Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who Controls The Media Delivery System

Sandra here with steaming mugs of hot chocolate all frothy with whipped cream for the late night owls. For the early morning birds, I have a large pot of Chocolate Velvet coffee. And for those of you who drop in this afternoon, I have iced coffee, iced tea and some mint flavored sparkling water on ice.

Because its summer, I have my grandma’s large crystal platter (the one that goes under the punch bowl) piled high with fresh fruit.  There are apricots, figs, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I’ve sliced pineapple, melons and apples. My favorites are the cherries. I have the yummy Rainier cherries and regular sweet bing cherries. So help yourself for some of nature’s perfect sweets.

How many of you are heading for San Antonio today?

Or maybe you are already there?

I am so thrilled that so many Seekers will be there. This is the first RWA National  conference I’ve missed in a long time and I’m kind of sad about it. I always love hanging with my writer friends. This business can be lonely when you work at your desk at home. (Trust me, I’m not complaining. I love sitting here with my characters). But it is fun to network with other authors. I especially enjoy meeting editors and agents also.

So if you are there, please comment and share what’s happening.

Tomorrow, Margaret Daley will be sharing tidbits of information also.

I was reading an article the other day about the handful of people that control the content and delivery systems of media. The Internet has linked the world’s people to an extent never before seen. Television brings visual images into your home—images from places you may never travel to or see first hand. Radio broadcasts information worldwide in every language. Smart phones and tablets connect every square meter of the global geography with satellite communication.

Smartphone advertised on Amazon.com

And in regards to our world of writing; music and print media bring entertainment, information and education worldwide.

Who are the gatekeepers of all of this information? There are surprisingly few power brokers and they vary in ideology and values. They have the power to manipulate and control the way we think. Scary thought, isn’t it?

I have seen the power of their influence first hand.  My master’s degree is in Bilingual Multicultural education so as a public school teacher, I taught children whose primary language was other than English. Most of these children came to our schools from other countries. Parent conferences were very interesting because parents would complain about the behavioral changes of their children. They were acting like the children in our sit-coms on television. The children wanted so much to be American and they thought being American was acting like what they saw on television.  Consequently, I worked hard to teach the children that what they saw on television was fiction. I taught them that American television reporting and shows were exaggerations. I taught them that comedy was based on tragedy. Did it help? Maybe, maybe not. But there are several studies that show how much television influences our own children let alone how the world sees us.

Television advertised on Amazon.com

More first hand experience: As RVers, we meet a lot of people visiting from other countries and often they comment on how friendly Americans are. They act so surprised and we ask them, "Did you think we wouldn't be?" And their response is often: "We were afraid to come here because of all the violence, crime and murders."  What are the most popular prime time television shows?  Police crime, CSI shows, lawyers, etc.  No wonder they are afraid if they think that is what it is like here.

Of course as Judeo-Christians, we can arm and protect ourselves with God’s word. And as Judeo-Christians, we have been commissioned to pray for world leaders.  We need to also pray for media’s power brokers because they have such influence and power. I contend that we should be praying for them foremost and every day.

I do this by subscribing to Mastermedia International. This organization maintains that Hollywood is a mission field in dire need of prayer and evangelism. They list in alphabetical order the 50 most influential leaders in the motion picture media as well as actors, television shows, directors, writers, etc. So every day of the year you pray for two people and/or groups.

From matermediaintl.org webpage

As authors we are influencers also. What we write influences as many people as read our work. I have written a list that I added to my Mastermedia list. These are editors, agents and publishers in our industry of international media.  Also on my list are authors. So every day of the year, one of each gets a prayer.

I have attended many screenwriting classes over the years and one impacted me. He was a Christian screenwriter and he worked on the writing staff of several well known sitcoms. Someone commented that those shows were not particularly representative of Judeo-Christian values. He said he could not control all of the values portrayed, but he did have impact on limiting violence, overt sex and bad language. He pointed out that the shows would have been much worse without his influence.

So we can’t dictate what we see on television, movies or other social media. Boycotting those events is not the answer. The answer is get out there in the mission field and bring God into the mix.

This week especially, I’m praying for all of the media influencers attending the RWA National Convention. The fact that so many of you will be there means there will be ambassadors and witnesses of our faith. We need to be there so that our point of view and values are represented. Thank you. Thank you.

