Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Weekend Edition

We Have Winners

 Contact us at to claim your prize. See our legal page here for details. Remember that we get busy and forgetful juggling writing and blogging. If you haven't received your prize in 6-8 weeks, DO CONTACT US!!

Monday Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean dared writers to search and destroy pointless scenes with her post entitled "No Tea Scenes Allowed." Kathy Bailey is the winner of a copy Courting the Doctor’s Daughter.

Harlequin Heartsong Presents author Helen Gray returned with her post, "Writing Your Book is Like Writing a Melody" on Tuesday. Winner of her latest release, Ozark Reunion is Julie Hilton Steele.

Wednesday Debby Giusti's blog post, titled "Yes, you can!"  motivated all of us to keep working and writing. The winner of Debby's drawing for one of her LIS novels, reader's choice, and a writer's journal is Bridgett Henson. 

Thursday  Sandra Orchard returned with "Tips for Crafting High Action Scenes!" You suspense writers do not want to miss this post. DebH is the winner of  an e-copy of Blind Trust.

 Margaret Brownley galloped in on Friday, to talk about "The Long and Short of Writing Novellas." Why is short the new long? And how can a novella help your writing career?  Sherida Stewart is the winner of Four Weddings and a Kiss.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday:Come rock to the beat of cowboys, ranchers, blue heelers, horses, cattle and romance as "hearth and home" author Ruthy Logan Herne talks about her upcoming release His Montana Sweetheart  and how much fun it is to change things up now and again!  Join Ruthy as she chats about challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone while cementing your brand. If you dare to leave a comment, Ruthy will throw your name in the hat for a $20 Amazon gift card that you can use for ANYTHING.... And that will give her a chance to catch up on her last mailing!!!!

Tuesday:Sandra Leesmith will add more helpful tips for writing a novella in her post "Plot Structure of a Novella." She will be giving away an available copy of a  novella of your choice written by one of the Seekers and a copy of your choice of one of her novels.

Wednesday: What a treat it is for Seekerville to welcome author Roz Denny Fox, who will talk about Harlequin's Heartwarming line. Roz has written over 37 books for Harlequin and will be available to answer questions about the Heartwarming guidelines. Roz will be giving away copies of her recent Heartwarming books to two lucky winners.

Thursday: Today, we are excited and delighted to welcome debut Love Inspired Suspense author, Mary J. Alford. Do stop by for details on her road to a first sale with her post, "The Dance," and for a chance to win her first release, Forgotten Past, which garnered 4 1/2 stars from RT Bookreviews.

Friday: Robin Lee Hatcher doesn't believe in analyzing creativity too much. Stop in on Friday to read how she handles "The Mystery of Creativity." We'll be giving away a copy of Four Wedding and a Kiss.

Seeker Sightings

Dora and Myra
If you're in the Charlotte, NC, area on Saturday, June 28, you can catch Seeker Myra Johnson and her friend, author Dora Hiers presenting their workshop "Creating Characters that Come Alive" at the Morrison branch of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library, 2:00-3:30 p.m. But don't panic if you can't make the live presentation. Myra and Dora are also offering their class in November as part of Night Classes in the Village.

Debby Giusti has an article in the June issue of FAYETTE WOMAN MAGAZINE, "Fun Beach Reads by Georgia Authors." Check out the books Debby recommends for your summer reading pleasure. You'll find her write-up on page 48-51. (Be patient. The magazine takes time to load.)

Mary Connealy News: Enter the Sweet on Love iPad Mini giveaway. Enter anytime between June 18  and July 8 by CLICKING HERE to join the Facebook Party. A chat will be held on July 8th and the winner will be announced at the end. The iPad Mini is the grand prize but there will be lots of prizes, lots of fun.

And...get your name in a drawing for a copy of Four Weddings and a Kiss on Lena Nelson Dooley's blog.

Mary is signing books today, Saturday, June 21 at Barnes and Noble in Sioux City, Iowa at the Southern Hills Mall from 11-1. Stop in! 

BOOK FUN MAGAZINE IS OUT AND IT'S GOT A SPECIAL SEEKER ANGLE THIS MONTH! Go to and find Seekerville featured as June's blog of the month. Article on page 132.Then check out Rural Roots by Mary Connealy beginning on page 93.

Random News & Information

ARE YOU GOING TO #RWA 2014 SAN ANTONIO? If so, drop us a line. We'll send out a group email blast a couple times during conference letting you know when and where we are hanging out during the conference. Send your email to

Even if you are not attending, but you live in the area, be sure to stop by the FREE Literacy Autographing Wednesday, July 23, 2014 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in the 3rd floor ballroom. Several Seekers will be signing.

