Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Weekend RWA Conference Edition

Missy Tippens and Myra Johnson

Today's Weekend Edition comes live from deep in the heart of Texas and the RWA #2014 Conference. We'll be adding photos from the Harlequin Party later today, and the RITA/GH gala Sunday, so stick around. For those of you who want to follow the live Tweets, check out #RWA14. And Tina Radcliffe will be Tweeting live from the Awards Gala at @TMRadcliffe

We've got so much swag we're picking FOUR WINNERS: Courtney, Tracey Hagwood, Donna Phillips and Olivia. Swag is en route from San Antonio and should arrive soon. Will mail as soon as it arrives.
We Have Winners

  Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to with your snail mail address unless email is specified). We don't have time to track you down. Do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located here, on our legal page.

Monday Revell author, Julie Lessman was your hostess Monday with her post From Sweet to Swoon-part 2. The winner of any Julie Lessman BOC (ebook or print) is Sandy Smith.

 Tuesday we joined Sandra Leesmith as she talked about “Who Controls the Media Delivery System” and why that is so important to know. Winner of their choice of one of Sandra's books, audio, print or ebook, is Walt Mussell.

Wednesday we were delighted to have "A Visit With Margaret Daley." Did you know that Margaret has more than sixty books published?  Thank you to Margaret for her generous giveaways!! Wow! Emily wins an ebook copy of Deadly Hunt. Cindy W wins an ebook copy of  Deadly Intent. And Lee Carver wins a print copy of Christmas Bodyguard.

Thursday Seekerville was excited to welcome Harlequin Art Director Tania Pery. Tania gave us an inside look at how covers are designed and put together based on the book's plot, setting, characters and author and editor input. Winners are Marianne, Jackie Smith, Amber Schamel and Erica Vetsch. Winners will receive copies of His Montana Sweetheart and Her Montana Twins (when it's available!), both sprinkled with hugs and kisses from Seekerville!  

Friday we were live from RWA #14 San Antonio, Texas with Seeker Tina Radcliffe. She brought us photos from the Literacy Signing, and  parties and events she snuck into wearing her faux press pass badge. Winners of (in the words of Mary Connealy) the first known copies of her September release, Stranded with the Rancher are:Heidi Robbins, Marianne Barkman,Jennifer Smith, Jackie Layton and DebH.
Janet Dean & Senior Editor Tina James

Debby Giusti moderates the Editor Pitch workshop w/ Emily Rodmell and Susan Litman

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Sometimes writers—intentionally or unintentionally— sensationalize their synopsis to the point that it doesn't even resemble the actual chapters: similar to the practice of "padding one's resume", yes? Join Pam Hillman today as she discusses this interesting conundrum, why it's not necessarily a good idea, and how to avoid it.

Tuesday: Are you battling burnout? Bestselling author Emily T. Wierenga shares 10 tips for overcoming writer's block in addition to giving away copies of her debut novel, and her newly-released memoir, Atlas Girl.

 Wednesday:  Love Inspired historical author Christina Rich is our guest today. Stop by to chat with her and we'll give you a peek at her latest release, The Warrior's Vow.

Thursday: Harlequin Heartsong Presents author, Rose Ross Zediker has a quiz for procrastinators! How will you do? Take the test and leave a comment to get your name in a drawing for a copy of Rose's next release Sweet on the Cowgirl. 

Friday: It's time for the August Contest Update! Only FIVE months left this year. Stay tuned for a special KICK BUTT edition and we'll introduce you to our August Contest Diva!
Seeker Sightings  

Congratulations to the 2014 Inspirational Reader's Choice Award Winners and especially Seekerville's own Pam Hillman:

 Long Historical

1st: Claiming Mariah by Pam Hillman (Tyndale House)

Not all the good news is coming from San Antonio!!! Ruthy Logan Herne has just signed a six book contract with Love Inspired books!!! She's finishing up her high-selling "Kirkwood Lake" series and then... GASP!!!... is doing a sisters trilogy to save the family business... Oh, imagine the fun of three sisters who couldn't wait to get away, coming home to help Mom and Dad... And then??? We start a new series Ruthy is researching now!  CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS for all!!!!  Happy dancing in upstate!

Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story will be hosting Sandra Leesmith on Monday, 28 July 2014 whilst she reviews her novel "Love's Promises" which continues the showcase Jorie began earlier in the Spring. On 14 March 2014, Jorie hosted a Book Cover Reveal   and on 22 April, 2014 Jorie hosted an Author Interview. Please join her and Sandra on Monday for a lively discussion and fun. 

Heartsong Presents author Narelle Atkins brought us TimTams from Australia

Random News & Information

Why I Left My Mighty Agency and New York Publishers (for now) (Jane Friedman)

 Authors: 15 Tips To Increase Your Productivity (Molly Greene: Writer)

From #RWA14 Cindy Ratzlaff-How to Build a Platform, balance a personal life and create a best seller...

   Promotional Giveaways—Are You Legal? by Laura McClellan (Seriously Write)

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Writers (The Book Designer)

Unknown Authors Make a Living Self-Publishing (The Passive Voice)

5 Reasons You Procrastinate on Getting Your Book Done: The Solutions – Part 2 (The Future of Ink)

Pam Tracey, Missy and Lacy Williams at the Literacy Signing

Soon to visit Seekerville guest, Barbara White Daille

Mary at the Buckhorn Museum and Saloon with a stuffed Longhorn.
I'm the one in blue, shut up!

That's it for today. See you tomorrow with more pictures!
Karen Fleming. SOLD to Heartsong Presents!

LI author Leigh Bale and LIS author Laura Scott

In front L to R, Dana Corbitt, Sara Parker and Rachel Dylan-Love Inspired Meet & Greet

Lindi Peterson & Missy Tippens

Love Inspired author Meet & Greet, photo by Emily Rodmell

Senior Editor Tina James and Editor Emily Rodmell at LI Meet & Greet

RWA's Carol Ritter gave Mary Curry her Sold Ribbon and PAN badge.

Left to Right, front Janet Dean, Tina Radcliffe, Lacey Williams, Merrillee Whren, Mindy Obenhaus, Lori Robinson, Debby Giusti. Back Row, Missy Tippens, Myra Johnson, Mary Curry -READY FOR THE HARLEQUIN PARTY@!

Seeker pal, Annie Rains and Tina Radcliffe

Awards Night, Myra, Missy, Debby and Tina

Tanya Agler and Tina Radcliffe

Myra, Julie Hilton Steele and Missy



Mindy Obenhaus and Lindi Peterson

Tina Radcliffe and Janet Dean

Julie Hilton Steele and GH finalist Piper Huguley
And Carla Laureano wins the Inspirational RITA!!! Congrats to Carla!


  1. Congrats Ruthy on your new contract.
    Like seeing all the photos and that the timtams figure in the pics.

  2. excited! Need to win the lottery so I can buy the books!!!(guess I would need to buy a ticket, eh?) thanks again Tina for all the pics and news about RWA. Thoroughly enjoyed them, and looking forward to tomorrow. We finally had rain, and it looks like you escaped a dozers of a wind storm, Tina!

  3. Ruthy - congratulations on the SUX book contract!

    Mary Curry - so cool to be presented your sold and PAN goodies.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics from RWA. It looks like you lovely ladies are having a blast.

  4. Big congrats to Ruthy and Pam!!! Congrats! I learned stuff and I'm here!! the update, Tina--you rock!

  5. Love the pictures from RWA, ladies! I hope to see some of you in St. Louis. Congratulations, Ruthy, on your awesome contract, and Pam on your award.

  6. Man, they don't sell timtams in that large a size up here. No fair!!! Yes, that was my first thought after looking at all those pictures!

    Congratulations Ruthy -- awesome news.

    Love seeing all these great pictures. Mary Curry must be floating on air -- someone make sure she doesn't float away.

    Thanks for all the updates and keeping us informed.

