Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Writers, and the pets who inspire us

Myra here. Writing is a solitary profession, no doubt about it. But even when we’re lost in our story world and hearing only the voices of the characters in our heads, sometimes it’s nice to feel a warm, furry body snuggled up next to us.

And I’m NOT talking about your spouse who forgot to shave!

Pay no attention to the writer behind the dog!

For many of us, the comforting presence of a beloved pet helps keep us sane during our writing time. Some of us are dog people, some are cat people. There may even be a few of you out there who prefer hamsters, gerbils, mice, or rats.

Pet snakes, iguanas, goldfish, and tarantulas do NOT count as warm, snuggly creatures. If you’re one of those types of pet lovers . . . I got nothin’ for you.

So today we celebrate the pets in our lives, the writing companions who doze quietly while we peck away at the keyboard and don’t mind at all when we talk to ourselves, make faces in the mirror, or absently weave our fingers through their fur while we ponder our next scene.

I have two dogs in my life right now. Shadow is a rescue dog estimated to be about 12-13 years old. We call him a border collie mix, but honestly, we have no idea! Read Shadow’s rescue story here.

Poppy & Shadow
Poppy, adopted from a local rescue organization, joined our family last September. She’s about a year and a half and supposedly a mix of German shepherd, Jack Russell, and who knows what else. Playful and snuggly, Poppy helps to fill the empty place in our hearts from the loss of our sweet epileptic yellow Lab mix, Gracie, who went to doggy heaven one year ago.

Our cherished pets are more than just companions. They teach us a lot, too—lessons that can carry over into our writing lives.

With Shadow, I learned patience. He was so fearful at first that it took me days to finally catch him. Writers need patience, because in this business everything takes time. We wait for editors or agents to respond to our queries. We wait for that first contract to be offered. We wait for the advance check to arrive. We wait . . . and wait . . . and wait for the book to finally come out in print!

Gracie, our beloved doggy who passed away last year.
Gracie taught me compassion. If you’ve ever nursed a pet through illness or trauma, you know how utterly dependent and trusting our pets are. Writers sometimes have to practice compassion with edgy, flawed characters who have so much growing up to do before the end of the story. We also understand the importance of encouraging other writers facing struggles along the journey. And sometimes we have to be compassionate with ourselves over a painful rejection, critique, or book review.

Poppy, still so much a puppy, reminds me every day of the importance of play. When she gets bored with napping beside me, she’ll bring over a toy and pester me until I toss it for her. Or she’ll get right up in my face and lick my nose until I give her some attention. Poppy’s a great reminder to get out from behind the computer screen for a while and change my outlook (not to mention my position!).

I also asked the pet-loving Seekers to share what their pets mean to them.

Tina Radcliffe: Charlie (female) is my writing companion and of course she nominated me for the ACFW Mentor of the Year. That's what friends do. They have your back. She's taught me the importance of taking naps. I've had Charlie for 14 years, and have perfected the fine art of napping. As you can see in this photo, Charlie also adds to my organizational system.

Tina's cat Charlie

Ruth Logan Herne: Libby is my writing buddy. Her son Jeter would like to be my writing buddy, but at 12 months old, he's too crazed... I would no more than get a sentence written and he'd be like "Oh, so, that's good, I think you should pet me now!" And if I put him off, he gives me five seconds and a long-slow-look (don't scoff at the impossibility of that, he's a puppy and they can make really good use of time because they're so stinkin' desperate for attention!) and then nudges his big, shaggy head under my arm, fairly certain that I should be petting him despite my refusal.

But Libby will just sit there, or curl up and she doesn't demand a thing. If I move, she follows me. If I ask her a question, her return look says she has the utmost confidence in my choices!!! I love her to pieces! She developed cancer last year and we had it removed, and so far so good. She's been fine! But knowing she's had it makes me appreciate my furry brown companion that much more. I love her peaceful, loving personality and she's great company for my middle-of-the-night writing stints.

Ruthy's dog Libby

Missy Tippens: My sweet black and white dog keeps my feet warm while I write. I also have my adorable grand-dog who comes to visit sometimes when we dog-sit. Here's a photo of the two of them beside me on the couch, where I work on my laptop. Often, though, the grand-dog isn't quite so cooperative! He tends to fall asleep with his head on my keyboard (snoring--listen here!). But who can resist a face like that?

Missy's doggy and grand-doggy

(Missy, continued) I can't say that my pets have taught me anything about writing, although I have written some stories with pets in them. But ever since I was a child, I've enjoyed the unconditional love that pets give, that total-acceptance, "I adore you" love. My dogs (and grand-dog) have given me a taste of God's love!

