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Plot Structure of a Novella

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Last week Margaret Brownley brought up some great points about novella writing in her article The Long and Short of Writing Novellas.

All of us Seekers are paying attention because we are going to be publishing Christmas novellas written by --guess who? The Seekers.  Isn't that exciting?  We are planning a contemporary novella and a historical novella.  So if you're writing a Christmas list already, here's something to add on. Our working theme for both contemporary and historical is Hope For The Holidays.

Several of the Seekers have already written novellas, but I'm like Margaret. I overwrite everything and normally have to delete much of what I write. So writing my first novella has been a challenge.

I went to Desert Dreams conference in Tempe last spring and Dessert Rose author, Calista Fox (who writes sizzling hot novellas) presented some great tips on structuring a novella.

Here is the breakdown of her handout.  (presented with Calista's permission)

Chapters 1-2  

Set Up: Character(s) plot and romantic elements introduced
Action and conflict underway.

Chapters 3-5

Conflict, tension and romance further developed

Chapters 6-7

Build-up to crisis
Plot and romance heats up; conflict and tension are about to peak

Chapter 8

Crisis/black moment

Chapter 9

Climax/falling action

Chapter 10

Resolution to plot
Happy ever after for hero and heroine.  :)

This outline helped a lot to give me a sense of the pacing. There is nothing new here. But having the chapter breakdown gives you a good idea of where the plot points should be falling in a shorter novella.

Janet Dean presented us with tips her editor, Tina James sent her when she wrote her novella for Love Inspired Historicals Brides of the West.   In this article, Tips for Writing a Novella,  she also lists tips from other authors. One of the authors, Victoria Bylin, suggested using secondary characters from one of your novels. This helps give you a deeper character without having to develop so much in the novella.

That is exactly what I am doing in my novella. I am taking the character, Stephen, who was Monica's former fiancé in Love's Promises.

Stephen is still in Spain so I was able to use information from my trip in Spain for the setting. It is advisable to keep the same setting because description of setting takes up a lot of space. So much of my novella will be set on the gorgeous beaches of Matalascanas which is southwest of Seville along the Atlantic coast.

They will be using the royal hunting lodge found in the national park there. (Parque Nacional de Donana)

Royal hunting lodge in Parque Nacional de Donana

Another piece of advice I gleaned is to keep the secondary characters to a minimum and also to use only one POV. Now that is really difficult for me because I always mix the male hero POV in with the heroine's POV.  So just limiting my story to the heroine's POV has been a challenge for me. But with my plot and black moment (yes, novellas need those also) I find that one POV makes it really work.

In March 2013, Gina Welborn wrote a post for Seekerville titled: A Novel Approach to Novellas. She was writing her first novella and asked her friend Linda Goodnight for advice. In this post, Linda gives several great tips for keeping the novella succinct and tight. Pop over to that article to see what tips she gives us.

Gina has written several novellas since including her Christmas novella  called All Ye Faithful in the book of novellas called A Cascades Christmas.

 Are you ready to write a novella now? I hope these tips gleaned from my experience and other friends of Seekerville will help you.

Most of the Seekers have written novellas already. Here are some links:

Mary Connealy has written several.
A Match Made in Texas contains her latest.
Ruth Logan Herne 

Debby Guisti

But this is my first one so I welcome any more helpful advice.

If you have any other suggestions, recommendations and/or tips post them in the comment section and you will be eligible for the drawing that includes a novella written by a Seeker (if available) and your choice of one of my books.

Happy writing.

Happy reading.


  1. Sandra, I'm waiting anxiously for your novella! Reading your post helps me understand novellas better. Thanks! And the coffee is great. Walmart or Safeway don't have it anymore?

  2. The outline is great.

    I have one novella on my hard drive.

    Coffee's brewing.

  3. Sandra - my only published work is a novella and it was a blast to write. Loved it!

    Linda Goodnight's tips for writing a novella are wonderful. I'm fortunate to be friends with her, so midway through your post I thought of her tips. It made me smile when you mentioned her. I recommend any advice writers can glean from her be used. She is awesome!

    I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the Seekers Christmas novellas.

    1. By the way, pass the donuts. They look yummy!

  4. Hi Sandra - enjoyed your post! I really like novellas, especially Christmas ones. I'm trying to remember if I've read one with just one POV. Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks !

  5. I can't wait for the Seekers novella!

    Please enter me for the drawing.

