Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Weekend Edition

Only a week since #RWA14 and we're still emptying suitcases, mailing manuscripts, writing thank you notes, and trying to catch up on sleep. Here's the post RWA Conference Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

We're still playing prize catch-up too. Please check to see if you won a giveaway last weekend and do claim your prize ASAP! And if you contacted us but did not receieve a response, we are blaming it on conference brain. Please contact us again!

 Be sure to contact us if you are a winner (send an email to with your snail mail address unless email is specified). We don't have time to track you down. Do let us know if you don't receive your prize in 6-8 weeks. Rules are located here, on our legal page.


Tuesday, best selling author Emily T. Wierenga shared How to battle burnout, and 10 tips for overcoming writer's block. KC Franzen is the winner of her debut novel, A Promise in Pieces, and jviola79 is the winner of her newly-released memoir, Atlas Girl.

Love Inspired author and Seeker, Tina Radcliffe challenged you Wednesday, with her post, "Writers Who Don't Write 'The End." Winner of her September release, Stranded with the Rancher is Olivia. Winner of a first chapter critique is Maria Michaels.

Thursday Harlequin Heartsong Presents author, Rose Ross Zediker shared a quiz for procrastinators! How did you do do? Sandy Smith is the winner of Rose's latest release Sweet on the Cowgirl. 

Friday was the August Contest Update! Congratulations to our August Contest Diva, Elaine Manders!  Winner of a copy of any Seeker book currently available or available for pre-order on Amazon- for Kindle or in print is Heidi Robbins.

 Next Week in Seekerville

Monday:  Today, Mary Connealy talks about putting emotion on the page -- the kick off to a series of posts about writing emotion. Maybe. If she can think of more to say. Which is a long shot. Mary will be have the FIRST EVER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE GIVEAWAY OF TRIED AND TRUE. Book #1 of her new series Tried and True. About three sisters who fought in the Civil War disguised as men despite them being stunningly beautiful and utterly feminine...which is why this is fiction.

Tuesday:  Come join us as guest Barbara White Daille brings us "Say What? - Jargon, Slang, and Regionalism, Oh My!" She'll be giving away an autographed print copy of The Texan's Little Secret and an autographed print copy of Rancher at Risk (2 winners).(WHOA! CHECK OUT THOSE COVERS!!)

Wednesday:  Today we welcome back Sparkle Abbey with their post, "Walk the Line: The Balancing Act Between Reader Expectations and Fresh Writing." They're bringing a terrific people treat-a copy of their latest release for one commenter. Stop by for a chance to win Fifty Shades of Greyhound (Pampered Pets Mystery Series)!!

Thursday:  Welcome multi published author, teacher, editor and writing coach, Cathy Yardley, author of the Rock Your Writing as she shares "Troubleshooting Tips for Problem Plots." Have a problem with your plot? She’s giving away a one hour “plot session” phone call! This is Cathy's first visit to Seekerville so let's give her a big welcome!

Friday: Hybrid author Jessica Keller returns today with her post, "Conflict—The Key to Rescuing a Sagging Middle." Jessica is generously giving away three copies of her latest Love Inspired release, The Widower's Second Chance.

Seeker Sightings

Tried & True, Mary Connealy's August release has been reviewed on Publishers Weekly

Also on Publisher's Weekly Sale News:

Mary Connealy's ADVENT BRIDE, in which a school marm, alone in the world, takes a job in rural Nebraska in 1860 and is forced into a miserable, lonely existence while the widowed father of one of her students, is having problems parenting until she discovers a box with twenty secret compartments in which she puts tiny gifts for the boy to encourage him to learn until as Christmas approaches they become closer and their lives more joyous, to Becky Germany at Barbour, by Natasha Kern at Natasha Kern Literary Agency More Details as they become available.

Random News & Information

The August Calendar is Up!  

 RWA 2014 Recap… and A Gold Stowaway (Carla Laureano)

 Reflections On Things Heard At RWA 2014 (The Passive Voice)

 Writer Inspiration: Climbing Over The Brick Wall (Writers in the Storm)

Coming in September - SYTYCW

Harlequin Books Tweets from #RWA14 

 Harlequin Books @HarlequinBooks  ·  Jul 25
HQN is expanding into trade paperback format with layered, modern love stories #RWA14

Harlequin Books @HarlequinBooks  ·  Jul 25
@charactershrink’s wishlist includes YA mystery like Veronica Mars, contemporary romance set outside US for HQN #RWA14

 Harlequin Books @HarlequinBooks  ·  Jul 25
Margaret Marbury wants to see historical fiction that hasn’t been done yet for MIRA #RWA14

 Harlequin Books @HarlequinBooks  ·  Jul 25
On MIRA’s wishlist: psychological suspense with great twist, women’s fiction (doesn’t need romance) #RWA14

The Harlequin Party is better than an Italian Wedding Reception. Check out Mindy Obenhaus' Overview in the Yankee Belle.

