Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Roz Denny Fox talks about Harlequin's HEARTWARMING

Sandra again and I've brought a special friend.

Roz Denny Fox is an author I have had the privilege of knowing for most of my writing career. We met when I was writing for Harlequin back in the eighties and have seen each other off and on over the years at local Arizona RWA functions. She has written 55 books for Harlequin and is currently writing for the Heartwarming line.

Roz has been a wonderful mentor and encouraged me many times through some of my rough spells so the word heartwarming is synonymous with Roz in my world. So it is a real pleasure to introduce you to Roz Denny Fox.

Roz Denny Fox, Heartwarming author

Good morning Roz, It is great to have you here in Seekerville today. Several of our readers have expressed an interest in Heartwarming Series put out by Harlequin. Since you are a renowned author for the Heartwarming series, I was hoping you could answer some questions.

Not sure I’d say renowned-lol.  They reworked and reprinted 6 of my Superromance and American line books when they were trying out Heartwarming under Special Projects.  I’ve written 1 story “Annie’s Neighborhood” since they launched the line and I’m contracted for 2, both with working titles.

1. Can you explain a little about the Heartwarming Series? What is their main emphasis or “brand”?

The brand would be wholesome romance stories with no overt sex and no bad language. The stories can be complex and have a sub plot and secondary characters. I began my career with HQ in the Traditional Romance line. I think of these books as traditional romance, but a bit longer. They’re also in bigger print.

2. How did you come to write for the Heartwarming Series? What do you like most about the Heartwarming Series?

I maybe answered this up above. Before Marsha Zinberg left HQ she launched Heartwarming in Special Projects as a reprint line. It’s ebook and subscriber only at the moment. Victoria Curran is the senior editor.  She and other editors have bought authors who were in the special projects and new writers, many of whom I now love to read. 

3. Most of our followers in Seekerville are Christians, and usually read and write for the Christian market. Is Heartwarming a series that will appeal to the CBA market even though it is ABA.

My long-time readers who started reading my books when I wrote for the original Romance line in the early 90’s love these books. They tell a good solid love story with likeable characters and some of the books I’ve read in the line are set in interesting, and exotic locales. I know a couple of our current writers also write for the Christian market. 

4. If a reader is interested in finding out more about Heartwarming and their authors, is there a blog to follow or a website they can check out?

On the eHarlequin web site there is an editor section where the editors of various lines have podcasts that explain the general guidelines. Also if a writer is going to RWA National the editors are available to talk. In Anaheim they had a time in the Harlequin room where they gave away books and talked specifically about Heartwarming.

5. What would you like to tell our readers about the Heartwarming Series? Are there any special or memorable experiences that you have had in relation to the series?

The editors for all of the lines I’ve written for at Harlequin are who make the experience of writing for HQ such a good experience. They’re warm and generous and I’ve never been asked to make a change in a story that doesn’t make it stronger. I’ve had good feedback from some of my readers who like the line a lot. Many live in rural areas or small towns. They like getting the books delivered and they like the larger print and wholesome stories.

Thank you Roz, for joining us today. In honor of your visit we will be serving a wonderful buffet luncheon.  When I asked Roz what her favorite foods were she answered:

Gosh, my favorite food is really anything someone else cooks.  Ha ha.
 When I go out I often order chicken quesadilla
Coming from the Northwest, I also love salmon with a baked potato.

So Roz, we are going to cook and will be serving on one table a wonderful Mexican-American  variety of enchiladas, tacos, tomales, tostadas and special chicken quesadillas.  On the other table we'll have a variety of salads, baked potatoes, twice baked potatoes and sweet potato fries. We have baked salmon, grilled salmon and stuffed salmon filled with crab. 

Please comment and win a copy of The Hope Dress by Roz Denny Fox

A second winner receives Annie’s Neighborhood  by Roz Denny Fox.

Roz is generously offering a $25.00 Amazon gift card to a third winner.

Senior Editor Victoria Curran offered a free download this afternoon for an ebook pdf version of a Heartwarming book.  Click here to download.  Scroll down to Heartwarming and click on pdf button.
Associate Editor Dana Grimaldi and several Heartwarming authors have visited us also.

Roz will be joining us off and on so if you have any questions feel free to ask her.


A secretary by trade, Roz Denny Fox began her writing career in 1986 by free-lancing a series of self-help articles. She sold a short story to a magazine in 1987. After much prodding from her then high school age daughter, Roz tried her hand at writing a contemporary romance.

Roz has been writing for Harlequin Books since 1989. She writes for various Harlequin lines and in several special projects. She has written articles and online serials for

Roz's books have been nominated for awards like the Holt Medallion, the Golden Quill and Smoky Mountain Published Laurie. Her second book was a finalist in the Romance Writers' of America's RITA contest. Her stories are warm, home and family love stories.

Roz has been a member of Romance Writers' of America since 1987, and is currently a member of Tucson's, Saguaro Romance Writers' where she has received The Barbara Award for Outstanding chapter service. She belongs to Desert Rose RWA chapter in Phoenix, Midwest Fiction Writers', of Minneapolis, San Angelo, Texas Writers', and Novelist's Inc.

You can see a list of Roz's books on her website and she interacts with readers on Facebook .

Currently Roz resides in Tucson. She has two married daughters and five grandchildren.


  1. Cool, Sandra. Welcome Roz. I've read some Harlequin SuperRomance, but don't recognize your name. I will be on the lookout! Would love to win either of the books being offered today..

  2. Hi Roz! I think the heartwarming line sounds very interesting - please enter me in the drawing !

  3. Hi Roz - the Heartwarming line sounds interesting. Can you give us writers some tips for breaking into the line?

    Sandra has quite a spread for us. I'll pull up a chair and have cheese quesadillas for lunch tomorrow.

    1. I'd love to be entered in the drawing!

  4. Interesting! I thought "Heartwarming" line was much shorter and only digital. But it's for longer than the standard series books?

    I learned something new today!

  5. Welcome to Seekerville, Roz and thanks for sharing all this great info on Heartwarming!

  6. I hope somewhere down the road HQ decides to put the Heartwarming line in stores.

    I would love to win either of your books.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  7. nice to learn about the line and that it is a book readers of Love Inspired lines would like. I actually have a couple but haven't read them yet. I love clean reads. I know a lot of readers who are looking for this type of books.

  8. Roz, thanks for being here today!

    You know, Heartwarming is the kind of line that once readers find it, they LOVE IT.

    And that's huge these days. It's also developing a great audience in these crossover times of digital first, e-books galore and with so many of us turning to our Kindles or e-readers, this makes perfect sense!

    Roz, what does a typical proposal from you to the editors look like? Can you tell us a little more about that, please?

  9. Hi Roz,

    I just discovered the Heartwarming line last week. I'm so glad Harlequin is trying it.

    Thanks for sharing more about it. I'd love to have my name in the drawing. Thanks.

  10. Welcome to Seekervulle, Roz! Thanks for sharing information on the Heartwarming line. Pleased HQ started the line.


  11. Thanks for the insight into the Heartwarming line. I hope it continues to grow and do well. Personally, I'm a fan of the longer length books. :-)

  12. Hi Roz
    thanks for sharing a little with Seekerville. i love learning about new authors here and the things they share that help me grow as a writer.

    Heartwarming sounds like a great line to check out. i'm glad to see there's hunger in the market for clean reads.

    please put my name in for a chance to win one of your books.

  13. Roz, welcome! Thanks for being here and answering questions. One of my local writer friends, fellow LI author Mae Nunn, has written for Heartwarming.

    I love sweet romance stories!

  14. To the last comment, I've read Mae's book and really recommend it. I subscribe to the line, so get the books in print format which I still prefer. You can get the books in digital or print if you subscribe. I hope they come out in bookstores some day, but so far they aren't.
    As for a proposal they are about 5 pages long and three chapters for someone who is new to Harlequin. I usually just send my editor a synopsis. I know they're looking for new authors. Have a good day. I seem to have come late to this party.

  15. ROZ, I love anything "clean." I am famous at my local library for bringing secular books back the next day. I'm not a speed reader, I just get to a certain point and I can't go on. Of course that leaves James Joyce out of the equation, but I have learned to live with that. :)
    I don't have a Kindle or a Nook, so don't put me in the drawing, but would like to read your books if they ever come out in print form on the stands.
    Kathy Bailey

  16. I haven't heart of the Heartwarming line before -- would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks for sharing today, Roz!

  17. Kaybee the books I'm giving away will be in print format.
    And I forgot to say that I just turned in my next Heartwarming and it will be out in early spring. No title yet, just a working title.
    I'm currently writing the next one under contract. I also have been writing for the Harlequin American line. I really read eclectically.

  18. Morning folks. Roz will be here shortly as Arizona doesn't go on daylight savings time so it is the same as Pacific time.

    Thanks for the big welcome to Roz.

    She will be surprised with all the comments already.

    Marriane, her books are wonderful. You will like them I'm sure.

  19. Loves to Read, Thanks for joining us. You are entered.

    All who enter, be sure and check the weekend edition for winners.

  20. Terri I'm sure Roz has some great advice.

    One thing I know that helps is to follow their blog. You get to know their authors, but they also use it to announce when they are looking for new writers.

    Heartwarming Authors Blog

    They just had a contest, so I know they are looking for new authors now. I think their line has become popular.

    You can also check out their guidelines.
    Heartwarming Guidelines

  21. Hi Virginia, The line is similar in length to Superromance Line. Many of the authors, including Roz, wrote for Superromance.

  22. Hey Roz. Good morning. You're not late. Its 6:00 am These Easterners are three hours ahead of us. smile

    You have some good questions that I know you'll answer better than I did. smile

  23. Hi again, I just emailed Sandra to ask where she found the bio information she put up. Last year I received my 50 book pin from Harlequin. It's a milestone. I'm writing on my 56th book. Feel every one of the miles. LOL But I have friends who have over 100 books out and when I look at them I think I write slow. But when it comes to writing and reading, we each go at our own pace. And that's what makes it such a lovely occupation.

  24. Oh my goodness Roz. That is HUGE.


    I"ll look up where I found that and let you know as it definitely needs to be changed.

    I didn't know Harlequin gave out a 50 book pin. Did they do anything special? Like a lunch or something at RWA? How exciting.

  25. Roz just emailed me that she also has a $25.00 Amazon gift card to give away. I'm going right now to add that into the blog post.

    And I'll change those numbers Roz.

  26. Sandra, At the Harlequin party at RWA National they give a brief presentation with milestone pins. My 25 book pin is silver and shaped like the Harlequin logo. The 50 book pin is gold and has a small ruby in it. The 75 has a different stone and I know the 100 book pin has a small diamond in it. I've seen it, but gosh, may not live long enough to get it. I love to read and maybe spend more time doing that than dreaming up new story ideas.

  27. 56 books....


    And I love that they recognize those milestones, it's wonderful.

    I've loved all kinds of romance for a long time, but I'm definitely a "Sweet" romance reader. Blatant stuff has no appeal to me, and I think that's why we've got so many readers and writers here who'll be impressed by the quality of Heartwarming... and the accessibility of being able to submit.

    That's wonderful.

    Roz, thanks for adding the gift card in, how nice of you!!!

    I brought fried dough for all o' youse, it's the last week of school here and my little friends are VERY EXCITED about that... and fried dough, carnival-style! So grab some, there's cinnamon-coated or powdered sugar or go all out and have BOTH... I won't tell!!!



    Your books sound WONDERFUL, as does HQ's Heartwarming. I checked out the website like you said, and I like the covers a lot AND the idea of 70-75,000- word unpredictable or roller-coaster sweet romance. Too bad they don't allow inspy content because that leaves me out. :\

    Here's a cool article I found about Heartwarming, written by the lead editor:

    LOVE the cover for The Hope Dress!!


  29. Thanks for the link Julie. I'll make it live here.

    Article Julie mentioned

    It is a great article.

  30. Hi Roz,
    I love your books, but your biggest fan is my mother. Every time I talk to her she asks if I have any books by that author she likes so much, you know Roz? She loves the stories and has said several times when she reads your books she can't put them down until she finishes them.

    Thanks for writing such beautiful stories!

  31. Hi Terri, The article above that Julie gave us has some great suggestions from the senior editor, Victoria Curran. You will find them very helpful.

  32. Ruth, fried dough sounds decadent. I love cinnamon in anything.

    Julie, Love Inspired books are advertised in the back of the Heartwarming books. So I assume we have cross-over readers. I know my own readers that I correspond with read Heartwarming and Love Inspired and often mention especially the Love Inspired Historical.
    Sandra just mentioned that I need to put names when I answer questions. Early on I didn't do that, but I did respond to a couple in one post.

  33. Sorry, I also wanted to list the url for Heartwarming blog. We have a lot of great blogs archived if anyone has time on their hands. LOL

  34. Roz, I agree, I think the cross-over effect from Love Inspired/Heartwarming/Superromance and maybe even Special Edition is huge....

    And it should be because so many of the veins of the books work well. I love a good strong romance that builds on emotion with a splash of hormones! LOVE IT!!!!!

    This is a great coupling of wonderful minds and authors.

    Julie, you know what???? I think that a book can have a seriously great effect on folks even without overt Christian aspects by the nature of the choices within the book. Think of the great books we've loved over time... Books that change lives... To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Lenora Worth's "Because of Jane", Lisa Wingate's NAL series, or her "Texas Cooking" series, etc... I think the moral premise of these stories bleed those good choices we love! Something to think about...

  35. I'm glad HQ started the Heartwarming line—my kind of romance!

    I used to like really long stories, but the last few years I've switched to reading more 180/200 page books.

    I'd love to win one of your books, Roz! You're being very generous with the gifts, thanks! :-)

  36. Thanks Roz, I posted it above in answer to one of the comments but I will make it live again. It is a great blog and you will recognize some Love Inspired authors there.

    Heartwarming Authors Blogspot

  37. Hi Rose, Great to see you here. I will be in Tucson next winter so will get to see you again.

    Rose was my roommate at a former Desert Dreams conference. smile

  38. Okay, you're probably sick of seeing notes from me. I'm not sure I answered Cindy's question about Heartwarming being in stores--They aren't at Wal-Mart now, but when they were special projects they did show up there and at Mejer stores. With shrinking shelf space I think the plan at the moment is for digital and print via subscription. I did answer Ruth on the proposal--but didn't put her name.
    Terri--not sure I have tips for breaking into the line. It's good to know they're looking for new writers. And you don't need an agent. One thing I love about the line is the broad variety of settings. From Africa, to Paris, to rural America.

  39. Roz, what an amazing career you've had. 55 books with Harlequin that's an amazing accomplishment.

  40. And Jenny it is good to hear from you again also.

    Deb H. I agree with you. I think there is a big market out there for clean reads. I hear all the time from women friends that they like so and so but they just skip through the sex scenes. Always makes me chuckle.

    Hi Naomi, I like the longer lines also.

  41. Sandra, thanks for inviting Roz to be with us today.

    Victoria Curran came to M&M and I got to know her there. Such a lovely lady. I remember that HQ session in Anaheim when she talked about the new line and gave away some of the launch Heartwarming stories.

    My cp--Anna Adams--is contracted with the line.

    Waving to Anna!

    Congrats, Roz, on your successful career! Your covers are great! I enjoy wholesome love stories, and I'm sure the large print is a big draw as well. It's all good!


  42. Debby, Oh, I love Anna A. Such a nice lady and good writer. I met her when we both published in Superromance. Again I say I love the editors. I've been with Paula Eykelhof since she bought my first book Red Hot Pepper for the traditional line. But I've worked with Kathleen Scheibling and Victoria also. A dedicated group of truly nice people.

  43. Hi Roz! It's good to see you here!

    I've been wondering about the Heartwarming line. I bought one of those first books at Walmart, but since I hadn't seen any on the shelf since then, I have been wondering what happened to it.

    They do sound like stories many inspirational writers could sink their teeth into, if they were interested in crossing over into other lines.

    Thanks for the info!

    And Sandra - thanks for the spread. Quesadillas for lunch!

  44. You're welcome Jan. I love quesadillas too. Actually any Mexican food is in my book of favorites. smile

  45. Yes, Debby I do remember. We were roommates that year. smile One of my favorite RWA conferences.

  46. Hi, All. Muriel Jensen, here. I write for Heartwarming also and want to underline what Roz said about it being a wonderful place to work. Our editors are insightful and sharp, always working toward what's best for the book. While the books have no spiritual content, they emphasize the basic goodness of man and woman - and the power that results when they work together!

    Getting to know Roz has been a highlight of belonging to the Heartwarming sisterhood. (We do have a brother, David Thurlo.)

  47. Hi Muriel, Thanks for joining us today in Seekerville.

    You are right about Roz. She has been such a good friend and mentor to me.

    Happy writing.

  48. I also love clean reads and I think I may try a few heartwarmings. Wow - 55 books - that is quite an accomplishment. And please enter me in the drawing for the amazon card!

  49. I had not heart of the Heartwarming line before. I will have to look for it.

    I just discovered the file containing my latest redraft of my wip has disappeared from my computer. I am so glad I have a hard copy. Looks like my fingers will be busy retyping.

    Thankful I decided to keep both computer files and hard copies for every rewrite.

  50. Hi, All! I'm a Heartwarming author and must say that Roz is an outstanding example of the type of author we most admire in the line. Her romances are emotional, intricate and deeply moving. Despite being incredibly busy, she reaches out to all authors- especially the new ones. She lends them her invaluable insight and strong encouragement. When I began writing for Heartwarming a year and a half ago, she was the first author to reach out to me and reassure me that everything would be all right- that there'd be bumps in the road, but I'd get past them. Most importantly, she made me feel that I was never alone in this- she was just an email away. I can't thank Roz enough for all that she did to help me get my start! She's an incredible talent and person to know.

  51. Me again. But this is timely. While checking my email I had a post from Heartwarming senior editor, Victoria Curran. She is hosting an info time at RWA for people interested in the line. 7/26 2 pm in the Harlequin Suite. And we have 2 authors signing at the big book event, Jennifer Snow and Karen Rock. Karen's Heartwarming has won a couple of prestigious awards. And Muriel writes warm, dramatic stories that will tug at your heart.
    And I'm ready for quesadillas even though it's not lunch time here.

  52. Okay, I see Karen and Muriel posted while I was composing. I thank them both for telling you that Heartwarming is a welcoming bunch.
    Wilani, I feel for your loss. Is it possible to have your hard copy scanned in rather than retype?

  53. I really reading some books of her. I didn't realize she wrote many books through the years

  54. Sandra- thanks for the links. They will be very helpful.

    Roz - congratulations on receiving your 50 book pin and surpassing that number! Sounds like you've been a great mentor to several authors. It is wonderful that Karen and Muriel stopped by.

    Heartwarming sounds like the type of books that drew me to HQ when I first started reading. I love having the LI lines, but enjoy this type of book as well. I have one on my Kindle and I've read the first three chapters. I'm enjoying the book!

  55. I am a Heartwarming author, as well, and thrilled to be a member of such an amazing group of authors. When Heartwarming was first suggested to me by my editor (Roz and I have the same amazing editor!), one of the first Heartwarming books I read was Annie's Neighborhood. I was sold!

    Thank you for your wonderful stories, Roz, and--as Karen Rock noted--for your generous support to those of us earlier in our career progression!

  56. Roz, thanks for the great info. I met Victoria at Anaheim RWA. She is a gem. Very pleasant and personable.

    It is wonderful that you invited other Heartwarming authors to join us today. How fun is that?

    Welcome all of you and thanks for sharing with us.

  57. Welcome, Roz! Good to know a new author (to me) and about Heartwarming. Have already visited their blog.
    Will be looking forward to reading some of your books.
    Count me in for the A. card!

  58. Roz, I'm always impressed by how MANY different books you've written for Harlequin -- sounds like Heartwarming is, what, your sixth or seventh line? It's lovely that they keep wanting you to help launch new lines...and Heartwarming sounds like a winner!

  59. Hi, Roz! Congratulations on 55 + books--I hadn't remembered you got your 50th pin. That truly is an accomplishment. (I'd be more than happy to help get you to 100!) ...I'm going to see if we still have a Try Harlequin Heartwarming book available for download. If we do, I'll pop back in and post that link to give you a sampling of the kind of wholesome editorial we publish. Take care!

  60. Boy, I step away to do fun stuff like laundry and a lot of nice people stopped by.
    Terrie--Are you on Goodreads? I wonder if you come in on my posts from there. If so, you're a prolific reader. Good going.
    Jackie---so glad you are checking out Heartwarming.
    Kate--thanks for the post. I'm looking forward to your first book. First books are good to read, because they're a sign of what the line is looking for.
    Victoria--I appreciate you carving time out of your very busy day.
    Laurie--If anyone needs a motivational speaker, Laurie is your go-to person

  61. Hi, Roz,
    Victoria asked me to find the link for The Husband School by Kristine Rolofson, which can be read FREE online. Here it is:
    Congratulations on your 50-book milestone. What an accomplishment!

  62. Hi Roz and everyone! I'm Anna J Stewart, yet another Harlequin Heartwarming author--recently sold my first novella to the Heartwarming line that will be out this November with fellow Heartwarming authors Melinda Curtis and Anna Adams.

    I have to say, one of the first emails I received once I became part of the Heartwarming author email loop was from you, Roz--and as someone who's been reading your books for years, I had a bit of a fan girl moment. You were so welcoming and kind (as was everyone), it made my sale all the more special. This group of authors is incredible and I feel very lucky to be included with them.

    Congratulations on the 55 books...on the pin...and for being such a stalwart supporter of romance. Looking forward to what's coming down the road for you. :)

  63. Welcome, Roz! So nice to get an author's perspective on the Heartwarming line--definitely worth looking into! Thanks for sharing the links to guidelines, etc. I'll be interested to learn more at RWA next month!

  64. Miss Roz! Queen Roz! WOW!! I feel like I could never address you by your first name alone!! 56th book?? You're a champion!!

    Heartwarming sounds a lot like the Emilie Loring books from the 1940's, 50's, & 60's. Has anyone read any of them? I've read every single one of them at least 4-5 times. I can't wait to read one of your books! Thanks for coming by today!!

    Please put me in the drawing!

  65. Anna---She does really great blogs on our site. Her last one about things that distract us from writing was so on target.
    Dana--thanks for providing the line to Kristine's book. It's a good book.
    Myra--You'll probably get some free books at National from our group, and if you attend the info mtg in the Harlequin suite.

  66. Jana, you posted while I was writing my last one. I did read all of Emilie Loring. I was lucky to have a wonderful library in my small town run by volunteers. I developed a love for reading because we had adults who loved books.

  67. Wow Roz, talk about leaving for a minute and look who stops by.

    Thanks Victoria for visiting Seekerville. As you can see from the comments there has been some wonderful interest in Heartwarming line.

    You have some terrific authors in your line-up. And Roz has been a true mentor to many of us.

  68. Hi Dana, Thanks for stopping by also. Folks Dana is an associate editor at Heartwarming. Dana, I will make the link live. I will add it to the post.

    Thank you all so much.

    Here is the link for a free Heartwarming ebook

    Heartwarming download

    Scroll down until you find Heartwarming and then click on pdf download.

    Ruthy you are going to love the cover. Handsome cowboy.

  69. This is so fun all the Heartwarming authors and Victoria Curren, WOW. Such a great, supportive community you've got Roz and I love learning more about the line. Thanks for being on Seekerville!

  70. I had a Heartwarming in my pack of books for Rita judging and it was a great book. So rich in plot. Much more complex than shorter books...and I like both styles so I'm glad HQ is offering this.

  71. If any of you are going to RWA Nationals, I encourage you to go check out the Heartwarming presentation.

  72. Thanks, Roz, for inviting Victoria and all the other Heartwarming authors to visit Seekerville today.

  73. Waving at Laurie, Great to see you back here in Seekerville.

    Folks Laurie Schnebly Campbell has a great book called Believable Characters: Creating with Enneagrams.

    Check out her website for writing workshops.

  74. Sandra--thanks for making Kristine's book so easy to access.
    Mary--I have really loved reading the Heartwarming books for their rich settings and complex plots.
    Debby--I'm glad you have heard from some of our new writers. I believe series romance survives because new writers bring fresh perspectives.

    I'm interested in knowing what you all are most drawn to when, say, you read a back blurb. Is it setting, characters and their careers, or plot? For any of you who read Pamela Tracy's Love Inspired Suspense, her newest Heartwarming has a suspense sub plot as well.

  75. I love Pamela Tracy's LIS stories. She and I are on the Craftie Ladies of Love Inspired blog together, along with Missy Tippens and others.

    I'll look for her Heartwarming.

    Back of the book blurb? I look for plot. Love to read suspense. Love to write suspense too! :)


    Victoria, thank you for coming by! Oh my stars, I'd a-put the best silver out (the untarnished stuff!) if I knew we'd have the amazing and wonderful and gracious Victoria Curran on site!!!!

    Luckily the plastic forks were clean and fried dough is best eaten with fingers!!!!

    Muriel and Kate!!!! So good to see youse guys, I'm so glad you stopped over!

    You know I love a good story, I love a clean read, a sweet read, and it just pleases me a lot that Harlequin took this niche seriously and went for it.


  77. Great post, Roz!
    Like Sandra, I've known Roz and have taken her advice for years (decades!) I'm proud to call her friend as well as mentor.

    I'm also both a Heartwarming and Love Inspired author. Writing for both lines is great fun. The books have much in common as they are emotional, character-driven, and inspiration.

    While Heartwarming is not faith-driven, it is not faith deprived. My H and H's attend church, pray, etc.

    Roz, you rock! and when you get your 75 pin, I'm taking you to dinner.

  78. And look who is here. Pamela Tracy
    Hi fellow Arizonan and author friend.

    Pamela and I have known each other for years also.

    What a party we are having.

    Thanks for joining us and letting us know about yourHeartwarming. I saw you on the blog and was so tickled to see you there. You have been EVERYWHERE. Great going.

  79. Here's the Link for Current Heartwarming

    You will see Pamela's and other authors who have visited us today.

    Click here Heartwarming

  80. Ruthy isn't this exciting?

    Happy dancing and having so much fun.

    Lots of great information.

    Hi Debby. Yes, you do love suspense and you write great suspense. (As does Pamela)

  81. Roz, I'm drawn to the emotional conflict when I read a book blurb.

    Hmm. Guess I should pay attention to myself when I write my blurbs. LOL

  82. Interesting post, Roz! Thank you for sharing with us today. I learned quite a bit. :)

  83. I'm so excited about this new Heartwarming line of clean romance. I especially like the longer length that gives room for family and community to shine within the plot. It's great to hear such good things about the editors at Harlequin. I've entered the contest and hope to become a Harlequin author, or at least get some valuable feedback.

  84. Hi Anna and Beth, Glad you could join us.

    Beth did you enter the Heartwarming contest? Best wishes.

  85. Good luck to everyone who entered the new Heartwarming writer contest. And thanks for your feedback on what turns you on to any given book.
    Like Pam said, Heartwarming characters are often people of faith and if that's part of their story lives it can certainly show in the book. The one I just turned in has a child who lost his daddy and he has a lot of questions about heaven. I forgot to ask how late you post on this blog. I want to thank everyone for coming and participating.

  86. Roz,
    Thanks for the insights into the Heartwarming line. I had an editor appointment with Victoria Curran @ M/M a few years back. She was a great communicator and I'm sure would be wonderful to work with.

  87. Roz, I have enjoyed several of your books over the years! How fun that you have written for the Heartwarming line recently. I've only read a couple of them because I can rarely find them but the 2 I read were good! I bet the ones you wrote were good!


  88. Hi Roz,
    I'm half way through Annie's Neighborhood and really enjoying it.

    Thanks for your insights into writing for HH.

  89. Becke--I know you would love working with Victoria or any of the other Heartwarming editors.
    Valri--How kind of you to say nice things about my books. I wish Heartwarming was still in stores, but like I said earlier it's a fight for shelf space.
    Valri--Gosh, I hope you like Annie's story all the way to the end. The setting of that book was catalyst for me to write the story.

  90. Hi Becke, Best wishes on your pitches and submissions. Our goal has always been to get off unpubbed island. smile

    Valri, Glad you're enjoying those Heartwarming stories. They are wonderful aren't they?

    Lyndee, Hi there. so you're halfway through Annie's Neighborhood. Its a great read isn't it?

    Happy writing and Happy reading.

  91. Dear Ms. Fox, Thank you so much for the info about Harlequin Heartwarming. I am going to RWA in San Antonio and will block the time on Saturday at 2 for the Heartwarming information.

    I have Annie's Neighborhood from last year's information meeting.

    Thank you so much for sharing your time today with those of us looking to submit to this line.

  92. Hi Roz,
    Sorry to come late to the party. I've read several of the Heartwarming titles and I think the series name fits the books I've read. They do warm one's heart. The only difficulty with Harlequin series Heartwarming that I have found is that they don't appear to be at B&N or any mass market retailers, either. I've know I've ordered on-line and I'm guessing you can buy via subscription?

    I'm reading your 'Hearts Entwined' and enjoying your heroine who is a weaver. All your characters have such entertaining lives.

  93. Hi Tanya, Wow, lucky you. I know you will enjoy the RWA conference. This is the first year in a long time I am not going. sigh.

    So have a good time for all of us. smile

    Oh yes, best wishes on your submissions also.

  94. Hi Laura, You're never too late. smile

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words about the books of Roz's that you have read.


    Happy reading.

  95. Tanya--I'll probably be at the event this year in San Antonio. I know there will be a lot of authors and books there along with the editors. Hope it goes well for you.
    Sandra--Sorry you have to miss S.A.
    Laura--I had such a good time researching the weaving story. Glad you found time to drop by. I like to subscribe but I have to read fast to keep up with all the book buying I do.
    Goodnight all.

  96. Roz, Thank you so much for joining us today and bringing along your Heartwarming author friends.

    We appreciate your invitation to Victoria Curran as we truly enjoyed her visit and of course the free Heartwarming download.

    Thanks to all of you Heartwarming editors and authors. What an honor to have you here.

    And thanks all of you who joined us today. Be sure and check in on the Weekend Edition for winners.

    Happy reading and happy writing.

  97. A lovely post thank you & I am feeling hungry all of a sudden.

  98. Roz, thanks for the helpful info. And, hey, it's always great to "meet" another Arizona writer. If misery does truly love company, then we'll all struggle to survive our summer in the desert, eh. Oh, BTW, I'm in Phoenix.