 If you are interested in Boroughs Publishing Group...YOU ARE INVITED TO BOROUGHS PUBLISHING GROUP'S ANNUAL MEET & GREET OPEN HOUSE FRIDAY, JULY 25TH  5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. San Antonio Marriott - RIVERCENTER SUITE 1906

 Only two weeks left to enter. Deadline July 1st for the 2014 Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest! Inspirational judges: Shana Asaro, Associate Editor Harlequin Love Inspired and Becky Philpott, Associate Acquisitions Editor HarperCollins. More information and other category judges info can be found here.      

 Literary agency Alive Communications has hired Lisa Jackson, former associate publisher of Tyndale, and Brian Thomasson (a senior editor at NavPress) to join the Colorado Springs-based firm as agents. (Publishers Lunch)

 Mike R. Underwood: 25 Secrets Of Publishing, Revealed! (Or: Inside The Bookish Shatterdome) (Terrible Minds)

 A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Magnetic Email Incentive (Michael Hyatt)

Slash and Burn: Cutting Words From Your Novel (Janice Hardy)

Jane Austen’s Collection of Critical Feedback From Her (Sometimes Harsh) Friends and Family (Passive Voice)

Big Changes for Amazon Categories (Author Marketing Experts, Inc.)

2 Tools for Improving Your Writing (Beyond Paper Editing)

(Stop) Comparing Yourself to Successful Authors (The Editor's Blog)

 Becoming An Author – How Do You Spell Success? (The Future of Ink)\

 This Is Your Brain on Writing (NYT)

Details here

That's it! Have a great weekend


  1. Hello Weekend!! Coffee's brewing.

    And thanks for another great WE.

    Went to that link about Amazon's changing categories. Too tired to absorb it all.

    Nite nite.

  2. Another weekend edition and another weekend to try to be (not comparing myself but imitating) Mary and Ruthy. I will attempt to write 15 K this weekend. There is no rabbit up my sleeve. Watch very carefully.

  3. Haaaaaa! Love the Jane Austen criticisms. Nothing like reading the "one stars" of my favorite novels. Makes me feel better about those hits when they come my way!

    And the "how do you define success" article is very interesting. I used to think it was by books sold... and then it was by revenue... and now it's by critical review. I mean, I still want to sell books and make money, but I really (really, really, really) want to be a good writer, without all the tics an hang ups I've carried from my beginner books. I want each book to be better (noticeably, quantifiably better) than the last.

    Which reminds me of what my oldest child said when she finished Persuasion, Captain Wentworth and Cracklin' Cornbread. "Hm. I liked the first two better. Nothing much seemed to happen here except a lot of yearning and hoping."


  4. You can do it, Tina! (Speeeed. I am speeeed.)

  5. Good luck with that, Tina. Oy! Great WE. I didn't even know Book Fun Magazine existed! Honestly, there's such a treasure trove of goodness out there. Loved both Mary's article and the Seekerville one. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!!!!!

  6. Great WE. Love the photos of the old typewriters.

    My dad had an Underwood. I wrote my neighborhood newspapers on it when I was a child. I thought I was Lois Lane. :)

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

  7. Great weekend edition! Congratulations to all of the winners.

  8. Tina, thanks for the Weekend Edition! Congrats to our winners! Thanks for the links. Fun to see the Seekers in the news!

    Tina, I'm blown away by your plan to write 15k in a weekend! Praying you get 'er done.

    We have a family birthday party this weekend but its quieter than some. Hoping to make progress on my wip.

    Happy weekend all!


  9. The beauty of it is I don't HAVE to get it done. I want to challenge myself.

  10. Tina, the Beyond Paper Editing site is fantastic! Thank you! Planning to read the articles in Book Fun Magazine later ... must concentrate on editing and revising for now.

    15K this weekend. Wow! Check in ever so often just to let us know you're okay? :-)

    Congrats to all you winners!

    Nancy C

  11. Congratulations winners and happy WE. Tina, you've inspired me. I've challenged myself to edit 100 pages this weekend. Won't be getting much housework done, but will take time to read some of those links.

  12. It's always a treat to see all the interesting stuff you pull together for our WE each week, Tina! Fun, fun! Need to spend some time later checking out more of those links!