Missy's grand-dog snoring on her computer

Pam Hillman: I don't have indoor pets, although my dog Dakota does her best to become one every time I open the door. And right now her three puppies really, really want to live inside, too! But we have lots of outdoor animals, dogs, cats, cows, and horses.

We had puppies in the barn on September 11, 2001. I spent several weeks playing with those puppies. They were the best therapy I could think of to get away from everything going on in the world. So, even though I don't have indoor pets, I use a lot of life experiences with our farm animals in my writing. The true story of Taming Yellow is woven in Claiming Mariah, and even though I've never assisted with the birth of a foal, I've helped plenty with calves, so used that experience for the birth of the foal in Claiming Mariah.

Pam's puppies! Aren't they adorable?

Mary Connealy is the anti-pet contributor to this post: I don't like house pets and when our last outdoor dog died we didn't replace him. Also we have semi-feral barn cats.

[Mary asked me not to post photos, but she does occasionally capture snakes and rodents on glue traps. I don’t think those count as writing companions. However, she does have all those cows and calves roaming outside her door.]

Do you have a furry (or not so furry) friend that keeps you company while you write?
What makes your pet special? How has your pet inspired you or taught you important lessons about life that have translated over into your writing?

Tell us about your pet here in the comments section, and then pop over to the Seekerville Facebook page and upload a photo!

I’ll be giving away a $15 gift certificate to Drs. Foster & Smith, my favorite online pet supplies retailer. They also carry a variety of backyard specialty products, so if you don’t have a house pet, you can probably find something else to pique your interest. Even if you’re not a pet person, you can still enter the drawing. Just type “ENTER ME” at the end of your comment on today’s post.

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  1. I've already liked your FB page, pretty sure I've liked everyone's here that I know of, but I'm often surprised sometimes when I realize I haven't or am not FB friends with someone.....

    And Mary's non-indoor pet contribution is mine as well, no indoor pets. But I think Mary should keep her little mice on glue traps and display them like taxidermy trophies, no robber is going to touch a thing in your house after stumbling into that room! And do you really catch snakes on glue traps (or was that just bad sentence structure?) Because I want some of those industrial glue traps!!!

  2. Ah...pets! We have 2 indoor chihuahuas. One of them wants a rescue dog and it took us months to discover her delightful personality because she was too busy hiding under the bed for a while. We also have 2 outside dogs. Our border collie, KC, we got from an organization that find new homes for the pets of elderly people who have to go into nursing homes or assisted living. Our puppy, Bailey is a blue heeler. I also have inherited a cat who was here when we moved to our home about a year ago. (The owners couldn't catch him so they left him.) After a few months of sitting patiently to get him to come to us and lots of food, he now thinks that he's a housecat (he's sitting on my stomach as I type this). I had another beautiful cat. She disappeared a few weeks ago. :( And we also have a 28 year old horse (also inherited from the owners when they moved -- they pay for his food, they were just afraid the change of climate and the move would kill him.)
    So I guess you could say that I'm constantly surrounded by pets. :)And please enter me for the gift certificate...I need it with this many animals, lol.

  3. oh, pooh...I forgot to say that I subscribed and liked!!! Thanks again. ENTER ME! :)

  4. I have been thinking I need a pet! Mine would be a cat. my previous cat which was a claytons cat (the cat you have when you dont have a cat) He belonged to the neighbours but lived at my place. she was such a comfort. although did like to be on my lap if I had a laptop then it would have been interesting. Its nice feel the comfort of stroking a cat.

  5. I love the pet pics. I have a fluffy gray cat. He's boring cause he's old fat and lazy. Ha ha. Our dog is a Weimaraner. She's crazy! We share over 30acres with four houses (family). The people who live in my brother in laws house has a dog - a he. Ours a she. We can NOT separate those 2! They will tear our houses up to get to one another. I often finding myself dreaming of a doggie wedding. Lol.
    I'm already a subscriber and "likerer"
    Thanks for the post.
    Enter Me

  6. This post made me smile this morning. Thanks for that Myra!

  7. Our house is always filled with pets. Right now the sibs have a rescue doxie named Lessa, who has me well trained to hand out treats. :) She is extremely protective of my sister and the house and yard in general. Never underestimate the barking power of a mini doxie!

    Goku the cat barely tolerates me, so I'm honored the rare times he'll rub up against me. I can, however, gain his attention with a straw--his favorite toy.

    And the fish? It's amazing how loud they can stare at you when they thing they need food. One of the three large tanks is close to the desk and the tribe of angels do stare. A lot. While not exactly cuddly, watching fish can be relaxing. Sometimes when I need an answer to a writing issue, I'll just let my focus loose while watching the little swimmers.

