan Herne was our hostess Thursday with "Check Your Mile Marker." She wants you to love writing enough to take care of the small stuff, like money and time management!  Winner of a $20 Amazon gift card is Tracy Hagwood.

Friday, Seekerville was delighted to welcome Bethany House Publishing author Kate Breslin. Kate joined us from the Pacific Northwest with her post, "What Our Stories Teach Us." Congratulations to Connie Queen, the winner of a copy of For Such a Time. 

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Seeker Sightings

Congratulations to Ruth Logan Herne whose latest Love Inspired release, Love the Lawman, hit #25 on the Publisher's Weekly Bestseller List for the week endng May 2, 2014! Ruthy came in  just behind fellow Love Inspired author Rebecca Kertz! Needless to say there is some happy dancing in upstate this week!

Second Chance Ranch is free this Mothers’ Day weekend. Click over to Amazon and grab your copy Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. Audra Harders also invites you to visit her website and sign up for her newsletter. The very first issue will debut in June with a $25 Amazon gift card earmarked for one lucky subscriber. The winner will be announced in the June newsletter. Happy Mothers’ Day, everyone!!

And on Friday, May 16, join Audra on From the Heart...Cheryl St. John. The theme of Cheryl's blog for May is Joy. Where does Audra find her Joy? Drop in on Friday and find out!! 

Meeting Her Match by Mary Connealy

When the tables are turned and a tenderhearted meddler becomes the beneficiary of a matchmaking scheme, her world is turned upside down. As her entire life changes, will she finally be able to tell the banker's son how much she cares for him?

 Meeting Her Match, the novella contained in A Match Made in Texas is on sale now on Amazon for $1.99, along with the other three novellas in the collection. 


 To celebrate Mother's Day, Sandra Leesmith's new release Love's Promises will be free on Kindle, Sunday, May 11th.  BTW, Love's Promises is now available in print. Happy Mother's Day.


More Mary!
Chapter Seven of Closer Than Brothers goes up today on Mary's Blog, Real Life Petticoat Ranch.  And now, thanks to Deb Harkness (our own DebH from here at Seekerville who does this professionally) Closer Than Brothers has a cover. Thank you, Deb.

Random News & Information

Spending money on Amazon just got easier with the Amazon Cart!

BookBaby Launches Direct Sales for Self-Publishing Authors (DBW)

Harlequin's new 'Chatsfield' project crosses multiple platforms (USA TODAY)

The Brenda Novak FOR THE CURE of Diabetes, Online Auction has BEGUN!

BookExpo America Team Dances to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams (GalleyCat) Book Expo America is Coming May 29-31

How to Write a Great Novel (WSJ)

Blurb acquires HP’s MagCloud, aims to dominate long-tail publishing (The Passive Voice)

A Writer's Guide, to Hustlers, Harlots and Heroes (Let's Get Visible)

We're nearly at SIX months into the year. Where are you in your goals, and dreams and plans? Seekerville is excited to welcome Cheryl St. John to our Night Class Faculty! This class is an amazing opportunity to reboot yourself and get Plan B in motion for the NEXT six months.

Additionally, Seekerville is giving away one class entrance fee to one writer who comments in this post this weekend, telling us that they are interested in taking Getting Rid of the Junk That Holds Us Back.  Winner announced next week in the Weekend Edition!

  That's it! Have a great weekend.  OOOPS!!! HOLD IT! 

I guess we do have more.

Thank you to all the Speedbo writers who entered our Perfect Pitch Contest with Susan Brower of the Natasha Kern Literary Agency. Thank you to Ms. Brower for her generous offer to read the winners and honorable mentions.

While the Winners will receive some feedback from Ms. Brower, she is unable to guarantee that for the Honorable Mention entrants. 

Now, you can have a great weekend!


  1. Great WE, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners (including the Perfect Pitch winners!).
    I am THRILLED to win Belle Calhoune's LI book - - YAY!! :)

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, Grandmoms, Aunts, and Godmothers!!
    I am so blessed that all my kiddos will be with me on Sunday! (of course my furry kids are with me every day, LOL).

