Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Weekend Edition


We've cleared out the cobwebs and opened the huts. 
Unpublished Island is open to read, write, and party.
 So enjoy the long weekend!

BYOB! Bring your own books!

We Have Winners

 Contact us at to claim your prize. See our legal page here for details.

 On Monday, Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean discussed her simplified version of story arc in her post “Story Arc in a Nutshell.If you struggle as she has to nail the order of events or just plain want to make fun of her confusion with The Hero’s Journey and Six Plot Structure, check out her post. Winner of a $10 Amazon gift card is Liz Flaherty.

Tuesday we had A FUN DAY WITH "The Curious Thing About Vanilla Ice Cream" and guest Suzanne Woods Fisher. In honor of her visit Seekerville is  giving away any Suzanne Fisher book available in Kindle format and one in print.  Print BOC winner is Lyndee H and Kindle BOC winner is Edwina.

Seekerville invited Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell to join us on Wednesday to celebrate Love Inspired Books’ success and the expansion of their Love Inspired Suspense line to SIX books each month. Always generous with her time, Emily stopped by throughout the day to answer questions and chat with Seekerville. More than 2000 page views were logged as folks offered their congratulations or sought information about how they could join the LI lineup. Emily graciously donated 6 new LIS releases for giveaway, and Seeker LI authors added 12 more books for a total of 20 great reads going to ten lucky winners. Check the list below to see if you won!

 Preslaysa Williams,
Winner # 1: Double Agent by Lisa Phillips and Treasure Point Secrets, by Sarah Varland, donated by Emily Rodmell

Winner # 2: Grave Danger by Katy Lee and Double Agent, by Lisa Phillips,  donated by Emily Rodmell

Tammy Johnson,
Winner #3: Treasure Point Secrets, by Sarah Varland and Grave Danger by Katy Lee, donated by Emily Rodmell

Tracey Hagwood,
Winner #4: 1 LIS book from Amazon, print or digital, donated by Tina Radcliffe, and Pine Country Cowboy, written by and donated by Glynna Kaye

Meghan Carver, Winner #5: 1 LIS book from Amazon, print or digital, donated by Tina Radcliffe, and High Country Hearts, written by and donated by Glynna Kaye

ltreads, Winner #6:
Georgia Sweethearts, written by and donated by Missy Tippens, and The Soldier’s Sister, written by and donated by Debby Giusti

Wilani Wahl, Winner
#7: Falling for the Lawman, written by and donated by Ruth Logan Herne, and The General’s Secretary, written by and donated by Debby Giusti
 Karen Collier,
Winner #8: The Lawman’s Holiday Wish, written by and donated by Ruth Logan Herne, and The Agent’s Secret Past, written by and donated by Debby Giusti

 Dee LeRoye,
Winner #9: Falling for the Lawman, written by and donated by Ruth Logan Herne, and Countdown to Death, written by and donated by Debby Giusti

 Martha Ramirez,
Winner #10: Second Chance Courtship, written by and donated by Glynna Kaye, and The Captain’s Mission, written by and donated by Debby Giusti


Multi-published in both young adult fiction and romance, Jessica Keller returned to Seekerville Thursday, with her fun post, "How to Write Believable Villains."  Winner of a Kindle copy of Saving Yesterday is BoosMum.

Friday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe shared" Why To-Do Lists DO Matter." Winner of Eat That Frog for Kindle is Connie Queen. Winner of a box of reader books is Cindy W.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Seekerville Closed for the Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday: Sandra Leesmith will be discussing "Social Media Etiquette." She'll  be asking for your input since she, as well as others she won't name, are so challenged by social media. And promise you won't laugh.  Okay, you can laugh because she will be right along with you.

Wednesday: Today, join Glynna Kaye for Part 3 of “Layering As You Go!”  She’ll be sharing tips on internal dialogue and character voice and giving away two copies of her April release,  Pine Country Cowboy.

Thursday: We've pulled a switcheroo on you this month. Today is the June Contest Update. Stop by to meet the Contest Diva/Divo and for a giveaway of Mary Connealy's Stuck Together! 

Friday:  We're welcoming back Love Inspired Historical author Jessica Nelson with her post, "When Inspiration Strikes...But You're Dead." Do not miss this heartfelt post. She's got THREE GIVEAWAYS TOO!!

Seeker Sightings

On May 30th Sandra Leesmith will be the special blog guest on Christian ebooks Today. This is a great site to find great Christian ebooks to read about and discover Christian authors.

Mary's novella, Meeting Her Match, which appeared in the Match Made in Texas novella collection is now available as a separate ebook for only $1.99. Buy it HERE
And it's being spotlighted this week in Family Fiction.

The Saga Continues: Closer Than Brothers: Surviving Andersonville is up at Mary Connealy's Real Life Petticoat Ranch blog.

And Mary has started a separate page on her blog to collect each chapter. It starts at the beginning and goes up to the most recently released make it simple if you haven't started reading yet. FIND IT HERE 

And celebrate with Mary for her June novella collection -- Four Weddings and a Kiss receiving 4 ½ Stars and being named a Romantic Times Top Pick. Margaret Brownley, Mary Connealy, Robin Lee Hatcher and Debra Clopton bring tales of feisty heroines, stubborn heroes, and unlikely love in the Wild West in Four Weddings and a Kiss.

FREE ON AMAZON FOR KINDLE!!!!  Ruth Logan Herne has gone all "I love America!" patriotic on us and offered her 5-Star novel Safely Home FOR FREE starting on Monday,  Memorial Day!!!! Here's the link:  GET RUTHY'S BOOK FREE!!!!  Grab your copy, feel free to spread the word and the Ruthinator is wishing you a blessed and peaceful Memorial Day as we remember those who've sacrificed so much to ensure our freedom. God bless America!


Tina Radcliffe is a guest JOY blogger on Cheryl St. John's blog, From the Heart, on Friday, May 30th. 

Random News & Information

Many thanks to all the Villagers and Seekers who sent links this week!!

Congratulations to Villager Jill Kemerer who sold via the Happily Editor After Love Inspired Pitch!

 Congratulations to the 2014 Selah Finalists (My Christian Writers Conferences)

 Harlequin has announced it will discontinue publication of its Kiss Romance line as of November this year. (Cindi Myers Market News' Blog)
 How To Pick The Right Genre For Your Novel (And Why Your Sales Depend On It) (writetodone)

I Wrote This Blog Post at Flannery O’Connor’s House (South85 Journal)

K-LOVE joins with Amazon Music (RRW)

PW Launches BookLife; Integrates Self-Published Reviews (PW)

How To Market A 99 Cent Ebook Sale On The Cheap (Molly Greene: Writer)

May 2014 Author Earnings Report (Author Earnings)

GET READY FOR CONFERENCES 2014!- 5 Pieces of Luggage For the Traveling Author Beast  (Author Gail Carriger)

 Tsundoku: Illustrated Definition of a Book Lover’s Problem (GalleyCat)

The 10 Commandments of Typography: INFOGRAPHIC (GalleyCat)

The doors to Seekerville's 2014 Night Classes won't stay open forever. Check out the rest of the year's class offerings.

Sign up for these opportunities before it's too late. We'll be taking a hiatus from classes in 2015. So motivate yourself to step out this year.

That's it! Have an excellent holiday weekend! 


  1. Congrats to all you lucky winners!

    Ms. Tina - a great WE, as usual.

  2. I soooo love my lazy Saturday mornings with the WE!!!!! Feeling especially decadent today because I'm heading out to the bookstore!!!! Can't wait to see what I come home with. It feels like Christmas! Happy long weekend everyone. We had ours last week (Canada).

  3. Great WE, Tina and congrats to the winners!

  4. Congrats to all of the winners! Thanks for the great WE Tina!

  5. Great WE, as always, Miss T!
    Congrats to all the winners!
    LOVE the photo of the beach with the words written in sand! :)

    As we all celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, may those of us in the USA remember the men and women who gave ALL so we could be free.

    AND....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DEBBY GIUSTI!!!! Hoping she's having a wonderful day today!!

    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  6. Thanks for another great WE.

    Happy reading to all those winners!!!

  7. Congrats to all winners!

    Happy Birthday to Debby Giusti!!

    Thanks, Tina, for all you do!!

  8. Thanks for the WE,Tina, and congrats on the contract. Kudoos to all the winners here. Happy birthday to Debby. Wonderful Memorial Day weekend to all.

  9. Thanks for the WE,Tina, and congrats on the contract. Kudoos to all the winners here. Happy birthday to Debby. Wonderful Memorial Day weekend to all.

  10. A Scary WE?


    I thought “Closer than Brothers” was taking the holiday off when it seemed to be “WEless”.

    I need my Saturday morning fix!

    But, alas, the story rolls on. Chapters ten and eleven are in place and awaiting all real time reading fans.

    All is right with the world.

    Here’s the link:

    BTW: I’m green with envy. I sure wish I had written this from Chapter 10.

    “His friend showed no concern for Luke’s tender belly like Callie had, he let Luke drink deep. The water went down and seemed to soak into a desert. His mouth and throat almost absorbed it before it got to his belly.

    That sure beats saying Luke was thirsty. : )

    Enjoy the weekend and God bless our troops!

    Vince – the K-9 vet.

  11. Great Weekend Edition!

    Congratulations winners! I am so excited to be getting Ruthy's book as well as Debby's.

    Happy Birthday Debby!

    Have a great weekend everyone. I am hoping to get a lot of writing as well as reading done.

  12. Waving to Patti Jo who spilled the beans! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Seekerville! Lots of sunshine in Georgia for which I'm grateful. Also grateful for all of you who bring joy to my life!

    Enjoy my special day! :)

  13. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks to all who stopped by Seekerville on WED to share the love with Emily Rodmell. More than 2000 page view! Amazing!

    Thanks again, Tina, for yesterday's blog. I spent way too much time this morning re-reading the comments and thinking about all the frogs I need to eat. One of the all-time best Seekerville blogs!

  14. Love the Flannery O'Connor blog. I've visited the apartment in Savannah where she lived before moving home to Milledgeville. Has anyone read her short story, "A Good Man is Hard to Find?"

  15. Congratulations to all the winners!!

    Looking forward to the posts this week. Thanks for a wonderful WE, Tina!

  16. Waving to everyone. It's almost 2pm. Yikes, where did the day go?

    Remembering those who gave all they had for our freedom...something we take for granted way too often.


  17. Okay, my first A task, beast, is done. Grocery shopping. I hit two stores and saved 120 bucks with physical and online coupons.

    Have a great weekend Seekervillagers. Off to tackle my other FROGS.

  18. Congratulations to everypawdy!

    I've been out of the loop quite a bit so stopping by to say HEY!

    Also letting y'all know, you can bid on some great items and help juvenile diabetes research.

    Here is the link for a set of my 3 books in hardcover (signed and pawographed of course):

    Several Seekers and FURiends have items listed so check them out!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone. We honor the fallen and their families.


  20. I should take Cheryl's class. :( It would do me good.

    But I hate having to change to be a better person.

    It's a bummer.

  21. Vince, thanks for the reminder.

    I remembered to load the chapter, I just forgot to report in to the Weekend Edition.

  22. Hi, KC. The auction. I am trying not to let anyone know about it so I can win the lunch with Lee Child in NYC.

  23. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Thank you for the WE, Tina! Cheryl's JOY posts were uplifting. (I peeked early.) I'm reading Glynna's Pine Country Cowboy while dreaming that I'm at that warm beach party. (And thinking about my FROGS!)

    Happy birthday, Debby!

    Blessings to our military, both past and present, this Memorial Day!

    Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

  24. I wouldn't mind sitting on a beach with the sand between my toes.

    Which reminds me of the lyrics of one of my favorite summer songs EVER.

    Zac Brown Band. The lyrics of the chorus.

    Wishing I was knee deep in the water somewhere
    Got the blue sky breeze and it don't seem fair
    Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair
    Sunrise there's a fire in the sky
    Never been so happy
    Never felt so high
    And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise

    Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair

  25. Hi KC:

    I just bid up your books two notches. Thanks for supporting the Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction! If there are any other Seekers or Seeker friends taking part in this auction, please let me know. I enjoy bidding up the prices. : )

    Debby: Happy Birthday – what an apropos weekend to have a birthday. That’s being true green. : )

    Mary: Chapter 11 of “Closer than Brothers” made me want to read “Out of Control”. I just downloaded it again but this time to my new Paperwhite where I can read it so much easier than on my old Kindle. Somehow I jumped over “Out of Control” and went from “In Too Deep” to “Swept Away” to get to the Vince stories quicker. :)

    BTW: There is a great Connealy line in the blurb for “Out of Control” which I think pretty much describes all your married heroines.

    “Once she knows her husband is alive, she wants to kill him.”

  26. Great Weekend Edition! Congrats Tina on your 3 book contract and to all the winners.

  27. I was here really early but then had to go and change the date on my book promotion because it wasn't FREE and Amazon shook it's Amazonian finger at me and wouldn't let me... So I changed the blog instead, and FORGOT TO SAY HI!!!!!

  28. Totally psyched. Novella for Zondervan DONE.... And it's charming and sweet and funny and makes me long to go to Philadelphia and hang out and see historic things and eat a cheesesteak. I love Philly!!!!

  29. Vince, "Out of Control" is one of my favorite Mary books.... I don't think I laughed so much at a pair of characters ... and LOVED THEM.... as I did with Out of Control.

    Love That Book!!!

  30. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Debby.

    I hope you had a lovely day.

    Tina, I bought the Frog book this morning. My A task shall be to read a section each day and put it into action as much as possible.

    Congrats to all the winners.

  31. Vince, now admit it. Most of the husbands my heroines hate are already dead.

    It's very unusual for there to be a living husband that's the problem. (a couple come to mind, Flint Greer and Sidney Gray for example)

  32. Congratulations, Jill!!!

    Is that your first sale? Can you tell us all about the call??

    I sold my first book by the Love Inspired Query Letter contest here on Seekerville!

    I'm doing the wave over here, Jill!

  33. Debby, one of my favorite professors was a Flannery O'Connor fan of the highest order. So I went out and bought all a collection of all her stories.

    I was, and still am, totally confused.

    I really, really try to get her writing. I do. And I love her as a woman of faith and passion. But... most of the time I'm shaking my head.

    I think she's one of those writers you "get", or you don't.

    I'm afraid I'm in the "don't get it" camp.

  34. Wow, unpubbed island is open for a retreat. I'm going. I kind of miss my little shack. And I do need to write so I'm heading over.

    Have a blessed weekend everyone.

    And prayers for all the families who have lost loved ones while serving our country.

    And thanks to all of you who have served in the military.

  35. Congrats to all the winners too. Lots of winners this weekend. Yay!!!

  36. Great week and great WE, as always! I'm tickled to have won Suzanne Fisher's book. It's the Pennsylvania gal in me. Gotta love PA Amish stories!

    CONGRATS TINA! Just got caught up on your Friday post. Great news! (I ate the two stale doughnut holes that were left and they were still pretty tasty). Off to pre-order on Amazon!

    And JILL! Congrats and whoohoo for you!

    We're celebrating Memorial Day with prayers and thanks to those who have served and those who have supported the soldiers that sacrifice so much!

  37. Darn, Lyndee beat me to the leftover stale donuts. LOL.

    I think there might be some cheese in the fridge from Jessica's visit Thursday.

  38. Hey, I've got cornflake deep fried chicken with Ranch dressing for youse....

    Because I'm that nice!!!!!

    AND.... We've got special servings of Abbott's Frozen Custard so youse can make your own sundaes.

    Perfect Sunday evening!

    I tweaked my Philadelphia novella for Zondervan this morning, just a stinkin' sweet book! I LOVE IT.

    I'm not even kidding, I love it!

    And after church we gathered flowers and planted the cemetery garden for Dad and his brothers and great-grandpa and Dave's mom came and helped me and it was lovely. Flags flying, dotting the cemetery like sprinkles on a cone, geraniums, sedum, hostas... This sweet cemetery lets folks plant gardens, and it's so personal.

    I love cemeteries, so how weird am I??????

    Kitchen's clean, writing's done, the boys and Casey (my mother's helper) just planted and watered 900 strawberry plants by hand... and it's time for some deep fried chicken wi' youse.

    Grab a seat and some sweet tea.

  39. Boy am I glad I have Monday to catch up on this WE because I'm going to need extra time. Lots of interesting-sounding links. Thanks, Tina!

    Cheers for all you winners!

    And everyone who is traveling this weekend -- be safe.

    Nancy C

  40. Home from an overnight at my eldest daughter's house. Such fun! Birthday cake too.

    Thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday greetings. :)

  41. Mary Connealy mentioned Zac Brown. He lives in my part of Georgia and is doing great things around here. Opened an eatery and brings in young singers for talent contests. A girl my daughter knows just got a two-record contract thanks to Zac. He's also bought land and is starting a horse therapy program for autistic children.

  42. Happy Memorial Day to all and a special thank you to our military heroes!

  43. So many winners! Congratulations, everyone!!

    Tina, you saved 120 bucks with coupons?? WOW!! I'm infamous for clipping and then forgetting to use them. Lotta good that does me, LOL!

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

  44. Thanks for the great WE! I've been mostly offline this weekend. Had a rare time when all three kids are home!

  45. DEBBY! Belated birthday wishes ... or just extending the celebration, if you think of it a different way :-)

    Nancy C

  46. Extensions are always fun, Nancy C!

    Thanks!!! :)

  47. Great weekend, Tina! Congrats to our winners! Looking forward to next week's lineup.

    We had a gorgeous weekend! Enjoyed our family and visited the cemetery where family members are buried. And thought about the sacrifices of those who protected our country. God bless our military. Now and then.


  48. WOW, jam-packed WE, Teenster, as always!!

    LOL, KAV ... going to spend money on books, imagine that ... ;)

    Tina, you saved $120 bucks with coupons??? I used to do that ... before I got old and didn't care anymore. :)