    Although we don't have one (the sister is terrified) snakes actually can be cuddly. They like your warmth. LOL

  8. Ahhhhhh Myra, I so loved seeing everyone's pets. They are so special. My two pups went to doggy heaven last year and we are not looking for another right now. We always like to give a little grieving time for them but I really miss them.

    Suz the 9 pound toy poodle used to sleep in my lap when I write and then when she'd have enough and want attention she would place her little paw on the keyboard. A whole row of k's would track across my page and I'd know it was time to take a break. lol

  9. Good morning, Seekerville! Fun to know there are a bunch of us pet lovers out there!

    Still prying my eyes open, but I'll be back soon to chat. Also have to pry Poppy off my ankles, which is where she usually hangs out while I have my morning pot of tea. ;-)

    Later, everyone!!

  10. My cat Jake (actually my son's cat but he adopted me when son moved away to college) curls up in my lap and renders my left hand totally useless because he swipes at my face in a very loving manner of course, if I'm not petting him with it. So off we go - typing one-handed to avoid the dreaded 'love swipe' My "mews" reigns at the writing desk. ANd my big furry dog in the back yard, Angel (oxymoron) usually makes it into my story under a pseudonym, of course. But she always saves the day!

    1. I just loved your post today! I'm a dog person and have two six year old terriers - both rescue dogs. I can't imagine not having a dog in my life and home. They understand the concept of true love and devotion and bring so much joy! ENTER ME.

    2. I love your "Till We Meet Again" series!

  11. MELISSA, what a perfect suggestion for Mary's glue traps!!! Yes, she DOES catch snakes on her glue traps. I understand she keeps the traps in her garage.

    I mean, who would want to risk going out to your car and running into a snake?

    Thanks for being one of my FB likes!

  12. LEANNE, rescue pets are the best! Even though our Shadow was literally my "shadow" from his first day in our home, it took him months to make friends with my husband, and years to finally not be afraid of every stranger who came near.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful menagerie of furry creatures in your life!

  13. JENNY, I do love cats, too. We have had three over the years (many more if you count my childhood cats), but one of our grandsons is very allergic, so when the last one died, we didn't get another. Maybe someday . . .

  14. Well, Myra, you said that goldfish don't count. Do clownfish? I have one. Other than that I agree with Mary and Melissa on the 'no pets in the house' rule. We do have two cats outside who used to be in the house but my whole family has allergies and the kids were always feeling rotten because of the dander, so bye bye kitties! Outside they went.
    I did sign up for your newsletter and I liked your FB page, so please ENTER ME in the giveaway. (Was I supposed to put that in all capitals????) My two animal crazy kids will love to spend it on the outside cats for me. :-)

  15. AMY C, your shared acreage sounds like a fun way for a family to be close! Not to mention share pets! I'm sure those two doggies have great fun together. Our Poppy and Shadow love to romp, and Poppy is helping to keep Shadow young at heart, even though he's moving a lot slower these days.

  16. PIPER, glad I was able to brighten your morning. ;-)

  17. LIZZIE, you've got the pet situation covered--dog, cat, fish. Hope they all get along! Dachshunds are so cute!

    Um, I think I'll stick with warm, furry creatures and leave the snake snuggling to someone else.

    (Mary???? Ruthy????)

  18. SANDRA, I'm sure you must miss those doggies like crazy. I can't imagine ever being without a dog. They are so loving and devoted (even if they--namely Poppy--chew up everything within reach!)

    Seriously, we should by stock in Nylabones.

  19. CINDY, pets and computers make for an interesting writing challenge! I have a bench right next to the chair where I write, and when Poppy needs attention, she jumps on the bench and licks my face. I'm holding her off with one hand and trying to finish typing my sentence with the other!

    Glad you are finding story inspiration from Angel--LOL!

  20. LOVES TO READ, I am a huge lover of rescue dogs! So many sweet animals are out there in need of homes. And when you take them in, they truly are appreciative. If I had the space and the financial means, I would have a houseful of rescue dogs to love on!

  21. CRYSTAL, no prob--you are entered! Okay, we will count clown fish, but I'm having a hard time with the snuggly part--LOL!

    I understand about cat allergies, though. Whenever our allergic grandson visited while we had cats, he was always having to use his inhaler. I promised our daughter I wouldn't get another cat as long as the allergies remained a problem, but I do really miss having a kitty to pet!

  22. LOVES TO READ, meant to add I'm so glad you're enjoying my Till We Meet Again series! Thank you!!!

  23. Well, our clownfish (named- what else?- Memo) is really friendly, but I don't think he'd be the snuggly type if I tried to write with him in my lap. I get the feeling that he'd flop around for a while and then die. 8-/

  24. Oops.. That's NEMO, not Memo. The typo is my crazy generous stupid smartphone's fault completely!

  25. I was raised on a farm so all of our dogs/pets were kept outside. Then several years ago my husband bought me my first great dane. I was in love. When that dog died, I began looking for another. I became so obsessed w/the dane that we decided to breed them.