    Going for 15K this weekend? YOU GO, GIRL!!! Keep us posted on your progress! I'm delighted if I total up 15K over an entire week!

  13. DEBBY, I love those old typewriter pix, too. My mom had a portable (yeah, right!) Royal in a black suitcase-type box with metal latches. I typed many of my childhood stories and school papers on it. Such memories!

  14. Tina, thanks for the great WE! That's a really interesting article about Amazon themes.

    I hope you all have a great weekend! Congrats on our winners. I'm looking forward to next week's posts!

  15. Tina, be sure to check in later to let us know how it went this weekend!

  16. Elaine M, I'll be with you: editing!

  17. Hi, everyone,

    I have had a rather exciting in a not so great way afternoon. My heart rate is starting to slow and I am not shaking quite as much. I have learned that I am not capable of killing a snake.

    I was fixing lunch when I saw this huge snake slither around the corner. I ran outside and grabbed a shovel. After multiple stabs and the screams that kept coming out of my mouth the snake coiled and tried to strike me and then slithered into a closet. I wish I knew where it is now. I think it is a ring snake.

    I suppose I should write down the intense feelings lest I forget and this should somehow find its way into a story.

    I hope my brother comes home soon.

    Anyway I hope you are having a calmer Saturday than I am.


  19. THANK YOU, Seekerville! It will be a treat to read Four Weddings and a Kiss!Congratulations to the other winners!

    I'm catching up with yesterday's comments.....and a Seekerville Christmas novella collection! GREAT NEWS!

    Thanks for the WE, Tina! I'm concentrating on novellas right now, so looking forward to Sandra's Tuesday post and ALL the posts next week. Now off to check on the Book Fun Magazine and the Fayette Woman Magazine articles about Seekers. Yay!

    Praying for your 15K, Amazing Tina! And Walani, SNAKES! Oh, my! Yes, all experiences can become writing material...that's putting the positive spin on those adventures!

    Happy weekend of writing to all!

  20. WILANI!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! I hope you find the snake before it finds you! Outside is bad enough. I think I'd have a heart attack if I saw one in the house. The closest I've come is finding a big black snake in our garage a few years ago. The neighbor and his son came over to get it out. Whew!!!

  21. I was going to comment.

    Share that I'm making Mary's BBQ chicken, but without the pineapple because somebody ate it...

    or tell y'all that I just typed THE END to my Homestead novella for Barbour and sent it to be critiqued...

    or tell you that I'm now (or will be soon) packing for ICRS...

    but all of that pales in comparison to the fact that...


    I'm weak-kneed just thinking about it.

    PS. I had one a few months ago, but thank goodness, I had a glue trap and it was stuck on it. Almost gave me a heart attack!

  22. Good grief! I don't want to live where snakes come in the house!!

  23. Wilani!!! AHHH!!!
    Shovels don't work for me either! You just gotta shoot them- but not in the house!
    Praying for the snake patrol to find it!

  24. Congratulations winners! Always glad to see stuff being given away : )

    Tina. Did I read that correctly?? 15K this weekend? God bless you.

  25. Wilani, I used to get snakes inside. We hunted and hunted for the "way in" and finally I found it by laying on my back and examining the side of the house where they seemed to be... there was a hole the size of a fifty cent piece, maybe smaller, where the clapboard met the rocks/concrete from back-splash of a dripping gutter.

    Once I filled the hole with concrete patch, no more snakes.

    But that was a crazy year because it took me that long to find the hole and close it up. I paid kids $1/snake to kill them (even outside) because I wanted to discourage them and decrease the surplus population of SNAKES!!!!

    They were just garter snakes, but still... Ick. One time there was one on the microwave...

    And I thought it was a toy! Perfectly motionless.


    Welcome to the country.



    They are perfect for grabbing Snakey-Von-Snake-A-Lot behind the head with no worry of biting and then you carry Snakey-Von-Snake-A-Lot outside and dispatch of him any way you want.

    That way if he gets away, he's not in the closet.

    This maneuver also works on bats, mid-day when they're light-stunned.

    It DOES NOT work on flying bats.

    I'm just sayin'... :)

    Your snake-catching friend,


  27. Tina. 15K. No pressure. That's when it's best.

  28. Ewwwwwwwwww! All this snake talk has given me the heebie jeebies. This city girl would totally freak out if she saw a snake anywhere never mind in her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Ruthy -- the tongs thing -- while too gross for words on a snake would actually work well for the cat kill in my backyard. (,in case that sounds like I killed a cat that's not what I meant. What I meant was the neighbour's cat comes over to my yard to hunt and I often find poor little creatures pushing up the daisies in my garden. It is extremely traumatic for me to collect them much to the cat's amusement. But the tongs idea...would make it a tad easier, I think.) thanks, Ruthy!