 How Writers Should Market Themselves to Editors Podcast (Author Media)

The 4 Different Types of Conflict in Dialogue (Jane Friedman)

 Gwen Hernandez's Fall Scrivener Courses are now open for registration

Advice for Writers: 3 Keys to Connecting With Young Readers Online (WD)

HarperCollins Partners With Ingram and BookShout on Print, Ebook Bundling in Indie Bookstores (DBW)

 Author Earnings Report Confirms What We Had Long Suspected: $10 eBooks do Earn More than $15 eBooks (Digital Reader)

 5 Ways to Create Flowmentum™ (The Future of Ink)

 Kindle Unlimited: The Key Questions (Let's Get Visible)

 Don't forget to sign up for our last three Night Classes of the year:

  • Amazon Publishing for Beginners-starts August 5.
  • Self-Editing for Beginners-starts October 1.
  • Creating Characters That Come Alive-starts November 3.

Finally, I've got two more copies of Stranded with the Rancher for two commenters who know the significance of TODAY and the number 54. All answers (right or wrong) go into the jar for a chance. Answer and winners announced tomorrow (Sunday). 

Yes!  That's it. Yesterday was 54 days until the ACFW Conference in St. Louis. See you there. Book winners are Lyndee and Wilani.


Congratulations to Seeker Friend and former Diva,  Courtney Phillips who signed with Agent Mary Keely of Books & Such Literary!


  1. Great WE! This has truly been an AMAZING week!

  2. Wait. I am brain dead. I forgot Courtney. Must go fix. ASAP.

  3. .
    Is today your 54th Birthday?

  4. That would be incorrect. My birthday is in September. Nice try Walt.

  5. I mean, Vince. Oh, my gosh. I need to get some sleep.

  6. AND CONGRATULATIONS, COURTNEY! Another diva works her buns off and gets herself results. WOOT!!!

  7. But your name still goes in the jar, Vince.

  8. Hahaha! No worries, Tina. I am not yet so big-headed that I think everyone should be thinking of me. ;) Of course, I sure don't mind reminding them this has been a week to remember.
    Thank you!!! Seekerville is so good to me!

  9. I would give a guess for 54, but my brain is also dead.
    Must. Sleep. Now.

  10. I just want to say that I am smiling in your honor as I drink my chamomile tea.

  11. Congrats MARY!

    Congrats Courtney!

    My guess is that 54 Seeker Villagers have been published, AKA gotten off of Unpub'ed Island.

    Thanks for a GREAT WE, Tina!

  12. Congratulations, winners. And Vince, please tell me what makes you think Tina is 54? I don't think she's a day over 49!

  13. Thank you, Lyndee.

    You are right about the 49...but not the answer to the question.

  14. That's how many days until ACFW?

    And meant to mention I LOVE THE DOGS in this WE! THANK YOU!

  15. Those were good guesses. I thought it must be someone's 54th birthday.

    Congratulations Cortney!

  16. WHAT? You don't like the CAT ?????

  17. Ding bat! ;)

    And the next opportunity to:
    10. Eat BBQ at Pappy's
    9. Dress up in character/genre
    8. Attend informative workshops
    7. Have meals with a couple hundred of your writer friends
    6. Glean wisdom keynote and special speakers
    5. Attend an exciting awards ceremony.
    4. Pitch
    3. Introduce yourself to industry professionals
    2. Morning worship with a couple hundred of your writer friends (one my my favorite memories of last year)>

    And the number ONE reason:

    1. You'll get to rub shoulders TINA who is up for two awards and Other WONDERFUL Seekers and Villagers!

  18. I like cats, too, but frankly I was so taken by the dogs that I missed it until I went back and reread the post! lol.

    Sorry for all the errors in the last post. The more I edited, the more words I lost. It's been a long day...

  19. Congrats, Courtney!!! I'm still bouncing off the walls at this news!
    Can't wait to see your name in print!!!!! :)

  20. Courtney, congratulations! Good for you!!!!! I'm happy dancing in upstate!!!!!

    Tina, great WE, thank you so much for all you do and those links???? LOVE 'EM!!!!!!! Those links help keep me informed, why if you could do links to help the stock market, you could make MILLIONS... depending on the outcome, I guess. :)

    I've got a mostly writing day today, singing Alleluia!!!!!! Have to run a couple of errands and spray for weeds.... but other than that, I'm writing books! Writing makes me happy.


  21. Oh, I liked the dogs and cats, Tina, although my cats would argue that they do all the work (mice, rats, snakes, chipmunks, voles, moles, and sometimes... sigh... birds, but never the UGLY birds.... why is that? Are ugly birds more savvy?)...