    Our first dog to live "in" our home was Ellie. It was such an experience for me since I'd never had an indoor animal.

    Something my dogs have taught me about writing? When to keep my mouth shut.

    Because I'm a liberal breeder (Shh. Don't tell. Yes, I would sell to you even if you kept the dog outside as long as you provided reasonable shelter...remember my bad upbringing) I keep my opinions to myself on dog forums and fb. I stay away from debate and breeder bashing. (Cross the wrong person, and they will make it their life's mission to ruin your reputation.) I do my best to raise good and lovable pups, but I don't want to get in a knock-down fight of whether a college student should be able to own a dog. Or if I should only sell to homes where at least one family member would be home w/the dog around the clock. Or why the pups should (or should not) be feed a raw food diet.

    I have my opinions about everything, including dogs. But sometimes, it's best to remain quiet on public forums.

    The point has been made numerous times on Seekerville and by others about not ranting about editors, agents, or authors.
    To my knowledge, I've never been the target on breeder sights, but I've witnessed enough to know I don't want to be the center of discussion.
    Editors and agents are no different. Treat them with respect...even if you think you have a valid complaint. Keep it small and private.

    That's probably not what you meant about learning something from our pets, Myra, but it's what jumps out at me. :)

  26. What a fun post, Myra! I have no indoor pets—I can't keep my own hair off everything. :-))

    But I do have two cat's that I inherited with my house six years ago. They bring three friends to share each meal with them.

    When I need a break and something to smile about, I walk to the sunroom door—there's always a show going on around the patio.

    Their lesson to me is, 'lighten up, life's fun!'.

  27. CONNIE, you are a wise woman. As public as our lives have become in the age of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites, I agree that it's best to stay under the radar when it comes to controversial topics.

    (And yes, I am very opinionated about certain thing--pets included-- too!)

    Great Danes are such gentle giants! At a stable where I used to ride (in another lifetime), the owner had Danes. She would sit on a tack trunk in the barn, and her dogs would back up to her and sit on her knees with their front feet on the ground. They were as happy as if they were little Chihuahuas sitting on her lap!

  28. MARY HICKS, cats can really teach us a lot about letting life's problems just roll on by. Glad you have a couple to enjoy on your patio!

  29. I'll be leaving shortly for an appointment, but keep the pet conversation going while I'm gone, and I'll catch up after lunch!

    Don't forget to increase your chances of winning the giveaway by signing up for my email list and liking my Facebook page! (Yes, blatant self-promo, but hey, if Ruthy can get away with it, why can't I? ;-D)

    Oh, and please post your pet photos over on the Seekerville Facebook page!!!

    (Links are all in the blog post.)

  30. Hi Myra,

    What a great post! Everyone can relate to animals in some shape or form.

    We have two cats - a male tabby named Riley who has the best personality I know, and a finicky white female who is -um- very large and has overeating issues. But she purrs louder than a car engine when you pat her. They don't sit with me when I write (not allowed on the dining room table) but as soon as I plop on the couch, Riley is there to snuggle!


  31. What fun, Myra! I love my babies. And both mine and the grand-dog are rescue dogs as well. I love doing that.

    I'm loving reading about everyone's pets. :)

  32. LOL. Yes, that's common for Danes to sit like that. They will also do their best to crawl into your lap. And they love to "lean" on people.

  33. LOL, Crystal! I can't see you and Nemo writing together. :)

  34. Also, we used to have a cat who acted like a dog. We called her Sheba Dog. She would follow my son to the bus stop each morning. Wait with him. Then walk back in the house after the bus drove off. It was crazy! :)

  35. Pets. Can't live without 'em. We've always had Brittanys, for the last 50 years. Not the same one, of course. Our current furbaby, Millie, is a sweetheart. She joins me in my office, jumps in hubby's chair and naps while I write. She does eventually leave and bring me a toy for throwing, if she thinks we've sat too long in the same position.The house is too empty with no scattered toys, chew bones and shredded papers; have to have a critter around, always.

  36. Thank you to everyone who rescues a critter!

    Current rescues are two fantastic, loving, talented, incredibly intelligent outdoor cats (who have garage accommodations friends have described as plush) and one indoor writing buddy -- okay, life buddy -- who is also fantastic, loving, talented and incredibly intelligent. I've been told that pets reflect their owners :-)

    Thanks for a delightful post, Myra. I have all your books and I'm already subscribed to your newsletter, but my feline friends would love for me to win the gift certificate. I think they're already coming up with possible purchases so please ENTER ME.