Have a great time. The rest of us at home will be working on our own contributions to the Social Media.  Writing, writing and more writing.

Those who comment will be eligible for a drawing for one of my books (novel or children) plus a lovely carving made by Dennis, a pickleball friend who carves wood to sell at the craft fairs. He volunteers to teach children how to carve also. The lucky winner will be blessed by this gift.

Please check the weekend edition for winners and email us your contact info.

Carved by Dennis

Have a great day.

Have fun at the conference.


Marianne Barkman said...

I'm not going, so we should hang out together! Have a great week, wherever you are!

Cindy W. said...

I'm not going although I've always wanted to go to San Antonio, the RWA would be a good reason to go.

Oh my goodness. The picture of the carving by Dennis is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to be in your giveaway.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.

Virginia Carmichael Munoz said...

Wow, beautiful post! I truly believe that we do need to get out "into the field" and be visible to the world.
I always think of St. Maximillian Kolbe who was a missionary in Japan and had his own amateur radio license, a printing press, and turned his Polish monastery into a major publishing center (before he was killed in Auschwitz). Some said that it wasn't the place for a monk to be publishing papers or running a radio station. He said, "It's true, I am only a monk. But I am a monk who has something to say."

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Sandra, this is so true! I'm totally on board with this, and your citation of that lone screenwriter and his effect hit home...

Every ripple meets a shore somewhere in its journey and if we take care of our personal ripples and waves... and pray for others.... that positive effect can move mountains!!!!

Awesome thoughts, and I can't deny the pull of chocolate velvet coffee!!!!

And I miss seeing you guys at conference, but I have to admit, I like being home, saving money and writing....


Maybe. But content. And there's nothing wrong with a little contentment!!!!

Kav said...

Interesting post especially since the sermon at church this week was about missioning right where you are so this bookends that perfectly.

I also like how you give a positive spin to what can be a very negative image. It's the whole glass half full kind of thing. I've been guilty of vilifying media way too much without thinking about the good that comes from it as well. I like the idea of praying for the industry -- and encouraging change by viewing and paying for uplifting entertainment.

Great tie-in especially to RWA. Praying that everyone going has an awesome time and I'm soooo looking forward to getting updates through the rest of the week.

Tina Radcliffe said...

What a gorgeous carving. That is a calling!

Jackie said...

What a beautiful carving.

What a great post. Very thought provoking and a goal to aim for. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mary Hicks said...

Nothing wrong and everything right with being at home and being contented! :-) More and more, home is where I love to be most!

But safe journey and a good time to all those traveling to RWA.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Marianne, I'm in Oregon at the moment. How about you? I'm sure you are back at your lovely home. The way time is flying though, we will both be back in Arizona.

Happy reading.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Cindy, I too have always wanted to go to San Antonio. I figured if I went to the conference there I would probably skip all events and go sight-seeing. So I'll save it for another trip. smile

Have a blessed day.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Virginia, You come up with the most interesting tidbits of history and information. Thanks for sharing that about the monk.

I know you were just out and about in our neck of the woods enjoying God's creation and sharing His love.

Happy writing.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Waving at Ruthy who drove me around in Texas one conference. Maybe the state's highways are safer with us at home. LOL

But we did have fun, didn't we? And we met so many fun and interesting people.

We are content here at home, but thinking about all the fun and excitement that will be available to those attending the conference.

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI Kav, Wow, I love how we get confirmations for something we are meant to learn or pay attention to. (yikes, I hope Grammar Queen isn't up yet)

Anyway, thanks for sharing that.

And yes, we are all looking forward to updates. With Tina there, we should get some dynamite contributions and photos. yay

Sandra Leesmith said...

Tina, I just LOVE your new photo.

You have a blast girlfriend. I know you will.

And we are all looking forward to Friday and all your info.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Jackie, Thanks. It is amazing what happens when we pray.

Like Ruthy said, we can move mountains. And it only takes each of us doing our own small part.

Have a great day.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Mary, Yes, we need to keep the home fires going. smile.

I too am content, even though I will miss seeing everyone. I certainly don't miss standing in line at the airport. lol

Piper Huguley said...