  7. Kav its called a family pack. only problem doesn't come in the other flavours. (now I want one haven't had one since last year!)

  8. Congratulations Ruthy on your six book congtrat. AWESOME!



    How stinkin' cool is that????? Thank you, Love Inspired, Melissa Endlich and Natasha Kern!!!!! Happy dancing!!!!!!!!!

    And I want a Tim tam now. Badly. But I'm near "Financier" a coffee shop in Manhattan and they have amazing pastries.... so I'm bringing a HUGE PLATTER of Financier pastries here today for us to celebrate!!!!

    You know if I ever get blase about a contract... Kick me. Seriously. We are so blessed.

    Thank you, God!


  10. Hey, those pics rock: The LI meet and greet.... the gals dolled up.... Mary and the longhorn....

    Laughing, Connealy!!!!

    Just glimpsing all the fun and frolic.... I'd love to see San Antonio in the calm.... and the cooler.... times of the year! What a great place to visit but I'm such a stinkin' baby in the heat.


  11. Pam, huge congrats on your win!!!!!

    Happy dancing!!!!!

    So proud of you, here, darling, have a pastry from "Financier".... You'll love it!!!!

  12. Piper, I see pics of you doing EVERYTHING at conference: GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!

    That is beyond awesome to see. Love it!!!!!

    And keep on, keepin' on!!!

  13. Ruthy next time I come to America I will bring some timtams for you.
    Cant say I blame you about the heat (I am a whimp in humidity) Clear heat I can handle. My problem is right now noise is again a huge issue. Med I was on which worked ok caused horrific nightmares. new med didn't work pain was so high and felt like someone was using a nail gun on my head. New med cut the stabbing but not much of the pain yet so while the pain is high noise is a huge issue (ok I admit feeling sorry for myself today).

    But I am coming back one day It may not be for many years but I want to come back.

  14. Looks like you all are having a great time!

    Congratulations Ruthy on your six book contract. Congrats to Pam on your big win.

    Lots of fun today seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Great WE, Tina! You girls look good!!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your wins!

    And congrats to you, Ruthy! Six books, awesome!:-))

    And to you, Mary Curry—way to go! :-))

  16. We do look good!!! LOL!!!!! Happy Saturday from San Antonio.

  17. The week's passing too quickly!!! Great conference. Will post info in my Aug blog.

    Danced all night at the Harlequin party. Wonder why my feet hurt? LOL!

    Need to get home and back into a routine. Miss everyone!

    Congrats, Ruthy!!! Congrats, winners!

    Praying for our Golden Heart finalists!!! Tonight's the night!

  18. I spent some time this morning catching up on Seekerville and was thrilled to find that you posted a picture of me in the Friday edition. That was so nice of all of you. That made my day! Thank you.

    (Please don't enter me for the swag! I've had the pleasure of being in San Antonio this week.)

  19. apologies for missing the big Pam news. Congratulations, Pam!!!! I saw that package of Timtams and went into a Timtam stupor and didn't register your great news. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

  20. Love these pictures, almost like being there.

    Congratulations Ruthy, Pam, Mary Curry. Yay to the WE winners.

    I'll be on the FB and Twitter feeds tonight rooting for Piper.

    What's a timtam?

  21. I'm really enjoying all the RWA pictures of so many writers whose books I've read. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

    Cogratulations to Ruthy, Pam and Mary! I'm sure it's so exciting to see your works succeed and be honored!

    Cheering on Seekerville and her friends tonight!

    I'm smiling at the Harlequin socks! I don't think many will be needing them in Texas in July!

    Mary C, love the pic, I recognized you right off without the nod to blue, lol

  22. Congratulations Ruthy on your 6 book contract.

    Pam, congratulations on your win.

    I am loving the pictures from the conference. I love the picture of Ruthy's cover on the elevator.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  23. Congratulations Ruthy on your 6 book contract.

    Pam, congratulations on your win.

    I am loving the pictures from the conference. I love the picture of Ruthy's cover on the elevator.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


    RUTHY!!! HOLY COW, darlin', there's only a minute percentage of authors who ever get a six-book deal, girlfriend, so in Texas/Down Under vernacular -- YAHOO AND PASS THE TIM TAMS!!! And in Ruthy-speak -- SO "stinkin'" proud of you, my friend -- NOBODY deserves it more, truly!!

    AND PAMMY!!! What can I say??? NO SURPRISE HERE, my friend, and I am over the moon over your sweet win -- you ROCK BIG TIME, girlfriend!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pix, although would love LIVE, LIVE, LIVE a whole lot better, but maybe next year ... :)

    OKAY, this has to be the BEST conference Mary Curry has ever attended, but I suspect they will just get better and better for this sweet gal ...

    And, finally, SUPER CONGRATS to all the WE WINNERS -- we love you guys!!!


  25. What great photos Tina, Thank you.

    And congrats to all the winners. And super congrats to those Seeker friends getting contracts. wooo hoooo

    Ruthy, 6 book contract. Wow girl. Go go go. No wonder you stayed home to write. You have a lot of writing to do. And I know you love every minute of it. smile

  26. Yippee Kai Yay! (Did I EVEN get close on the spelling???)You ladies looking like you're having a super time at RWA.

    Congratulations to this weeks winners.

  27. PAMMERS Super congrats on winning the first Inspirational Award.

    Go girl. I am not surprised. smile

  28. Woohoo to Pam, Ruthy and Mary! Love the pics and the postings. Hope to join you there next year. Please enter my name for the swag!

  29. Congratulations to the winners and Ruthy!! Thanks for sharing pictures from the conference,it's fun to see everyone having such a great time :)

  30. Thanks for telling us you are the one in blue, Mary LOL!!!

    What a happening place! So many familiar faces and FIRST SALES!! Love all the new authors at the conference. Just makes me giddy : )

    Congrats on the 6-book sales, Ruthy! You are so on a roll. I can't imagine what San Antonio would have been like if you'd joined the fun...

    AND, cute, cute footie socks. Can someone bring home a spare pair for me??


  31. Love the pics of the LI meet and greet. Emily and Tina are wonderful hostesses.

    Love the dresses, gals. You all look lovely!!

  32. Mary Curry, I'm grinning from ear to ear for you!!!!

  33. Pammy, congrats on winning the IRC award! Claiming Mariah rocks!!

  34. I want to add my congratulations to Ruthy, Pam, and Mary Curry for your awesome achievements.

    Jenny, I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you find meds that help you soon.

    I am enjoying all the pictures from San Antonio. Since I am new to Seekerville, I have enjoyed putting some faces to names.

    I'm also excited to win a book from Julie Lessman. Thanks!

  35. Pam! Yay!! Doing the happy dance for you and Claiming Mariah! What an awesome award! Well deserved!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  36. So. Much. Fun.
    Know everyone is having a blast!
    And Mary, everyone knows Longhorns wear orange, not blue. ;)

    Congratulations, Pam... Outstanding! And your story too, of course!

    RUTHY!!! Cass and I are dancing right here with you, if that makes any sense. Congratulations!

    Tina, you're looking wonderful (from yesterday)...

    Love all the photos of Seekers and Villagers (beautiful smile, Piper!) at RWA - y'all look mahhhhvelous! Wish I could be with you in my home state. Nowadays, I'm mostly in my adopted state so hope you come to Nashville or Knoxville, or heck, we can dream can't we... CROSSVILLE soon!

    Have a good time and all the best at the awards tonite! Go Seekerville!!!

  37. Huge Happy smile for Pam & Ruthy!!! : )

    I'm loving all of the pictures! Be safe and have fun!

  38. RUTHY! GIANT CONGRATS! How amazing!

    So much good news coming from the conference and right here among us!

    PAM- Congrats on Mariah!

    Great photos and I'm anxiously awaiting tonight's tweets! Yay!

  39. I'm about ready for the gala tonight except my hair is in hot rollers.
    So I'm hiding in my room.
    But soon I will emerge.
    Except I can't get my dress zipped all the way up.

    Someone will have to help me!!!
    It's honestly quit close!

  40. I would love to be entered into the drawing for conference goodies!

  41. This looks so fun! Congrats to everyone!

  42. Love the pics!!! And the SOCKS! Adorable!!!

    I want socks! :)

    Congrats on the six book contract Ruthy...AND I saw you on a roof cafe/bistro on Wall Street in NYC. I got the feeling that just not ANYBODY could do that...that maybe you have an IN with finance boy, huh? :)

  43. OOHHHHHHH.... and TimTams!!!

    Tell all!!!!

    Were they yummy??

  44. A pastry from the Financier? Yes, that does sound like something I'd like.

    What's the price tag on that sucker? lol

  45. You can order TimTams from Amazon! :)

  46. Congratulations ladies and I'm glad you all had such a blast! I can't wait to read your new book Tina, thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Is another place to get timtams in America. the cost is better than amazon and I think the postage is also. I have sent things from there to friends at times.

  48. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!!!!!!

    I'm in Manhattan visiting Zach and Luke, my two youngest sons, and we watched the Yankees win on Friday night (Jeter!!!!!) :)

    And spent 5 hours yesterday morning at the 9/11 museum, a true walk through tragedy and resilience. It is an amazing and very heart-wrenching place, well worth the money although I wish it was free so no one would be blocked by not having the $24 entrance fee.... but so worth the price on the other hand.

    People were so quiet.... Prayerful... tears... I've never been in a setting that matched this, the respect and reverence as you walk quiet halls and vivid displays of man's inhumanity to man and valiant efforts to help... and to survive.

    I was so inspired. Beyond words.

    I'm so excited about this contract!!!!! The first book is almost complete (this is the way of contracts, we can't speak of them until they're done because it isn't a deal until it's a deal, LOL!) and I'm looking forward to having more fun with new characters, settings.... So blessed!!!!!!

    Pass the Tim Tams, I'm a hungry New Yorker!!!

  49. Pam, that was my last pic of the day before my phone faded!!!

    That was the rooftop of Luke's apartment building in downtown Manhattan. The boys both live in the financial district so they' only a couple of blocks from one another.... and the seaport, and all the cool stuff along the river. It's a great place to visit.

    But we take time every year to go to Ground Zero, now the 9/11 Memorial and the newly opened museum....

    The memorial with the reflecting pools is OPEN now!!! No security, no tickets needed, you just get off the train or out of the cab and walk into the former sites of the World Trade Centers. It is a beautiful gathering spot, and people of every ethnicity and country are there. It's a stunning tribute to the fallen....

    But the museum. They went above and beyond with the museum, a place of respect, holiness, silence, prayerfulness and remembrance. It is honestly the most moving experience I've had, to walk among the floors of displays, the tragedy and the aftermath and the history leading up to it.... They did not sugarcoat anything, nor did they minimize anything.

    It was a stunning experience. And yes, I'd go again.

    To me, going to the memorial is part of my New York experience. To pray for those families who lost so much, to remember the innocents who just went to work... or boarded a plane.

    I saw things I've never seen before, heard live recordings of cell phone calls from people on the hijacked planes.


    And I felt the prayers of the thousands of people around me, the deep respect. If nothing else, this museum inspires prayer.... Such a good thing!!!

    Today we help move Zach into a new apartment and then we head home... and a new fence for chickens built by Mandy and Paul while I was gone!!!!

    I LOVE THEM!!!!! :)

  50. What a total kick to get to touch a RITA statue. Thanks Carla Laureano for letting me live vicariously through you. LOL. What a gracious lady. Gracious speech.

    Also got to meet the lovely Elizabeth Byler Younts. Congratulations to Elizabeth as well.

    Double RITA finalists on their first books. WOWZA!!!!

  51. I've enjoyed seeing all the the smiling Seekerville writers dressed to the nines. You're beautiful ladies!

    Cogratulations to Carla for her RITA win!