    Nancy C

  37. I've been looking forward to this post since I read about it in the WE. I love the pics and the contented sound of snoring from Missy's grandpup. Very zen. :-)

    I'm dogless for the first time in 25 years. :-( Looking for a furbuddy, hoping to go the rescue route too. Your Shadow story is so inspiring. Kudos to you for persevering. He looks like he has some Newfoundland in him.

    The best thing about having a dog for a writing buddy is they get you walking. I always get great plot ideas when I walk.

    I've been mama to: 5 dogs, 4 cats, 2 dwarf bunnies, 2 budgies, 1 rat, 2 mice, 2 raccoons and 1 squrriel. Not all at the same time though!!! You might say I'm an animal lover.

    Right now I borrow the neighbour's cat. He's Oreo because he's black on top and bottom and white in the middle. :-) He chirrups when he purrs.

  38. I miss my pets. I haven't had any in a while because I travel too much to keep them. :(

    Amber Schamel

  39. Thanks for this post. I have three Pommies now, but had five at one point. Three crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I wasn't ready for any of them to leave me.

  40. What a fun post. Now I must go look at the Seeker friends pets.

  41. Melissa, yes, you DO catch snakes on glue traps.

    I did.

    And I would tell you about it, but I've blocked the event from my memory.


  42. Great post today! I have 2 indoor pets and would be lost without them. Snickers the long-haired miniature Dachshund is gonna be 3 this year. He's my snuggle buddy and is fast asleep beside me as I type. Jack the cat is a big, black tomcat who is one of the most affectionate and loving creatures you'll ever meet. They will sleep the day away if given the chance, but when my husband brings out the laser pointer, watch out for the stampede. ;)

    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  43. Connie, your advice is SPOT ON!!!

    More than once, I've visited forums about dogs, cats, horses, etc. to find out about a question for one of our farm animals, and some of those people are scary. I can't imagine meeting one of them in real life.

  44. Man, Kav, I wish you lived closer. I'd share my puppies with you!! :)

    They are about to eat me out of house and home, and they LOVE me so much that I have started parking my car on the other side of the house so that I can get away without being mauled.

    I still have three, and it's impossible to cuddle 3 - 8 week old puppies at once. So, I brave the melee, grab one and take it for puppy time, then get another one, then another. They are so sweet and loving when it's one-on-one, but all three of them at once??? Yikes!

    They just about take me down!

    Lesson learned from half-a-dozen puppies: We CAN juggle writing multiple projects, marketing, revisions, and family...one puppy at a time! lol

  45. In an attempt to play along I did go snap a picture of the small garter snake in a glue trap in my basement.
    It was too disgusting to share.

    Also there are now FOUR cats around my house.
    Every SINGLE ONE OF THEM runs when I step out.

    Behavior I applaud btw.

  46. I don't think cows count.

    Not one of the more cuddly animal breeds.

    I do touch one once in a while.

    (okay TWICE I've touched one)
    They don't like me much.

  47. Mary, maybe I'm too much of a city girl. But I think your baby cows looks soft and cuddly!

    Okay, so I'd probably get my head kicked off by a protective mama cow. I'll resist. But seems to me you could try to make it a pet! :)

  48. I could try, Missy. And yet...I don't!

  49. Back from my appointment and munching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yum.

    SUE, your cats sound precious! What--you don't allow your cats on the dining room table???

  50. MISSY, your doggies are SOOOOO cute! Sheba Dog sounds like Rover in the cartoon strip "Red and Rover." It's always been one of my favorites.

  51. Our home rarely has just one dog. I got into breeding and exhibiting purebred Shelties decades ago, and we've loved and lived with two-to-five-at-a-time ever since. We also have the occasional Labrador, and they make the best foot warmers for someone like me who is frequently barefoot!

    The Shelties would curl up in a ball underneath my desk as I worked. My current Lab, "Tynan", prefers to stretch out full length, and I have to remember he's there when I push my chair away, and not roll the chair over his ear flaps.

    I can't imagine life without a furry companion, and they make their way into every novel I've written.

  52. EBOOKAUTHOR (do you have a first name we can call you by?), I know what you mean about doggy toys all over the floor! That's pretty much what our living room looks like all the time. Poppy will pull out one toy from her basket and play with it awhile, then go choose another. Wish we could teach her to put her toys away when she's done!

  53. NANCY C, I agree--wish more people would take in a rescue critter. LOL--yes, I'm sure you and your lovable, fantastic, and incredibly talented furry friends have loads in common!

