Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Welcome to Seekerville's Pre Fourth of July Holiday Weekend Edition! Pass the hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon and apple pie.


Contact us at to claim your prize. See our legal page here for details. Remember that we get busy and forgetful juggling writing and blogging. If you haven't received your prize in 6-8 weeks, DO CONTACT US!!

Monday author Ruthy Logan Herne talked about her upcoming release His Montana Sweetheart  and how much fun it is to change things up now and again! Ruthy chatted about challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone while cementing your brand. Winner of a $20 Amazon gift card is Stephanie Trietsch.

Tuesday Sandra Leesmith added more helpful tips for writing a novella in her post "Plot Structure of a Novella." Winner of an available copy of a  novella of your choice written by one of the Seekers and a copy of your choice of one of her novels is Patti Jo.

 What a treat it was for Seekerville to welcome author Roz Denny Fox, on Wednesday to talk about Harlequin's Heartwarming line. Roz has written over 37 books for Harlequin and answered questions about the Heartwarming line. Winner of Annie's Neighborhood is Beth.  Winner of The Hope Dress is Naomi Rawlings.  Winner of the $25.00 Amazon gift card is Terrie from Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

Thursday we were excited and delighted to welcome debut Love Inspired Suspense author, Mary J. Alford. If you missed it, go back and check out the details of her road to a first sale  post, "The Dance." Winner of her first release, Forgotten Past, which garnered 4 1/2 stars from RT Bookreviews is Sally Shupe.

  Robin Lee Hatcher doesn't believe in analyzing creativity too much.  Friday she shared how she handles "The Mystery of Creativity." Liz Flaherty is the winner of Four Wedding and a Kiss. Oh, and the winner of the "Robin is missing creativity comment " an additional copy of Four Weddings and a Kiss, is Terri Weldon.

Saturday's Wishkeeper winners from the July Contest Update are Melissa Jagears (Wired for Story), Heidi Robbins (Four Weddings and a Kiss), Tracey Hagwood (Mending the Doctor's Heart) and Cindy Regnier (Stranded with the Rancher -when it arrives).


Monday: Seekerville is thrilled to welcome 2014 Christian Retailing (double) Award Winner, Cynthia Ruchti to visit with her post, " Writing Acousitcally." Stop by for a chance to win All My Belongings.

Tuesday: Love Inspired, Howard Books and Huffington Post contributor, Virginia Carmichael Munoz aka Mary Jane Hathaway, is our honored guest today with her blog post, "Giving Yourself Permission." And Virginia has brought as many giveaways as Jane Austen has published novels in her lifetime. Don't miss it!

Wednesday:Author Val Hansen joins us to talk about writing a continuity, and how to set the stage when there's a mob of authors working behind you! Val will be giving away two copies of Her Montana Cowboy, Book 1 of the "Big Sky Centennial" Continuity to lucky commenters!

Thursday: Today, Audra Harders invites you to explore the possibilities of Outlining Forward...Writing Backward. Of course there's a giveaway, just leave a comment!!

Friday: Seekerville is closed for the 4th of July Holiday. Happy 4th!



Myra Johnson was over-the-moon excited to learn her historical romance When the Clouds Roll By (Abingdon Press, October 2013) won the 2014 Christian Retailing's Best Award for historical fiction. The announcement was made Tuesday, June 24, at the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta. Abingdon Press swept the competition with a total of 12 wins this year!  

If you missed Seeker Myra Johnson and her friend, author Dora Hiers, and their workshop "Creating Characters that Come Alive"  at the Morrison branch of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library on Saturday,  they're giving a repeat performance on Monday, June 30, at 6:00 p.m. at the Mountain Island branch. If you can't make one of these live presentations, Myra and Dora are also offering their class in November as part of Night Classes in the Village.

Mary Connealy News: Enter the Sweet on Love iPad Mini giveaway. Enter anytime between June 18  and July 8 by CLICKING HERE to join the Facebook Party. A chat will be held on July 8th and the winner will be announced at the end. The iPad Mini is the grand prize but there will be lots of prizes, lots of fun. 

And, find out more about The Story Behind the Story of  Four Weddings and a Kiss. Click Here.

Tina Radcliffe is stunned speechless. (Enjoy it while you can.) Mending the Doctor's Heart is a 2014 Carol Awards finalist in the short novel category.