  6. Loved the post Janet. Some great information. I also can't wait for the Seekers Christmas Novellas. (I'm doing the Snoopy happy dance)!

    Have a blessed day!
    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  7. Well, I'm beyond thrilled that there's going to finally be a Seekerville novella collection!!!! It's about time, ladies!!!! And two at Christimas time? Well, that's sheer bliss in my books. Almost makes me want the summer to speed by...almost, but not quite. :-)

    I can't imagine writing a novella. I have enough trouble whittling away at verbosity. I'm rooting for all of you though. I bet it actually takes longer to write a novella than it does to write a regular length book. At least it would for me!

  8. Sandra, this post is so welcome! Thanks for all the good links! I'm printing this one out for my file!

    I love Christmas stories and feel they work so well for a shorter, holiday theme. Christmas is a busy time of the year but readers still 'need' their reading fix...
    enter the novella!

    And Christmas titles and covers can be so much fun!

  9. Congratulations to Melissa and Tina for the Carol Awards.
    Kathy Bailey

  10. Good morning, Sandra! Thank you for the novella-writing tips -- and links to the other Seekerville posts on the topic! I can hardly wait to read the Seeker Christmas stories!!

  11. Hi Marrianne, Thanks for the encouragement.

    And no, Walmart has been fazing it out of their stores. Fry's also. It is being replaced by Dunkin donuts. They must offer them a better deal. I am so sad.

    Whenever I see it in the store I buy every one of them.

    I still can go online and order directly from Millstone, but surprisingly they are more expensive that way. But you do what you have to do. sigh

  12. Hi Helen, So you have one already? I really got a kick out of Rogenna Brewer's post where she made novellas out of many of her unsold proposals.

    Here is the link Secret To Writing a Novella

  13. Hi Terri, Oooh please tell us the title of your novella and I will post a link to it.

    And I am glad you know Linda Goodnight. She is a great person to know because she is so helpful.

  14. Morning Loves To Read, I "love to read "your handle.
    It tells me something wonderful about you. smile
    You are in the drawing. smile Have a great day reading.

  15. Hi Wilani, It is exciting isn't it? You are in the drawing also. Happy writing.

  16. Excellent guide to novellas, Sandra! You rooted out some wonderful past posts on writing short and tight. Something that does not come easily for me, LOL!

    The setting for your novella sounds heavenly. Spain. Ahhhh. Tough to write a Christmas story when all I can think of are beautiful beaches and warm, sunny days.

    My novella for the Christmas collection features characters from Rocky Mountain Hero. I love telling RJ and Shayna's story, and 20K is about long enough to accomplish it.

    Thanks for great, TIMELY post, and the links, Sandra!!!

  17. Hi Cindy, I am having fun picturing you doing the Snoopy happy dance. Its always a good day when you can do that. smile

    Happy writing.

  18. WooHoo! Tina and Melissa are Carol Award finalists!!

    Jumping for joy and SOOOOOOO glad they're not in the same category!!!!!

    You go, ladies!!

  19. Kav, bite your tongue. We do not want winter back for awhile. However, I do adore Christmas so it is okay. smile

    It doesn't take as long to write because the word count is much less, however it is just as much work. You need to get all the research done, explore the setting and develop your characters. So those factors aren't time savers in a novella. But actual writing time is less.

  20. Hi Mary H. Yes the titles have been fun. We have been throwing around ideas this past week for titles.

    Glad the info helps. Happy writing.

  21. Hi Kathy B, Yes it is exciting news for Tina. She is a Carol Awards Finalist.

    And folks, if you go to the list, there are quite a few Seeker friends on it. Go check it out at.

    Carol Award Finalists

  22. Morning Glynna, It is going to be an exciting adventure isn't it? Have a great day.

  23. Hi Audra, Yes, it helps to look at past posts and get more information. I love that sidebar on our blog site. What a wealth of knowledge we have gathered over the years. smile

    Spain is a great place to spend Christmas because they really do it from the religious point of view, not so much the commercial aspect. There are statues of Christ everywhere and the Christmas decorations are spectacular.

  24. Aw, Sandra thank you!!!! And yes, coffee and donuts, I'm such a stinkin' NEW YORKER!!!! And you know what I found researching my Seeker Christmas novella???? A CANNOLI-CREAM-STUFFED-DOUGHNUT FROM FRANGELLI'S BAKERY IN SOUTH PHILLY!!!!

    Reason enough to take a trip to Philly right there!!!!