Hello Sandra! Thank you for the great post and the fruit. Remember last year when we came across one another in the goody room and we didn't know it? You will be missed. :)

This is a topic that has been more and more on my mind these days. I thought of myself as having an influence in some ways before. However, when I see my cover standing out in the middle of others, I understand that they are God-given images to show another way to be and live. I'm thankful for that. I dream of covering the page with more of those images, so that people may understand that living as a Christian means living a life with purpose and dignity.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Thank you Piper, I will miss you also. I just saw on Facebook, your dress you will be wearing at the awards event. You are going to look stunning. smile (Well its you and not the dress really, but the dress won't hurt-smile)

Best wishes and go girl. Have fun. We will be with you in heart.

Wilani Wahl said...

Is there still some hot chocolate left. I am not a coffee drinker. I would love some fruit.

Thank you for this great post. It is a great reminder that we all have a responsibility in influencing the world for Christ.

I am at home in my little corner in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains. Today I will continue to work on my wip. Plus I came across the children's book I I haven't worked on since 2003 so I am going to begin working on it as well.

Have a great day everyone.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Wilani, Yes, of course, there is plenty of hot chocolate. Help yourself. And the fruit is really yummy.

I visited the Smoky Mountains and thought they were absolutely gorgeous. What a great corner you are in. And have fun with that children's book. I think they are more difficult to write than a novel. Every word has to be so important. smile

Happy writing.

Jamie Adams said...

Very inspirational post, great reminder to start the morning with. The carving is beautiful as well.

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI Jamie, Thank you. Dennis has some wonderful carvings besides this cross. He is quite talented and I especially love that he volunteers to teach children how to carve.

Have a great day.

Melanie Dickerson said...

I so agree with you, Sandra! Americans are so unaware of how much we are influenced by the media! And how biased much of our information is, and easily we come to accept worldly attitudes and beliefs just because we see them portrayed in a positive light in the media. And thank you for your reminder to pray for these influencers, and to pray for Christians who are trying to shine the Light of Truth in a dark place--the entertainment industry. Very good post, Sandra!!!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Thanks Melanie, We do take so much for granted.

I really enjoy a lot of television shows, but I know they are fiction. And comedies especially are exaggerations of truth. But we forget how people in other cultures see those and then think that is what Americans are. Oh my.

Have a great day, Melanie

S. Trietsch said...

Glad to know I'm not the only 'seeker' not in San Antonio, lol!

Dennis' carving is beautiful! Thank you for the encouragement to share and spread our Christian roots and beliefs!

Thanks again~ Stephanie

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI Stephanie, Thank you. And we'll party here at home and online.

I bet that we will feel like we are there on Friday when Tina posts photos and happenings. smile

Happy writing.

Sandra Leesmith said...
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Sherri Shackelford said...

A wonderful reminder!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Thanks Sherri, Are you home this week also? Or are you attending the conference?

Happy writing.

DebH said...

hi Sandra
so glad you wrote this post. it's been awhile since I've thought of Mastermedia International. I had the priveledge of spending a good amount of time with Larry Poland when he was a keynote speaker for our Team on a two week Mission trip to the Ukraine. He touched my life in a very special way.

Praying for those with the power of influence is definitely something I believe in and have since family prayer times my mom "made" us kids do every morning during our formative years. (we tended to be a little sleepy, but mom believed in the power of prayer and instilled that in us a little bit at a time)

Thanks for the reminder about being a light for Christ right where we are and how everyone can be an influencer -even if it's just through prayer.

as always, i'm wishing to have my name in the draw for any Seekerville work. my rewards system for staying disciplined *heh*

DebH said...

that carving is really cool. i forgot to mention that before i hit "publish".

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi DebH, Wow, you met Larry Poland. I would love to hear more about that. Their ministry is so important and I've heard some great testimonies.

And you've been to the Ukraine so know first hand what to pray for. What a blessing.

Thanks for sharing with us.
Happy writing.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Yes, it is really a cool carving. I think Dennis does some amazing work.

Jennifer Smith said...

I WISH I were going to RWA! It's only about an hour and a half from where I live...

Thanks for this great post! I've never heard of Mastermedia International, but that's such a great idea to be praying for our nation's influencers!