    Enjoy the weekend, Patti Jo :)

  2. The weekend coffee pot is brewing.

    Congratulations to all winners.

    Now to check out more of those links.

  3. p.s. Just realized I'm the first commenter, so figured I'd better leave a breakfast bar set up. ;)

    Enjoy the Georgia Pecan waffles, Peach pancakes, and warm maple syrup. There are also bowls of eggs, grits, and platters of bacon and sausage. Warm biscuits with *real* butter too! Eat up! PJ :)

  4. Whew! Glad you brewed the coffee Helen - - the most important breakfast item, imho! :)

  5. Wow. WHAT A FEAST!~~~

    Thanks Patti Jo and Helen!


  6. I've never been so thankful for an Honorable Mention category. Ha!
    I didn't think this was being announced until the end of the month, but I like this timing much better. :)
    Congrats to all winners!

  7. Wow, half way through the year already. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I am stunned but so thrilled to be a winner in Perfect Pitch... Seekerville has been a kiss from God. You guys are the BEST motivators for getting the unpublished writer a step up. Big Hug to my nagging angel.

  9. Super WE! Congratulations to all the winners, especially of the Perfect Pitch contest! Way to go!

    Have a wonderful weekend, all.

  10. Congrats to giveaway and perfect pitch winners--
    Looks like a great week coming up...The topics discussed here are always so good!

  11. Oh, my goodness!!! Had no idea the Perfect Pitch announcement was tonight!!!!
    Huge shout out to my CP Elaine! WAY TO GO!!! And to see my name there on the honorable mention list! I'm feeling so blessed!!! :)

  12. Congrats to all the winners for the weekly drawings and Pitch Perfect Contest. Thrilled I am an HM.

    I suppose I can expect to be called Her Majesty from now on.

    Okay, I'm only kidding.

    Thanks so much for offering the contest.

  13. Congrats to all the winners. What a way to celebrate this wonderful weekend.

    Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there.

    Happy writing.

  14. Patti Jo, I'm stuffed. That was one of the best breakfasts I've had lately. Thank you.

    And Helen it always amazes me how good your coffee is when you don't even drink it. That's pure love. Thank you.

  15. Tina P. Your Majesty. Why not? smile

  16. Tina, love the fun graphics this Weekend! Next week's lineup looks great!!

    Huge congratulations to the Perfect Pitch winners and Honorable Mentions!!! So exciting to have this opportunity to get your work in front of Susan Brower!

    Patti Jo, thanks for breakfast!

    Happy Mother's Day to our Mothers!! Hope your day is special!

    Hugs, Janet

  17. Congratulations to all the giveaway and perfect pitch winners. I'm elated and honored to see my name on that list. (Also a little shocked because I wasn't expecting the names to go up yet!)

    Terrific WE, Tina! Looks like a great lineup for next week. Thank you for the salute to mom authors! Happy mothers day to all moms here on seekerville!

  18. Congratulations. It looks like I need to head over to Amazon for some great deals on books!

  19. Love the graphics. Way cool. :-)
    Congrats to all the winners -- and to the Perfect Pitchers. And to Seekerville for providing such an awesome opportunity.

    Sounds like a fun week ahead and now that the dreaded Scholastic book fair is over for another year I'll be able to stop by Seekerville daily again. Woot! I've already read Becky Wade's book and have Victoria Bylin's in my TBR pile. And I'm especially looking forward to Myra's pet post on Tuesday. I live vicariously through other pet lovers these days.

    I'm interested in having my name put in the Getting Rid of the Junk That Holds Us Back night class draw. I suffer from deer-in-the-headlights writer's panic way too often. :-0

  20. Please put my name in for the night class giveaway. It sounds fun!

  21. Great WE, Tina! It gets better and better all the time!

    Congrats to all the weekly winners. Luck buckets. There's some great stuff given away here : )

    I can't wait for Cheryl St. Johns class. I'm mozying on over to sign up NOW!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  22. WAIT! How could I forget the Perfect Pitch winners??