    Ruthy, I've never been to NY but you vivid narrative of the 9/11 museum is so touching, thank you.

    Tina, I finished Mending the Doctors Heart last night and LOVED it. I can see why you are a ACFW finalist. One of my favorite LI books!

    I would love to find our what's in a swag bag first hand :)

  52. Congratulations, Carla and Piper!

    I keep checking to see what new pictures.

    Ruthy, I bought His Montana Sweetheart yesterday. Loved hearing about your trip to Manhattan.

    Have a great weekend every one.

  53. Great ending to conference. Bye to my Brooklyn roommate, Mary Curry. Ran into Lenora's hubby BIG DADDY at Denny's. Breakfast with Pam Tracey!!! Great fun. Then met the great Mary Jo Putney in the elevator. WOOT. Starstruck!!!!

  54. Great photos, stories and ladies!

    Y'all RAWK!!!

    Congratulations to all the finalists and winners... Amazing...

  55. Thanks for sharing with us at home. I loved the pictures and had fun 'watching' last night on twitter.

  56. What an exciting Weekend Edition from RWA!! SOOO HAPPY for all those who were able to attend this year!

    Still thrilled about Mary Curry wearing her SOLD and PAN ribbons! :)

    Pam Hillman - CONGRATS on your Award!

    Ruthy - - WOW!! A 6-book contract - - WOOHOO!! And a series featuring 3 sisters? CANNOT WAIT! (I'm from a family of 3 sisters, so will love reading this!)

    Loved all the photos and seeing so many happy faces! :)
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  57. Please enter me for today for the conference swag!

  58. FYI Seekers, Melissa Jagears, A Bride for Keeps, is #69 on Amazons top 100 for $2.99 today! Just thought I'd share that for any who have that on their TBR list :)

  59. What great pics of the gala and some of my favorite authors (the rest of you are at home) all dressed up! Please enter my name in the drawing.

  60. I loved the pictures this weekend! It definitely looks like everyone had a wonderful time! I pray you all have a safe journey home.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  61. It was a wonderful time! Looking forward to the conference coverage from ACFW. I'm sure those who are going will have a wonderful time! Thank you for the support everyone!

  62. Are 'ya home yet?

    Didja eat yet?

    We saved chocolate for yunz weary travelers!

    Thanks again for allowing us to live vicariously! It was fun to watch.

  63. The weekend just keeps getting better. Thanks for all the pics, gals!

  64. Patti Jo, thank you!!!! How fun is that, right? A trilogy, three sisters, and I bet one of them is BOSSY.... :)

    I'm back home from Manhattan, had an amazing weekend, thought-provoking and heart-stirring at the 9/11 Museum.... and wonderful to see literally thousands of folks gathering at the free (and now NO BARRICADES OR SECURITY) reflecting pools edged by walls with each victim's name carved into the wall... Just beautiful as a memorial, but also life-affirming to see so many folks, every color, race, creed, all together, surrounded by trees and ivy and (of course) security and police.... And those new buildings, shining and rising from the ashes.

    Loved every single (even the tear-filled ones!) minute of it!

  65. Hallo Seekerville,

    I simply wanted to add a follow-up to my announcement in the weekend edition that there was an unexpected delay in my posting of my review for "Love's Promises" by Sandra Leesmith? The full note is on my blog and is sticky on top. You can visit it by clicking on:

    Note about Forthcoming Review

    I will be tweeting & returning to let you know when the post goes live tonight. If you already visited and saw my note I appreciate your understanding. I was never bit by a spider and to get multiple bites my first time was a bit overwhelming to say the least! :(

    Hope all is well with everyone in Seekerville! I have missed dropping by; life has been a bit unique this year.

  66. Hallo, Hallo everyone in Seekerville! :)

    I was able to post my review of "Love's Promises" seconds ago on my blog!

    Jorie's Review of Love's Promises by Sandra Leesmith

    Thank you for your patience as I recovered my health in order to read the book in full! I cannot wait for your visit! Blessings!