    And the dogs get all the glory. Lisa's dog is here visiting Mama and little brother Jeter for the weekend so there's a host of curly-haired dogs sleeping at my feet as I work. And they know not to bother me until 7:00 AM....

    Nothing interrupts writing time!!!!

    Oy, stretching. Coffee. WE NEED COFFEE!!!! YIKES!!!! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!!!! (runs off, wringing hands!!!)

  22. Okay, COFFEE IS HERE!!!!!!

    And there's a barista coming in around seven Eastern time, but until he gets here, you're on your own. Everything's available and fresh peach pie is HERE AT THE YANKEE BELLE CAFE!!! This recipe makes the best peach pie I've ever, ever had... and it's not runny, like EVER...

  23. Tina, terrific Weekend Edition, as always! Love the puppies. Looking forward to next week's lineup!

    Huge congratulations, Courtney, on signing with your agent!!

    Congrats to all our winners!

    Mary, love the cover of Tried and True! Congrats on another sale!

    Company is coming so I've got to get moving. My office is a mess!

    Happy Weekend all!


  24. Congrats Courtney!!!

    I think 54 is someone's age/birthday, but don't want to offend anyone by guessing who?!?!?!

  25. Congratulations to all of the winners!

    AND WAY TO GO Courtney!

  26. Woohooo, Courtney!!! A big Canadian cheer shouted out for your big news.

    Hmmm...with those cute puppy pictuers (and we all know Tina is a cat person) I was going to guess that it's the dog days of summer because I know they are sometime in August and I thought maybe it was 54 days until autumn officially starts...but I'm thinking Lyndee guessed it right about the ACFW conference.

    Great links as always. Lots of interesting stuff to contemplate.

  27. Great WE, Tina!!!

    COURTNEY!!!!! Big congratulations!! Soooo happy for you!

    Okay, so, the significance of today is it's cleaning day at my house and I have no guess as for the number 54. Sorry. Do I still get entered in the giveaway? :)

  28. Don't put me in your draw, Tina. I just ordered your book on Harlequin. Honestly, it is getting harder and harder to stick to my $50 a month budget over there. Way too many good books to choose from. And then I need to find time to read and review them. Such a dilemma. :-)

  29. Having trouble posting via IE. Hoping this browser works.

  30. Also, Tina, please don't include me in the drawing for your book as I think I've won two of your three LI books, so I want to purchase the next one as soon as the next one comes out.

  31. HA!!! Thanks, Walt and Kav. Buying the book is a GOOD thing. Available August 19 on Amazon. Earlier on eharlequin.

  32. Wow, Lyndee, so impressed by your list!

  33. Great WE Tina!

    Your the Best. I have no idea what the 54 is but I would love to win a copy of your book. If I don't I will buy it when it is available. I struggle every week at walmart because I want to buy every Love Inspired,but my income just wont stretch that far. So I grab the ones of the authors I know by way of Seekerville etc.

    I bought Ruthy's book this week and I am reading it and enjoying it.

    Have a good weekend every one!

  34. It's the 54th anniversary of August 2, 1950????

    Just a guess ;).

    GREAT WE as always! And YAY!!!! for Jess on Friday!!!!

  35. You've had 54 articles and books published?

    Congratulations, Courtney!

  36. COURTNEY! Congratulations on a super achievement. Cheering you on and looking forward to reading your books (there simply won't be just one). Thanks for sharing the good news.

    Must examine the book-buying budget for possible expansion ...

    Wow, Tina, that's a lotta links! Thanks!

    Wishing everyone a happy weekend.

    Nancy C

  37. Great WE and ....

    Congratulations, Courtney!!!!!!

  38. And to the Canadians amongst us: enjoy your August long weekend, whatever name it may go by in your area :-) Drive safely!

    Nancy C

  39. Gee, and I was going to guess 54 was the number of people Mary C has shot.

    In her books.

    I'm sure she's quite peace-loving in person.

    Nancy C
    P.S. Congrats Lyndee on getting the correct answer!

  40. Oh, I love puppies. The little boy in my wip just said, "God gave us puppies for when people are mean to us." I was inspired by those pictures.

    Congratulations, Courtney. Great news.

    Love Mary's Tried and True cover, but I love all her covers.

    I don't know what 54 means, but I'd like Tina's book anyway. Yes, I'm greedy.

  41. Yay! Thanks so much! And congratulations Courtney :)

  42. Wow, Congrats to all the winners.


    Thanks for all the wonderful links, Tina

  43. My guess was that today was somebody's 60th birthday (born in 54) but I certainly wouldn't try to guess who. (I haven't known you guys long enough, anyway!) Please enter me in the drawing to win Tina's book. And I'm excited to win Rose's book. Look forward to reading it.

  44. Just popping in to say congrats to Courtney! Awesome news!

    54 is a good number! LOL.


  45. 54 days until ACFW?

    Great WE as always, Ms. Tina.