Jeanne T said...

Sandra, what a great post! My husband and I have supported Mastermedia International for years. What a powerful ministry they have, and Larry Poland's (and his co-workers) humility should be an example for all of us.

Thanks for the reminder to pray for those in the publishing end of things. What a great idea! And you made your own calendar?! That's fabulous, Sandra.

Totally off topic: I didn't know you were once a teacher. So was I. :)

Pam Hillman said...

Home alone as well, but wishing ALL the RWA San Antonio mucho funno!

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI there Jennifer, Wow, only an hour and a half. Maybe you could pop in a meet with the Seekers one evening. I think they find a spot to get together.

Have a great day.

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI Jeanne, What did you teach? Small world. smile

Glad you already know about Mastermedia. It is a wonderful ministry.

Have a great day.

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI Pam, We'll get a lot of writing done won't we? smile

Happy writing.

Pam Hillman said...

Be a godly influence where we are planted.

I just received a thank you note for a baby gift from a young lady who's expecting her first child. Her note included a thank you for being a godly influence in her life.


That's worth more than a thousand diapers, and you know how important those are to a new mom!

Her note touched me and brought tears to my eyes.

Lyndee H said...

HI Sandra,
This is the first RWA conference I've missed in four years and I'm already feeling some withdrawal, lol. I appreciate your post and reminder that we have the ability to influence with our writing. In fact, with current events, I've noticed a feeling of helplessness in the back of my mind. Your post reminds me that I'm not helpless. I can to use the tool at my disposal - writing WITH God.

I love the carving! What a lost art.

Meghan Carver said...

I visited San Antonio is college, several years ago, and the Riverwalk is beautiful!!

Wonderful post, Sandra! You summed up beautifully why I became interested in writing for LIS. Thank you for the encouragement. :-)

Julie Lessman said...

Oh, SANDRA, what a great blog today, my friend, VERY informative and VERY inspirational. I signed up with Mastermedia Int'l. to pray everyday for the media leaders, so THANK YOU for the nudge. This is critical for our nation.

And I agree with many of the comments today that the carving is GORGEOUS!! What a fun talent to have. :)

VIRGINIA ... never heard of St. Maximillian Kolbe, but that's a very impressive story and man.

LOL, STEPH ... nope, you're definitely not alone, girlfriend, as far as being a Seeker who is not in San Antonio. Sigh. But that's okay because like Ruthy says, "I like being home, saving money and writing...." ;)

PAMMY!! WOW, what a incredible compliment that young lady about you being a godly influence in her life -- that is HUGE!!!

Whoops ... time for some Choc. Velvet coffee ... ;)


Pam Hillman said...

I need chocolate.

Okay, okay, I don't NEED it, but I want it. Isn't that the same thing?

My kids always acted like it was...

Mary Connealy said...

Love Dennis's carving, Sandra.
And this is such a wise post. We do need to see all of the world as our mission field and we shouldn't limit that to foreign countries and the sick and hungry in the world. Right here at home there are plenty of opportunities.

Sandy Smith said...

Very interesting post. I would love to be entered into the drawing. I, too, would love to go to San Antonio. To all those who are there, have a wonderful time and be the influence the media people need!

Sandy Smith said...

Pam, you are right. When it comes to chocolate, needing and wanting must be the same thing!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Awww Pammers, I have lots of chocolate and am sending it your way.

You are a godly influence on me too. smile.

Love and hugs.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Lyndee, I often think we underestimate the power of prayer. Those of us that are not having to face war and hunger and pain can at least pray for those people.

Thanks for your reminder.

Happy writing.

Sandra Leesmith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Meghan, wow you've been to San Antonio. I really do want to go someday.

Have a wonderful day.

Happy writing.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Julie, don't you just love all these comments? It is amazing how much we learn from each other and are inspired by each other.

Help yourself to the chocolate velvet. It is yummy and hot.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Thanks Mary for the reminder to pray for those at home also.

We were told that the poor and hungry would always be with us. That gives us plenty of opportunity. smile

But don't forget the leaders. They need prayer because they impact all of us.

Have a great day.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Sandy Smith, I just get a kick every time I see your name.

Yes, we will get to hear about all the fun and not be stressed. smile

Have a wonderful day.