  54. Um, yes, KAV, I would definitely say you are an animal lover! Hope you find a new furry friend soon!

    Really no clue what breed(s) Shadow is. He topped out at around 55 pounds (and needs to lose about 5 of those really badly) after being nothing but skin and bones when we got him. Some have said he might have some Chow, to me he looks more like a really fat Sheltie or border collie.

  55. AMBER, it's probably smart not to have pets if you travel a lot. That's really the hardest part, finding quality care for them when we need to be away. For the past year or two we've been using a very reliable pet sitter whose "day job" is a vet tech. We found her when we needed someone who could take care of Gracie if she had a seizure while we were away.

  56. LYNDEE, losing a pet is so very, very hard. They just don't live long enough, and I plan to ask God about that when I get to heaven. Bet your Pommies are adorable!

  57. TINA, your Charlie is so sweet!

    Okay, Seekervillagers, go post your pet pix to the Seekerville Facebook Page! We want to see!!!!

  58. PAM, I think I would have to block a snake on a glue trap from my memory, too. Just thinking of any living creature stuck like that and dying a slow, agonizing death . . . well, it's inhumane.

    But I guess Mary would say if it's a mouse, so much the better!

  59. ANNA, your furry friends sound like great companions! Isn't it funny how cats will chase a light across the floor like that? Our doggies sleep a lot, too. In fact, right this minute they're both asleep on my office floor.

    Which reminds me, I need to vacuum soon. :(

  60. One "puppy" at a time--love it, PAM! Great life lesson!

  61. MARY, you are such a scary person.

    Uh-huh, right.

    Well, snakes and mice should definitely fear you!

    And didn't you have a calf in your bathtub once?

  62. CAROL, we used to have Shelties. The mama was a black-and-tan, and we bred her to a blue merle. We were so excited when the first puppy out was a blue, but then all the rest looked like the mama. We kept the blue--couldn't part with him!

  63. I'm laughing at Missy's dogs on the couch.... I am the mean dog owner who doesn't let them on furniture and they sleep on the floor, which is better than in a CAVE....

    I'm a hard-hearted Yankee!!!!

  64. RUTHY, our dogs are allowed on the sofa with us--but ONLY if their special doggy blanket is laid out. And they are NOT allowed on the beds.

    I have enough trouble keeping dog hair vacuumed up off the carpet. :(

  65. My farm cat "Fauna" is about to have kittens. Shh, don't tell!

    Anyway, she's tucked in a kennel now with food, water and a birthing box because Fauna is the queen of giving birth under wood piles. I'm opting for "no wood pile babies" and I'm keeping her tucked away (I almost said locked up but that sounds MEAN....) until these babies are born. Because once they're here, she'll come and go as she pleases, because her babies will delight her!

    But... not under a huge pile of firewood.

  66. Myra, fun to look at the adorable Seeker writing companions! I grew up with a cat, dog, parakeet and hamster, but during my college years, I discovered I was allergic to cats and dogs, which makes me careful about the amount of contact I have with pets. Our granddogs are adorable and easy to love. I keep washing my hands after I pet them. Of course I'm one of their favorite people!


  67. I love my 3 adopt-a-dogs and they are definitely lots of writing company. I call the littlest one my shadow as he follows me everywhere!

    We have a 55lb greyhound/border collie mix who believes she is a lap dog but isn't able to stay still for more than 15 minutes at one time!

    I am very entertained watching her attempt to heard the terriers and in return she receives the 'are you nuts' look!!

    Please enter me x 3!! I like your FB page and signed up for your newsletter!

  68. Oh, kittens! How fun, RUTHY! Glad you are helping Fauna avoid a woodpile birth!

    We had a cat once who gave birth under our daughter's bed. That was an interesting dilemma!

  69. JANET, pet allergies are no fun. So glad you can enjoy your granddogs!

  70. S. TRIETSCH, I'm trying to picture a greyhound/border collie mix! That must be some doggy! Part runner, part herder . . . wow!

    We had a retired racing greyhound several years ago, and she was the sweetest dog ever!

  71. Oh, Myra, this was SO fun, but a little sad too. We lost our 2nd golden, Bunker, five years ago on Easter Saturday, and Keith REFUSES to go there again since both Ben and Bunker are now in doggie heaven.

    I don't always include pets in my books, but when I do, it's usually a golden retriever because ours were so wonderful!

    Fun post, and fun to see Seeker pets too!


  72. JULIE, so sorry about your sweet goldens! I completely understand how hard it is to lose a beloved pet, and at the time, they seem irreplaceable. But even knowing the pain I will feel at the end of their lives, I just can't imagine being without a doggy to love.

  73. No house pets, but we've got geese on the lake. Babies born recently. So fun to watch.

    My afternoon walk is always more enjoyable with geese to feed. Ducks too.

  74. Um, DEBBY, I wouldn't attempt to snuggle with a goose. Just an FYI--LOL! But they are fun to watch, that's for sure, especially the babies. And you have such a lovely lake to walk around!

  75. Several of you have already posted your pet pix on our Seekerville Facebook Page. There are some real cuties over there, so if you haven't posted your own photo and checked out everyone else's, come on over! You'll find the photos in "recent posts by others."

  76. Loved your post, Myra, and enjoyed all the cute pet photos. I'm glad Tina posted her cat Charlie, or it would've been all dogs, LOL (dogs are good, but I am a CAT mom, after all). ;)

    I don't know what I'd do without all my furry babies--my cats and my writing have helped me handle my empty nest since I can no longer teach kindergarten (due to spinal issues). There are always at least 2 or 3 kitties curled up near me when I'm at my computer (including right now--one beside me, one by my feet, and another snoozing close by).

    Thanks for sharing this today. Also wanted to say I LOVED your book Whisper Goodbye (and will be posting my reviews very soon!).

    Hugs, Patti Jo (the Cat Lady) ;)

  77. We have three dogs. One yorkie and two yorkie mixes. One is a rescue named Annie who is very child like. They are all so different and loveable!

    I include animals in almost everything I write.

    I am already subscribed and a fb fan, please enter me.

  78. PATTI JO the CatMom!!! I know you love your sweet kitties! Yes, pets can be a great comfort during those empty-nest years. Our daughters have accused us of treating the pets better than we did them--LOL!

    FYI, we brush our doggies' teeth every night at bedtime. Sure saves on vet dental bills!

  79. DONNA, it's true--our pets each have distinct personalities. Just one more reason they are so much fun to have around!

    True story: If anyone has read Pearl of Great Price, I wrote the dog rescue scene before Shadow ever came into our lives. Then when he did, that scene seemed somehow prophetic.

  80. The calf was in the BASEMENT not the bathtub.
    And trust me, I wasn't writing while we had him down there...fighting for his life after being born in minus 10 degree weather at 2 am.

    btw he's fine. Lively and growing fat.

  81. Brrrrr, MARY! So glad he made it!

    (Basement, bathtub . . . they both start with B.)

  82. Melissa Jagears.....we do catch snakes on glue traps. Tricky with little kids though because they can also catch a child. And there's a sticky mess to clean up.
    We get HUGE glue traps but mostly we just have little snakes...about the size of a standard pencil.

    And I don't object to mice...as long as they STAY OUTSIDE. You come in my house...you die.

    But I'm not putting out gluetraps outside now am I????????
    There is one review on this glue trap.
    I wrote it.


  83. Too funny, MARY! I just read your review and clicked "helpful."

    If I ever need a glue trap, that is.

    Speaking of snakes, the grandkids say there's one in our magnolia tree. I haven't gone out to check.

  84. Don't forget to let me know if you want to be entered in my Drs. Foster & Smith gift card drawing!

    (See more details in the post.)

  85. Mary, we've accidentally caught a huge bull snake in a rat trap.

    Also found one w/its head stuck in a coke can. That one was funny because my husband thought the snake was dead. Went to roll it over to see what kind it was, when the snake went psycho.

    My kids left a sock down in the creek. A small perch got caught in the sock. Along came a snake and fought w/fish FOREVER trying to get it out of that sock!

    I don't recommend any of these way to catch a snake though. Go w/Mary's glue traps.

  86. My dogs always (well, almost always) make me smile and lift my spirits! They keep me company.

  87. Fun post, Myra,
    I'm with you about the reptiles. I gravitate toward mammals. We adopted our Moyen Poodle from Carolina Poodle Rescue and he's part of the family now.

    The best part about him is he is NOT a critic. Whatever I do, say, or produce, he gives me the wag.

  88. LOL I just got an email that my review of the Glue Traps helped some other shopper. I KNOW IT CAME FROM HERE!!!!

  89. Ah! Myra already said it was her.

  90. Are we supposed to be talking about glue traps on Myra's warm and fuzzy Inspiring Pets blog?

    Excuse me while I shut up.

  91. CONNIE My Cowboy is a man who sort of...ahem...let's say HOLLERS when he's upset. Okay? It's just noise I'm used to it.

    So one day on his way to the basement he just ROARED and me? My reaction? I keep a pair of ear plugs by my computer so I don't have to hear whatever it is.

    I ignored him.

    Then later here he comes ranting about finding a BULL SNAKE in the basement.
    It was right in the middle of one of the stairs. So it was ON IT'S WAY UP TO MY KITCHEN!!!!

    Well, My Cowboy had dispatched the snake and thrown it far away and I didn't know a thing about it until it was all over because...ear plugs.