  46. And Tina is way younger than 54.


    Great WE, teenster, and I was going to guess 54 as the number of books Mary Connealy has written ...
    THIS WEEK!!!!!

    And, YES, do get some sleep, sweetie ... ;)


  48. Congrats, Courtney!

    I can't believe a week ago we were getting ready for the big RITA/GH gala.

  49. Need to add - next week's classes look AWESOME!!!

  50. This has been a roller coaster emotional day for me. It started off with a visit from the teens at my church since I am sort of a shut in now. (I'm allergic to our church building) It was so sweet of them to visit.

    Then I had a devastating phone call from someone very dear to me (my mom)she was super critical of the subject matter in my wip. At first I'll be honest I was ready to destroy the manuscript and never write again.

    But then after many tears I had a thought. One of her criticisms was that anyone reading the book would be convinced that my main character was me so the problems of my heroine were mine and I wouldn't want the world to know that about me. Hello, this is fiction!!! Then the thought came to me. If my character is that believable, then perhaps I am doing something right. Any way my book is set aside for now, but not destroyed and I will go back to it again when the time is right.

    Another blessing today is that a book I had been reading this week and just finished, was exactly the healing balm I needed. Christian fiction does not always have to be happily ever after all through the book and as Characters work through problems and relationships, they can also be of encouragement to others. i was reading Broken Vessels by Lucie Ulrich.

    My heart is encouraged now because of the Lord and how he used another writer.

    Thank you to all the writers! I hope this encourages you to know that readers can be touched and blessed even by reading fiction.

  51. Y'all are amazing. The Lord is amazing. Basically, right now everything seems pretty amazing. :)
    Thank you for all the sweet comments!

  52. hahaha...Terri Weldon is now on my Christmas list!!!

  53. Great WE, Miss T!
    CONGRATS to all the winners, and CONGRATS to Courtney P. - - YAY!! :)

    Next week looks great!
    But I still can't believe it's AUGUST already!

  54. Hey if you needed a tired person on your blog you just needed a photo of me only those animals look like they are getting more sleep than me.

    Is it 54 days till your next book is released? no that cant be right. OR till the seeker book is released?

  55. Congratulations, Courtney! I guess so!!! And Books & Such too. Wawzah!!! THERE'S a dream agency... All the best to you!

    Tina, great WE in spite of the sleep-deprived comments. ;)

    Oh my... Welcome to our world... CUTE puppies!!! YAY! And I'm a winner too. This is pawsome.

    Letting everypawdy know, if you have Kindle Unlimited, all 3 books in the May the K9 Spy series are FREE. Go to Amazon or click the book covers here:

    Help yourself and please spread the word. And please please leave honest reviews when you're finished... *Which reminds me, I need to finish some reviews myself... *

    50 Shades of Greyhound? Oh my. This we need to see. Gotta love it.

    54. 54. Well. I know the answer to life is 42 but... ???

  56. oooh. I see a DING DING DING...

    Got it. I'd so love to attend. Maybe I should but don't think I can this year. NEEEEED to though.

    And yes to the kitty too. We like kitties!!!

    Happy Sunday everyone. I wondered why so many comments so early on Saturday then the light bulb went off. /sigh/

  57. Happy Sunday indeed!

    It's glorious here in our neck of IL!

  58. Sorry for all the deletes! Google posted me three times!

    HEY DEBBY, that's a three! ;)

  59. Thanks for a great WE! And congrats to Courtney!!

  60. I agree with those of you who can't believe it's August. My daughter started back to school this past Friday! Hard to believe how quickly the summer went.

  61. My whole family was here today! Such fun! My mother's heart loves having children and grandchildren at home!

    Eldest daughter ran her first Sprint Triathlon today! Yay, Liz! We all celebrated.

    Congrats to the week's winners! Congrats to Courtney!

    ACFW in 53 days? And I'm still getting back into my routine after RWA!

    Lyndee, love your list! So the BBQ is good? Must check it out.

    School starts this week in GA. Hope all the little ones have a good first day and a wonderful year ahead.

  62. Where did the weekend go???

    And it's August already??? Good grief!!!

    Still recovering from RWA and trying to make up for the writing I DIDN'T get done while in SA! Yesterday was our RWA chapter meeting so gone all day again. Then out for dinner with friends. Today it was church in the morning and chilling out all afternoon.

    YAY COURTNEY! What a thrill!!!

  63. Fabulous news, COURTNEY! I agree with Chill N, I need to increase my book expense budget!

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Thanks for the WE, Tina.....hope you find time for enough rest in the next 53 days! Hope everyone has a great week! The posts ahead look great!

  64. I really think its 54 days til I feel my toes again! brrrrrrrr its cold out again this morning.
    found part of the reason im not sleeping (besides being sick) I think I really need a new bed. Or to put on weight.