Chill N said...

I didn't realize how influenced by media I was until I traveled internationally. Some people are the stereotypes portrayed in movies/books and on TV -- it has to come from somewhere, right? But there are many, many more individuals. So much fun to realize what I'd been led to believe was totally wrong. The long-lasting memories for me aren't of the 'sights' but of the people and how they touched my life.

Wait. What were we discussing? :-)

Lovely post, Sandra. Don't enter me in the drawing.

Nancy C

Chill N said...

P.S. On the heels of Julie's post yesterday about what makes a hero attractive, it occurs to me that Dennis teaching children to carve would be a fine thing for a hero to do.

Nancy C

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Nancy, Traveling internationally does open ones eyes, doesn't it? We know our little corner of the world and discover so much more.

And i love meeting people. Sounds lie you do also.

Happy writing.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Oh Nancy, I'll tell Dennis he's hero material. His wife will agree and he is very handsome besides talented. smile

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing about Mastermedia. I am blessed to work there and with Larry Poland. The story you shared about your media friend, how he didn’t have full control over the media product that was put out, but was still able to influence the final product…this is the kind of story we hear everyday! Larry shares stories like this all the time. Despite what we may see, there ARE Christians in media, and they ARE making a difference!

Please continue to pray, both for Christians in media (often working in a very hostile environment) and for those who are not yet believers. And anyone who is interested can go to the Mastermedia link you posted and sign up to get a daily email with the names of the people to pray for on that day. :-)

Sandra Leesmith said...

Thanks Beth for joining us.

Yes and if you go to the site, just click on prayer calendar and you can print out the list for the month.

Here is the link again.

Mastermedia International

Ruth Logan Herne said...

BETH!!!!! How nice of you to stop in and see us! And what a good eye-opener this is, I'm so glad Sandra thought to let us know about you...

And the reminder that we're governed far too often by this media age.

This was a great heads up!

Wilani Wahl said...

I was just working on my children's book and I already have a question for any of you wonderful authors. Do I need to write every thing in proper grammar.

Here is the section I am working on.

"Grandpa, can we go to the ocean now? Please. Pretty Please!" begged the twins.

I know when I was teaching school, I was very particular,
But then I haven't taught school for twenty years and so many things have changed.

Thanks for any input you can give me.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Ruthy, It was great that Beth dropped by. Thanks again Beth.

And thanks to you also Ruth. You provide us with great stories to warm the heart. smile

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Wilani, It varies with the publisher. And dialogue doesn't have to be grammatical because it needs to sound like people talk.

Your narrative should be grammatically correct and your punctuation also even in the dialogue.

Hope this helps.

We can always ask Grammar Queen. smile

Natalie Monk said...

Thank you for sharing this post, Sandra! A great reminder of the responsibility we have to use our voice for good!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Natalia, Thanks for joining us.

Happy writing.

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Wilani, I mix it up in my work to reflect who's doing the talking. If it's a kid, I might use kid-speak and rushed words and dropped verbs, etc. Then it flows like a kid's voice when it's read.

But sometimes the kid is Baby Einstein smart, so then I reflect that in their speech. I like to use a lot of conversational English mixed with lyrical prose, so there's a hint of poetry in the background (and in shorter books like my beloved Love Inspired books, there's not a lot of leeway for my lyricism) and that way the prose is set apart from the conversations/dialogue.

I think you can go either way as long as you keep the people in character.

One of my most fun characters to write was "Foster" the butler in "Try, Try Again". Foster's method of speech was British correct and his wit and wisdom just fit my image of the intrinsically correct and patient manservant... who can teach every one of us lessons on deportment and life!

Jeanne T said...

Hey Sandra, I taught third, fourth and fifth, depending on the year. Loved them all, especially third. :) I conducted a couple parent teacher conferences in Spanish. I'm sure the parents were trying hard not to laugh at my attempts at speaking their native tongue. :)

Loves To Read said...

I loved your post Sandra - it was such fun. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks!

DebH said...

Beth - if you happen to wander back here to read more, please tell Larry Poland a big 'hello' from Deb Weimer from the long ago short term mission trip to the Ukraine (the kid who managed to slice her calf on a broken hotel door).
His ministry to me brought a lot of healing and I'm very grateful for his mentoring over that brief time period.