Congratulations to the 2014 ACFW Carol Awards finalists and the 2014 ACFW Genesis finalists. See you in St. Louis for the 2014 ACFW Annual Conference.

A great site for character research BIO.

What's It Like to Work at Amazon? (The Passive Voice)

Seeker friend Marilyn Baxter gave Seekerville a SHOUT OUT during her blog tour for Better as a Memory. Stop by and say hi! 

ICRS: ‘Burning Sky’ wins Christy Award for ‘Book of the Year’ (Christian Retailing) 

Congratulations to all the Christy Winners and finalists. Full List Here.

 Vice president at MacGregor Literary Sandra Bishop is leaving the agency after more than seven years to set up her own company. In a statement president Chip MacGregor said Bishop is "leaving the agency on good terms and is looking forward to continuing the great relationships she cultivated." Going forward she may be reached at (Publishers Lunch)

 Direct-to-Digital Christian Fiction Picks Up Steam (PW)

 The Mindset Of Successful Indie Authors And Longevity As A Writer with Bob Mayer (The Creative Penn)

Fake Bestsellers, Concern Trolls, and Hidden Agendas (Let's Get Visible)

Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon 2015! Tickets go on sale July 1st. Keynote speaker Tess Gerritsen. Save the date, Saturday, April 25th, 2015.  More information here.

Thanks to Pam Hillman who brought us back photos from the ICRS in Atlanta and her own commentary.

Bird’s eye view of the 2014 International Christian Retail Trade Show, Atlanta, GA.
I enjoyed meeting Alyssa Aftab (Tyndale House Publicist) and Travis Thrasher as he signed his new Dystopian YA novel, Marvelous.

With several novellas contracted with Barbour, it was fun for me to introduce herself to the Barbour staff. I'm pictured here with Shalyn Satler.

Irene Hannon, Pam Hillman

Pam Hillman, Nora St. Laurent, Tessa Afshar.

Coleen Coble, Pam Hillman

What joy to see my Tyndale editor again. Jan Stob, Tyndale House, and Pam Hillman

Tessa Afshar, Pam Hillman, and Karen Witemeyer at the Christy Awards.

Robin Jones Gunn, Pam Hillman

Cocky from the Neatherlands and Pam. Cocky read Claiming Mariah when it released in ebook form, so I signed and gave herthe only print copy of Claiming Mariah that I had left. I had a wonderful chat with Cocky and her husband, Jan.

Baker Publishing Group’s booth featuring Tried and True by Mary Connealy!

Abingdon’s booth with two of Myra Johnson’s books AND Myra’s Bookseller’s Best Award for When the Clouds Roll By. Congratulations, Myra!

Karen Witemeyer signs Full Steam Ahead. Fun!

With Barbour Publishing’s Annie Tipton. Such fun to meet Annie and get the chance to chat with her.

 That's it. Have a great Sunday!



  1. Woohoo! I won! Now I know why I should keep the teeth, you can bribe the Seekerville Fairy with them!

    I should bring some teeth with me to the Carol Awards. TINA, if you want some teeth for your pockets, you just mosey on over to my table, k? I'll bring extra!

  2. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

    Can't I have chocolate instead?

  3. All right, how about these instead? Because who doesn't want chocolate teeth on a stick???

    OR if you're really curious on what you can find on the internet (which seems to be practically anything) I might be ambitious enough to make you a set of these . . . as long as I haven't eaten anything recently....

  4. Ewwwwwwwww -- to Melissa's links. No offence, Melissa. But chocolate teeth just aren't appealing. Yuck.

    Wooohooo congrats to Tina and Myra! So exciting. And to all the winners and finalists. Very exciting time of year for Christian fiction!

    Great WE edition -- though I'm feeling a bit discombobulated 'cause now I feel like it's Saturday instead of Sunday.

  5. I needed a great WE. Congrats to all winners.

    My internet has been out repeatedly this week. Frustrating.

    Looking forward to another interesting week.

  6. Congratulations Myra and Tina! And thank you Seekerville Wishkeeper for the book!!!

    Melissa have you seen these?

  7. Congrats to Tina and Myra!!!! So wonderful.

    Myra, loved seeing your award! Pam, thanks for all the photos. Such a great experience.