    Congrats to the winners AND congrats to the Honorable Mentions. I think Susan Brower is going to have her hands fulls with all the delightful pitches : )

    And thank you Ms Brower for offering your time!

  23. I need this class. I did a lot of physical decluttering this past Lent but I need to mentally unclutter for writing's sake.

    Peace, Julie

  24. I had to go out and come back in twice to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Perfect Pitch is announced ahead of time and I'm on it!!! An agent is going to read my entry. It hasn't sunk in yet.

    Congratulations to all the winners and HMs. Yay, Natalie. What a great group we have.

    Thank you to Seekerville for the opportunity and encouragement.

    Everyone have a blessed Mother's Day.

  25. LOL, Elaine!! Congratulations to you and all the Winners and HM.

    You are hard working writers! Way to go.

  26. Congratulations Perfect Winners and HM's! And weekly winners!

    Please enter me for the class!

    Great WE, as always!

  27. Congrats to the Perfect Pitch folks! Yay!! Hope Sue loves each and every one of the subs! :)

    Mother's Day weekend has started off with a bang. My Cowboys are working cows and I would go take pictures, but I would be pressed into service, methinks.

    Instead, I'm manning the fort, cooking lunch for them. :)

  28. Congrats to the Perfect Pitch winners and honorable mentions!! And thanks to everyone for entering.

    Happy weekend to everyone! And happy Mother's Day to any of you moms out there!

  29. So exciting to see others win!!! I'm looking forward to my wip finish so I can follow in those footsteps!

  30. Happy Mother's Day weekend! We're meeting with our baby girl's birth parents and getting closer to finalizing her adoption!!!

  31. Hi Mary:

    A few notes on “Closer than Brothers”. The link does not work at this time and there is no chapter seven. The link I list below is to chapter six:

    I like the cover but I think it needs to make clear at a glance that it is a Civil War book. I’d put crossed, battle torn, Union and Confederate flags (in bright colors to punch up the visual attraction power) in the dark area below the men. Anyone interested in Civil War books should be able to tell that this is a book they might enjoy.

    Also, I just read Chapter Six and you may be in danger of making this backstory novella too strong. Like they said after WWI, “How do you kept them down on the farm when they’d seen gay Paris?” (Pronounced: Pahr…ree).

    Is there any chance that Seven will go up on Sunday? How can I wait a week to find out what happens to the you know what?

  32. HEIDI!!! HOW WONDERFUL. Happy almost Mother's Day to you.

  33. Vince, I sent Mary an email with your concerns. HA!!!

    That stinker.

    She is out of pocket right now and home later.

    Sorry you had to wait!

  34. Tina, Great WE edition!

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day.

  35. Oh, Heidi, what a Mother's Day present! HUGE congrats! :)

  36. Hi Sandra:

    Do you know yet if “Love’s Promises” will come out as an Audible book? I listened to the first two “Love’s” books and now I’m spoiled. I think your writing is so lyrical that they are the most enjoyable when heard.

  37. Congrats to the winners!!! And the Perfect Pitchers!!!!

    I'd love a chance at next month's course :)


    Great idea about the flags and some color and that anchor for time and place. I'll see what I can do.

  39. YAY PERFECT PITCHERS. (why do I picture that round Kool-Aid pitcher? You know, I had one of those for years when my kids were little. It held EXACTLY one batch of Kool-Aid. It really was a perfect pitcher.

  40. Please toss my name in for the night class. I'm terrible at getting rid of the junk, and I procrastinate all the time. Priorities are screwed up, too. (Case in point: I still haven't written my synopsis from 2013's Happily Editor After pitch...) I also haven't been on Seekerville in months, but I saw this info on Facebook...

    Congrats to all the winners, both of books and of Perfect Pitch! That's great news! :)

  41. Hi Vince , It isn't in the works yet. Rachel (the narrator) is involved in another project. So I would have to wait if I want her.

    Since you've listened to audio can I ask you a question? Do you prefer female narrators? Or male?
    Or does it matter? Some publishers have a male read male pov and a female read femaile pov. Is that confusing? Do you prefer that?