  29. Tina - great WE! Wanted to let you know Shrek arrived today. I'm looking forward to watching it.

    I tend to let snakes live - as long as they stay outside. Inside they are fair game. I had a lizard on my window this morning and admired it, but it was outside.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  30. Thanks, Ruthy for the tongs idea. I will keep that in mind for the next time. I am still waiting for my brother to come home.

    Hope he finds it so I can sleep tonight!

  31. The tongs are magic. The snake can't move it's snippy little head and the bat is light-struck so he's catatonic (it may have been a "she" I'm not sure how to tell Bat-Anatomy unless it's "Batman". He's a boy.

    Terri Weldon, I dreamed about a lizard last night... it was on a wall and I was surprised...


    Maybe it was your lizard in my dream????

  32. Tina, I would say that writing 15k on a weekend is impressive, even is Mary and Ruthy do write more.

  33. Tina, Hope you get your 15 K. Way to go!

  34. Hey, Walt-Baby!!!!! :)

    I'm usually 4K on weekends, or if I can lock everyone out and burrow into my rabbit warren and make up stories I might double that. But that's intense for me, I usually plod at the 1K - 1200 words/day.

    So Tina's 15K (or whatever she ends up with) is AWESOME. I'm gob-struck.

    I did 2.5K today. And played in the garden, watched a great soccer game (granddaughter), bought baby chicken food, made 65 chickens happy, tended a gravesite and laid more mulch there, planted pretty flowers, cleaned a porch (a sorry task, let me just say, kids are messy creatures) and went to Abbott's Frozen Custard and treated myself to a dish and did some disgusting found-it-in-the-yard laundry.


    I got dirty.

  35. Wilani -- you have the great start for a romance. Heroine finds snake in house. Calls animal control or sheriff's department ('cause who else can you call?).Hero shows up, rescues snake and heroine. Heroine and hero fall in love. Snake is non-poisonous and is returned to the wild to control rodents. Happily-ever-after for everyone.

    Or ...

    Heroine finds snake in house. Has heart attack. Hero is doctor in emergency room ....

    Nancy C

  36. Nancy, that is a great idea for a romance.

    My brother got home. He cleaned out the closet no snake. He told me it is long gone, I asked if it was possible for a snake to crawl in bed with me tonight. He rolled his eyes looked at me like I am a dumb female. He says the snake went back outside, but how can I be sure!

    Next time I am in Walmart or the dollar store, I am buying some extra long tongs like for a grill and then they will only be used for catching snakes.

  37. Nice to see Margaret Brownley mentioned. I met her years ago at an RWA conference.

    Mary Montague Sikes

  38. Margaret was our guest yesterday, Mary! Welcome to Seekerville, btw.

  39. Ruthy - I'm sending the lizard your way. When he finally treks across the states please give him a nice home in your garden. I told him you said he is the stuff dreams are made of. By the way he agreed to answer to the name Jeter.

  40. OH, LANI!!!! I would have had a heart attack, girlfriend!! Hope you find that snake ... :\

    15K, Tina??? YIKES ... even if you only hit half of that, that's more than I write in a week. Like Ruthy, I'm "gob-struck"!!


  41. Wilani Wahl
    ON AMAZON you order Catch Master Max Catch.
    I buy them in boxes of 2 dozen.

    And until they get to your house

    MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They're hard to kill btw. I once found one in my basement and I got a shovel and scooped it up, very small snake about the size of a pencil, and carried it outside and tossed it away, unharmed.
    It landed and turned and slithered straight for me coming back to the house.


    He Had His CHANCE!!!!!

  42. If it had been a mouse I'd have never ever touched it.
    I'd have been too busy running and screaming.

    Why do you think that is?

    I think you were very brave to attack and


    You probably have snakes all through your house, probably packed inside the walls.

    That's just my suspicion.

    But don't let it worry you.

  43. SPEW ALERT, CONNEALY! Packed in the walls?????

  44. I enjoyed seeing those Jane Austen criticisms!!! In one way, I think, Aww! Bless her heart!, in another, I agree with some of the criticisms, lol. Makes me feel better about my own feedback though.

    That article about brains on writing is fascinating!

    Great WE! I'm off to explore the other links!