    Congrats to last week's winners!

  8. So excited to win Tina's Carol nominated book, Mending the Doctors Heart! After reading one of Tina's last month, all her books are now on my TBR list.

    Thank you Oh Wishkeeper Fairy! (and I won without any good luck teeth like Melissa!

  9. Great pictures of ICRS!! I agree.

    And I lust after Myra's award. It's so pretty. It would look nice on any mantle.

  10. I'll send your thanks to our wishkeeper, Tracey. And thanks for the kind comments on my books.

  11. Thanks to Pam for the great pics from Atlanta, I really enjoyed seeing a lot of the authors I read

  12. Oh Heidi, for a second there I thought those teeth were real. GAHHHHHHH!

    But I love the crafter's writing voice. "not suitable for people who have ever harboured a suspicion that toys can come alive at night" Indeed!

    Since watching Critters in grade school, I can't hang my limbs over a bed at night or leave them uncovered because the hairballs with teeth under the bed might get me. Pretty certain, Fugglers would be friends with Critters....

  13. Fuggler orders can take up to 8 weeks.


  14. Oh, Tina, what would you do if I didn't come pester you in the comment section every now and then?.....Wait, don't answer that.....

  15. I would be bored, MJ! BORED, WITLESS.

  16. Tina's book is on my list to be read as well! Sounds great.

  17. Oh, wow, thanks for the pix, PAM!!! Nice to see what the award actually looks like. I wonder if Abingdon is going to keep it or give it to me!!!!!! I still can't believe it's real!

    And YAY FOR TINA!!!! So excited about your Carol final!!!

  18. Great WE, as always, Miss T !!
    I'm still giggling over your "stunned speechless" comment about yourself, hehehe... ;)

    WOOHOO!! SOOOO excited to be a winner from Sandra's day of blogging!! :) THANK YOU!!

    Oh my - - all those folks were in my town (Atlanta) - - too bad I couldn't make myself invisible and slip inside and mingle (waving to Pam Hillman!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  19. p.s. CONGRATS to MYRA on your awesome AWARD!! (of course, that book was AWESOME!!).

    Just realized how silly my previous comment post was - - if I slipped into ICRS and was invisible, then tried to mingle - - folks would only hear my voice and not see me. Then a rumor would start that the place was haunted...sheesh! Just as well I can't make myself invisible. ;)

  20. Plenty of good news in the WE! Cheering for Tina and Myra for their well-deserved accolades! Congratulations to all the winners!

    Thanks to Pam for sharing her fun ICRS photos!

    We were camping in the mountains last week, so I missed some of the posts. I'm planning to read those and the links now. Looking forward to all the posts next week. Thank you, Seekerville!

  21. Kav, maybe having the WE on Sunday instead of Saturday will reset my internal calendar!

    I went to ICRS and the days were ALL messed up. Set up was last Sunday, and the floor opened on Monday morning, so I was "off" a day all week. Thursday felt like, Friday felt like Saturday.

  22. Sherida, I missed some, too, and am playing catch up as well. First off, I'm reading Sandra's blog post on writing novellas.

  23. Love all these pics! Great WE!

    Congrats on the Carol final, Tina!!! Woot woot!!!

  24. Thanks, for the shout outs, gang!!

    I'm pretty excited. I'm selling all Melissa J's teeth (from the box, not in her mouth) on eBay to get myself to ACFW.

  25. You can't sell them!!! Then your good luck would all go away!


    Myra, that award is SOOO cool!!! Tina ... yours will be too! ;)

    MEGA CONGRAT to all the Christy nominees and award winners!!

    Pammy ... SO fun seeing all the pix from ICRS.


  27. Ditto to what Julie said

    Great photos Pam.

    and Super Congratulations!!!!! Myra and Tina.

    I am soooooo excited for you girls and NOT ONE BIT SURPRISED. You girls Rock!!

  28. Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday.

    Hubby took me away from the computer for w wonderful hike. It was great. Missed you all though.

    Have a great fourth of July week.

  29. Good links, Tina! I must admit my eyes glazed over while reading the Let's Get Visible link. Need to try again, earlier in the day.

    Congrats to all the winners, and the finalists.

    And Pam, thank you for sharing the photos. Such fun!

    Nancy C

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