    Just curious.

  42. Hi Sandra:

    I prefer there to be only one reader for the whole audio book. A good reader can make it very clear when a man is speaking and when a female is speaking. Having two readers, a man and a woman for example, creates a distraction. It’s like the printer using two very different type faces in the same book – one for the man and the other for the woman. (It’s almost insulting!) Having two readers also changes the reader expectations. It makes the reading seem like an under staffed radio play rather than a printed book being read out loud.

    Hearing a book read by an talented reader, with command of many distinct voices and an intuitive understanding of the characters’ motivations and emotions, is a very different experience than reading the same book yourself.

    To experience this amazing difference just listen to a few emotional scenes from a book read by the emotionless Kindle audio function and then listen to the same passages read by a talented human reader. The difference between the 'hearing reading' experience and the 'written reading' experience can sometimes be so pronounced that a 3-star written book may be turned into a 5-star reading experience when it is hear rather than read.

    I’ve listened to well over 1000 audio books (because of my past poor eyesight) and your professional reader is one of the best I’ve heard. (I intent to use her when I have the opportunity). Your books are ideally written to be read out loud. I think this is because you are really a poet.

    I wish I knew an easy way to market this difference between hearing and reading, but I don’t know how to do it.

    I would surely wait for your reader to become free before I would switch readers.

    BTW: I don’t like it when readers are changed in a series or even for the same author. Tony Hillerman was one of the best readers I’ve ever heard. I was very disappointed when the publisher went to a professional reader.


  43. Hi Mary:

    Have you read Viktor Frankl's memoir of his time in Auschwitz and three other death camps -- “Man’s Search for Meaning”? Your Chapter Seven has characters expressing the same emotions in their search for survival. It’s uncanny. I’ve read “Search” four times and heard it twice and if you think reading this kind of story is painful, just try hearing it! The narrator does not stop when you feel it is too painful to continuing reading. Chapter Seven is as about as powerful as this kind of writing can become. But as good as Chapter Seven is, don’t think for one moment that this will distract me from wanting to know what happened to that baby!!! It’s important to play fair with your readers.


  44. Great WE, Tina. You always do an awesome job.

    Congrats to the Perfect Pitch winners and honorable mentions!

    Ok, please enter me in the drawing for the night class. I need all the help I can get.

  45. I've read Man's Search for Meaning. Think about it often.

  46. Wow, a Man's Search for Meaning, huh?

    You know I don't think I can begin to capture how awful it must have been and I don't flatter myself that I can.

    But I did try to show how a man might have felt if he faced an endless, torturous existence. Everything would boil down wouldn't it? And Heaven would start to be so alluring and you'd have regrets of things you wish you could fix before you die.

  47. Vince I appreciate your kind words so much. I really do. God bless you for them.

  48. I did read The Winds of War and War and Remembrance and part of that were in Nazi death camps.

    I'll add here that I've done some research into Union Civil War Prison camps and those could be very brutal, too. This wasn't all in the south.

  49. Can't wait for Cheryl's class! I have already signed up and can't wait to learn how to get rid of the junk that holds me back.

  50. BRAVA, Sally!@!!! I will be attending as well.

  51. Heidi, that's so exciting!! I'm thrilled for you!

  52. Julie Steele, I just LOVE your new photo!

  53. Congrats to all the Perfect Pitch People -- winners and honorable mentions. May this lead to good things for all of you!

    And congrats to the weekly winners.

    One question: do we really need buying from Amazon to be even easier??? Yikes!

    Another great WE, Tina. Thank you :-)

    OH! And hope all you moms had a wonderful day today!

    Nancy C

  54. Congrats to the winners and the HMs of the contest. I'm thrilled to be in with such talented company of the HM department. Thanks so much to the Seekers for hosting the contest and Ms. Brower for reading the letters.

    Heidi, your story is one of the happiest I've seen all weekend. What a blessing this Mother's Day weekend.

    Please enter me in the drawing for the class.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.