    And then he came and wanted to know why I didn't come and help. He could have used a hand with the doors, etc. And ... didn't I hear him yelling?

    I thought (I didn't NOT SAY IT OUT LOUD) "If you didn't holler around so much I'd have come to see if you needed help."

    And you know what that means???

    It means I'm married to 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'.

  92. CARA, it's nice to have a couple of doggies around to lift our spirits. I know mine sure do! Poppy just crawled up beside me in the recliner and snuggled in. Love it. Just love it!!!

  93. BECKE, that is definitely a good thing about pets. They love us no matter how much drivel we write! ;-)

  94. MARY, I can't blame you at all for ignoring your cowboy's yelling. I feel that way about my hubby sometimes, He's the chatterbox of the family, so (unfortunately) I tend to tune him out after a while.

  95. I must admit, I am NOT a cat person. Dogs? There's something about their unconditional love. We have a four year old rescue Akita named Kaji. She's the most laid back dog and perfect companion for our four year old. They're quite a pair.

    She tries to be a big mooch, but no people food for her. We've nicknamed her "moose" because she's big and solid and hard to move if she plops down where you don't want her.

    She is a sweet, sweet dog. I'll post a pix to facebook.

  96. p.s. MARY CONNEALY
    your comments crack me up.

  97. Hi Myra,

    What a fun post! I didn't have any pictures at work so I waited til now. I posted the pics of my Fenway who usually whimpers if I spend too long at the computer. He's apt to drop the ball at my feet too. But other times he just curls up beside me.

    Bart, on the other hand, is far more likely to try to nap on the keyboard - or at least insert himself under your arm in a way so you can't type.

    Such fun to read about everyone's pets.

  98. DEB H, Kaji sounds like a very sweet doggy! Unconditional love is what pets are all about. Her size and "immovability" reminds me a lot of our dear departs Gracie. At her best weight she was 95 pounds of hairy yellow carpet! :)

  99. MARY CURRY, I bet you have fun with those sweeties! When they're that cute, who can resist having our writing interrupted? Must go check out the pix now!

    Don't forget about giveaway, y'all! You need to let me know if you want to be included in the drawing!

  100. Myra - I love your pet post. A month ago my old rescue boy, Toby, had to be put down. Broke my heart. I still have my two ornery Westies. One of which is in my lap right now!

    I'm the opposite of Mary, I love having indoor pets. Please enter me for the gift card. I order from them.

  101. Great, TERRI! I love that company, especially having everything delivered right to my door!

    So sorry about Toby. Such a hard thing to go through, but it's good you have your other furry friends to cuddle with.

  102. Myra, this was such a sweet post. I had several pets growing up, but the pet that was exclusively mine was Alex, a mixed dachshund. He was very smart! He could open doors that weren't latched and he would even pose for pictures whenever he saw the camera. I have no pictures of him though he still lives in my memory.

    Unfortunately, as an adult my asthma and allergies have gotten so bad that I can no longer tolerate having a pet. My mom is making up for it though. She now has FOUR- all indoors.

    Don't put me in for the drawing since I have no pets who need things.

  103. Myra! Thanks for the fun day!

    I've never really been a cat person, but I loved my "Hula"! She was a white, long haired cat with beautiful blue eyes. We live out in the country & someone "donated" her to us (dumped her). She actually saved me from a rattlesnake. She died a few months ago, but oh we loved that girl!! I'll post a pic of her on fb!

    Thank you!
    ENTER ME! And I joined your email & liked your fb page. We are happy to do that anytime for anyone! Just let us know!

  104. I'm late to the party, but my Boston terrier Bazinga (yes, we're fans of The Big Bang Theory) is my constant writing companion. She's a snuggly dog who isn't happy unless she's as close to me as possible when writing, preferably in my lap. (Missy, the picture of your dog on your laptop is almost an exact copy of one I have of MY dog like that!)

  105. Sorry for skipping out for a day or so. We've been completely preoccupied helping our daughter & family as they get ready to fly back to Ethiopia.

    DIANNA, Alex sounds like a very sweet (and smart!) dog! So sorry your allergies became such a problem. I have to start a new series of allergy shots every time we move to a new city. Thankfully, pets have never been an issue.

  106. Wow, JANA--saved you from a rattlesnake??? Hula must have been quite a kitty! I'm sure you miss her very much. Thanks for the FB like and newsletter signup!

  107. STEPHANIE, Bazinga sounds like a real cutie! I love having a dog small enough to snuggle next to me on the sofa or while I write. Although Gracie (all 95 pounds of her at her best weight) thought she was small enough, too! We just had to scooch in and make room!

    Thanks to everyone who shared about your favorite pets! And thanks to everyone else for bearing with us!!!