    I use two pov's in novellas, just like I do in my novels, but I keep the sections shorter. So a chapter might have two sections of POV or it might have four... depending on how the action is going.

    "Red Kettle Christmas" was long for a novella (JULIE, DEAREST, DIDJA HEAR THAT????) :) at 40K. My Zondervan novella "All Dressed Up in Love" (3/15) is 25K, more normal. "Prairie Promises" (Barbour 3/15) is 20K, also in the norm for novellas. And I used both POV's in them. And the same for "Longing for a Miracle" my Christmas novella with THE SEEKERS, YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!

    I like the two pov's and working with Melissa Endlich and Love Inspired has helped teach me to get to the good stuff quick!!!

    Now if you're writing literary, that's different, I know that, darlings...

    But I'm 'bout as literary as a box of Cracker Jacks in a baseball stadium, with a tall diet Coke on the side!!!! I'm wretchedly down-home-and-normal, so I keep my writing in that comfort zone.

    I love writing novellas. I am having the time of my life... I may have said that already, LOL!


    Ruthy (eating a fresh donut/doughnut and ♥♥♥♥♥)

  25. Waves hand to Terri Weldon...

    I love Goodnight. She's so stinkin' talented as to be RIDICULOUS and I just received the three classics from Love Inspired for the summer sale... Linda has two of them, Irene Hannon another two and Brenda Minton is the third double volume.

    #HAPPY!!! :)

  26. Sandra, great information on writing a novella! I can't wait to read the Seeker Christmas anthology!!!

    I loved writing Last Minute Bride of Brides of the West anthology. With secondary characters begging for their own story and an already established setting, I had a terrific jump start on the writing the story.


  27. Happy dancing with Melissa and Tina's Carol finals!! Yay!!!! Toasting you gals with a cup of java.


  28. Oh Ruthy, I'm so glad to hear you do both POV. I really like doing both. Wow, 40K isn't very short. You could get a lot packed into that one. smile

    Thanks for sharing all the info. You have written so many. You say you love to write novellas. Dearest. You love to write. Period. That's like saying you love to breathe. LOL

    Wow, that donut does make my mouth water. But I know you like Dunkin donuts cause we drove all over Orland looking for one during RWA conference. LOL

  29. Hi Janet, Yes those were wonderful reads. You are so talented.

    I can hardly wait also. So much fun to be doing this project.

  30. I have a question: what is the word count (or count range) for a novella in the publishing world?

  31. All the Seekers in the same book? And it's about Christmas? Yay! I'm in. Any way I can pre-order?

  32. This makes me want to run out and try it.

  33. Sandra - no way I'll turn down such a great offer. My novella is Mistletoe Magic by Terri Denise Weldon.


  34. Yay too, for Tina and me not being in the same category! ;D

  35. Well, isn't that breakdown nice!! I love it. Thanks, Sandra.

  36. Congratulations Tina!

    Congratulations Melissa -- what book was your novella in? How did I miss it?

    I checked the finalists list for the Carol Awards and I've read a good number of them but am surprised at the ones I missed. I need a job where I can read full time.

  37. Adding my congratulations to Melissa and Tina on their Carol Awards!!!

    Yay, Yay!!

  38. Hi S. I think it ranges from 20K all the way up to 40K. Check back at Ruthy's response as she has written novella's at all of those different lengths.

    I think it depends upon the publisher also. It is a marketing and distribution issue as they need to have all of their books a standard size for shipping.

    I am aiming for 20K for the Christmas novella. We are going shorter because we have so many contributing.

    Of course in ebook format, size is not an issue.

    Thanks for asking.

  39. Hi Kathy, We are just now developing the cover and titles so pre-order will have to wait. We will certainly announce it.

    Thanks for all the excitement. That encourages us. smile

  40. Hi Terri, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Okay folks, Here is the link for Terri's Mistletoe Magic

  41. Oh, SANDRA, BLESS YOU!!! I haven't started my Seeker novella yet, but you have certainly gotten me off on the right foot here with all this FABULOUS info!!

    Like you, I anticipate having a difficult time curtailing my verbosity, especially given that I'm known for my door-stop-size books, but I'm certainly excited about giving it a try, so THANK YOU again for this FABULOUS blog today -- am printing this one off for darn sure. :)


  42. Melissa, YAY


    That is really a wonderful honor to be a finalist in the Carol Awards. Way to go girl.

  43. Hi Tina, Yes, the donuts are yummy. And thanks.

    CONGRATULATIONS to you also.

    Woo hoooooooo

    And there are other Seeker friends on that Carol finalist list too. Yay

  44. Kav you are so funny. Did you notice how many are Seekerville friends? We are so excited for all of them.

  45. Thanks Mary. They don't have the awards yet. They are finalists which is HUGE. Yay yay

  46. Oh Julie, It is going to be painful to cut all those words. LOL I know because I already have been cutting. sigh

    But then again your words are wonderful so then its double painful to cut them. Save them okay. They will come in handy for your next wip.

  47. Sandra, you made my day!! I am hoping/guessing it will be available this Christmas!

    I'm not sure if this is true or not but I've read if you can't describe the story into one sentence, the story may be more suitable to a novel rather than a novella. That is the extent of my (second hand) novella knowledge.

  48. I'm still celebrating Tina & Melissa's Carol Award nomies!!


  49. Yes, Donna, we are planning to have it available for this Christmas.

    It always amazes me that all the Christmas books that come out were (of course) written months ahead of Christmas. It is hard to get in the Christmas spirit in the middle of summer. I find I am just writing the story and hen I'll go back and add more Christmas flavor.

  50. Sandra, I turn on Christmas music to set the mood ahead of time... Breath of Heaven, Casting Crowns "Peace on Earth", What Child is This?/A Child of the Poor... And some of the fun ones, too, carols that make me smile. And Faith Hill's "Where are you, Christmas?" from The Grinch...

    Great songs for making you think of sacrifice, hope and Christmas.

    A baby, born to the poor, bringing so many riches.

  51. I'm so pumped about the Seekerville Christmas novellas! You'll all have to let us know when we can pre-order it.

    I'm going to have to print this post off, Sandra. I love your chapter break down of the pacing. And thank you for the links to other posts on novellas!

    I don't think I'll be writing one anytime soon, though. My next book is going to be a bit longer (100K), so I'm in long range mode rather than the tight story telling novellas need.

    It's time to get to my WIP, so pass the donuts :)

  52. Ruthy, Great idea. I know you use music a lot when you write to get your emotions and feelings out there. Great tip. I might try it if I can find where I put those Christmas CD's.

    How does one lose things in the small space of an RV?????

  53. Hi Jan, We will be sure to let people know when they can pre-order the novellas. We are getting so excited about the project. (Overcoming the fear anyway-LOL)

    Best wishes on that 100K novel. Yes, take as many donuts as you need. smile

  54. Thanks for sharing all the links as well as the tips, Sandra! I'll be jumping in on my novella soon!

  55. Hi Missy, Can hardly wait. This is so exciting and so much fun.

  56. The Seekers are writing Christmas novellas?? Squee!!!

    Terri -- I adored Mistletoe Magic!!

    Sandra, thanks so much for an informative post. I love outlining, so that breakdown looks like heaven. :-)

  57. Yay, Tina! Yay, Melissa!

    Such great news about the Carol finals. Thrilled for both of you!!!!

    Sandra, thanks for sharing all the good info about novellas.

    I'll have a new one in OCT. HOLIDAY DEFENDERS is the title for the anthology. My story is "Mission: Christmas Rescue." I got a sneak peek at the cover and love it. Writing a story that mixes Christmas with suspense is always a challenge...but fun too! :)

  58. Hey ya'll, thank you for posting the link to my novella tips because I had lost them in a hard drive crash. And yes, I'd forgotten what I said!! lol (Hush, Ruthie! No cracks about my memory.)

    The posted outline and these additional tips are marvelous. You guys are so smart!! Now, I can write another novella sometime....

  59. Hi Meghan, Thanks for the excitement. And yes, outlines are wonderful, aren't they? I love having one. It has helped me a lot.

    Happy writing.

  60. Ooooh Debby, Cool cover. Here is the link folks to her new novella. You can pre-order.

    Holiday Defenders

  61. Debby - so glad to hear you'll have a suspense novella this year. I love them and love your LIS stories.

    Terri - loved Mistletoe Magic! Such great characters! Hope you write more.

    Can't wait to order the Seekers Christmas novella!

    I'm a reader - not a writer - but I love my daily dose of Seekerville, and have discovered loads of great new authors to read here!

  62. Hi Linda, Thanks and I won't tell Ruthy. Isn't the forgetting awful. LOL

    And yes, please write another novella.

    btw, all our posts are listed on the sidebar to the right of our daily posts so you can find anything you wrote in there. Just look in the L's for your name.

  63. Wow, Loves To Read. That is great news. We do have some terrific writers that visit us here in Seekerville.

    Thanks for your support. Readers are our most important friends. Without readers, we would not be writing.

    Happy reading.

  64. ATTENTION!!!!




  65. Thanks Meghan and Loves To Read! I'm glad you two enjoyed Mistletoe Magic.

  66. Wow, awesome tips here! I haven't been brave enough to try a novella yet, but maybe someday. I have an idea for one as a prequel to the series I'm working on, so we'll see how that works out. :)

    Thanks for such a great post, Sandra!!!

  67. Yes, Terri, There seem to be many who have read Mistletoe Magic and loved it. Way to go, girl.

    Check it out folks. It is only 99 cents. A super bargain.

  68. Hi Natalie, I think a novella as a prequel is a super idea. You can do like Star Wars and let people know the back story.

    btw Julie Lessman did a great job of writing a prequel (It wasn't a novella, but a whole novel) that tells how the parents met of the A Light in the Window for Daughters of Boston Series

    I think those prequels are a super idea. Great going.

  69. Great novella tips, SANDRA--thanks! I'm nearing the halfway mark on my novella for the Seeker collection, and I'm using two POVs. It would be hard to use just one since important things happen to both the hero and heroine at times when they're not together. Plus, I like showing each of them thinking about the other and how their relationship is progressing (or not).

    So thrilled for our Carol Award finalists, Tina and Melissa! Congratulations, ladies!

  70. Hi Myra, That's good to know that you can use two POV's. When I read suggestions not to, I was wondering what I was going to do. I am excited to read yours.

    And congratulations again. for winning the historical fiction category of Christian Retailers Best Award. I bet you are so excited.

  71. Wow, so much news here today re new books, awards, etc.....CONGRATS to all.
    Please count me in the drawing, Sandra. THANKS

  72. Hi Jackie, Thanks for checking in. I will add your name in the pot. smile

    Happy writing.

  73. Thanks, Sandra--yes, I am over-the-top thrilled! Wish I could have been at ICRS for the exciting news!

  74. Oh! Just read the full list of Christian Retailing's Best winners! We have another Seekervillager!

    Young Adult Fiction:

    Fairest Beauty
    Melanie Dickerson

  75. Yay, Myra and Melanie! Such great news!!!

    What a good day in Seekerville!

    Loves to Read, thanks for your kind words about my stories.


  76. Oh Myra thanks for sharing that news.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Melanie Dickerson for winning with her book FAIREST BEAUTY




  78. Bless you for posting this, Sandra, especially the Chapter/Story progression. I'm plotting my first novella now and I'm starting to think that I've gone way too deep into the story for 35,000 words. :P

  79. Hi Anna, Deep is good if you can fit it in. I would recommend you finish it and then go back and cut out the stuff that isn't critical.

    Or have a crit partner look it over.

    Congrats on writing one.

  80. Great suggestions. I haven't written a novella but I will keep your list handy.

  81. Thanks Sandy, Again, as I said yesterday, how fun to meet another Sandy Smith.

    Happy writing.

  82. Can't wait to read all the Seekerville Chistmas novellas, more than half way through my goal of reading something from each author. Great reading ladies!

  83. Oh Tracey, What a spectacular goal. I have to say that as for the other Seekers you are going to have some wonderful reads. smile

    Happy reading.

  84. I read Tina's Oklahoma Reunion and Audra's Second Chance Ranch last month. LOVED them both. I just got Glynna's book, Pine Country Cowboy, in the mail, can't wait to read it! Thanks Glynna! I'm having a great time reading through a terrific group of (new to me) authors. Seekerville authors rock!

  85. Great post, sweet Sandra--thank you!
    I am super excited that the Seekers are writing a novella collection---it will be amazing, I'm sure. :)
    A few years ago I tried my hand at writing a novella (Kim Vogel Sawyer, Debby Mayne, and Rhonda Gibson were so kind as to let me join them for a novella collection) but the publisher we were targeting was on hold with those at the time *sigh*. But it was fun while we were planning it!
    I missed breakfast, but am glad there are still some donuts and coffee left---YUM!!
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  86. Such helpful tips, Sandra. Thank you. Is there any rule of thumb about the average length of a chapter in a novella?

    And at long last, Seeker Novellas. Yes!

    Myra and Melanie - wonderful news! How do you plan to celebrate?

    Nancy C

  87. kav, my novella isn't in a co;;ection, it's an ebok freebie. Here's the kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EVSB3N0

  88. and obviously I'm trhiyng to type with a 9 month old in my lap, but I'm sure you can figure it out. :)

  89. Melissa - thanks for the link. I'm anxious to read it.

  90. Laughing at Linda Goodnight!!!!

    So glad we could help, darling!!!!

    Just so youse know, I have to write lists to tell me where to find my lists.... and I put my kids Social Security cards in a SAFE PLACE 30 years ago... and they've never been seen again, LOL!

    Good to see you, Linda!

  91. Myra, congratulations on winning that wonderful award!!!!! Go you!!!!!!!!!

  92. Sooooo sorry folks. Had to take hubby in to the physical therapist in Bend which is 25 miles north. I took my phone to stay connected and the blasted thing wanted me to log in to comment. Well no problem except I never use my gmail addie so couldn't remember the password. SIGH Getting old is such a blasted nuisance.

    So I apologize, but I'm back and will retype my comments.

  93. Tracey, thanks again. You have read some great books so far. And YOU ROCK!!!!

  94. Patti Jo what a bummer they passed your lovely novella. I had that happen to me also. I am using the story idea for a novel so at least I didn't waste time.

    And don't get rid of those things that get passed by because you can always publish them yourself after you get published. Several authors do that.

    And I'll trade you some donuts for peach cobbler. smile

  95. Hey Melissa, Great going and you did it with a 3 month old in your lap. I"m impressed.

    I'm impressed that you write all you do with a baby. I'm in awe and you are finalist in the Carol Awards. Yeah!!!!!!

  96. Ruthy, don't even mention to anyone ever again about those cards. Hey, you were young then. We have an excuse now that we're older. LOL

    Thanks girlfriend for covering for me. I can't believe I couldn't post on my phone. sigh.

    See forgetting passwords is another bad thing that happens.

  97. Terri, Don't you love those links. I'm so impressed that Melissa knows how to make them. Life is good. smile

  98. Talk about goofy things. I went into my gmail (via the phone) in hopes they would give me a prompt --forgot your password--- But the silly app went right on through.

    And then I found all these emails that were real--not just ads. Yikes.

    Please someone tell me I'm not the only one with these issues. sigh

  99. Oh my goodness! So excited about the Christmas novellas by the Seekers! :) Pinning this post for future reference.

  100. Sandra, thanks for that encouragement about my "would-be" novella *sigh*.

    Am giggling over your donut/peach cobbler trade---it's a deal! ;)

    Waving at Linda Goodnight---she's a sweetheart!

    YAY MYRA!!!! Congrats on the well-deserved award (and I LOVED your book!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo

    p.s. Am LAUGHING at Ruthy's comment about putting the SS cards in a safe place---although I shouldn't be laughing---I spend half my time looking for things! ;)

  101. Hi Jennifer, How sweet. We will be posting when it happens. I doubt you'll miss it. chuckle

    But hey, if you keep reminding us every time you look at that post it might help us keep moving. smile

  102. Patti Jo, I'm chuckling too. Whenever I can't find anything my husband always says "You must have hidden it in a safe place." Its a family joke. (Not always funny though)

    You know Ruthy's running on empty was a book publishers liked but were not wanting to present the abuse issue due to their readership. I had the same problem with Love's Promises. Many said that it was well written, but the environmental/political issue was a risk for their lines.

    So Ruthy and I self-pubbed those and look at the reviews we are getting? It is encouraging. The stories were in our hearts to write and finally they could be used.

    Mary had a couple of books like that also.

    So never throw anything away. It is always something we can use down the road.

    Okay my mouth is watering for that peach cobbler.

  103. Well folks. Thanks a bunch for coming by today.

    Be sure and check the Weekend Edition for the winner of the prizes.

    Happy Writing.

  104. A lot of skill to tell a story in fewer pages.

  105. late to party. i am so psyched about the Seekerville novella collection. on my mental WISH LIST already.

    thanks for the layout and links Sandra. i think with my word count problem, perhaps i should look starting with novellas to tell my stories until they can grow up to be novels.

  106. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I do so enjoy seeing the chapter breakdown for a novella. That will certainly be helpful if I ever write one.

  107. Thank you for sharing the plot structure for the Novella. I am preparing to write one and your information was a great help!