Cara Lynn James said...

Sandra, great observations. I think the children of immigrants to the U.S. always wanted to be American and fit in. But they didn't have TV to watch a long time ago to influence them!

My grandmother who came from Germany when she was 4 yrs. old and her brother and sisters understood German. Their parents who were immigrants spoke it at home but the kids answered in English. Actually, the kids were fluent in German but wanted to be only American.

I guess everyone wants to fit in with others.

Wilani Wahl said...

Thanks, Sandra and Ruthy. That helped a lot.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Thanks Ruth for your input.

Wilani, Ruth does a great job showing character through dialogue.

Read lots of children's books also. Find the ones you like and look at what they do. That helps also.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Jeanne, Yes, my Spanish was always funny. The students were the ones who really laughed. chuckle

One time I was telling them what all they needed for a field trip. Well trip is viaje and old man is viejo. I kept saying viejo. When we go on the viejo you will need. etc.

Well they (and the parents) were all laughing so hard and finally they explained what I was doing. So embarrassing but thank God they had a sense of humor.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Deb, I don't know if Beth will come back on. But I will cop your paragraph and email it to her. She will pass it on, I'm sure.

Then again she may check it out at the end of the day.

Thanks for sharing with us. Sounds like quite an experience. I hope you are using all those experiences in your writing. Very interesting. (Not the injury, but the trip)

CatMom said...

Great post, Sandra--another reminder of how we're to be shining lights in an often-dark world.

I recently won your book LOVE'S PROMISES and am loving it! :)

I'm not able to attend RWA this year either, but have such wonderful memories of last year's conference in Atlanta! Meeting YOU was truly one of the highlights for me.

Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

Terri said...

Thanks for the post, Sandra. A good reminder to make sure our writing reflects Christ.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Cara, That is so typical. The second generation had it tough. By third generation, they are pretty well assimilated and at home in the country they move to.

Thanks for sharing about your family. So interesting. smile

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Patti Jo, I'm tickled that you are enjoying Love's Promises.

And I too enjoyed Atlanta. I loved the Georgia honey you brought in the cute little bear bottles. You were a wonderful southern hostess. smile

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Terri, And we also want to pray for all the writers, and those in the industry.


Walt Mussell said...

I am so wishing I was in San Antonio for Nationals. Last year was an absolute blast. I need to get all the writing done that I can, but will have Twitter open for updates.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Walt, I'm so envious that you can follow on twitter. I wish I knew how to do that. That is great.

And yes, last year was a blast. It was terrific meeting you and so many others.

Happy writing

Tanya Agler said...

Thanks for the post. I'm leaving for San Antonio tomorrow morning.

Have a great week, all of you, no matter where you are writing or reading.

Sandra Leesmith said...

HI Tanya, Thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful time in San Antonio.

Look for the other Seekers. You will have a blast.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Those of you going to RWA have a blessed time. It will be so much fun.

Those of us staying home--Happy Writing and reading.

Don't forget to check the weekend edition for winners.

Mary Preston said...

A very interesting post thank you.

Dana McNeely said...

Sandra, I love what you said about getting out there in the mission field and bringing God into the mix. Influence rather than boycott. Pray rather than criticize. Wonderful post.

Peggy Trotter said...

Sandra, this was a very interesting article, and yes, it is scary to think who's in control of the media. Those few Christians who are involved so deeply have a difficult row to hoe and that's for sure. I've often prayed for famous Christian singers for I envision it being difficult to be in the limelight with so many ungodly influences. Thanks for bringing the media to my attention for prayer!

Sandra Leesmith said...

Mary, Dana and Peggy, Thanks for joining us.

We are all so blessed.

Sandra Leesmith said...

Deb H.

Larry Poland sent me an email for you. Email Seekerville with your email addie and I will send it on.

Elva Cobb Martin, South Carolina said...

Sandra, thank you so much for your informative blog! I have signed up on Mastermedia to pray daily for media power brokers. I wear quite a few hats, but the most important and most powerful is Intercessor as part of Jesus' house of prayer. Blessings on your day,
Elva Cobb Martin, Internet Prayer Task Force and President, South Carolina Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers.