Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Welcome to another Weekend Edition, where we tie up all the loose ends
 and prepare for another great writer and reader week.

We Have Winners

 Contact us at to claim your prize. See our legal page here for details. Remember that we get busy and forgetful juggling writing and blogging. If you haven't received your prize in 6-8 weeks, DO CONTACT US!!

Monday Mary Connealy explained in simple terms how to tackle intensely serious sometimes heart wrenching topics, all laid out using terms and attitudes carefully chosen to not disturb contemporary politically correct hyper-sensitivity without being unfaithful to historical accuracy and all while making people laugh.Winner of a signed copy of Stuck Together is Valri. And the winner of a SECOND give-away, a signed copy of the novella collection she did with Robin Lee Hatcher, Margaret Brownley and Debra Clopton...Four Weddings and a Kiss) is Anna Weaver Hurtt.

Tuesday Love Inspired author Winnie Griggs joined us in Seekerville today giving her thoughts on "The Last Word on Your Story,"  how to craft an effective epilogue. Winners of her June book Lone Star Heiress are Lis K and Donna.

Freelance writer and editor, Preslaysa Williams was our special guest on Wednesday. Her post is "Juggling Babies and Books - for Moms and Dads." Winner of a lovely Starbucks gift card is Stephanie Trietsch.

Thursday Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe was your hostess with "Understanding the Mentor Archetype." She shared insight into this fictional character from both sides of The Hero's Two Journeys. Winner of the dazzling Shrek DVD is Terri Weldon and the winner of the CD version of The Hero's Two Journeys is Tanya Agler.

Friday:  Audra Harders invited you to join her on a journey of epic proportion…well, at least it is to her! She’s dipping her toe into the pond of Author Newsletters. Winner of her indie release, Second Chance Ranch – 1 Kindle copy to Laura Russell and 1 paperback copy to Jennifer Smith..

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Today we welcome Samhain and Love Inspired Suspense author Alison Stone! "Will I ever feel like a "Real” Writer?''Alison will be giving away a digital copy of Plain Pursuit.

Tuesday:Join Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson as we talk about "True Lies: Writing Stories that Resonate." Writing fiction is easy, right? Don't we just make stuff up? Find out what makes fiction "true" in ways that will touch your readers' hearts and linger long after "the end." Add your two cents to the discussion and you might win a copy of Whisper Goodbye, book two in Myra's Till We Meet Again historical romance series from Abingdon Press.

Wednesday:Question: What’s one of the most, if not the most, important component in a romance? Answer: The Hero! Join Julie Lessman when she explores the most common hero types in Inspirational Romance today and tips to ramp up the hero swoon factor from ho-hum to hot in her blog entitled, “From Sweet to Swoon … Ramping Up the Sigh Factor in our Heroes!" Giveaway included of signed copy of any of Julie’s books including her upcoming release, Surprised by Love.

Thursday:The eyes have it, but they shouldn't have it all. Pam Hillman is your hostess on Thursday with practical before and after examples of how to whittle down excessive use of the sense of sight (eyes, gaze, glance, look, etc.).

Friday: Debra Clopton returns to Seekerville. Stop by to chat with her and find out what she's been up to!

Seeker Sightings

Mary Connealy will be on Lena Nelson Dooley's Christian Writer's World blog in June 10. Stop by!

Also on June 10th--Mary and Rose Ross Zediker will be signing books from 11 - 1 at Crossings Book and Music in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Stop in if you're in the area.

Check out the June RWR and Jane McBride Choate's article, Failing Successfully on page 31, which quotes Seekers Audra Harders and Tina Radcliffe.

Random News & Information

ARE YOU GOING TO #RWA 2014 SAN ANTONIO? If so, drop us a line. We'll send out a group email blast a couple times during conference letting you know when and where we are hanging out during the conference. Send your email to

The Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference is coming. August 4-7, 2014 at the Red Lion Hotel in Jantzen Beach, Portland!  OCW is the home of the Cascade Writing Contest. Details here.

 What's the One Key Ingredient Every Great Story Needs? (HuffPost)

 Two Things You MUST Get Right: Categories and Keywords (Ninie Hammon)

 Amazon Launches AmazonSmile – A Simple, Automatic Way For Customers To Support Their Favorite Charitable Organizations (

Simon & Schuster Launches ‘InkedIn,’ Private Social Network for S&S Authors (DBW)

All about Worthy Publishing here.  

10 Things Successful Writers Do (Writers Write) 

 Marcher Lord Press is Rebranded with a New Name (Steve Laube Agency Blog)

 E-book Subscription Service for Christian Books Launched (Entitle)

 That's it for this week! Feel free to share our fun memes on your social media sites. Oh, and don't forget to add a prayer for our Seeker friends who are trying to finish polishing their Killer Voice entries this weekend, due Monday by 5pm EST.

It's not too early to reserve your spot in the August, October & November classes!


  1. Great WE, as usual.

    Thanks for the links.

    Congrats to the winners.

    Coffee's on!!!

  2. Thanks Tina - - always great info. on the WE!
    Congrats to all the winners!

    Had to be absent a couple days this week (friend's funeral and other unexpected events) but still plan to get caught up and read those wonderful posts.

    Happy Weekend to everyone!
    Helen, thanks for the coffee---you do a great job brewing it. ;)
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  3. Congratulations, winners. You do such an awesome job, Tina. Have I ever told you YOU ROCK?
    Thanks, Helen

  4. Congratulations to the winners!

    What a great WE, Tina. Thank you! I love all the writer quotes. Too fun. And the links? Well, I'm beat right now. I'll check them out tomorrow. :) Thank you for them. A number of them are calling to me. ;)

  5. Great job Tina ! I always enjoy the info on WE. Congrats to all the winners!

  6. Have I told you how much I love my WE on a lazy Saturday morning? And it's cool enough to have a quilt on the bed. Woot!

    Definitely cheering on the Killer Voice finalists as they edit and polish their ms for Monday. Mega prayers headed heavenward for y'all. So excited to see what comes of this contest!

  7. Congrats, winners! I'm excited about winning "Second Chance Ranch." I've been wanting to read that one.

    RWA 2014 San Antonio is only an hour and a half from me, but the website says it's sold out. :( Probably would have been hard for me to finagle at this point anyway, though...

  8. Another weekend. Where does time fly? Congratulations to the winners. Yay!!!

    This is the first year in ages I will not go to a national conference. I'm spending time with hubby instead, but I will miss all of you. I know you'll enjoy the camaraderie and the networking. It is so important and such a blessing.

  9. Tina, where do you continue to get all these great, creative ideas for the WE?? Completely wonderful.

    Congrats to all the winners this week. Actually Seekerville is the winner because all of you join in the fun with us!!!

  10. I'm bummed.

    I don't think I'll ever be able to go to the RWA conferences until I retire. They fall over my busiest time of the year at work.

    Again. Bummed.

    Everyone who might be going...enjoy it enough for all of us!!!

  11. Patti Jo, sorry about the funeral. It's never easy saying goodbye.

    Glad you're back, though!!

  12. Okay, Loves to Read, time for a name and face. You can do it. I believe in you.

  13. Well, Jennifer the Wed night Literacy signing is open to the public. NO cost. So if you can get a baby sitter and it ends up working out, that would be HUGELY fun for you to see.

  14. WOW, Teenster, I had NO idea Worthy Publishing had that many heavy hitters, but HOLY COW ... literally ... TONS of them!!!

    Great WE as always, but my eyes glazed over at the gal who wrote the blog on categories and key words. WOW, and I thought I was anal ... but it's true, I know, I'm just glad SHE did the research and not me!


  15. Love the "having homework every night for the rest of your life" quote! Too funny. Has a bit of truth to it as well.

    Congrats to all the winners this week!!!

    Finally got my RWR--YESTERDAY--so I could read what Tina and Audra had to say! Great seeing Seeker names in print.

    Prayers of encouragement and time management and inspiration and fortitude and determination for all our Killer Voices finalist!!!

    You can do it!
    You can write it!
    You can sell it!

  16. I'm taking a break from re-doing my grout to say I miss you guys, but it's all my fault. A weekend is not a weekend without a W E!

    I have a lot of catching up to do on old posts. I haven't been writing, but I'm still a writer, and I still love Seekerville.

    I am praying for the Killer Voices finalists. I happened to have read one entry - FANTASTIC Story Premise! YAY for LIS!

  17. As always, Tina, you outdo yourself with all the interesting links!

    This has been a week of catchup for me after enjoying a week of vacation in Hot Springs. Even though it rained nearly every day while we were there, we had a chance to relax and unwind and also stop by the historical society to thank them once again for all their research help with my Till We Meet Again series.

    Now, before RWA, I must seriously work on dropping those extra pounds I put on since last fall!!! Too much junk food with the kids and grandkids living with us for five months, then too much yummy vacation food!!!!

  18. Loved the writing quotes. Thanks for the links, Tina. Congratulations to all the winners. I'm praying for those finishing up their Killer Voice submissions.
    Tomorrow I'll visit a gentleman who's 105 yrs. old and listening as he recalls experiences. This is part of research for a WIP set in the 1920's. I hope I ank him pertinent questions. I feel privileged and honored to meet with him.
    Wonderful weekend everyone.

  19. Loved the writing quotes. Thanks for the links, Tina. Congratulations to all the winners. I'm praying for those finishing up their Killer Voice submissions.
    Tomorrow I'll visit a gentleman who's 105 yrs. old and listening as he recalls experiences. This is part of research for a WIP set in the 1920's. I hope I ank him pertinent questions. I feel privileged and honored to meet with him.
    Wonderful weekend everyone.

  20. haaahaaaa! I find that Neil Gaiman quote quite ironic since he tweeted yesterday about having to get up in 4 hours.

  21. Hey, I'm an early riser just so I can write some more!!!!

    I love that break of dawn.....

    I'm guessing Gaiman is a night owl!

    Tina, thank you for this lovely WE. I spent the early hours writing, then a great picnic/party for my niece's graduation, and then got stuff ready to mail at last!!!!

    Birds.... frogs..... I'm loving the songs of morning blending with evening!

    Must go see what folks are sayin'...

  22. DEB MARVIN!!!!!

    We must have coffee, dear one. Don't you think??????

    HELEN GRAY!!!!!! How'd that signing go today??? I love, love, love your Walmart! You rock it with those signings, Helen. So proud of you!!!!

    I will happily hold down the fort here while youse party in San Antonio... While I love seeing people, the cost of conferences vs. the return makes me cringe.

    Which makes me boring, but I'll be in Manhattan that week annoying my boys, so that's a fun thing, right? Starbucks, here I come!!!!

    Yankees just tied their game against Kansas City.... and I made carrot cake while Mike-the-Mudder was fixing cracks in the seams in my new room....

    Mary Curry has her nose buried.... Deb H. has her nose buried... I'm so excited for all of that gals who've made it through to the final round of Killer Voices... Praying for all of you. God is with you, every step of the way.


  23. Wow, Pat Jeanne! Aren't you fortunate to have such a resource!!!

  24. Just checking in! Love this WE, Tina!! I got your hug from Pam at the SCWC this weekend. Had a blast!! I only thought I was addicted to writing contests. Writing CONFERENCES? Now there's a thrill. :)

    Also got to meet fellow ACFWers Elisabeth Jane Kitchens, Katie Clark, Fay Lamb, Wesley Harris and one other dear lady whose name escapes me now.

    Pics coming on my blog next Thursday, hopefully!

    Tina, the Amazon Smile feature is incredible! I recently found the ACFW Scholarship Fund as one of the charitable organizations listed there. Too cool!

  25. Wow. Natalie, glad you had a great time. Send us a link when you can. (to your blog)

  26. Thanks for the great WE, Tina! I was traveling yesterday so just got to drop in.

    We just spent a WONDERFUL week at the beach! But I'm glad to be back here with all of you. :)

  27. Praying and cheering for the writers heading for the Killer Voices' finish line!

    Thanks for the great WE and all the information, especially the Key Ingredient and Keywords articles.
    Great advice in the RWA magazine article "Failing Successfully" with quotes from Tina and Audra. I agree, Tina, Galaxy Quest is the best! Yes, "Never give up, never surrender!" Also great to see so many Seekerville names in the Faith, Hope & Love chapter spread in that issue.

    Congratulations to the winners! Happy start of the new week to all! And, Natalie, I understand the addiction to writing many people who are on the same trail! FUN, friendship, and inspiration! (Just like Seekerville! THANKS, SEEKERVILLE!)

  28. I've been super busy this weekend -writing. So, I'm just checking in and thrilled to discover I won Shrek! I've never seen that movie. Thanks, Tina!

    Great WE, as always. Now that I have a few minutes to call my own, I'm going to drink some of Helen's fab coffee and checkout all the great links.

    Patti Jo - I'm so sorry about your friend.

    Killer Voices - you gals rock and I'm rooting for you. You can always sleep on Tuesday. :-)


  30. Ruthy:

    See my FB post and picture about my Wal Mart signing.

  31. Tina - I'm reading Love In Bloom and loving it!

  32. Congrats to you winners!

    Killer Voice finalists -- you can do this. Easy for me to say ... it's not my deadline :-)

    Haven't had time to read the WE links yet, but will catch up on those tomorrow.

    The Singer quote is priceless, Tina. A keeper for sure.

    Nancy C

  33. Raising my head from the grindstone to say thanks for all the prayers and encouragement.

    Ruthy, no fair. You can't come to NY the weekend I'm gone.